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Vetco Gray Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Vetco Gray Inc. Vetco Gray Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Vetco Gray Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Vetco Gray Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Carbon fiber composite reinforcement with circumferential and axial interlocking
10/05/17Wellhead metal seal with energizing ring having trapped fluid reliefs
09/07/17Inverted pull-up riser tensioner
05/11/17Powder coating compositions for reducing friction and wear in high temperature high pressure applications
05/11/17Remotely operated external tieback connector
05/11/17Installation assembly for a subsea wellhead
05/04/17Wellbore seal energizing ring with retaining feature
04/27/17Wellhead seal assembly with lockdown and slotted arrangement
04/13/17Pre-installed anti-rotation key for threaded connectors
03/30/17External locking mechanism for seal energizing ring
12/22/16Anti-rotation key for threaded connectors
11/03/16System and monitoring tool orientation in a well
10/20/16System and monitoring tool orientation in a well
09/15/16Internal tieback with outer diameter sealing capability
06/23/16Hydraulic lockdown
05/26/16Casing hanger shoulder ring for lock ring support
03/31/16Lockdown mechanism and lockdown system for wellhead connector
03/31/16Wellbore sealing with hybrid wicker system
03/17/16Seal with soft material inlay
03/10/16Solution based polymer nanofiller-composites synthesis
02/11/16Ratcheted e-ring retention device
12/24/15Marine riser tensioner with load transferring centralization
12/17/15Cold forming and heat treatment process for tubulars
12/03/15Wellhead component with seal surface and forming the seal
10/15/15Multifunctional test tool for subsea applications
09/24/15Wear bushing with hanger lockdown
09/24/15Insert for use with wellhead housing having flow-by path
09/24/15Seal element having contoured v-spring
08/13/15Valve vented redundant stem seal system
05/28/15Alignment guide feature for metal to metal seal protection on mechanical connections and couplings
05/07/15Stress amplification factor analysis methodology for assessing fatigue performance of threaded connectors
04/30/15Tubing hanger annulus access perforated stem design
04/30/15Wellbore sealing assembly with grooves for enhanced sealing and lockdown capacity
04/30/15Tube arrangement to enhance sealing between tubular members
04/30/15High strength inlay to improve lock-down capacity in a wellhead
04/30/15Flow-by holes with gallery and channel arrangement on wellhead and tubular hanger
04/30/15Method and system for retaining a lock ring on a casing hanger
03/19/15Magnetic frame and guide for anti-rotation key installation
03/12/15Positive retention lock ring for tubing hanger
02/12/15Sensing magnetized portions of a wellhead system to monitor fatigue loading
12/18/14Diverter flow line insert packer seal
12/04/14Apparatus and measuring inclination in subsea running, setting, and testing tools
09/25/14Thin wall active casing hanger
08/28/14Wellhead annulus seal having a wickered surface
07/03/14Gate valve real time health monitoring system, apparatus, program code and related methods
07/03/14Gate valve arrangement including multi-valve stem and seat assemblies
07/03/14Multi-valve stem seal assembly for a gate valve
07/03/14Multi-valve seat seal assembly for a gate valve
07/03/14Seal with flexible nose for use with a lock-down ring on a hanger in a wellbore
06/26/14Robust quick-connection mechanism for use with valve actuator assemblies and linearly actuated valves and related methods
06/26/14Annulus seal utilizing energized discrete soft interfacial sealing elements
06/19/14Swivel top shaft valve actuator
06/19/14Tensioner latch with sliding segmented base
06/19/14Closed-loop hydraulic running tool
06/19/14Anti-rotation wedge
06/19/14Ratcheting anti-rotation lock for threaded connectors
06/05/14Rapid make up drive screw adapter
05/29/14Lockdown system for use in a wellhead assembly
05/22/14Combination diaphragm piston actuator
05/22/14Thermally-sensitive triggering mechanism for selective mechanical energization of annular seal element
05/22/14Apparatus and methods for releasing drilling rig and blowout preventer (bop) prior to cement bonding
05/15/14Slotted metal seal
05/15/14Shrinkage compensated seal assembly and related methods
05/08/14Broach style anti rotation device for connectors
05/01/14High temperature back pressure valve
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04/24/14Subsea wellhead stabilization using cylindrical sockets
04/24/14Hard stop energizing ring
04/17/14Anti-rotation system for box and pin connection
04/10/14Semi-rigid lockdown device
03/20/14Casing debris cleaner
03/13/14Pin-actuated lock ring arrangement
03/13/14Load enhanced locking arrangement
03/13/14E-ring divot back-out lock
03/13/14Annulus seal with stepped energizing ring
03/13/14Protected integral metal to metal seal
03/06/14Oil and gas riser spider with low frequency antenna apparatus and method
03/06/14Valve actuator with degressive characteristic spring
03/06/14Seal assembly for a casing hanger
02/27/14Tubular connector having a secondary shoulder
02/27/14Elliptical undercut shoulder for specialty pipe connections
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01/02/14Apparatus and backseating a gate valve
12/26/13Metal to metal packoff for use in a wellhead assembly
11/14/13Positive retention lock ring for tubing hanger
11/07/13Method of forming a machinable surface
10/31/13Systems, spacer devices and methods for aligning multi-well modular templates and associated wells
10/10/13Drop away funnel for modular drilling templates
09/26/13High-capacity single-trip lockdown bushing and a method to operate the same
09/26/13Wellhead assembly having a sinusoidal sealing profile and a method to assemble the same
09/26/13Subsea multiple annulus sensor
09/19/13Self aligning spherical backseat assembly for a valve
08/29/13Method and forming elongated composite tubular
08/22/13Ball valve enclosure and drive mechanism
07/25/13Multifunctional key design for metal seal in subsea application
07/04/13Vertical subsea tree assembly control
07/04/13Drilling riser adapter with emergency functionality
07/04/13Metal-to-metal sealing arrangement for control line and using same
06/27/13Modular dart launcher with status indicator
06/27/13Valve vented redundant stem seal system
06/27/13Standalone liquid level sensing tensioner system
06/13/13Lock assembly for hydraulic fracing valve
06/13/13Casing hanger lockdown with conical lockdown ring
06/06/13Power assisted manual valve system
06/06/13Seal with bellows style nose ring and radially drivable lock rings
06/06/13Seal with bellows type nose ring
06/06/13Slide actuating tubular connector
05/23/13Multiplex tubing hanger
05/23/13Product sampling system within subsea tree
05/16/13Gate shear valve
05/09/13Tensioner cylinder connections with multiaxial degrees of freedom
05/02/13Segmented seal ring and support of same
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05/02/13Measurement of relative turns and displacement in subsea running tools
04/25/13Soft landing system and achieving same
04/25/13Recoverable production module for use with a production tree
04/25/13Receptacle sub
04/18/13Riser lifecycle management system, computer readable medium and program code
04/18/13Scalloped landing ring
04/18/13Soft skin metal seal and technique of manufacture
04/11/13Intelligent wellhead running system and running tool
04/04/13Remote communication with subsea running tools via blowout preventer
03/28/13Method and system for performing an electrically operated function with a running tool in a subsea wellhead
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03/28/13Rotationally actuated collet style tubular connection
03/28/13Guide funnel
03/21/13Wicker profile for enhancing lockdown capacity of a wellhead annulus seal assembly
03/21/13Latching mechanism with adjustable preload
03/07/13Subsea test tree control system
02/21/13Wellhead system having a tubular hanger securable to wellhead and operation
02/14/13Bridging hanger and seal running tool
02/07/13Method and launching multiple balls in a well
01/24/13High temperature coating resistant to damage from decompression
01/24/13Bi-directional pressure energized axial seal and a swivel connection application
01/10/13Annulus seal utilizing energized discrete soft interfacial sealing elements
01/03/13Flow module placement between a subsea tree and a tubing hanger spool
01/03/13Hybrid seal
12/20/12Pipe guide arms for blind shear rams
12/20/12Gate valve seat and seat ring
12/13/12Expandable solid load ring for casing hanger
12/06/12Annulus vent system for subsea wellhead assembly
11/22/12Tubing hanger setting confirmation system
11/15/12Pressure energized interference fit seal
11/01/12Ball and dart launcher with parallel axis release
11/01/12Automated well control method and apparatus
10/18/12Lead impression wear bushing
10/18/12Broken pipe blocker
10/18/12Wellhead wicker repair tool
10/18/12Gate valve having low-friction coating over substrate and making same
10/11/12Replaceable floating gate valve seat seal
10/04/12Seal with bellows style nose ring
10/04/12Differential screw assembly for varying torque for valve
09/27/12Remote operated vehicle interface with overtorque protection
09/27/12Casing hanger lockdown slip ring
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09/27/12Positionless expanding lock ring for subsea annulus seals for lockdown
09/13/12Metal annulus seal
09/13/12Gate valve assembly with an axially flexible seat
09/06/12Drilling riser adapter connection with subsea functionality
09/06/12Apparatus and measuring weight and torque at downhole locations while landing, setting, and testing subsea wellhead consumables
08/16/12Reinforced frac tubing head
08/16/12Marine riser tensioner
07/26/12Location-and-rotation feedback tool for subsea wellheads and operating same
07/26/12Metal sealing adjustable casing sub
07/05/12Subsea tree workover control system
07/05/12Wellhead tree pressure compensating device
06/28/12Active casing hanger hook mechanism
06/28/12Wellhead tree pressure limiting device
06/28/12Tubing hanger shuttle valve
06/21/12System and cathodic protection of a subsea well-assembly
06/21/12Emergency subsea wellhead closure devices
06/14/12Running tool with feedback mechanism
06/07/12Low friction coatings for dynamically engaging load bearing surfaces
05/31/12Wellhead assembly with telescoping casing hanger
05/31/12Metal seat seal with flexible sealing edge
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05/17/12Self sealing hydraulic coupler
05/03/12Overpull indicator
05/03/12Efficient open water riser deployment
05/03/12Subsea wellhead keyless anti-rotation device
04/26/12System for remediating a wellbore annulus
04/26/12Expandable anchoring mechanism
04/26/12Selective torque operator for a valve
04/26/12Energizing ring nose profile and seal entrance
04/26/12System for supplemental tensioning for enhanced platform design and related methods
04/26/12System and inductive signal and power transfer from rov to in riser tools
04/19/12Thick walled composite tubular and making
04/12/12Seal with enhanced nose ring
04/05/12Running tool for deep water
04/05/12Valve bore sealing method and apparatus
04/05/12Silica-based nonflammable material for replacing asbestos and preparing same
03/22/12Riser emergency disconnect control system
03/22/12Hydraulically actuated safety lock ring
03/15/12Riser lifecycle management system, program product, and related methods
03/01/12Torque tripping mechanism for a valve
02/23/12Packoff with internal lockdown mechanism
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02/16/12Tree protection system
02/16/12Running tool
02/09/12Marine composite riser for structrual health monitoring using piezoelectricity
02/02/12Method and forming elongated composite tubular
02/02/12Advanced fluidics gate valve with active flow control for subsea applications
02/02/12Wellhead tree pressure limiting device
02/02/12Drill pipe running tool
02/02/12Bi-directional metal-to-metal seal
01/19/12Casing hanger profile for multiple seal landing positions
12/29/11Wicker-type face seal and wellhead system incorporating same
12/22/11High integrity hanger and seal for casing
11/17/11Tool and providing access to a wellhead annulus
10/27/11Cam style anti-rotation key for tubular connections
10/06/11Bridging hanger and seal running tool
09/08/11Actuation assembly for riser connection dog
08/25/11Oil and gas riser spider with low frequency antenna apparatus and method
08/18/11Ram style tensioner with fixed conductor and floating frame
08/11/11Riser joint coupling
07/28/11Bi-metallic annular seal and wellhead system incorporating same
07/21/11Latch system for friction-locked tubular members
07/21/11Wellhead annulus seal assembly
07/14/11High capacity running tool
06/30/11Internal tieback for subsea well
06/16/11System, method, and pre-tensioned pipe for load-sharing with composite cover
06/02/11Pumping mud by electrohydrodynamic propulsion
06/02/11Pumping mud by electrohydrodynamic propulsion
05/26/11Metal-to-metal seal with wiper element and wellhead system incorporating same
05/19/11Combination well pipe centralizer and overpull indicator
05/19/11Casing annulus management
05/12/11Wellhead isolation protection sleeve
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04/21/11Wellhead system having wicker sealing surface
04/14/11Casing hanger nesting indicator
04/14/11Electrical mudline system
03/31/11Self sealing hydraulic coupler
03/24/11Bellows type adjustable casing
01/13/11Single trip, tension set, metal-to-metal sealing, internal lockdown tubing hanger
01/13/11Dog-type lockout and position indicator assembly
12/30/10Running tool that prevents seal test
12/30/10Split assembly attachment device
12/30/10Metal-to-metal annulus seal arrangement
12/23/10System and displacing fluids in an annulus
12/16/10Acoustically measuring annulus probe depth
12/09/10Bimetallic diaphragm for trapped fluid expansion
12/02/10Metal-to-metal seal with travel seal bands
11/25/10Self-inserting seal assembly
11/04/10Remotely operated drill pipe valve
11/04/10Wellhead system having a tubular hanger securable to wellhead and operation
11/04/10Metal annulus seal
11/04/10System and applying a coating to a substrate
10/28/10Riser buoyancy adjustable thrust column
10/28/10System, thermal wellhead having high power cable for in-situ upgrading processing
10/14/10Ram style tensioner with fixed conductor and floating frame
10/07/10High capacity running tool
10/07/10Ram style tensioner
09/30/10Wellhead system having resilient device to actuate a load member and enable an over-pull test of the load member
09/30/10Bit-run nominal seat protector and operating same
09/16/10Wireline run fracture isolation sleeve and plug and operating same
09/16/10Apparatus, system, and manufacturing a composite tubular using a stiffened mandrel
09/16/10Self-tensioning tendon for tension leg platform application

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