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Vmware Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Vmware Inc. Vmware Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Vmware Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Vmware Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Provisioning virtual desktops with stub virtual disks
04/27/17 new patent  Policy based application monitoring in virtualized environment
04/27/17 new patent  Item delivery optimization
04/27/17 new patent  Configurable client filtering rules
04/27/17 new patent  Hybrid cloud storage extension using machine learning graph based cache
04/27/17 new patent  Single data transmission using a data management server
04/27/17 new patent  Transmitting management commands to a client device
04/20/17Configuration settings for configurable virtual components
04/20/17Systems and methods for customizing and programming a cloud-based management server
04/20/17Methods and systems to determine and improve cost efficiency of virtual machines
04/20/17Virtual computing services deployment network
04/13/17Method for improving memory system performance in virtual machine systems
04/13/17Preserving user profiles across remote desktop sessions
04/13/17Network management as a service (maas) using reverse session-origination (rso) tunnel
04/13/17Management-as-a-service for on-premises information-technology systems
04/06/17Binary editing of applications executed by virtual machines
04/06/17Efficient communication within hybrid cloud system
03/30/17Leveraging hierarchy in a tree data structure to dynamically allocate keys
03/30/17Tuning key space at the time of instantiation of a tree data structure
03/30/17Load response performance counters
03/30/17Faster ip address allocation in a hybrid cloud environment using subnet selective randomization
03/23/17Methods and apparatus to automatically configure monitoring of a virtual machine
03/23/17Adaptive dynamic selection and application of multiple virtualization techniques
03/23/17Dynamic resource configuration based on context
03/23/17Space efficient persistence of an in-memory table
03/23/17Performance diagnostic for virtual machines
03/16/17Booting a computing device by streaming a desktop image over a network
03/16/17Automated scaling of application in virtual data centers
03/16/17System and controlling resource revocation in a multi-guest computer system
03/16/17Identifying test gaps using code execution paths
03/16/17Framework for distributed key-value store in a wide area network
03/09/17Machine identity persistence for users of non-persistent virtual desktops
03/09/17Access control policy management in a cloud services environment
03/02/17Scalable storage space allocation in distributed storage systems
03/02/17Multiple hierarchies of snapshots
03/02/17Input/output filter configuration of linked storage
03/02/17Content or file based application virtualization
03/02/17Disaster recovery protection based on resource consumption patterns
03/02/17Dynamic content disk
03/02/17Partitioning a hypervisor into virtual hypervisors
03/02/17Hybrid infrastructure provisioning framework tethering remote datacenters
03/02/17Maintaining high availability during network partitions for virtual machines stored on distributed object-based storage
03/02/17Hybrid task framework
03/02/17Virtual machine migration within a hybrid cloud system
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to manage and execute actions in computing environments
03/02/17Scalable concurrent execution of distributed workflows sharing common operations
03/02/17Pluggable engine for application specific schedule control
03/02/17Constrained placement in hierarchical randomized schedulers
03/02/17Grouping failure events with adaptive polling and sliding window buffering
03/02/17Dynamic mechanism for fault injection for testing distributed systems
03/02/17Automated bug detection with virtual machine forking
03/02/17Implementing per-processor memory areas with non-preemptible operations using virtual aliases
03/02/17Fast file clone using copy-on-write b-tree
03/02/17Policy-based selection and configuration of target site resources for data replication
03/02/17Policy-based selection and configuration of target site resources for data replication
03/02/17Multi-level access control for distributed storage systems
03/02/17Capacity analysis using closed-system modules
03/02/17Optimizing connectivity between data centers in a hybrid cloud computing system
03/02/17Placement of devices based on policies and benchmark data
03/02/17Multi-spoke connectivity of private data centers to the cloud
03/02/17Data center wan aggregation to optimize hybrid cloud connectivity
03/02/17Routing optimization for inter-cloud connectivity
03/02/17Enterprise connectivity to the hybrid cloud
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to manage and execute actions in computing environments
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to manage and execute actions in computing environments
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03/02/17Scalable monitoring of long running multi-step data intensive workloads
03/02/17Fair decentralized throttling in distributed cloud-based systems
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to monitor usage of virtual computing environments
03/02/17Pre-fetch cache population for wan optimization
02/23/17Contextual gui-style interaction for textual commands
02/23/17Tracking data of virtual disk snapshots using tree data structures
02/23/17Handling disk state inheritance for forked virtual machines
02/23/17Resolving configuration errors through recommendations
02/23/17Deep network validation of configuration inputs for a network-dependent system
02/23/17Hardware management systems for disaggregated rack architectures in virtual server rack deployments
02/16/17Storage tiering based on virtual machine operations and virtual volume type
02/16/17Methods and apparatus to manage asset capabilities in a computing environment using a common agent framework
02/09/17Self triggered maintenance of state information of virtual machines for high availablity operations
02/09/17Externally triggered maintenance of state information of virtual machines for high availablity operations
02/09/17Methods and apparatus to manage message delivery in enterprise network environments
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02/09/17N-way synchronization of desktop images
02/09/17Methods and apparatus to generate virtual war rooms via social media in enterprise network environments
02/02/17Scheduling and managing series of snapshots
02/02/17Numa scheduling using inter-vcpu memory access estimation
02/02/17Policy composition language
02/02/17Policy validation
02/02/17Resource categorization for policy framework
02/02/17Dynamic configurations based on the dynamic host configuration protocol
02/02/17Policy store
02/02/17Binding policies to computing resources
02/02/17Policy framework user interface
01/26/17Disk block streaming using a broker computer system
01/26/17System and managing a virtualized computing environment
01/26/17Attaching applications based on file type
01/26/17Virtual machine fault tolerance
01/26/17Latency reduction for direct memory access operations involving address translation
01/26/17Remote contextual access to operating system desktops
01/19/17Saturation detection and admission control for storage devices
01/12/17Methods and apparatus to manage virtual machines
01/12/17Multitenant access to multiple desktops on host machine partitions in a service provider network
01/12/17System and using local storage to emulate centralized storage
01/12/17Watermarking and scalability techniques for a virtual desktop planning tool
01/05/17Methods and software lifecycle management of a virtual computing environment
01/05/17Methods and software lifecycle management of a virtual computing environment
01/05/17Host-gateway-facilitated aggregation of host-computer clusters
01/05/17Protecting virtual computing instances
01/05/17Method and system for providing virtual desktop and virtual application interactivity
01/05/17Methods and apparatus to manage operations situations in computing environments using presence protocols
01/05/17System to generate a deployment plan for a cloud infrastructure according to logical, multi-tier application blueprint
01/05/17Workflows for series of snapshots
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01/05/17Allocating, configuring and maintaining cloud computing resources using social media
01/05/17Automated provisioning of certificates
01/05/17Method and system for communication between a management-server and remote host systems
01/05/17Management of cloud-computing facility through a virtual infrastructure management server
01/05/17Method and system for testing and analyzing management servers
01/05/17Dynamic virtual machine network policy for ingress optimization
01/05/17Virtual network interface controller performance using physical network interface controller receive side scaling offloads
01/05/17Methods and apparatus to generate knowledge base articles
01/05/17Providing a single session experience across multiple applications
01/05/17Automated monitoring and managing of certificates
Patent Packs
01/05/17Methods and apparatus to grant access to cloud computing resources
12/29/16Implementing pseudo non-masking interrupts behavior using a priority interrupt controller
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to manage inter-virtual disk relations in a modularized virtualization topology using virtual hard disks
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to enforce life cycle rules in a modularized virtualization topology using virtual hard disks
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to apply a modularized virtualization topology using virtual hard disks
12/29/16Efficient data deployment for a parallel data processing system
12/29/16Method and system for identifying drawing primitives for selective transmission to a remote display
12/29/16Artifact manager for release automation
12/29/16Modifying an instance catalog to perform operations
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to monitor virtual computing environments
12/29/16Policy based provisioning of containers
12/29/16Method and system for anticipating demand for a computational resource by containers running above guest operating systems within a distributed, virtualized computer system
12/29/16Optimizing order of migrating virtual computing instances for increased cloud services engagement
12/29/16Cloning a virtual machine from a physical device based on a local snapshot
12/29/16Propagating changes from a virtual machine clone to a physical host device
12/29/16Remote-direct-memory-access-based virtual machine live migration
12/29/16Implementing pseudo non-masking interrupts behavior using a priority interrupt controller
12/29/16Parallel and distributed computing using multiple virtual machines
12/29/16Virtual resource scheduling for containers with migration
12/29/16Virtual resource scheduling for containers without migration
12/29/16Data protection for a document database system
12/29/16Virtual machine recovery on non-shared storage in a single virtual infrastructure management instance
12/29/16Log-structured b-tree for handling random writes
12/29/16Methods and apparatus to re-direct detected access requests in a modularized virtualization topology using virtual hard disks
12/29/16Exposing memory-mapped io devices to drivers by emulating pci bus and pci device configuration space
12/29/16Systems and methods for applying a residual error image
12/29/16Data mover permitting data transfer without transferring data between application and operating system
12/29/16Virtual desktop infrastructure private cloud
12/29/16Abortable transactions using versioned tuple cache
12/29/16Methods and systems to evaluate cost driver and virtual data center costs
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12/29/16Alerting with duplicate suppression
12/29/16Host management across virtualization management servers
12/29/16Efficient replacement of clients running large scale applications
12/29/16Methods and systems to evaluate data center resource allocation costs
12/29/16System and performing resource allocation for a host computer cluster
12/29/16Hybrid cloud resource scheduling
12/29/16Interference-based client placement using dynamic weights
12/29/16Container-aware application dependency identification
12/29/16Interference-aware client placement
12/29/16Method and application awareness in a network
12/29/16Fast user kiosk access in a non-persistent desktop environment
12/29/16Container data offline and online scan in a cloud environment
12/29/16Methods and generating and using security assertions associated with containers in a computing environment
12/29/16Load balancing using a client swapping operation
12/29/16System and deploying an application in a computer system
12/22/16Virtual machine data placement in a virtualized computing environment
12/22/16Branch trace compression
12/22/16Efficient recording and replaying of non-deterministic instructions in a virtual machine and cpu therefor
12/22/16Provisioning virtual desktops with stub virtual disks
12/22/16Reservation for a multi-machine application
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12/22/16Methods and systems to determine application license costs in a virtualized data center
12/22/16High availability for virtual machines in nested hypervisors
12/22/16Extending server-based desktop virtual machine architecture to client machines
12/22/16User interface for managing a distributed virtual switch
12/22/16Managing resource reservations in a highly parallel application
12/22/16Resource management for containers in a virtualized environment
12/22/16Automatic discovery and prioritization of fault domains
12/22/16Crash management of host computing systems in a cluster
12/22/16Efficient management of large number of file descriptors
12/22/16Pixel perturbation for image quality measurement
12/22/16Method and system for clustering event messages and managing event-message clusters
12/22/16Sticky session data migration
12/22/16Distributed self-served application remoting
12/22/16Pixel perturbation for transmission of meta-information
12/15/16Online virtual machine disk migration
12/15/16Remote desktop exporting
12/15/16Remote desktop mirroring
12/15/16Providing availability of an agent virtual computing instance during a storage failure
12/15/16Event notification system with cluster classification
12/08/16Systems and methods for managing distributed applications
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12/08/16Triggering application attachment based on state changes of virtual machines
12/08/16Methods and apparatus to scale application deployments in cloud computing environments using virtual machine pools
12/08/16Dynamically converting search-time fields to ingest-time fields
12/08/16Security hardening of virtual machines at time of creation
12/08/16Automatic security hardening of an entity
12/08/16Automatically auditing virtual machines for security hardening compliance
12/08/16Automatic real-time alerting of security hardening non-compliance
12/08/16Cross-file differential content synchronization
12/08/16Triggering application attachment based on service login
12/01/16Snapshots and clones in a block-based data deduplication storage system
12/01/16Providing block size compatibility with a storage filter
12/01/16Methods and systems to assess efficient usage of data-center resources by virtual machines
12/01/16Predictive probabilistic deduplication of storage
12/01/16Data deduplication in a block-based storage system
12/01/16Extensible multi-tenant cloud-management system and methods for extending functionalities and services provided by multi-tenant cloud-management system
11/24/16Optimizing window move actions for remoted applications
11/24/16Opportunistic asynchronous deduplication using an in-memory cache
11/24/16Application management in enterprise environments using cloud-based application recipes
11/24/16Unified storage/vdi provisioning methodology
11/24/16Tracking changes that affect performance of deployed applications
11/24/16Providing end-to-end checksum within a distributed virtual storage area network module
11/24/16Maintaining hole boundary information for restoring snapshots from parity
11/24/16Mechanism for providing virtual machines for use by multiple users
11/24/16Distributed transactions with redo-only write-ahead log
11/24/16Using checksums to reduce the write latency of logging
11/24/16Mobile device authentication
11/24/16Maintaing encryption keys to provide encryption on top of data deduplication
11/24/16Performance-driven resource management in a distributed computer system
11/24/16Remote document signing
11/17/16Scalable space management using bitmap summary tree
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/16Prioritizing backup of endpoint devices in enterprise network environments
11/17/16Method and system that analyzes operational characteristics of multi-tier applications
11/17/16Media acceleration for virtual computing services
11/17/16Peer-to-peer network download optimization
11/17/16Systems and methods for transmitting data
11/17/16Managing a virtualized application workspace on a managed computing device
11/10/16Distributed power management with partial suspend mode for distributed storage systems
11/10/16Centralized power management with partial suspend mode for distributed storage systems
11/10/16Methods and apparatus to control a monitoring agent
11/10/16Catastrophic data loss avoidance
11/10/16Virtual file system with vnode reconstruction capability
11/10/16Calendar based management of information technology (it) tasks
11/10/16Generating an automated multimedia feed based on customer specific application software running on customer data center/cloud
11/03/16Power management for distributed storage systems
11/03/16Methods and apparatus to manage monitoring agents
11/03/16Protecting virtual machines against storage connectivity failures
11/03/16Distributed, scalable key-value store
11/03/16Methods and systems that estimate a degree of abnormality of a complex system
11/03/16Methods and systems to manage big data in cloud-computing infrastructures
11/03/16Resource allocation diagnosis on distributed computer systems
11/03/16Appliance for sharing information over a wan via a distributed p2p protocol
11/03/16Sharing information between appliances over a wan via a distributed p2p protocol
11/03/16Methods and systems to manage big data in cloud-computing infrastructures
10/27/16Vm inter-process communication
10/27/16Virtual intelligent platform management interface for hardware components
10/27/16Method and managing mac address generation for virtualized environments
10/20/16Workflow guidance widget with state-indicating buttons
10/20/16Secure cross-process memory sharing
10/20/16Enabling filter-level access to virtual disks

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