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Voith Patent Gmbh
Voith Patent Gmbh germany
Voith Patent Gmbh A Corporation
Voith Patent Gmbh heidenheim Germany
Voith Patent Gmbh_20131212

Voith Patent Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Voith Patent Gmbh. Voith Patent Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Voith Patent Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Voith Patent Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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09/14/17Fabric belt for producing web material, in particular for producing spunbonded fabric
09/14/17Hydraulic turbomachine
08/31/17Method for producing or machining a roller, roller and functional layer of a roller
08/24/17Fabric and producing a fabric
07/27/17Roller with coating
06/29/17Extruded paper machine clothing and the production thereof
06/29/17Spur gear transmission
06/22/17Watercraft, in particular tugboat
06/22/17Suction roll assembly
06/08/17Draft and buffer apparatus
06/08/17Method of manufacturing and/or processing a paper, cardboard, or tissue web
06/01/17Hydraulic control device for an emergency stop valve of a steam turbine and steam turbine arrangement
05/04/17Industrial textile
04/27/17Press arrangement
03/02/17Method for producing a screening device
02/16/17Fabric for a machine to produce a fiber web and producing a fiber web
02/16/17Structured forming fabric for a papermaking machine, and papermaking machine
02/16/17Fabric for a machine for producing a fiber web
02/16/17Method for releasing the rotor poles in an electrical machine
01/19/17Hydrodynamic machine and dynamic pressure pump therefor
01/12/17Monofilament, fabric and production method
12/29/16Permanent magnet-excited electric machine
12/22/16Roller cutting unit and separating fibre material into sections
12/22/16Device and producing fibre boards
12/08/16Hydrodynamic retarder
11/17/16Spreader roll
11/17/16Hydrodynamic plain bearing
11/17/16Hydrodynamic plain bearing
10/27/16Woven-fabric belt for a fibrous-web machine
10/06/16Hydrodynamic converter and adjustment device for a converter of this type
10/06/16Motor vehicle drive train
10/06/16Power transmission device
09/22/16Bearing block for articulating a coupling rod to a carriage body of a track-guided vehicle
09/15/16Method for operating a drive train having a hydrodynamic clutch
09/15/16Hydrodynamic machine
08/25/16Hydraulic system for a hydrodynamic machine
08/04/16Coupling head of a central buffer coupling
07/21/16Hydraulic system for a hydrodynamic machine
07/14/16Fabric and producing same
06/30/16Electrical contact coupling for a railborne vehicle
06/09/16Pressure screen
06/09/16Monofilament, spiral fabric and forming a spiral fabric
06/09/16Clothing and producing a clothing
06/09/16Sensor roll
06/02/16Clothing and the production thereof
06/02/16Sealing strip for a paper, cardboard or tissue machine made from a plurality of materials
05/26/16Papermaking fabric with double loop seam
05/26/16Drying roller and a the production of same
05/12/16Large cylinder drying roller and producing a large cylinder drying roller
05/05/16Film press and operating a film press
04/28/16Transmission and geared compressor system
04/28/16Tilting pad and radial plain bearing
04/07/16Metal pipe having a connector
04/07/16Pipe element having a composite pipe and a metal connector
03/24/16Method for controlling a hydrodynamic retarded that can be disengaged by a disconnect clutch
03/24/16Hydraulic drive with rapid stroke and load stroke
03/24/16Hydraulic drive with rapid stroke and load stroke
03/24/16Hydraulic drive with rapid stroke and load stroke
03/24/16Hydraulic drive with rapid stroke and load stroke
03/24/16Method for controlling a hydrodynamic retarder that can be mechanically disengaged by a disconnect clutch
03/17/16Process for producing a composite tube
03/10/16Method for manufacturing an industrial clothing, and industrial clothing
03/10/16Cooling circuit for a motor vehicle having a hydrodynamic retarder
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03/10/16Radial plain bearing
03/10/16Hydrodynamic machine, in particular hydrodynamic coupling
03/03/16Device and generating a pattern on a clothing for a machine for manufacturing a web material, and clothing
02/25/16Clothing for a machine for manufacturing a web material
02/11/16Film press
01/14/16Toothing of a gearwheel
01/07/16Suction roll for a machine for producing and/or processing a paper, cardboard or tissue web
12/24/15Pumping device
11/26/15A turbine for a flow power plant
10/29/15Press jacket for press roller
10/29/15Roll and producing a roll
10/15/15Method for controlling the formation of a fiber web of a fiber or paper producing process
10/15/15Hydrodynamic retarder
10/01/15Flow power plant
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08/06/15Device and producing structured plastic yarns
08/06/15Sealing device and roller having a sealing device
08/06/15Blade wheel of a kaplan turbine
07/30/15Device and producing fiber-reinforced plastics components
07/30/15Press belt in a paper-making machine
07/30/15Dryer fabric
07/30/15Roller and producing a roller
07/23/15Sealing device, suction roll and producing and/or processing a paper, cardboard or tissue web
07/23/15Blade for a water turbine
07/09/15Sealing strip
07/02/15Sealing strip system
07/02/15Motor vehicle drive train comprising a hydrodynamic retarder
07/02/15Pilot valve and/or proportional valve
06/25/15Shaking unit and the pneumatic excitation of a shaking unit
06/18/15Cutting device and cross-cutting a moving fiber web
06/18/15Method for removing liquid from a slurry
06/18/15Device and producing a material web
06/04/15Machine for producing a fibrous web, comprising an inclined wire former and a dewatering device
06/04/15Vertical shaft with a slide bearing for a turbine or a generator
06/04/15Method for detecting soiling of paper machine clothing and paper machine clothing
05/28/15Roller, and manufacturing the same
05/14/15Device for manufacturing a material web
04/30/15Roll cover and the production thereof
04/30/15Rotor for dynamo-electric machine
04/09/15Stabilized woven seam for flat-weave endless fabric belts
04/02/15Roll cover
04/02/15Forming fabric
03/19/15Forming wire
03/19/15Hydrodynamic retarder
03/12/15Turbocompound bearing for attaching a turbocompound system to an internal combustion engine
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02/19/15Radial bearing
02/19/15Roll cover production method and roll cover
01/22/15Press felt for a papermaking machine
01/15/15Machine for producing a fiber web
01/15/15Roll covering with improved mechanical properties and good recovery performance
01/01/15Corona shield
12/25/14Roll with sensors for a machine for producing and/or processing a material web and machine for producing and/or processing a material web
12/18/14Method for transversely depositing fibers
12/18/14Water power plant comprising a branch part
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10/23/14Hydrodynamic retarder and actuating same
10/02/14Sheet forming unit for producing a material web and operating the sheet forming unit
09/18/14Monofilament yarn for a paper machine clothing fabric
09/18/14Monofilament yarn for a paper machine clothing fabric
09/11/14Woven wire with flat warp threads
07/31/14Device to actuate a quick trip valve
07/24/14Method for primary adjustment of a hydroelectric power plant
07/03/14Disconnectable hydrodynamic retarder and controlling same
07/03/14Hydraulic machine
06/19/14Spliced endless clothing
06/19/14Method for setting the braking torque of a hydrodynamic retarder
06/12/14Asynchronous machine
06/12/14Pump turbine plant
06/05/14Loom for producing paper machine clothing
06/05/14Method for controlling a hydrodynamic retarder which can be disengaged mechanically via a separating clutch
06/05/14Francis turbine or a francis pump or a francis pump turbine
05/29/14Bearing arrangement for a shaft of a turbine wheel
05/22/14Dirt-repellent cleaning scraper
05/22/14Installation vehicle for a tidal power plant and the operation thereof
05/22/14An axial turbine for a tidal power plant and a the assembly thereof
05/22/14Device for transmitting force
05/15/14Device and producing fiber preforms
05/08/14Corrosion-resistant roller coating
05/01/14Drive train, in particular vehicle drive train
05/01/14Marine current power plant and a its operation
04/24/14Drive train having a hydrodynamic retarder and its control method
04/03/14Cooling system for a motor vehicle or for a stationary internal combustion engine
03/20/14Turbo-compound system, in particular of a motor vehicle
03/20/14Method of controlling a vehicle drive train with a hydrodynamic retarder
03/13/14Seal assembly
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03/06/14Method for drying a fibrous web in a drying device, and drying device
02/27/14Bale wire cutter
02/27/14Device and producing a material web
02/27/14Apparatus for producing a material web
02/20/14Hydrodynamic component
02/13/14Device and producing fiber preforms
02/13/14Device and producing a material web
02/06/14Torque support and a bogie for a rail vehicle
02/06/14Device and producing fiber preforms
01/30/14Pulp dewatering clothing for a pulp dewatering machine
01/16/14Laminated endless belt
12/26/13Paper machine roller with fiber bragg sensors
12/19/13Stabilized fabric seam for flat-woven continuous fabric belts
12/12/13Sealing device
12/12/13Water turbine
11/14/13Pump turbine installation
10/24/13Turbine installation for extracting sea wave energy
09/19/13Hydraulic turbomachine
09/12/13Sheet forming unit for producing a material web and operating the sheet forming unit
08/29/13Drawn endless clothing
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08/29/13Drive train having a hydrodynamic retarder
08/22/13Method for regulating the formation of a fibrous web
08/22/13Method for power regulation of an underwater power plant
08/22/13Torsional vibration damper
07/18/13Conveying system for oil or gas
06/27/13Method and drying a fibrous web
06/20/13Perforated film clothing
06/13/13Housing for a blade wheel
06/06/13System for storing electrical energy
05/30/13Power plant line having a variable-speed pump
05/30/13Device for pivoting one or more front flaps of a track-guided vehicle, and front flap module
05/30/13Device and producing a material web
05/23/13Coupling arrangement for the front of a tracked vehicle
04/25/13Method for operating a sheet-forming unit, and sheet forming unit
04/25/13Anchoring element for a hydraulic engineering installation
04/25/13Compression device and cooling a compression medium
04/11/13Hydrodynamic coupling
04/11/13Water turbine
03/07/13Machine for stamping and/or nibbling a workpiece and actuating the same
02/28/13Supporting device for vertically supporting a coupling rod articulated to the car body underframe of a rail-borne vehicle
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02/14/13Vehicle transmissions
01/24/13Electrical contact coupling for a track-borne vehicle, particularly a railway vehicle
12/20/12Device for damping compressive forces
11/29/12Turbine blade for a water turbine with bi-directional flow
11/22/12Device for the on-demand sealing of an opening provided in the frontal region of a track-guided vehicle, a front nose module having such a device, and a track-guided vehicle having such a front nose module
11/15/12Maritime current power plant park and a its production
09/20/12Method for operating a hydraulic drive device and operating the same
09/06/12Cooling system, in particular of a motor vehicle
07/12/12Device and the cutting shock damping of work machines
07/12/12Elastic coupling
06/28/12Fabric belt for a machine for the production of web material, particularly paper or cardboard
06/21/12Frost-resistant steam circuit process device and its operation
06/14/12Method for optimizing the energy balance in forming sections in machines for the production of fibrous webs, and forming section
05/03/12Method for producing a web of tissue
03/22/12Coupler head of a coupling device for mechanically connecting two units, particularly vehicle units
03/15/12Advanced dewatering system
03/01/12Approach flow system
02/09/12Energy-absorbing device particularly for a shock absorber for a track-guided vehicle
02/02/12Fibrous web formed on a structured fabric
01/05/12Transmission, particularly compressor wheel gear and methods to improve the starting behavior of such
12/29/11Vehicle cooling circuit having a retarder or a hydrodynamic clutch
12/08/11Device for pivoting a front hatch as well as a front hatch module
12/01/11Machine for the production of tissue paper
12/01/11Method for controlling the power transmission in a drive train and drive train
11/10/11Hydraulic drive device having two pressure chambers and operating a hydraulic drive device having two pressure chambers
11/10/11Adapter coupler for adapting couplings of different design
10/27/11Tubular turbine generator unit
10/13/11Pillow block for a segmented media-lubricated plain bearing
10/13/11Superimposed transmission having coupling shafts
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09/15/11Hydrodynamic machine, especially hydrodynamic retarder
07/21/11Forming fabric with extended surface
06/23/11Advanced dewatering system
06/02/11Process and producing a fibrous web
06/02/11Power steering pump drive
05/26/11Piston compressor with no-load operation valve
04/28/11Expander roller
04/21/11Drive train with a hydrodynamic machine arranged on the output side of the transmission
04/07/11Device for damping tractive and compressive forces
04/07/11Drivetrain and providing a supply to a compressed air system
03/17/11Method for degassing and supplying a fibrous suspension to a headbox or a filter device and degassing device
03/10/11Method for degassing and supplying a fibrous suspension to a headbox or a filter device and degassing device
02/03/11Transmission with a transmission housing
02/03/11Drive unit and its operation
01/13/11Device for sealing a rotating shaft
12/23/10Adapter coupler for adapting couplings of different design
12/16/10Press fabric seam area
12/02/10Support band
10/28/10Linkage for the articulated connection of a coupling rod to a railcar body
09/30/10Advanced dewatering system
08/05/10Bogie for a rail vehicle which has a drive
07/29/10Transport belt
06/03/10Hydroelectric power plant
05/06/10Method and device for power regulation of an underwater power plant
04/29/10Drive train comprising an expander driven by fluid or steam
04/29/10Under water power plant
04/01/10Method and joining assembly for joining ends of fabric in a paper machine
03/18/10Vehicle front-end module for mounting to the front end of a rail-borne vehicle, in particular a railway vehicle
02/11/10Process for producing fibrous material from wood

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