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Volkswagen Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Volkswagen Ag. Volkswagen Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Volkswagen Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Volkswagen Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Fuel cell vehicle having a plurality of selectable operating modes
11/16/17 new patent  Method for triggering actions in a vehicle and vehicle for carrying out triggered actions
11/16/17 new patent  Method and system for secure access to a vehicle
11/16/17 new patent  Motor vehicle control operating a control autonomously driving a motor vehicle
11/16/17 new patent  Method for switching off a fuel cell stack, and fuel cell system
11/09/17Output device of a motor vehicle and associated operating method
11/09/17Apparatus and a relay station for vehicle-to-vehicle messages
11/09/17Methods, apparatus, and computer programs for providing a lock control signal for a mobile logistics destination
11/02/17Fuel cell
11/02/17Fuel cell switching off a fuel cell stack
10/26/17Method and comparing two maps with landmarks deposited therein
10/26/17Fuel cell and motor vehicle
10/19/17Swivel bearing for the independent wheel suspension of a front wheel
10/19/17Lighting system for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle having a lighting system
10/19/17Electronic car key and communication system
10/19/17Procedures for passive access control
10/12/17Method, device, vehicle and central station for determining the actuality of a local user setting
10/12/17Method for the autonomous or partly autonomous execution of a cooperative driving maneuver
10/12/17Method of transmitting information regarding an emergency between a mobile terminal and an emergency management site
10/12/17Bluetooth® connection setup and bluetooth® device
10/05/17Method for representing items of information in a means of transportation, and instrument cluster for a motor vehicle
09/28/17Method for starting a fuel cell and fuel cell system
09/28/17Device, method, and computer program for grouping devices by location
09/14/17Geofencing for auto drive route planning
09/14/17Automated vehicle with optimized driving profiles
09/14/17Supported catalyst material for a fuel cell
09/14/17Fuel cell operating a fuel cell system
09/14/17Body structure element for a vehicle with integrated humidifier
09/07/17Method and system for authenticating a user and a motor vehicle
08/31/17Method and estimating an expected reception quality
08/24/17Component for processing a protectable date and implementing a security function for protecting a protective date in such a component
08/24/17Method and system to identify traffic lights by an autonomous vehicle
08/24/17Component for connecting to a data bus, and methods for implementing a cryptographic functionality in such a component
08/10/17Method for producing impregnated fiber structures
08/10/17Methods, apparatus, and computer programs for providing a lock control signal for a mobile logistics destination
08/03/17Method for determining a desired trajectory for a first traffic user, in particular for a motor vehicle, for a route section
08/03/17Humidifier, plate, device, and motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and control device for self-braking a motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and device for handing over a motor vehicle to the driver during an automatic parking space-leaving maneuver
07/13/17Intelligent logging
06/29/17System and methodologies for super sampling to enhance anti-aliasing in high resolution meshes
06/29/17Multiple light source simulation in computer graphics
06/29/17Apparatus, method and computer program for controlling functions of a vehicle
06/29/17Fuel cell unit including an exchangeable deionization device and a vehicle including such a fuel cell unit
06/22/17Mobile energy storage and providing energy to a consumer
06/22/17Method and device for adapting a steering wheel angle of a steering wheel and a wheel steering angle of a wheel steering system in a motor vehicle
06/22/17Humidifier with an integrated water separator for a fuel cell system, fuel cell system including a humidifier, and vehicle including same
06/22/17Method for implementing encrypted client-server communication
06/22/17Method for preventing deactivation of online services in a vehicle
06/15/17Electric voltage distributing electrical power in an electric voltage system
06/15/17Method and system for automatically controlling a following vehicle with a front vehicle
06/15/17Auxiliary frame for a vehicle and producing an auxiliary frame
06/15/17Method and system for automatically controlling a following vehicle with a scout vehicle
06/15/17Method and system for automatically controlling a following vehicle with a scout vehicle
06/15/17Device, method, and computer program for establishing a communication link between an information system and a mobile device
06/08/17Method and apparatus in a motor vehicle for automated driving
06/08/17Electric voltage charging a battery of an electric voltage system
06/01/17Fuel cell device having a water-transferring anode gas path, and operating a fuel cell
05/25/17Bipolar plate for a fuel cell and fuel cell stack including a fuel cell
05/18/17Fuel cell recirculating water in a fuel cell system
05/18/17Apparatus, method, and computer program for frequency band selection
05/18/17Apparatus, method, and computer program for frequency band selection
05/04/17Cathode supply for a fuel cell
04/27/17Fuel cell device with a flushing gas path
04/27/17Apparatus, method, and computer program for a vehicle having at least one indoor antenna and at least one external antenna
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04/27/17Device, method, and computer program for a transceiver system
04/20/17Bipolar plate and fuel cell comprising a bipolar plate of this type
04/20/17Method for protected communication of a vehicle
04/20/17Method and system for asymmetric key derivation
04/20/17Method for certification by a control unit of a vehicle
04/20/17Method and device for external operation of a device
04/13/17Method for determining the activity of a driver of a motor vehicle and the adaptive response time and a corresponding assistance system
04/13/17System and controlling vehicle data
04/13/17Configuration of connectivity before getting into a vehicle
04/06/17Fuel cell
03/30/17Interactive 3d navigation system with 3d helicopter view at destination
03/23/17Early detection of turning and automatic response by the vehicle
03/23/17Method to enhance safe acceleration and lead-vehicle distance keeping performance, by measuring forward vehicle gaps
03/23/17Method and determining a desired trajectory for a vehicle
03/23/17Method and device for controlling the selection of media files for playback
Patent Packs
03/23/17Catalyst layer for a fuel cell and the production thereof
03/09/17Method and device for actuating a closing element for a vehicle
03/09/17Process for wireless connection of mobile devices
03/09/17Arrangement for an image recording device in a vehicle
03/02/17Anode-cathode supply device
02/23/17Fuel cell operating such a system
02/16/17Apparatus for determining the degree of shade of a parking position for a vehicle
02/16/17Device for coupling a mobile communications unit with a motor vehicle
02/09/17Method for controlling a delay device of a vehicle
02/09/17Method and system for processing multimodal input signals
02/09/17Method for determining the cause of failure in a vehicle
02/09/17Fuel cell system as well as a vehicle having such a fuel cell system
02/09/17Method and device for adjustment of at least one parameter of a communication system
02/02/17Bipolar plate and fuel cell
01/26/17Elimination of the activatability of a function by a radio on a vehicle
01/26/17Positioning with a magnetic sensor for a vehicle
01/26/17Bipolar plate and fuel cell comprising same
01/19/17Load recommendations and load securing recommendation for a vehicle
01/12/17In-car enrollment
12/29/16Communication device, control device, and system for vehicle
12/29/16Method and device for informing a user during approach to a destination
12/22/16Speech recognition operating a speech recognition system with a mobile unit and an external server
12/22/16Method for manipulation protection of a bus system between at least two system components
12/15/16Method and device for detecting movement on a display area in a motor vehicle
12/15/16Method for providing user-defined customization of a vehicle
12/15/16Method and device for detecting movement on a display area in a motor vehicle
12/01/16Method and information system for informing a driver of a vehicle regarding the availability of a communication link
11/24/16Interactive 3d navigation system
11/24/16Interposer and semiconductor module for use in automotive applicatons
11/17/16Method for adjusting an operating gas flow in a fuel cell system, and a fuel cell system
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/16Method for communicating between a communications unit of a device and an external communications unit via a mobile phone unit
11/03/16Method for providing an operating device in a vehicle and operating device
11/03/16Method for supporting a vehicle
11/03/16Moisture exchanger and fuel cell arrangement comprising same
10/27/16Method for diagnosing an exhaust gas catalytic converter, and motor vehicle
10/27/16Bipolar plate having half plates of varying thickness and fuel cell stack having same
10/27/16Method for controlling an operating point change of a fuel cell stack and a fuel cell system
10/27/16Turbine for decompression of exhaust gas and a fuel cell system including same
10/20/16Cooling module for a fuel cell
10/20/16Method and recalling entitled authentication methods for a vehicle
Patent Packs
10/13/16Method and device for safe parking of a vehicle
10/06/16Adapter for a connectivity system
10/06/16Distance determination and authentication of a remote control key to a vehicle
09/29/16Device, process, and computer program for creating a chronological sequence of activities of a user
09/15/16Method and integration of vehicle applications
09/15/16Display a display system, display system and operating a navigation system of a vehicle
09/15/16Carbon-coated lithium sulphide
09/08/16Navigation communication device and method
08/25/16Method and displaying a display element
08/18/16Device for displaying information about an imminent takeover of manual control of a vehicle
08/18/16Noble metal-free catalyst system for a fuel cell
08/11/16Apparatus and acceleration of a vehicle
08/11/16System and methodologies for visual relevancy-grading of a navigation map
08/11/16Interactive 3d navigation system
08/11/16Method for a driver assistance system of a vehicle
08/11/16Method for a driver assistance system of a vehicle
08/04/16Airbag control unit, power network, and controlling a voltage network in a motor vehicle
07/28/16Method and system for a warning message in a vehicle
07/28/16Switchable rearview mirror
07/28/16Seal for a fuel cell, and fuel cell
07/21/16Method, evaluation system and vehicle for predicting at least one congestion parameter
07/21/16Switching and protection device for high-voltage wiring system
07/14/16Method and system for ascertaining a pressure ratio between a setpoint tire pressure and an actual tire pressure for a tire of a vehicle
07/14/16Method and system for determining a pressure deviation between a setpoint tire pressure and an actual tire pressure for a tire of a vehicle as well as for determining a wheel load
07/14/16Method for changing a fuel cell system over to a standby mode as well as such a fuel cell system
07/14/16Fuel cell system including multiple fuel cell stacks
07/07/16Apparatus and assisting a user
07/07/16Secondary-air checking the operability of the secondary-air system
07/07/16Operating device with haptic feedback
07/07/16Apparatus and data input via virtual controls with haptic feedback to simulate key feel
Patent Packs
07/07/16Method and inputting data with two types of input and haptic feedback
06/30/16Technologies for vehicle turn blinker audio and display processing
06/30/16Fuel cell system as well as vehicle having such a fuel cell system
06/23/16Early detection of exit only and shared lanes using perception technology
06/23/16Early detection of turning condition identification using perception technology
06/23/16Method and determining a resulting reference for controlling a steering device and a vehicle
06/23/16Fused raised pavement marker detection for autonomous driving using lidar and camera
06/16/16Device and separating and connecting two-part board networks
06/16/16Motor vehicle with multi-collision brake
06/16/16Method and device for forecasting the range of a vehicle with an at least partially electric drive
05/26/16Method for authenticating a user of a motor vehicle, automotive, and computer program
05/19/16Fastening device
05/19/16Frameless mirror and associated installation method
05/19/16Dc voltage switch for high voltage electrical systems
05/05/16Method and operating an ec-fuel pump
05/05/16Apparatus and connecting a mobile device camera
05/05/16Devices and methods for conveying audio information in vehicles
04/28/16Bipolar plate, fuel cell having such a plate and motor vehicle having such a fuel cell
04/28/16Accurate position determination near exit lanes
04/28/16Method for simulating a communication system, simulation system for a communication system and computer program
Social Network Patent Pack
04/21/16Method for controlling a display surface of an operator control device and operator control device in a vehicle
04/14/16User interface and adapting a menu bar on a user interface
04/14/16Monitoring a degree of attention of a driver of a vehicle
03/31/16Diagnostic procedures and collecting vehicles
03/31/16Apparatus and electrical assembly for converting a direct voltage into an alternating voltage
03/31/16Media playback device and preparing a playback of various media
03/10/16Method and device for communication between a transmitter and a vehicle
03/10/16Modifying autonomous vehicle driving by recognizing vehicle characteristics
03/10/16Apparatus, clustering points of interest in a navigation system
03/10/16Apparatus, clustering points of interest in a navigation system
02/25/16Device and configuring a vehicle device and configuring a vehicle
02/04/16Mirroring deeplinks
01/28/16Method for data communication in a vehicle and data communication device
01/14/16Method for controlling a headlamp system for a vehicle, and headlamp system
01/07/16Bipolar plate for fuel cell, fuel cell and producing the bipolar plate
01/07/16Computing identifying files transmitted to an external network
12/31/15Directional parking availability visualization system
12/24/15Method and displaying at least one operation parameter of a subject vehicle in the vehicle
12/24/15Method and device for displaying information of a system
12/17/15User interface and adapting semantic scaling of a tile
Social Network Patent Pack
12/10/15Predictive cockpit lighting and performance mode via touch
12/10/15Navigation device for a movable object and generating a display signal for a navigation device for a movable object
12/03/15Method for synchronizing display devices in a motor vehicle
11/19/15Control device for a vehicle network and operating a vehicle network
11/05/15Passenger vehicle with a modular control panel
11/05/15Method for stitch-welding a front flange joint
11/05/15Vehicle antenna state of charge indicator apparatus
11/05/15Device for changing the relative angular position of a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine
10/22/15Device for assisting or automatic guiding of a motor vehicle
10/15/15Method for providing predictive target positions and/or predictive routes to achieve a target position and navigation system
10/08/15Method for displaying the status of a heating or air conditioning device of a vehicle and heating or air conditioning device for a vehicle
10/08/15User interface and adapting a view on a display unit
09/24/15Speech recognition in a motor vehicle
09/17/15Energy management a vehicle and energy management device
09/10/15Multiple input and passenger engagement configuration to influence dynamic generated audio application
08/27/15Display of estimated time to arrival at upcoming personalized route waypoints
08/20/15Docking and undocking mechanism for remote devices
08/13/15Method and varying a position of at least one component of an infotainment system in the interior of a vehicle
08/13/15Device, vehicle, method and computer program for deactivating high-voltage components of a vehcile
08/13/15Method for changing a driving strategy for a vehicle and vehicle control device
08/06/15Method for monitoring an apparatus connected to a communcation channel
07/30/15Method for deactivating a high voltage system of a motor vehicle
07/30/15Operating interface, displaying information facilitating operation of an operating interface and program
07/09/15Method for determining the absence of voltage in an electrical high-voltage system, and electrical high-voltage system
07/09/15Displaying and operating device and controlling a displaying and operating device
06/18/15Method and system for determining parameters of a model for the longitudinal guidance and for the determination of a longitudinal guide for a vehicle
06/04/15Functionally expandable vehicle control device and supplementing the functionality of a vehicle control device
05/28/15Apparatus, vehicle authentication management and reporting
05/21/15Method for a driver assistance system of a vehicle
05/14/15Electrical machine
Social Network Patent Pack
05/07/15Driver behaviour based parking availability prediction system and method
05/07/15System and location based secure ordering and payment
04/30/15Process and device to enable or disable an automatic driving function
04/16/15Method for displaying a two-sided two-dimensional object on a display in a motor vehicle and display device for a motor vehicle
04/16/15Device, method and computer program for operating a data bus system of a motor vehicle
04/09/15Method and device for regulating an air-fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine
04/02/15Method for driver assistance system of a vehicle
03/26/15Motor vehicle electrical operating a motor vehicle electrical system
03/26/15Driver assistance system for displaying surroundings of a vehicle
03/19/15Controlling a speaker arrangement in a vehicle
03/12/15Method and operating a cushioning system for a motor vehicle
03/05/15Vehicle positioning for wireless charging systems
03/05/15Control device for a vehicle network and operating a vehicle network
02/19/15Method for identifying a vehicle during vehicle-to-vehicle communication
02/12/15Vehicle body
02/12/15Method for reproducing information in a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle designed to carry out the method
01/08/15Countermeasures for voice recognition deterioration due to exterior noise from passing vehicles
01/01/15Method for mounting and setting an actuator of an exhaust gas turbocharger, and an actuator intended for a charging device
11/20/14Method and device for displaying information and for operating an electronic device
11/13/14Vehicle electrical system component for a data transmission system in a motor vehicle
11/06/14Method and array for providing a graphical user interface, in particular in a vehicle
10/09/14Rim, vehicle wheel, and vehicle with such a rim
10/09/14Method for operating an electronic device or an application, and corresponding apparatus
10/09/14Method for providing an operating device in a vehicle, and operating device for a vehicle
10/02/14Method for classifying parking scenarios for a system for parking a motor vehicle
10/02/14System, components and methodologies for gaze dependent gesture input control
10/02/14Slave control device and programming a slave control device
10/02/14Method for operating a data receiver and data receiver, in particular in a vehicle
09/25/14Method and testing a control pilot line

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