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Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
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Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Method and a device for providing a graphical user interface in a vehicle
03/16/17User interface and changing between screen views of a user interface
03/02/17Method and calibrating a camera system of a motor vehicle
02/23/17Unlocking lever for a seat adjuster of a vehicle seat, and vehicle seat
02/16/17Estimating the probability that a data packet will be received and a data packet transmission rate
02/02/17Storage system for a vehicle
01/26/17Plastic-metal hybrid component and producing same
01/26/17User interface and signaling a 3d-position of an input means in the detection of gestures
01/26/17Bumper with an embossment
01/26/17Electromechanical brake booster
01/26/17User interface and adapting a view of a display unit
01/26/17User interface and controlling a volume by means of a touch-sensitive display unit
01/19/17Polymer composition, fibre-composite semi-finished product and the production thereof
01/19/17Method and device for providing a user with feedback on an input
01/19/17Method and operating a user interface
01/12/17Driver for a movable window pane, window pane arrangement
01/12/17Data transfer method, communications network, subscriber and vehicle
01/05/17Welding auxiliary joining part, matrixes for placing the welding auxiliary joining part, a connection the welding auxiliary joining part, and production the welding auxiliary joining part and the matrixes
12/29/16Vehicle having a driver assistance device
12/29/16Motor vehicle, control unit and controlling a phase angle of a camshaft
12/29/16Motor vehicle and motor vehicle headlamp with a front housing
12/29/16Situation-aware route and destination predictions
12/22/16Electric drive, the operation thereof, and serial hybrid drive train for a motor vehicle
12/22/16Method and providing a graphical user interface in a vehicle
12/15/16Method and device for actuating a closing element for a vehicle
12/01/16Device and recognizing disruptions in an on-board power supply
11/24/16Adjustment system for a rotary valve
11/10/16Optical distance measuring device and optical distance measurement
11/03/16Method for carrying out a parking process of a motor vehicle into a transverse parking space, parking assistance system and motor vehicle
11/03/16Method for on-board diagnosis of an oxidation catalyst in an exhaust-gas system of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle
11/03/16Display operator control unit and displaying additional instructions on a display unit
10/20/16Air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle and operating said air-conditioning system
10/20/16Covering device of a luggage compartment of a motor vehicle
10/06/16Information playback information playback
09/29/16Side panel of a vehicle seat with a deformation zone
09/22/16Method and device for warning against cross traffic when leaving a parking space
09/22/16Method for operating an internal combustion engine
09/01/16Locking device for a door or flap
09/01/16Axially damping elastomer bearing, in particular for a motor vehicle
09/01/16Device and adapting the content of a status bar
08/25/16Method for a driver assistance system of a vehicle
08/25/16Device for a vehicle
08/25/16Vehicle body structure
08/25/16User interface and assisting a user in the operation of an operator control unit
08/18/16User interface and assisting a user with the operation of an operating unit
08/11/16Method and device for a vehicle configured for automatic longitudinal guidance
08/11/16Pocket and door, center console, armrest, or the like with a pocket of this type
08/11/16Device and controlling mobility
07/28/16Device for automatically driving a vehicle
07/21/16Method for monitoring an air pressure in at least one tyre of a motor vehicle
07/21/16User interface and assisting a user when operating an operating unit
07/14/16Operating an operating and display device in a vehicle and operating and display device in a vehicle
06/30/16Method for braking a vehicle, and vehicle
06/09/16Method for connecting at least two sheet metal parts
06/09/16Easy-entry adjustment mechanism for dive-down vehicle seats or seat systems
06/09/16Safety belt device in a vehicle
06/02/16Arrangement for a vehicle interior, motor vehicle
05/19/16Method and device for the localization of a vehicle from a fixed reference map
05/19/16Method and device for forwarding information
05/12/16Instrument panel for a vehicle
05/12/16Method and device for emergency assistance
05/05/16Emergency assistance without activated lateral guidance assistance
04/28/16Method for producing complex products, in particular motor vehicles
04/28/16Electric drive and drive configuration for a motor vehicle
04/28/16Water separator including a riser pipe and a sealing element as well as a fuel cell including a water separator, and a motor vehicle including a fuel cell
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04/21/16Method and device for controlling the light emission of a rear light of a vehicle
04/21/16Emergency assistance for controlling a vehicle
04/21/16Method and determining a change in resistance of an energy storage device and vehicle
04/21/16Method and determining an operating point-dependent change in resistance factor and vehicle
04/14/16Telescopic cover element of a receiving device of a vehicle seat
04/07/16Vehicle access system
03/31/16Fuel cell assembly with jet pump in the exhaust path, and motor vehicle with fuel cell assembly
03/24/16Electrolyte composition for high-energy anodes
03/10/16Method and device for communication between a transmitter and a vehicle
03/10/16Battery arrangement in a two-track vehicle
03/03/16Method and device for selecting an object from a list
03/03/16Membrane electrode assembly comprising a gas diffusion layer in pressed sealing element, and production and manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly
02/18/16Information reproduction system for a vehicle and providing information for the user of a vehicle
01/28/16Transmission and differential gearing and engine and gearing unit
01/21/16Method for operating a hybrid vehicle
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01/21/16Method for setting up and/or updating the programming of a control unit of a transportation device
01/14/16Transmission assembly for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle
01/07/16Cooling device for a motor vehicle
01/07/16Air vent assembly
01/07/16Air vent assembly
12/31/15Method and device for the forward parking of a motor vehicle into a perpendicular parking space
12/17/15Method for operating a control device in a vehicle
12/17/15Method and device for providing a user interface in a vehicle
12/10/15Situation-aware route and destination predictions
12/03/15Internal combustion engine including a booster
11/26/15Hydraulic supply apparatus
11/19/15Controlling a locking device of an electric charging port
11/19/15Method for designating a subset of a basic set of data records stored in a memory unit and for visualizing at least a part of the designated subset on a display unit
11/12/15Method for inputting and identifying a character string
11/05/15Safety belt device in a motor vehicle
11/05/15Method for diagnosing an exhaust gas catalytic converter, diagnosis device and motor vehicle having such a device
11/05/15Operating method and operating device
11/05/15Method of operating a fuel cell apparatus and fuel cell apparatus having a charge limiter
11/05/15Polymer-based layer structure with an oleophobic/hydrophobic surface, and electric machine comprising such a layer structure
10/29/15Method and device for detecting glow ignition of an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
10/22/15Hybrid powertrain for a motor vehicle, hybrid vehicle, and use thereof
10/22/15Closing device for a vehicle, and operating a closing device
10/22/15Closing device for a vehicle, and operating a closing device
10/15/15Safety belt arrangement for a motor vehicle
10/15/15Method for producing a permanent magnet and permanent magnet
10/08/15Method for displaying the status of a heating or air conditioning device of a vehicle and heating or air conditioning device for a vehicle
10/08/15Apparatus, method and computer program for spatially representing a digital map section
10/08/15Method for displaying information in a vehicle, and a device for controlling the display
10/01/15Hybrid drive configuration for a motor vehicle
09/24/15Hand maneuverable welding gun
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09/24/15Hybrid drive configuration for a motor vehicle
09/24/15Display a vehicle
09/24/15Ultrasonic sensor device having a stiffening unit, assembly, motor vehicle, and producing an assembly
09/10/15Scr exhaust-gas aftertreatment device and motor vehicle with such an scr exhaust-gas aftertreatment device
09/10/15Method for operating a vehicle with an automatic driving mode
08/27/15Body structure, in particular floor structure, for a motor vehicle
08/13/15Method for operating a dosing valve, and corresponding internal combustion engine
08/13/15Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell comprising assembly of this type
08/13/15Membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell comprising assembly of this type and motor vehicle comprising said fuel cell
08/13/15Membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell comprising assembly of this type and motor vehicle comprising said fuel cell
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08/13/15Device and providing multimedia data in a motor vehicle
08/06/15Method and device for displaying vehicle parameters
08/06/15Motor vehicle having at least one sound-generating system for producing an artificial engine noise
08/06/15System and enhanced time-lapse video generation using panoramic imagery
07/23/15Transmission arrangement and drive train for a hybrid vehicle, and hybrid vehicle
06/25/15Pedestrian protection system for a vehicle
06/25/15Coil arrangement for generating a rotating electromagnetic field and positioning system for determining a position of an identification transmitter
06/25/15Humidification device for humidifying process gases and fuel cell arrangement comprising same
06/18/15Method for determining a position of a receiver and positioning system for a receiver
06/18/15Method for determining a position of a receiver and positioning system for a receiver
06/04/15Functionally expandable vehicle control device and supplementing the functionality of a vehicle control device
05/28/15Cargo floor for a vehicle
05/28/15Method for operating a reductant metering process of an scr catalytic converter system, and corresponding scr catalytic converter system
05/28/15Method and device for maneuvering a trailer
05/21/15Method for a vehicle having an electric machine
05/21/15Method, device and system for the realization of an application program for a vehicle
05/14/15Method for operating an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine
05/07/15Joining components by means of resistance welding
04/30/15Method for preventing a premature ignition in an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine
04/30/15Vehicle system for activating a vehicle component
04/16/15Glow time control device
04/16/15Radiator guard for a vehicle and vehicle having such a radiator guard
04/02/15Method for activating or deactivating functions and device for influencing functions in a motor vehicle
03/26/15Speed-changing and differential transmission and motor and transmission unit
03/19/15Device and lateral environment detection of a motor vehicle
03/05/15Method and system for transmitting heat for a vehicle
03/05/15Friction roller planetary gearing and speed-changing and differential gearing
02/12/15Method and device for regulating a stationary climate control for a vehicle
02/12/15Apparatus and triggering an emergency call in a motor vehicle
02/12/15Controlling of the automatic driving process of a vehicle
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01/22/15Deformation element, in particular for bumpers on motor vehicles
01/15/15Drive unit for a motor vehicle
01/15/15Heat exchange device and drive unit for a motor vehicle
01/15/15Exhaust gas cleaning device
01/01/15Method, mobile device and infotainment system for projecting a user interface onto a screen
12/25/14Method for determining hc-conversion efficiency of a catalyst, a diagnostic device configured to carry out the method as well as a motor vehicle having such a catalyst
12/25/14Exhaust gas aftertreatment component with an hc adsorber function and exhaust gas system including such an exhaust gas aftertreatment component
12/18/14Method for operating a drive assembly and drive assembly
12/18/14Method for controlling a heating device for heating a component, control device and motor vehicle with same
12/18/14Method and device for detecting objects in the surroundings of a vehicle
09/25/14Adjustable camshaft drive
08/28/14Method for outputting alert messages of a driver assistance system and associated driver assistance system
07/17/14Vehicle comfort system for using and/or controlling vehicle functions with the assistance of a mobile device
07/03/14Display device and a hybrid vehicle having such a display device
06/12/14Method for a motor vehicle
05/15/14Method for operating an internal combustion engine having high pressure and low pressure exhaust gas recirculation
05/15/14Composite assembly for a motor vehicle
05/15/14Method for operating a mobile device by means of a motor vehicle
04/24/14Misfuelling prevention device for a filler neck of a fuel tank
04/17/14Internal combustion engine and operating an internal combustion engine
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04/17/14Method for data communication in a vehicle and data communication device
03/20/14Cylinder of a combustion engine for a vehicle and corresponding manufacturing method, means for manufacturing the cylinder, spark plug, combustion engine and vehicle
02/20/14Method and device for carrying out travel route planning for a vehicle
01/09/14Variable lightweight seat concept
12/12/13Electrodes for lithium batteries
11/14/13Front end for a motor vehicle
10/17/13Exhaust system with hc adsorber and parallel exhaust-gas catalytic converter, and vehicle having an exhaust system of said type
07/25/13Frame system for battery cells and battery module
05/09/13Method for parking a vehicle and corresponding parking assistance system and vehicle
04/11/13Fastening device on the underbody of a motor vehicle
03/28/13Misfuelling prevention device
01/03/13Method for operating an internal combustion engine
04/05/12Drive arrangement for a hybrid vehicle and operating an electric engine in a hybrid vehicle
03/15/12Internal combustion engine with an exhaust-gas recirculation and operating an internal combustion engine
07/07/11Method for operating a torque-transmitting system and torque-transmitting system
05/12/11Method for testing the functionality of an oxidation catalyst of an internal combustion engine
02/10/11Method and system for manipulating the movement of a vehicle body of a motor vehicle controllable or adjustable with respect to its movement processes and vehicle
01/20/11Treatment the surface treatment of workpieces, particularly vehicle bodies
11/18/10Vehicle illuminating device comprising an auxiliary reflector for lateral deflection of a light portion of a light source
10/21/10Internal combustion engine with an exhaust-gas turbocharger and a charge-air cooler and operating an internal combustion engine
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09/16/10Holding device for closing caps of a fuel supply device
08/05/10Actuation device for a clutch
06/03/10Internal combustion engine
05/27/10Method of operating an internal combustion engine
05/27/10Method of operating an internal combustion engine
04/08/10Voice command acquisition system and method
03/25/10Headrest for protecting against whiplash
03/25/10Shaft assembly
11/12/09Internal combustion engine with an exhaust-gas recirculation and operating an internal combustion engine
09/17/09Internal combustion engine with mixed camshafts and operating an internal combustion engine
04/02/09Membrane electrode assembly with hydrogenatable material for a fuel cell
03/26/09Actuating device for adjusting and/or removing a head restraint taking into consideration federal motor vehicle safety standard 202a (fmvss 202a)
12/12/13Electrodes for lithium batteries

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