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Volvo Car Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Volvo Car Corporation. Volvo Car Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Volvo Car Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Volvo Car Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/08/17Vehicle steering arrangement, autonomous vehicle steering arrangement, a vehicle, and a steering a vehicle
05/18/17Hybrid vehicle with compact driveline
05/18/17Tunable intake system for exhaust gas recirculation in an internal combustion engine
04/27/17Method and system for locating a parked vehicle
04/13/17Seat system for autonomous vehicles
04/13/17Vehicle brake-control-system, vehicle comprising a brake-control-system and a controlling a vehicle brake system
04/13/17Vehicle observability enhancing system, vehicle comprising such system and a increasing vehicle observability
04/13/17Driving aid arrangement, a vehicle and a controlling a longitudinal velocity of a vehicle
04/13/17Gap selection method and system
04/06/17Method for providing an alert to a driver and an alert system
04/06/17Method and system for indicating a potential lane shift of a vehicle
03/23/17Method and determining the status of a battery in a vehicle
03/09/17Light weight low cost stretching load cover
03/02/17Method and system for control and co-simulation of physical systems
02/23/17Method for determining an evasive path for a host vehicle
02/16/17Method for providing an object prediction representation
01/19/17Safety stoppage device and safety stoppage of an autonomous vehicle
01/19/17Safety brake device and safety braking of an autonomous vehicle
01/19/17Lane change control arrangement, a vehicle comprising such arrangement and a controlling lane changes
01/19/17Method and system for addressing and identifying vehicles adapted for receipt of a delivered service while being unattended
01/19/17Method and system for minimizing the required bandwidth for a cloud based unicast communication with a vehicle
01/12/17Method and system for smart use of in-car time with advanced pilot assist and autonomous drive
12/29/16Method and arrangement for allowing secondary tasks during semi-automated driving
12/29/16Arrangement and facilitating handover to and from an automated autonomous driving aid system
12/29/16Unit and improving positioning accuracy
12/29/16Object detecting arrangement
12/22/16Method and arrangement for tire to road friction estimation
12/22/16System and adjusting a road boundary
12/22/16Method and system for steering assistance in a vehicle
12/22/16Low reflection radar bracket
12/15/16Damage detection and warning system of a battery pack
11/24/16Method and system for providing a driver behavior adapted evasive maneuver
11/24/16Engine system with turbulence assisted damping of low frequency sound
11/24/16Turbocharger system
11/24/16Internal combustion engine and a controlling such an internal combustion engine
11/17/16Method and control system for controlling movement of a group of road vehicles
11/10/16Secondary steering system unit, secondary steering system, vehicle and a secondary steering
11/10/16Control system, switch and control a hybrid electric vehicle
11/10/16Vehicle system, vehicle comprising a vehicle allowing transition from an autonomous driving mode
11/10/16Sill structure
11/10/16Method and system for providing driving situation based infotainment
11/10/16Low latency sending cloud data to a vehicle
11/10/16Method and arrangement for determining safe vehicle trajectories
11/03/16Support arrangement for a child seat
10/27/16Reinforcement structure
10/20/16Arrangement and a operating vehicle windows
10/06/16Vehicle comprising a utility space
10/06/16Child seat module for a vehicle
10/06/16Multi-functional catering module for arrangement in a vehicle
09/29/16Hitch adapter device for tow ball
09/29/16Tow bar control system
08/25/16Method, arrangement and system for estimating vehicle cornering stiffness
08/11/16Method to introduce complementing training symbols into a 802.11p ofdm frame in vehicular communications
08/04/16Inflatable structure for battery protection
08/04/16Twin scroll turbocharger device with improved turbo response
07/28/16Method and adaptive cruise control in a road vehicle
07/21/16Method and system for supporting delivery efficiency of delivered services to vehicles
07/14/16Steering wheel assembly for retracting a steering wheel in a vehicle
07/14/16System and scheduling a video conference in an autonomous vehicle
06/23/16Vehicle safety arrangement, vehicle and a increasing vehicle safety
06/16/16Airbag cover and manufacturing airbag cover
06/16/16Information retrieval arrangement
06/09/16Reclinable seat
06/09/16Method and system for improving accuracy of digital map data utilized by a vehicle
05/19/16Roundabout detecting arrangement
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05/12/16Method for operation of a safety arrangement in a vehicle
05/12/16Method for controlling a time of activation of a reversible restraint system in a vehicle
05/12/16Control arrangement arranged to control an autonomous vehicle, autonomous drive arrangement, vehicle and method
05/12/16Vehicle user identification using user pattern data
05/12/16Power and current estimation for batteries
05/05/16Display assembly for an interior panel in a vehicle
05/05/16Method and system for assisting overtaking
05/05/16Method and system for intelligent scaling of torque overlay intervention for semi-autonomous road vehicle steering systems
05/05/16Methods and systems for enabling improved positioning of a vehicle
04/28/16Method and system for displaying a representation of a driving pattern of a vehicle
04/21/16Removable luggage box for storage in a luggage or trunk space of a motor vehicle, and especially of a hatchback or station wagon automobile
04/14/16Dual operational touch screen device for a vehicle
04/07/16Method and system for determining an operation condition of an energy storage device
04/07/16Method and system for avoiding distracting a vehicle occupant
04/07/16Method and system for avoiding an in-alert driver of a vehicle
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04/07/16Dual-clutch seven speed transmission arrangement
04/07/16Method and system for identifying a situation with a potentially in-alert driver
04/07/16Method and system for providing personalized position-based infotainment
04/07/16Energy storage module and system
03/31/16Twin scroll turbocharger device with bypass
03/31/16Method of trajectory planning for yielding maneuvers
03/24/16System and seat retraction during an autonomous driving mode
03/24/16System and control of an autonomous drive related operation
03/24/16Arrangement and a control an engine cooling system
03/17/16Vehicle control through machine learining
02/18/16Structural component and a manufacturing such a component
02/18/16Method and system for supporting delivery efficiency of delivered services to vehicles
01/21/16Hinge arrangement for a bonnet and a bonnet arrangement
01/07/16Method and system for generating an alarm signal in a vehicle
12/31/15Confidence level determination for estimated road geometries
12/31/15Angled and compact exhaust gas aftertreatment device
12/31/15Pressure differentiated exhaust aftertreatment device
12/31/15Method and arrangement for cylinder deactivation
12/31/15Methods, device and system for assisting a vehicle occupant utilizing functionality of a nomadic device via an in-vehicle system
12/10/15Overtake assessment arrangement and system and autonomous vehicle with an overtake assessment arrangement
12/03/15Child transport device
12/03/15Buckle arrangement
12/03/15Lane keeping suppressing system and method
11/19/15Method and system for determining on which floor of a parking structure area a vehicle is positioned
11/19/15Methods and systems for enabling a temporary user to gain temporary access to a locked space of a vehicle
11/05/15Driver communication interface in an at least partly autonomous drive system
10/29/15Inner panel for a vehicle bonnet
10/08/15Vehicle ambient air purification arrangement and method, and a vehicle and vehicle fleet comprising such arrangement
10/08/15Method for transition between driving modes
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10/08/15Vehicle ambient air purification arrangement and method, and a vehicle and vehicle fleet comprising such arrangement
10/08/15System and distribution of 3d sound
10/01/15Vehicle safety system
09/24/15Driver assist arrangement
09/24/15Driver intention estimation arrangement
09/24/15Vehicle, vehicle increasing safety and/or comfort during autonomous driving
09/24/15Vehicle, vehicle increasing safety and/or comfort during autonomous driving
09/24/15Vehicle sensor diagnosis system and method and a vehicle comprising such a system
09/17/15Method and system for determining a position of a vehicle
09/10/15Apparatus and continuously establishing a boundary for autonomous driving availability and an automotive vehicle comprising such an apparatus
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09/10/15Apparatus and prediction of time available for autonomous driving, in a vehicle having autonomous driving capabilities
09/10/15Energy storage enclosure
09/03/15Method, host vehicle and following space management unit for managing following space
08/20/15Arrangement comprising a pyrotechnical device and a first mechanical structure
07/30/15Control arrangement for autonomously driven vehicle
07/30/15Hood latch assembly
07/16/15Control ring for a hydrostatical device
07/16/15Displacement pump and a control ring for a displacement pump
07/16/15Method for performing a diagnostic test of an alternator in a vehicle, test arrangement and vehicle
07/16/15Vehicle adapted for autonomous driving and a detecting obstructing objects
06/18/15Apparatus and vehicle occupant protection in large animal collisions
06/18/15Front structure of a vehicle
06/18/15Apparatus and vehicle occupant protection in roadway departure
06/18/15Safety operating a safety system of a vehicle
06/18/15Front structure arrangement of a vehicle
06/11/15Dual-clutch seven speed transmission arrangement for a hybrid vehicle
06/11/15Method of programming a neural network computer
06/04/15Exhaust gas aftertreatment device
06/04/15Method and control system for controlling movement of a group of road vehicles
05/21/15Method for estimating a relative tire friction performance
05/21/15Dependency transmission
05/21/15Self-adjusting cable end fitting device
05/21/15Heat storage in engine cooling system
05/21/15Turbocharger system
05/14/15Sound reduction system
05/14/15Method and system for masking noise
05/14/15Roots-style blower with leakage mechanisms
05/14/15Compressor pre-spin control method
04/30/15Method and system for controlling charging of an energy storage device
04/23/15Vehicle driver assist arrangement
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04/16/15Vehicle window assembly and mounting a vehicle window assembly
04/09/15Vehicle steering arrangement and a vehicle comprising such a steering arrangement
04/09/15Digital sunshade for automotive glass
03/26/15Rear drive unit for a hybrid electric motor vehicle
03/19/15Motor vehicle safety arrangement and method
03/19/15Arrangement in a vehicle for providing vehicle driver support, a vehicle, and a providing vehicle driver support
03/12/15Method and arrangement for handover warning in a vehicle having autonomous driving capabilities
03/12/15Method and arrangement for pick-up point retrieval timing
03/12/15Manoeuver generation for automated driving
03/05/15Sound isolation unit and production method thereof
03/05/15Method for controlling charging of a hybrid or electric vehicle
01/22/15Quick connector
01/22/15Noise damping arrangement for a combustion engine component assembly
01/22/15Method for optimizing the power usage of a vehicle
01/08/15Vehicle system, a vehicle and a autonomous road irregularity avoidance
01/08/15Vehicle system for control of vehicle safety parameters, a vehicle and a controlling safety parameters
01/08/15Method and system for managing infotainment functionality
01/01/15Engine oil system
12/18/14Windscreen washer
12/04/14Loose plug detection
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11/27/14System and determining a position of a living being in a vehicle
11/27/14Vehicle safety arrangement and method
11/27/14Method and system of a vehicle for reversible seat belt retraction
11/13/14Leakage detection fuel tank systems
11/06/14Method for creating a hardened steel assembly
10/23/14Bonnet arrangement
10/16/14Combustion control for combustion engines
10/16/14Calculation of flow in an air system
10/16/14Human machine interface
10/02/14Vehicle towing device, vehicle structural member and vehicle comprising a vehicle structural member
09/25/14Vehicle component comprising sandwich structure
08/21/14Vehicle fluid filling arrangement, an assembly comprising such a filling arrangement and a vehicle with such a filling arrangement
08/21/14Method for calibrating a sensor cluster in a motor vehicle
08/21/14Method and device to provide adaptive oil priming functionality
08/21/14Method and start assisting system for facilitating start activities of a vehicle
08/14/14Enhanced drivability for a hybrid vehicle in cold climate
08/07/14Vehicle head-up display arrangement
08/07/14Hydraulic device
07/31/14Method and user interface system of a vehicle for providing an energy level gauge relative to a vehicle range meter
07/24/14Vehicle driver assist arrangement
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07/24/14Motor vehicle safety arrangement and method
07/24/14Method and arrangement for determining a trajectory
07/24/14Arrangement for facilitating selection and activation of a voice control system by a vehicle operator
07/10/14Method, vehicle reinforcement & vehicle
07/10/14Vehicle display arrangement and vehicle comprising a vehicle display arrangement
06/19/14Vehicle adaptation to automatic driver independent control mode
06/19/14Method and system for assisting a driver
06/12/14Safety arrangement for a vehicle
06/12/14Method for retracting a seat belt
06/12/14Method and user interface system for adapting a graphic visualization of a virtual element
05/15/14Tuning structure for gear shift cables
05/15/14Safety arrangement for a vehicle
05/15/14Passenger airbag switch
05/08/14Vehicle image capture system
03/13/14Vehicle seat spacer arrangement
03/13/14Trim structure for a vehicle
11/21/13Side track for a vehicular sun roof
11/14/13Seat carrier arrangement
11/14/13Instrument cluster arrangement
10/31/13Vehicle yaw stability control method and apparatus
10/17/13Airbag arrangement
10/17/13Large animal vehicle collision safety apparatus and method
10/10/13Three-phase inverter for driving an electric motor
10/10/13Circuit for charging a battery and for driving a three-phase electrical machine
09/19/13System for driver-vehicle interaction
09/19/13Engine start assist system
09/19/13Stability control use when driving on a low-mu surface
09/05/13Hinge mechanism
09/05/13Electrical system for a vehicle with start/stop
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09/05/13Travel direction determination method and system
09/05/13Method and system for assisting a user to displace a vehicle to a target position
08/22/13Gear shift lever knob
08/22/13Method, computer program product and system for utilizing vehicle safety equipment
08/15/13Control system for travel in a platoon
08/08/13Pedestrian protection airbag
07/25/13Protection management of super capacitators
07/25/13Driver assisting system and method
07/11/13Steering column lock
07/11/13Motor vehicle drive unit
06/27/13Fuel ventilation system valve
06/27/13Power supply system for powering an electric load of a vehicle
06/27/13System for controlling driving modes of a vehicle
06/13/13Split bearing arrangement and a manufacturing a split bearing arrangement
05/16/13Inflatable device and deployable softnose with inflatable device
05/16/13Screw assembly element
05/16/13Powertrain and fast start of an internal combustion engine in a hybrid electric vehicle
05/16/13Arrangement and safeguarding driver attentiveness
05/16/13Method and system for adaptation of a steering wheel torque overlay of a lane keeping aid system
05/16/13Vehicle safety system and method with split active/passive processing
04/18/13Controlled collapse of car windshield
04/11/13Safety arrangement for vehicle pedal
04/11/13Motor assembly
04/04/13Soot emission estimation method and arrangement
04/04/13Nox emission estimation method and arrangement
03/21/13System and improving a performance estimation of an operator of a vehicle
03/07/13Method for classification of eye closures
03/07/13Visual input of vehicle operator
03/07/13Method, system and computer readable medium embodying a computer program product for determining a vehicle operator's expectation of a state of an object

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