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Wacker Chemie Ag patents

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05/18/17Method for producing powders from alkali salts of silanols
05/18/17Compositions on the basis of organyloxysilane-terminated polymers
05/04/17Reactor and process for preparing granular polysilicon
05/04/17Compositions of aminosiloxanes, alkoxysilicon compounds and metal carboxylates
04/27/17Silicon seed particles for the production of polycrystalline silicon granules in a fluidized bed reactor
04/20/17Aqueous vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer dispersion for paper coating
04/13/17Process for hydrosilylation with addition of organic salts
03/16/17Addition cross-linking silicone composition with a high water-absorption capacity
03/16/17Hydrophobing agent for coatings
03/02/17Process for producing polycrystalline silicon
03/02/17Polymer compositions as a binder system for lithium-ion batteries
02/16/17Cross-linkable mixtures having alpha-functional polysiloxanes
02/16/17Cross-linkable masses based on organyl-oxysilane-terminated polymers
02/09/17Process for ruthenium-catalyzed transvinylation of carboxylic acids
02/09/17Surface-modified particulate metal oxides
01/26/17Process for cleaning carbon dioxide-containing process gases from the preparation of vinyl acetate
01/26/17Lactide polymerisation
01/12/17Method for producing silicone multi-layer composites
01/12/17Polysiloxanes comprising methylene-bonded polar groups
01/05/17Method for producing polycrystalline silicon
01/05/17Method for producing polycrystalline silicon
12/22/16Vinyl acetate copolymers for hydraulically setting construction materials
12/22/16Polycrystalline germanium-alloyed silicon and a the production thereof
12/15/16Si/g/c-composites for lithium-ion-batteries
11/10/16Device for receiving and transporting a silicon rod, and producing polycrystalline silicon
11/10/16Method for producing granular polysilicon
11/03/16Polyorganosiloxane gels having polyether groups
11/03/16Cross-linkable silicone composition
10/27/16Modifying the surfaces of metal oxides by means of chain-like structures
10/27/16Process for preparing vinyl acetate with inhibited by-product formation
10/27/16Polyorganosiloxane gels having glycoside groups
10/27/16Method for applying dispersion adhesives
10/20/16Method for producing polyvinyl alcohol
10/13/16Polycrystalline silicon deposition method
10/06/16Silylated cyclic phosphonamides
10/06/16Floor covering adhesive composition comprising a vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer
09/29/16Process for producing water-redispersible polymer powder compositions having cationic functionality
09/29/16Method for applying dispersion adhesives
09/22/16Process for preparing chloroacetaldehyde acetals
09/22/16Filler-containing silicone compositions
09/22/16Process for producing polycrystalline silicon
09/15/16Method for producing polycrystalline silicon
09/15/16Silanized highly hydrophobic silicic acids
09/08/16Use of binder compositions for producing textile sheet products
09/01/16Led encapsulant
08/18/16Fluidized bed reactor and producing granular polysilicon
08/11/16Use of flexible containers for storing liquids
08/11/16Silicic acid mixtures and use thereof as insulation material
07/28/16Process for producing polycrystalline silicon
07/28/16Classifying polysilicon
07/21/16Cross-linkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds and thus produced molded bodies
07/21/16Curable organopolysiloxane compositions
07/21/16Cross-linkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds and thus produced molded bodies
07/21/16Use of modified water-soluble polymers as crosslinking auxiliary agents
07/14/16Method for producing carbamatoorganosilanes
07/14/16Polycrystalline silicon fragments and process for comminuting polycrystalline silicon rods
07/07/16Silicone resin composition for optical semiconductors
06/23/16Vibratory conveyor and conveying silicon fragments
06/23/16Preparation of trichlorosilane
06/16/16Process for producing polycrystalline silicon
06/16/16Method and device for distillative separation of a three- or multi-component mixture
06/16/16Packing polycrystalline silicon
06/16/16Process for producing polycrystalline silicon
06/09/16Cross-linkable masses based on organyl-oxysilane-terminated polymers
06/09/16Method for size-reduction of silicon and use of the size-reduced silicon in a lithium-ion battery
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05/26/16Process for operating a fluidized bed reactor
05/26/16Method for producing sioh-functional polysiloxanes
05/12/16Compositional analysis of a gas or gas stream in a chemical reactor and preparing chlorosilanes in a fluidized bed reactor
05/05/16Process for producing a candy gum
05/05/16Process for defoaming aqueous compositions containing surfactants
05/05/16Electrode material and use thereof in lithium ion batteries
04/28/16Reactor for producing polycrystalline silicon and removing a silicon-containing layer on a component of such a reactor
04/21/16Method for producing granular polysilicon
04/14/16Fluidized bed reactor and producing granular polysilicon
03/17/16Method and the separation by distillation of a three- or multi-component mixture
03/10/16Device and the removal of polycrystalline silicon rods from a reactor
03/10/16Gas distributor for a siemens reactor
03/10/16Apparatus and process for treating liquids containing chlorosilanes
03/10/16Process for the preparation of polycrystalline silicon
03/03/16Process for preparing dispersion powders
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02/25/16Chunk polycrystalline silicon and process for cleaning polycrystalline silicon chunks
02/18/16Process for the preparation of vinyl acetate
02/18/16Device for protecting an electrode seal in a reactor for the deposition of polycrystalline silicon
02/18/16Cleaning of cvd production spaces
02/18/16Process for the preparation of vinyl acetate
02/11/16Curable silicone compositions
01/07/16Asymmetrically porous membranes made of cross-linked thermoplastic silicone elastomer
01/07/16Packaging of polysilicon fragments
12/31/15Porous membranes made of cross-linked thermoplastic silicone elastomer
12/17/15Method for producing alkyl chlorosilanes by way of rearrangement reactions
12/17/15Conical graphite electrode with raised edge
12/17/15Method for depositing polycrystalline silicon
11/05/15Production of thin silicone films
11/05/15Use of hybrid copolymers as protective colloids for polymers
10/29/15Use of polyvinyl-alcohol-stabilised polymerisates in mineral construction materials
10/29/15Cross-linkable compositions based on organyloxysilane-terminated polymers
10/22/15Abradable silicone elastomer compound and use thereof
10/15/15Distillation of silane mixtures in the presence of a nitrile or amine
10/15/15Cleaning industrial plant components to remove metal halides
10/08/15Method for producing solids from alkali metal salts of silanols
10/01/15Sheetlike structure or shaped article comprising latent heat storage media
08/20/15Method for the fermentative production of l-cysteine and derivatives of said amino acid
08/06/15Porous membranes made of cross-linkable silicone compositions
08/06/15Crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds
07/23/15Addition-crosslinking silicone composition with low compression set
07/23/15Multicomponent crosslinkable compositions based on organyloxysilane-terminated polymers
07/02/15Oxasilacycles and the production thereof
06/25/15Method for producing silicone emulsions
06/25/15Crosslinkable siloxanes by acid-catalyzed polymerization of oxasilacycles
06/25/15Siloxane mixtures
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06/18/15Antifoaming agents and use thereof in detergents
06/18/15Polycrystalline silicon rod and process for production thereof
06/18/15Use of polypropylene oxide or ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymers in combination with starch ether derivatives as additive in dry mortar compositions
06/18/15Method for producing organopolysiloxanes
06/04/15Organosiloxane compositions cross-linking at room temperature
05/28/15Aqueous compositions and use thereof
05/14/15Silicone composition with protection against pollutants
04/30/15Defoamer formulations comprising organopolysiloxanes
04/30/15Vinyl acetate copolymers for hydraulically setting construction materials
04/23/15Method for producing organosilicon compounds which have amino groups
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03/26/15Crosslinkable compositions based on organyloxysilane-terminated polymers
03/26/15Novel prongf mutants and uses thereof in the production of beta-ngf
03/19/15Method for purifying polycrystalline silicon
03/12/15Use of inorganic materials for producing composites
03/12/15Organopolysiloxane gels
03/05/15Curing agent compositions for condensation-crosslinking rtv-2 systems
02/26/15Method for producing vinyl ester polymers having specifically settable dispersity and low polydispersity
02/19/15Method for producing aminoalkylalkoxysilanes
02/12/15Heat-stabilized silicone mixture
01/22/15Method of stabilizing siloxanes having terminal hydroxy groups
01/22/15Process for surface modification of particulate solids
01/08/15Compositions on the basis of organyloxysilane-terminated polymers
01/08/15Cross-linkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds
01/08/15Organosilicon compounds and their use thereof for producing hydrophilic surfaces
01/01/15Hydrophobing agent for coatings
12/18/14Conveying of fine solids in the synthesis of alkylchlorosilanes
12/18/14Organosilicon compounds and their use for producing hydrophilic surfaces
12/11/14Silicone composition which can be crosslinked into elastomers and which comprises crosslinkable polyglycol ethers
11/27/14Method for preparing methylchlorosilanes
11/20/14Microorganism and overproduction of gamma-glutamylcysteine and derivatives of this dipeptide by fermentation
10/16/14Crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds
09/25/14Si/c composites as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
09/11/14Method for processing wastewater and exhaust gas condensates from the polymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene in an aqueous medium
09/11/14Process for the preparation of hydroxytyrosol
08/21/14Process for the body-hydrophobization of building materials comprising solid organosilicon compounds
08/14/14Process for producing powders from alkali metal salts of silanols
08/07/14Hydrolysis of organochlorosilanes in tube bundle reactor
07/31/14Method for preparing poly(hydroxymethyl)-functional siloxanes and silica gels
07/24/14Electrode for a li-ion battery having a polyether-siloxane copolymer as binder
07/10/14Process for the acetoxylation of olefins in the gas phase
Patent Packs
07/03/14Method for preparing (hydroxymethyl)polysiloxanes
06/19/14Packing polycrystalline silicon
06/19/14Process for producing dispersible powders
06/19/14Process for converting silicon tetrachloride to trichlorosilane
06/12/14Cosmetic compositions
06/05/14Temporary adhesion of chemically similar substrates
06/05/14Packing of polysilicon
06/05/14Cross-linkable materials based on organyl oxysilane-terminated polymers
06/05/14Separating cyclic siloxanes from short-chain siloxanes having terminal hydroxyl groups
05/22/14Method for production of natural l-cysteine by fermentation
05/15/14Packaging of polycrystalline silicon
05/15/14Silicone solvent
05/01/14Gypsum-containing construction material compounds
04/17/14Reactor and process for endothermic gas phase reaction in a reactor
04/17/14Process for hydrogenating silicon tetrachloride to trichlorosilane
04/17/14Process for deposition of polycrystalline silicon
04/03/14Process for producing protective colloid-stabilized polymers
04/03/14Process for producing polymers by means of emulsion or suspension polymerization in a jet loop reactor
03/20/14Method for producing l-cystine by fermentation under controlled oxygen saturation
03/13/14Organosiliconate powders, the production thereof and use thereof for hydrophobizing mineral building materials
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02/06/14Polycrystalline silicon chunks and producing them
01/30/14Method for purifying l-cysteine
01/23/14Aqueous dispersions of organosilicon compounds
01/02/14Method for reducing the aluminum content of neopentasilane
01/02/14Polycrystalline silicon portion and breaking a silicon body
01/02/14Continuous process for preparing sioc-containing compounds
12/19/13Modified composite particles
12/12/13Method for producing 2,3-butanediol by fermentation
12/05/13Self-adhesive silicone compositions which can be crosslinked to form elastomers
11/28/13Method for producing 2,3-butanediol by fermentation
11/28/13Method for producing 2,3-butanediol by fermentation
11/21/13Process for producing aqueous solution containing fat-soluble substance
11/21/13Silicone emulsions and producing same
11/21/13Gum base, chewing gum preparation produced therefrom and methods for production thereof
11/21/13Polycrystalline silicon
11/21/13Dust reducer agent for dry mixers of building material formulations
11/07/13Panel-shaped construction elements
11/07/13Polycrystalline silicon rod and process for production thereof
11/07/13Compositions comprising quat compounds and organopolysiloxanes
10/31/13Process and conversion of silicon tetrachloride to trichlorosilane
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10/24/13Fully acylated amino-functional organopolysiloxanes
10/24/13Granular polycrystalline silicon and production thereof
10/17/13Packing of polycrystalline silicon
10/10/13Silicone aspartate copolymers
09/26/13Silicone-containing polyurethane foam
09/26/13Aqueous crosslinkable dispersions based on organosilicon compounds
09/12/13Rod-type polysilicon having improved breaking properties
09/12/13Method for the production of stable binder-free high-purity moldings composed of metal oxides and their use
08/22/13Chunk polycrystalline silicon and process for cleaning polycrystalline silicon chunks
08/08/13Highly transparent silicone mixtures that can be cross-linked by light
08/08/13Production of silaoxacycles
08/01/13Method for the continuous production of 2-butanone in hot pressurized water having an added electrolyte
07/25/13Process for determining surface contamination of polycrystalline silicon
07/25/13Grindable silicone elastomer composition and the use thereof
07/25/13Low-dopant polycrystalline silicon chunk
07/18/13Coating agents for producing permanently flexible coatings
07/11/13Polycrystalline silicon
07/11/13Aqueous mixtures comprising aminoalkyl-containing polyorganosiloxanes and silicone resins
07/11/13Curable organopolysiloxane composition
07/04/13Silicone emulsion
06/27/13Mixtures comprising aminoalkyl-containing polyorganosiloxanes and silicone resins
06/20/13Coating systems
06/20/13Emulsions of organopolysiloxanes having acidic and basic groups and the production thereof
06/13/13Water-soluble organosiliconate powder
06/13/13Production of high-molecular-weight silicone resins
06/06/13Low-profile additives on the basis of renewable resources
05/23/13Self-adhesive silicone elastomers
05/23/13Process for preparing vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers by means of emulsion polymerization
05/16/13Process for producing siloxane copolymers with urethane-sulphonamido linking groups
05/16/13Beta-ketocarbonylquat compounds and process for the preparation thereof
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04/25/13Process for continuous emulsion polymerization
04/25/13Silane-crosslinking compositions
04/11/13Apparatus and process for deposition of polycrystalline silicon
03/21/13Non-tack gum base, chewing gum preparation produced therefrom and methods for production thereof
03/21/13Insulation having a layered structure
03/21/13Silicone-containing polyisocyanurate foam
03/07/13Method for producing ester-functional silanes
02/21/13Method for packaging polycrystalline silicon
02/14/13Antifoam compositions
01/31/13Process for cleaning polycrystalline silicon chunks
01/31/13Coating composition for sealing surfaces
01/31/13Surface treatment of cementitious substrates
01/24/13Diacyloxysilane-based, moisture-crosslinkable ethene polymers
01/10/13Process for producing polysilicon
01/10/13Protective device for electrode holders in cvd reactors
01/03/13Process for disposal of hexachlorodisilane-containing vapors
01/03/13Polyurethane foam containing silicone
01/03/13Preparing organopolysiloxanes
12/27/12Electrode and supplying current to a reactor
12/27/12Device and the thermal treatment of corrosive gases
12/27/12Amino silicone based antifoam agent and its process of manufacture
12/27/12Process for conversion of disilanes
12/20/12Curable organopolysiloxane compositions
12/13/12Method for deaerating liquids
12/13/12Semi-continuous emulsion polymerisation
12/13/12Method for hydrosilylation using a platinum catalyst
12/06/12Method for producing trichlorosilane by thermal hydration of tetrachlorosilane
12/06/12Method for producing vinyl acetate

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