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Wal mart Stores Inc
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Wal mart Stores Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Wal mart Stores Inc. Wal mart Stores Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Wal mart Stores Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Wal mart Stores Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/25/16 new patent  Refrigeration heat reclaim
08/25/16 new patent  Caching system and method
08/18/16System and item-level demand forecasts using linear mixed-effects models
08/18/16System and post-processing demand forecasts
08/04/16System for adjusting map navigation path in retail store and using same
08/04/16Merchandise event monitoring via wireless tracking
08/04/16Methods and systems for auditing overstock in a retail environment
08/04/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for use in delivering items to a customer
08/04/16System and building a targeted audience for an online advertising campaign
08/04/16System for optimizing sponsored product listings for seller performance in an e-commerce marketplace and using same
08/04/16System for page type based advertisement matching for sponsored product listings on e-commerce websites and using same
08/04/16System for embedding maps within retail store search results and using same
08/04/16System for snap and pan of embedded maps within retail store search results and using same
08/04/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for predicting a customer's credit score
08/04/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for applying for a credit card
07/28/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for analyzing software application modules and provide actionable intelligence on remediation efforts
07/21/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for monitoring consumer activity on websites
06/30/16Method and apparatus pertaining to the identification of physical-local discrepancies in statistics-based rfid-tag information
06/30/16Systems, devices, and methods for incident management interactions
06/23/16System to communicate consumer product information to a consumer and related methods
06/23/16System to communicate consumer product information to a consumer and related methods
06/23/16System to communicate consumer product information to a consumer and related methods
06/23/16System to communicate consumer product information to a consumer and related methods
06/16/16System having inventory allocation tool and using same
06/09/16Checkout station
05/26/16Decorative egg system and method
05/26/16Decorative egg system and method
05/26/16Computer vision navigation
05/26/16Alert notification
05/26/16Mobile device payment
05/26/16Computer vision product recognition
05/26/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for allowing a customer to place orders remotely and to pick-up the order at a store
05/26/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for allowing a customer to place orders remotely and for the order assembler to communicate directly with the customer
05/26/16System, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for allowing a customer to place orders remotely and for automatically adding goods to an order based on historical data
05/26/16Resolving pairwise links to groups
05/19/16Recommending food items based on personal information and nutritional content
05/19/16System and discovery of devices on a network
05/12/16Social genome
05/05/16Systems, devices, and methods for determining an operational health score
05/05/16Product browsing system and method
05/05/16Electronic shopping cart processing system and method
05/05/16Methods and systems for providing reminders for products in proximity
05/05/16Item reminder systems and methods
05/05/16Methods and systems for adding items to existing orders
05/05/16Order processing systems and methods
05/05/16Configuration resolution for transitive dependencies
04/28/16Engaging retail customers over communication networks
04/28/16Methods and systems for combining online orders with additional purchases
04/21/16Apparatus and determining a likelihood of task completion from information relating to the reading of rfid tags
04/21/16Systems and methods for sale redemption
04/07/16System and improved navigation of available choices
04/07/16System and automatic digital copy for physical media purchase
04/07/16System and improved video streaming
03/31/16System and menu-based navigation
03/31/16System and menu-based navigation featuring showcases
03/31/16System and capturing seasonality and newness in database searches
03/31/16System and using past or external information for future search results
03/31/16System and prioritized product index searching
03/31/16System and integrating business logic into a hot/cold prediction
03/31/16System and calculating search term probability
03/31/16Inventory management based on geographic information of users
03/31/16Methods and systems for prioritizing stock-keeping units in cost-based inventory allocation
03/31/16Proximity alerts for service resource availability
03/31/16Methods and systems for recognition of in-store customers
03/31/16Methods and systems for providing shopping suggestions to in-store customers
03/31/16Methods and systems for in-store fulfillment prioritization based on customer location
03/31/16Systems and methods for performing in-store and online transactions
03/31/16Identity mapping between commerce customers and social media users
03/03/16Automatic rule coaching
03/03/16Automated lists
03/03/16Dynamic taxonomy generation with demand-based product groups
03/03/16Product recommendation based on geographic location and user activities
03/03/16Matching a product with other products
03/03/16Drive through grocery pickup
03/03/16In-store navigation without electronic positioning
03/03/16Real-time congestion avoidance in a retail environment
03/03/16Simultaneous item scanning in a pos system
03/03/16Integrated loyalty program and game mechanic
03/03/16Content based routing architecture system and method
02/25/16Inventory mirroring
02/25/16Inventory mirroring in a heterogeneous fulfillment network
02/25/16Systems and methods for estimating demand
02/04/16Universal media pocket and chair with universal media pocket
02/04/16Consolidating and transforming object-descriptive input data to distributed rendered location data
02/04/16Method and automatically displaying multiple presentations for multiple users
02/04/16Method and recording user actions during a course of rendering a series of visualizations
02/04/16Method and a visual tool to selectively modify variables
02/04/16Normalization rule generation and implementation systems and methods
02/04/16Apparatus and maintaining and storing a log of status information
02/04/16L-gram and r-gram frequency-weighted query responses
02/04/16Apparatus and method enablement of customer information control systems on a mainframe computer
02/04/16Systems and methods for managing self check out services
02/04/16Locating and organizing digital receipt data for use in in-store audits
02/04/16Integrated online and in-store shopping experience
02/04/16Systems and methods for promotional forecasting
02/04/16System and applying third party donations to a donee merchant order
02/04/16Online cart and shopping list sharing
02/04/16Systems and methods for management of digitally emulated shadow resources
01/28/16Rfid reader location self-discovery
01/28/16Apparatus and identifying products and corresponding projects for potential marketing
01/28/16Apparatus and a self-service drug locator kiosk
01/21/16Overnight productivity dashboard
12/31/15Product classification data transfer and management
12/31/15Virtual queue for a line at a retail store
12/31/15Channel assortment decision engine
12/31/15Presenting advertisement content during searches of digital receipts
12/31/15Employing a shopping list on a hand-held communications device at a retailer
12/24/15Providing voice directions to a customer within a store
12/24/15Mobile-computing-device-securement apparatus and method
12/17/15Systems and methods for setting product prices
12/10/15System and assigning employees to coverage and/or tasks based on schedule and preferences
12/03/15Hybrid digital scrum board
12/03/15Query auto-completion
12/03/15Shard determination logic for scalable order and inventory management architecture with a sharded transactional database
12/03/15Determination of product attributes and values using a product entity graph
12/03/15Smart inventory management and database sharding
12/03/15Automatic selection of featured product groups within a product search engine
12/03/15Smart order management and application level sharding
12/03/15Smart order management and database sharding
11/12/15Predictive pattern profile process
11/05/15Pattern for integrating primary and secondary data stores in a sharded data domain
11/05/15Process to query electronic sales receipts with a portable computerized device
11/05/15Dynamic pricing systems and methods
11/05/15Processing online transactions
11/05/15Digital watermark feature for device to device duplication of a digital receipt
10/29/15System and generating synthetic data for software testing purposes
10/22/15System and storing and processing database requests
10/01/15Configuring applications at runtime
10/01/15Integrating database management system and external cache
10/01/15Routing order lookups
10/01/15Synchronizing database data to a database cache
10/01/15Systems and methods for recommendation scraping
10/01/15Systems and methods for obtaining product recommendations
10/01/15Systems and methods for providing a collections search
10/01/15Systems and methods for a catalog of trending and trusted items
10/01/15Routing order lookups from retail systems
09/03/15Crowd planning tool
09/03/15Mobile solution for purchase orders
09/03/15Service governance for distributed systems
08/27/15Initiation of purchase transaction in response to a reply to a recommendation
08/06/15Techniques for detecting depleted stock
08/06/15Kiosk transactions
08/06/15Trend data aggregation
08/06/15Trend data counter
08/06/15Optimization and attribution of marketing resources
08/06/15Management of the display of online ad content consistent with one or more performance objectives for a webpage and/or website
08/06/15Data streaming framework from database to multiple targets by leveraging cached database connections and cursors
07/23/15Methods and systems for purchasing products via a subscription mechanism
07/23/15Systems and methods for trusted gifting
07/23/15System and providing a gift exchange
07/09/15Data perspective analysis system and method
06/25/15Modular wall assembly for a cosmetic fixture system
06/25/15Modular shelf assembly for a cosmetic fixture system
06/25/15Secured delivery
06/25/15Systems and methods for replenishment of products in multiple locations
06/25/15System and increasing counting accuracy
06/25/15Remote delivery systems and methods
06/25/15Product delivery systems and methods
06/25/15Methods and systems to provide price matching offers to potential customers
06/25/15Checkout station
06/18/15Security bypass environment for circumventing a security application in a computing environment
06/18/15Resource allocation for infrastructure engineering
06/18/15Methods and systems to create purchase lists from customer receipts
06/11/15Systems and methods for providing shopping recommendations
05/28/15Normalizing universal product codes
05/28/15Display an item detail with a receipt snippet
05/21/15Systems and methods for collaborative shopping
05/21/15Optimizing product features with respect to price
05/21/15Identifying classes of product desirability via feature correlations
05/14/15Http parallel processing router
05/14/15Sequence engine
05/07/15System and indicating queue characteristics of electronic terminals
05/07/15System and linking panel and membership data
05/07/15Performance evaluation system for stores
04/30/15System and identifying inelastic products
04/30/15System and providing sale items
04/30/15Product information by consumer movement
04/30/15Product information by consumer movement
04/30/15Product information by consumer movement
04/30/15System and dispensing and purchasing fuel
04/30/15Executing an in-store transaction
04/30/15Electronic shopping system utilizing multiple configurable item orders
04/23/15Employing a portable computerized device to estimate a total expenditure in a retail environment
04/23/15Systems, devices and methods for list display and management
04/23/15Data analytics animation system and method
04/16/15Secure delivery receptacle
04/02/15Quick route queued products and services
04/02/15Recommending product groups in ecommerce
04/02/15Massive rule-based classification engine
04/02/15Identifying product groups in ecommerce
03/26/15Method and apparatus pertaining to facilitating the reading of rfid tags
03/26/15Faulty cart wheel detection
03/19/15Selection and communication of a product promotion
03/05/15Methods and systems to facilitate messaging to customers
03/05/15Web application framework
03/05/15Web application framework
03/05/15Web application framework
02/26/15Searching digital receipts at a mobile device
02/26/15Systematic discovery of business ontology
02/19/15Providing personalized item recommendations using scalable matrix factorization with randomness
02/12/15Inventory deployment optimization apparatus and method
02/12/15Personal merchandise cataloguing system with item tracking and social network functionality
02/12/15System and storing and processing web service requests
02/12/15System and processing web service transactions using timestamp data
02/12/15Automatic blocking of bad actors across a network
02/05/15Dynamic awards and restrictive tender system and method
02/05/15Consolidated retailer-operated electronic payment system
01/29/15Computer data volume tracker system and method
01/22/15System and providing assistance
01/22/15System and providing assistance
01/01/15Add items from previous orders
01/01/15Consumer guidance while shopping for products
01/01/15View items based on purchases of social media contacts
01/01/15Inventory tracking
01/01/15Inventory tracking
01/01/15Tracking inventory
01/01/15Inventory cache
12/25/14System and tuning item classification
12/18/14Method for generating a discrete forecasted staff report
12/18/14Rule-based item classification
12/04/14Systems and methods for clustering of customers using transaction patterns
11/06/14Method and apparatus pertaining to preconfiguring in facilitating the reading of rfid tags
10/30/14Decision tree with just-in-time nodal computations
10/30/14Apparatus and method pertaining to conveying information via an rfid transceiver
10/30/14Apparatus and method pertaining to switching rfid transceiver read states
10/30/14Missing string compensation in capped customer linkage model
10/30/14Evolving a capped customer linkage model using genetic models
10/30/14Ontology-based attribute extraction from product descriptions
10/30/14Decision tree with compensation for previously unseen data
10/30/14Decision tree with set-based nodal comparisons
10/30/14Method and system for multi-block overlap-detection in a parallel environment without inter-process communication
10/30/14Training a classification model to predict categories
10/30/14Classifying e-commerce queries to generate category mappings for dominant products
10/30/14Classifying queries to generate category mappings
10/30/14Search relevance
10/30/14Block partitioning for efficient record processing in parallel computing environment
10/30/14Decision-tree based quantitative and qualitative record classification
10/30/14Method and system for focused multi-blocking to increase link identification rates in record comparison
10/30/14Managing annotation-based item descriptions
10/30/14Annotation-based item description
10/23/14System and classification with effective use of manual data input
10/23/14Automated limited-time retail merchandise promotion system
10/16/14Rfid reader location self-discovery
10/16/14System and facilitating a purchase of selected products or services
10/16/14Relevance-based cutoff for search results
10/09/14Systems and methods for price matching and comparison
10/02/14System and high accuracy product classification with limited supervision
10/02/14Method and system for re-ranking search results in a product search engine
09/25/14Re-ranking results in a search

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