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Wal mart Stores, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Wal mart Stores, Inc.. Wal mart Stores, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Wal mart Stores, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Wal mart Stores, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Wal-mart Stores

System and providing assistance

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Count Application # Date Wal mart Stores, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002592901/22/15 new patent  System and providing assistance
22015002609201/22/15 new patent  System and providing assistance
32015000631401/01/15Add items from previous orders
42015000632001/01/15Consumer guidance while shopping for products
52015000632401/01/15View items based on purchases of social media contacts
62015000633501/01/15Inventory tracking
72015000633601/01/15Inventory tracking
82015000633701/01/15Tracking inventory
92015000633801/01/15Inventory cache
102014037961612/25/14System and tuning item classification
112014037216112/18/14Method for generating a discrete forecasted staff report
122014037235112/18/14Rule-based item classification
132014035877112/04/14Systems and methods for clustering of customers using transaction patterns
142014032752411/06/14Method and apparatus pertaining to preconfiguring in facilitating the reading of rfid tags
152014032489710/30/14Decision tree with just-in-time nodal computations
162014032026910/30/14Apparatus and method pertaining to conveying information via an rfid transceiver
172014032027110/30/14Apparatus and method pertaining to switching rfid transceiver read states
182014032452310/30/14Missing string compensation in capped customer linkage model
192014032452410/30/14Evolving a capped customer linkage model using genetic models
202014032474010/30/14Ontology-based attribute extraction from product descriptions
212014032474410/30/14Decision tree with compensation for previously unseen data
222014032475610/30/14Decision tree with set-based nodal comparisons
232014032479010/30/14Method and system for multi-block overlap-detection in a parallel environment without inter-process communication
242014032484710/30/14Training a classification model to predict categories
252014032485110/30/14Classifying e-commerce queries to generate category mappings for dominant products
262014032485210/30/14Classifying queries to generate category mappings
272014032485310/30/14Search relevance
282014032486110/30/14Block partitioning for efficient record processing in parallel computing environment
292014032487110/30/14Decision-tree based quantitative and qualitative record classification
302014032490610/30/14Method and system for focused multi-blocking to increase link identification rates in record comparison
312014032533210/30/14Managing annotation-based item descriptions
322014032547410/30/14Annotation-based item description
332014031431110/23/14System and classification with effective use of manual data input
342014031690110/23/14Automated limited-time retail merchandise promotion system
352014030680810/16/14Rfid reader location self-discovery
362014031008410/16/14System and facilitating a purchase of selected products or services
372014031027010/16/14Relevance-based cutoff for search results
382014030405910/09/14Systems and methods for price matching and comparison
392014029757010/02/14System and high accuracy product classification with limited supervision
402014029763010/02/14Method and system for re-ranking search results in a product search engine
412014028921009/25/14Re-ranking results in a search
422014028921109/25/14Method and system for resolving search query ambiguity in a product search engine
432014026360309/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to use of both optical and electronic product codes
442014026363509/18/14Orphaned product stray analysis using rfid
452014026363609/18/14Discrepancy analysis of rfid reads to determine locations
462014026660809/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to the identification of physical-local discrepancies in statistics-based rfid-tag information
472014026661409/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to installation of an rfid-tag reader system
482014026661509/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to the use of statistics-based rfid-tag information
492014026661609/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to monitoring item source locations
502014026661709/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to use of multiple sessions with rfid tags
512014026661809/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to the use of group rfid tag information
522014026662109/18/14Automatic self-learning rfid reader configurator
532014026663209/18/14Method and apparatus pertaining to rfid tag-based user assertions
542014026668509/18/14Alarm processing systems and methods
552014026695609/18/14Wide angle planar antenna assembly
562014027862709/18/14Flexible store fulfillment
572014027879709/18/14Attribute-based-categorical-popularity-assignment apparatus and method
582014027888309/18/14Fraud prevention a price comparison system
592014027890109/18/14Donation processing a price comparison system
602014027890209/18/14Return processing a price comparison system
612014027890309/18/14Price comparison systems and methods
622014027892409/18/14Selectively altering requests based on comparison of potential value of requests
632014027924109/18/14Electronic product information retrieval environment
642014027925109/18/14Search result ranking by brand
652014027926909/18/14System and order processing using customer location information
662014027944109/18/14Systems and methods for saving a remainder of cash transactions
672014027966009/18/14Overnight productivity dashboard
682014027988609/18/14Incrementally updating a large key-value store
692014028003309/18/14Rule triggering for search rule engine
702014028008209/18/14Attribute-based document searching
712014028011209/18/14Search result ranking by department
722014028020109/18/14Attribute detection
732014028033709/18/14Attribute detection
742014025788309/11/14Enterprise resource search and reservation system
752014025805009/11/14Store feature item finder
762014025827709/11/14Facet group ranking for search results
772014025833009/11/14Search result ranking using query clustering
782014024437208/28/14Validating internet ad conversions
792014024435708/28/14Inducing customer store visits via mobile application
802014024436008/28/14Customer universe exploration
812014024441608/28/14Method and system to facilitate the addition of items to an electronic item catalog
822014024443208/28/14E-commerce system with personal price points
832014024463308/28/14Relevance-weighted attribute sorting apparatus and method
842014024464108/28/14Holistic customer record linkage via profile fingerprints
852014023664208/21/14Systems and methods for navigating and reserving building spaces
862014023665208/21/14Remote sales assistance system
872014023666108/21/14Supplier analysis and verification system and method
882014023676408/21/14Remote sales assistance tracking
892014022930808/14/14Remote sales assistance
902014022248208/07/14Online appointment schedulers
912014022248308/07/14System and facilitating structured meetings
922014022260108/07/14System and determining inventory locations
932014020968707/31/14Camera time out feature for customer product scanning device
942014021062107/31/14Theft detection system
952014021101707/31/14Linking an electronic receipt to a consumer in a retail store
962014021336607/31/14Method to create a game like competition between two or more shoppers using mobile self checkout software
972014021448107/31/14Determining the position of a consumer in a retail store using location markers
982014021451407/31/14Methods and systems for automated coupon processing
992014021451807/31/14System and price matching and comparison
1002014021456207/31/14Customized impulse shelves
1012014021456307/31/14Product-description-improvement apparatus and method
1022014021456407/31/14Method to allow two or more mobile devices to contribute items to the same virtual shopping cart in mobile self checkout software
1032014021456607/31/14Retail gift card system with integrated account and sales receipt tracking
1042014021456807/31/14Retail loss prevention using biometric data
1052014021457107/31/14Notifying an attendant when a customer scans an oversized item
1062014021457207/31/14Systems and methods for retrieving items for a customer at checkout
1072014021457307/31/14Helping customers select a checkout lane with relative low congestion
1082014021457407/31/14Method to facilitate an in-store audit after issuance of an electronic receipt
1092014021457707/31/14Shopping process including monitored shopping cart basket weight
1102014021458907/31/14Employing a shopping list on a hand-held communications device at a retailer
1112014021459007/31/14Techniques for determining substitutes for products indicated in an electronic shopping list
1122014021459507/31/14Cooperative execution of an electronic shopping list
1132014021459607/31/14Shopping process including monitored shopping cart basket weight
1142014021459707/31/14Method and system for managing an electronic shopping list with gestures
1152014021459807/31/14Completing a purchase transaction and delivering items
1162014021459907/31/14Completing a purchase transaction at various locations
1172014021460007/31/14Assisting a consumer in locating a product within a retail store
1182014021460107/31/14Method and system for automatically managing an electronic shopping list
1192014021460507/31/14Method and system for answering a query from a consumer in a retail store
1202014021460807/31/14Determining to audit a customer utilizing analytics
1212014021460907/31/14List based shopping cart inspection process
1222014021461207/31/14Consumer to consumer sales assistance
1232014021461807/31/14In-store customer scan process including nutritional information
1242014021461907/31/14Double tap and done
1252014021462307/31/14In-store customer scan process including product automated ingredient warning
1262014021462807/31/14Gesture-based product wishlist and shared social networking
1272014021463207/31/14Smart crowd sourcing on product classification
1282014021463307/31/14Ranking keywords for product types with manual curation
1292014021464107/31/14Electronic receipt including itemization of applicable tax rates
1302014021484107/31/14Semantic product classification
1312014021484407/31/14Multiple classification models in a pipeline
1322014021484507/31/14Product classification into product type families
1332014021486207/31/14Automated attribute disambiguation with human input
1342014021540907/31/14Animated delete apparatus and method
1352014020750507/24/14System and assigning employees to cash registers
1362014020756907/24/14System and managing prepaid cards
1372014020757007/24/14Location based alerts for shopper
1382014020759107/24/14Integrating local products into global web services,
1392014020759807/24/14System and managing prepaid cards
1402014020761507/24/14Techniques for locating an item to purchase in a retail environment
1412014020101507/17/14Adjustable kiosk system
1422014020103707/17/14System and purchasing goods for donation to charities
1432014020174707/17/14Cross platform workflow management
1442014019604407/10/14System and increasing throughput of a paas system
1452014018480207/03/14Techniques for reducing consumer wait time
1462014018481807/03/14Techniques for detecting depleted stock
1472014018853007/03/14Provision of customer attributes to an organization
1482014018855007/03/14Provision of customer attributes to a person
1492014018859107/03/14Techniques for delivering a product promotion to a consumer
1502014018860507/03/14Techniques for delivering a product promotion to a consumer
1512014018864107/03/14Warranty storing and presenting apparatus and method
1522014018864707/03/14Searching digital receipts at a mobile device
1532014018864807/03/14Searching digital receipts at a mobile device
1542014018865707/03/14Establishing customer attributes
1552014018866307/03/14Stock notifiers on shelves
1562014018866707/03/14Updating search result rankings based on color
1572014018870007/03/14Online payment systems and methods
1582014018872607/03/14Payment validation systems and methods
1592014018873107/03/14Sign in based on recognition instead of password
1602014018884207/03/14Selecting search result images based on color
1612014018885307/03/14Ranking search results based on color
1622014018885407/03/14Ranking search results based on color
1632014018885507/03/14Ranking search results based on color similarity
1642014018899407/03/14Social neighborhood determination
1652014018988607/03/14Template for customer attributes
1662014017516206/26/14Identifying products as a consumer moves within a retail store
1672014017516706/26/14Method for transferring shopping cart contents to a register from a mobile electronic device
1682014017634806/26/14Location based parking management system
1692014017670706/26/14Determining the position of a consumer in a retail store using a light source
1702014017792406/26/14Faulty cart wheel detection
1712014018047906/26/14Bagging with robotic arm
1722014018052806/26/14Faulty cart wheel detection
1732014018057206/26/14Tracking a mobile device
1742014018075706/26/14Techniques for recording a consumer shelf experience
1752014018078206/26/14Techniques for linking consumers for coupon matching
1762014018078506/26/14Reporting out-of-stock items
1772014018080506/26/14Arranging advertisement content in digital receipts
1782014018084806/26/14Estimating point of sale wait times
1792014018085306/26/14Framework for generating a personalized item list
1802014018085506/26/14Pre-purchase feedback apparatus and method
1812014018086506/26/14Informing customers regarding items on their shopping list
1822014017255306/19/14Techniques for using a heat map of a retail location to promote the sale of products
1832014016674906/19/14Providing electronic receipts for vending machine transactions
1842014016796006/19/14Detecting defective shopping carts
1852014016842706/19/14Notify associates of cleanup jobs
1862014017247606/19/14Techniques for generating a heat map of a retail location
1872014017247706/19/14Techniques for using a heat map of a retail location to deploy employees
1882014017248906/19/14Techniques for using a heat map of a retail location to disperse crowds
1892014017255406/19/14Method and selecting a preferred message
1902014017255506/19/14Techniques for monitoring the shopping cart of a consumer
1912014017259906/19/14Determining point of sale advertisement effectiveness
1922014017260406/19/14Reprinting a paper receipt where an electronic receipt was originally issued
1932014017262106/19/14Systems and methods for recommending products based on a shopping list and a shopping budget
1942014017262806/19/14Approximating customer location within a store
1952014017264006/19/14Augmented reality shopping game
1962014017264706/19/14Tax aware price displays
1972014017264906/19/14Stock aware shelves
1982014017265006/19/14Stock aware shelves
1992014017289406/19/14Recipe suggestion system and method
2002014017356606/19/14Website update method and system
2012014015639406/05/14Targeted advertisement generation for travelers
2022014015639506/05/14Shifting marketing messaging according to customer lifestyle changes
2032014015641506/05/14Techniques for determining the age and gender of a consumer
2042014015642306/05/14Suggesting expired product replenishment based on receipt data
2052014015643206/05/14Approximating alternate currency equivalents in digital receipts
2062014015650806/05/14Splitting a purchase among multiple parties using an electronic receipt after the transaction
2072014015651706/05/14Splitting a purchase among multiple parties using an electronic receipt after the transaction
2082014014497705/29/14Scannable recipe card to add items to shopping list
2092014014701805/29/14Detecting customer dissatisfaction using biometric data
2102014014704805/29/14Document quality measurement
2112014014910505/29/14Identifying product references in user-generated content
2122014014916005/29/14Facilitating personal shopping assistance
2132014014921405/29/14Proof points of product price reductions
2142014014923605/29/14Reminder calendaring based on receipt data
2152014014923805/29/14Gift-registry apparatus and method
2162014014923905/29/14Recipe-suggestion apparatus and method
2172014014940905/29/14Massive rule-based classification engine
2182014015006005/29/14System and protecting data in an enterprise environment
2192014013939705/22/14Method and apparatus pertaining to an rfid tag reader antenna array
2202014014301305/22/14System and analyzing social media trends
2212014014340505/22/14System and analyzing social media trends
2222014014384305/22/14Security bypass environment for circumventing a security application in a computing environment
2232014013625505/15/14Dynamic task management
2242014013656705/15/14Topic relevant abbreviations
2252014011707905/01/14Layaway apparatus and method
2262014012215505/01/14Workforce scheduling system and method
2272014012216605/01/14Crowdsourced behavior modification
2282014012219105/01/14Encouraging shopping assistance by children using digital shopping lists
2292014012220805/01/14Crowdsourced behavior modification
2302014012220905/01/14Crowdsourced behavior modification
2312014012226805/01/14Point-of-sale-customer-identification apparatus and method
2322014012227005/01/14Managing returns using electronic receipts
2332014012227305/01/14Customer reprint of a physical receipt from an electronic receipt
2342014012227405/01/14Customer reprint of a physical receipt from an electronic receipt
2352014012227505/01/14Reprint of a physical receipt and receipt history from an electronic receipt for reducing fraudulent returns
2362014012227605/01/14Reprint of a physical receipt and receipt history from an electronic receipt for reducing fraudulent returns
2372014012227805/01/14Automatic sharing of a receipt with a place of employment
2382014012227905/01/14Automatic sharing of a receipt with a place of employment
2392014012234505/01/14Sharing of a receipt among mobile devices
2402014012312605/01/14Automatic topology extraction and plotting with correlation to real time analytic data
2412014011498204/24/14Automatic taxonomy merge
2422014010843904/17/14Interest expansion using a taxonomy
2432014010819204/17/14Techniques for optimizing a shopping agenda
2442014010819304/17/14Techniques for optimizing a shopping agenda
2452014010819404/17/14Techniques for optimizing a shopping agenda
2462014010859604/17/14Http parallel processing router
2472014010908204/17/14Verification of complex multi-application and multi-node deployments
2482014009226104/03/14Techniques for generating an electronic shopping list
2492014009529004/03/14Savings-guarantee apparatus and method

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