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Waters Technologies Corporation
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Waters Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Waters Technologies Corporation. Waters Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Waters Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Waters Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems

Waters Technologies

Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems

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Count Application # Date Waters Technologies Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002126501/22/15 new patent  Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems
22015002126501/22/15 new patent  Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems
32015002451001/22/15 new patent  Performing chemical reactions and/or ionization during gas chromatography-mass spectrometry runs
42015001380301/15/15Pressure related hysteresis manipulation in a pressurized flow system
52015001456201/15/15Low volume, pressure assisted, stem and seat vent valve and associated methods
62015001456301/15/15System and minimization of force variation in a solenoid within a pressurized flow system
72015000886201/08/15Intake profile for optimized utilization of motor characteristics
82014037364412/25/14Dried sample carrier having dissolvable sample regions
92014036665612/18/14Solid phase extraction device for dried sample cards
102014036731912/18/14Hybrid gradient delivery system and operation
112014036735312/18/14Devices for containing materials and methods of using and marking same
122014037061312/18/14Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization detection
132014034537211/27/14Managing fluidic connections to microfluidic devices
142014035026311/27/14Rapid fluorescence tagging of glycans and other biomolecules with enhanced ms signals
152014033842911/20/14Method of separation of lipid and biological molecular species using high purity chromatographic materials comprising an ionizable modifier
162014033843211/20/14Methods of separating lipids
172014032664911/06/14Novel nanocomposites and their application as monolith columns
182014032991911/06/14Porous inorganic/organic hybrid materials with ordered domains for chromatographic separations and processes for their preparation
192014033052411/06/14Techniques for quantification of samples
202014031904210/30/14Electrospray interface to a microfluidic substrate
212014031905710/30/14Chromatographic materials for the separation of unsaturated molecules
222014031933410/30/14Screening for phthalates in food samples
232014030610510/16/14Liquid chromatrography systems and methods
242014030191110/09/14Mechanically supporting microfluidic devices
252014028425909/25/14Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for its preparation
262014023917108/28/14Techniques for automated performance maintenance testing and reporting for analytical instruments
272014024270908/28/14Rapid fluorescence tagging of glycans and other biomolecules with enhanced ms signals
282014023052808/21/14Turbulent flow mixing device for use in a chromatography system
292014022846408/14/14Porous carbon-heteroatom-silicon inorganic/organic materials for chromatographic separations and process for the preparation thereof
302014021703108/07/14Methods and devices for open-bed atmospheric collection for supercritical fluid chromatography
312014021719608/07/14Electrospray emitter assemblies for microfluidic chromatography apparatus
322014022027808/07/14Porous material and devices for performing separations, filtrations, and catalysis and ek pumps, and mthods of making and using the same
332014020883407/31/14Rotary rheometer with dual read head optical encoder
342014020883607/31/14Analysis of dried blood spot samples in a microfluidic system with dilution of extracted samples
352014020223607/24/14Maintaining a measurement gap in a rheometer
362014019089007/10/14Collection system for purification flowstreams
372014019114607/10/14Rotary shear valve with a two-pin drive shaft for liquid chromatography applications
382014019235007/10/14Flow cells for differential refractive index detection
392014019428307/10/14Porous inorganic/organic homogenous copolymeric hybrid materials for chromatographic separations and process for the preparation thereof
402014017416006/26/14Microfluidic device with dried blood spots (dbs) card interface
412014017454106/26/14Rotary shear valve and associated methods
422014017891506/26/14Method for separating peptides and proteins
432014017901106/26/14Rapid fluorescence tagging of glycans and other biomolecules with enhanced ms signals
442014016656206/19/14Chromatography column assembly
452014016658106/19/14Porous hybrid monolith materials with organic groups removed from the surface
462014015787106/12/14System and rapid analysis of polymer additives
472014015798806/12/14Chromatography apparatus having diffusion bonded coupler
482014015859906/12/14Liquid chromatography conduit assemblies having high pressure seals
492014015888106/12/14Compositions, methods, and kits for quantifying target analytes in a sample
502014016224806/12/14Use of aptamers in liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry
512014016229806/12/14Immobilized enzymatic reactor
522014015053606/05/14Column manager with a multi-zone thermal system for use in liquid chromatography
532014015154106/05/14Electrokinetically controlled calibrant delivery
542014015200306/05/14Reusable fitting for attaching a conduit to a port
552014013796705/22/14Valves having protective coatings
562014013831205/22/14Reducing dispersion due to vias in planar microfluidic separation devices
572014013854105/22/14Dual source mass spectrometry system
582014013127705/15/14Closed loop flow control of a hplc constant flow pump to enable low-flow operation
592014011093304/24/14Low carryover high pressure fluidic fitting
602014009659604/10/14Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof
612014008600303/27/14Valve switch modulation for reducing errors due to oscillations of the inlet fluid of a pump system
622014007960603/20/14Sample tray with magnetically closing drawer
632014006565103/06/14Destructible surfactants and uses thereof
642014005363902/27/14Fitting assemblies
652014005391002/27/14High pressure fluidic switching valve having variable pressure loading
662014004790502/20/14Electrospray emitter assembly
672014004790702/20/14Cartridge with multiple electrospray emitters
682014004457702/13/14High pressure pump with reduced seal wear
692014003379302/06/14Chromatographic system quality control reference materials
702014003482602/06/14System and grouping precursor and fragment ions using selected ion chromatograms
712014003821602/06/14Method and performing retention time matching
722014003821702/06/14Method and fractionation-based chemical analyses
732014002534201/23/14Ion detection and parameter estimation for n-dimensional data
742014001458501/16/14Chromatographic interface
752014000766001/09/14Fluid switching valve
762013034050312/26/13Pressure monitor optimizaiton of fluid path utilization
772013034050912/26/13Flow through isolation valve for high pressure fluids
782013034060912/26/13Pump head outlet port
792013033411712/19/13System and cooling a pump head used in chromatography
802013031908612/05/13High purity chromatographic materials comprising an ionizable modifier
812013032310312/05/13Seal assemblies for reciprocating and rotary applications
822013032439512/05/13Porous inorganic/organic hybrid monolith materials for chromatographic separations and process for their preparation
832013030841511/21/13Valve switch modulation for reducing errors due to oscillations of the inlet fluid of a pump system
842013027652010/24/13Rotary shear injector valve with displaced rotor grooves
852013026942410/17/13Chromatographic optical detection system
862013025623110/03/13Device, performing separations
872013022851309/05/13Gradient separation method transfer for liquid chromatography systems
882013023247409/05/13Techniques for automated software testing
892013020624008/15/13Variable-volume injection valve
902013020666508/15/13Superficially porous materials comprising a substantially nonporous hybrid core having narrow particle size distribution; process for the preparation thereof; and use thereof for chromatographic separations
912013020666608/15/13Process for preparing liquid mixtures of known ph and salt concentration
922013020875908/15/13Thermal analysis sample holder
932013019594908/01/13Antimicrobial layer for chromatographic containers
942013017703907/11/13Large array differential scanning calorimeter, dsc measuring unit
952013014846106/13/13Apparatus and methods for controlling the composition of fluids in a fluid stream
962013015119006/13/13Techniques for automated installation testing and reporting for analytical instruments
972013013376005/30/13Pressure sensing and flow control in diffusion-bonded planar devices for fluid chromatography
982013013407905/30/13Mobile phase solvent delivery module
992013013408305/30/13Liquid-chromatography conduit assemblies having high-pressure seals
1002013013561005/30/13Device and methods for performing size exclusion chromatography
1012013012672105/23/13Measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin d3 and c3 ep1-25-hydroxyvitamin d3
1022013011870605/16/13Inspection with heat exchangers
1032013011260405/09/13Valve for high pressure analytical system
1042013011260505/09/13Superficially porous materials comprising a substantially nonporous core having narrow particle size distribution; process for the preparation thereof; and use thereof for chromatographic separations
1052013010568205/02/13Techniques for efficient fragmentation of peptides
1062013010247804/25/13Internal standards and methods for use in quantitatively measuring analytes in a sample
1072013008605804/04/13Synonym groups
1082013007602903/28/13Gasket and seal apparatus
1092013008007303/28/13Techniques for mass spectrometry peak list computation using parallel processing
1102013008096703/28/13Graphical user interfaces for scientific data information system
1112013006804303/21/13Apparatus and methods for preparation and analysis of dried samples of a biological fluid
1122013007186703/21/13Method and performing mass spectrometry
1132013007419603/21/13Signature methods for scientific data information systems
1142013005608403/07/13Method and sample injection in liquid chromatography
1152013005663103/07/13Techniques for automated parameter adjustment using ion signal intensity feedback
1162013005663203/07/13Detectors and ion sources
1172013005208302/28/13Column heater with active pre-heating
1182013005358802/28/13Methods, compositions, devices, and kits for performing phospholipid separation
1192013005414902/28/13System and absolute quantification of proteins using lc/ms
1202013004367202/21/13Fluidic coupler assembly with conical ferrule
1212013001969501/24/13Apparatus for reducing variation in sample temperatures in a liquid chromatography system
1222013001969601/24/13Chromatography apparatus and methods using multiple microfluidic substrates
1232013002048301/24/13Apparatus for photoionization of an analyte in an eluent of a chromatography column
1242013001456701/17/13Chromatography apparatus having diffusion-bonded and surface-modified components
1252013001456901/17/13Thermal-based flow sensing high-performance liquid chromatography
1262013001322501/10/13Flow sensors and flow sensing methods with extended linear range
1272013000438801/03/13Self-sealing sample compartment for a liquid chromatography system
1282012032848612/27/12Compound sample needle for liquid chromatograph
1292012030474512/06/12Coordination of solvent delivery with pre-injection operations in a liquid chromatograph
1302012030474612/06/12Thermal-based flow sensing apparatuses and methods for high-performance liquid chromatography
1312012030546412/06/12On-line sampling from a process source
1322012030316711/29/12Coordinating injector-valve switching with pump-stroke timing to mitigate effects of pressure pulses
1332012028522311/15/12Method for determining equivalent thermal conditions between liquid chromatography systems
1342012028587211/15/12Thermal control of thermal chamber in high-performance liquid chromatography systems
1352012028615111/15/12Devices and methods for analyzing surfaces
1362012028774611/15/12Manifold for solvent mixing in liquid chromatography systems
1372012027340411/01/12High purity chromatographic materials comprising an ionizable modifier
1382012026217810/18/12Apparatus and coupled lc-nmr analysis
1392012026217910/18/12Electromagnetic and its combined surveying apparatus and method
1402012024803310/04/12Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof
1412012025368410/04/12Methods and performing retention-time matching
1422012025487210/04/12Content items for scientific data information systems
1432012022747009/13/12Chromatography apparatus having an integrated core
1442012022544409/06/12Methods and fractionation-based chemical analyses
1452012021660208/30/12Pressure monitor optimization of fluid path utilization
1462012020530408/16/12Self-unlocking fluid-tight connector
1472012020553208/16/12Techniques for sample analysis
1482012018999207/26/12Apparatus and establishing standards for visual residue limits
1492012016831107/05/12Systems and methods for coupling molecule separation devices to analytical instruments
1502012017177307/05/12Temperature control of enrichment and separation columns in chromatography
1512012016069006/28/12Capillary column cartridge
1522012015313706/21/12Methods for separating compounds
1532012013279405/31/12Apparatus and components thereof for liquid chromatography
1542012012584305/24/12Methods and materials for performing hydrophobic interaction chromatography
1552012011912805/17/12Rotary shear injector valve with coated stator surface
1562012010307505/03/12Automated dilution for liquid chromatography
1572012009702604/26/12Piston pump with leak diagnostic port
1582012009266404/19/12Opaque additive to block stray light in teflon® af light-guiding flowcells
1592012005586003/08/12Hybrid inorganic/organic materials having novel surface modification; process for the preparation of inorganic/organic hybrid materials; and use of said particles for chromatographic separations
1602012004800203/01/12Devices, kits and methods for performing chemical processing
1612012005252203/01/12Apparatus and the study of metabolism
1622012003772402/16/12Electrospray interface to a microfluidic substrate
1632012004096802/16/12Diamino heterocyclic carboxamide compound
1642012003262802/09/12Intake profile for optimized utilization of motor characteristics
1652012002439902/02/12Electrospray interface to a microfluidic substrate
1662011031563312/29/11Rotating valve
1672011029099412/01/11Methods and performing gas and liquid mass spectrometry
1682011027821411/17/11Liquid-chromatography conduit assemblies having high-pressure seals
1692011027175511/10/11Apparatus and methods for the measurement of mass related parameters
1702011027285511/10/11Techniques for patterning valve components
1712011026643311/03/11Apparatus and methods for gas chromatography - mass spectrometry
1722011026643411/03/11Stacked-electrode peptide-fragmentation device
1732011026924111/03/11Methods and kits for the determining the presence or absence of cyanobacteria toxins
1742011025908910/27/11Devices having an inert surface and methods of making same
1752011025982710/27/11Device, performing separations
1762011026004910/27/11Method and identifying proteins in mixtures
1772011026164210/27/11Valve switch modulation for reducing errors due oscillations of the inlet fluid of a pump system
1782011026302910/27/11Methods and kits for the determining the presence or absence of ergot alkaloids
1792011026303310/27/11Apparatus and methods for performing photoreactions and analytical methods and devices to detect photo-reacting compounds
1802011024740310/13/11Apparatus and methods for multidimensional analysis
1812011022694109/22/11Techniques for performing retention-time matching of precursor and product ions and for constructing precursor and product ion spectra
1822011019765508/18/11Multi-layered ceramic micro-gas chromatograph and making the same
1832011019884208/18/11Device and connecting fluid conduits
1842011020218808/18/11Devices, flow-compensating pump-injector synchronization
1852011019551308/11/11Methods and kits for the determination of the presence and quantity of vitamin d analogs in samples
1862011014146506/16/11Light-guiding flow cells and analytical devices using the same
1872011013442806/09/11Evaporative light scattering detector
1882011012109305/26/11Apparatus and methods for making analyte particles
1892011010782205/12/11Interfacing with a digital microfluidic device
1902011010011405/05/11Thermal loop flow sensor
1912011004905603/03/11Composite materials containing nanoparticles and their use in chromatography
1922011004458702/24/11Methods of making and using and apparatus and devices for placing light and sample in photo-emitting or absorbing devicem
1932011001695501/27/11Sample dilution for chromatography of multiple process streams
1942011002093901/27/11Chromatography-based monitoring and control of multiple process streams
1952010032037412/23/10Devices and methods for performing mass analysis
1962010032228112/23/10Large array defferential scanning calorimeter, dsc measuring unit
1972010032415912/23/10Novel ion exchange porous resins for solid phase extraction and chromatography
1982010030722612/09/10Apparatus, kits and methods for determining the presence or absence of mineralocorticoids in samples
1992010030097212/02/10Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof
2002010028559311/11/10Internal standards and methods for use in quantitatively measuring analytes in a sample
2012010028559611/11/10Methods for isolating functionalized macromolecules
2022010027820911/04/10Simultaneous differential thermal analysis system
2032010027821011/04/10Simultaneous differential thermal analysis system
2042010027869511/04/10Chromatographic and electrophoretic separation media and apparatus
2052010020289708/12/10High pressure pump control
2062010018741407/29/10Apparatus and identifying peaks in liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry data and for forming spectra and chromatograms
2072010018957407/29/10High pressure pump control
2082010017604307/15/10Mobile phase dilution scheme for enhanced chromatography
2092010017866307/15/10Apparatus and methods for the detection of plasma metanephrines
2102010016845707/01/10Monolithic electrokinetic pump fabrication
2112010015870406/24/10Compliant-seal check valve
2122010014805706/17/10Device and analyzing a sample
2132010013279906/03/10Vessel, dispensing devices, kits and methods for containing fluids
2142010013343106/03/10Device, mass spectrometry
2152010011674505/13/10Closed loop flow control of a hplc constant flow pump to enable low-flow operation
2162010010774205/06/10Apparatus and methods of fluid chromatography
2172010010816405/06/10Defined leak path for high pressure seal
2182010006514103/18/10Tubing and manufacture
2192010006549203/18/10Compositions and methods for separating enantiomers
2202010006549503/18/10Apparatus and methods for preparative liquid chromatography

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