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Waters Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Waters Technologies Corporation. Waters Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Waters Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Waters Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Cooling liquid eluent of a carbon dioxide chromatography system after gas-liquid separation

The present disclosure relates to methodologies, systems and apparatus for cooling a supersaturated or mixed-phase solution to increase the solubility of gases dissolved therein. In a fluid chromatography system, the mobile phase may include a pressurized mixture including a gas, such as CO2, and prior to fraction collection and/or detection... Waters Technologies Corporation

Labeled glycan amino acid complexes useful in lc-ms analysis and methods of making the same

Provided herein are methodologies where a glycosylated protein or peptide is subjected to peptide bond cleavage to produce a glycan amino acid complex wherein the N-linked or O-linked glycan is attached. A derivatization reagent is then attached to the N terminus of the amino acid to provide a labeled glycan... Waters Technologies Corporation

Fluidic fitting with integral face seal

A fitting for a fluidic coupling includes a tube assembly that includes an inner tube, an intermediate tube formed of a polymeric material and disposed over at least a portion of a length of the inner tube, and an outer tube formed of a metal and disposed over the intermediate... Waters Technologies Corporation

Multi-injection mode valve module

A chromatography system has an associated system volume and a sample dispersion volume. The chromatography system comprises a pump pumping a flow of gradient, a sample manager for introducing a sample into the flow of gradient, and a valve manager fluidically coupled to the pump and to the sample manager.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Multiple attribute monitoring methodologies for complex samples

The present disclosure relates generally to a method of multiple attribute monitoring for biological and other complex compounds using a chromatography-optical detector-mass spectrometry method. The mass spectrometry method can use a high resolution mass spectrometer. The methodology utilizes similar analytical techniques and instruments for both the characterization and the monitoring... Waters Technologies Corporation

Method and an controlling fluid flowing through a chromatographic system

A method for controlling fluid flowing through a chromatographic system includes determining a fluidic parameter related to density at a first fluidic location in the chromatographic system; and in response to the determined fluidic parameter, modifying a volumetric flow rate or a pressure at a second fluidic location in the... Waters Technologies Corporation

Solvent preheating system for liquid chromatography

A heater assembly used in chromatography includes a thermally conductive base having a chamber extending fully through the base with an opening at a first side of the base and at a second side of the base, and a cavity with an opening at the second side of the base.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Thermal isolation in a fluidic block of an actively controlling thermistor

A fluidic block has a thermally conductive body with a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The body has a cutout portion formed therein between the first and second ends. The cutout portion partitions the body into a first region, a second region, and a thin... Waters Technologies Corporation

Controllable injector sample dilution for a liquid chromatography system

Described are a method and a system for injecting a sample into a flow of a liquid chromatography system. The method includes combining a flow of a sample and a flow of a mobile phase to create a diluted sample in the system flow. The volumetric flow rate of the... Waters Technologies Corporation

Device and methods using porous media in fluidic devices

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a process that includes obtaining a porous medium comprising a porous material having a first shape and an initial porosity profile. The porous medium is engaged with a cavity in a fluidic device, wherein the cavity is... Waters Technologies Corporation

Device for solid phase extraction and use thereof

Disclosed is a device for a solid phase extraction comprising two or more of the sorbents to remove phospholipids and salts from a sample, to thereby eliminate matrix effects during mass spectrometry analysis. In particular, the sorbents includes at least one sorbent which is water-wettable and contains at least one... Waters Technologies Corporation

Compositions, methods, and kits for quantifying target analytes in a sample

A method of quantifying a target analyte by mass spectrometry includes obtaining a mass spectrometer signal comprising a first calibrator signal, comprising a second calibrator signal, and potentially comprising a target analyte signal from a single sample comprising a first known quantity of a first calibrator, comprising a second known... Waters Technologies Corporation

System and rapid analysis of polymer additives

The subject technology is directed to a CO2-based chromatography system and method for rapid determination of the levels and/or the presence or absence of polymer additives (PAs) leachable or extractable from packing materials or implantable medical devices.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Dispensing needle for a fraction collector

Described is a dispensing needle for a fraction collector. The dispensing needle includes a conduit having a fluid channel to conduct a chromatographic flow, an interior wall that defines the fluid channel, an exterior surface and an endface through which the chromatographic flow is dispensed. The dispensing needle also includes... Waters Technologies Corporation

Pressure monitor optimization of fluid path utilization

A device comprising a pressure monitor and a control means that receives a signal representing measured pressure at the pressure monitor and controls the controllable elements of a fluid system is utilized to monitor a fluid system for error conditions, to optimize operations and to diagnose the fluid system. By... Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for liquid chromatography calibration for rapid labeled n-glycans

Methods are provided for making rapid labeled dextran ladders and other calibrants useful in liquid chromatography. The methodologies include a two-step process comprising a reductive amination step of providing a reducing glycan and reacting it with a compound having a primary amine to produce an intermediate compound. The intermediate compound... Waters Technologies Corporation

System and performing a chromatography injection sequence using a single injection valve

A rotary valve used in chromatography includes a stator with a plurality of stator ports arranged on the stator. The stator further includes a stator groove connected at one end to a first stator port and terminating between the first stator port and a second stator port adjacent to the... Waters Technologies Corporation

Chromatographic separation device having improved peak capacity

Described are a chromatographic separation device and a method for performing a chromatographic separation. The device two chromatographic separation modules in serial communication. The first module is adapted to receive a gradient includes mobile phase. The second module receives the gradient mobile phase that exits from the first module. The... Waters Technologies Corporation

Dual mode ionization device

An ion source is disclosed that alternates between ionizing analytes in a sample by electrospray ionization and impact ionization.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Techniques for display and processing of mass spectral data

Processing mass spectral data may include performing one or more experiments using one or more samples, each experiment including mass analysis using a mass spectrometer; acquiring one or more raw mass spectral data sets as a result of performing the one or more experiments; receiving selection criteria; filtering the one... Waters Technologies Corporation

Techniques for thermally insulating a chromatographic column

Apparatus and methods for performing chromatography may include a chromatography column and a vacuum insulated jacket having an inner wall and an outer wall. A vacuum area may be formed between the inner wall and the outer wall. The inner wall of the vacuum insulated jacket may surround the chromatography... Waters Technologies Corporation

Chiral separation of delta8-thc, delta9-thc, and related enantiomers using co2-based chromatography

The present disclosure generally relates to methods for separating Δ8-THC, Δ9-THC, and related enantiomers using CO2-based chromatography.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for preparing liquid mixtures

A method of preparing a liquid mixture for use in a liquid chromatography system is provided. The mixture comprises one or more acids, one or more bases, one or more solvents and water, and the method comprises the steps of: calculating pH and/or solvent concentration at a particular time t... Waters Technologies Corporation

Method to improve the identification, quantification and spatial localization of multiply charged molecules in biological samples using ion mobility information

Described herein is a method of analyzing a sample including molecules having two or more possible sites for ionization comprising: 1) separating ionized molecules of the sample according to ion mobility of the ionized molecules, and 2) analyzing the ionized molecules using mass spectrometry. Additionally described herein is a method... Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for quantifying polypeptides using mass spectrometry

A method for identifying a polypeptide a specimen can include (i) treating a specimen suspected of including an insulin with a base; (ii) extracting a first fraction of the treated specimen by solid phase extraction using a mixed mode or polymeric reversed-phase media and a first solvent including an acid;... Waters Technologies Corporation

Calorimeter with diffusion-bonded block

A calorimeter with a heat sink that includes a diffusion-bonded block that has higher thermal conductivity laterally across the block than through the block. The diffusion-bonded block has multiple metallic layers that are diffusion-bonded together, with relatively higher thermal conductivity layers alternating with relatively lower thermal conductivity layers. The diffusion-bonded... Waters Technologies Corporation

Multi-dimensional chromatographic system for analyzing multiple sample components

A chromatography system includes a first chromatography column for receiving and separating a flow stream, a plurality of traps configured to trap a plurality of distinct flow segments exiting the first chromatography column during separation of the flow stream, and a second chromatography column operatively associated with the plurality of... Waters Technologies Corporation

Multi-dimensional chromatography system using at-column dilution

The present disclosure relates to an enhanced multi-dimensional chromatography system and method using selectable At-Column Dilution to improve compatibility of the interface and transfer between the multiple dimensions. The use of At-Column Dilution (“ACD”) with multi-dimensional chromatography can provide greater retention of the diverted components on subsequent stationary phases, and... Waters Technologies Corporation

Selective methods for the separation of ondansetron and related impurities

The present disclosure generally relates to methods for separating ondansetron and related impurities using CO2-based chromatography.... Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for determining relative response factors for impurity analysis using liquid chromatography with absorbance and evaporative light scattering detection

Methods and systems for determining relative response factors for liquid chromatography using both molar concentration-based detection and mass concentration-based detection are described herein. A method includes determining a relative response factor for a compound based on the ratio of a molar-based peak area for the compound to the logarithm of... Waters Technologies Corporation

Maintaining a measurement gap in a rheometer

A rheometer includes a drive shaft, a drag cup motor for rotating the drive shaft, a first measuring object supported by the drive shaft, a second measuring object, a linear position sensor, and processing and control electronics. The linear position sensor includes a target (e.g., an aluminum target) mounted to... Waters Technologies Corporation

Methods for increasing sensitivity of detection and/or quantification of negatively charged analytes

The present technology provides methods for increasing sensitivity of detection and/or quantification of a negatively charged analyte, e.g., an oligonucleotide, using an analytical system that comprises liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The methods comprise passing an acidic solution through the analytical system, i.e., through a fluidic path from the mobile... Waters Technologies Corporation

Device, performing separations

... Waters Technologies Corporation

Hybrid material for chromatographic separations comprising a superficially porous core and a surrounding material

The present invention provides novel chromatographic materials, e.g., for chromatographic separations, processes for their preparation and separations devices containing the chromatographic materials. The preparation of the inorganic/organic hybrid materials of the invention wherein a surrounding material is condensed on a superficially porous hybrid core material will allow for families of... Waters Technologies Corporation

Chromatography filter

A filter for a chromatography system includes a filter body having an exterior wall, a cavity, an interior wall surrounding the cavity and a channel extending between the exterior and interior walls. The channel passes a flow of a liquid from the cavity. The filter body is formed of a... Waters Technologies Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170153212

Compression fitting with coupled ferrule

The invention provides compression fittings and methods of assembling compression fittings. In exemplary embodiments, compression fittings are provided that include a fitting body, a ferrule and a tube. For example, the fitting body can be removably coupled to the ferrule when the tube is disposed therethrough.... Waters Technologies Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170136389

Degassing liquid eluent of a preparative sfc fluid chromatography system

Methods, systems and apparatus are provided for degassing a supersaturated solution. An example degasser is described having a continuous body of gas-permeable tubing to remove an amount of a gas from the supersaturated solution below the gas's saturation point in the supersaturated solution. The degasser can be connected to at... Waters Technologies Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138953

Methods for detecting and quantifying non-polar analytes with high sensitivity

The technology of the present application is directed to methods and kits for detecting and quantifying a non-polar analyte in a plant-derived sample. The technology uses a simple extraction, e.g., a liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) or solid-phase extraction (SPE), to enrich a sample for a non-polar analyte of interest and to... Waters Technologies Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170125223

Intelligent target-based acquisition

A method of mass spectrometry comprises ionising a sample eluting from a separation device in order to generate a plurality of parent ions. The method further comprises generating a target list of ions, which includes a predicted mass to charge ratio, a predicted chromatographic retention or elution time, and a... Waters Technologies Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170113171

Low dispersion gas-liquid separator

The present technology relates to methodologies, systems and apparatus for separating a liquid and a gas from a multi-phase flow stream. In particular, a gas-liquid separator having a curvilinear flow path sized is described. The flow path is designed to create a shift in the axial velocity of the primary... Waters Technologies Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170117123

System and enhancing charge-state determination in electrospray mass spectrometry

A method of mass spectrometry comprises ionising a sample and obtaining mass spectral data relating to a plurality of ion detection events. The method then comprises applying match tolerances for mass to charge ratio (m/z), chromatographic retention time (tr), and ion mobility drift time (td), to the ion detection events... Waters Technologies Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170108508

Analysis of complex biological matrices through targeting and advanced precursor and product ion alignment

A method of mass spectrometry comprises ionising a sample eluting from a separation device in order to generate a plurality of parent ions. Multiple cycles of operation are performed as the sample elutes from the separation device. Each cycle of operation comprises mass analysing the parent ions to obtain parent... Waters Technologies Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170080357

Column temperature compensation for carbon dioxide based chromatographic system

The present disclosure relates to controlling the average enthalpy of a mobile phase in a column that is part of a carbon dioxide based chromatographic system. By controlling average enthalpy, separations can be optimized, and method development and transfer between different carbon dioxide based separation systems can be more efficient.... Waters Technologies Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082583

Method for estimating temperature variation in chromatography using thermodynamic plots and uses thereof

A method for estimating temperature variation due to pressure drop in a mobile phase passing through a column in a high efficiency chromatographic separation system is provided. The method includes constructing a temperature triangle using a pressure-temperature thermodynamic plot of the mobile phase having isenthalpic curves of the mobile phase.... Waters Technologies Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170071196

Antimicrobial layer for chromatographic containers

A chromatographic container (1) incorporating an antimicrobial layer (5) or an antimicrobial device (10) with such a layer (15) for use with a standard chromatographic container (11), which layer (5, 15) inhibits, in use, microbial growth. The antimicrobial layer (5, 15) can be on an internal surface of the container... Waters Technologies Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074403

Seal assembly for supercritical fluid chromatography

A seal assembly for pressurized fluid applications, including supercritical fluid chromatography applications, includes an annular body and a helical wound flat spring. A bore extends through the annular body. The annular body has an outer lip and an inner lip opposed to and spaced apart from each other. The inner... Waters Technologies Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074838

Column manager with a multi-zone thermal system for use in liquid chromatography

A thermal system for use in a column manager of a liquid chromatography system comprises a plurality of spatially separated individually controlled thermoelectric chips. A column module houses a plurality of thermally conductive troughs. Each trough resides in a separate thermal zone to be thermally conditioned individually by one of... Waters Technologies Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038345

Passive column pre-heater for use in chromatographic systems

A passive pre-heater assembly includes a thermally conductive heat-spreading block and a plurality of passive pre-heaters in thermally conductive communication with the heat-spreading block. The plurality of the pre-heaters exchanges heat with the thermally conductive heat-spreading block. Each pre-heater includes a thermally conductive base in thermal communication with the heat-spreading... Waters Technologies Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038346

Convectively controlled adiabatic column chamber for use in chromatographic systems

A column-conditioning enclosure includes a column chamber adapted to hold one or more chromatography separation columns. A duct system provides an airflow path around the column chamber such that the one or more chromatography separation columns held within the column chamber are isolated from the airflow path. An air mover... Waters Technologies Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038350

Chromatography apparatus having diffusion-bonded and surface-modified components

A microfluidic device for separating a sample by chromatography includes diffusion bonded metallic sheets joined together to create a hermetically sealed interface between each adjacent metallic sheet without the introduction of a secondary material. Enclosed within the diffusion bonded sheets is a separation channel accessible by at least one of... Waters Technologies Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170016461

Seal assemblies for reciprocating and rotary applications

Low-pressure and high-pressure reciprocating and rotary applications use seal assemblies to prevent leakage. One embodiment of a seal assembly includes a major annular body having opposing spaced-apart annular lips extending from a heel portion. The major annular body has a bore extending through the heel portion. A first spring is... Waters Technologies Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170003268

Profile diagnostics in personalized dermatology, dermatopathology and cosmetics

The present disclosure relates generally to methods and apparatus for profiling the components and associated conditions in a dermatological sample, and preparing personalized cosmetics or treatments, In particular, the present disclosure relates to the use of surface desorption ionization-mass spectrometry apparatus and omics methodologies to profile or “fingerprint” dermatological samples,... Waters Technologies Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170004957

Molecular diagnostics in personalized dermatology, dermatopathology and cosmetics

The present disclosure relates generally to methods and apparatus for determining components and associated conditions in a dermatological sample, and preparing personalized cosmetics or treatments. In particular, the present disclosure relates to the use of surface desorption ionization-mass spectrometry methods and apparatus to assay dermatological samples. The method and apparatus... Waters Technologies Corporation

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