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Weatherford lamb Inc
Weatherford lamb Inc A Delaware Corporation
Weatherford lamb Inc_20131212

Weatherford lamb Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Weatherford lamb Inc. Weatherford lamb Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Weatherford lamb Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Weatherford lamb Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Rod driven centrifugal pumping system for adverse well production
03/02/17Eccentric stabilizer for use in a synchronous rotary steerable system
09/22/16Landing string compensator
02/25/16Dual stem injection valve
02/25/16Normalization of sector amplitudes using monopole amplitudes
02/18/16Pivot joint
02/11/16Composite fracture plug and associated methods
02/04/16Telemetry operated expandable liner system
02/04/16Multi-peak reference grating
01/28/16Revolving ball seat for hydraulically actuating tools
01/28/16Reverse cementation of liner string for formation stimulation
01/14/16Small profile pressure and temperature gauges
01/07/16System and modeling and design of pulse fracturing networks
01/07/16Optical fiber coating to prevent adhesion at high tempertures
12/31/15Straddle packer system
12/31/15Stress calculations for sucker rod pumping systems
12/24/15Time division multiplexing (tdm) and wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) sensor arrays
12/17/15Logging while drilling electrical imager and measurement in oil based mud
12/03/15Stage tool with lower tubing isolation
11/26/15Technique for production enhancement with downhole monitoring of artificially lifted wells
11/26/15Dart detector for wellbore tubular cementation
11/19/15Surge immune stage system for wellbore tubular cementation
11/19/15Closure device for a surge pressure reduction tool
10/29/15Plug and gun cementing and perforating casing
10/29/15System and managed pressure wellbore strengthening
10/15/15System and integrated wellbore stress, stability and strengthening analyses
10/08/15Downhole cutting tool
10/08/15Apparatus and methods of collecting and sampling fluids
10/01/15Swivel elevator
09/24/15Cement pulsation for subsea wellbore
09/10/15Tieback cementing plug system
08/27/15Continuous flow system for drilling oil and gas wells
08/27/15Alignment marking for rock sample analysis
08/20/15Shunt tube connections for wellscreen assembly
08/13/15Downhole tool and passing control line through tool
08/13/15Open hole expandable junction
08/06/15Hard-mounted em telemetry system for mwd tool in bottom hole assembly
07/30/15Low profile rotating control device
07/23/15Rotating control device having jumper for riser auxiliary line
07/16/15Ultrasonic logging methods and measuring cement and casing properties using acoustic echoes
07/09/15Anti-agglomerants for the prevention of hydrates
07/09/15High-rate injection screen assembly with checkable ports
07/02/15Subsea drilling with casing
07/02/15Toe sleeve isolation system for cemented casing in borehole
06/25/15Heave compensation system for assembling a drill string
06/25/15Autonomous selective shifting tool
06/25/15Inflow control device having elongated slots for bridging off during fluid loss control
06/25/15Dampener lubricator for plunger lift system
06/18/15Tachometer for downhole drilling motor
06/11/15Tubular handling tool
06/11/15Internally degradable plugs for downhole use
06/11/15Cane-based u-bend
06/04/15Burst sleeve and positive indication for fracture sleeve opening
06/04/15Method and treating a wellbore
06/04/15Method and treating a wellbore
06/04/15Method and treating a wellbore
06/04/15Method and treating a wellbore
05/28/15Volume synchronizer for tubular handling tools
05/28/15Differential pressure indicator for downhole isolation valve
05/21/15Locking system for a threaded connection
05/21/15Wiper and seal assembly for a pump
05/21/15Telemetry operated setting tool
05/21/15Telemetry operated running tool
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05/21/15Telemetry operated cementing plug release system
05/21/15Telemetry operated ball release system
05/21/15Rotating control device docking station
05/14/15Fracking apparatus and method
05/14/15Apparatus and monitoring a fluid
05/14/15Method and monitoring a downhole tool
05/07/15Magnetic retrieval apparatus
04/30/15Re-fracture wellbore
04/30/15Strain isolated fiber bragg grating sensors
04/16/15System and sealing a wellbore
04/16/15Piston float equipment
04/16/15Milling system for abandoning a wellbore
04/16/15Method and a wellbore assembly
04/02/15Rfid device for use downhole
04/02/15Directional drilling using variable bit speed, thrust, and active deflection
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03/26/15Gas lift valve
03/26/15Annular relief valve
03/26/15Wellhead downhole line communication arrangement
03/26/15Use of downhole isolation valve to sense annulus pressure
03/19/15Downhole debris retriever
03/12/15Downhole tool having slip composed of composite ring
03/12/15Molded composite slip of sheet molded compound for downhole tool
03/12/15Multi-zone bypass packer assembly for gravel packing boreholes
03/12/15Apparatus for preventing separation of downhole motor from drillstring
03/05/15Pipe handling system
03/05/15Subsea drilling with casing
03/05/15Packer having swellable and compressible elements
02/26/15Fill up tool
02/26/15Wired or ported transmission shaft and universal joints for downhole drilling motor
02/12/15Global calibration based reservoir quality prediction from real-time geochemical data measurements
02/05/15System and managing heave pressure from a floating rig
01/29/15Interlocking low profile rotating control device
01/29/15Electronically-actuated, multi-set straddle borehole treatment apparatus
01/29/15Top drive stand compensator with fill up tool
01/29/15Insert units for non-metallic slips oriented normal to cone face
01/22/15Zone select stage tool system
01/15/15Continuous rod transport system
01/15/15Sonic/acoustic monitoring using optical distributed acoustic sensing
01/15/15Continuous rod transport system
01/08/15Apparatus and methods for cemented multi-zone completions
01/01/15Bidirectional downhole isolation valve
12/25/14Method and measuring deformation of elastomeric materials
12/25/14Methods for producing even wall down-hole power sections
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12/18/14Latch position indicator system and method
12/04/14Packoff for liner deployment assembly
11/20/14Fluid sampling flask having cap and valve assembly
11/20/14Landing string compensator
11/20/14Optical couplers used in a downhole splitter assembly
11/20/14Time division multiplexing (tdm) and wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) fast-sweep interrogator
11/20/14Time delay compensation for optical waveguides using a bidirectional wavelength scan
11/06/14Methods and wellbore construction and completion
11/06/14Tubular handling tool
11/06/14Method of using a top drive system
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10/30/14Hydrostatic tubular lifting system
10/16/14Capillary injection delivery system having tubing anchor
10/16/14Sensing in artificial lift systems
10/16/14Method and detection and quantification of borehole standoff
10/02/14Big gap element sealing system
09/18/14High-speed rod-driven downhole pump
09/18/14Cement device release mechanism
09/18/14Barrier for a downhole tool
09/18/14Controller for downhole tool
09/18/14Couplings for expandable tubular
09/18/14Bonded segmented slips
09/18/14Downhole tool for debris removal
09/18/14Resettable ball seat for hydraulically actuating tools
09/18/14Purging fluid circuits in wellbore control devices
09/18/14Shunt tube connections for wellscreen assembly
09/18/14Thick wall shouldered launcher
09/18/14Weight setting indicator
09/18/14Split foldback rings with anti-hooping band
09/18/14Cable by-pass for spooled cables
09/18/14Tubular handling apparatus
09/18/14Direct slurry weight sensor for well operation mixing process
09/11/14Millable fracture balls composed of metal
09/11/14Cement plug location
09/11/14Assembly for toe-to-heel gravel packing and reverse circulating excess slurry
09/11/14Consumable downhole packer or plug
09/11/14Extended length packer with timed setting
09/04/14Array temperature sensing method and system
08/28/14Erosion ports for shunt tubes
08/28/14Capillary hanger arrangement for deploying control line in existing wellhead
08/28/14Acoustic borehole imaging tool
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08/28/14Multi-core optical waveguide for multi-parameter sensing
08/28/14Monolithic multi-optical-waveguide penetrator or connector
08/21/14Method of incorporating remote communication with oilfield tubular handling apparatus
08/14/14Downhole tool having slip inserts composed of different materials
08/14/14Apparatus and methods of running casing in a dual gradient system
08/07/14Lag calculation with caving correction in open hole
08/07/14Hydraulic set packer with piston to annulus communication
07/31/14Methods and apparatus relating to expansion tools for tubular strings
07/31/14Control system for downhole operations
07/24/14Contingent continuous circulation drilling system
07/24/14Bidirectional downhole isolation valve
07/17/14Method and sealing tubulars
07/17/14Apparatus and methods of running casing
07/17/14Surge immune liner setting tool
07/17/14Apparatus and zonal isolation
07/17/14Jetting tool
07/17/14Ball seat apparatus and method
07/03/14Performance of permanently installed tubing conveyed seismic arrays using passive acoustic absorbers
07/03/14Downhole tool having setting valve for packing element
07/03/14Continuous flow drilling systems and methods
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06/26/14Riser auxiliary line jumper system for rotating control device
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having inverting ball seat
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having contracting, dual segmented ball seat
06/19/14Rotating control device docking station
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having deformable ball seat
06/19/14Isolation valve with debris control and flow tube protection
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having contracting, ringed ball seat
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having ramped, contracting, segmented ball seat
06/19/14Sliding sleeve having contracting, segmented ball seat
06/12/14Erosion resistant wellbore screen and associated methods of manufacture
05/29/14Rotating continuous flow sub
05/29/14Side-hole cane waveguide sensor
05/22/14System and cooling a rotating control device.
05/15/14Method and handling a tubular
05/08/14Corrosion inhibitor systems for low, moderate and high temperature fluids and methods for making and using same
05/08/14Novel high uptake sulfur solvent making and using same
05/01/14Inwardly swelling seal
05/01/14Apparatus for gripping a tubular on a drilling rig
05/01/14Graphical evaluator for tubular makeup
05/01/14Gravel pack apparatus having actuated valves
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05/01/14Deburring mill tool for wellbore cleaning
05/01/14Rfid actuated gravel pack valves
04/24/14Anchor latch on off for sucker rods
04/17/14Packer cup for sealing in multiple wellbore sizes eccentrically
04/03/14Non-metallic slips having inserts oriented normal to cone face
04/03/14Compensating bails
03/20/14Hydraulic tensioning flange connector
03/20/14Multiphase flowmeter for subsea applications
03/20/14Gas lift valve with mixed bellows and floating constant volume fluid chamber
03/13/14Cased hole chemical perforator
03/13/14Tachometer for a rotating control device
03/06/14Standoff device for downhole tools using slip elements
03/06/14Multiple sectioned wire-wrapped screens
02/20/14Control line running system
02/20/14Managed pressure drilling system having well control mode
02/06/14Multi-zone cemented fracturing system
01/30/14Annular sealing in a rotating control device
01/02/14Serialization and database methods for tubulars and oilfield equipment
01/02/14E-commerce data management and software application
12/19/13Tools and methods for hanging and/or expanding liner strings
12/19/13Through tubing gas lift mandrel
12/12/13Remote operation of cementing head
12/12/13Earth removal member with features for facilitating drill-through
12/05/13Inflow control device having externally configurable flow ports
12/05/13Downhole deployment valves
12/05/13Expandable liner hanger and use
12/05/13Telemetry operated circulation sub
11/28/13Gas lift valve with ball-orifice closing mechanism and fully compressible dual edge-welded bellows
11/21/13Retrievable bridge plug
11/14/13Failsafe hydrostatic vent
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10/24/13Swellable packer in hookup nipple
10/03/13Manipulation of multi-component geophone data to identify downhole conditions
10/03/13Wiper assembly for a pump
09/19/13Wellbore real-time monitoring and analysis of fracture contribution
09/12/13Subsea casing drilling system
09/12/13Apparatus and completing a wellbore
09/12/13Bottomhole assembly for capillary injection system
09/12/13Optical transducer with integrated feedthrough
09/05/13Apparatus and methods for restricting flow in a bore
09/05/13Apparatus and methods of running an expandable liner
09/05/13Wired or ported universal joint for downhole drilling motor
08/29/13Optical waveguide feedthrough assembly
08/15/13Device and use in controlling fluid flow
08/15/13System for drilling a borehole
08/08/13Gas lift system having expandable velocity string
08/01/13Resettable ball seat
08/01/13Method for colling a rotating control device
08/01/13Self-cleaning disc valve for piston pump
07/25/13Adjustable die
07/18/13Isolating tubing
07/18/13Compliant expansion swage
06/13/13Selective set module for multi string packers
06/13/13Multi-channel infrared optical phase fraction meter
06/13/13Wavelength sweep control
05/30/13Capillary hanger arrangement for deploying control line in existing wellhead
05/30/13Extendable cutting tools for use in a wellbore
05/23/13Entry tube system
05/16/13Gravel pack crossover tool with low drag force
05/16/13Managed pressure cementing

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