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Western Digital Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Western Digital Technologies Inc. Western Digital Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Western Digital Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Western Digital Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Rotation and nozzle opening control of extruders in printing systems
06/22/17 new patent  Automated latency monitoring
06/22/17 new patent  Selective buffer protection
06/22/17 new patent  Access network for address mapping in non-volatile memories
06/22/17 new patent  Caching sensing device data in data storage device
06/01/17Monitoring and managing elastic data storage devices
06/01/17Head suspension having a flexure tail with a covered conductive layer and structural layer bond pads
05/25/17Method and system for removing heat from multiple controllers on a circuit board
05/25/17Interface architecture for storage devices
05/18/17Storage processor array for scientific computations
05/18/17Web browser data communication in system booting
05/18/17Systems and methods for sending data from non-volatile solid state devices before error correction
05/18/17Real-time analysis of quality of service for multimedia traffic in a local area network
05/11/17Data retention charge loss sensor
05/11/17Corruption-preventative programming in solid-state data storage
05/11/17Optimizing setup for wireless devices
05/04/17Data retention charge loss and read disturb compensation in solid-state data storage systems
04/27/17Division of data storage in single-storage device architecture
03/30/17Mapping system selection for data storage device
03/30/17Media region management for data storage device
03/30/17Data retention management for data storage device
03/30/17Weighted programming patterns in solid-state data storage systems
03/30/17Enhanced low overhead data protection in data storage drives
03/30/17Replicating data across data storage devices of a logical volume
03/30/17Data storage device concurrently controlling and sensing a secondary actuator for actuating a head over a disk
03/30/17Error locator polynomial decoder and method
03/23/17Implementing magnetic memory pillar design
03/16/17Methods, devices and systems for solid state drive control
03/09/17Coherency of data in data relocation
03/09/17Temperature management in data storage devices
02/09/17Methods and devices for booting a network attached storage with two logical units
02/02/17System and managing access requests to a memory storage subsystem
02/02/17Ejection mechanism assembly for storage drive and storage drive having the ejection mechanism assembly
01/12/17Methods, devices and systems for two stage power-on map rebuild with free space accounting in a solid state drive
01/12/17Data storage devices and methods with frequency-shaped sliding mode control
01/05/17System and preventing undesirable substantially concurrent switching in multiple power circuits
12/29/16Data management for object based storage
12/29/16Random number generator by superparamagnetism
12/29/16Automatic discovery and onboarding of electronic devices
12/22/16Identifying disk drives and processing data access requests
12/22/16Compression and formatting of data for data storage systems
12/22/16Efficient ram usage in computing devices
12/08/16Method to fabricate a tolerance ring with edge rounding from opposite major faces
12/08/16Power-safe data management system
12/01/16Systems and methods for correcting read/write overlay errors in the manufacture of magnetic transducers for storage drives
12/01/16Disk drive correcting an error in a detected gray code
11/17/16Power management for a data storage system
11/17/16System and dynamic scaling of ldpc decoder in a solid state drive
11/10/16Suspension assembly having a microactuator grounded to a flexure
11/10/16Non-binary ldpc decoder using binary subgroup processing
11/03/16Method and system for attachment of a heat sink to a circuit board
10/27/16Double writing map table entries in a data storage system to guard against silent corruption
10/27/16Automatic power disconnect method
10/20/16Bridge configuration in computing devices
10/13/16Method for manufacturing a disk drive microactuator that includes a piezoelectric element and a peripheral encapsulation layer
10/06/16Communication interface initialization
10/06/16Data deduplication using chunk files
10/06/16Syncing with a local paired device to obtain data from a remote server using point-to-point communication
09/22/16Partial garbage collection for fast error handling and optimized garbage collection for the invisible band
09/22/16Single board computer interface
09/08/16Processing data storage commands for enclosure services
09/08/16Managed peer-to-peer applications, distributed data access and storage
08/25/16Data storage device supporting accelerated database operations
08/25/16Chip on submount carrier fixture
08/11/16Secure stream buffer on network attached storage
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07/28/16Data storage device and integrated bridge firmware to be retrieved from a storage system on chip (soc)
07/28/16Disk drive head suspension tail with ground pad outside of bonding region
07/28/16Cloud storage brokering service
07/21/16Method and aligning an illumination unit to a slider for a magnetic recording device
07/21/16Disk drive head suspension tail with a noble metal layer disposed on a plurality of structural backing islands
06/30/16Allowing fast data zone switches on data storage devices
06/23/16Remote metadata extraction and transcoding of files to be stored on a network attached storage (nas)
06/23/16Data storage device optimizing spindle motor power when transitioning into a power failure mode
06/23/16Providing digital video assets with multiple age rating levels
06/16/16Optimized management of operation data in a solid-state memory
06/16/16Temperature compensation management in solid-state memory
06/16/16Nas off-loading of network traffic for shared files
06/09/16Caching of data in data storage systems by managing the size of read and write cache based on a measurement of cache reliability
06/09/16Data retention flags in solid-state drives
06/02/16Integration of downstream ports in a multiple interface device
Patent Packs
05/12/16Mechanical shock mitigation for data storage
05/12/16Suspension assembly having a microactuator electrically connected to a gold coating on a stainless steel surface
05/05/16Voice coil motor temperature sensing circuit to reduce catastrophic failure due to voice coil motor coil shorting to ground
05/05/16Server with storage drive cooling system
04/28/16Trim command processing in a solid state drive
04/21/16Atomic write command support in a solid state drive
04/14/16System and dynamically adjusting garbage collection policies in solid-state memory
04/14/16Data storage device generating an operating seek time profile as a function of a base seek time profile
03/24/16Efficient error handling mechanisms in data storage systems
03/24/16Head stack assembly with a flexible printed circuit having a mouth centered between arms
03/24/16Adaptive feedback for power distribution network impedance barrier suppression
03/03/16Methods and systems for a portable data locker
03/03/16Method of optimizing device performance by maintaining device within temperature limits
02/18/16System data storage mechansim providing coherency and segmented data loading
02/18/16Method and system for atomically writing scattered information in a solid state storage device
02/11/16System and multistage processing in a memory storage subsystem
02/11/16Early de-allocation of write buffer in an ssd
02/11/16De-swage machine for removal of a head from a head stack assembly and using the same
01/28/16Measuring performance of data storage systems
01/28/16Data retention monitoring using temperature history in solid state drives
01/14/16Disk drive head suspension tail with stiffened edge alignment features
01/14/16Data storage device employing sliding mode control of spindle motor
01/07/16System and performing data retention in solid-state memory
01/07/16Data management for a data storage device with zone relocation
12/31/15Disk drive with improved spin-up control
12/24/15Moveable slider for use in a device assembly process
12/24/15Error correcting code encoder supporting multiple code rates and throughput speeds for data storage systems
12/24/15Managing and accessing data storage systems
12/10/15Customized head gimbal assembly bonding skew angle for adjusting two-dimensional magnetic recording reader alignment
12/10/15Head suspension having a flexure tail with a covered conductive layer and structural layer bond pads
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11/26/15File management among different zones of storage media
11/19/15Thermal management for solid-state drive
11/19/15Vibration mitigation for a data storage device
11/19/15Fifo buffer clean-up
11/19/15Virtualized software build system
11/19/15Systems and methods for tuning seed layer hardness in components of magnetic recording systems
11/12/15Solid-state memory corruption mitigation
11/05/15Storage device with a cover supporting portion
10/29/15Power failure management in disk drives
10/29/15Communications cable with status indicator for electronic devices
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10/08/15Distributed remote data storage access
10/01/15Communication between a host and a secondary storage device
10/01/15Inventory management system using incremental capacity formats
09/24/15Lifetime extension of non-volatile semiconductor memory for data storage device
09/24/15Method and restricting writes to solid state memory when an end-of-life condition is reached
09/24/15Data management for a data storage device using a last resort zone
09/17/15Content matching system for a networked media player
09/10/15Disk drive employing multiple read elements to increase radial band for two-dimensional magnetic recording
08/27/15Encryption key selection
08/20/15Device optimized power management
08/20/15Enabling file oriented access on storage devices
08/20/15Data storage device with embedded software
08/20/15Method and a network connected storage system
08/06/15Backup of baseline installation
07/30/15Garbage collection and data relocation for data storage system
07/16/15Injection molding part with "zero draft" design and manufacturing methodologies
06/18/15Grease composition additive for pivot bearing assemblies
06/11/15Misprogramming prevention in solid-state memory
06/11/15Disk drive head suspension tail with stiffened edge alignment features
05/28/15Disk drive slider with sense amplifier for coupling to a preamp through a supply/bias line and a read signal line
05/28/15Disk drive comprising laser transmission line optimized for heat assisted magnetic recording
04/30/15Programming scheme for improved voltage distribution in solid-state memory
04/30/15Data storage device supporting accelerated database operations
04/30/15Data storage device startup
04/30/15Efficient error handling mechanisms in data storage systems
04/23/15Electronic system with media preparation mechanism and operation thereof
04/23/15Data storage device comprising multiple storage units
04/16/15Method and configuring an electronic device
04/09/15Utilizing destructive features as ram code for a storage device
04/09/15Adaptive error correction codes for data storage systems
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04/02/15Virtual manifestation of a nas or other devices and user interaction therewith
04/02/15System and expedited loading of an image onto a storage device
03/12/15High performance system providing selective merging of dataframe segments in hardware
03/05/15Latch system
03/05/15Data migration for data storage device
03/05/15Hard drive mounting and shock system
03/05/15Rediscovery of past data
02/26/15Storage device supporting periodic writes while in a low power mode for an electronic device
02/19/15I/o card architecture based on a common controller
01/29/15Power fail protection and recovery using low power states in a data storage device/system
01/29/15Falling state determination for data storage device
01/29/15Power conservation based on caching
01/29/15Automatic raid mirroring when adding a second boot drive
01/01/15Dynamic raid controller power management
01/01/15Virtual nand capacity extension in a hybrid drive
12/25/14Backup power for reducing host current transients
12/18/14Fan plate
12/11/14Component placement within a solid state drive
12/11/14Using dual phys to support multiple pcie link widths
12/11/14Migration of encrypted data for data storage systems
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11/20/14High performance read-modify-write system providing line-rate merging of dataframe segments in hardware
11/13/14Disk drive read circuit comprising an ac coupled sense amplifier for amplifying a read signal
11/13/14Electrically conductive underlayer to grow fept granular media with (001) texture on glass substrates
10/30/14Disk drive with improved spin-up control
10/30/14Disk drive minimizing initial seek distance after load operation
10/16/14Thermal management for solid-state drive
10/09/14Storage device with a cover supporting portion
10/02/14Methods and systems for privileged execution support for file system commands on a storage device
10/02/14Detection of user behavior using time series modeling
09/18/14Methods and systems for optimized staggered disk drive spinup
09/18/14Production failure analysis system
09/18/14Shared media crawler database method and system
09/18/14Decoding data stored in solid-state memory
09/18/14Atomic write command support in a solid state drive
09/18/14Compression and formatting of data for data storage systems
09/18/14Storage device powered by a communications interface
09/18/14Multiple stream compression and formatting of data for data storage systems
09/11/14De-swage machine for removal of a head from a head stack assembly
09/11/14Methods, devices and systems for two stage power-on map rebuild with free space accounting in a solid state drive
08/21/14Method and measuring a pitch static attitude of a head stack assembly
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07/24/14Initialization of a storage device
07/17/14Systems and methods of configuring a mode of operation in a solid-state memory
07/17/14Data management for a data storage device
06/26/14Dynamic overprovisioning for data storage systems
06/26/14Priority-based garbage collection for data storage systems
06/19/14Log-likelihood ratio and lumped log-likelihood ratio generation for data storage systems
06/19/14Methods and devices for replacing and configuring a router in a network
06/19/14Methods and systems for provisioning a bootable image on to an external drive
06/12/14System and lower page data recovery in a solid state drive
06/05/14Methods, solid state drive controllers and data storage devices having a runtime variable raid protection scheme
05/29/14Data reliability schemes for data storage systems
05/22/14Analog-to-digital converter with input voltage biasing dc level of resonant oscillator
05/15/14Methods and devices for avoiding lower page corruption in data storage devices
05/15/14Methods, data storage devices and systems for fragmented firmware table rebuild in a solid state drive
05/08/14Disk drive predicting spindle motor failure by evaluating current draw relative to temperature
04/24/14Adaptive error correction codes for data storage systems
04/10/14Methods, devices and systems for physical-to-logical mapping in solid state drives
04/03/14Optimizing data block size for deduplication
02/27/14Solid-state drive retention monitor using reference blocks
02/06/14Ultra-thin hdd embedded disk clamp design
11/14/13Disk drive comprising extended range head proximity sensor
11/07/13Disk drive employing single polarity supply voltage to generate write current
10/31/13Managing unreliable memory in data storage systems
10/31/13Slim form factor disk drive
10/10/13Digital rights managment system, devices, and methods for binding content to an intelligent storage device
10/10/13Digital rights management system and methods for provisioning content to an intelligent storage
10/10/13Digital rights management system transfer of content and distribution
10/10/13Cryptographic hash database
09/26/13Fastener container to provide fasteners to a fastener feeder
09/19/13Systems and methods for correcting slider parallelism error using compensation lapping
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08/15/13Methods and devices for authentication and data encryption
06/20/13Information storage device with a damping insert sheet between a housing bay and a disk drive
06/20/13Damper for disk drive
06/20/13Data storage device generating redundancy for data path protection of a parity sector
06/13/13Disk drive charging capacitor using motor supply voltage during power failure
06/06/13Command portal for securely communicating and executing non-standard storage subsystem commands
05/23/13Disk drive data caching using a multi-tiered memory
05/16/13Disk drive selecting disturbance signal for feed-forward compensation
05/16/13Disk drive upsampling servo control signal
05/16/13Aerodynamic device for aerostatic sealing in a hard disk drive (hdd)
04/18/13Transfer tool for clamping a disk drive suspension to an actuator arm
04/18/13Suspension clamp for clamping a disk drive suspension to an actuator arm
03/28/13Disk drive calibrating a laser write power for heat assisted magnetic recording
03/21/13Systems and methods for data throttling during disk drive power down
03/21/13Current sensor comprising differential amplifier biased by leakage current
03/07/13System and method to align a boss of a head gimbal assembly to a boss hole of an actuator arm for disk drive assembly
03/07/13Systems and methods for an enhanced controller architecture in data storage systems
02/14/13Disk drive writing spiral tracks on a slave surface using repeatable runout compensation for a master surface
02/14/13Disk drive decreasing a settle delay based on speed that a settle parameter adapts
02/14/13Spindle motor having connecting mechanism connecting lead wire and circuit board, and storage disk drive having the same
12/27/12Electronic device avoiding false detection of free fall event based on detected operating modes
12/27/12Disk drive mapping out data tracks to avoid thermal asperities
12/20/12System and performing data retention that incorporates environmental conditions
11/29/12Disk drive having a sheet metal clamp with a stamped annular protruding disk contact feature
11/08/12Personal video recorder for inserting a stored advertisement into a displayed broadcast stream
11/08/12High performance path for command processing
11/08/12Booting from a secondary storage device in order to accumulate disk drive performance data
11/01/12Disk drive adjusting rotational position optimization (rpo) algorithm to compensate for repeatable runout (rro)
11/01/12System and improved parity determination within a data redundancy scheme in a solid state memory

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