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Westinghouse Electric Company Llc
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Westinghouse Electric Company Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Westinghouse Electric Company Llc. Westinghouse Electric Company Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Westinghouse Electric Company Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Westinghouse Electric Company Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Duplex accident tolerant coating for nuclear fuel rods

A method is described for forming duplex layers including an interlayer and a corrosion resistant boundary layer on a nuclear fuel rod cladding tube for use in a water cooled nuclear reactor. The method includes forming, by thermal deposition or physical vapor deposition, on the exterior of a substrate, an... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Heat pipe molten salt fast reactor with stagnant liquid core

A molten salt reactor is described that includes a containment vessel, a reactor core housed within the containment vessel, a neutron reflector spaced from the containment vessel and positioned between the core and the containment vessel, a liquid fuel comprised of a nuclear fission material dissolved in a molten salt... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Corrosion and wear resistant coating on zirconium alloy cladding

The invention relates to compositions and methods for coating a zirconium alloy cladding of a fuel element for a nuclear water reactor. The composition includes a master alloy including one or more alloying elements selected from chromium, silicon and aluminum, a chemical activator and an inert filler. The alloying element(s)... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Process for manufacturing sic composite ceramics

A method is described for manufacturing a ceramic composite structure. The method includes wrapping ceramic fibers (22), such as SiC fibers, about the external surface of at least one form. The method further includes heating the wrapped fibers (22) to a temperature no greater than a first temperature, infiltrating voids... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Tank closure cesium removal

The invention relates to systems, apparatus and methods for the removal of cesium and other radionuclides from liquid waste contained in a high level waste tank. The invention includes transporting a stream of the liquid waste from the high level waste tank to one or more ion-exchange column assemblies to... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Cold spray chromium coating for nuclear fuel rods

A method is provided for coating the substrate of a component, such as a zirconium alloy cladding tube, for use in a water cooled nuclear reactor under normal operating conditions and under high temperature oxidation conditions. The method includes heating a pressurized carrier gas to a temperature between 200° C.... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Spray methods for coating nuclear fuel rods to add corrosion resistant barrier

A method is described herein for coating the substrate of a component for use in a water cooled nuclear reactor to provide a barrier against corrosion. The method includes providing a zirconium alloy substrate; and coating the substrate with particles selected from the group consisting of metal oxides, metal nitrides,... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Irradiation target handling device

A device that will enable material to be irradiated as needed to produce a desired transmutation product inside the core of a nuclear reactor. The device provides a means for monitoring neutron flux in the vicinity of the material being irradiated to allow determination of the amount of transmutation product... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Nuclear fuel rod

A Gland Seal End Plug closure for a nuclear fuel rod cladding composed of silicon carbide or other materials that cannot be welded. The sealant is, preferably, made from one or more forms of pure graphite and the ram, seat and other components of the Gland Seal End Plug are... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Method of manufacturing a sic composite fuel cladding with inner zr alloy liner

A method for making a fuel rod cladding tube and a cladding tube are described. The method includes wrapping ceramic fibers, for example, SiC fibers in a SiC matrix, around a tube formed from a metal alloy, such as a zirconium alloy. The interstices of the SiC wrappings on the... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Zirconium-coated silicon carbide fuel cladding for accident tolerant fuel application

The invention relates to a multi-component cladding for a nuclear fuel rod that includes a combination of ceramic and metal components. More particularly, the invention is directed to a cladding that includes a ceramic composite having a zirconium composition deposited thereon to form a zirconium coated ceramic composite. The ceramic... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Low pressure drop nuclear fuel assembly bottom nozzle

A nuclear fuel assembly having a bottom nozzle with protrusions that extend from the upstream (lower or fluid entry) and downstream (upper or fluid exit) side of a horizontally supported perforated flow plate. The protrusions have a funnel-like shape that gradually decreases the lateral flow area on the upstream side... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Ambient temperature decontamination of nuclear power plant component surfaces containing radionuclides in a metal oxide

This invention generally concerns radioactive decontamination of deposits on components in a nuclear power plant and is specifically concerned with improved systems and methods for disrupting, dissolving, removing and reducing at ambient temperature radionuclides formed on the primary side surfaces of components in a pressurized water reactor and the internal... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Integrated electrical coil and coil stack assembly

An improved electrical coil unit is described which includes generally a coil member encapsulated within an iron-containing metal housing wherein the housing has an increased surface area to better transfer heat and provide air flow during operation. Each coil unit includes a coil member comprising a bobbin made of a... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Modular plate and shell heat exchanger

A modular plate and shell heat exchanger in which welded pairs of heat transfer plates are tandemly spaced and coupled in parallel between an inlet and outlet conduit to form a heat transfer assembly. The heat transfer assembly is placed in the shell in order to transfer heat from a... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Reactor coolant system piping temperature distribution measurement system

A system that measures the temperature distribution of the reactor coolant flowing through the hot leg or cold leg pipes by measuring the speed of sound time delay. This concept uses radiation hardened and temperature tolerant ultrasonic signal drivers based on vacuum micro-electronic technology. The system employs ultrasonic signals propagated... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Real-time reactor coolant system boron concentration monitor utilizing an ultrasonic spectroscpopy system

A method and a system for performing real-time, continuous, measurements of the boron concentration in the water entering a nuclear reactor coolant system. The invention utilizes knowledge of the impact that boron contained in liquid water has on the attenuation of acoustic or ultrasonic waves. This information, coupled with radiation... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Method of detecting and outputting radiation dose rate information

A method includes detecting currently existing dose rates while a worker is performing an operation within a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) and visually outputting to the worker a dosage rate map of ionizing radiation within the RCA. The visual output can be visually depicted on a display that is worn... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Thermal retracting actuator

A thermal actuator for a rotating shaft shutdown seal that has a piston with a portion of its axial length enclosed within a chamber shell with a material that expands upon a rise in temperature. The portion of the actual length of the piston within the chamber has at least... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Holding fixture to assist in assembly of support grid for nuclear fuel rods and assembling support grid for nuclear fuel rods

A holding fixture for assisting in assembly of a support grid for nuclear fuel rods and including a plurality of straps each having a plurality of slots extending approximately half a height of the straps and tabs formed beside or between the slots. The holding fixture includes an actuation plate,... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Apparatus for degassing a nuclear reactor coolant system

An in-line dissolved gas removal membrane-based apparatus for removing dissolved hydrogen and fission gases from the letdown stream from a reactor coolant system.... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Spring apparatus and support apparatus usable in nuclear installation

A spring apparatus in accordance with the disclosed and claimed concept is usable in a nuclear installation. In one embodiment, the spring apparatus includes a plurality of springs that are in a compressed state and that are compressively engaged with an upper core plate of a nuclear reactor when the... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Top nozzle and pressurized water nuclear reactor including same

The present invention provides a top nozzle for use with PWR nuclear reactors and power plants, and in particular, VVER nuclear reactors. The top nozzle includes a plate portion having a peripheral portion; a hub portion spaced from the plate portion; a plurality of support portions extending from the plate... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

In-containment ex-core detector system

Apparatus for amplifying low level signals within a nuclear plant's containment building, derived from the ex-core nuclear instrumentation system. The system employs vacuum micro-electronic devices in place of conventional pre-amplifier assemblies to position the pre-amplifier assemblies closer to and within the vicinity of the ex-core detector outputs.... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Nuclear control rod position indication system

A pulsed sonar-based wireless rod position indication system that utilizes nuclear radiation and high temperature tolerant hardware. The pulsed sonar-based rod position indication system can precisely locate the rod position by measuring the time of flight of a transmitted signal and by using the phase and amplitude information of the... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Hydraulic apparatus and hydraulic appliance usable therein

A hydraulic apparatus includes a first valve manifold that provides a shutdown capability and a second valve manifold that provides an overspeed control capability. The hydraulic apparatus advantageously further employs a hydraulic appliance that includes a check valve and a bypass apparatus. The hydraulic appliance enables the second valve manifold... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Measurement determining compressive loading that will be applied to a fuel rod of a pressurized water reactor

An improved measurement apparatus employs a support that includes a housing and that further includes a follower that is movably situated on the support. The follower is biased in a direction generally away from the housing. The housing and follower are receivable between a spring/dimple pair, and a sensor detects... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

System usable in nuclear environment for providing breathing gas

A system usable in a nuclear environment provides a reservoir of liquefied breathable gas in fluid communication with a deployment system. The deployment system uses a stream of the breathable gas from the reservoir to operate a gas turbine which runs an electrical generator that is mechanically connected therewith to... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Multilayer composite fuel clad system with high temperature hermeticity and accident tolerance

The invention relates to a multilayer cladding including a combination of ceramic and metallic components. The multilayer coating includes an inner layer, an intermediate layer and an outer layer. The inner layer can form the cladding structure, the intermediate layer can include a ceramic composite or ceramic-containing composite composed of... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Subcritical reactivity monitor utilizing prompt self-powered incore detectors

A subcritical reactivity monitor that utilizes one or more primarily gamma sensitive (prompt responding) self-powered detector style radiation measurement devices located within the core of a nuclear reactor to determine the amount that the reactor multiplication factor (Keff) is below the reactivity required to achieve or maintain a self-sustaining nuclear... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Modular electrochemical machining apparatus

An electrochemical machining apparatus is modular and includes a power module, an electrolyte processing module, an actuator module, and a control module that are connected with one another via a connection apparatus. The components are modular and are mounted on separate supports, many of which additionally include caster, and the... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Cryogenic system for spent nuclear fuel pool emergency cooling & safety system

An emergency spent nuclear fuel pool cooling system that requires no external electrical power source and relies on the expansion of a cryogenic fluid through an evaporator/heat exchanger submerged within the spent fuel pool, to power various components used to cool the spent fuel pool and adjacent areas and provide... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Heat exchanger

A compact heat exchanger is formed from a plurality of very thin layers that are affixed to one another and that are formed via additive manufacturing. Such additive manufacturing enables the configurations of the heat exchanger's flow channels and the arrangements of such flow channels to be optimized for improved... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Discharge apparatus usable for determining neutron flux

A discharge apparatus usable in a nuclear reactor includes an emitter apparatus in the form of a plurality of wire segments that emit electrons via beta decay to a collector. The rate at which the electrons are emitted is directly related to the neutron flux in the vicinity of each... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

Corrosion and wear resistant coating on zirconium alloy cladding

The invention relates to compositions and methods for coating a zirconium alloy cladding of a fuel element for a nuclear water reactor. The composition includes a master alloy including one or more alloying elements selected from chromium, silicon and aluminum, a chemical activator and an inert filler. The alloying element(s)... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

02/16/17 / #20170047131

Method for measuring bow/twist of a fuel assembly

A method of determining the bow and twist of a nuclear fuel assembly that utilizes fiber optic shape sensing technology enclosed within a flexible sheath that transmits strain on the interior walls of a control rod guide thimble within the fuel assembly to a fiber cable of the shape sensing... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

02/02/17 / #20170032853

Nuclear fuel assembly with seismic/loca tolerance grid

A nuclear fuel assembly grid that includes two zones, a protected zone and a crumbled zone. The crumbled zone occupies the periphery of the grid and is designed to experience plastic deformation under high impact loads and the protected zone occupies the interior of the grid where the control rod... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

01/26/17 / #20170023239

Method of predicting wear on tubes of steam generator

A method predicts an amount of wear that is expected to occur on the tubes of a steam generator as a result of vibration against another structure within the steam generator. The method includes determining a volumetric amount of material that has been worn from a location on a tube... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

01/19/17 / #20170018321

Under vessel automated work platform assembly

An automated high speed under vessel work platform with three automated axes comprising a 360° rotational horizontal axis, a linear horizontal axis via a traversing trolley, and a linear vertical axis via swappable task robots, which can also add fourth and fifth axes capabilities. The automated high speed under vessel... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

01/12/17 / #20170011813

Alternate passive spent fuel pool cooling systems and methods

In particular, the passive spent fuel pool cooling systems and methods of the invention are useful when the active spent fuel pool cooling system is unavailable or inoperable.... Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

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