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Whirlpool Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Whirlpool Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Whirlpool Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Whirlpool Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016953206/16/16 Interior mounted cooktop bracket for concealed and surface mounted installation
22016017403506/16/16 Appliances that trigger applications on consumer devices based on user proximity to appliance
32016015871906/09/16 Blender jar collars and interlocks
42016016042106/09/16 Laundry treating appliance with a dynamic balancer
52016016043206/09/16 Laundry treating appliance with imaging control
62016016112806/09/16 Oven door lighting
72016015094106/02/16 Rotating filter for a dishwashing machine
82016015369206/02/16 Secondary cooling path in refrigerator
92016015370406/02/16 Multi-level drawer organization system for a refrigerating appliance
102016015370706/02/16 Refrigeration device with variable capacity compressor and cycle priming action through capacity control and associated methods
112016014350405/26/16 Dishwasher drain assemblies having overmolded volutes
122016014350705/26/16 Reduced vapor dry dishwashers
132016014579005/26/16 Laundry treating appliance with laundry deflector
142016014652405/26/16 Vertical ice maker producing clear ice pieces
152016013659305/19/16 Enhanced heat transfer to water
162016013748005/19/16 Select fill sensor system for refrigerator dispensers
172016013820605/19/16 Laundry treating appliance with tub and basket having matched characteristics
182016013884405/19/16 Rotational ice maker
192016014107805/19/16 Shelf brackets to conduct electricity to refrigerator shelves
202016012851605/12/16 High-speed blending blade for a food processing appliance
212016012851705/12/16 Food processing device with an externally operated adjustment mechanism
222016012940905/12/16 Thin-walled glass-lined blender jars
232016013140705/12/16 Modular bucket and door architecture to deliver three ice functions
242016013141605/12/16 Liner shelf support structures for refrigerators and freezers
252016013141905/12/16 Apparatus, managing and dispensing liquid enhancement components from a refrigerator
262016013408705/12/16 Refrigerator module utilities enabled via connection
272016013443105/12/16 Client for an appliance network
282016012360205/05/16 Economical and versatile system for fixing a hob in a worktop
292016012365505/05/16 Universal fixing system for a range of modular refrigerator components
302016012453905/05/16 Integrated user interfaces having decorative, touch and lighting elements
312016011347604/28/16 Angled dishwasher sumps
322016011619804/28/16 Method and increasing rate of ice production in an automatic ice maker
332016011619904/28/16 In door ice bin for an automatic ice maker
342016011675604/28/16 Light collimators and methods for human machine interfaces
352016010781904/21/16 Method to create vacuum insulated cabinets for refrigerators
362016010916604/21/16 Cooling system for ice maker
372016010917304/21/16 Shelving assembly for refrigerator compartment
382016010073804/14/16 Rotating filter for a dishwasher
392016010073904/14/16 Dishwasher rack handle
402016010290704/14/16 Refrigerator divider assemblies and methods
412016010355104/14/16 Method and operating a touch input device, a lighting device, and a circuit
422016009546904/07/16 Powered cooking accessory for an oven cavity
432016009549304/07/16 Dishwasher with integrated closure element having an antenna
442016009549404/07/16 Dishwasher with controlled rotation of lower spray arm
452016009549504/07/16 Dishwasher
462016009549704/07/16 Dishwasher utensil caddies
472016009714904/07/16 Methods and apparatus to detect treating chemistries in laundry appliances
482016008388803/24/16 Laundry treating appliance with a suspension assembly and a suspension assembly
492016008455703/24/16 Refrigerator with temperature control
502016008455803/24/16 Thermoelectric ice maker
512016008456203/24/16 Refrigerator ice compartment latch and cover
522016008457003/24/16 Ice compartment assembly for refrigerator
532016008674703/24/16 Refrigerators, methods and apparatus to pass electrical signals through refrigerator liners
542016007680303/17/16 Multi-part icemaker bail arms and icemakers
552016006676603/10/16 Dishwasher doors with multiple silverware baskets
562016006960103/10/16 Ice maker
572016007144303/10/16 Led console assembly with light reflector
582016005916303/03/16 Electronic interface for water filter
592016006080003/03/16 Laundry treating appliance and control
602016006080103/03/16 Method of braking a rotating drum
612016006080303/03/16 Method and controlling the liquid filling in a laundry treating appliance
622016004715302/18/16 Oven door opening magnetic hinge
632016004758802/18/16 Low energy refrigerator heat source
642016003799602/11/16 Dishwasher system with a reuse tank
652016003965202/11/16 Methods and apparatus to chill dispensed beverages in refrigerators
662016004290102/11/16 Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to regulate relay coil switching
672016003318702/04/16 Ice cube manipulation via heat
682016003319502/04/16 Power supplies for lighted shelves in a refrigerator
692016003758902/04/16 Induction cooktop
702016002211501/28/16 Dishwasher with air system
712016002211601/28/16 Dishwasher
722016002388201/28/16 Beverage system ice maker and ice and water reservoir
732016002470401/28/16 Laundry treating appliance and operation
742016002539001/28/16 Refrigerator with icemaker chilled by thermoelectric device cooled by fresh food compartment air
752016002855601/28/16 Network for communicating information related to a consumable to an appliance
762016001523901/21/16 Dishwasher with filter assembly
772016001524301/21/16 Dishwasher detergent dispenser
782016000351301/07/16 Synchronous temperature rate control for refrigeration with reduced energy consumption
792015037420012/31/15 Door assembly for a dishwasher
802015037420312/31/15 Dishwasher utensil basket
812015037602912/31/15 Drinking water filter with integral self-disinfecting delivery system
822015037752912/31/15 Fin-coil design for dual suction air conditioning unit
832015038240812/31/15 Methods of controlling cooling in a microwave heating apparatus and apparatus thereof
842015036860512/24/15 Compost system with error detection
852015036884112/24/15 Washer and washer control with cycles for laundry additives and color safe bleaches/in-wash stain removers
862015036884412/24/15 Method for detecting satellization speed of clothes load in a horizontal axis laundry treating appliance
872015035941212/17/15 Household appliance with bulk unit-dose dispenser and controlling the same
882015036084812/17/15 Pressure-driven metered mixing dispensing pumps and methods
892015036224512/17/15 Active insulation hybrid dual evaporator with rotating fan
902015035157912/10/15 Method of regulating temperature for sous vide cooking and apparatus therefor
912015035333712/10/15 Hands free, controlled autofill for a dispenser
922015035412412/10/15 Appliance and removing noise from a motor characteristic signal in a laundry treating appliance
932015035483812/10/15 Air conditioner with selectable supplemental compressor cooling
942015035487112/10/15 Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification
952015035487212/10/15 Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification
962015035487412/10/15 Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification
972015034235012/03/15 Refrigerator shelves
982015034243812/03/15 Dishwasher with unitary wash module
992015034506012/03/15 Foreign object trap for a laundry treating appliance
1002015034506612/03/15 Laundry treating appliance and tub assembly and forming
1012015034506712/03/15 Laundry treating appliance with dynamic balancer
1022015034519412/03/15 Oven door opening magnetic hinge
1032015033503811/26/15 Refrigeration appliance and operating such appliance
1042015033747411/26/15 Clothes mover for an automatic washer
1052015033747511/26/15 Controlled moisture removal in a laundry treating appliance
1062015033814911/26/15 In the door ice maker
1072015032774711/19/15 Dishwasher having spray manifold
1082015033000911/19/15 Apparatus for controlling the extraction duration in a laundry treating appliance
1092015033001311/19/15 Method and using gravity to precisely dose detergent in a washing machine
1102015032261111/12/15 Laundry treating appliance with tumble pattern control
1112015032261311/12/15 Laundry treating appliance with integrated dynamic balancer
1122015032261411/12/15 Laundry treating appliance with dynamic balancer
1132015032261511/12/15 Laundry treating appliance with integrated dynamic balancer
1142015031424911/05/15 Carbonation via a carbon filter media
1152015031500911/05/15 Bladder pump for liquid dispensing
1162015031573511/05/15 Laundry treating appliance and method using inertia detection to control liquid extraction
1172015030556510/29/15 Low profile motor for portable appliances
1182015030559310/29/15 Easier loading and unloading silverware baskets for automatic dishwashers
1192015030802910/29/15 Method and determining an inertia of a laundry load in a laundry treating appliance
1202015030803110/29/15 Apparatus and determining inertia of a laundry load
1212015030065110/22/15 Power management for home appliances
1222015028952810/15/15 Fruit and vegetables green sanitizing compartment
1232015029279610/15/15 Method for controlling a refrigerating unit
1242015029608710/15/15 Product service system and method
1252015028267210/08/15 Ingredient attachment jar for stand mixer attachment hub
1262015028489810/08/15 Method to control a drying cycle of a laundry treating appliance
1272015027628910/01/15 Synchronous compartment temperature control and refrigeration with reduced energy consumption
1282015027629810/01/15 Apparatuses and methods to improve air flow in on-the-door icemakers
1292015027630510/01/15 Interactive lighting in a refrigerator
1302015027630610/01/15 Synchronous temperature rate control and refrigeration with reduced energy consumption
1312015026512909/24/15 Automatic dishwasher with pump assembly
1322015026734009/24/15 Laundry treating appliance dispenser
1332015026795809/24/15 Vacuum insulated structure tubular cabinet construction
1342015027187709/24/15 Solid-state microwave device
1352015025743309/17/15 High performance adjustable juicer with pulp chute
1362015025760109/17/15 Anti-rotational latch for a blending appliance
1372015025760209/17/15 Magnetic disk coupler for blending apparatus with energy storage
1382015025762309/17/15 Dishwasher rack spray assembly
1392015025847609/17/15 Filtering device with measured activation of flow reduction
1402015025851209/17/15 Blender jar scraping utensil
1412015025984409/17/15 Modular laundry system and laundry module
1422015025984509/17/15 Modular laundry system
1432015025984809/17/15 Method for treating clothes in a dryer
1442015025033409/10/15 Track for slotted wall system
1452015025519309/10/15 Shelf brackets to conduct electricity to refrigerator shelves
1462015024576209/03/15 Glasses rack for dishwasher
1472015024766209/03/15 Single evaporator refrigeration system for multi-compartment refrigerator appliance with isolated air flows
1482015024766509/03/15 Adjustable connector system for connection to a modular appliance
1492015023972308/27/15 Multi-single serve beverage dispensing apparatus, method and system
1502015024040708/27/15 Household cleaning appliance with a non-bulk dispensing system convertible to a household cleaning appliance with a bulk dispensing system
1512015024109808/27/15 Cooling system having dual suction port compressor
1522015024110308/27/15 Clad metal ice cube tray
1532015024110608/27/15 Ice imaging system
1542015024111208/27/15 Folding approach to create a 3d vacuum insulated door from 2d flat vacuum insulation panels
1552015024111408/27/15 Vacuum packaged 3d vacuum insulated door structure and method therefor using a tooling fixture
1562015024111708/27/15 Refrigerator pantry compartment
1572015024111808/27/15 Multi-section core vacuum insulation panels with hybrid barrier film envelope
1582015024111908/27/15 Lighting units for refrigerator drawers and baskets
1592015024541908/27/15 Glass pan having an electromagnetically formed induction layer
1602015022366508/13/15 Dishwasher with booster agent dispersal system
1612015021630008/06/15 Method of assembling a rack shelving unit
1622015021638908/06/15 Dishwasher with unitary wash module
1632015021938408/06/15 Moisture control system for an appliance and controlling moisture within an appliance
1642015022212008/06/15 Electrical household appliance system
1652015020889707/30/15 Dishwasher
1662015021052507/30/15 Multiple inlet dispensing apparatus and system for preparing beverages
1672015021177507/30/15 On-line energy consumption optimization adaptive to environmental condition
1682015021177807/30/15 Refrigerator with energy consumption optimization using adaptive fan delay
1692015021178007/30/15 Specialty cooling features using extruded evaporator
1702015021178507/30/15 Under mount roller for crisper system
1712015021178607/30/15 Slide assembly for refrigerator storage drawer
1722015020182307/23/15 Dishwasher
1732015020455507/23/15 Systems and methods for multi-sense control algorithm for atomizers in refrigerators
1742015019618707/16/15 Dishwasher with unitary wash module
1752015019788107/16/15 Continuous glass fiber reinforced polymer composites in appliances
1762015019835907/16/15 Phase change materials for refrigeration and ice making
1772015019838107/16/15 Method of forming a refrigeration heat exchanger
1782015019233907/09/15 Domestic refrigerator including an ice dispenser
1792015019234807/09/15 Low energy evaporator defrost
1802015018209707/02/15 Filter assembly for a dishwasher
1812015018491407/02/15 Ice maker with heatless ice removal and heatless removal of ice
1822015017358606/25/15 Door assembly for a dishwasher
1832015017358806/25/15 Height adjuster mechanism for a dishwasher dish rack
1842015017540106/25/15 Beverage dispensing system with user customizable inputs
1852015017616606/25/15 Laundry treating appliance with a static tub
1862015017617906/25/15 Apparatus for redistributing an imbalance in a laundry treating appliance
1872015017688806/25/15 Folded vacuum insulated structure
1882015016428006/18/15 Container and system for holding a cutting tool of a food processing device
1892015016429906/18/15 Dishwasher with sprayer
1902015016430106/18/15 Dishwasher rack assembly with trim assembly
1912015016795506/18/15 Appliance with illumination source actuated by touch sensitive window frame
1922015016805006/18/15 Vacuum insulated door structure and the creation thereof
1932015015718406/11/15 Household appliance and opening the same
1942015015718506/11/15 Methods and apparatus to heat liquids in dishwashers
1952015015931106/11/15 Laundry treating appliance with tub ring
1962015015931306/11/15 Appliances with sudsing-reducing flushable detergent dispensers
1972015015988006/11/15 Additional primary air access for surface gas burners
1982015015994906/11/15 Method for drying articles
1992015016267206/11/15 Electrical connector for adjustable refrigerator shelf
2002015013576205/21/15 Refrigerator with easy access drawer
2012015013618705/21/15 Dishwasher
2022015012940805/14/15 Capacitive control interfaces for domestic appliances
2032015012391005/07/15 Method of controlling the actuation of a user interface
2042015011384104/30/15 Alphanumeric display assembly
2052015011438404/30/15 Modular vent hood blower kit for in-line or external application
2062015011489504/30/15 Filter unit
2072015011713704/30/15 Blender assembly
2082015011713904/30/15 Blender jar assembly
2092015011714104/30/15 Magnetic disc coupler
2102015010708404/23/15 Method of making an appliance cabinet
2112015010727604/23/15 Icemaker with swing tray
2122015010730804/23/15 Laundry treating appliance
2132015011093104/23/15 Beverage dispensing system with automated water filter recommendation
2142015010120704/16/15 Method and drying articles
2152015010166804/16/15 Laundry treating appliance and filling a laundry treating appliance with liquid
2162015010280104/16/15 Method and detecting an energized e-field
2172015009632504/09/15 Refrigerators with a non-azeotropic mixtures of hydrocarbons refrigerants
2182015009700304/09/15 Beverages dispenser and a dispensing beverages
2192015009769104/09/15 Method for preventing input on an apparatus having a user interface
2202015008979404/02/15 Method of manufacturing a rotor for an electric motor for a washing machine
2212015008982904/02/15 Method and drying articles
2222015008997904/02/15 Laundry treating appliance and operating a laundry treating appliance
2232015008281203/26/15 Integrated ice maker pump
2242015008283703/26/15 Laundry treating appliance with integrated dynamic balancer
2252015008449503/26/15 Dispensers, refrigerators and methods for dispensing objects
2262015007519103/19/15 Ice cube release and rapid freeze using fluid exchange apparatus and methods
2272015007522903/19/15 Dynamic balancer in a laundry treating appliance
2282015007205403/12/15 Cooking appliance
2292015007361203/12/15 Method for determining an optimal schedule of an appliance
2302015005936603/05/15 Stir stick and breaker walls for an ice container
2312015005937103/05/15 Variable expansion device with thermal choking for a refrigeration system
2322015005939403/05/15 Ice maker with piezo dielectric elastomer sensor
2332015005277402/26/15 Method for drying articles
2342015005277502/26/15 Appliance for drying articles
2352015005293202/26/15 Combined refrigerator/freezer appliances with dampers having ice prevention treatments
2362015005295302/26/15 Laundry treating appliance with a static tub
2372015005295402/26/15 Laundry treating appliance with a static tub and a water trap vapor seal
2382015005308902/26/15 Method of operating a coffee maker
2392015005309402/26/15 Multi-functional toasting platform utilizing a coated clear-glass heating element
2402015005331002/26/15 Method for welding a case hardened component
2412015005568002/26/15 Methods and apparatus to determine home appliance cabinet temperature using a light emitting diode (led)
2422015004712802/19/15 Method to detect the type of a load in a laundry treating appliance
2432015004719802/19/15 System and mounting undercabinet ventilation hood
2442015004721802/19/15 Appliance for drying articles
2452015004739602/19/15 Laundry treating appliance and predicting mechanical degradation in a laundry treating appliance
2462015004088702/12/15 Inner swirling flame gas burner
2472015004157702/12/15 Locking ring
2482015004623402/12/15 Method and managing resources of utility providers
2492015003380202/05/15 Pulley for washing machine

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