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William Marsh Rice University
William Marsh Rice University A Texas Corporation
William Marsh Rice University A Texas University
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William Marsh Rice University patents

Recent patent applications related to William Marsh Rice University. William Marsh Rice University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: William Marsh Rice University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with William Marsh Rice University, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date William Marsh Rice University patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015022575308/13/15 Hydroxy- and dicarboxylic-fat synthsis by microbes
22015022931908/13/15 Systems and methods for active cancellation for improving isolation of transmission gates in high-frequency analog to digital converters
32015021697508/06/15 Nanovector based drug delivery system for overcoming drug resistance
42015020631407/23/15 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
52015019508807/09/15 Puf authentication and key-exchange by substring matching
62015018423207/02/15 Monitoring of 1,4-dioxane biodegradation in various environments
72015017599406/25/15 Heat-inactivated complement factor b compositions and methods
82015017053606/18/15 Time-varying learning and content analytics via sparse factor analysis
92015016238106/11/15 Addressable siox memory array with incorporated diodes
102015015347206/04/15 Detecting hydrocarbons in a geological structure
112015013854905/21/15 Tunable light-guide image processor for multi-dimensional imaging
122015014058505/21/15 Gas biosensors
132015011515904/30/15 Non-contact strain sensing of objects by use of single-walled carbon nanotubes
142015010839104/23/15 Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons
152015011101804/23/15 Low cost carbon materials for the capture of co2 and h2s from various environments
162015011102404/23/15 Nucleophilic porous carbon materials for co2 and h2s capture
172015011177804/23/15 Bio-nano-chip for anticonvulsant drug salivary assay
182015010471404/16/15 Electrodes with three dimensional current collectors and methods of making the same
192015010061904/09/15 Dual channel wi-fi for congested wlans with asymmetric traffic loads
202015009060704/02/15 Methods of preventing corrosion of surfaces by application of energy storage-conversion devices
212015007902003/19/15 Injectable hydrogels
222015008103403/19/15 Combined space maintenance and bone regeneration system for the reconstruction of large osseous defects
232015007233703/12/15 Theranostic methods and systems for diagnosis and treatment of malaria
242015005611602/26/15 Composites for carbon dioxide capture
252015005074102/19/15 Transporters of oil sensors for downhole hydrocarbon detection
262015004163102/12/15 Readout & signal transduction (rost) component for poc devices
272015004474302/12/15 Long chain organic acid bioproduction
282015002761501/29/15 Methods of making multilayer energy storage devices
292015002385801/22/15 Rebar hybrid materials and methods of making the same
302015002493101/22/15 Nucleophilic porous carbon materials for reversible co2 capture
312015002534901/22/15 Pad for measuring blood loss
322015000458801/01/15 Test size reduction via sparse factor analysis
332015000471701/01/15 Integrated instrumentation for the analysis of biofluids at the point-of-care
342014036709112/18/14 Wellbore fluids incorporating magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons and methods of using the same
352014033557811/13/14 Integrated biodiesel process
362014032210310/30/14 Multisample bionanochip platform
372014031363610/23/14 Graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials and use as electrodes
382014031509610/23/14 Clay- based energy storage compositions for high temperature applications
392014030444010/09/14 System and managing input/output data of peripheral devices
402014026402609/18/14 Cross antennas for surface-enhanced infrared absorption (seira) spectroscopy of chemical moieties
412014027291409/18/14 Sparse factor analysis for learning analytics and content analytics
422014027311009/18/14 Functionalized carboxylic acids and alcohols by reverse fatty acid oxidation
432014027972709/18/14 Sparse factor analysis for analysis of user content preferences
442014025120409/11/14 Novel growth methods for controlled large-area fabrication of high-quality graphene analogs
452014025529109/11/14 Liquid crystals from single-walled carbon nanotube polyelectrolytes and their use for making various materials
462014023819608/28/14 Size-controlled synthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles via carbon monoxide gas reduction
472014023420008/21/14 Growth of graphene films from non-gaseous carbon sources
482014023548708/21/14 Oral cancer risk scoring
492014022774508/14/14 Metabolic transistor in bacteria
502014022077308/07/14 Fabrication of graphene nanoribbons and nanowires
512014021293507/31/14 Short chain fatty acids from bacteria
522014019371107/10/14 Combined electrochemical and chemical etching processes for generation of porous silicon particulates
532014018765107/03/14 Multi-hierarchical self-assembly of a collagen mimetic peptide
542014017868806/26/14 Bernal-stacked graphene layers and methods of making the same
552014015426906/05/14 Targeted nanovectors and their use for treatment of brain tumors
562014013858705/22/14 Covalent modification and crosslinking of carbon materials by sulfur addition
572014014122405/22/14 Fabrication of carbon foams through solution processing in superacids
582014012002405/01/14 Methods for preparation of graphene nanoribbons from carbon nanotubes and compositions, thin films and devices derived therefrom
592014012008105/01/14 Use of carbon nanomaterials with antioxidant properties to treat oxidative stress
602014012016705/01/14 Multifunctional chemo- and mechanical therapeutics
612014012045305/01/14 Patterned graphite oxide films and methods to make and use same
622014010325504/17/14 Aliphatic amine based nanocarbons for the absorption of carbon dioxide
632014009784204/10/14 Electron spin resonance for medical imaging
642014009180204/03/14 Intergrated electron spin resonance spectrometer
652014009392104/03/14 Bacteria and synthesizing fatty acids
662014009439104/03/14 Bio-nano-chips for on-site drug screening
672014008421903/27/14 Doped multiwalled carbon nanotube fibers and methods of making the same
682014007615803/20/14 Composite materials for reversible co2 capture
692014007713803/20/14 Boron nitride-based fluid compositions and methods of making the same
702014008106703/20/14 Sorption and separation of various materials by graphene oxides
712014005623102/27/14 Method and system for wirelessly transmitting data
722014004874802/20/14 Graphene nanoribbon composites and methods of making the same
732014004879902/20/14 Invisible/transparent nonvolatile memory
742014003657602/06/14 Electronic devices containing switchably conductive silicon oxides as a switching element and methods for production and use thereof
752014002982401/30/14 Methods and systems for video compressive sensing for dynamic imaging
762014003218501/30/14 Gpu-based fast dose calculator for cancer therapy
772014001403001/16/14 Methods for production of single-crystal graphenes
782014001198301/09/14 Small molecule conjugates with dimetal species for protein inhibition
792013034509912/26/13 Nano-encapsulated triggered-release viscosity breaker
802013033410412/19/13 Distilling a chemical mixture using an electromagnetic radiation-absorbing complex for heating
812013033076612/12/13 Encryption of adeno-associated viruses with enzymatically decoded peptide locks
822013031997312/05/13 Layer-by-layer removal of graphene
832013032180612/05/13 Image mapped spectropolarimetry
842013031641311/28/13 Reverse beta oxidation pathway
852013030646311/21/13 Purifying a fluid using a heat carrier comprising an electromagnetic radiation-absorbing complex
862013029993311/14/13 Plasmon induced hot carrier device, using the same, and manufacturing the same
872013029650511/07/13 Compression induced stiffening and alignment of liquid crystal elastomers
882013029704811/07/13 Method and device for real-time differentiation of analog and digital signals
892013027365810/17/13 Human adipocyte-derived basement membrane for tissue engineering applications
902013027413610/17/13 Prostate cancer point of care diagnostics
912013026453610/10/13 Siox-based nonvolatile memory architecture
922013025029009/26/13 Image mapped optical coherence tomography
932013022605508/29/13 Cervical spine immobilization device
942013020934708/15/13 Gas to gas heat exchanger
952013020313708/08/13 Increasing bacterial succinate productivity
962013016854307/04/13 Analyzing the transport of plasmonic particles through mineral formations
972013013093305/23/13 Biomarker signatures for wellness testing
982013010882605/02/13 Production of highly conductive carbon nanotube-polymer composites
992013009531404/18/13 Immobilized carbon nanotubes on various surfaces
1002013009051104/11/13 Synthesis of ultrasmall metal oxide nanoparticles
1012013008460004/04/13 Native nad-dependent gapdh replaced with nadp-dependent gapdh plus nadk
1022013006927103/21/13 Dynamic strain hardening in polymer nanocomposites
1032013005898403/07/13 Single-walled carbon nanotube/bioactive substance complexes and methods related thereto
1042013004833902/28/13 Transparent electrodes based on graphene and grid hybrid structures
1052013005270502/28/13 Engineered bacteria produce succinate from sucrose
1062013004542002/21/13 Anode battery materials and methods of making the same
1072013004014302/14/13 Synthesis of uniform nanoparticle shapes with high selectivity
1082013004040502/14/13 Methods for sensitive and rapid detection of molecules
1092013001745301/17/13 Conformal coating on nanostructured electrode materials for three-dimensional applications
1102013000452301/03/13 Therapeutic compositions and methods for delivery of active agents cleavably linked to nanoparticles
1112012032268212/20/12 Brain injury biomarker panel
1122012030650112/06/12 Methods for magnetic imaging of geological structures
1132012030281611/29/12 Therapeutic compositions and methods for targeted delivery of active agents
1142012029509111/22/12 Processes for fabricating films of graphene, carbon nanotubes, and other carbon nanostructures on various types of substrates
1152012028986611/15/12 Device for collection of gait analysis data for upper and lower extremities
1162012028360211/08/12 Wireless electronic pegboard setup for quantification of dexterity
1172012026789310/25/12 Electricity generation using electromagnetic radiation
1182012026134310/18/12 Methods, systems and membranes for separation of organic compounds from liquid samples
1192012025718810/11/12 Paper based spectrophotometric detection of blood hemoglobin concentration
1202012024553009/27/12 Method and dose measurement
1212012023802109/20/12 Methods of synthesizing three-dimensional heteroatom-doped carbon nanotube macro materials and compositions thereof
1222012023132609/13/12 Structured silicon battery anodes
1232012021399408/23/12 X-ray absorbing compositions and methods of making the same
1242012020800808/16/12 Graphene-based thin films in heat circuits and methods of making the same
1252012019705108/02/12 Graphene nanoribbons prepared from carbon nanotubes via alkalimetal exposure
1262012018949207/26/12 Fullerene compositions and methods for photochemical purification
1272012015362106/21/12 Cooling systems and hybrid a/c systems using an electromagnetic radiation-absorbing complex
1282012015584106/21/12 Generating a heated fluid using an electromagnetic radiation-absorbing complex
1292012015610206/21/12 Waste remediation
1302012014599706/14/12 Production of vertical arrays of small diameter single-walled carbon nanotubes
1312012012973605/24/12 Highly oxidized graphene oxide and methods for production thereof
1322012011916205/17/12 Coated fullerenes, compositions and dielectrics made therefrom
1332012011751805/10/12 Designing synthetic biological circuits using optimality and nonequilibrium thermodynamics
1342012010759705/03/12 Embedded arrays of vertically aligned carbon nanotube carpets and methods for making them
1352012010788505/03/12 Anaerobic fermentation of glycerol
1362012009081604/19/12 Systems and methods for heat transfer utilizing heat exchangers with carbon nanotubes
1372012008170804/05/12 Integrated embedded processor based laser spectroscopic sensor
1382012006398803/15/12 Dissolution of graphite, graphite and graphene nanoribbons in superacid solutions and manipulation thereof
1392012002415302/02/12 Aliphatic amine based nanocarbons for the absorption of carbon dioxide
1402012000914601/12/12 Treatment and diagnostic methods for fibrosis related disorders
1412011031824812/29/11 Methods for solubilizing and separating large fullerenes
1422011032106712/29/11 Computing device using inexact computing architecture processor
1432011031142712/22/11 Strongly bound carbon nanotube arrays directly grown on substrates and methods for production thereof
1442011028599511/24/11 Image mapping spectrometers
1452011026277210/27/11 Method for producing aligned near full density pure carbon nanotube sheets, ribbons, and films from aligned arrays of as grown carbon nanotube carpets/forests and direct transfer to metal and polymer surfaces
1462011024796610/13/11 Recovery and separation of crude oil and water from emulsions
1472011025065410/13/11 Microaerobic cultures for converting glycerol to chemicals
1482011022083909/15/11 Converting nanoparticles in oil to aqueous suspensions
1492011021328809/01/11 Device and transfecting cells for therapeutic uses
1502011020176408/18/11 Polymer/carbon-nanotube interpenetrating networks and process for making same
1512011014438606/16/11 Graphene compositions and drilling fluids derived therefrom
1522011010044005/05/11 Optical rectification device and making same
1532011008678104/14/11 Method for forming composites of sub-arrays of fullerene nanotubes
1542011007977004/07/11 Preparation of thin film transistors (tfts) or radio frequency identification (rfid) tags or other printable electronics using ink-jet printer and carbon nanotube inks
1552011006305403/17/11 Resonant cavity integrated into a waveguide for terahertz sensing
1562011006305503/17/11 Latching micro-magnetic relay and operating same
1572011006401003/17/11 Directional communication on mobile devices
1582011006594603/17/11 Fluorinated nanodiamond as a precursor for solid substrate surface coating using wet chemistry
1592011005876503/10/11 Dual-ring silicon electro-optic modulator
1602011005987103/10/11 Graphene compositions and drilling fluids derived therefrom
1612011004508002/24/11 Single-walled carbon nanotube/bioactive substance complexes and methods related thereto
1622011003819602/17/11 Electronic devices containing switchably conductive silicon oxides as a switching element and methods for production and use thereof
1632011003251102/10/11 System and method to measure nano-scale stress and strain in materials
1642010032014112/23/10 Production of single-walled carbon nanotube grids
1652010031708612/16/10 Large scale microbial culture method
1662010031782012/16/10 Polyol functionalized water soluble carbon nanostructures
1672010030391312/02/10 Method for nanoencapsulation
1682010029497611/25/10 Composition for energy generator, storage, and strain sensor and methods of use thereof
1692010028952411/18/10 Method for fabrication of a semiconductor element and structure thereof
1702010028300811/11/10 Carbon nanotube compositions and methods for production thereof
1712010028350411/11/10 Method for fabrication of a semiconductor element and structure thereof
1722010028415611/11/10 Vertically-stacked electronic devices having conductive carbon films
1732010028453911/11/10 Methods for protecting against piracy of integrated circuits
1742010028489811/11/10 Bulk cutting of carbon nanotubes using electron beam irradiation
1752010028737411/11/10 Protecting hardware circuit design by secret sharing
1762010027912811/04/10 Single-crystalline metal nanorings and methods for synthesis thereof
1772010027942611/04/10 Electronic switching, memory, and sensor devices from carbon sheets on dielectric materials
1782010025282410/07/10 Hybrid molecular electronic devices containing molecule-functionalized surfaces for switching, memory, and sensor applications and methods for fabricating same
1792010022120809/02/10 Treatment and diagnostic methods for fibrosis related disorders
1802010022253609/02/10 Method for functionalizating carbon naontubes utilizing peroxides
1812010018666507/29/10 Method for low temperature growth of inorganic materials from solution using catalyzed growth and re-growth
1822010017731607/15/10 Integrated embedded processor based laser spectroscopic sensor
1832010015124806/17/10 Fabrication of light emitting film coated fullerenes and their application for in-vivo emission
1842010013994606/10/10 Self-assembled nanoparticles-nanotube structures based on antenna chemistry of conductive nanorods
1852010014059106/10/10 Electrical device fabrication from nanotube formations
1862010014323006/10/10 Method for preparation of new superhard b-c-n material and material made therefrom
1872010013351306/03/10 Nanoparticle / nanotube-based nanoelectronic devices and chemically-directed assembly thereof
1882010012235305/13/10 Methods and systems of digital rights management for integrated circuits
1892010010888405/06/10 Micromechanical devices for materials characterization
1902010011369605/06/10 Methods for preparing carbon nanotube/polymer composites using free radical precursors
1912010009502004/15/10 Method and system for scalable ethernet
1922010007960504/01/10 Sensor-assisted motion estimation for efficient video encoding
1932010007976304/01/10 System and fluid exposure and data acquisition
1942010007405303/25/10 Methods for concurrent generation of velocity models and depth images from seismic data
1952010006755403/18/10 Fast wavelength tuning techniques for external cavity lasers
1962010004735602/25/10 Charge-assembled capsules for phototherapy
1972010004054902/18/10 Composition for targeted drug delivery and controlled release
1982010003504702/11/10 Metal and metal oxide nanoparticle-embedded composites
1992010002824702/04/10 Methods for selective functionalization and separation of carbon nanotubes
2002010002861302/04/10 Carbon nanotubes grown on nanostructured flake substrates and methods for production thereof
2012010002868002/04/10 Nonconcentric nanoshells and methods of making and using same
2022010002873702/04/10 Spiral microreformer assembly
2032010002136701/28/10 Facile purification of carbon nanotubes with liquid bromine at room temperature
2042010000884301/14/10 Multi-step purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes
2052009030189612/10/09 Process for derivatizing carbon nanotubes with diazonium species and compositions thereof
2062009029475312/03/09 Carbon nanotube diameter selection by pretreatment of metal catalysts on surfaces
2072009027353211/05/09 Ultra low loss waveguide for broadband terahertz radiation
2082009026959310/29/09 Functionalized, hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
2092009024360410/01/09 Measurement of pipe wall thickness using magnetic flux leakage signals
2102009019731508/06/09 Fullerene-based amino acids
2112009017393507/09/09 Preparation of thin film transistors (tft's) or radio frequency identification (rfid) tags or other printable electronics using ink-jet printer and carbon nanotube inks
2122009017488407/09/09 Resonant optothermoacoustic detection of optical absorption
2132009016946307/02/09 Array of fullerene nanotubes
2142009017076807/02/09 Water-soluble carbon nanotube compositions for drug delivery and medicinal applications
2152009013017505/21/09 Composite injectable and pre-fabricated bone replacement material and the production of such bone replacement material
2162009012474705/14/09 Condensation polymers having covalently bound carbon nanotubes
2172009009927604/16/09 Functionalized carbon nanotube-polymer composites and interactions with radiation
2182009005042802/26/09 Vibration damping and heat transfer using material phase changes
2192013033076612/12/13 Encryption of adeno-associated viruses with enzymatically decoded peptide locks
2202010002136701/28/10 Facile purification of carbon nanotubes with liquid bromine at room temperature
2212010000884301/14/10 Multi-step purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes
2222010009626504/22/10 Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies
2232010014371806/10/10 Polymer-wrapped single-wall carbon nanotubes

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