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Winbond Electronics Corp
Winbond Electronics Corporation
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Winbond Electronics Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Winbond Electronics Corp. Winbond Electronics Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Winbond Electronics Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Winbond Electronics Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17Apparatus and read time control in ecc-enabled flash memory
09/14/17Protection from side-channel attacks by varying clock delays
05/04/17Level faults interception in integrated circuits
11/17/16Snooping detection between silicon elements in a circuit
10/06/16Protection of memory interface
08/04/16Storage device with robust error correction scheme
06/30/16Nand flash memory device
06/30/16Method of operating a nand flash memory device
05/19/16Memory device with secure test mode
04/07/16Bus protection with improved key entropy
02/04/16Nand flash memory having internal ecc processing and operation thereof
02/04/16Apparatus and programming ecc-enabled nand flash memory
02/04/16Nand flash memory having an enhanced buffer read capability and operation thereof
01/28/16Fault protection for clock tree circuitry
01/28/16Fault protection for high-fanout signal distribution circuitry
12/03/15Method and supply voltage glitch detection in a monolithic integrated circuit device
11/19/15Methods of and determining unique die identifiers for multiple memory die within a common package
10/29/15Nonvolatile memory device having authentication, and methods of operation and manufacture thereof
10/08/15Memory device with secure test mode
09/03/15Stacked die flash memory device with serial peripheral interface
08/13/15Flash memory having dual supply operation
07/16/15Flash memory for code and data storage
04/16/15Protection against side-channel attacks on non-volatile memory
03/26/15Protecting memory interface
03/26/15Secure memory interface with cumulative authentication
11/06/14Flash memory having dual supply operation
10/16/14Method for and flash memory device having improved read performance
09/18/14Nand flash memory
08/28/14Nonvolatile memory device having authentication, and methods of operation and manufacture thereof
02/06/14Sense amplifier for flash memory
12/26/13On-chip bad block management for nand flash memory
11/07/13Method and reading nand flash memory
10/03/13Method and logic read in flash memory
02/25/10Serial flash semiconductor memory
11/26/09In-system programming to switch memory access from one area to another in memory cards
08/20/09Wakeup of a non-powered universal serial bus
07/02/09Apparatus and fan auto-detection
04/30/09Programmable integrated microphone interface circuit
02/19/09Power efficient capacitive detection
02/19/09Time interval measurement for capacitive detection
11/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor storage device and memory system having the same
11/16/17 new patent  Resistive random access memory
10/26/17Stamp for printed circuit process and fabricating the same and printed circuit process
10/19/17Particle sensing device and electronic apparatus having the same
10/19/17Encryption/decryption apparatus and power analysis protecting method thereof
10/12/17Particle sensing device and electronic apparatus having the same
10/12/17Exposure method, exposure equipment and 3-d structure
10/12/17Resistive random access memory device and fabricating the same
10/12/17Printed circuit, thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
10/05/17Non-modular multiplier, non-modular multiplication and computational device
09/28/17Option code providing circuit and providing method thereof
09/28/17Semiconductor device and output circuit thereof
09/28/17Resistive random access memory
09/21/17Method for forming metallization structure
09/21/17Three-dimensional resistive memory and forming the same
09/21/17Front-end amplifier circuits for biomedical electronics
09/14/17Mobile device having gas-sensing function
09/07/17Semiconductor memory device and verification input data
09/07/17Resistive random-access memory structure and fabricating the same
09/07/17Method for manufacturing electrode and resistive random access memory
08/24/17Flash memory device and erase method thereof
08/17/17Electronic device package and manufacturing method thereof
08/10/17Semiconductor memory device and scrambling method thereof
08/10/17Semiconductor memory device, erasing method and programing method thereof
08/03/17Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
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07/27/17Method of protecting electronic circuit against eavesdropping by power analysis and electronic circuit using the same
07/20/17Semiconductor memory device and operation method thereof
06/29/17Memory devices
06/29/17Wireless power transfer system supplying power required by adiabatic circuit
06/15/17Resistive random access memory
06/08/17Temperature detecting circuit
06/01/17Sense circuit for rram
06/01/17Resistive random access memory including layer for preventing hydrogen diffusion and fabricating the same
05/18/17Nand flash memory and program method thereof
05/11/17Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and erasing method thereof
05/11/17Conductive-bridging random access memory
05/04/17Resistive memory apparatus and a writing method thereof
05/04/17Dynamic random access memory
05/04/17Resistive memory and fabricating the same
05/04/17Method for manufacturing circuit board
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04/27/17Resistfv memory and operating performing a forming operation thereof
04/27/17Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
04/27/17Rram device and manufacturing the same
04/27/17Resistive random access memory device
04/20/17Nand flash memory
04/13/17Methods and systems for nonvolatile memory data management
03/30/17Method for locating center of pupil and electronic apparatus
03/30/17Devices and methods for selecting a forming voltage for a resistive random-access memory
03/30/17Non-volatile semiconductor memory and erasing method thereof
02/16/17Closed-loop stimulating apparatus and stimulating method thereof
02/16/17Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and erase method thereof
02/09/17Resistive random access memory
02/09/17Power gating circuit and control power gating switch thereof
01/26/17Computational method, computational device andcomputer software product for montgomery domain
01/19/17Memory device and manufacturing the same
01/12/17Method, device and non-transitory computer-readable medium for cryptographic computation
01/12/17Devices and methods for programming a resistive random-access memory
01/12/17Semiconductor memory device, repairing bad column and setting setting redundant information thereof
01/12/17Low density parity check decoding method performing on general graphic processing unit and decoding appratus
12/29/16Method for estimating stress of electronic component
12/22/16Writing resistive memory apparatus
12/15/16Data allocating apparatus, signal processing apparatus, and data allocating method
12/08/16Manufacturing semiconductor memory device
12/08/16Cellular phone mounting assembly
12/01/16Methods and systems for detecting and correcting errors in nonvolatile memory
12/01/16Methods and systems for nonvolatile memory data management
12/01/16Resistive random acceess memory
11/17/16Head-mounted display
11/10/16Stacked package device and fabricating the same
11/10/16Phase shift mask and fabricating the same
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11/10/16Stacked electronic device and fabricating the same
10/27/16Resistive random access memory
09/29/16Semiconductor memory apparatus and data processing method
09/29/16Semiconductor memory apparatus and data processing method
09/22/16Resistive memory and data writing memory cell thereof
09/08/16Operation rram
09/01/16Analysis process device
08/18/16Resistive memory and measurement system thereof
08/18/16Charging structure
08/04/16Voltage generation circuit, flash memory and semiconductor device
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07/21/16Defibrillator device
07/21/16Electronic system and auto configuration an operational amplifier in the electronic system
07/14/16Flexible microsystem structure
06/30/16Data analysis system and method
06/09/16Flash memory and programming method thereof
06/09/16Nand flash memory and reading method thereof
06/02/16Resistive memory and repairing method thereof
05/26/16Processing device
05/26/16Random number generator and generating random number thereof
05/26/16Resistive random access memory and manufacturing and control methods thereof
05/19/16Secure data storage device and data writing and read methods thereof
05/19/16Monitoring glove and system
05/19/16Memory accessing memory
05/19/16Method for controlling an internal supply voltage based on a clock frequency of an external clock signal and a look-up table
05/19/16Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
05/05/16Programming nand-type flash memory
04/07/16Light guide plate and light source module
04/07/16Devices, systems and methods of setting machines
04/07/16Page buffer circuit for nand flash memory
04/07/16Non-volatile semiconductor memory with high reliability and data erasing method thereof
04/07/16Quasi-crystal organic light-emitting display panel and simulating optical efficiency of the same
03/31/16Self-rectifying resistive random access memory cell structure
03/24/16Resistive random access memory
03/24/16Resistive random access memory device and fabricating the same
03/17/16Methods and systems for image matting and foreground estimation based on hierarchical graphs
03/17/16Resistive memory device and control method thereof
03/17/16Differential two-stage amplifier and operation method thereof
03/10/16Flash memory, memory module, computer-readable recording medium and operating method
03/03/16Portable electronic apparatus and touch detecting method thereof
03/03/16Semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
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03/03/16Self-rectifying rram cell structure and rram 3d crossbar array architecture
02/25/16Operation resistive random access memory cell
02/18/16Internal voltage generating apparatus
02/18/16Memory with specific driving mechanism applied on source line
02/04/16Non-volatile static random access memory circuits
01/28/16Semiconductor memory
12/31/15Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
12/17/15Rram memory device and method thereof
11/26/15Contact window arranging apparatus and contact window arranging method thereof
11/12/15Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor system and reading method
10/29/15Semiconductor devices
10/08/15Resistive random access memory and fabricating the same
10/08/15Resistive random access memory and fabricating the same
10/08/15Method for forming memory device
10/01/15Structure and formation memory device
09/24/15Resistive memory apparatus and memory cell thereof
09/17/15Semiconductor memory device and programming nand flash memory
09/10/15Semiconductor memory device
08/13/15Semiconductor wafers, and testing methods thereof
08/13/15Current detection circuit and semiconductor memory apparatus
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07/30/15Erase flash
07/30/15Resistive random-access memory and fabricating the same
06/18/15Resistance memory device
06/04/15Semiconductor memory device, reading method, and programming method
06/04/15Semiconductor storage device
05/28/15Resistive memory apparatus and write-in method thereof
05/07/15Ias voltage generator for reference cell and bias voltage providing method therefor
04/30/15Semiconductor memory device
04/30/15Semiconductor storing device and redundancy method thereof
04/23/15Memory device and column decoder for reducing capacitive coupling effect on adjacent memory cells
04/02/15Semiconductor memory device and erasing method
03/19/15Semiconductor memory erasing the same
02/26/15Semiconductor memory apparatus
02/26/15Flash memory apparatus with serial interface and reset method thereof
02/26/15Devices and methods for multi-core memory
01/22/15Semiconductor memory device
01/01/15Semiconductor memory device and programming flash memory
10/16/14Data storage device, and fabrication and control methods thereof
10/09/14Semiconductor storage with a floating detection circuitry and floating detection method thereof
09/04/14Patterning method and forming memory device
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08/21/14Resistance memory device
08/21/14Row decoding circuit
06/26/14Memory device with high-speed reading function and method thereof
06/12/14Self-rectifying rram cell structure and 3d crossbar array architecture thereof
05/08/14Semiconductor device and detection method thereof
05/08/14Method of forming pattern in substrate
05/01/14Storage medium and accessing system utilizing the same
04/24/14Control circuit, memory device and voltage control method thereof
04/17/14Non-volatile semiconductor memory data reading method thereof
04/17/14Non-volatile semiconductor memory
03/13/14Reference cell circuit and producing a reference current
03/13/14Burst sequence control and multi-valued fuse scheme in memory device
03/06/14Semiconductor integrated circuit
03/06/14Semiconductor memory device
02/20/14Data storage device and control non-volatile memory
02/13/14Semiconductor memory devices
02/06/14Boosting circuit
01/30/14Serial interface flash memory apparatus and writing status register thereof
12/19/13Memory device and redundancy method thereof
09/26/13Non-volatile memory device and array thereof
08/22/13Method for fabricating semiconductor device
07/18/13Voltage generator
06/20/13Random access memory and refresh controller thereof
06/06/13Non-volatile semiconductor memory and data reading method thereof
03/28/13Method of fabricating memory
02/14/133d memory array
01/17/13Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
01/17/13Semiconductor memory devices
11/15/12Semiconductor device
09/27/12Flash memory and flash memory accessing method
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08/30/12Flash memory apparatus with serial interface and reset method thereof
06/28/12Low drop out voltage regulato
04/12/12Fuse detecting apparatus
04/12/12Dynamic random access memory unit and data refreshing method thereof
11/17/11Control circuit of charge pump circuit
08/18/11Method of fabricating memory
03/03/11Flash memory and fabricating the same
12/16/10Data sensing module and sensing circuit for flash memory
11/11/10Semiconductor structure and fabricating the same
10/21/10Method for determining native threshold voltage of nonvolatile memory
08/26/10Phase change memory device and fabrication thereof
08/12/10Refreshing method
07/01/10Phase change memory devices and methods for fabricating the same
07/01/10Memory controller and decoder
05/13/10Phase-change memory element
01/14/10Phase-change memory element
01/14/10Group of circuits and testing method thereof and testing machine thereof
12/03/09Phase change memory devices and methods for fabricating the same
12/03/09Overlay mark
12/03/09Memory and writing method thereof
10/29/09Method of manufacturing an overlay mark
10/15/09Method for audio-video encoding and multimedia storage
10/08/09Phase change memory element and forming the same
09/17/09Memory and voltage monitoring device thereof
07/30/09Phase-change memory element
07/30/09Phase-change memory
07/30/09Memory devices, stylus-shaped structures, electronic apparatuses, and methods for fabricating the same
07/16/09Method of forming bonding pad opening
07/09/09Latch-up protection device

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