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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation warf
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Of Madison
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Inc
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Warf
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation_20100121
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation_20131212
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation_20100128

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation patents

Recent patent applications related to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Methods of use to orally and topically treat acne and other skin conditions by administering a 19-nor containing vitamin d analog with or without a retinoid
11/16/17Boronic acid inhibitors of hiv protease
11/16/17Graphic processor unit with improved energy efficiency
11/09/17Alpha/beta-polypeptide analogs of glucagon-like peptide 1
11/02/17Systems and methods for controlling support structures in manufacturing
11/02/17Heterogeneous catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes or oxidative coupling of methane
11/02/17Differential mimo transceiver
10/26/17Head mounted microphone array for tinnitus diagnosis
10/26/17Rhinovirus c immunogenic peptides
10/19/17Use of lignin-derived aldehydes as antifungal agents
10/19/17Use of 2amd and 2md to treat fibrosis
10/19/17Method to produce water-soluble sugars from biomass using solvents containing lactones
10/19/17Thermal diffusion doping of diamond
10/19/17Stretchable transmission lines and circuits for microwave and millimeter wave frequency wearable electronics
10/12/17Micelle formulations of amphotericin b
10/12/17Global gene regulators (ggr) as vaccine candidates against paratuberculosis
10/05/17Compounds and methods for modulating frataxin expression
10/05/17Universal platform for targeting therapies to treat neurological diseases
10/05/17Peptide and reducing the phosphate requirement and excretiion from farm animals
10/05/17Inhibitors of udp-galactopyranose mutase
10/05/17Methods for differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to brain microvascular endothelial cells
10/05/17Methods for efficient derivation of human motor neurons from diverse spinal regions
10/05/17Method of creating industrial streptomyces with capability to grow on cellulosic polysaccharide substrates
10/05/17Gas-phase purification for accurate isobaric tag-based quantification
10/05/17Variable magnetization machine controller
09/28/17Extending juvenility in grasses
09/28/17Charge transfer mediator based systems for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction
09/28/17Permanent magnet synchronous motor
09/28/17Variable magnetization machine controller
09/21/17Hydrogel microspheres containing peptide ligands for growth factor regulation in blood products
09/21/17Methods for detection and treatment of colorectal cancer
09/21/17System and controlling undesired magnetic field effects in magnetic resonance imaging
09/21/17Method of estimating program speed-up in highly parallel architectures using static analysis
09/14/17Inhibitors of udp-galactopyranose mutase
09/14/17Versikine for inducing and potentiating an immune response
09/14/17Methods of t cell expansion and activation
09/07/17Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-(20s)-1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism
09/07/17Synthesis and biological activity of 2-methylene analogs of calcitriol and related compounds
09/07/17Secure wireless network using radiometric signatures
08/31/17Calcium formate for use as a dietary supplement
08/31/17Hydrogel compositions for use in cell expansion and differentiation
08/31/17System and resolving artifacts in four-dimensional angiographic data
08/31/17Systems and methods for artifact removal for computed tomography imaging
08/31/17Encrypted digital circuit description allowing signal delay simulation
08/24/17Osseointegrated neural interface and method
08/17/17Compound combinations for attenuation of bacterial virulence
08/17/17Cranberry plant named 'wi02-a4g-x1'
08/10/17Photoreceptor scaffold for in vitro modeling and transplantation therapy
08/10/17System for detection of clandestine materials providing high standoff
08/03/17Device and blue light modulation of brain inflammation
08/03/17Compositions and methods for the treatment of systemic inflammatory response syndromes
08/03/17System and simulataneous image artifact reduction and tomographic reconstruction of images depicting temporal contrast dynamics
08/03/17System and denoising medical images by enforcing low rank spatial-temporal or spatial-spectral image matrices
07/27/17Production of 1,5-pentanediol via upgrading of tetrahydrofufuryl alcohol
07/27/17Diode laser based high spectral resolution lidar
07/20/17Piezoresistive strain sensors comprising electrically conducting networks in polymeric phase change materials
07/20/17System and quantum computation using symmetrical charge qubits
07/20/17Perovskites as ultra-low work function electron emission materials
07/13/17Inhibitors of bacterial dna gyrase with efficacy against gram-negative bacteria
07/13/17Recombinant influenza viruses for vaccines and gene therapy
07/13/17Synthesis of metal-oxygen based materials with controlled porosity by oxidative dealloying
07/13/17Integrated rotor for an electrical machine and compressor
07/06/17Use of peptides that block metadherin- snd1 interaction as treatment for cancer
07/06/17Metabolic biomarkers of autism
06/29/17System and assessing tissue properties using magnetic resonance imaging
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06/29/17New uses of ganaxolone
06/29/17Ref nuclease for site specific ref-mediated dna cleavage
06/29/17Location-aware communication system using visible light transmission
06/22/17Ph dependent antibodies targeting the transferrin receptor
06/15/17Compositions and preserving muscle tissue
06/15/17Medical carbon monoxide delivery system
06/15/17Off-axis magnetron sputtering with real-time reflection high energy electron diffraction analysis
06/15/17P-selectin associated with eosinophils as a marker for asthma and correlating with b-1 integrin activation
06/08/17Release of clo2 gas from medical device packaging film
06/08/17High density content addressable memory
06/01/17Solution growth of single-crystal perovskite structures
05/25/17Tannin-chitosan composites
05/25/17Methods of making crosslinked copolymer films from inimer-containing random copolymers
05/25/17Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and 2,5-diformylfuran
05/18/17Probiotic function of human intelectin
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05/18/17Conversion of alcohols to carboxylic acids using heterogeneous palladium-based catalysts
05/11/17Long-lived gadolinium based tumor targeted imaging and therapy agents
05/11/17Transparent conducting films containing single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in an azo dye
05/11/17Converter control using reduced link capacitor
05/04/17Compositions containing preen oil and methods of use thereof
05/04/17Block copolymers with high flory-huggins interaction parameters for block copolymer lithography
05/04/17Concurrent execution of critical sections by eliding ownership of locks
05/04/17Determining a class type of a sample by clustering locally optimal model parameters
04/27/17System and dynamic device tracking using medical imaging systems
04/20/17Osmotic enhancement of drug/therapeutic delivery to the brain following infusion or injection into the cerebrospinal fluid
04/20/17Small-scale light absorbers with large absorption cross-sections
04/20/17Touch surface for mobile devices using near field light sensing
04/13/17Low fat, clear, bland flavored whey products
04/13/17Fluoropolymer emulsions with perhalogenated stabilizer for the delivery of hydrophobic drugs
04/13/17Use of retinoic acid and analogs thereof to treat central neural apneas
04/13/17Methods and compositions for testing and breeding cattle for improved fertility and embryonic survival
04/13/17System and gradient measurement using single-point imaging
04/13/17Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect phototransistors based on single-crystalline semiconductor thin films
04/06/17Engine combustion control at high loads via fuel reactivity stratification
04/06/17Alpha methylacyl a coenzyme racemase detection
04/06/17Thin film transistors with trench-defined nanoscale channel lengths
03/30/17Foldable pessary for treatment of stress urinary incontinence
03/30/17Syndecan peptides and polypeptides and uses thereof
03/30/17Memory error correction of memory
03/23/17Methods for treating cognitive deficits associated with fragile x syndrome
03/23/17Methods of propagating rhinovirus c in previously unsusceptible cell lines
03/23/17System and analyzing a sensory stream using reservoir computing
03/16/17Methods for the treatment of x-linked hypophosphatemia and related disorders
03/16/17System and determining dynamic physiological information from four-dimensional angiographic data
03/16/17Hybrid tandem solar cells with improved tunnel junction structures
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03/09/17Synthesis and growth regulatory activity of a prototype member of a new family of aminothiol radioprotectors
03/09/17Heterogeneous catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes or oxidative coupling of methane
03/02/17Apparatus for dynamic stress measurement
03/02/17Tannin-containing gastrointestinal formulations and methods of use
03/02/17Peptides of syndecan-1 for inhibiting angiogenesis
03/02/17Memory controller for heterogeneous computer
03/02/17Atomic layer chemical patterns for block copolymer assembly
03/02/17Interior permanent magnet machine with axially varying permanent magnet size
02/23/17Production of protein-polysaccharide conjugates
02/23/17Fluoropolymer emulsions with branched semifluorinated block copolymer or phospholipid surfactant for the delivery of hydrophobic drugs
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02/23/17Combination cancer treatment
02/23/17Calcium formate for use as a dietary supplement
02/23/17Syndecan peptides and polypeptides and uses thereof
02/23/17Vaccine candidates against johne's disease
02/23/17System and multi-source x-ray-based imaging
02/16/17Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-(20s)-1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients previously treated with calcimimetics
02/16/17Interleukin-10 peptides and antibodies thereof for inhibiting adverse effects of protozoan infection
02/16/17Adapted rhinovirus c
02/16/17Compositions and methods to promote erythropoiesis
02/16/17Six-gene biomarker of survival and response to platinum based chemotherapy in serious ovarian cancer patients
02/16/17High performance earth-abundant electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction and other reactions
02/16/17Integrated capacitor and inductor with low parasitic inductance
02/09/17Synthesis and biological activity of 2-methylene analogs of calcitriol and related compounds
02/09/17Methods for epicardial differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
02/09/17Compositions and methods for determining likelihood of twinning
02/02/17Diamond electron emitter using amino-termination
02/02/17High-speed dna sequencing with optically active nanopore
02/02/17Computer with hybrid von-neumann/dataflow execution architecture
01/26/17Closed loop neural activity triggered rehabilitation device and method
01/26/17Slippery anti-fouling surfaces fabricated from reactive polymer multilayers
01/26/17Synthetic surfaces with robust and tunable underwater superoleophobicity
01/26/17Radio-frequency nanopore sensor
01/19/17Prostate cancer vaccine
01/19/17Methods for assessing risk of alzheimer's disease in a patient
01/12/17Device and enhancing the feeding response of larval fish
01/12/17Microorganisms that co-consume glucose with non-glucose carbohydrates and methods of use
01/12/17Digital medical intern system
01/12/17Floating evaporative assembly of aligned carbon nanotubes
01/05/17Obstetrical imaging at the point of care for untrained or minimally trained operators
01/05/17Nylon-3 polymers active against clostridium difficile
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01/05/17Generation of cardiomyocytes from human pluripotent stem cells
12/29/16Otoscope providing multi-directional illumination
12/29/16Antimicrobial compounds, compositions and methods of use thereof
12/22/16Chitin oligomers for use in promoting non-leguminous plant growth and development
12/22/16Nanostructured graphene with atomically-smooth edges
12/22/16Stamp and transferring particles to cells of a cell culture
12/15/16Regulation of specific spinal neurons regulating pain transmission
12/15/16Method to stabilize base metal catalysts by overcoating via atomic layer deposition and resulting product
12/15/16Secretory iga compositions, methods of making and methods of use thereof
12/15/16Plasmid-encoded neurotoxin genes in clostridium botulinum serotype a subtypes
12/15/16Phantom for quantitative diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
12/15/16Phantom for iron and fat quantification magnetic resonance imaging
12/15/16Radiator localization
12/08/16Cardiac fibroblast-derived extracellular matrix and injectable formulations thereof for treatment of ischemic disease or injury
12/08/16Induction of hemogenic endothelium from pluripotent stem cells
12/08/16Influenza virus replication by inhibiting microrna lec7c binding to influenza viral crna and mrna
12/08/16Nanoreactors as thermal history indicators
12/08/16Methods and compositions for detecting botulinum neurotoxin
12/08/16Novel isobaric tandem mass tags for quantitative proteomics and peptidomics
12/08/16Computer architecture for speculative parallel execution
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12/01/16Microfluidic device for multiplexed point source administration of compounds
12/01/16Acid generator compounds and photoresists comprising same
12/01/16System and real-time interventional device localization using magnetic resonance imaging
11/24/16Footplate harness for natural kinematics in walking training apparatus
11/24/16Rna monomers containing o-acetal levulinyl ester groups and their use in rna microarrays
11/24/16Axial flux switching permanent magnet machine
11/24/16Peg-style electrostatic rotating machine employing dielectric sleeves
11/17/16Three-dimension printer with mechanically scanned cathode-comb
11/17/16Methods for removing contaminants from aqueous solutions using photoelectrocatalytic oxidization
11/17/16Systems and methods for the secretion of recombinant proteins in gram negative bacteria
11/17/16Recombinant yeast having increased tolerance to ionic liquids and methods of use
11/17/16Non-invasive assays for embryo quality
11/17/16Shared row buffer system for asymmetric memory
11/17/16Computer architecture using compute/storage tiles
11/03/16Methods of use of secretory iga
11/03/16Photoresponsive, form-stable phase change composites and photodetectors made therefrom
11/03/16Reagents and methods for mirna expression analysis and identification of cancer biomarkers
10/27/16Bioengineered vocal fold mucosa for functional voice restoration
10/27/16Combination cancer treatment
10/27/16Methods of processing aromatic compounds
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10/20/16E-prostanoid receptor, ptger3, as a novel anti-diabetic therapeutic target
10/20/16Method to produce biomass-derived compounds using a co-solvent system containing gamma-valerolactone
10/20/16Neutron encoded mass tags for analyte quantification
10/20/16Floating evaporative assembly of aligned carbon nanotubes
10/13/16Alkylphosphocholine analogs for multiple myeloma imaging and therapy
10/13/16Reagents and methods for esterification
10/06/16Antifungal treatment
10/06/16Tunable spatial phase shifter
09/29/16Gamma amino acid building blocks
09/29/16Inhibitors of collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase
09/29/16Compositions and methods of use of interleukin-10 peptides and anti-interleukin-10 antibodies
09/22/16Systems and methods for artifact removal for computed tomography imaging
09/22/16Azlactone based thermally crosslinkable polymer coating for controlling cell behavior
09/22/16System and isogeometric analysis
09/22/16Fluorescent indicator of lithium ions and related methods
09/15/16Bystander immune suppression as a predictor for response to a vaccine
09/15/16Adsorptive membranes for trapping viruses
09/15/16System and time-resolved, three-dimensional angiography with flow information
09/15/16Controlling traffic without integrating with a security vendor
09/08/16Syndecan peptides and polypeptides as inhibitors of vegfr2 and vla-4
09/08/16Xeno-free generation of tissue-specific progenitor cells
09/01/16Substantially pure human retinal progenitor, forebrain progenitor, and retinal pigment epithelium cell cultures and methods of making the same
09/01/16Aligned carbon nanotubes for use in high performance field effect transistors
08/25/16Synthesis and growth regulatory activity of a prototype member of a new family of aminothiol radioprotectors
08/25/16Forazolines, compositions thereof and uses thereof
08/25/16Methods and compositions for enhancing intranasal delivery of therapeutic agents
08/25/16Generating arterial endothelial cell populations
08/25/16Efficient memory management system for computers supporting virtual machines
08/25/16Wideband transceiver for antenna array
08/18/16Methods of use to orally and topically treat acne and other skin conditions by administering a 19-nor containing vitamin d analog with or without a retinoid
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08/18/16Methods and systems for producing fungal secondary metabolites
08/18/16Genetic testing for improved cattle fertility
08/18/16Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical reduction of furfurals
08/18/16Diagnostic evaluation of antibody responses to commonly recognized prostate cancer-associated antigens
08/11/16Enhanced dispersion of two-dimensional metal oxide surface species on silica using an alkali promoter
08/11/16Systems and methods for determining flux distribution
08/11/16Continuous, floating evaporative assembly of aligned carbon nanotubes
08/04/163-dimensional cardiac fibroblast derived extracellular matrix
08/04/16Polymerizable mixtures containing ionic gemini surfactants; and lyotropic liquid crystals, polymers, and membranes made therefrom
08/04/16Method to predict heritable canine non-contact cruciate ligament rupture
08/04/16Analyte detection using liquid crystals
07/21/16Dna millichip
07/21/16Peg-style electrostatic rotating machine
07/14/16Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid and 2,5-diformylfuran
07/14/16Hybrid heterostructure light emitting devices
07/14/16Signal processing circuit with multiple power modes
07/07/16Perivascular delivery system and method
07/07/16Peptide-based quorum sensing inhibitors for the attenuation of virulence in staphylococcus aureus
07/07/16Angiohematopoietic progenitor cells
07/07/16Simplified basic media for human pluripotent cell culture
07/07/16Control of cold-induced sweetening and reduction of acrylamide levels in potato or sweet potato
06/30/16Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-(20s)-1-alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 to treat primary hyperparathyroidism
06/30/16Use of 2-methylene-19-nor-(20s)-1-alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients previously treated with calcimimetics
06/30/16Method for selectively preparing evoglucosenone (lgo) and other anhydrosugars from biomass in polar aprotic solvents
06/30/16Human pluripotent stem cell-based system for generating endothelial cells
06/30/16Derivation of human microglia from pluripotent stem cells
06/30/16Human pluripotent stem cell-based models for predictive developmental neural toxicity
06/30/16Methods for detecting and determining levels of monolignol ester conjugates incorporated into lignin and compounds relating thereto
06/30/16Variable magnetization machine controller

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