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Wistron Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Wistron Corp. Wistron Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Wistron Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Wistron Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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10/22/15Display module and electronic device including the same
03/23/17 new patent  Optical touch apparatus and a determining a touch position
03/23/17 new patent  Wireless charging device, wireless charging case and wireless charging method thereof
03/16/17Hardware loading adjusting method and related electronic device
03/16/17Fastener and server using the same
03/16/17Cable bridle, cable bridle mechanism and swapping system using the same
03/02/17Calibration method and sports equipment
03/02/17Electronic device
03/02/17Electronic device
03/02/17Connector holder and electronic device with connector holder
03/02/17Wireless charging method, wireless charging device, and wireless charging system
02/23/17Desk adjusting method and desk
02/16/17Anomaly prediction heterogeneous network architecture
02/16/17Electro-static discharge protection structure and electronic device
02/09/17Calibration method and electronic device
02/09/17Optical touch system and optical touch apparatus thereof
02/09/17Risk assessment system and data processing method
02/09/17Electronic device and image processing method
02/09/17Electronic device and image processing method
02/09/17Manufacturing casing
02/02/17Optical touch apparatus
02/02/17Wireless charging device and wireless charging method
01/19/17Server housing
01/19/17Server kit capable of supporting storage devices, server slide rail applied to server kit, and related server system
01/12/17Microwave imaging device and method
01/12/17Method of detecting touch position and touch apparatus thereof
01/12/17Method, system and predicting abnormality
01/12/17Wireless charging device
01/12/17Data processing method and system
01/12/17Fixing structure, electronic device and assembling an electronic device
01/05/17Connecting circuitry and computing system having the same
01/05/17Assembly structure and electronic device thereof
12/29/16Optical touch apparatus and width detecting method thereof
12/29/16Interface card fastening module
12/22/16Radio frequency module and related management system
12/22/16X-ray emission device
12/22/16Electronic device case and forming hanging lug in electronic device case
12/08/16Method of switching button functions and display system with portable device applying the same
12/08/16Method, system and server for self-healing of electronic apparatus
12/01/16Supporting base and computer system
11/24/16Calibration method
11/24/16Rotating mechanism used for rotating a screen and display device therewith
11/17/16Embedded connection socket, assembly casing, and producing the embedded connection socket
11/17/16Navigation keypad
11/17/16Optical touch device and sensing method thereof
11/17/16Electronic device, connecting module, sound output unit and switching audio output
11/10/16Address information showing method and electronic device using the same
11/03/16Touch input device and touch detecting method
10/27/16Eye detection method and system
10/27/16Switching module, related server device and power switching method
10/27/16Method of interacting frames between multiple electronic devices and electronic system thereof
10/27/16Surrounding member with covering structure, electronic device having the surrounding member with covering structure, and assembling the surrounding member with covering structure
10/20/16Storage unit combining module capable of loading several storage units, storage unit moving suit and related server apparatus having several storage unit combining modules
10/13/16Flow guiding mechanism and related heat dissipating module and electronic device having the flow guiding mechanism
10/13/16Touch stylus capable of detecting pressure on a tip and related optical-mechanical system
10/06/16Biological particle analyzer and analyzing biological particles
09/29/16Prompting method and wireless device
09/22/16Heat dissipating control module and related server device and heat dissipating control method
09/08/16Portable computer
09/08/16Method of performing power management in rack-mount system
09/08/16Object-sensing apparatus and object-sensing method
09/08/16Access apparatus of memory card and control method thereof
09/08/16Wireless charging transceiver device and wireless charging control method
09/08/16Protection method and computer system thereof for firewall apparatus disposed to application layer
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09/08/16Protection method and computer system thereof for network interface controller system
08/18/16Storage method and software defined storage system
08/18/16Electronic device and electronic apparatus
08/18/16Server apparatus and cable management mechanism thereof
08/11/16Storage device lifetime monitoring system and storage device lifetime monitoring method thereof
08/11/16Retaining mechanism and electronic device having the retaining mechanism
08/11/16Fixing mechanism and electronic device with heat dissipating function
08/04/16Display device and button module thereof
08/04/16Electronic device and battery accommodating module
08/04/16Cloud data management method, electronic apparatus and cloud server
08/04/16Electronic device having security structure
08/04/16Vent structure and electronic apparatus therewith
07/28/16Hinge and an electronic device incorporating the same
07/28/16Optical touch system and using method thereof
07/28/16Data storing method and embedded system
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07/28/16Electronic device and transforming into bookshelf thereof
07/28/16Supporting device
07/28/16Bracket and equipment rack
07/21/16Optical touch device and touch detecting method using the same
07/21/16Mobile device and operating application thereof
07/21/16Handle structure and electronic apparatus having same handle structure
07/14/16Warning sign placing apparatus and control method thereof
07/14/16Electronic device with circuit protection and assembling method thereof
07/07/16Protection method and computer system thereof
07/07/16Image processing method and mobile electronic device
06/30/16Method and equipment for manufacturing light guide plate
06/30/16Method for defining effective pixels in image sensing array
06/30/16Electronic device and displaying target object thereof
06/30/16Method of connecting device adapted to interactive whiteboard system and host device thereof
06/30/16Electronic apparatus and screen unlock method thereof
06/30/16Interface card fastening module
06/23/16Folding device
06/23/16Fixing mechanism with quick-releasing function and related electronic device
06/23/16Firmware variable update method
06/23/16Handheld electronic device and entering password thereof
06/23/16Inductance element
06/23/16Audio output device and control method
06/23/16Signal strength distribution establishing method and wireless positioning system
06/23/16Method and system of sharing data and server apparatus thereof
06/23/16Accessing method and related server device
06/23/16Portable electronic device, server and connection method thereof
06/16/16Biological detection calibration system and operating method thereof
06/16/16Error detection system of storage device and error detection method thereof
06/16/16Method of sharing control right adapted to interactive whiteboard system and host device thereof
06/16/16Telephone and audio controlling method thereof
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06/09/16Touch point sensing method and optical touch system
06/09/16Display and compensating brightness or color of display
06/09/16Electronic apparatus and display backlight control method
06/09/16Wide band antenna
06/02/16Antenna having asymmetric t shape coupled feed
06/02/16Network security method and network security servo system
05/26/16Electronic system, electronic apparatus and access authentication method thereof
05/26/16Electronic device having thermoelectric conversion module
05/26/16Detachable rotating mechanism with positioning function and electronic device having a rotatable door with the positioning function
05/19/16Electronic device and gravity sensing calibration method thereof
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05/19/16Gesture recognition method and gesture recognition apparatus using the same
05/19/16Display method, display device and computer system
05/19/16Method for identifying spam mail and mail server using the same
05/19/16Display device with a detachable speaker module
05/12/16Optical touch module and touch detecting method thereof
05/12/16Failover system and deciding master-slave relationship therefor
05/12/16Connector and connecting port assembly therewith
05/05/16Power-on method and related server device
05/05/16Electronic apparatus and temperature control method thereof
05/05/16Image identification method, electronic device, and computer program product
04/28/16Depth determining method and depth determining device of operating body
04/28/16Touch apparatus and touch method
04/28/16Method for peer-to-peer multimedia data sharing, electronic device and non-volatile computer readable medium
04/21/16Server packing assembly
04/21/16Touch apparatus and correction method thereof
04/21/16Virtual machine monitoring method and system thereof
04/21/16Circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
04/14/16Indoor positioning system, positioning server, and indoor positioning method
04/14/16Projective touch apparatus
04/14/16Method, electronic device, and computer program product for displaying virtual button
04/14/16Display matrix, display device and associated display method
04/07/16Server system and control method thereof
04/07/16Touch system, touch apparatus and control method thereof
04/07/16Engaging module
04/07/16Video recording device and associated video recording method
03/31/16Measurement device with electroencephalography and electrocardiography functionalities
03/31/16Locking mechanism and related electronic device capable of being switched for switchable security locks with different design
03/31/16Positionable lift stand
03/31/16Detachable fixing mechanism and related electronic device
03/31/16Backlight module and display having the same
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03/31/16Common mode filter
03/31/16Audio and video sharing method and system
03/31/16Content sharing
03/31/16Connection method and electronic device
03/31/16Electronic device with quick releasing function for an interface card
03/24/16Touch-sensing apparatus, touch system, and touch-detection method
03/24/16Optical touch sensing device and touch signal determination method thereof
03/24/16Updating method and electronic system thereof
03/24/16Wireless communication device
03/24/16Peripheral circuit of touch panel and manufacturing method thereof
03/17/16Portable electronic device and cover mechanism thereof
03/10/16Touch input system and touch-position generating device and method thereof
03/10/16Method and system for masking and filtering web contents and computer program product
03/10/16Protection device and electronic device
03/10/16Wireless charging device and method thereof
03/10/16Server control method and chassis controller
03/10/16Installation mechanism for replaceable device and electronic apparatus therewith
03/03/16Mechanism device with rotary holder and display device therewith
03/03/16Adjustable docking device and display device therewith
03/03/16Chip device and electronic system thereof
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03/03/16Method of removing external devices for computer system and related computer system
03/03/16Network storage deduplicating method and server using the same
03/03/16Electrical connector and combination of an electronic device and the electrical connector
03/03/16Fan device
03/03/16Dynamic unlocking method and electronic apparatus using the same
03/03/16Dustproof device
02/25/16Rotary device capable of adjusting position of a box
02/25/16Touch display device and window sharing method thereof
02/25/16Electronic device for multi-window display
02/25/16Server cluster system
02/25/16Protective structure and electronic device thereof
02/25/16Supporting mechanism and related electronic device capable of applying to rotation of a signal transmission holder
02/18/16Desktop management method and electronic device with desktop management function
02/18/16Protection device capable of rotatably supporting a portable electronic device
02/18/16Light emitting diode driving chip having eight or six pins, drving system using the light emitting diode driving chip, and related method thereof
02/18/16Drive module, server mechanism and containing frame thereof
02/11/16Interference system and computer system thereof for robot cleaner
02/11/16Optical touch panel and detection method thereof
02/11/16Method for managing data traffic of software and portable electronic apparatus using the same
02/04/16Optical touch system and optical touch method
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02/04/16Touch device and control method and determining unlocking thereof
02/04/16Electronic system, electronic device and method capable of erasing password from basic input/output system automatically
02/04/16Support frame and electronic device including the same
01/21/16Heat pipe
01/21/16Object detection method and object detector using the same
01/21/16Electronic device with flexible assembly and limit structure thereof
01/21/16Fixing mechanism and electronic device capable of assembling and disassembling an expansion card module
01/21/16Storage system and data transferring method thereof
01/21/16Positioning structure and connector assembly
01/21/16Utilizing telecoil compatibility on a mobile device for improving frequency range of multimedia playback
01/14/16Protection device capable of rotatably supporting a portable electronic device
01/07/16Switching method and computer system based on signal intensity
01/07/16Electronic apparatus with a touch control screen
01/07/16Apparatus and displaying amount of money
12/31/15Docking device and electronic system therewith
12/31/15Method and sharing display frame
12/31/15Server, server management system and server management method
12/24/15Microphone seal detector
12/24/15Network card fixing structure and network card module
12/17/15Black light module with mount and displaying apparatus therewith
12/17/15Backlight component
12/17/15Wirelessly charging a mobile device and utilizing the mobile device as a power source
12/17/15Wire controlled support assembly and electronic device including the same
12/10/15Apparatus and image analysis and image display
12/10/15Playback method and associated transmitting device, playback device, and communication system
12/10/15Detachable guiding mechanism and related electronic device
12/03/15Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for producing prototype diagram of three dimensional object
12/03/15Computer apparatus
12/03/15Computer apparatus
12/03/15Optical imaging system capable of preventing overexposure
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12/03/15Apparatus and image analysis and image display
12/03/15Electronic device using method, electronic device and electronic apparatus
12/03/15Llc resonant power converter
11/26/15Supporting device and portable electronic apparatus assembly
11/26/15Touch detection method and related optical touch system
11/26/15Connector mechanism with a guide pin structure, connector mechanism with a guide hole structure and related electronic device assembly
11/26/15Signal receiving module and display apparatus
11/26/15Method and server system for synchronization of audio/video media files
11/19/15Portable computer
11/19/15Portable computer
11/19/15Method and system for judging in a 3d imaging environment
11/19/15Process apparatus capable of pushing panel-shaped object and process method thereof
11/12/15Temperature measuring board device and temperature measuring board thereof
11/12/15Method, apparatus and cell for displaying three-dimensional object
11/12/15Display apparatus and authorizing method thereof
11/12/15Hidden handle module
11/05/15Handle module
10/29/15Electronic device and device-securing structure thereof
10/29/15Electronic device and associated control method and computer program product
10/29/15Optical touch apparatus and optical touch method
10/29/15Hybrid data transmission method and related hybrid system
10/29/15Voice communication method and electronic device using the same
10/29/15Electronic system with connection establishment by barcode scan
10/22/15Locking structure
10/22/15Plastic frame, display having the same and manufacturing the plastic frame
10/22/15Transformable wearable electronic device
10/22/15Display and brightness adjusting method thereof
10/22/15Display device and image display method
10/15/15Detachable keyswitch mechanism and related electronic device

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