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Wms Gaming Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Wms Gaming Inc. Wms Gaming Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Wms Gaming Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Wms Gaming Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/15/16Casino machine having emotive lighting structures
12/08/16System and a wagering game having guaranteed wins
11/24/16Floating pivot point hinge for a wagering game cabinet door
11/17/16Gaming systems and electronic gaming machines with multi-display device arrangements
11/17/16Gaming systems, electronic gaming machines, and mounting assemblies for electronic display device arrangements
10/27/16Gaming systems, gaming devices and methods with symbol-bearing reels of distinct sizes
10/06/16Removable fan assembly providing multi-directional air flow for a wagering game machine
10/06/16Controlling casino lighting content and audio content
08/18/16System and network-based second chance play while away lottery using a graphical user interface
07/28/16Association or linking of symbol bearing array elements in a gaming machine
07/28/16System and multiple adjusting symbol changes during a wagering game
07/21/16System and performing a streak wagering game
04/07/16Intermediary play adjustment apparatus performing modification, extension, or adjustment of functionality in wagering games
03/24/16Wagering game having interlinked progressive values with shared increment
03/10/16Controlling mobile gaming
03/03/16Wagering game machine having enhanced eligibility for progressive jackpots
03/03/16Processing credit-related events in a wagering game system
02/25/16Gaming machine having a community game with side wagering
02/11/16Mobile secondary betting user interface
02/04/16Electronic gaming machine service bus
01/28/16Gaming machine having a community game with side wagering
12/31/15Presenting wagering games using a wagering game application programming interface
12/31/15Visualizing wagering game establishment patron flow
12/24/15Gaming machine having light splitting emotive lighting feature
12/24/15Gaming system with cascading symbol feature
12/24/15Wagering game machine bios configuration
12/24/15Wagering game leaderboards
12/17/15Integrating social communities and wagering games
12/10/15Wagering game with symbols accrual determining bonus award upon triggering event
12/03/15Controlling mechanical outcome indicators of gaming machines
11/26/15Coordinating media content in wagering game systems
11/26/15Controlling wagering game peripherals
11/19/15Poker based card mechanic for a wagering game machine
11/19/15Managing gaming account augmentation and restriction
10/22/15Gaming machine with enhanced audio interface functionality
10/22/15Wagering game with reel-swap feature
10/22/15Wagering game with three-dimensional tilted array providing enhanced functionality
10/22/15Cashing out independent wagering games
10/15/15System and controlling reel motion in a spinning reel gaming machine
10/15/15Dynamically mapping wagering game content
10/08/15Power cycling of gaming machine
10/01/15Controlling gaming machine power-up
10/01/15Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with symbol clumps and non-uniform weighting of reel positions
10/01/15Printed circuit board assembly for a gaming machine
10/01/15Wagering game system manager
09/24/15Gaming machine having multi-configuration side panels for variable wagering-game environments
09/24/15Wagering game with override award when threshold is exceeded
09/17/15Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with symbol-driven expected value enhancements and eliminations
09/17/15Controlling application data in wagering game systems
09/17/15Configuring wagering game machines for gaming effects
08/27/15Modifying wagering games based on secondary-participant data
08/13/15Proxy layer for game input abstraction
08/13/15Integrating social communities and wagering games
08/13/15Promotional content coordination in wagering game machines
07/30/15Wagering game system with stereoscopic 3-d graphics
07/23/15Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
07/23/15Gaming apparatus and method with threshold-based event trigger
07/23/15Synchronous betting in wagering game systems
07/16/15Configuring and controlling wagering game presentations
07/09/15Distributed bonus feature
07/02/15Varying thickness armrest with integrated multi-level button panel
06/18/15Integrating social contact identifiers into wagering games
06/11/15Wagering game with player-contributed reels
06/04/15Critical memory checkpointing for downloadable os
06/04/15Gaming system and method employing event eligibility-based equity for a wagering game
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06/04/15Integrating video feeds and wagering-game content
05/28/15Controlling priority of wagering game lighting content
05/21/15Wagering game with community event poker game
05/14/15Game outcome validator
05/07/15Methods of receiving electronic wagers in a wagering game via a handheld electronic wager input device
05/07/15Reserve-funded wagering game system
04/30/15System for managing wagering game content
04/23/15Wagering game system with pausing feature
04/23/15Identifying idle gaming machines
04/16/15Wagering games with unlockable bonus rounds
04/16/15Uses of location tracking in mobile devices
04/09/15Distribution of wagering game player revenues and offer incentives
04/02/15Transferring awards via optical machine readable data representation images
03/26/15Wagering game having player-directed population of a bonus feature
03/26/15Variable-speed wagering game instrance initiation
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03/26/15Modular gaming terminal configurations
03/26/15Gaming terminal with an inclined input interface
03/26/15Modular gaming terminal configurations
03/26/15Wagering game with variable award associated with play counter
03/26/15Tournament gaming system with shared elements
03/26/15Configuring and controlling wagering game compatibility
03/26/15Separately served user interface for mobile gaming
03/26/15Bundling assets for mobile devices
03/19/15Wagering game having mystery-symbol reveal scheme
03/12/15Gaming machine having hybrid art glass
03/12/15Wagering game with evaluable symbols randomly determined by sub-arrays
03/12/15Wagering game having seamless looping of compressed audio
03/12/15Associating mobile device with electronic gaming machine
03/05/15Systems, methods and devices for playing wagering games with symbol collection and activation features
03/05/15Methods of transferring funds in a cashless wagering system
02/12/15Opt-in proximity alert
02/05/15System, method, and presenting media in a wagering game machine
02/05/15Tracking and responding to wagering account activity
02/05/15Intelligent wagering game content distribution
01/22/15Integrating wagering games and environmental conditions
01/15/15Removable module and adapter for electronic gaming machine and associated methods
01/08/15Wagering game with graphical reconfiguration of oversized symbol determined by rest location
01/08/15Wagering game with game enhancement window
01/08/15Wagering game with episodic feature determined by player
01/08/15Wagering game having free spin feature with variable quantities of reel arrays
01/08/15Wagering game with game enhancement feature
01/08/15Wagering game with multi-level progressive game
01/08/15Interaction with ads to unlock game enhancements
12/25/14Video poker wagering game having bonus hands based on qualifying hand
12/25/14Providing secondary wagering-game play via a mobile device
Social Network Patent Pack
12/25/14Wagering game award system
12/25/14Coordinating game events between a stationary wagering game machine and a portable machine
12/25/14Balancing community gaming effects
12/18/14Reporting and wagering processing in server-centric wagering game systems
12/18/14Using personal devices to connect network-limited wagering game machines
12/11/14Device-to-device transfer of wagering game objects
12/04/14Flexible gaming displays and gaming terminals with a flexible display device
11/27/14Player-induced effects on e-table playfield
11/20/14Social gaming website and related in-advertisement gaming
11/13/14Incorporating transient symbols into wagering games
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11/13/14Incorporating a secondary game with a loyalty program
10/30/14Methods of transferring funds in a cashless wagering system
10/23/14Systems, methods, and devices for operating wagering game machines with enhanced user interfaces
10/09/14Wagering game having a skill-compensation feature
10/09/14Power conservation in wagering game machines
10/02/14Bonus game for a gaming machine
09/25/14Controlling interactivity for gaming and social-communication applications
09/18/14Gaming machine with controllable and variable mechanical vibration and rhythm patterns
09/18/14Wager selections for wagering games truncated by prior wage level
09/18/14Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with symbol clumps and non-uniform weighting of reel positions
09/18/14Wagering games having reduced maximum wagering levels
09/18/14Wagering games employing a mega symbol
09/18/14Wagering game with positional feedback for mechanical reels
09/18/14Wagering game with upgradable symbol stacks
09/18/14Wagering game with simulated mechanical reels
09/18/14Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with randomized award multipliers based on wager level
09/18/14Gaming machine having flexible mount for tower light
09/18/14Wagering game preference selection
09/18/14Smi for electronic gaming machine security and stability
09/18/14Wagering game with dynamic prize offering
09/11/14Wagering game interface including a plurality of base games and a common virtual top box
09/11/14Wagering game system with player rewards
09/11/14Intelligent power supply and methods for monitoring a power supply
09/04/14Service controller for servicing wagering game machines
09/04/14Service controller for servicing wagering game machines
09/04/14Controlling event-driven behavior of wagering game objects
09/04/14Wagering game history features
08/28/14Systems, methods and devices for configuring wagering game devices based on shared data
08/28/14Community game having online and land-based game play
08/21/14Gaming machine with enhanced privacy features and mechanics
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08/21/14Gaming social communication
08/14/14Systems, methods, and devices for playing wagering games with skill-based and non-skill-based game features
08/14/14Gaming system with remote controller having location-based variable functionality
08/14/14Gaming system having system wide tournament features
08/14/14Authenticating files in wagering game machines
08/14/14Controlling wagering game system audio
08/14/14Controlling wagering game system audio
07/31/14Enhanced wagering game system with additional bonus challenges
07/31/14Emulator for production software outcome validation
07/24/14Gaming system and methods adapted to utilize recorded player gestures
07/24/14Configuring wagering game machines for gaming effects
07/24/14Authorizing and managing wagering agent accounts
07/24/14Controlling application data in wagering game systems
07/17/14Associating mobile device with electronic gaming machine
07/17/14Securing embedded content in a display frame with player tracking system integration
07/10/14Computing wagering game luck
07/10/14Controlling cross-application wagering game content
06/26/14Wagering game employing a threshold-based game enhancement
06/26/14Wagering game with ascending features
06/19/14Opt-in proximity alert
Social Network Patent Pack
06/12/14Gaming system with privacy features
06/12/14Wagering game award system
06/12/14Browser based wagering game systems and configuration
06/05/14Handheld wagering game system and methods for conducting wagering games thereupon
06/05/14Community game that adapts communal game appearance
05/29/14Game of chance utilizing social network contact attributes
05/22/14Providing exclusive gaming features for mobile gaming
05/22/14Controlling and rewarding gaming socialization
05/15/14Automated social bonus harvesting
05/15/14Integrating social networking and wagering systems
05/15/14Dynamic skinning of wagering games
05/01/14Augmented reality gaming eyewear
04/17/14Distributing information in a wagering game system
04/17/14Funding concurrent wagering games
04/10/14Adapting gaming content to a gaming environment
04/10/14Web page constructions with different technology containers
04/03/14Wagering game with progressive jackpot award driven by social communications
04/03/14Wagering game including multiple arrays of reel symbols
04/03/14Progressive wagering game having symbol-triggering award feature
04/03/14Systems, methods and devices for playing wagering games with simultaneous real-time events affecting the wagering games
Social Network Patent Pack
04/03/14Community gaming system with varying eligibility criteria
04/03/14Gaming system having exchangeable bonus token accumulation-redemption feature
04/03/14Glare reduction for wagering games
04/03/14Gaming terminal with a light dissipating push-button
04/03/14Dynamically reconfigurable joystick
04/03/14Sharable games created by others
04/03/14Managing gifting between players in a gaming environment
04/03/14Loan transactions in a gaming environment
04/03/14Method for multi machine critical memory versioning, migration and replication
03/27/14Wagering game with a secondary reel having oversized single-evaluation symbols
03/27/14Multi-game video poker machine and system with asymmetrically accessible customization features
03/27/14Gaming machine having enhanced emotive lighting feature
03/27/14Gaming machines and gaming systems having a personal storage alcove
03/27/14Managing wagering game applications and events
03/27/14Modifying gaming devices for determined groups
03/27/14Electronic gaming machine configuration using an impromptu configuration channel
03/20/14Rotatable gaming display interfaces and gaming terminals with a rotatable display interface
03/20/14Gaming system having wagering features funded by extra-casino activities
03/20/14Rewarding player referrals in a wagering game
03/20/14Authorizing and managing wagering agent accounts
03/20/14Gaming system and method with juxtaposed mirror and video display
03/20/14Presenting wagering game content
03/13/14Projected reels with spinning mechanism
03/13/14Gaming apparatus incorporating targeted haptic feedback
03/13/14Management of online wagering communities
03/13/14Initializing and authenticating wagering game machines
03/13/14Position-based lighting coordination in wagering game systems
03/06/14Wagering game having enhanced display of winning symbols
03/06/14Presenting autostereoscopic gaming content according to viewer position
03/06/14External evaluator
Social Network Patent Pack
03/06/14Dynamic mapping of photo elements to a game
02/27/14System and flexible banking of wagering game machines
02/27/14Interactive tether using tension and feedback
02/27/14Gaming incentives based on measured effect of user web activity
02/27/14Adaptive environmental effects
02/20/14Systems, methods and devices for configuring wagering game devices based on shared data
02/20/14Systems, methods and devices for configuring wagering game systems and devices
02/20/14Managing grant of digital achievements
02/13/14Mobile device applications for casinos
02/06/14Gaming system having virtual assets and achievements
02/06/14Using mobile devices in wagering game environments
02/06/14Player initiated multi-player games
01/30/14Wagering game with multiple unlockable arrays
01/30/14Wagering game with dynamic bonus triggers
01/30/14Gaming machines and gaming systems having impact detection and deterrence responses
01/23/14Wagering game with elements influenced by symbol array
01/23/14Wagering game for awarding attributes in a plurality of plays
01/23/14Systems, methods and devices for playing wagering games with distributed competition features
01/16/14Wagering game with game enhancement window
01/16/14Gaming system and a gaming
01/16/14Wagering game with enhanced wager-per-line feature
01/16/14Gaming machine with separately selectable wagering games
01/16/14Position sensing gesture hand attachment
01/16/14Integrating other players wins into a wagering game
01/02/14Wagering game with images having dynamically changing shapes
01/02/14Providing and controlling embeddable gaming content
12/26/13Wagering game having adjacent-reel functionality enhancements
12/19/13Wagering game with altered probablilities based on reel strip configurations
12/19/13Wagering game with shared payoff based on multiple player selections

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