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Xerox Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Xerox Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014359605/26/16  new patent  Assessing patient risk of an acute hypotensive episode with vital measurements
22016014546905/26/16  new patent  Fluorosilicone oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coating
32016014700105/26/16  new patent  Light pipe led illuminator for illuminating an image bearing surface
42016014716505/26/16  new patent  Neutralizing agents for resin emulsions
52016014805805/26/16  new patent  Traffic violation detection
62016014807605/26/16  new patent  Method and system for automating an image rejection process
72016014816805/26/16  new patent  System and task distribution in crowdsourcing
82016014824505/26/16  new patent  Methods and systems for crowdsourcing tasks
92016013572905/19/16 System and detecting cancerous tissue from a thermal image
102016013660705/19/16 Porous nanoparticles produced by solvent-free emulsification
112016013695105/19/16 Jet stack to reservoir moat merge with an adhesive joint
122016013697105/19/16 Media height detection system for a printing apparatus
132016013744505/19/16 Paper tray size sensing mechanism
142016013951805/19/16 Method to simultaneously protect a xerographic photoreceptor from light shock and provide startup lubrication at install
152016013952005/19/16 Method for making color toner
162016013952605/19/16 Bio-based acrylate and (meth)acrylate resins
172016014011105/19/16 System and incrementally updating a reordering model for a statistical machine translation system
182016014039505/19/16 Adaptive sampling for efficient analysis of ego-centric videos
192016014046105/19/16 System and automated analytic process flows to improve health outcomes and manage healthcare costs
202016014047705/19/16 Methods and systems for assigning tasks to workers
212016014272705/19/16 System and achieving computationally efficient motion estimation in video compression based on motion direction and magnitude prediction
222016013045105/12/16 Sustainable materials for three-dimensional printing
232016013046905/12/16 Anti-wetting, low adhesion coatings for aqueous ink printheads
242016013227705/12/16 Print path obfuscation document content analytics assessment
252016013278805/12/16 Methods and systems for creating a classifier capable of predicting personality type of users
262016013282705/12/16 Methods and systems for designing of tasks for crowdsourcing
272016013283105/12/16 System and human resource management
282016013284505/12/16 Vehicular violation fine payment using portable computing device
292016013292405/12/16 Methods and systems for creating event-triggered marketing campaigns
302016013298405/12/16 Method and system for visualizing a correlation mark using an electronic device
312016013314505/12/16 Method and defining performance milestone track for planned process
322016013478305/12/16 Lab value conversion based on private tag
332016012080805/05/16 3d printing of digestible shells for medicaments
342016012160005/05/16 System and transfixing an aqueous ink in an image transfer system
352016012163105/05/16 Printhead protection device for direct-to-paper continuous-feed inkjet printer
362016012249905/05/16 Metal nanoparticle-sulfonated polyester composites and green methods of making the same
372016012250005/05/16 Metal nanoparticle-sulfonated polyester composites and methods of making the same
382016012250605/05/16 Preparing latex using a biosolvent
392016012254905/05/16 Carbon black polymeric filler useful for printing applications
402016012374805/05/16 Trip reranking for a journey planner
412016012433105/05/16 System and conventional particle rounding utilizing continuous emulsion-aggregation (ea) technology
422016012435105/05/16 Intermediate transfer members
432016012462105/05/16 Computer-based operating on data
442016012477005/05/16 Transportation network micro-simulation pre-emptive decomposition
452016012494405/05/16 Predicting the quality of automatic translation of an entire document
462016012533205/05/16 Methods and systems for estimating lag times in a cloud computing infrastructure
472016012540405/05/16 Face recognition business model and identifying perpetrators of atm fraud
482016012576805/05/16 Method and inline adhesive signage
492016012758505/05/16 Facsimile for mobile platforms
502016012760305/05/16 Security mark with anti-copyable effect
512016011442604/28/16 Parallel belt system for cut sheet transport in a laser cutter
522016011456704/28/16 Taped media imposition for adhesive in-store signage
532016011687204/28/16 Tap for a solid resistive heater element
542016011688504/28/16 Single blower providing cooling and air knife
552016011692204/28/16 Method and cooling a device based on productivity of the device
562016011713604/28/16 System and achieving tap-to-print functionality on a mobile device
572016011713804/28/16 Systems and methods for facilitating mimic driven operations in digital imaging devices
582016011732504/28/16 System for mapping a set of related strings on an ontology with a global submodular function
592016011738704/28/16 Methods and systems for automated data characterization and extraction
602016011740004/28/16 System, automatic topic relevant content filtering from social media text streams using weak supervision
612016011746504/28/16 Method and calculating an overall health quality index and providing a health upside optimizing recommendation
622016011755004/28/16 System and multi-view pattern matching
632016011762504/28/16 Methods and systems for assessing an organization
642016011806004/28/16 Methods and systems for processing a multimedia content
652016011954004/28/16 Model-based plane-like panorama and retail applications
662016010632804/21/16 Determining arterial pulse transit time from time-series signals obtained at proximal and distal arterial sites
672016010634004/21/16 System and determining respiration rate from a video
682016010637804/21/16 System and detecting an arrhythmic cardiac event from a cardiac signal
692016010710204/21/16 Fluid stabilizer disc
702016010739204/21/16 Three-dimensional (3-d) digital finishing architecture
712016010819004/21/16 Tethered organic siloxy network film compositions
722016010826204/21/16 Low-foaming ink compositions including fluorosurfactants for indirect printing
732016010827104/21/16 Silver nanoparticle inks comprising aminomethylsilanes
742016010982304/21/16 Led print bar imaging apparatus and systems useful for electrophotographic printing
752016011031504/21/16 Methods and systems for digitizing a document
762016011042104/21/16 Matching co-referring entities from serialized data for schema inference
772016011063304/21/16 On-demand shelf signage printing
782016011065304/21/16 Method and predicting a service call for digital printing equipment from a customer
792016011099904/21/16 Methods and systems for parking monitoring with vehicle identification
802016011220204/21/16 Mobile improving safety of impromptu meetings
812016011242104/21/16 Method and selective activation of universal serial bus (usb) ports
822016010156804/14/16 System and test pattern formation during three-dimensional object printing
832016010341504/14/16 Power assist scissor lift
842016010349404/14/16 System and network configuration and behavior control by proximity enabled devices
852016010399804/14/16 Methods and systems of securely storing documents on a mobile device
862016010404004/14/16 Categorizer assisted capture of customer documents using a mobile device
872016010408104/14/16 Dynamic space-time diagram for visualization of transportation schedule adherence
882016010555904/14/16 Prescriptive analytics for customer satisfaction based on agent perception
892016010558404/14/16 Security compliance checking of documents
902016010580704/14/16 Methods and systems for determining signal strength in indoor environments
912016009631004/07/16 Dye sublimation printing on polymer film for molded package printing
922016009631904/07/16 System and operating a three-dimensional printer to compensate for radial velocity variations
932016009632804/07/16 System and inoperative inkjet detection in a printer of three-dimensional objects
942016009639304/07/16 Security mark with chroma-based encoding
952016009650604/07/16 Method and system for vandalism and/or loitering detection using video
962016009696804/07/16 Undercoat layer with low release force for aqueous printing transfix system
972016009823104/07/16 Optimal scheduling of multi-site enterprise print jobs
982016009848004/07/16 Author moderated sentiment classification method and system
992016009859604/07/16 Methods and systems for processing documents
1002016009861904/07/16 Efficient object detection with patch-level window processing
1012016010005704/07/16 Matching inbound call center call to commercial opportunity
1022016008907303/31/16 Automatic visual remote assessment of movement symptoms in people with parkinson's disease for mds-updrs finger tapping task
1032016008983803/31/16 System for adjusting platform height during three-dimensional printing of an object
1042016008987503/31/16 Compositions and use of compositions in printing processes
1052016008987603/31/16 Aqueous ink jet blanket
1062016008988003/31/16 System and using ink drop modulation to compensate for media surface height variations in an inkjet printer
1072016008988403/31/16 Ink jet print head protective guide system
1082016009049003/31/16 Inverse emulsion acrylate ink compositions for ink-based digital lithographic printing
1092016009180503/31/16 Fluorinated structured organic film photoreceptor layers
1102016009180803/31/16 Super low melt toner having crystalline aromatic monoesters
1112016009197503/31/16 Hand-gesture-based region of interest localization
1122016009197603/31/16 Dynamic hand-gesture-based region of interest localization
1132016009247303/31/16 Multi-query privacy-preserving parking management system and method
1142016009272603/31/16 Using gestures to train hand detection in ego-centric video
1152016009273303/31/16 System and seat occupancy detection from ceiling mounted camera using robust adaptive threshold criteria
1162016009273403/31/16 System and detecting settle down time using computer vision techniques
1172016009321403/31/16 Vision-based on-street parked vehicle detection via normalized-view classifiers and temporal filtering
1182016009323403/31/16 Method and dimensional proximity sensing for the visually impaired
1192016009482703/31/16 Hyperspectral imaging devices using hybrid vector and tensor processing
1202016008156603/24/16 Identifying a type of cardiac event from a cardiac signal segment
1212016008272003/24/16 Method of sensing degradation of piezoelectric actuators
1222016008275603/24/16 Spacer with integral flange for print head protection
1232016008360603/24/16 Sacrificial coating for intermediate transfer member of an indirect printing apparatus
1242016008360703/24/16 Method of making sacrificial coating for an intermediate transfer member of indirect printing apparatus
1252016008360903/24/16 Sacrificial coating for intermediate transfer member of an indirect printing apparatus
1262016008362403/24/16 Fluorinated organosiloxane network composition
1272016008362503/24/16 Fluorinated organosiloxane network composition
1282016008612503/24/16 Implicit and explicit collective definition of level of difficulty for metrics based competitions in call centers
1292016008634103/24/16 System and adaptive depth map reconstruction
1302016008808903/24/16 Method and setting a language of a remote device
1312016007735003/17/16 System and lenticular image printing and print media
1322016007747103/17/16 Transfer assist members
1332016007830603/17/16 System and detecting seat belt violations from front view vehicle images
1342016007835903/17/16 System for domain adaptation with a domain-specific class means classifier
1352016007839203/17/16 Method and system for recommending crowdsourcability of a business process
1362016007843303/17/16 Methods and systems of creating a payment record with a cryptographically secure audit trail
1372016006795603/10/16 Release agent composition for improved coefficient of friction
1382016006869303/10/16 Sustainable recycled materials for three-dimensional printing
1392016007069703/10/16 Language model with structured penalty
1402016007098603/10/16 Domain adaptation for image classification with class priors
1412016007104803/10/16 Methods and systems for crowdsourcing of tasks
1422016006047103/03/16 Solder mask ink composition
1432016006223003/03/16 Method of aerosol printing a solder mask ink composition
1442016006225503/03/16 Curable toner compositions and processes
1452016006297203/03/16 Methods and systems for facilitating trusted form processing
1462016006332203/03/16 Method and system of extracting label:value data from a document
1472016006342103/03/16 Systems and methods for service level agreement focused document workflow management
1482016006578603/03/16 Inverse halftoning using inverse projection of predicted errors for multi-bit images
1492016005198002/25/16 Design of paper sensor
1502016005422902/25/16 Paper sensing and analytic service workflow methods and systems
1512016005547702/25/16 Mobile payment solution for self-service multi-function printer
1522016005741302/25/16 Robust colorimetric processing paper based sensors
1532016004607902/18/16 Ultra-violet curable gel ink and process
1542016004864602/18/16 Integrated health savings account methods and systems
1552016004874602/18/16 Color managed printing system
1562016005015102/18/16 Method and ripple rate sensitive and bottleneck aware resource adaptation for real-time streaming workflows
1572016003920502/11/16 Flex circuit board with topographical structures to facilitate fluid flow through the layer
1582016004247602/11/16 Methods and systems for remunerating crowdworkers
1592016004249702/11/16 Methods and systems for processing documents
1602016003097602/04/16 Fuser manufacture and article
1612016003166302/04/16 Systems and methods for implementing advanced vacuum belt transport systems
1622016003211702/04/16 Pigmented polyurethane dispersion
1632016003212102/04/16 Encapsulated titanium dioxide, fluorescent pigments, and pigmented polyurethane dispersion
1642016003212302/04/16 Encapsulated visible light absorbing dye polyurethane dispersion
1652016003212402/04/16 Encapsulated fluorescent and photochromic dye polyurethane dispersion
1662016003328302/04/16 Efficient route planning in public transportation networks
1672016003390502/04/16 Systems and methods for implementing advanced stripping of image receiving media substrates in image forming devices
1682016003503702/04/16 Method and system for detecting uninsured motor vehicles
1692016003707102/04/16 Automatic mobile photo capture using video analysis
1702016002345201/28/16 Dampening fluid vapor deposition systems for ink-based digital printing
1712016002347601/28/16 Printer convection dryer
1722016002427601/28/16 Latex comprising colorant and methods of making the same
1732016002610001/28/16 Systems and methods for pulsed direct current magnetic actuated milling of pigment dispersions
1742016002692501/28/16 Overlapping trace norms for multi-view learning
1752016002718901/28/16 Method and using super resolution encoding to provide edge enhancements for non-saturated objects
1762016001637401/21/16 Personalized packaging production system
1772016001709001/21/16 Alizarin-based polymer colorants
1782016001961301/21/16 Method and calculating a transaction quality score of a merchant
1792016000882001/14/16 Magnetic actuated-milled pigment dispersions and process for making thereof
1802016001154301/14/16 Method of making tos fuser rolls and belts using photonic sintering to cure teflon topcoats
1812016001232401/14/16 Augmenting barcodes with secondary encoding for anti-counterfeiting
1822016001260201/14/16 Contemporaneously reconstructing images captured of a scene illuminated with unstructured and structured illumination sources
1832016000199301/07/16 Programmable paper tray and elevator settings
1842016000417501/07/16 Magenta toner
1852016000466401/07/16 Binary tensor factorization
1862015037549712/31/15 Systems and methods for implementing an advanced inker unit surface conditioning system in a variable data digital lithographic printing device
1872015037555012/31/15 Cross-process direction uniformity for wide format printers
1882015037826312/31/15 Systems and methods for implementing advanced single pass cleaning of a reimageable surface in a variable data digital lithographic printing device
1892015037829812/31/15 Iterative learning control for motion error reduction
1902015037965412/31/15 Methods and systems for digitally capturing and managing attendance
1912015037998612/31/15 Voice recognition
1922015036734012/24/15 System and forming bonded substrates
1932015036734112/24/15 Paper-based chemical assay devices with improved fluidic structures
1942015036734212/24/15 Apparatus for producing paper-based chemical assay devices
1952015036761512/24/15 Apparatus for forming hydrophobic structures in porous substrates
1962015036765412/24/15 System and forming hydrophobic structures in a porous substrate
1972015037047212/24/15 3-d motion control for document discovery and retrieval
1982015037078112/24/15 Extended-context-diverse repeats
1992015037110012/24/15 Character recognition method and system using digit segmentation and recombination
2002015037298812/24/15 Scan image authentication
2012015037304912/24/15 Methods and apparatuses for trust computation
2022015036128512/17/15 Aqueous ink composition
2032015036128812/17/15 Sacrificial coating compositions for indirect printing processes
2042015036287712/17/15 Composition for making flow-coatable fuser topcoat and making a fuser topcoat
2052015036288212/17/15 Deskew mechanism with linear motion
2062015036362512/17/15 Image processing methods and systems for barcode and/or product label recognition
2072015036365512/17/15 Smart face redaction in near infrared vehicle windshield images
2082015036375812/17/15 Store shelf imaging system
2092015036392812/17/15 Detecting febrile seizure with a thermal video camera
2102015036566012/17/15 Method and system for spatial characterization of an imaging system
2112015035278112/10/15 System for compensating for drop volume variation during three-dimensional printing of an object
2122015035283912/10/15 System for controlling operation of a printer during three-dimensional object printing with reference to a distance from the surface of object
2132015035286212/10/15 Finisher transport assembly jam access cover for digital printers
2142015035287212/10/15 System for adjusting operation of a printer during three-dimensional object printing using an optical sensor
2152015035607312/10/15 Method and providing semantic data architecture
2162015035614212/10/15 Question answering system adapted to style of user requests
2172015035656712/10/15 Methods and systems for processing check based transactions using one time code
2182015035674012/10/15 System for automated text and halftone segmentation
2192015034379712/03/15 Indirect printing apparatus employing sacrificial coating on intermediate transfer member
2202015034381512/03/15 Idler roll with retard spin function
2212015034471412/03/15 Palladium ink compositions
2222015034475012/03/15 Use of epoxy film adhesive with high ink compatibility and thermal oxidative stability for printhead interstitial bonding in in high density printheads
2232015034595112/03/15 Methods and systems for determining routes in a navigation system
2242015034632612/03/15 Methods and systems for vehicle classification from laser scans using global alignment
2252015034736712/03/15 User experience feedback recorder
2262015034739712/03/15 Methods and systems for enriching statistical machine translation models
2272015034747812/03/15 Systems and methods for context-aware and personalized access to visualizations of road events
2282015034771712/03/15 Hybrid personal training system and method
2292015034788012/03/15 Calculation of trapping parameters
2302015034842912/03/15 Virtual trainer optimizer method and system
2312015033638211/26/15 System for detecting inoperative inkjets in printheads ejecting clear ink using thermal substrates
2322015033639411/26/15 Release agent composition for solid inkjet imaging systems for improved coefficient of friction
2332015033676211/26/15 Paper dust removal device
2342015033714711/26/15 Reversible polymers in 3-d printing
2352015033944111/26/15 Systems and methods for attaching electronic versions of paper documents to associated patient records in electronic health records
2362015033954311/26/15 Method and classifying machine printed text and handwritten text
2372015033955311/26/15 Automatic print job ticket settings based on raster images of previously printed document
2382015032883511/19/15 Stabilized metallic nanoparticles for 3d printing
2392015032888911/19/15 Printhead with narrow aspect ratio
2402015033135811/19/15 Systems and methods for implementing advanced toner dispensing and emptying of toner cartridge components in image forming devices
2412015033136111/19/15 Systems and methods for implementing a resealable self-aligning magnetic seal in an image forming device
2422015033164411/19/15 Automatically printing only pages containing blank signature lines
2432015033196511/19/15 Creation of variable cut files for package design
2442015033209711/19/15 Short-time stopping detection from red light camera videos
2452015033245711/19/15 Increasing accuracy of a physiological signal obtained from a video of a subject
2462015033258811/19/15 Short-time stopping detection from red light camera evidentiary photos
2472015033261911/19/15 Creased adhesive in-store marketing signage
2482015033452211/19/15 Method and location prediction using short text
2492015032146711/12/15 Aqueous ink jet blanket

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