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Xerox Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Xerox Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015005311202/26/15 new patent  Method and system for magnetic particle assisted add-on module on inkjet printer to prevent ink from settling
22015005487802/26/15 new patent  Systems and methods for heating and measuring temperature of print head jet stacks
32015005495702/26/15 new patent  System and automated sequencing of vehicle under low speed conditions from video
42015005497502/26/15 new patent  Automatic mobile photo capture using video analysis
52015005518402/26/15 new patent  System and print density adjustment to reduce banding
62015005585402/26/15 new patent  Learning beautiful and ugly visual attributes
72015005641902/26/15 new patent  System and lenticular image printing and print media
82015005642002/26/15 new patent  Phase change inks containing wax-soluble near-infrared dyes
92015005654602/26/15 new patent  Photoelectrical stable imaging members
102015005655002/26/15 new patent  Simplified process for sustainable toner resin
112015005655102/26/15 new patent  Toner process comprising reduced coalescence temperature
122015005739402/26/15 new patent  Dye compounds, making the compounds and ink composition employing the compounds
132015005800602/26/15 new patent  Phonetic alignment for user-agent dialogue recognition
142015005834402/26/15 new patent  Methods and systems for monitoring and analyzing social media data
152015005836202/26/15 new patent  Methods and systems for facilitating evaluation of documents
162015004893402/19/15System and method to increase conspicuousness of vehicles
172015004915302/19/15Systems and methods for ink-based digital printing using image offset configuration
182015004990302/19/15Methods and systems for detecting patch panel ports from an image in which some ports are obscured
192015004991802/19/15Methods and systems for detecting patch panel ports from an image having perspective distortion
202015004994802/19/15Mobile document capture assist for optimized text recognition
212015005005402/19/15Transfer assist members
222015005005502/19/15Transfer assist members
232015005005802/19/15Translating pre-transfer baffle for optimized performance
242015005058702/19/15Imaging members having electrically and mechanically tuned imaging layers
252015005058802/19/15Imaging members having electrically and mechanically tuned imaging layers
262015005134202/19/15Curable phase change ink compositions
272015005146102/19/15System and performing a remote medical diagnosis
282015005191802/19/15Computer-based presenting customized medical information
292015005195602/19/15Simple pricing by price-difference regularization
302015005202902/19/15Method and automated inventory management using depth sensing
312015005204702/19/15Methods and systems for facilitating document banking
322015005212002/19/15Method and extracting portions of text from long social media documents
332015004093902/12/15Tunable surfactants in dampening fluids for digital offset ink printing applications
342015004273502/12/15Dual chamber reservoir print head
352015004303902/12/15System for creating certified document copies
362015004377102/12/15Hybrid method and system of video and vision based access control for parking stall occupancy determination
372015004394902/12/15Development device having multiple charge blades
382015004460602/12/15Porous toner and process for making the same
392015004465702/12/15Video-based teacher assistance
402015004611902/12/15Vehicle classification from laser scanners using fisher and profile signatures
412015004621202/12/15Monitoring of business processes and services using concept probes and business process probes
422015003590302/05/15Inkjet printheads containing epoxy adhesives and methods for fabrication thereof
432015003597502/05/15Methods and systems for goods received gesture recognition
442015003694002/05/15Method and system for creating a digital image album
452015003771502/05/15Photoconductor containing a charge transport layer having an arylamine hole transport material
462015003773202/05/15Method for manufacturing photoreceptor layers
472015003928602/05/15Terminology verification machine translation services for domain-specific texts
482015004023702/05/15Systems and methods for interactive creation of privacy safe documents
492015002798201/29/15Ultra-fine textured digital lithographic imaging plate and manufacture
502015002929201/29/15Systems for dampening fluid removal, vapor control and recovery for ink-based digital printing
512015003035601/29/15Charge blade having multiple contact point metering
532015003097701/29/15Latex comprising colorant and methods of making the same
542015003249001/29/15Identifying driver report data based upon transportation system schedule information
552015003272401/29/15System and auto-suggesting responses based on social conversational contents in customer care services
562015002152601/22/15Semiconductor composition
572015002184301/22/15Re-time sheet buffering system for digital print finishers
582015002234301/22/15Device for monitoring sleeping individuals
592015002257001/22/15System and optimized application of release agent in an inkjet printer with in-line coating
602015002257101/22/15System and monitoring the application of release agent in an inkjet printer
612015002258801/22/15Method and controlling printhead motion with a friction track ball
622015002260501/22/15System and transfixing an aqueous ink in an image transfer system
632015002266301/22/15Methods and systems for vehicle theft detection and prevention using a smartphone and video-based parking technology
642015002283401/22/15Systems and methods for implementing selectable roll positioning for web printing in a post processing device of an image forming system
652015002284501/22/15Automatically identifying locations of printing defects within printed rolls
662015002358201/22/15Method and system for resolution conversion of textual content or magnetic ink character recognition (micr) content
672015002431001/22/15Polymer for charge generation layer and charge transport layer formulation
682015002431301/22/15Zirconium oxide toner additive
692015002431401/22/15Toner additives to prevent bias roller contamination
702015002431501/22/15Silicon carbide toner additive
712015002431801/22/15Barium titanate toner additive
722015002432301/22/15Process for preparing latex comprising charge control agent
732015002436701/22/15Cost-aware non-stationary online learning
742015002517401/22/15Process to prepare polyester phase inversion latexes
752015002592801/22/15Methods and systems for recommending employees for a task
762015002595801/22/15Collaboration monitor for cross-media marketing campaign design
772015002609101/22/15Methods and systems for providing data packages
782015002610101/22/15Image search personalized photo applications using semantic networks
792015002615201/22/15Systems and methods of web crawling
802015002655801/22/15Page frame and page coordinate determination method and system based on sequential regularities
812015002657901/22/15Methods and systems for processing crowdsourced tasks
822015001355801/15/15Treatment of prints for improving overcoat integrity
832015001356701/15/15Phase change ink pigment dispersion process
842015001441101/15/15Transaction card for workflow execution
852015001565101/15/15Air film support device for an inkjet printer
862015001565201/15/15Flow optimization for compact turnbar reversers
872015001683401/15/15Coating apparatuses and methods
882015001727101/15/15Digital manufacturing system for printing three-dimensional objects on a rotating surface
892015001727201/15/15Digital manufacturing system for printing three-dimensional objects on a rotating core
902015001757701/15/15Imaging members having a cross-linked anticurl back coating
912015001757801/15/15Flexible imaging members having externally plasticized imaging layer(s)
922015001757901/15/15Imaging members having a cross-linked anticurl back coating
932015001758501/15/15Toner particle processing
942015001758801/15/15Photolithographic patterning of a cylinder
952015001848301/15/15Method for generation of nanoparticles
962015001849401/15/15Anhydride end-capping of polymers
972015001849601/15/15Polyester/polycarbonate block copolymers via one-pot, neat ring opening polymerization
982015001849701/15/15One-pot, neat ring opening polymerization to prepare resin
992015001849801/15/15Purification of functionalized triblock copolymers via methanol trituration
1002015001864701/15/15Method and monitoring a subject for blood oxygen saturation
1012015001865401/15/15Method and monitoring a subject for fractional blood oxygen saturation
1022015001869301/15/15Method and monitoring a subject for atrial fibrillation
1032015001930101/15/15System and cloud capability estimation for user application in black-box environments using benchmark-based approximation
1042015001943601/15/15Methods and systems for processing electronic documents
1052015001991201/15/15Error prediction with partial feedback
1062015000904801/08/15Image assisted parking space availability searching and reservation method and system
1072015001033601/08/15Toner compositions
1082015001086101/08/15Hyperpigmented toner
1092015001255001/08/15Systems and methods of messaging data analysis
1102015000258101/01/15Grafted polymers as oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coatings for printhead applications
1112015000259201/01/15Fluoroelastomers for marking system components, including grafted fluorinated polymers
1122015000274501/01/15System and enhancing images and video frames
1132015000287001/01/15Method and system for print driver based information exchange
1142015000373801/01/15Adaptive quality image reconstruction via a compressed sensing framework
1152015000375001/01/15Reconstructing an image of a scene captured using a compressed sensing device
1162015000384601/01/15Predicting remaining useful life for a consumable using a weighted least square regression prediction technique
1172015000384701/01/15Estimating accuracy of a remaining useful life prediction model for a consumable using statistics based segmentation technique
1182015000438101/01/15Toner with improved fusing performance
1192015000441701/01/15Fluoroelastomer halloysite nanocomposite
1202015000453601/01/15Toner compositions for single component development system
1212015000454201/01/15Toner processes for hyper-pigmented toners
1222015000486101/01/15Grafted polymers as oleophobic or hydrophobic coatings
1232015000545401/01/15Grafted polymers as oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coatings
1242015000626401/01/15Method and dynamic pricing for on street parking as a prediction task
1252015000718101/01/15Method and system for selecting task templates
1262014037378112/25/14Method and combining one or more of tamping a stack of substrates, laterally offsetting a substrate, and actuating other mechanisms useful in printing in an image forming device
1272014037466412/25/14Intermediate transfer member and manufacture
1282014037466712/25/14Terpene polycarbonate intermediate transfer members
1292014037467012/25/14Safe manufacturing silver nanoparticle inks
1302014037467112/25/14Conductive metal inks with polyvinylbutyral and polyvinylpyrrolidone binder
1312014037467212/25/14Conductive metal inks with polyvinylbutyral binder
1322014037504612/25/14Customizable print labels
1332014037580412/25/14Method for available parking distance estimation via vehicle side detection
1342014037676912/25/14Method for detecting large size and passenger vehicles from fixed cameras
1352014037678812/25/14Compensating for motion induced artifacts in a physiological signal extracted from a single video
1362014037678912/25/14Compensating for motion induced artifacts in a physiological signal extracted from a single video
1372014037680412/25/14Label-embedding view of attribute-based recognition
1382014037696412/25/14Imaging device components comprised of hydrophobic carbon nanotubes
1392014037696512/25/14Angled alignment liquid materials applicator in better contact with p/r or bcr to minimize torque during cycling
1402014037745412/25/14Method of improving sheet resistivity of printed conductive inks
1412014037745712/25/14Method of forming metal nanoparticle dispersion and dispersion formed thereby
1422014037884212/25/14Video acquisition monitoring a subject for a desired physiological function
1432014038015412/25/14Color content in document rendering for colorblind users
1442014036856412/18/14Ink stick identification system
1452014036858812/18/14Phase change ink containing polyester for improved image robustness
1462014036863912/18/14Handheld cellular volume estimation
1472014036865212/18/14Methods and systems for efficiently monitoring parking occupancy
1482014036888612/18/14Black trapping methods, apparatus and systems for binary images
1492014037019412/18/14Method of increasing ink crystallization
1502014037042812/18/14Neutralizing agents for resin emulsions
1512014037042912/18/14Negative charge carrier resins with rh sensitivity
1522014037043012/18/14Low cost, low melt emulsion aggregation high gloss toners with low melt waxes
1532014037043212/18/14Carrier resins with improved rh sensitivity
1542014037043412/18/14Phase inversion emulsification reclamation process
1552014037043512/18/14Carrier resins with improved rh sensitivity
1562014037043712/18/14Production of latex using a wipe film evaporator
1572014037043812/18/14Improved process for preparing polyester emulsions
1582014037141912/18/14Carmine colorants
1592014037210212/18/14Combining temporal processing and textual entailment to detect temporally anchored events
1602014037215512/18/14System and parking reservation and finding parking space suitable for user's vehicle size
1612014037216312/18/14Methods and systems for adjusting compensation for tasks
1622014037233912/18/14Methods and systems for optimizing profitability of a print production environment
1632014036305212/11/14Adaptive character segmentation automated license plate recognition
1642014035354912/04/14Stabilized reversible polymer composition
1652014035474212/04/14Overcoat composition for ink jet printing
1662014035474612/04/14Blanket materials for indirect printing methods
1672014035583612/04/14Dynamic adjustment of automatic license plate recognition processing based on vehicle class information
1682014035677212/04/14Terpene polycarbonate containing photoconductors
1692014035677812/04/14Toner comprising surface modified colorant
1702014035778312/04/14Reversible polymer composition
1712014035941812/04/14Methods and systems for creating tasks of digitizing electronic document
1722014034751111/27/14Methods and systems for confidence-based image processing
1732014034770011/27/14Color registration error compensation in color printing
1742014034839111/27/14Snow classifier context window reduction using class t-scores and mean differences
1752014034839211/27/14Method and system for automatically determining the issuing state of a license plate
1762014035085311/27/14Route computation for navigation system using data exchanged with ticket vending machines
1772014035091711/27/14Identifying repeat subsequences by left and right contexts
1782014035096111/27/14Targeted summarization of medical data based on implicit queries
1792014035126411/27/14Methods and systems for ranking images using semantic and aesthetic models
1802014034023911/20/14Automated warning methods and systems for the prevention of animal-vehicle accidents
1812014034045511/20/14Water-dilutable inks and water-diluted radiation curable inks useful for ink-based digital printing
1822014034137011/20/14Method and routing a call using a hybrid call routing scheme with real-time automatic adjustment
1832014034160911/20/14Method of remanufacturing a toner cartridge and remanufactured toner cartridge
1842014034167711/20/14Systems and methods for forming and implementing book binding geometries as a function of stack thickness
1852014034208311/20/14Conductive pastes containing silver carboxylates
1862014034208411/20/14Method of making silver carboxylates for conductive ink
1872014034216011/20/14B-stage film adhesive compatible with aqueous ink for printhead structures interstitial bonding in high density piezo printheads fabrication for aqueous inkjet
1882014034228011/20/14Alizarin-based polymer colorants
1892014034271411/20/14Method and automatic mobile endpoint device configuration management based on user status or activity
1902014034396211/20/14Computer-based presenting and controlling access to medical information
1912014034435511/20/14Method and monitoring access of pre-read materials for a meeting
1922014033341911/13/14System and mapping multiple applications to a single nfc tag
1932014033369111/13/14System and visually detecting defective inkjets in an inkjet imaging apparatus
1942014033394711/13/14Client based splitting of pdf/vt dpart catalog
1952014033473111/13/14Methods and systems for evaluating handwritten documents
1962014033545111/13/14Toner particles having an increased surface hardness and toners thereof
1972014033548511/13/14Methods and systems for training a crowdworker
1982014033708111/13/14Methods and systems for performing capacity management in a print production environment
1992014033708511/13/14Contextual service workflow recommendation using random walk on social network and service network
2002014033732011/13/14Systems and methods of data analytics
2012014033753711/13/14Method and system for facilitating communication between message consumers and message producers
2022014032594211/06/14Forming container for product items during production job
2032014032792411/06/14Workflow to allow continued printing in presence of severe printer error
2042014031839710/30/14Systems and methods for implementing digital offset lithographic printing techniques with a plurality of intermediate transfers
2052014032177510/30/14Method and system for facilitating retrieval of information from images
2062014032189310/30/14Surface coating and fuser member
2072014032189410/30/14Fuser member
2082014032264110/30/14Polyester resins comprising gallic acid and derivatives thereof
2092014032264210/30/14Biophenols for polyester toner resins
2102014032300510/30/14Surface coating and fuser member
2112014032388810/30/14Continuous cardiac signal generation from a video of a subject being monitored for cardiac function
2122014032455510/30/14Methods and systems for evaluation of remote workers
2132014032515110/30/14Method and system for dynamically managing big data in hierarchical cloud storage classes to improve data storing and processing cost efficiency
2142014031228410/23/14Conductive ink compositions and methods for preparation of stabilized metal-containing nanoparticles
2152014031325610/23/14Method for calibrating optical detector operation with marks formed on a moving image receiving surface in a printer
2162014031334710/23/14Traffic camera calibration update utilizing scene analysis
2172014031336410/23/14Method and processing image of patch panel
2182014031354010/23/14Multi-color banner pages for print job finishing workflows
2192014031433410/23/14Method and finer control in thin line growth
2202014031446210/23/14Power assist scissor lift
2212014031512310/23/14Clear toner composition
2222014031512710/23/14Single component developer composition
2232014031687710/23/14Methods of promoting print device usage during non-peak times
2242014031704910/23/14Automatic redaction of content for alternate reviewers in document workflow solutions
2252014031734510/23/14Method and an efficient hardware implementation of dictionary based lossless compression
2262014030534010/16/14Method and system for magnetic actuated milling for pigment dispersions
2272014030616310/16/14Polyarylatecarbonate intermediate transfer members
2282014030708710/16/14Methods and systems for preventing traffic accidents
2292014030716710/16/14Methods and systems for optimizing visual data communication
2302014030727410/16/14Providing reduced and non-print options using print driver
2312014030728510/16/14Enhanced job confirmation sheet
2322014030728610/16/14Driver-based print preview, reduced size proofing, and virtual printing of documents
2332014030751910/16/14Method and system for magnetic actuated mixing
2342014030792410/16/14Methods and systems for character segmentation in automated license plate recognition applications
2352014030861210/16/14Method and system for magnetic actuated mixing to prepare latex emulsion
2362014031005310/16/14Method and systems for providing business process suggestions and recommendations utilizing a business process modeler
2372014031005410/16/14Method and system for assessing workflow compatibility
2382014031007310/16/14Wireless parking register/payment and violation notification method and system
2392014031032810/16/14Method for automated generation of minimal partitioning of a process specification for supporting its distributed execution
2402014031058310/16/14Methods and systems for processing documents
2412014030092410/09/14Systems and methods for establishing mobile user proximity via active mimicry
2422014030092610/09/14Methods and systems for automatic selection of a production device configuration in a production environment
2432014030159710/09/14Windshield localization for occupancy detection
2442014030160610/09/14Data augmentation improved automatic license plate recognition
2452014030243210/09/14Continuous coalescence processes
2462014030243410/09/14Carrier resins with improved relative humidity sensitivity
2472014030243510/09/14Carrier resins with improved relative humidity sensitivity
2482014030243610/09/14Continuous wax dispersion production processes
2492014030329710/09/14Low cost process for solid ink using dry flushed pigments

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