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Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16Injection molding to finish parts printed with a three-dimensional object printer
10/20/16System and forming hydrophobic structures in a hydrophilic print medium
10/20/16Electrostatic charging member
10/20/16Intent-based graphical user interface window control
10/20/16Preserving consistency in domain-specific business processes through semantic representation of artifacts
10/20/16Methods and systems for predicting a health condition of a human subject
10/20/16Method and system for bootstrapping an ocr engine for license plate recognition
10/20/16Vision-based object detector
10/20/16Fisher vectors meet neural networks: a hybrid visual classification architecture
10/20/16Systems and methods for automatically modifying imposition using dynamically loaded media size on a continuous feed printer
10/20/16Large-scale batch active learning using locality sensitive hashing
10/20/16Method, system, and computer program product for generating mixes of tasks and processing responses from remote computing devices
10/20/16Methods and systems for creating log of one or more events through crowdsourcing
10/20/16Employee task verification to video system
10/20/16Method and system for recommending one or more vehicles for one or more requestors
10/20/16Method and system for determining effect of weather conditions on transportation networks
10/20/16Methods and systems for detecting plagiarism in a conversation
10/20/16Coating methods using silver nanoparticles
10/13/16Processing of thin films using ultraviolet or thermal release tape as carrier
10/13/16Undercoat layer with low release force for aqueous printing transfix system
10/13/16Method for generation of nanoparticles
10/13/16Coating methods using silver nanoparticles
10/13/16Optical level sensor for reflective liquids
10/13/16Clear toner compositions
10/13/16Method and system for summarizing a document
10/13/16System and predicting health condition of a patient
10/13/16Discriminative embedding of local color names for object retrieval and classification
10/13/16Methods and systems of forecasting customer demand in a print production environment
10/13/16Method and system for determining reachability between one or more nodes in a graph
10/13/16Solid ink mask removal process
10/06/16Classifying a time-series signal as ventricular premature contraction and ventricular tachycardia
10/06/16Method for assessing patient risk for ventricular tachycardia
10/06/16Classifying a time-series signal as ventricular premature contraction
10/06/16System and removing three-dimensional printed parts from a platen using inductive heating and gravity
10/06/16Method for transmitting data, receiving data, and device
10/06/16Ultrasonic removal methods of three-dimensionally printed parts
10/06/16Three-dimensional printed part removal using a bimetallic platen
10/06/16Three-dimensional printed part removal using an elastomer sheet
10/06/16Undercoat layer with low release force for aqueous printing transfix system
10/06/16Mask based toner reduction
09/29/16Minimal diet change to meet nutritional goals
09/29/16Detecting tumorous breast tissue in a thermal image
09/29/16Dynamic control of thermal expansion induced imaging errors from light emitting diode (led) print bars
09/29/16Post-application ink processing and sheet handling
09/29/16Sacrificial coating and indirect printing apparatus employing sacrificial coating on intermediate transfer member
09/29/16Methods and systems for performing queue-based routing of print jobs in a multi-site print production environment
09/29/16Language identification on social media
09/29/16Software interface tool for breast cancer screening
09/29/16Time-sensitive collaborative filtering through adaptive matrix completion
09/29/16Methods and systems for handling trusted content from various service providers
09/22/16Porous resin particles
09/22/16Apparatus, system, and creation of custom medication labels
09/22/16Hybrid active learning for non-stationary streaming data with asynchronous labeling
09/22/16Vectorized two stage tile-based scaling
09/22/16One-to-many matching with application to efficient privacy-preserving re-identification
09/15/16System and correcting object defects formed by a three-dimensional object printing system
09/15/16Acrylate ink compositions for ink-based digital lithographic printing
09/15/16Printed stretch sensor
09/15/16Printed stretch sensor
09/15/16Fan bypass system for contamination control
09/15/16Printed tag information recognition using multi-pose illumination to mitigate glare
09/15/16Document production system having automatic adjustment of content to fit the page margin of a pre-printed media
09/08/16Systems and methods for implementing high speed final surface curing for three dimensional (3d) printed parts and components
09/08/16Embedding a database in a physical object
09/08/16Extracting an embedded database from a physical object
09/08/16System and cleaning an inkjet printer
09/08/16System and cleaning an image receiving surface in an inkjet printer
09/08/16System and cleaning an image receiving surface in an inkjet printer
09/08/16Process black ink compositions and uses thereof
09/08/16Use of epoxy film adhesive with high ink compatibility and thermal oxidative stability for printhead interstitial bonding in high density printheads
09/08/16Imaging members comprising capped structured organic film compositions
09/08/16System to authenticate 3d printed objects
09/08/16Segmented temporal analysis model used in fraud, waste, and abuse detection
09/08/16Method and system for generating and printing three dimensional barcodes
09/08/16System and retail store promotional price tag detection and maintenance via heuristic classifiers
09/08/16Rapid conveyance of coins by rotating conveyor belts
09/08/16Methods and systems for assigning priority to incoming message from customer
09/01/16Systems and methods for implementing multi-layer addressable curing of ultraviolet (uv) light curable inks for three dimensional (3d) printed parts and components
09/01/16Content-aware domain adaptation for cross-domain classification
09/01/16Method and system for analyzing performance of crowdsourcing systems
09/01/16Methods and systems for interpretable user behavior profiling in off-street parking
09/01/16System and spatiotemporal image fusion and integration
09/01/16Global registration of filled-out content in an application form
09/01/16System and setting output plex format using automatic page detection
08/25/16Fluorosilicone oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coating
08/25/16Systems and methods for delivering aqueous pearlescent digital printing ink compositions using digital offset lithographic printing techniques
08/25/16Gravure printing process using silver nanoparticle inks for high quality conductive features
08/25/16Raised fluid pass-through structure in print heads
08/25/163d printing system comprising solid build ink comprising colorant
08/25/16Robust phase inversion emulsification process for polyester latex production
08/25/16Printhead including an assembly for cleaning a lens and a displaceable light-emitting diode assembly and methods thereof
08/25/16Methods and systems for identifying target users of content
08/25/16Methods and systems for predicting health condition of human subjects
08/25/16Confirming automatically recognized handwritten answers
08/25/16Methods and systems for sharing computational resources
08/25/16Efficient methods for predictive action strategy optimization for risk driven multi-channel communication
08/25/16Method and system for simulating users in the context of a parking lot based on the automatic learning of a user choice decision function from historical data considering multiple user behavior profiles
08/25/16System and flexibly pairing devices using adaptive variable thresholding
08/18/16Coating for aqueous inkjet transfer
08/18/16Hyperbranched ink compositions for controlled dimensional change and low energy curing
08/18/16Low-foaming ink compositions including fluorosurfactants for indirect printing
08/18/16Sacrificial coating compositions comprising polyvinyl alcohol and waxy starch
08/18/16Methods and systems for predicting psychological types
08/18/16Methods and systems for compressing electronic documents
08/18/16Processing performance risk using a performance risk navigator
08/18/16Printable nanoparticle conductor ink with improved charge injection
08/18/16Method for enhancing security in distributed systems
08/18/16Led illumination uniformity
08/18/16Systems and methods to specify destinations for documents from different sources
08/18/16Electronic banding compensation (ebc) of halftone-interaction banding using variable beam delays
08/11/16Anti-counterfeiting measures for three dimensional objects
08/11/16White ink composition for ink-based digital printing
08/11/16Method and system for detecting that an object of interest has re-entered a field of view of an imaging device
08/11/16Addition of non-networked hole transport molecule to fluorinated structured organic film for improved corona resistance
08/11/16Efficient calculation of all-pair path-based distance measures
08/11/16Method and system for using data storage technology as a repository of functional logic knowledge for use in a knowledge abstraction layer subsystem
08/11/16Methods and systems for recommending crowdsourcing tasks
08/11/16Pay-by-phone parking system aided by a vision based monitoring device
08/11/16Apparatus and secure digital coupon verification
08/11/16Method and determining patient preferences to promote medication adherence
08/11/16Apparatus and generating a graphical representation to motivate employees in a call center
08/11/16Computer-vision based process recognition
08/04/16Paper-based chemical assay devices with improved fluidic structures
08/04/16Paper-based chemical assay devices with improved fluidic structures
08/04/16Automatic ejector head drop mass adjustment in a three-dimensional object printer
08/04/16Acrylate ink compositions for ink-based digital lithographic printing
08/04/16Method and system to attribute metadata to preexisting documents
08/04/16Hidden markov model generation of multi-plane random screens
08/04/16Method and promoting medication adherence
08/04/16Method and system for predicting demand for vehicles
08/04/16Methods and systems for evaluating user
08/04/16Composition comprising silver nanowires
08/04/16Transparent conductive film comprising silver nanowires
07/28/16System and identification and control of z-axis printhead position in a three-dimensional object printer
07/28/16Ink level sensor formed with an array of self-sensing piezoelectric transducers
07/28/16Core-shell metal nanoparticle composite
07/28/16Methods of preparing metal nanodendrimer structures
07/28/16Optimized latex particle size for improved hot offset temperature for sustainable toners
07/28/16System and the creation and management of user-annotations associated with paper-based processes
07/28/16Model-less background estimation for foreground detection in video sequences
07/21/16Method for making hydrophobic barriers in paper
07/21/16Method for making hydrophobic barriers requiring uv-light treatment
07/21/16Part design geometry for stenciling epoxies through orifices in film adhesive
07/21/16Methods and systems for crowdsourcing software development project
07/21/16Method and system to perform text-to-image queries with wildcards
07/21/16Methods and systems for recommending tasks
07/21/16Multimodal monitoring systems for physical activity
07/14/16Selecting a region of interest for extracting physiological parameters from a video of a subject
07/14/16Collation system with retracting guides
07/14/16Solvent-free emulsification of high viscosity resin
07/14/16Solder mask compositions for aerosol jet printing
07/14/16Nanosilver ink compositions comprising polystyrene additives
07/14/16Sensors incorporating palladium electrodes
07/14/16Joint approach to feature and document labeling
07/14/16Apparatus and developing complex queries of social media sources
07/14/16Annotation free license plate recognition method and system
07/14/16Authentication system and method to improve trust in public reviews
07/14/16System and labeling messages from customer-agent interactions on social media to identify an issue and a response
07/14/16Document production system having automatic adjustment of content to fit the printable area of a pre-printed media
07/07/16Method and system for magnetic actuated mixing
07/07/16System for detecting inoperative inkjets in printheads ejecting clear ink using thermal substrates
07/07/16Carboxylic acid or acid salt functionalized polyester polymers
06/30/16Multi-stage collation high speed compiling sequentially ordered signage
06/30/16Ambiguity reduction for image alignment applications
06/23/16System and reducing or eliminating hue shift in three-dimensional printed objects
06/23/16System for planarizing objects in three-dimensional object printing systems with reduced debris
06/23/16Multilayer imaging blanket coating
06/23/16Nanosilver ink compositions comprising clay additives
06/23/16Acrylate ink compositions for ink-based digital lithographic printing
06/23/16Inspection device and method
06/23/16Illuminator having a sheet emitter and defining an optical cavity
06/23/16Adaptive trajectory analysis of replicator dynamics for data clustering
06/23/16Relational database fingerprinting method and system
06/23/16System and managing and reviewing document integration and updates
06/23/16Methods and systems for assigning tasks
06/23/16System and creating a calendar of compliance tasks for a benefit plan
06/23/16Student assessment grading engine
06/23/16Method and system to configure mobile electronic device settings using remote data store analytics
06/16/16System and protection of printed images formed on surfaces of three-dimensional printed objects
06/16/16System and missing ejector correction in three-dimensional object printing by waveform adjustment
06/16/16System for detecting inoperative inkjets in three-dimensional object printing using an optical sensor and reversible thermal substrates
06/16/16System and imaging in an aqueous inkjet printer
06/16/16Ink level sensor formed with an array of self-sensing piezoelectric transducers
06/16/16Latex preparation using an agitated reactor column
06/16/16Water cleanable phase change ink for ophthalmic lens marking
06/16/16Water dispersible phase change ink suitable for use as a photo-mask
06/16/16Phase change ink for ophthalmic lens marking
06/16/16Imaging system with electrophotographic patterning of an image definition material and methods therefor
06/16/16Selectively settable message routing system for job status on a multifunction device
06/16/16Personal print server
06/16/16Methods and systems for vehicle tag number recognition
06/16/16Identifying user marks using patterned lines on pre-printed forms
06/16/16Category and term polarity mutual annotation for aspect-based sentiment analysis
06/16/16System and staffing employees on a project
06/16/16Origin-destination estimation system for a transportation system
06/16/16Spectral diagnostic engine for customer support call center
06/16/16High-resolution imaging devices using low-resolution sensors and compressive sensing exploiting joint sparsity
06/09/16Wearable device for stress assessment and management and its use
06/09/16Ejector head cleaning cart for three-dimensional object printing systems
06/09/16Coating for aqueous inkjet transfer
06/09/16Wafer level fabrication and bonding of membranes for electrostatic printheads
06/09/16Printhead configured for use with high viscosity materials
06/09/16Sheet height sensor using movable and stationary mirrors
06/09/16System and lead edge release coating for improved media stripping in an aqueous inkjet printer
06/09/16Crystalline latex production
06/09/16Styrene/acrylate and polyester hybrid toner
06/09/16Methods and systems for automatic analysis of conversations between customer care agents and customers
06/09/16User characteristic prediction using images posted in online social networks
06/09/16Method and system for ocr-free vehicle identification number localization
06/09/16Multi-task conditional random field models for sequence labeling
06/09/16Human task monitoring and contextual analysis for domain-specific business processes
06/09/16Methods and systems for regulating service layer agreements for multiple cloud service requests
06/09/16System and enabling third party entitlements for enterprise partners based on customer printing behaviors
06/09/16Methods and systems to adaptively detect object borders from electronic device images
06/09/16System and aiding on-street parking occupancy detection from a moving device
06/02/16Charge transport layer for imaging device
06/02/16System and product identification
06/02/16Adapted vocabularies for matching image signatures with fisher vectors
06/02/16Apparatus and call center service level prediction and action
06/02/16Video based automated side-by-side drive thru load balancing
06/02/16Non-contact stress assessment devices
05/26/16Assessing patient risk of an acute hypotensive episode with vital measurements
05/26/16Fluorosilicone oleophobic low adhesion anti-wetting coating
05/26/16Light pipe led illuminator for illuminating an image bearing surface
05/26/16Neutralizing agents for resin emulsions
05/26/16Traffic violation detection
05/26/16Method and system for automating an image rejection process
05/26/16System and task distribution in crowdsourcing
05/26/16Methods and systems for crowdsourcing tasks
05/19/16System and detecting cancerous tissue from a thermal image
05/19/16Porous nanoparticles produced by solvent-free emulsification
05/19/16Jet stack to reservoir moat merge with an adhesive joint
05/19/16Media height detection system for a printing apparatus
05/19/16Paper tray size sensing mechanism
05/19/16Method to simultaneously protect a xerographic photoreceptor from light shock and provide startup lubrication at install
05/19/16Method for making color toner
05/19/16Bio-based acrylate and (meth)acrylate resins
05/19/16System and incrementally updating a reordering model for a statistical machine translation system
05/19/16Adaptive sampling for efficient analysis of ego-centric videos
05/19/16System and automated analytic process flows to improve health outcomes and manage healthcare costs
05/19/16Methods and systems for assigning tasks to workers
05/19/16System and achieving computationally efficient motion estimation in video compression based on motion direction and magnitude prediction
05/12/16Sustainable materials for three-dimensional printing
05/12/16Anti-wetting, low adhesion coatings for aqueous ink printheads
05/12/16Print path obfuscation document content analytics assessment
05/12/16Methods and systems for creating a classifier capable of predicting personality type of users
05/12/16Methods and systems for designing of tasks for crowdsourcing
05/12/16System and human resource management
05/12/16Vehicular violation fine payment using portable computing device

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