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Xerox Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Xerox Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015023924608/27/15  new patent  Multiple thin film piezoelectric elements driving single jet ejection system
22015023925608/27/15  new patent  Intermediate member surface composition for sensing by an image sensor
32015023969808/27/15  new patent  Systems and methods for implementing removal of detected wrinkling for web printing in a post processing device of an image forming system
42015024009908/27/15  new patent  Silver flake conductive paste ink with nickel particles
52015024010008/27/15  new patent  Silver nanoparticle inks with gelling agent for gravure and flexographic printing
62015024010108/27/15  new patent  High silver content nanosilver ink for gravure and flexographic printing applications
72015024010208/27/15  new patent  Low viscosity and high loading silver nanoparticles inks for ultrasonic aerosol (ua)
82015024012608/27/15  new patent  Wear resistant transparent coating
92015024180508/27/15  new patent  Co-emulsification of insoluble compounds with toner resins
102015024181908/27/15  new patent  Adjusting tone reproduction curve and belt tension to control printing errors
112015024183008/27/15  new patent  Systems and methods for implementing an asynchronous buffering module with an integrated registration function for inline printing an image forming system
122015024238308/27/15  new patent  Methods and systems for capturing, sharing, and printing annotations
132015024269508/27/15  new patent  On-street vehicle parking occupancy estimation via curb detection
142015024270808/27/15  new patent  Object classification with constrained multiple instance support vector machine
152015024271308/27/15  new patent  Apparatus, system, and personalized medication labels
162015024279808/27/15  new patent  Methods and systems for creating a simulator for a crowdsourcing platform
172015024391508/27/15  new patent  Electronic device
182015024488208/27/15  new patent  Automatically populating imposition options of document finishing devices
192015024489208/27/15  new patent  Methods and systems for capturing, sharing, and printing annotations
202015024489708/27/15  new patent  Security mark with copyable and non-copyable elements
212015023191008/20/15 Infrared reflective pigments in a transfix blanket in a printer
222015023225608/20/15 Portable cassette for dispensing medication and method thereof
232015023264208/20/15 Polymeric nanoparticles comprising turmeric
242015023385408/20/15 Sensor detecting multiple weights of multiple items
252015023429908/20/15 Intermediate transfer members and processes
262015023434708/20/15 Systems and methods for mounting an externally readable monitoring module on a rotating customer replaceable component in an operating device
272015023458108/20/15 Method and adjusting and moving a user interface for single handed use on an endpoint device
282015023514908/20/15 Methods and systems for evaluating performance of print production environments
292015023516008/20/15 Generating gold questions for crowdsourcing
302015023529508/20/15 System and communicating with distributed marketplaces
312015023721808/20/15 Method and redirecting print job requests to digital alternatives
322015023721908/20/15 Methods and systems for automatically converting a mobile rendering job to a secure rendering job
332015023722008/20/15 Tracking source of job parameters in print jobs
342015022478808/13/15 Chemically reactive test strip for detecting mis-firing print heads with clear fluids
352015022479108/13/15 System and producing color shifting or gloss effect and recording medium with color shifting or gloss effect
362015022480308/13/15 System and producing color shifting or gloss effect and recording medium with color shifting or gloss effect
372015022706508/13/15 Seamless intermediate transfer belt
382015022707208/13/15 Low energy consumption monochrome toner for single component development system
392015022708808/13/15 Nanodiamond-containing check film for transfer assist blade applications
402015022709908/13/15 Optical sensor with multiple detect modes
412015022733208/13/15 Detection of a floating signature on a signature page of an electronic document prior to printing
422015022769008/13/15 System and method to facilitate patient on-boarding
432015022769108/13/15 Methods and systems for analyzing healthcare data
442015022789608/13/15 Gateway facilitating document transactions and related methods
452015022795208/13/15 Multi-target tracking for demand management
462015022801508/13/15 Methods and systems for analyzing financial dataset
472015022979408/13/15 Triggering workflows from a multifunction device
482015022980308/13/15 System and producing color shifting or gloss effect and recording medium with color shifting or gloss effect
492015022980508/13/15 System and producing color shifting or gloss effect and recording medium with color shifting or gloss effect
502015022980708/13/15 Methods and systems for processing low resolution images via error diffusion
512015022985108/13/15 Hyperspectral single pixel imager with fabry perot filter
522015021725308/06/15 Steam injection nozzle for emulsification/distillation
532015021751308/06/15 Correcting biased diameter size variations in aperture array
542015021756808/06/15 Printhead with nanotips for nanoscale printing and manufacturing
552015021795208/06/15 Paper supply device
562015021795808/06/15 Systems and methods for implementing unique offsetting stacker registration using omni-directional wheels for set compiling in image forming devices
572015021830408/06/15 Processes for purifying diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymers
582015022001208/06/15 Hyperpigmented magenta toner
592015022005208/06/15 Systems and methods for implementing a scheme for cooling, and minimizing curl in, output image receiving media substrates in image forming devices
602015022079108/06/15 Automatic training of a parked vehicle detector for large deployment
612015022087108/06/15 Methods and systems for scheduling a batch of tasks
622015022277708/06/15 Document reading device
632015022285908/06/15 Vehicle detection method and system including irrelevant window elimination and/or window score degradation
642015021001107/30/15 System and controlling material drop volume in three dimensional object printing
652015021006507/30/15 Aqueous ink jet blanket
662015021006607/30/15 Aqueous ink jet blanket
672015021006807/30/15 System and measuring cross-talk in inkjet printheads
682015021048807/30/15 Automatic tray switching for continued marking after media tray misfeed
692015021244607/30/15 Semi-contact bias charge roller
702015021257307/30/15 Storing print jobs received during sleep mode
712015021310607/30/15 Methods and systems for recommending cloud-computing services to a customer
722015021315507/30/15 Package definition system with non-symmetric functional elements as a function of package edge property
732015021332307/30/15 Video anomaly detection based upon a sparsity model
742015021339307/30/15 Methods and systems for presenting task information to crowdworkers
752015021340507/30/15 Methods and systems for facilitating document transactions
762015021517307/30/15 Methods and systems for scheduling a task
772015020286807/23/15 Subtractive three dimensional fabrication of an inkjet plate
782015020330907/23/15 Document reading device
792015020331207/23/15 Sheet registration using orbital tampers
802015020521907/23/15 Optimized latex particle size for improved hot offset temperature for sustainable toners
812015020523207/23/15 Systems and methods for providing and implementing low surface energy external heat rolls in image forming devices
822015020555507/23/15 Methods and systems for assigning a job source to a hub in a print production environment
832015020575607/23/15 Numerical integration using variational holder's inequality
842015020577707/23/15 Automated form fill-in via form retrieval
852015020601407/23/15 Video-based system for automated detection of double parking violations
862015020622307/23/15 Method and recommending a selection between a reseller and a multi-sided platform
872015020630107/23/15 Assessing peripheral vascular disease from a thermal image
882015020645007/23/15 Method and providing healthier food purchase suggestions to a shopper
892015020794207/23/15 Systems and methods for implementing print job redirection using hotspots tags and mobile devices for printing in image forming devices
902015019626907/16/15 System and remote determination of acute respiratory infection
912015019764707/16/15 Methods for producing inks
922015019766807/16/15 Polyester processes
932015019891307/16/15 Transfer assist members
942015019891507/16/15 Fuser member compositions
952015019911307/16/15 Electronic content visual comparison apparatus and method
962015019915807/16/15 Image shift template
972015019915907/16/15 Apparatus, system, and personalized medication labels
982015019916007/16/15 Gathering analytic data using print drivers
992015019933907/16/15 Semantic refining of cross-lingual information retrieval results
1002015019959707/16/15 Device movement detection when powered down
1012015019963207/16/15 Method and system for recommending mobile tasks to crowd workers
1022015019963307/16/15 Adaptive planning of public transportation
1032015019963607/16/15 Method and system for performance metric anomaly detection in transportation systems
1042015019963807/16/15 Performance metrics trend analysis of features present in transportation systems
1052015019969707/16/15 Method and system for latent demand modeling for a transportation system
1062015019971907/16/15 System and method to control on-demand marketing campaigns and personalized trajectories in hyper-local domains
1072015020092207/16/15 Method and system for controlling access to document data using augmented reality marker
1082015019508307/09/15 Homomorphic cryptography modeling in support of privacy policies
1092015018389907/02/15 Carrier resins with improved relative humidity sensitivity
1102015018666607/02/15 System and specification and enforcement of a privacy policy in online services
1112015018674207/02/15 Weighting scheme for pooling image descriptors
1122015018679207/02/15 System and multi-task learning for prediction of demand on a system
1132015018708207/02/15 System and adaptive depth map reconstruction
1142015017482106/25/15 Three dimensional (3d) printing of epoxy, hardener, and parts of an object to be assembled later
1152015017488706/25/15 Methods for ink-based digital printing with high ink transfer efficiency
1162015017488806/25/15 Methods for ink-based digital printing using imaging member surface conditioning fluid
1172015017490006/25/15 Fluorinated organosiloxane network composition
1182015017537706/25/15 Cycling media support for compiled sets using one motor direction
1192015017582006/25/15 Aqueous dispersible polymer inks
1202015017582106/25/15 Aqueous dispersible siloxane-containing polymer inks useful for printing
1212015017584206/25/15 Organosiloxane network composition
1222015017762906/25/15 Imaging members having electrically and mechanically tuned imaging layers
1232015017766006/25/15 Determining high toner usage
1242015017825606/25/15 Method and system for page construct detection based on sequential regularities
1252015017841906/25/15 Method and estimating a completion time for mapreduce jobs
1262015017868806/25/15 Appointment scheduling
1272015016575806/18/15 Indirect printing apparatus employing sacrificial coating on intermediate transfer member
1282015016576906/18/15 Electrostatic membrane diffusion bonding structure and process
1292015016578506/18/15 Autofocus led print head mechanism
1302015016627706/18/15 Ejector for improved stack registration
1312015016628106/18/15 Media sensing actuators and related methods of use and manufacture
1322015016818406/18/15 Machine learning and rate-distortion cost functions for enabling the optimization of device calibration
1332015016821806/18/15 Device calibration using augmented data with hadamard variation
1342015016885806/18/15 Preparing resin emulsions
1352015016886006/18/15 Toner additives for improved charging
1362015016886106/18/15 Toner additives for improved charging
1372015016886406/18/15 Led printhead with relay lens to increase depth of focus
1382015016887606/18/15 Process for fabrication of seamless uv cured intermediate transfer belts (itb)
1392015016930006/18/15 Centralized system to transform a language neutral string content into a format of a desired platform
1402015016951006/18/15 Method and system of extracting structured data from a document
1412015017005906/18/15 Systems and methods for facilitating efficiencies in inventory management and control
1422015017006406/18/15 Virtual machine-readable tags using sensor data environmental signatures
1432015017205606/18/15 Privacy-preserving evidence in alpr applications
1442015017205906/18/15 Methods and systems for messaging with physical presence and temporal verifications
1452015017250106/18/15 Integrated platen scanner and document handler for a copier, multifunctional printer or standalone scanning device
1462015017262306/18/15 Enhancing a spatio-temporal resolution of a depth data stream
1472015015727006/11/15 Using an adaptive band-pass filter to compensate for motion induced artifacts in a physiological signal extracted from video
1482015015829806/11/15 Printhead having two adhesives
1492015015903306/11/15 Bis-ureas as amorphous materials for phase-change ink
1502015016057406/11/15 Emulsion aggregation toners
1512015016057506/11/15 Additive attachment on toner particles by plasma
1522015016095406/11/15 Methods and systems for recommending solutions to performance issues in a print production environment
1532015016143606/11/15 Multiple layer block matching image denoising
1542015016149306/11/15 System and controlling power modes in printers, photocopiers, and multi-function devices
1552015016189106/11/15 Imputing pricing criteria for parking using a combination of payment data and incomplete sensor data
1562015016255506/11/15 Electronic device
1572015016362106/11/15 Placing commands through close proximity communication tapping patterns
1582015015148706/04/15 3d printing techniques for creating tissue engineering scaffolds
1592015015153906/04/15 Single jet fluidic design for high packing density in inkjet print heads
1602015015347906/04/15 Photochromic latex ink
1612015015366306/04/15 Hyperpigmented glossy ea toner
1622015015367206/04/15 Low energy consumption monochrome particle for single component development system
1632015015368706/04/15 Fuser member
1642015015368906/04/15 Printer device using inter-document gap to reduce motion disturbance and method thereof
1652015015369506/04/15 Print boost
1662015015370906/04/15 Current leakage correction in humid environments
1672015015437806/04/15 Apparatus and dispensing medications
1682015015452906/04/15 Methods and systems for creating a task
1692015015466906/04/15 Actual time based parking management methods, systems and processor-readable media
1702015014515805/28/15 3d print manufacturing of packages with personalized labeling technology
1712015014586605/28/15 Method and graphical processing unit (gpu) accelerated large-scale web community detection
1722015014592005/28/15 Method of jetting ink
1732015014594305/28/15 Electronic banding compensation (ebc) of halftone-interaction banding using variable beam delays
1742015014626105/28/15 Connected component analysis with multi-thresholding to segment halftones
1752015014626205/28/15 Embedding information in paper forms
1762015014691705/28/15 Method and system for video-based vehicle tracking adaptable to traffic conditions
1772015014707505/28/15 Device for uniform light intensity generation
1782015014769005/28/15 Polyarylatecarbonate containing photoconductors
1792015014915105/28/15 Procedure for building a max-arpa table in order to compute optimistic back-offs in a language model
1802015014920305/28/15 Medical event tracking system
1812015015001605/28/15 Method and a user-driven priority based job scheduling in a data processing platform
1822015013744405/21/15 Media handling systems for altering orientation of media
1832015013829605/21/15 Dynamic adjustable focus for led writing bars using piezoelectric stacks
1842015013836205/21/15 Computer-implemented providing emergency services notification through a centralized parking services server
1852015013858005/21/15 Centralized controller serving multiple document processing devices
1862015013858405/21/15 Systems and methods for detecting customer cost/contract avoidance in operation of image forming devices
1872015013859105/21/15 Method for customizable user specified order for printing personalized assessments
1882015013860905/21/15 Portable device scanner support with contour correction and automatic copying
1892015013861105/21/15 Document handler using dual height calibration target for automatic calibration
1902015013948405/21/15 Time scale adaptive motion detection
1912015013954805/21/15 Methods and systems for recognizing handwriting in handwritten documents
1922015013969505/21/15 Electrostatic imaging member and methods for using the same
1932015013975705/21/15 Foot-activated media supply devices
1942015014031905/21/15 Fuser member and manufacture
1952015014032005/21/15 Surface layer and fuser member
1962015014088105/21/15 Fuser member and composition of matter
1972015014088205/21/15 Fuser member and manufacture
1982015014157205/21/15 Latex formation process comprising aprotic solvent
1992015014235005/21/15 Method and device for estimating power consumption
2002015014250205/21/15 Methods and systems for creating tasks
2012015014252405/21/15 Methods and systems to price customized virtual machines
2022015014270705/21/15 Method and system for clustering, modeling, and visualizing process models from noisy logs
2032015014285305/21/15 Reconstructing documents from n-gram information
2042015014336305/21/15 Method and system for managing virtual machines in distributed computing environment
2052015013087605/14/15 Mems actuator pressure compensation structure for decreasing humidity
2062015013140505/14/15 Magnetic mixing for continuous latex preparation
2072015013185105/14/15 System and using apparent size and orientation of an object to improve video-based tracking in regularized environments
2082015013189505/14/15 Method and implementing optical roll scanning to identify defects in roll components used in an image production device
2092015013203705/14/15 Method for lubricating imaging member
2102015013247605/14/15 Conductive compositions comprising metal carboxylates
2112015013249105/14/15 Media identification processes
2122015013268905/14/15 Charge transport layer comprising silicone ester compounds
2132015013269105/14/15 Super low melt toner having crystalline aromatic ethers
2142015013269205/14/15 Super low melt toner having crystalline imides
2152015013269305/14/15 Super low melt toner having small molecule plasticizers
2162015013269405/14/15 Super low melt toner having crystalline diesters with an aromatic core
2172015013269505/14/15 Super low melt toner having crystalline aromatic monoesters
2182015013410805/14/15 Apparatus and system with pre-loaded cassette for dispensing multiple medications and methods therefore
2192015013439605/14/15 Cloud-computing infrastructure
2202015012401205/07/15 Working fluids for high frequency elevated temperature thermo-pneumatic actuation
2212015012406705/07/15 Physiological measurement obtained from video images captured by a camera of a handheld device
2222015012409305/07/15 Method for object size calibration to aid vehicle detection for video-based on-street parking technology
2232015012409905/07/15 Method and system for detecting and tracking a vehicle of interest utilizing a network of traffic image-capturing units
2242015012427105/07/15 System to enable development and usage of fifth color separation forms
2252015012492405/07/15 Traffic-monitoring smart tape
2262015012504105/07/15 Reinforcement learning approach to character level segmentation of license plate images
2272015012517705/07/15 Cleaning device comprising in-situ metal oxide dispersion
2282015012525505/07/15 Systems and methods for implementing unique stack registration using rotating shelf structures for set compiling in image forming devices
2292015012562105/07/15 Continuous plasma carrier coating process and preparing same
2302015012666105/07/15 Thermally switchable composition
2312015012732305/07/15 Refining inference rules with temporal event clustering
2322015012827605/07/15 Method and a centrally managed network virus detection and outbreak protection
2332015011424604/30/15 Emulsified electrorheological ink for indirect printing
2342015011425504/30/15 Spreadable ink composition and predicting whether ink composition will have acceptable spreading performance
2352015011613404/30/15 Methods, systems and processor-readable media for parking occupancy detection utilizing laser scanning
2362015011639704/30/15 Method and accumulating excess ink in a stationary receptacle in imaging devices that form images on intermediate imaging surfaces
2372015011641404/30/15 Ink jet ink for indirect printing applications
2382015011641504/30/15 Photocurable inks for indirect printing
2392015011641604/30/15 Curable latex inks comprising an unsaturated polyester for indirect printing
2402015011641704/30/15 Emulsified aqueous ink comprising reactive alkoxysilane for indirect printing
2412015011643004/30/15 Dual component inks comprising reactive latexes for indirect printing
2422015011643204/30/15 Electron beam curable inks for indirect printing
2432015011649304/30/15 Method and system for estimating gaze direction of vehicle drivers
2442015011674404/30/15 Defining reusable items in printer-ready document to include all graphic attributes for reproducing reusable items independently of external conditions
2452015011675904/30/15 Storing print options and print accounting credentials when printing via e-mail
2462015011770404/30/15 Bus lane infraction detection method and system
2472015011860904/30/15 Tuning toner gloss with bio-based stabilizers
2482015011861004/30/15 Hybrid emulsion aggregate toner
2492015011861304/30/15 Hybrid emulsion aggregate toner

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