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Xerox Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12014026103009/18/14 new patent  Systems for applying dampening fluid to an imaging member for ink-based digital printing
22014026108309/18/14 new patent  Method of continuously forming an aqueous colorant dispersion using a screw extruder
32014026108409/18/14 new patent  Uv reflecting pigments, and method of making and using the same
42014026511009/18/14 new patent  Low noise articulating sheet guide
52014026680309/18/14 new patent  Two-dimensional and three-dimensional sliding window-based methods and systems for detecting vehicles
62014026719409/18/14 new patent  Interactive control device and system including an integrated display
72014026748209/18/14 new patent  Device and method for addressable spray-on application of release agent to continuous feed media
82014026748409/18/14 new patent  System and method for retracting media in an ink application zone of a printer
92014026748509/18/14 new patent  Motion quality of a transfix nip by media thickness and/or skew feedforward to nip motor torque
102014026750109/18/14 new patent  Active biased electrodes for reducing electrostatic fields underneath print heads in an electrostatic media transport
112014026751209/18/14 new patent  Oxygen impermeable umbilicals for ink in a printer
122014026752309/18/14 new patent  Pneumatic sheet registration and clamping with vectored air flow
132014026773309/18/14 new patent  Single camera video-based speed enforcement system with a secondary auxiliary rgb traffic camera
142014026818509/18/14 new patent  Individualizing reduction of original pages in n-up copying or printing
152014026818909/18/14 new patent  Large sheet image on paper registration
162014026819109/18/14 new patent  Methods, systems and processor-readable media for dynamically detecting and switching profiling configurations
172014026819209/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for automatically updating a prose attribute entry based upon print job parameters of a print job order
182014026819809/18/14 new patent  Method and device for calibrating and updating a power model
192014026821309/18/14 new patent  Method and device for accurately estimating power consumption
202014026821509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for utilizing personal computing resources for mobile print conversion and routing
212014026825809/18/14 new patent  Automatically compensating for color differences from side 1 to side 2 of a document scanning device
222014026827609/18/14 new patent  Detachable hybrid display comprising organic photoconductor-based electronic cover
232014027035009/18/14 new patent  Data driven localization using task-dependent representations
242014027035309/18/14 new patent  Dictionary design for computationally efficient video anomaly detection via sparse reconstruction techniques
252014027038109/18/14 new patent  Methods and system for automated in-field hierarchical training of a vehicle detection system
262014027051009/18/14 new patent  Color balanced compression in dynamic range mismatched color systems
272014027081209/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for employing a customer replaceable unit (cru) to alter an installation type for the cru in an image forming device
282014027081609/18/14 new patent  Customer replaceable unit monitor positioning apparatus
292014027082909/18/14 new patent  System and method for detecting bias transfer roll positions using resistance detection
302014027084309/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for filling a toner container useful in printing
312014027085509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for reducing residual toner in a rotating container
322014027085609/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for reducing residual toner in a rotating container
332014027085709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for reducing residual toner in a rotating container
342014027088009/18/14 new patent  Intermittent application of lubricant to electrostatic surface
352014027215409/18/14 new patent  Melt formulation process for preparing structured organic films
362014027269709/18/14 new patent  Toner composition having improved charge characteristics and additive attachment
372014027270109/18/14 new patent  Toner particle for high speed single component development system
382014027270209/18/14 new patent  Emulsion aggregation toners with improved particle size distribution
392014027270309/18/14 new patent  Triboelectric charge control of toner through monomer ratio of shell latex
402014027395709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for automatically pairing a mobile endpoint device to an output device using a card swipe authentication
412014027464309/18/14 new patent  Apparatus, system and method for cutting and creasing media
422014027533809/18/14 new patent  Systems and methods for manufacturing pigmented radiation curable inks for ink-based digital printing
432014027872309/18/14 new patent  Methods and systems for predicting workflow preferences
442014027905709/18/14 new patent  Method of automatically visualizing content and messaging of documents in a marketing campaign design environment
452014027913309/18/14 new patent  Fault tolerant combinatorial auctions for tasks having time and precedence constraints with bonuses and penalties
462014027961809/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for recommending topic-cohesive and interactive implicit communities in social customer relationship management
472014027962709/18/14 new patent  Methods and systems for determining skills of an employee
482014027973209/18/14 new patent  System for categorizing lists of words of arbitrary origin
492014027978009/18/14 new patent  Method and system for recommending crowdsourcing platforms
502014028023209/18/14 new patent  Method and system for tagging objects comprising tag recommendation based on query-based ranking and annotation relationships between objects and tags
512014028062109/18/14 new patent  Conversation analysis of asynchronous decentralized media
522014028094609/18/14 new patent  System and process to recommend cloud service cloud configuration based on service similarity
532014028152209/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for establishing a secure communication link between a mobile endpoint device and a networked device
542014028301409/18/14 new patent  User identity detection and authentication using usage patterns and facial recognition factors
552014025363709/11/14Lamination processes
562014025393409/11/14Gathering analytic data using print drivers
572014025393509/11/14Power consumption simulator for multi-function devices
582014025395309/11/14Desktop environment color alert system for printing devices
592014025397509/11/14Method and system for enabling halftoning of a color image based on its color separation content
602014025492509/11/14Automated contour detection methods, systems and processor-readable media
612014025495009/11/14Super resolution encoding screens that minimize affects of lossy compression and data variations
622014025561009/11/14Thermally stable oleophobic anti-wetting coating for inkjet printhead face
632014025584109/11/14Toner compositions
642014025584209/11/14Phase immersion emulsification process and apparatus
652014025763009/11/14Safety door interlock system for public transportation vehicles
662014025795109/11/14Methods and systems for remunerating crowdworkers
672014025826109/11/14Language-oriented focused crawling using transliteration based meta-features
682014025844809/11/14Customer vetted device status communication system and method
692014024746109/04/14System and method for highlighting barriers to reducing paper usage
702014024746909/04/14Standardized multi-intent color control architecture
712014024797809/04/14Pre-screening training data for classifiers
722014024848209/04/14Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture
732014024855809/04/14Preparing colorant dispersions using acoustic mixing
742014024855909/04/14Acoustic method to prepare polyester resin emulsions
752014024859109/04/14Method and system for capturing reading assessment data
762014024900509/04/14Stabilizing polymers to control passive leaking of functional materials from delivery members
772014025003209/04/14Methods, systems and processor-readable media for simultaneous sentiment analysis and topic classification with multiple labels
782014025037509/04/14Method and system for summarizing documents
792014023905608/28/14Systems and methods for implementing virtual customer replaceable unit monitors for solid ink customer replaceable units in managed print service environments
802014024041608/28/14Swaged filter sandwich and weir plate
812014024051108/28/14Automatically focusing a spectral imaging system onto an object in a scene
822014024073508/28/14Systems and methods for using a printer driver to create and apply barcodes
832014024073608/28/14Systems and methods for implementing user-interactive delayed printing in image forming devices
842014024073708/28/14Methods and systems for designing cells in a production environment
852014024074008/28/14Systems and methods of displaying a printer driver user interface
862014024079008/28/14Color differential gloss security printing
872014024184908/28/14Cart with a support surface having a selectively adjustable contour and a printing system sheet stacker incorporating the cart
882014023172208/21/14Crosslinked poly(ether ether ketone) intermediate transfer members
892014023286208/21/14Anomaly detection using a kernel-based sparse reconstruction model
902014023307508/21/14Counterfeit deterrence using full width array scans
912014023308008/21/14Multi-beam ros imaging system
922014023372008/21/14Methods and systems for detecting unusual patterns in functional data
932014023398008/21/14Dual roll system integrating a delivery roll and a cleaning roll to extend the lifetime of the bcr system
942014023399308/21/14Systems and methods for implementing a double belt roll fuser geometry in an image forming device
952014023454508/21/14Fuser member coating compositions
962014023482208/21/14System for co-clustering of student assessment data
972014023735908/21/14Query generation from displayed text documents using virtual magnets
982014023761008/21/14Method and system for distributed control of user privacy preferences
992014022453108/14/14Solder mask ink comprising amide gellant
1002014022595308/14/14System and method for adjustment of coverage parameters for different colors in image data
1012014022595608/14/14Solid inks comprising liquid crystalline materials
1022014022617108/14/14Methods and systems for transparently extending a multifunction device to a mobile communications device
1032014022617308/14/14Method and system for establishing secure communications between a multifunction device and a mobile communications device
1042014022685208/14/14Methods and systems for multimedia trajectory annotation
1052014022916008/14/14Bag-of-repeats representation of documents
1062014022941308/14/14Method and system for recommending tasks to crowdworker
1072014022955008/14/14Method and system for attaching scanned documents to email replies via a mobile communications device
1082014022960708/14/14System and method for identifying optimal cloud configuration in black-box environments to achieve target throughput with best price based on performance capability benchmarking
1092014023007508/14/14Physical and electronic book reconciliation
1102014021614108/07/14Piezo actuated fluid dispenser fluid characterization
1112014021844208/07/14Method and apparatus for printing of magnetic inks
1122014021877108/07/14Scanning documents using envelopes as document separators
1132014021956308/07/14Label-embedding for text recognition
1142014021967908/07/14Image forming apparatus
1152014022031208/07/14Solventless stretchable ink composition
1162014022031408/07/14Stretchable ink composition
1172014022032108/07/14Solventless radiation curable stretchable ink composition
1182014022032208/07/14Stretchable ink composition
1192014022104808/07/14Method and apparatus for allowing any orientation answering of a call on a mobile endpoint device
1202014022184508/07/14Determining cardiac arrhythmia from a video of a subject being monitored for cardiac function
1212014022354708/07/14Alternate game-like multi-level authentication
1222014020897707/31/14Polydisperse compositions and methods for eliminating volatile organic compounds
1232014020897907/31/14Malic acid derivatives as amorphous materials for phase change ink
1242014020984007/31/14Thixotropic composition
1252014021012307/31/14Process and structure to uncurl embossed thin flex circuits
1262014021015807/31/14Apparatus and methods for determining stacker capacity
1272014021089807/31/14System and method for estimating ink usage in an inkjet printer
1282014021097007/31/14Central vision impairment compensation
1292014021102307/31/14Methods and systems for detecting an object borderline
1302014021193207/31/14Call center issue resolution estimation based on probabilistic models
1312014021203807/31/14Detection of numbered captions
1322014021368207/31/14Curable inks comprising diurethane gelators
1332014021368407/31/14Curable inks comprising bis-urea gelators
1342014021381607/31/14Diurethane gelators for curable ink applications
1352014021382007/31/14Bis-urea gelators for curable ink applications
1362014021390907/31/14Control-based inversion for estimating a biological parameter vector for a biophysics model from diffused reflectance data
1372014021439707/31/14Sampling and optimization in phrase-based machine translation using an enriched language model representation
1382014021493907/31/14Network discovery using unicast communications
1392014020307207/24/14Method and system for tracking modifications in a document
1402014020415007/24/14Release agent composition for solid inkjet imaging systems for improved coefficient of friction
1412014020415507/24/14Latex ink containing a latex having a bimodal molecular weight distribution for indirect printing method
1422014020415707/24/14Pressure roller containing a volume of fluid
1432014020415907/24/14Mixed organosiloxane networks for tunable surface properties for blanket substrates for indirect printing methods
1442014020416007/24/14Blanket materials for indirect printing method comprising structured organic films (sofs)
1452014020416107/24/14Emulsified curable oligomer-based inks for indirect printing method
1462014020416207/24/14Inkjet ink containing sub 100 nm latexes
1472014020417107/24/14Apparatus and methods for ink-based digital printing using imaging plate having regular textured surface for reduced pullback
1482014020440407/24/14Method and apparatus for uploading a rejected print job request to an alternative location
1492014020440507/24/14Method and apparatus for thick paper image border optimization
1502014020517507/24/14Processing source video for real-time enhancement of a signal of interest
1512014020531207/24/14Systems and methods for cleaning bias charge roll surface in printing systems
1522014020594207/24/14Toner additives
1532014020743907/24/14Machine translation-driven authoring system and method
1542014020763607/24/14Systems and methods for modifying color characteristics of an image
1552014020787007/24/14Methods and systems for compensating remote workers
1562014020797307/24/14Systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows print queue
1572014020819607/24/14Dynamic image layout for personalized packages
1582014019681107/17/14Method and apparatus for dispensing a beverage in accordance with a barcode scanned from a beverage container
1592014019736407/17/14Uv red fluorescent ea toner
1602014019814307/17/14Fluorescent phase change ink compositions
1612014019814607/17/14System and method for process direction registration of inkjets in a printer operating with a high speed image receiving surface
1622014019816207/17/14System and method for image surface preparation in an aqueous inkjet printer
1632014019816307/17/14Inkjet printer having an image drum heater and cooler
1642014019816407/17/14Inkjet printer having an image drum heating and cooling system
1652014019816707/17/14Photochromic phase change ink compositions
1662014019832507/17/14System and methods for determining color characterstics of an image
1672014019832907/17/14Document finishing architecture (dfa) master controller
1682014019833007/17/14Portable system performing business center operations
1692014019835007/17/14Methods and systems for handling multiple documents while scanning
1702014019894707/17/14Methods and systems for video-based chew counting via feature tracking
1712014019898607/17/14System and method for image selection using multivariate time series analysis
1722014019935207/17/14Porous nanoparticles produced by solvent-free emulsification
1732014019947407/17/14Multilayer electrical component, coating composition, and method of making electrical component
1742014019962307/17/14Tuning toner gloss with bio-based stabilizers
1752014019962507/17/14Preparing amorphous polyester resin emulsions
1762014020029807/17/14Toner making process
1772014020032207/17/14Processes for preparing diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymers
1782014020036807/17/14Amorphous materials for use in phase change inks
1792014020087807/17/14Multi-domain machine translation model adaptation
1802014020094707/17/14Methods and systems for regulating service layer agreements for multiple cloud service requests
1812014020095007/17/14Methods and systems for automatic operation abstraction and custom service instantiation
1822014020098607/17/14Method and apparatus for recommending a direct mail marketing campaign for an event
1832014020106607/17/14System and method for enabling transactions on an associated network
1842014020107307/17/14Enablement of managed print "micro" service for retail office channel
1852014020110207/17/14Methods and systems for automatic form filling and validation
1862014020160807/17/14Method and system for generating a document from multiple sources
1872014019297007/10/14System to support contextualized definitions of competitions in call centers
1882014018345407/03/14Extended isoindigo polymers and semiconductor compositions
1892014018345507/03/14Pechmann dye based polymers and semiconductor compositions
1902014018345607/03/14Blue light-emitting iridium complex and application for organic light emitting diode
1912014018471107/03/14Method to reduce surface resistivity of a release agent applicator in a printing apparatus
1922014018471207/03/14Semi-conductive media transport for electrostatic tacking of media
1932014018875607/03/14Systems and methods for automatic processing of forms using augmented reality
1942014018878707/03/14Crowdsourcing directory system
1952014017431006/26/14Systems and methods for ink-based digital printing using a vapor condensation dampening fluid delivery system
1962014017651206/26/14System and method for creating and modifying physically transient handwritten digital documents
1972014017665206/26/14Phase change ink composition and process for preparing same
1982014017697206/26/14Method and system for managing service activity using a cloud administration system
1992014017697306/26/14Methods and systems for selecting a location to store a production consumable
2002014017698206/26/14Method and system for managing print stock information using a cloud administration system
2012014017698806/26/14Method and system for print shop job routing
2022014017701606/26/14Systems and methods for streak detection in image array scanning
2032014017808906/26/14Systems and methods for implementing variable speed toner removal in an intermediate transfer element cleaning device
2042014017810406/26/14Apparatus and systems including an imaging module and developer module installable in an electrostatographic printing system
2052014017810806/26/14System and apparatus for toner charging using charge/metering blade having an adjustable nip
2062014017857906/26/14Method of making a fuser member
2072014017864406/26/14Structure and method to fabricate tooling for bumping thin flex circuits
2082014017865806/26/14Fuser member
2092014017881106/26/14Chemical binding of renewable oils to polyester emulsion
2102014018065106/26/14User profiling for estimating printing performance
2112014018155206/26/14Multi-mode device power-saving optimization
2122014018163206/26/14Methods and systems for generating a portal theme
2132014016587306/19/14Phenylcyclohexanol derivatives as wax modifiers and gelators
2142014016829806/19/14Image quality by printing frequency adjustment using belt surface velocity measurement
2152014016830106/19/14System and method for eliminating background image data in ink images in an inkjet printer
2162014016830406/19/14System and method for imaging and evaluating coating on an imaging surface in an aqueous inkjet printer
2172014016831106/19/14Multi-function inkjet device for printing with thermo-reactive ink
2182014016831206/19/14System and method for imaging and evaluating printing parameters in an aqueous inkjet printer
2192014016831306/19/14System and method for controlling dewpoint in a print zone within an inkjet printer
2202014016832906/19/14Systems and methods for ink-based digital printing
2212014016833006/19/14Wetting enhancement coating on intermediate transfer member (itm) for aqueous inkjet intermediate transfer architecture
2222014016833206/19/14System and method for printing a cancellation mark on a ticket
2232014016833606/19/14Oxygen plasma to improve wetting of aqueous latex inks on low surface energy elastomeric surfaces
2242014016834106/19/14Multi-function system for erasing media printed with thermo-reactive ink
2252014016842106/19/14Material identification from a spectral filtered patterned image without demosaicing
2262014016871206/19/14Method and system of editing multiple spot color tables associated with a printing system
2272014016946906/19/14Computationally efficient motion estimation with learning capabilities for video compression in transportation and regularized environments
2282014016967406/19/14Method and system for a selection of a solution technique for a task
2292014016980506/19/14Carrier dispense rate measurement
2302014016984906/19/14Systems and methods for printing differential gloss image on covered packaging
2312014017054506/19/14Bio-based branched resins for toner
2322014017054606/19/14Thymol derivatives in polyester polymer toner resin
2332014017054706/19/14Polyester ea toner comprising furan
2342014017054806/19/14Continuous production of toner
2352014017055106/19/14Tunable gloss toner
2362014017055506/19/14Cardanol derivatives in polyester toner resins
2372014017055706/19/14Batch/continuous production of toner
2382014017055806/19/14Batch/continuous production of toner
2392014017130706/19/14Multi-function system for recovering media printed with thermo-reactive ink
2402014017153706/19/14Orange curable ink
2412014017158906/19/14Bio-based polyester resins
2422014017328506/19/14Method for non-repudiation of ad-hoc workflows
2432014015894606/12/14Semiconductor composites comprising carbon nanotubes and diketopyrrolopyrrole-thiophene based copolymers
2442014016019006/12/14Print process for duplex printing with alternate imaging order
2452014016021306/12/14Moveable platen cart for handling sheets of substrate media in a printing system
2462014016035506/12/14Processing a video for spatial and temporal magnification with minimized image degradation
2472014016130706/12/14Methods and systems for vascular pattern localization using temporal features
2482014016218106/12/14Black toner
2492014016218406/12/14Color toner

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