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Xerox Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Xerox Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Xerox Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Interactive display for facial skin monitoring
09/21/17 new patent  Method and generating graphical chromophore maps
09/21/17 new patent  Method and system for assessing facial skin health from a mobile selfie image
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and systems for improved machine learning using supervised classification of imbalanced datasets with overlap
09/21/17 new patent  Estimating vectors of skin parameters from a video of exposed skin
09/21/17 new patent  Method and system for generating accurate graphical chromophore maps
09/21/17 new patent  Non-printing dot halftone patterns
09/21/17 new patent  Method and determining spectral characteristics of an image captured by a camera on a mobile endpoint device
09/14/17Methods of modulating polymer rheology for additive manufacturing
09/14/17Method and forming an image onto an object using selective laser sintering
09/14/17Part design geometry for stenciling expoxies through orifices in film adhesive
09/14/17Cold pressure fix toners comprising crystalline co-polyester-co-poly(alkylsiloxane)
09/14/17Quick disconnect single shutoff fitting for phase changing material
09/14/17Metallic toner compositions
09/14/17Systems and methods for robot motion control and improved positional accuracy
09/14/17Method and system for generating patient profiles via social media services
09/14/17Method and system for prediction of an outcome of a stroke event
09/14/17Method and predicting mortality of a patient
09/14/17Method and system for detection and classification of license plates
09/14/17Methods and systems for analyzing customer care data
09/14/17Method and non-contact estimation of pulse transmit time
09/14/17Method and starting an error diffusion method
09/07/17Silver nanoparticle ink
09/07/17System and relevance estimation in summarization of videos of multi-step activities
09/07/17Document background suppression performed during color space conversion
09/07/17Heterogeneous resource allocation for automatic risk targeting and action prioritization in loan monitoring applications
09/07/17Mobile on-street parking occupancy detection
09/07/17Methods and systems for camera drift correction
08/31/17Method for ablating openings in unsupported layers
08/31/17Polydiphenylsiloxane coating formulation and forming a coating
08/31/17Hyperpigmented low melt toner
08/31/17Toner composition and process
08/31/17Method and system for detection-based segmentation-free license plate recognition
08/31/17System and proving physical presence
08/24/17Computer vision system for ambient long-term gait assessment
08/24/17Method and device for building three-dimensional cylindrical objects
08/24/17System and building three-dimensional printed objects with materials having different properties
08/24/17System and automated cleaning of parts produced by a three-dimensional object printer
08/24/17Methods, systems, and devices for inkjet color management
08/24/17Conductive inks compositions and methods for preparation of stabilized metal-containing nanoparticles
08/24/17Use of a full width array imaging sensor to measure real time film thicknesses on film manufacturing equipment
08/24/17Increasing data throughput in the image processing path of a document reproduction device
08/24/17System and automatic gait cycle segmentation
08/24/17Side window detection through use of spatial probability maps
08/24/17Generating a virtual world to assess real-world video analysis performance
08/24/17Automatic frontal-view gait segmentation for abnormal gait quantification
08/24/17System and automatically providing proximity based guest access to a network of resource devices
08/17/17Core-shell metal nanoparticle composite
08/17/17Emulsion aggregation toner for sensor and antibacterial applications
08/17/17Adaptive selection of rendering intent for negative text embedded with image objects
08/17/17Security enhancement of customer replaceable unit monitor (crum)
08/17/17Conductive polymer composite
08/17/17Secure revisioning auditing system for electronic document files
08/17/17Method and system for server based secure auditing for revisioning of electronic document files
08/10/17Tunable surfactants in dampening fluids for digital offset ink printing applications
08/10/17Anti-wetting, low adhesion coatings for aqueous ink printheads
08/10/17Detecting a leading edge of a sheet in a paper handling system of a document reproduction device
08/10/17Methods and systems for transportation service recommendation
08/10/17Document printing using hardware-dependent fonts
08/10/17Method and system for receiving targeted content
08/10/17Method and system for identifying locations for placement of replenishment stations for vehicles
08/10/17Methods and systems for broadcasting targeted advertisements to mobile device
08/03/17Variable data marking direct to print media
08/03/17Domain adaptation by multi-noising stacked marginalized denoising encoders
08/03/17Method and system for predicting future activities of user on social media platforms
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08/03/17Adapting multiple source classifiers in a target domain
08/03/17Method and system for generating a search query
08/03/17Multi-function printing device having light guides between printing engine and scanner for measurement of print engine or other parameters
08/03/17System and managing security settings of a print device using a lockdown mode
07/27/173d printing system comprising solid build ink comprising colorant
07/27/17Method and calculating parking occupancy
07/27/17Complexity aware call-steering strategy in heterogeneous human/machine call-center environments
07/20/17Architecture for the printing of braille dots using uv gel ink
07/20/17Spectral and spatial calibration illuminator and system using the same
07/20/17Smoothed dynamic modeling of user traveling preferences in a public transportation system
07/20/17Assessment performance prediction
07/20/17Localization of transaction of tags
07/20/17Method and system for detecting sentiment by analyzing human speech
07/20/17Conductive polymer composite
07/20/17Conductive polymer composite
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07/20/17Conductive polymer composite
07/20/17Detecting sizes of documents scanned using handheld devices
07/20/17Customized color for multiple raster content format file
07/13/17Emulsion aggregation toners
07/06/17Continuous coalescence processes
07/06/17Continuous coalescence processes
06/29/17Interlayer composition for electronic printing
06/29/17System and analyzing the adequacy of a healthcare network in a geographic region
06/29/17Strain gauge polymer comprising photochromic colorant
06/22/17System and compensating for dissimilar shrinkage rates in different materials used to form a three-dimensional printed object during additive manufacturing
06/22/17Relational database for assigning orphan fillable fields of electronic fillable forms with associated captions
06/22/17Image processing system and methods for identifying table captions for an electronic fillable form
06/22/17System and recommending analytic modules based on leading factors contributing to a category of concern
06/22/17Coarse-to-fine cascade adaptations for license plate recognition with convolutional neural networks
06/22/17Photoconductive multi-resonator chipless rfid
06/22/17Shaping data traffic within a local area network
06/22/17Apparatus and optimizing the calibration position for document scanner calibration using a calibration strip
06/22/17System and printing documents using print hardware and automatic print device identification based on context correlation
06/15/17System and generating available ride-share paths in a transportation network
06/15/17Computer-vision-based group identification
06/15/17Estimating respiratory phase from a video of a subject
06/15/17System and measuring perceived impact of schedule deviation in public transport
06/15/17Methods and systems of cost determination of computational resources
06/08/17Three-dimensional object printer with multi-nozzle extruders and dispensers for multi-nozzle extruders and printheads
06/08/17System and operation of multi-nozzle extrusion printheads in three-dimensional object printers
06/08/17Material feeder for engineering polymer ejection system for additive manufacturing applications
06/08/17Extrusion printheads for three-dimensional object printers
06/08/17Method and device for protecting printheads in three-dimensional object printers
06/08/17Systems and methods for ink-based digital printing using dampening fluid imaging member and image transfer member
06/08/17Aqueous dispersible polymer inks
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06/08/17Acrylate ink compositions for ink-based digital lithographic printing
06/08/17Encoding liquid ink with a device specific biomarker
06/08/17Sparged toner
06/08/17Systems and methods for implementing electrophotographic layered manufacturing of three dimensional (3d) objects, parts and components using tri-level electrophotography
06/08/17Generation of textual documents with reduced de bruijn graphs
06/08/17Exploiting color for license plate recognition
06/08/17Direct character recognition from page description language document
06/08/17Transductive adaptation of classifiers without source data
06/08/17Matrix factorization for user profiling and outlier detection in activity data
06/01/17Method and system for generating a graphical organization of a page
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06/01/17Dynamic pricing systems and related methods
06/01/17Methods and systems for reversible muti-layer data hiding
05/25/17Systems and methods for implementing three dimensional (3d) object, part and component manufacture including locally laser welded laminates
05/25/17System and method to embed objects into structure using stereolithography
05/25/17Systems and methods for implementing three dimensional (3d) object, part and component manufacture including displacement/vibration welded or heat staked laminates
05/25/17Inhibiting sediment formation in a micr ink tank
05/25/17Method of making sacrificial coating for an intermediate transfer member of indirect printing apparatus
05/25/17System and validating configuration data values associated with software applications
05/25/17Adapted domain specific class means classifier
05/25/17Three phase immiscible polymer-metal blends for high conductivty composites
05/25/17System and handling blank pages during document printing or copying
05/25/17System and producing seesaw gloss effect and recording medium with seesaw gloss effect
05/25/17System and producing seesaw gloss effect and recording medium with seesaw gloss effect
05/25/17System and producing seesaw gloss effect and recording medium with seesaw gloss effect
05/25/17Direct scan to package printing
05/18/17Method of aerosol printing a solder mask ink composition
05/18/17Single dose screening for particulate materials
05/18/17Stretchable ink composition
05/18/17Methods and systems for automatically printing files
05/18/17Multi-layer fusion in a convolutional neural network for image classification
05/18/17Post application editing of multiresonator chipless radio frequency identification (rfid)
05/11/17System and removing support structure from three-dimensional printed objects using microwave energy
05/11/17Method of removing support structure using integrated fluid paths
05/11/17Additive manufacturing system with layers of reinforcing mesh
05/11/17System and removing support structure from three-dimensional printed objects using microwave energy and nanoparticles
05/11/17System and removing support structure from three-dimensional printed objects using microwave energy
05/11/17B-stage film adhesive compatible with aqueous ink for printhead structures interstitial bonding in high density piezo printheads fabrication for aqueous inkjet
05/11/17Printhead with narrow aspect ratio
05/11/17Method and mitigating particulate settling in an ink handling system
05/11/17Multi-position collation system with retracting guides including pre-compiler
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05/11/17Styrene/acrylate and polyester resin particles
05/11/17Sacrificial coating for intermediate transfer member of an indirect printing apparatus
05/11/17Toner comprising colorant wax dispersion
05/11/17Method for lubricating imaging member
05/11/17Method and system using machine learning techniques for checking data integrity in a data warehouse feed
05/11/17Method and system for stochastic optimization of public transport schedules
05/11/17Method and system for evaluating the quality of a surgical procedure from in-vivo video
05/11/17Suspended lattice for electrical interconnects
05/04/17Method for printhead cleaning using mobile maintenance carts
05/04/17Metal nanoparticle sulfonated polyester composites and methods of making the same
05/04/17Ink jet ink compositions for digital manufacturing of transparent objects
05/04/17Toner compositions with optimized beta-carboxyethyl acrylate shell latex for improved particle formation and morphology
05/04/17Virtual reality text manipulation
04/27/17Heart rate sensing using camera-based handheld device
04/27/17Digital lithographic image forming surface incorporating a carbon black polymeric filler
04/27/17Latent student clustering using a hierarchical block clustering method
04/20/17Method and device for non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters
04/20/17Printing process
04/20/17Fuser with modular power input, device capable of printing including a fuser with modular power input, and method thereof
04/20/17Distributed-network system of efficiently allocating users of a print awareness tool based on print usage
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04/20/17Transforming a knowledge base into a machine readable format for an automated system
04/20/17System and mobility demand modeling using geographical data
04/20/17Methods and systems for computational resource allocation
04/20/17Methods and systems facilitating generation of digital representations of objects
04/20/17Security feature in graphic documents
04/13/17Method and device for producing areas in a printed object having different coefficients of friction
04/13/17Media embossing printing devices
04/13/17Systems and methods for implementing a post-processing scheme for minimizing curl in sets of output image receiving media substrates imaged in image forming devices
04/13/17Document finishing architecture profile management
04/13/17Methods and systems of securely storing documents on a mobile device
04/13/17Product package and associated system for improving user-product engagement
04/06/17System and orthogonally arranging ejectors in a three dimensional object printer
04/06/17Method for ejector to ejector pixel height normalization
04/06/17System and using multiple optical sensor arrays to measure features on objects produced in a three-dimensional object printer
04/06/17System and using an optical sensor array to monitor color fidelity in objects produced by a three-dimensional object printer
04/06/17Surface layer and fuser member
04/06/17Charge control agent-silicone oils and uses thereof
04/06/17Methods and systems to train classification models to classify conversations
04/06/17System and distribution of hard copy documents in pull print system
03/30/17Imaging processes
Social Network Patent Pack
03/30/17Generative discriminative approach for transactional dialog state tracking via collective matrix factorization
03/30/17Method and system for predicting requirements of a user for resources over a computer network
03/30/17Inference for mobile parking sensor data
03/30/17Pausing printing for preview of documents printed using remote server-based print queues
03/30/17Patterning clear marking material based on color darkness
03/23/17Color shift pigments for three-dimensional printing
03/23/17Sacrificial coating for intermediate transfer member of an indirect printing apparatus
03/23/17Bio-based acrylate and methacrylate resins
03/23/17Compatibility of configuration between variable and fixed print job data
03/23/17Similarity-based detection of prominent objects using deep cnn pooling layers as features
03/23/17Methods and systems for transmitting information generated for events
03/23/17Method and printing in grayscale
03/16/17Representing a subject's state of mind using a psychophysiological model
03/16/17Thermal management methods and producing uniform material deposition and curing for high speed three-dimensional printing
03/16/17Method and system for variable data printing in a 3d print system
03/16/17Integrated thin film piezoelectric printhead
03/16/17Latex comprising colorant and methods of making the same
03/16/17Conductive compositions comprising metal carboxylates
03/16/17Fluorinated structured organic film photoreceptor layers
03/16/17Enriching how-to guides by linking actionable phrases
03/16/17Method and system for document management considering location, time and social context
03/16/17System and classification of microblog posts based on identification of topics
03/16/17Method and system for selecting crowd workforce for processing task
03/16/17Secure document printer
03/09/17Carboxylic acid or acid salt functionalized polyester polymers
03/09/17Magnetic actuated-milled pigment dispersions and process for making thereof
03/09/17Methods and devices for improved accuracy of test results
03/09/17Methods and systems for routing and scheduling print jobs
03/09/17System and internal structural defect analysis using three-dimensional sensor data
03/09/17Symmetric bit coding for printed memory devices
Social Network Patent Pack
03/09/17Methods and systems for managing skills of employees in an organization
03/09/17Emotion, mood and personality inference in real-time environments
03/02/17Methods and systems for predicting mortality of a patient
03/02/17Generating a respiration gating signal from a video
03/02/17Dynamic light emitting diode (led) print bar positioning system and method
03/02/17System and using optical sensor focus to identify feature heights on objects being produced in a three-dimensional object printer
03/02/17Method and system for scheduling vehicles along routes in a transportation system
03/02/17Center registered process direction heating element background
03/02/17Center registered process direction heating element with temperature leveling and/or resistance increase
03/02/17Service for creating a personalized universal print driver
03/02/17Document-specific gazetteers for named entity recognition
03/02/17Human identity verification via automated analysis of facial action coding system features
03/02/17Method and system for importing hard copy assessments into an automatic educational system assessment
03/02/17Methods and systems for segmenting multimedia content
03/02/17Automatic paper selection for custom media sizes
02/23/17System for detecting inoperative inkjets in three-dimensional object printing using an optical sensor and reversible thermal substrates
02/23/17System for detecting inoperative inkjets in printheads ejecting clear ink using thermal substrates
02/23/17Multipurpose bottle apparatus and bottle loading mechanism and method
02/23/17Sacrificial coating and indirect printing apparatus employing sacrificial coating on intermediate transfer member
02/23/17Sustainable materials for three-dimensional printing
02/23/17System and dynamic balancing of a rotating body
02/23/17Stabilizing polymers to control passive leaking of functional materials from delivery members
02/23/17Print head cleaning mechanism
02/23/17Methods and systems for estimating skew angle of an image
02/23/17System and multi-factored-based ranking of trips
02/23/17Intelligent pre-conversion of document formats for predicted printer selection
02/23/17File directory navigation design for a multi-function device touch screen user interface
02/23/17Scanner providing centered alignment marks
02/16/17System and method to maintain printheads operational in a continuously printing system

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