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Yahoo! Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo! Inc., listed under Yahoo! Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo! Inc.. Updates: Yahoo! Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Yahoo! Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140245176 08/28/14  new patent  Method and system for displaying email messages
20140237425 08/21/14 System and method of using context in selecting a response to user device interaction
20140236952 08/21/14 Media identification system with fingerprint database balanced according to search loads
20140236943 08/21/14 Method or system for recommending personalized content
20140236749 08/21/14 Applying customer feedback to group buying deals
20140233854 08/21/14 Real time object scanning using a mobile phone and cloud-based visual search engine
20140229272 08/14/14 Systems and methods for adaptive scheduling of references to documents
20140229282 08/14/14 Use of natural query events to improve online advertising campaigns
20140229289 08/14/14 Enhanced shared screen experiences for concurrent users
20140229818 08/14/14 Dynamic generation of mobile web experience
20140229977 08/14/14 Distributed live multimedia switching mechanism and network
20140222800 08/07/14 Personalization of news articles based on news sources
20140222560 08/07/14 System and method for monetization in photo sharing sites
20140214878 07/31/14 Providing relevant non-requested content to a mobile device
20140214779 07/31/14 System and method for applying an efficient data compression scheme to url parameters
20140206397 07/24/14 Mobile notification system
20140207761 07/24/14 Indexing and searching content behind links presented in a communication
20140201009 07/17/14 Dynamic pricing for guaranteed online display advertising
20140200999 07/17/14 Granular data for behavioral targeting
20140192088 07/10/14 Systems and methods relating to design of mobile applications for display ads on a larger screen space
20140195154 07/10/14 Systems and methods relating to ad/content targeting for map route options based on personalization and user data
20140195508 07/10/14 Lateral search
20140195511 07/10/14 Lateral search
20140195523 07/10/14 Method and system for indexing information and providing results for a search including objects having predetermined attributes
20140189525 07/03/14 User behavior models based on source domain
20140189512 07/03/14 System and method for generating a playlist from a mood gradient
20140180831 06/26/14 System for determining fees for online ad impact
20140180836 06/26/14 Contextual content targeting
20140181010 06/26/14 Method and system for storytelling on a computing device via user editing
20140181069 06/26/14 Speculative search result on a not-yet-submitted search query
20140181084 06/26/14 Type-ahead search optimization
20140181104 06/26/14 Identity workflow that utilizes multiple storage engines to support various lifecycles
20140181110 06/26/14 Method and system for storytelling on a computing device via multiple sources
20140181287 06/26/14 Dns wildcard beaconing
20140181642 06/26/14 Device, method and computer program product for generating web feeds
20140172583 06/19/14 Methods and systems for displaying sponsored content from third party networks
20140172652 06/19/14 Automated categorization of products in a merchant catalog
20140172820 06/19/14 Method for summarizing event-related texts to answer search queries
20140172838 06/19/14 System and method for dynamically retrieving data specific to a region of a layer
20140172856 06/19/14 Method and system for storytelling on a computing device
20140172863 06/19/14 Method and system for storytelling on a computing device via social media
20140173396 06/19/14 Method and system for storytelling on a computing device via a mixed-media module engine
20140164094 06/12/14 Precise targeted promotional offers
20140164101 06/12/14 Systems and methods for personalized offline mobile advertising
20140164139 06/12/14 Methods and systems for targeting users with audio advertisements
20140164344 06/12/14 Method and apparatus for detecting and explaining bursty stream events in targeted groups
20140164913 06/12/14 Dynamic content mapping
20140156787 06/05/14 Virtual wall for writings associated with landmarks
20140156650 06/05/14 Classifying a portion of user contact data into local contacts
20140156622 06/05/14 System and method for associating a geographic location with an internet protocol address
20140151909 06/05/14 System and method for reducing mineral buildup on drift eliminators of a cooling tower
20140151906 06/05/14 System and method for reducing mineral buildup on drift eliminators of a cooling tower
20140149036 05/29/14 Constructing travel itineraries from tagged geo-temporal photographs
20140149380 05/29/14 Methods and apparatuses for document processing at distributed processing nodes
20140149465 05/29/14 Feature rich view of an entity subgraph
20140149868 05/29/14 Method and system for providing audio assistance for non-visual navigation of data
20140143682 05/22/14 System and method for touch-based communications
20140143360 05/22/14 System and method for creating user profiles
20140143243 05/22/14 Infinite browse
20140143067 05/22/14 Online marketplace to facilitate the distribution of marketing services from a marketer to an online merchant
20140143054 05/22/14 System for identifying and selecting advertising categories
20140133763 05/15/14 Logo or image recognition
20140136595 05/15/14 Push pull caching for social network information
20140136596 05/15/14 Method and system for capturing audio of a video to display supplemental content associated with the video
20140136836 05/15/14 Method and system for providing tokenless secure login by visual cryptography
20140129364 05/08/14 Capturing value of a unit of content
20140129715 05/08/14 Method and system for work load balancing
20140129729 05/08/14 Method and system for remote altering static video content in real time
20140129964 05/08/14 Navigation bridge
20140130088 05/08/14 System and method for providing time-based content
20140118355 05/01/14 Systems and methods for generating a dense graph
20140122055 05/01/14 Method and system for improved language identification using language tags
20140122194 05/01/14 Cross-platform targeting
20140122221 05/01/14 Optimizing bidding with multiple campaign types
20140122225 05/01/14 Advertiser driven engagement for product searches
20140122253 05/01/14 Systems and methods for implementing bid adjustments in an online advertisement exchange
20140122316 05/01/14 Concept valuation in a term-based concept market
20140122469 05/01/14 Ranking products using purchase day based time windows
20140123001 05/01/14 User displays using n-way paginated merge of information from diverse sources
20140112637 04/24/14 System and method for enhancing recorded radio or television programs with information on the world wide web
20140114572 04/24/14 System and method for determination and display of personalized distance
20140114762 04/24/14 System for providing mobile advertisement actions
20140114770 04/24/14 Online techniques for providing offers based on social activity
20140114769 04/24/14 Digital memories for advertising
20140114947 04/24/14 Search systems and methods with integration of user annotations
20140114993 04/24/14 Method and system for maintaining data in a data storage system
20140115155 04/24/14 Network graph evolution rule generation
20140115282 04/24/14 Writing data from hadoop to off grid storage
20140115539 04/24/14 Customized shortcuts for resource browsing method and apparatus
20140108158 04/17/14 Methods for augmenting user-generated content using a monetizable feature
20140108147 04/17/14 System for creating separate data serving spaces for each mobile carrier in a plurality of mobile carriers
20140108144 04/17/14 Methods and systems for using voice input in display advertisements
20140105209 04/17/14 Performing multicast communication in computer networks by using overlay routing
20140108327 04/17/14 System and method for mining tags using social endorsement networks
20140108387 04/17/14 Inverse search systems and methods
20140108417 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for web ad matching
20140108425 04/17/14 Visible personalization
20140108436 04/17/14 Internet browsing with customized content
20140108447 04/17/14 Display of location-related promotional message with search query results
20140108968 04/17/14 Visual presentation of customized content
20140101599 04/10/14 Targeted sidebar advertising
20140101568 04/10/14 Simultaneous sharing communication interface
20140100951 04/10/14 Integrating sponsored media with user-generated content
20140095301 04/03/14 Revenue adjustment processes
20140095328 04/03/14 Interactive reveal ad unit
20140095433 04/03/14 Providing profile information using servers
20140087687 03/27/14 Method and system for collecting and presenting historical communication data for a mobile device
20140089106 03/27/14 Method and system for formulating bids for internet advertising using forecast data
20140089286 03/27/14 System for determining local intent in a search query
20140089304 03/27/14 Personalizing an online service based on data collected for a user of a computing device
20140089312 03/27/14 Context server for associating information based on context
20140089411 03/27/14 Personalizing an online service based on data collected for a user of a computing device
20140089439 03/27/14 Context sensitive user group communications
20140081696 03/20/14 Embedding calendar knowledge in event-driven inventory forecasting
20140081743 03/20/14 Pricing engine revenue evaluation
20140081914 03/20/14 Self populating address book
20140081964 03/20/14 Personalizing an online service based on data collected for a user of a computing device
20140082593 03/20/14 Testing framework for dynamic web pages
20140074856 03/13/14 Social content suggestions based on connections
20140075293 03/13/14 Web page layout
20140075334 03/13/14 Cold start answers
20140075463 03/13/14 Volume based, television related advertisement targeting
20140067544 03/06/14 Providing offer(s) to users in a social networking system based on compatibility of the users with the offer(s)
20140067555 03/06/14 Method and system for providing online advertisements based on user driven device motion inputs
20140067817 03/06/14 Methods and systems for recommending social network connections
20140067844 03/06/14 System and method for context enhanced mapping
20140067863 03/06/14 Media identification system for efficient matching of media items having common content
20140067875 03/06/14 System and method for modeling relationships between entities
20140067980 03/06/14 Control for inviting an unaythenticated user to gain access to display of content that is otherwise accessible with an authentication mechanism
20140067996 03/06/14 Method and system for reducing network latency
20140068455 03/06/14 System and method for providing selective and visible personalized content for webpages
20140058706 02/27/14 Comparison of data signals using characteristic electronic thumbprints extracted therefrom
20140058826 02/27/14 Composite publisher audience profiles in comprehensive advertising campaign management and optimization
20140058830 02/27/14 Sell through rate evaluation framework for pricing inventory profiles in advertising systems
20140058847 02/27/14 Automatic ad group creation in a networked advertising environment
20140059430 02/27/14 System and method for generating a mood gradient
20140052507 02/20/14 Methods and systems for targeting mobile devices during charging
20140052546 02/20/14 Multiscreen adaptive rich media advertisements
20140052803 02/20/14 Systems and methods for profile building using location information from a user device
20140052804 02/20/14 Systems and methods for event-based profile building
20140047369 02/13/14 Method and system for presenting photos on a website
20140047067 02/13/14 Shortcut sets for controlled environments
20140046773 02/13/14 Method and system for displaying relevant advertisements based on characteristic tags
20140046660 02/13/14 Method and system for voice based mood analysis
20140040170 02/06/14 System and method for identifying abusive account registration
20140040234 02/06/14 System and method for trail identification with search results
20140040280 02/06/14 System and method for identifying similar media objects
20140040385 02/06/14 Apparatus, system, and method for expert identification to answer users queries
20140040455 02/06/14 Methods and systems for determining the effect of a host on network latency while delivering online ads
20140032302 01/30/14 Systems and methods for implementing a mobile application based online advertising system
20140032305 01/30/14 Inventory contribution rules for inventory management

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