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Yahoo Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yahoo Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  System and relevance-based electronic message presentation
11/16/17 new patent  Overall performance when a subsystem becomes overloaded
11/02/17Method and system for providing query suggestions
10/26/17Video monitoring
10/26/17Content sharing recommendations
10/19/17Method and system for rewriting a query
10/19/17Method and system for selecting supplemental content using visual appearance
10/19/17Method and system for distributed machine learning
10/19/17Mobile assistant
10/12/17Content subject suggestions
10/05/17Computerized automatically detecting and rendering highlights from streaming videos
09/28/17Target webpage performance
09/28/17Video content deep diving
09/21/17Computerized high-quality and high-ranking digital content discovery
09/21/17System and content selection using selection activity in digital messaging
09/14/17System and traffic quality based pricing via deep neural language models
09/14/17Method and system for digital signature-based adjustable one-time passwords
09/07/17Data access based on content of image recorded by a mobile device
09/07/17Computerized automated determination of high quality digital content
09/07/17Method and system for user profiling for content recommendation
09/07/17Electronic message composition support method and apparatus
09/07/17Method and system for synchronizing software module hosts
08/31/17Quality-based scoring and inhibiting of user-generated content
08/24/17Method and system for searching encrypted data
08/10/17Scalable and effective document summarization framework
08/10/17Content-based video representation
08/03/17Scalable conflict detection in transaction management
08/03/17Method and system for distributed deep machine learning
08/03/17Pointer activity as an indicator of interestingness in video
07/27/17Computerized determining and displaying message content in a user's inbox
07/13/17Systems and methods for quote extraction
07/06/17Systems and methods involving integration/creation of search results media modules
07/06/17Search engine content switch
07/06/17Computerized augmenting search terms for increased efficiency and effectiveness in identifying content
07/06/17Finding related articles for a content stream using iterative merge-split clusters
07/06/17Method and system for recommending content
07/06/17Systems and methods involving integration/creation of search results media modules
07/06/17On-line content sampling
07/06/17Generating preference indices for image content
07/06/17Filtering machine for sponsored content
07/06/17Systems and methods for assembling and/or displaying multimedia objects, modules or presentations
07/06/17Computerized modifying a message to apply security features to the message's content
07/06/17Peer-to-peer architecture for web traffic management
07/06/17Network content communication
07/06/17Content-adaptive digital content adjustment method and system
07/06/17Query-goal-mission structures
07/06/17Mobile searches utilizing a query-goal-mission structure
06/29/17Method and system for automatic formality transformation
06/29/17Method and system for automatic formality classification
06/29/17System and user model based on app behavior
06/29/17Display of person based information including person notes
06/29/17User verification
06/29/17Content presentation using a device set
06/29/17Content prefetching and cache management
06/22/17Weighted pseudo - random digital content selection
06/22/17Customizable gestures for mobile devices
06/22/17Decentralized cards platform for showing contextual cards in a stream
06/22/17Size-optimized data interchange method and system
06/15/17System and annotation and ranking reviews personalized to prior user experience
06/15/17Method and system for mapping notable entities to their social profiles
06/15/17Enforcing anonymity in the auditing of electronic documents
06/15/17Presentation of organized personal and public data using communication mediums
06/15/17Authentication vectors
06/15/17Computerized determining and communicating media content to a user based on a physical location of the user
06/15/17Method and system for tracking events in distributed high-throughput applications
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06/15/17System and device positioning with bluetooth low energy distributions
06/08/17Method and system for providing context based query suggestions
06/08/17Creating secure social applications with extensible types
06/08/17Systems and methods involving creation of information modules, including server, media searching, user interface and/or other features
06/08/17System and mobile device location tracking with a communication event trigger in a wireless network
06/08/17Emotionally relevant content
06/01/17Computerized analyzing user interactions with digital content and providing an optimized content presentation of such digital content
06/01/17Locally optimized feature space encoding of digital data and retrieval using such encoding
06/01/17Media content analysis system and method
06/01/17Generating actionable suggestions for improving user engagement with online advertisements
06/01/17Methods and systems for application rendering and management on internet television enabled displays
06/01/17Onboarding feature cues
05/25/17Location-based recommendations using nearest neighbors in a locality sensitive hashing (lsh) index
05/25/17Method and system for providing interaction driven electronic social experience
05/25/17Personalizing an online service based on data collected for a user of a computing device
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05/25/17Systems and methods for ad placement in content streams
05/25/17Selective screen sharing
05/25/17Weather presentation
05/18/17Method and system for data assignment in a distributed system
05/18/17Method and system for presenting a search result in a search result card
05/18/17Method for approximate k-nearest-neighbor search on parallel hardware accelerators
05/18/17Granular data for behavioral targeting
05/18/17Method and system for providing advertisements based on semantic representations
05/18/17Preview of compressed file email attachments
05/18/17Third party program integrity and integration control in web-based applications
05/18/17Method and system for user authentication based on a visual representation of user location
05/18/17Virtualization input component
05/18/17Orientation selection
05/11/17Computerized automatically extracting gifs from videos
05/04/17Automated personalized electronic message composition
05/04/17Content recommendation
05/04/17Content compression and/or decompression
04/27/17Method to automatically update a homescreen
04/27/17Method and system for interacting with a touch screen
04/27/17Trust propagation through both explicit and implicit social networks
04/27/17Automatic anomaly detection framework for grid resources
04/20/17Publish-subscribe platform for cloud file distribution
04/20/17Computerized automatically creating and applying a filter to alter the display of rendered media
04/20/17User interface generation
04/13/17Computerized determining media based on selected motion video inputs
04/13/17Fraud prevention
04/06/17Fantasy sports data analysis for game structure development
04/06/17Methods, systems and techniques for ranking blended content retrieved from multiple disparate content sources
04/06/17Methods, systems and techniques for personalized search query suggestions
04/06/17Method and system for associating data from different sources to generate a person-centric space
Social Network Patent Pack
04/06/17Method and system for searching in a person-centric space
04/06/17Method and system for updating an intent space and estimating intent based on an intent space
04/06/17Computerized determining applications on a device for serving media
04/06/17Method and system for generating a knowledge representation
04/06/17Methods, systems and techniques for providing search query suggestions based on non-personal data and user personal data according to availability of user personal data
04/06/17Method and system for intent-driven searching
04/06/17Methods, systems and techniques for ranking personalized and generic search query suggestions
04/06/17Method and system for entity extraction and disambiguation
04/06/17System and privacy-aware information extraction and validation
04/06/17Method and system for generating a card based on intent
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04/06/17Method and system for providing synthetic answers to a personal question
04/06/17Method and system for automatically generating and completing a task
04/06/17Exploration of real-time advertising decisions
04/06/17Systems and methods for establishing and utilizing a hierarchical bayesian framework for ad click through rate prediction
04/06/17Method and system for online task exchange
04/06/17Methods, systems and techniques for blending online content from multiple disparate content sources including a personal content source or a semi-personal content source
04/06/17Method and system for dynamically generating a card
04/06/17System and contextual mail recommendations
04/06/17Method and system for classifying a question
04/06/17User classification based upon images
04/06/17Interactive sitemap with user footprints
04/06/17Webpage navigation utilizing audio commands
03/30/17Personalized audio introduction and summary of result sets for users
03/30/17Programmatic native rendering of structured content
03/30/17Location-sensitive ranking for search and related techniques
03/30/17Computerized search query auto-completion
03/30/17Region of search based on context
03/30/17Predicting locations for web pages and related techniques
03/30/17Media content enrichment using an adapted object detector
03/30/17Automatic image piling
03/30/17Privacy aware sharing implicit and explicit personal preferences for group planning
03/30/17Auto extraction of tasks from unstructured communications such as emails and messages
03/30/17Method for accessing an online account after the owner's death
03/30/17Multi-touch gesture search
03/23/17Collecting and presenting data including links from communications sent to or from a user
03/23/17Smart exploration methods for mitigating item cold-start problem in collaborative filtering recommendation systems
03/23/17Face detection
03/23/17Method and system for sharing personal information with web sites
03/23/17Measuring inline ad performance for third-party ad serving
03/23/17Services access for mobile devices
Patent Packs
03/23/17In-context translation review
03/23/17Content identification
03/16/17Methods and systems for generating and providing immersive 3d displays
03/16/17Method and system for dynamically providing advertisements for comparison
03/16/17Method and system for exchanging cryptographic keys with an unauthenticated device
03/16/17Identifying users' identity through tracking common activity
03/09/17On-line account recovery
03/09/17Systems and methods involving creation/display/utilization of information modules, such as mixed-media and multimedia modules
03/09/17Systems and methods involving features of creation/viewing/utilization of information modules such as mixed-media modules
03/09/17Browsing multiple images using perspective distortion and scrolling
03/09/17Multi-source content blending
03/09/17Audio verification
03/09/17User action prediction
03/02/17Performance of ad campaigns targeting demographic audiences using third party data
03/02/17Systems and methods involving search enhancement features associated with media modules
03/02/17Method and system for merging data
03/02/17Recyclable private memory heaps for dynamic search indexes
03/02/17Method and/or system for recommender system
03/02/17Computerized formatted transcription of multimedia content
03/02/17Systems and methods involving features of creation/viewing/utilization of information modules such as mixed-media modules
Social Network Patent Pack
03/02/17System and device positioning with bluetooth low energy distributions
02/23/17Adaptive deployment of applications for mobile devices
02/23/17Systems and methods involving features of search and/or search integration
02/23/17Locale of interest identification
02/23/17Content selection
02/16/17Method and system for scheduling transactions in a data system
02/16/17Method and system for data recovery in a data system
02/16/17Method and system for monitoring data quality and dependency
02/16/17Media content analysis system and method
02/09/17Computerized automated determination of high quality digital content
02/09/17Boosted deep convolutional neural networks (cnns)
02/02/17Systems and methods for content processing
02/02/17Encoding and accessing position data
02/02/17System and contextual video advertisement serving in guaranteed display advertising
02/02/17Cross-platform interface for a television device
01/26/17Social media user recommendation system and method
01/26/17Data access based on content of image recorded by a mobile device
01/26/17Method and system for causing a browser to preload web page components
01/26/17Integrated building based air handler for server farm cooling system
01/26/17Methods and systems for determining query date ranges
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/17Social aggregation communications
01/19/17Bidding minimizing the cost of field experiments using advertisement exchanges
01/12/17Computerized automatically associating metadata with media objects
01/12/17Anti-spam transient entity classification
01/05/17Methods and systems for detecting and recognizing text from images
01/05/17Systems and methods for mobile campaign optimization without knowing user identity
01/05/17Method and system for analyzing user behavior associated with web contents
01/05/17Method and system for providing content supply adjustment
01/05/17Method and predicting unwanted electronic messages for a user
12/29/16Processing web page data across network elements
12/29/16Clustering of search results
12/29/16Processing data across network elements
12/29/16User interface adjustment methods and systems
12/22/16Automatic lock removal scalable synchronization in dynamic data structures
12/22/16Method and system for online user profiling
12/22/16Systems and methods for online content recommendation
12/22/16Maximizing relevance of delivered data using a single common identifier
12/22/16Cross device information exchange using gestures and locations
12/15/16Seasonal query suggestion system and method
12/15/16Outlier data detection
12/15/16Method and system for sponsored search results placement in a search results page
12/15/16Content summation
12/08/16System and automatic storyline construction based on determined breaking news
12/08/16Computer event-based processing to identify content to include in multiple web pages
12/08/16System and determining and delivering breaking news utilizing social media
12/08/16Computerized notification delivering breaking news content
12/08/16Image searching
12/01/16Method and system for analyzing a user agent string
12/01/16System and methods for enabling arbitrary developer code consumption of web-based data
12/01/16Triggering instant search
Social Network Patent Pack
12/01/16Method and system for providing a user agent string database
12/01/16Location-awareness search assistance system and method
12/01/16Ranking advertisements with pseudo-relevance feedback and translation models
12/01/16Detecting coalition fraud in online advertising
12/01/16Representing entities relationships in online advertising
12/01/16System and recommending pleasant routes from the sentiment of geo-tagged photographs
12/01/16Image capture component
11/24/16Mobile visual search using deep variant coding
11/24/16Image-based faceted system and method
11/24/16System and editing dynamically aggregated data
11/24/16Method and system for determining user interests based on a correspondence graph
11/24/16Computerized determining authenticity of users via facial recognition
11/24/16Mitigating at least some effects of cookie churn
11/24/16System and authenticating users across devices
11/24/16Data sessionization
11/17/16Method and system for ranking search content
11/17/16Method and system for managing digital content including streaming media
11/17/16Collective expansion of bid-terms for campaign optimization
11/17/16Content navigation
11/17/16Content overlay for social network posts
11/17/16Predicting content consumption
11/10/16Location uncertainty in search
11/10/16Device interfacing
11/03/16Systems and methods relating to design of mobile applications for display ads on a larger screen space
11/03/16System and measuring the virality of internet content using indices
11/03/16Computerized selectively communicating html content to a user's inbox as a native message
11/03/16Method for identifying multiple devices belonging to the same group
11/03/16Method and system for blocking malicious third party site tagging
11/03/16Using location-based request data for identifying beacon locations

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