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Yahoo Inc patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yahoo Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/09System and method for presentation of media related to a context
12/31/09Using currency in online fantasy sports games
12/31/09System and method for determination and display of personalized distance
12/31/09Automated friend finder
12/31/09Systems and methods for utilizing assist data to optimize digital ads
12/31/09Systems and methods for utilizing normalized impressions to optimize digital ads
12/31/09Systems and methods for creating an index to measure a performance of digital ads as defined by an advertiser
12/31/09Presentation of sequential advertisements
12/31/09Playful incentive for labeling content
12/31/09Background contextual conversational search
12/31/09Prefetching data for document ranking
12/31/09Automated system and method for creating a content-rich site based on an emerging subject of internet search
12/31/09Systems and methods for tokenizing and interpreting uniform resource locators
12/31/09Method and system for utilizing web document layout and presentation to improve user experience in web search
12/31/09System and method for disambiguating text labeling content objects
12/31/09Automated system and method for creating a web site based on a subject using information available on the internet
12/31/09Compiler based code modification for use in document ranking
12/31/09System and method for location based media delivery
12/31/09System and method using streaming captcha for online verification
12/31/09Analysis of database performance reports for graphical presentation of summary results
12/24/09Suggesting contacts for social networks
12/24/09Mobile imaging device as navigator
12/24/09Method and apparatus for presenting navigation information
12/24/09Quality-based online advertisement trading system
12/24/09Framework for aggregating information of web pages from a website
12/24/09Methods and apparatuses for adapting a ranking function of a search engine for use with a specific domain
12/17/09System and method for previewing search results
12/17/09Targeted advertising
12/17/09System and method for using contextual sections of web page content for serving advertisements in online advertising
12/17/09Clearinghouse for messages between disparate networks
12/17/09Accelerated and reproducible domain visitor targeting
12/17/09Non-mouse computer input method and apparatus
12/17/09System and/or method for balancing allocation of data among reduce processes by reallocation
12/17/09Personal travel organizer and online travelogue
12/10/09Methods and systems for data transfer and notification mechanisms
12/10/09System, apparatus, or method for enhanced route directions
12/10/09System for displaying inventory search parameters for an advertiser
12/10/09Identifying regional sensitive queries in web search
12/10/09Friendly search and socially augmented search query assistance layer
12/10/09Inverted indices in information extraction to improve records extracted per annotation
12/03/09Placement pricing in a networked advertising environment
12/03/09Media/tag-based word games
12/03/09Supply curve pricing in a networked advertising environment
12/03/09Face search in personals
12/03/09Automatic ad group creation in a networked advertising environment
12/03/09Generating sharable recommended and popular e-mails
12/03/09Universal device identifier for globally identifying and binding disparate device identifiers to the same mobile device
12/03/09System for displaying a position viewer for previewing the display of an advertisement
11/26/09Reality overlay device
11/26/09Virtual billboards
11/26/09System, method, and apparatus for selecting one or more representative images
11/26/09Method and system for displaying advertisement listings in a sponsored search environment
11/26/09Method, apparatus and system for collecting, receiving, and distributing information from multiple channels
11/26/09Parameterized search context interface
11/26/09System and method for automatically ranking lines of text
11/26/09Ordering relevant content by time for determining top picks
11/26/09System and method of providing electronic dictionary services
11/26/09Method and system for automatic event administration and viewing
11/26/09Real time expert dialog service
11/26/09Federation and interoperability between social networks
11/26/09Aggregating and sharing keys of web pages over page viewers
11/19/09Data access based on content of image recorded by a mobile device
11/19/09Web embedded language input arrangement
11/19/09Distributed personal spam filtering
11/19/09Search results with most clicked next objects
11/19/09Search results with word or phrase index
11/19/09System and method for removing a storage server in a distributed column chunk data store
11/19/09Authentication detection
11/12/09Targeting of advertisements to a network content provider
11/12/09Automated tagging of documents
11/12/09Systems and methods for predicting a degree of relevance between digital ads and a search query
11/12/09Systems and methods for predicting a degree of relevance between digital ads and webpage content
11/12/09Systems and methods for building a prediction model to predict a degree of relevance between digital ads and a search query or webpage content
11/12/09Micro-bucket testing for page optimization
11/12/09Algorithmically generated topic pages
11/05/09Apparatus and methods for detecting adult videos
11/05/09Method for efficiently building compact models for large multi-class text classification
11/05/09Search engine to broker advertiser with publisher
11/05/09Multimedia advertisements in a sponsored search environment
11/05/09Interactive advertisements in a sponsored search environment
11/05/09Ranking documents through contextual shortcuts
11/05/09Modification of brand representations by a brand engine in a social network
11/05/09Modification of content representation by a brand engine in a social network
11/05/09Method for media fingerprinting
11/05/09Generating document templates that are robust to structural variations
11/05/09Adaptive user feedback window
10/29/09Electronic bill process automation
10/29/09Search query scoring and popularity monitoring and systems and methods therefor
10/29/09Discovery of friends using social network graph properties
10/29/09Annotations of third party content
10/29/09Method and apparatus for rating user generated content in seach results
10/29/09Method and system for retrieving and organizing web media
10/29/09System and method for monitoring user interaction with web pages
10/29/09Handling cross-domain web service calls
10/22/09Web page layout optimization using section importance
10/22/09Content fingerprinting for video and/or image
10/22/09Methods for advertisement display policy exploration
10/22/09Ranking using word overlap and correlation features
10/22/09Optimizing ranking functions using click data
10/22/09Identifying superphrases of text strings
10/22/09System and method for classifying tags of content using a hyperlinked corpus of classified web pages
10/22/09System and method for a user interface to navigate a collection of tags labeling content
10/15/09Interactive advertisements
10/15/09Coupon clipper
10/15/09System for partitioning and pruning of advertisements
10/15/09Abbreviation handling in web search
10/15/09System and method for trail identification with search results
10/15/09Normalizing query words in web search
10/15/09System and/or method for bulk loading of records into an ordered distributed database
10/15/09Method for calculating score for search query
10/08/09System and method for optimizing online keyword auctions subject to budget and estimated query volume constraints
10/08/09Method and system for constructing and delivering sponsored search futures contracts
10/08/09Method and system for presenting advertisements targeted at passersby
10/08/09Enhanced online advertising experience
10/08/09Prediction market making method and apparatus
10/08/09Ad matching by augmenting a search query with knowledge obtained through search engine results
10/08/09Hybrid term and document-based indexing for search query resolution
10/08/09Browser interpretable document for controlling a plurality of media players and systems and methods related thereto
10/08/09Local map chat
10/01/09User interface for integrating diverse methods of communication
10/01/09System for adapting online advertising campaigns to incorporate mobile advertising
10/01/09System for providing mobile advertisement actions
10/01/09System for mobile advanced matching
10/01/09System for suggesting categories of mobile keywords to revenue generators
10/01/09Information retrieval using dynamic guided navigation
10/01/09System and method for detecting the sensitivity of web page content for serving advertisements in online advertising
10/01/09System and method for offering an auction bundle in an online advertising auction
10/01/09Online fixed-position advertisement reservation at fixed price and duration
10/01/09Method for segmenting webpages
10/01/09System and method for query substitution for sponsored search
10/01/09Search engine configured to minimize performance degradation under high load
10/01/09System and method for maintenance of questions and answers through collaborative and community editing
10/01/09Bundling of query-related context for sponsored search
10/01/09Ranking advertisements with pseudo-relevance feedback and translation models
10/01/09Information retrieval using dynamic guided navigation
10/01/09Cross-domain matching system
10/01/09Site-specific information-type detection methods and systems
10/01/09Techniques for input recogniton and completion
10/01/09Dynamic contextual shortcuts
10/01/09Method and system for determining whether a computer user is human
10/01/09Advertisements on demand
10/01/09Access to trusted user-generated content using social networks
09/24/09Graphical rating conversion
09/24/09Location-based opportunistic recommendations
09/24/09Syntactic and/or semantic analysis of uniform resource identifiers
09/24/09System and method for detecting human judgment drift and variation control
09/24/09Uniform resource identifier alignment
09/24/09Classifying content resources using structured patterns
09/17/09Method of registering advertisements on an electronic map
09/17/09Agent-based customized online shopping
09/17/09System and method for automatic detection of needy queries
09/17/09System, method, and/or apparatus for reordering search results
09/17/09Multi-term search result with unsupervised query segmentation method and apparatus
09/17/09Search query
09/17/09System, method, and/or apparatus for subset discovery
09/17/09System and method for creating an efficient and scalable cache mode for a collaboration suite application
09/17/09Method and system for securely streaming content
09/10/09Using location-based request data for identifying beacon locations
09/10/09Generating congruous metadata for multimedia
09/03/09Filter for blocking image-based spam
09/03/09Method and apparatus for social network marketing with consumer referral
09/03/09Method and apparatus for social network marketing with brand referral
09/03/09Method and apparatus for social network marketing with advocate referral
09/03/09System and/or method for personalization of searches
09/03/09Social aspects of content aggregation, syndication, sharing, and updating
09/03/09Measurement of the effectiveness of advertisement displayed on web pages
09/03/09Mechanisms for content aggregation, syndication, sharing, and updating
09/03/09Secure browser-based applications
09/03/09Method to tag advertiser campaigns to enable segmentation of underlying inventory
08/27/09Structural clustering and template identification for electronic documents
08/27/09Optimizing query rewrites for keyword-based advertising
08/27/09Boosting extraction accuracy by handling training data bias
08/27/09Prioritizing media assets for publication
08/27/09Identifying ip addresses for spammers
08/27/09Reporting on spoofed e-mail
08/27/09Graphical/rich media ads in search results
08/20/09Simulated bucket testing
08/20/09Method for generating forecasting landscapes
08/20/09On-line software rental
08/20/09Search result abstract quality using community metadata
08/20/09Methods and systems for maintaining personal data trusts
08/20/09System and method for writing data dependent upon multiple reads in a distributed database database
08/20/09System and method for asynchronous update of indexes in a distributed database
08/20/09Apparatus and methods for lossless compression of numerical attributes in rule based systems
08/20/09Blocking of spoofed e-mail
08/20/09Efficient compression of applications
08/20/09Real-time data collection via hierarchical web page parsing
08/13/09Location tracking based on proximity-based ad hoc network
08/13/09Data sharing based on proximity-based ad hoc network
08/13/09Method for initiating internet telephone service from a web page
08/13/09Real time parking search and point-to-point direction generator
08/13/09Power management for proximity-based ad hoc networks
08/13/09Time code validation and correction for proximity-based ad hoc networks
08/13/09Method and system for presenting targeted advertisements
08/13/09System and method for parallel retrieval of data from a distributed database
08/13/09Social network search
08/13/09Apparatus and methods for presenting linking abstracts for search results
08/13/09System for refreshing cache results
08/06/09Mobile marketing application
08/06/09Multi-version mobile advertisements
08/06/09Mobile advertisement filtering
08/06/09Method and system for recommending jobseekers to recruiters
08/06/09System and method for generating subphrase queries
08/06/09System and method for determining semantically related terms
08/06/09Executing software performance test jobs in a clustered system
08/06/09Centralized system for analyzing software performance metrics
08/06/09System for providing advertisements across multiple channels
07/30/09Systems and methods for performing international money exchanges
07/30/09Method and system for mining, ranking and visualizing lexically similar search queries for advertisers
07/30/09Personalized ad delivery when ads fatigue
07/30/09Apparatus and methods for tracking, querying, and visualizing behavior targeting processes
07/30/09Software testing and development methodology using maturity levels
07/23/09System and method for presenting supplemental information in web ad
07/23/09Security and authentications in peer-to-peer networks
07/23/09Learning framework for online applications
07/16/09System and method for serving advertisements according to network traffic
07/16/09System and method for word-of-mouth advertising
07/16/09System and method for word-of-mouth advertising
07/16/09Internet trading
07/16/09Extracting entities from a web page
07/16/09System and method for real-time media object-specific communications
07/16/09System and method for word-of-mouth advertising
07/16/09Local query identification and normalization for web search
07/09/09Identifying and employing social network relationships
07/09/09System and method for delivery of augmented messages
07/02/09Personals ad profile secret photo verification process
07/02/09Sports community commentary
07/02/09Using product and social network data to improve online advertising
07/02/09System and method for online advertising driven by predicting user interest
07/02/09System and method of feature selection for text classification using subspace sampling
07/02/09One-stop travel search
07/02/09User-generated activity maps
07/02/09Techniques for constructing sitemap or hierarchical organization of webpages of a website using decision trees
07/02/09Creating and editing media objects using web requests
07/02/09Streaming multiple videos in a playlist
06/25/09Application program interface and graphical user interface for editorial review of mobile advertisement campaigns
06/25/09Mobile click fraud prevention
06/25/09Application program interface and graphical user interface for distributing an advertisement budget in a mobile environment
06/25/09Scheduling transient online advertisements
06/25/09System for providing a user interface for displaying and creating advertiser defined groups of mobile advertisement campaign information targeted to mobile carriers
06/25/09Application program interface and graphical user interface for providing a user interface for targeting mobile advertisements in a mobile marketing environment
06/25/09Targeted ad system using metadata
06/25/09System and method for wireless communication between previously known and unknown users
06/25/09Social behavior analysis and inferring social networks for a recommendation system
06/25/09Methods and apparatus for computing graph similarity via sequence similarity
06/25/09System and method for crawl ordering by search impact
06/25/09Search techniques for chat content
06/25/09Comment filters for real-time multimedia broadcast sessions
06/25/09User vacillation detection and response
06/25/09Method and system for monitoring rest web services
06/25/09Web service multi-key rate limiting method and system
06/25/09Media toolbar and aggregated/distributed media ecosystem
06/25/09Tag aggregator
06/25/09Extracting semantic relations from query logs
06/25/09Recommendation system using social behavior analysis and vocabulary taxonomies
06/25/09Blog-based video summarization
06/25/09Stateless proportionally consistent addressing
06/18/09Pocket broadcasting for mobile media content
06/18/09Real-time display of fantasy sports player transaction data
06/18/09Visual display of fantasy sports team starting roster data trends
06/18/09System and method for improving the performance of digital advertisements
06/18/09Personal broadcast engine and network
06/18/09Advanced advertisements
06/18/09Integrated exchange for 24 hour real time trading of fungibles & continuous cash t+0 settlement
06/18/09System and method for internet marketing by endorsements
06/18/09System for opinion reconciliation
06/18/09Reduction of annotations to extract structured web data
06/18/09Segmentation of search topics in query logs
06/18/09Unsupervised detection of web pages corresponding to a similarity class
06/18/09Analyzing images to derive supplemental web page layout characteristics
06/18/09Using user search behavior to plan online advertising campaigns
06/18/09Sharing of multimedia and relevance measure based on hop distance in a social network
06/18/09Sharing of content and hop distance over a social network
06/18/09System and method of styling an embedded widget
06/11/09Virtual billboard display on a mobile device
06/11/09System and method for sparse gaussian process regression using predictive measures
06/11/09System and method for optimizing the reserve price and allocation of web page placements in an online keyword auction using generalized trade reduction
06/11/09System and method for training a multi-class support vector machine to select a common subset of features for classifying objects
06/11/09Reverse matching relationships in networks of existing identifiers
06/11/09Methods and apparatus for computing graph similarity via signature similarity
06/11/09System and method for synchronizing data on a network
06/11/09System and method for conditional delivery of messages
06/11/09System and method for prioritizing delivery of communications via different communication channels
06/11/09System and method for contextual addressing of communications on a network
06/11/09Distributed automatic recording of live event
06/04/09Method for initiating internet telephone service from a web page
06/04/09Social news ranking using gossip distance
06/04/09Method and system of advertisement management
06/04/09Dynamic representation of group activity through reactive personas
06/04/09System for storing distributed hashtables
06/04/09Time based ordering of provided mobile content
06/04/09Enabling searching on abbreviated search terms via messaging
06/04/09Associating metadata with media objects using time
06/04/09E-commerce system using searchable tags
06/04/09System for maintaining a database
06/04/09Asynchronously replicated database system using dynamic mastership
06/04/09Social news forwarding to generate interest clusters
06/04/09Method and systems for using community bookmark data to supplement internet search results
05/28/09Mobile device tracking and location awareness
05/28/09Targeted distribution of commercial incentives
05/28/09Time-varying media object sponsorship
05/28/09Method and system for media promotion
05/28/09Dynamic augmentation of commercial incentives
05/28/09Redistribution and redemption of commercial incentives
05/28/09System and method for context-adaptive shaping of relevance scores for position auctions
05/28/09Optimization of ranking measures as a structured output problem
05/28/09Method and system for media transformation
05/28/09Method and system for media collection expansion
05/28/09Dynamical routing for text messaging
05/28/09Method and system for maintaining synchronization between a local data cache and a data store
05/21/09System and method for estimating an amount of traffic associated with a digital advertisement
05/21/09Online advertiser acquisition and valuation
05/21/09Advertisement display depth optimization
05/21/09Dynamic content pipeline
05/21/09Trust based moderation
05/21/09Video tag game
05/14/09Advertisements on mobile devices using integrations with mobile applications
05/14/09System and methods for generating diversified vertical search listings
05/14/09Web page categorization using graph-based term selection
05/14/09System and method for an extensible media player
05/14/09System and method for a personal video inbox channel
05/07/09Agent to offer in-context help
04/30/09Application interface for global mobile message delivery
04/30/09Visual universal decryption apparatus and methods
04/30/09Text display of geo-referenced information based on relative distance to a user location
04/30/09Method and system for rendering simplified point finding maps
04/30/09System and method for online advertising optimized by user segmentation
04/30/09System and method for scheduling online keyword auctions over multiple time periods subject to budget and query volume constraints
04/30/09Charity auctions on social networks
04/30/09System and method for updating a search results page in response to a user map interaction
04/30/09Media enhancement mechanism
04/30/09Representative keyword selection
04/30/09Text enhancement mechanism
04/30/09Community-based web filtering
04/30/09Facilitating music collaborations among remote musicians
04/30/09Progressive captcha
04/30/09Multimedia enhanced browser interface
04/30/09Multimedia enhanced instant messaging engine
04/30/09Mobile authentication framework
04/23/09User augmented reality for camera-enabled mobile devices
04/23/09Method and system for combining edit information with media content
04/23/09Virtual universal translator
04/23/09System and method for learning a network of categories using prediction
04/23/09Assessing ad value
04/23/09Internet advertising using product conversion data
04/23/09Method and system for publishing media content
04/23/09Personal targeted advertising
04/23/09System and method for implementing an ad management system for an extensible media player
04/23/09Locating dense and isolated sub-graphs
04/23/09Extensions for system and method for an extensible media player
04/23/09System and method for an extensible media player
04/23/09Sms sessioning
04/16/09Self-monitoring system of reciprocal benefit
04/16/09System and method for setting bid prices associated with digital advertisements based on market conditions
04/16/09Customized geographical location indexing
04/16/09Suggestive meeting points based on location of multiple users
04/16/09Differentiated treatment of sponsored search results based on search context
04/16/09Playlist resolver
04/16/09Identity management
04/16/09Method for internet-based applications to enable internet service providers to specify location context
04/16/09Network accessible media object index
04/16/09Method for presenting a web page
04/16/09System and method for seamlessly integrating separate information systems within an application
04/16/09Content navigation method and user interface
04/16/09Method and system for creating superior informational guides
04/09/09Real time click (rtc) system and methods
04/09/09System for selecting advertisements
04/09/09Recommendations based on an adoption curve
04/09/09Interactive advertisement framework
04/09/09Stock video purchase
04/09/09System and method for creating and applying predictive user click models to predict a target page associated with a search query
04/09/09Method for admission-controlled caching
04/09/09Animated data feeds
04/09/09System and method for detecting internet bots
04/09/09Peer to peer browser content caching
04/09/09System and method for caching posting lists
04/02/09Distributed live multimedia monetization mechanism and network
04/02/09Method of detecting spam hosts based on clustering the host graph
04/02/09System and method for contextual commands in a search results page
04/02/09System and method for history clustering
04/02/09System and method for editing history in a search results page
04/02/09Gradient based optimization of a ranking measure
04/02/09Real-time search term popularity determination, by search origin geographic location
04/02/09Method of detecting spam hosts based on propagating prediction labels
04/02/09System and method for inclusion of history in a search results page
04/02/09System and method for inclusion of interactive elements on a search results page
04/02/09Decentralized record expiry
04/02/09System and method for identifying spam hosts using stacked graphical learning
04/02/09System and method for keyboard navigation in a search results page
04/02/09System and method for non-letter key functionality in a search control
04/02/09System and method for contextual commands in a search results page
04/02/09System and method of automatically sizing and adapting a widget to available space
04/02/09System and method for drill-down search results
04/02/09System and method for improved tag entry for a content item
04/02/09Three-dimensional website visualization
04/02/09Methods of ranking content for brand centric websites
04/02/09Methods for cross-market brand advertising, content metric analysis, and placement recommendations
04/02/09Distributed live multimedia monetization mechanism and network
04/02/09Distributed live multimedia capture, feedback mechanism, and network
04/02/09Methods for managing content for brand related media
04/02/09Method and apparatus for providing multimedia content optimization
04/02/09Distributed live multimedia switching mechanism and network
03/26/09Sms spam control
03/26/09System and method for an online auction with optimal reserve price
03/26/09Systems and methods for serving generalized gift certificates to consumers on a web site
03/26/09Non-intrusive, context-sensitive integration of advertisements within network-delivered media content
03/26/09Mail monetization - revenue sharing model
03/26/09Web-based competitions using dynamic preference ballots
03/26/09Real-time presence of online contacts
03/26/09System and method for selectively displaying web page elements
03/19/09Bridging phone networks using voip to preserve in-network calling advantages
03/19/09Advertising within address books
03/19/09User generation of keywords for content authored by them
03/19/09Customization of search results
03/19/09User entertainment and engagement enhancements to search system
03/19/09Methods and systems for merging data sets
03/19/09Techniques for displaying graphical comments
03/19/09Method and system of creating a personalized homepage
03/12/09Memory efficient storage of large numbers of key value pairs
03/12/09Sms shortcode allocation
03/12/09Audible metadata
03/12/09System and method using sampling for scheduling advertisements in slots of different quality in an online auction with budget and time constraints
03/12/09System and method using sampling for scheduling advertisements in an online auction with budget and time constraints
03/12/09System and method for payment over a series of time periods in an online market with budget and time constraints
03/12/09Social network site including interactive digital objects
03/12/09Social networking site including conversation thread viewing functionality
03/12/09Trackbacks for media assets
03/12/09Inline rights request and communication for remote content
03/12/09System and method of inter-widget communication
03/12/09Social network site including trust-based wiki functionality
03/12/09Social network site including contact-based recommendation functionality
03/12/09Ranking content based on social network connection strengths
03/12/09Social network site including invitation functionality
03/12/09Safe web based interactions
03/05/09Constructing a profile using self-descriptive images for use in a social environment
03/05/09Customizable mobile message services
03/05/09Method and system for collecting and classifying opinions on products
03/05/09Adaptive ad server
03/05/09Information network for text ads
03/05/09Mobile intelligence tasks
03/05/09System and method using sampling for allocating web page placements in online publishing of content
03/05/09System and method for generating a playlist from a mood gradient
03/05/09System and method for providing vector terms related to instant messaging conversations
03/05/09System and method for recommending songs
03/05/09System and method for string processing and searching using a compressed permuterm index
03/05/09Automated most popular media asset creation
03/05/09Automatic extraction of semantics from text information
03/05/09Secure inter-module communication mechanism
03/05/09Module hosting and content generation platform
03/05/09Media discovery interface
03/05/09Degree of separation for media artifact discovery
03/05/09In-place upload and editing application for editing media assets
03/05/09Task-based tool for speeding and customizing interactions with web documents
03/05/09Secure inter-module communication mechanism
03/05/09Distributed network processing system including selective event logging
03/05/09Instant messaging malware protection
02/26/09Mobile carrier capability
02/26/09Predictive discrete latent factor models for large scale dyadic data
02/26/09Identifying and validating factors that have particular effects on user behavior
02/26/09Dynamic and interactive advertisements
02/26/09Scalable ticket generation in a database system
02/26/09System and method for identifying similar media objects
02/26/09Shared influence search
02/26/09Retrieving mobile user context information using tokenized virtual dictionaries
02/26/09Video channel curation
02/19/09Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system
02/19/09Intelligent media buffering based on input focus proximity
02/19/09Mobile language interpreter with text to speech
02/19/09Method and system for wirelessly accessing a network
02/19/09System and method for selecting a training sample from a sample test
02/19/09Method and system for intent queries and results
02/19/09System and method for identifying similar media objects
02/19/09System and method for identifying similar media objects
02/19/09System and method for seamlessly integrating separate information systems within an application
02/19/09Estimating backend processing time for retrieving and processing data and displaying appropriate supplemental content
02/19/09User interface to browse syndication data mixing module configurations
02/19/09Persistent visual media player
02/19/09Location-based visualization of geo-referenced context
02/19/09System and method for the generation of replacement titles for content items
02/19/09Multiple points of presence in real time communications
02/05/09Comment faces
02/05/09System for contextual matching of videos with advertisements
02/05/09System for the insertion and control of advertisements in video
02/05/09System and method for determining semantically related terms
02/05/09System and method for predicting clickthrough rates and relevance
02/05/09Hosted suggestion board system for public customer feedback
02/05/09Traffic predictor for network-accessible information modules
02/05/09System and method for merging internet protocol address to location data from multiple sources
02/05/09Textual and visual interactive advertisements in videos
04/02/09Method and apparatus for detecting spam user created content
03/05/09System and method for providing advertisements in connection with tags of user-created content
02/26/09Method and system for creating a bulletin board system (bbs) message including a map through a communication network

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