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Yahoo Inc patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yahoo Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/30/10Advertising engine and network using mobile devices
12/30/10Semantic search extensions for web search engines
12/30/10Adaptive resource allocation for parallel execution of a range query
12/30/10Determining a mood of a user based on biometric characteristic(s) of the user in an online system
12/30/10Context aware image representation
12/30/10System and method for automatically generating web page augmentation
12/30/10Post processing video to identify interests based on clustered user interactions
12/23/10Conditional communication access based on user status
12/23/10Dynamic access control lists
12/16/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
12/16/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
12/16/10User interface for navigating a keyword space
12/16/10Enriched document representations using aggregated anchor text
12/16/10User location dependent dns lookup
12/09/10All-in-one chinese character input method
12/09/10System for serving advertisements targeted to geographic areas over mobile devices
12/09/10Open search assist
12/09/10System and method for development of search success metrics
12/09/10Identifying and recommending connections across multiple online services
12/02/10Finding iconic images
12/02/10Method and system for matching advertisements to web feeds
12/02/10Click through rate prediction using a probabilistic latent variable model
12/02/10Automatic fact validation
12/02/10Online measurement of user satisfaction using long duration clicks
12/02/10Real-time detection of emerging web search queries
12/02/10Dynamic group labels
12/02/10System for packaging native program extensions together with virtual machine applications
11/25/10System for identifying geographically relevant advertisements from a search query
11/25/10Time differentiation based advertising
11/25/10Systems and methods for implementing person-to-person money exchange
11/25/10Automatically ranking multimedia objects identified in response to search queries
11/25/10Managing electronic addresses based on communication patterns
11/25/10Open theme builder and api
11/18/10Identification of related bid phrases and categories using co-bidding information
11/18/10Systems and methods for generating a web page based on search term popularity data
11/11/10Method and apparatus for reconstructing a search query
11/11/10Identifying a level of desirability of hyperlinked information or other user selectable information
11/04/10Gift incentive engine
11/04/10Gift credit matching engine
11/04/10System for determining the geographic range of local intent in a search query
11/04/10Creating secure social applications with extensible types
11/04/10Method and system for annotating video content
11/04/10Smart fields
10/28/10Transductive approach to category-specific record attribute extraction
10/28/10Method and system for implementing a composite database
10/28/10System and method for recommending personalized identifiers
10/28/10Account recovery via aging of account data points
10/21/10Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system
10/21/10Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system
10/21/10Personalized web search ranking
10/21/10System and method for automatically grouping keywords into ad groups
10/21/10Subject-based vitality
10/21/10Interacting with internet servers without keyboard
10/14/10Inferring an optimal minimum reserve price from a distribution of bids in an online auction
10/14/10Inferring a distribution of values from a distribution of bids in an online auction
10/14/10Outbound spam detection and prevention
10/07/10Automated screen scraping via grammar induction
10/07/10Enhanced search marketing
10/07/10Checking caplimits
10/07/10Finding similar campaigns for internet advertisement targeting
10/07/10Providing recommendations for trafficking online ads in an online ad network
10/07/10Techniques for categorizing search queries
10/07/10Method and system for generating a mini-software application corresponding to a web site
10/07/10Query identification and normalization for web search
09/30/10System and method using text features for click prediction of sponsored search advertisements
09/30/10Ad groups for using advertisements across placements
09/30/10System and method for learning a ranking model that optimizes a ranking evaluation metric for ranking search results of a search query
09/30/10Sponsored search results re-ranking based on linking associations
09/30/10System and method for conducting a profile based search
09/30/10System and method for verified presence tracking
09/23/10Reducing revenue risk in advertisement allocation
09/23/10Apparatus and methods for concept-centric information extraction
09/23/10Method and apparatus for associating advertising with computer enabled maps
09/23/10System and method for resolving network addresses
09/23/10Method and apparatus for associating advertising content with computer enabled maps
09/23/10Tool for embedding comments for objects in an article
09/16/10Multi-tiered system for searching large collections in parallel
09/16/10Diversifying recommendation results through explanation
09/16/10Context based networking
09/09/10Apparatus and methods for operator training in information extraction
09/09/10System and method for contextual advertising based on status messages
09/09/10Algorithmically generated topic pages with interactive advertisements
09/09/10Harvesting of media objects from searched sites without a user having to enter the sites
09/09/10Constructing image captchas utilizing private information of the images
09/09/10Provisioning my status information to others in my social network
09/02/10Advertising through product endorsements in social networks
09/02/10System and method for composite record keys ordered in a flat key space for a distributed database
09/02/10Method and system for web searching
09/02/10Intelligent status polling
09/02/10Optimized search result columns on search results pages
09/02/10Smart recovery of asynchronous processing
08/26/10Optimizing delivery of online advertisements
08/26/10Edge attribute aggregation in a directed graph
08/26/10Tracking web page click information
08/19/10Method and system for providing popular content
08/19/10Targeted e-commerce system
08/19/10Entity-based search results and clusters on maps
08/19/10Web-based organization of online advertising content
08/19/10Identification of a trusted message sender with traceable receipts
08/19/10Best fit map searching
08/12/10Context-sensitive route generation system
08/12/10Large-scale item affinity determination using a map reduce platform
08/12/10Predicting the outcome of events based on related internet activity
08/12/10Query string matching method and apparatus
08/12/10Using specificity measures to rank documents
08/12/10User access time based content filtering
08/12/10Non-exact cache matching
08/12/10Generating a live chat session in response to selection of a contextual shortcut
08/05/10System and method for keyword-based trading
08/05/10Designating priority for characteristics of vitality events in a social networking system
08/05/10Automated search
08/05/10System and method for presenting content representative of document search
08/05/10Systems and methods for calculating a just-in-time reputation score
08/05/10Rare query expansion by web feature matching
08/05/10System and method for communal search
08/05/10Protecting privacy of shared personal information
08/05/10Prioritizing vitality events in a social networking system
07/29/10Maximizing content and advertiser impressions using a single common identifier
07/29/10Network based ambient services
07/29/10Verifiable device assisted service usage billing with integrated accounting, mediation accounting, and multi-account
07/29/10System and method for ranking web searches with quantified semantic features
07/29/10System and method for improved search relevance using proximity boosting
07/29/10Passive access by online ads to a landing zone
07/22/10Web-hosted framework for mobile applications
07/22/10Method and system for communicating with an interactive voice response (ivr) system
07/22/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
07/22/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
07/22/10Interest-based ranking system for targeted marketing
07/22/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
07/22/10Allocation of internet advertising inventory
07/22/10User interface for interest-based targeted marketing
07/22/10Interest-based activity marketing
07/22/10Interest-based location targeting engine
07/22/10Scalable semi-structured named entity detection
07/15/10Media object metadata engine configured to determine relationships between persons
07/15/10Optimization of map views based on real-time data
07/15/10Conditional incentive presentation, tracking and redemption
07/15/10Media object metadata engine configured to determine relationships between persons and brands
07/15/10Use of extensible markup language in a system and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine
07/15/10Instant message forwarding to selectable accounts
07/15/10Data structure for implementing priority queues
07/15/10Dynamic demand calculation using captured data of real life objects
07/08/10Method and system for correcting bias introduced by estimating offer values
07/08/10Matching and ranking of sponsored search listings incorporating web search technology and web content
07/08/10Generating document templates that are robust to structural variations
07/08/10System for providing scalable in-memory caching for a distributed database
07/01/10System and method for determining semantically related terms using an active learning framework
07/01/10Method and system for determining near duplicate images
07/01/10Image segmentation
07/01/10Squashed matrix factorization for modeling incomplete dyadic data
07/01/10Slideshow video file detection
07/01/10Search query concept based recommendations
07/01/10Visual search engine for personal dating
07/01/10Automated bookmarking
06/24/10Search engine design and computational cost analysis
06/24/10Conversion service for data dragged on web-sites
06/24/10Virtualized real world advertising system
06/24/10System and method for improved classification
06/24/10Identification and transfer of a media object segment from one communications network to another
06/24/10System and method for advertising using classification information
06/24/10System and method for allocation and pricing of overlapping impression pools of online advertisement impressions for advertising demand with frequency capping
06/24/10System and method for enabling multi-element bidding for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine
06/24/10System and method for a data driven meta-auction mechanism for sponsored search
06/24/10Efficiently building compact models for large taxonomy text classification
06/24/10Predictive gaussian process classification with reduced complexity
06/24/10Optimal stochastic auctions for constrained sponsored search
06/24/10Conversion and query for data dragged on web-sites
06/24/10Unsupervised detection of web pages corresponding to a similarity class
06/24/10Query processing in a dynamic cache
06/24/10System and method for automated service recommendations
06/24/10Context transfer in search advertising
06/24/10System and method for dynamically monetizing keyword values
06/24/10Segmentation of interleaved query missions into query chains
06/24/10Rapid iterative development of classifiers
06/24/10Determining spam based on primary and secondary email addresses of a user
06/24/10Distributed computing system for large-scale data handling
06/17/10Method and apparatus for blending search results
06/17/10System and method for in-context exploration of search results
06/17/10Presence indication configuration methodology
06/17/10Enhanced web toolbar
06/10/10Fault tolerant update propagation to views
06/10/10Mining broad hidden query aspects from user search sessions
06/10/10Spam filtering based on statistics and token frequency modeling
06/10/10Determining related keywords based on lifestream feeds
06/10/10System and method for context based query augmentation
06/10/10Light-weight concurrency control in parallelized view maintenance
06/10/10System and method for logging operations
06/10/10Minimap navigation for spreadsheet
06/03/10Method and a communication platform for packet communication between a service provider in a first network and a radio communication device in a second network
06/03/10Customizable content for distribution in social networks
05/27/10Method and apparatus for organizing digital photographs
05/27/10System and method for securing invocations for serving advertisements and instrumentation in online advertising
05/27/10Rate card yield management
05/27/10Truthful pricing scheme for sponsored search with reserve prices
05/27/10Dynamic advertisement tags
05/27/10Digital images of web pages
05/27/10Lightning search bookmark
05/27/10Lightning search aggregate
05/27/10Predictive indexing for fast search
05/27/10System and method for ranking and grouping results of code searches
05/27/10Identifying and expanding implicitly temporally qualified queries
05/27/10Distribution data items within geographically distributed databases
05/27/10System and method for publishing messages asynchronously in a distributed database
05/27/10Validation framework
05/27/10Navigation assistance for search engines
05/20/10Game and market mechanisms for virtual real estate
05/20/10Meeting scheduler
05/20/10Astrology based content selection
05/20/10Extended generalized second price auction for sponsored search with reserve prices
05/20/10System and method to determine the validity of and interaction on a network
05/20/10System and method for deriving income from url based context queries
05/20/10System and method for autohyperlinking and navigation in url based context queries
05/20/10Apparatus and methods for creating web logs (blogs) containing media commentary
05/20/10Method and system for generating a hyperlink-click graph
05/20/10Searching document collections using semantic roles of keywords
05/20/10Conjoint analysis with bilinear regression models for segmented predictive content ranking
05/20/10System and method for determining search terms for use in sponsored searches
05/20/10System and method for data privacy in url based context queries
05/20/10System and method for generation of url based context queries
05/20/10System and method for url based query for retrieving data related to a context
05/13/10Image compression by comparison to large database
05/13/10Method and system for logging impressions of online advertisments
05/13/10System and method for representative allocation and pricing of impression segments of online advertisement impressions for advertising campaigns
05/13/10System and method for utilizing non-compete advertisement tags in an advertisement serving system
05/13/10System for display advertising optimization with uncertain supply
05/13/10Method and system for selecting advertisements
05/13/10Diversity of ads displayed on a publisher page
05/13/10Premium bidding of online advertisements
05/13/10Real-time validation system for transactions
05/13/10Query difficulty estimation
05/13/10Image relevance by identifying experts
05/13/10Single use web based passwords
05/06/10System and method for providing user feedback in association with content in a network
05/06/10System and method for for granular inventory forecasting of online advertisement impressions
05/06/10System for display advertising optimization using click or conversion performance
05/06/10Method of programmed allocation of advertising opportunities for conformance with goals
05/06/10Real-time distribution of targeted advertisement and sponsored content
05/06/10Real-time distribution of targeted advertisement and sponsored content
05/06/10Real-time distribution of targeted advertisement and sponsored content
05/06/10System and method for forecasting an inventory of online advertisement impressions for targeting impression attributes
05/06/10Dynamic in-page advertising
05/06/10System and method for pricing of overlapping impression pools of online advertisement impressions for advertising demand
05/06/10Cross-network social networking application architecture
05/06/10Host-based seed selection algorithm for web crawlers
05/06/10System and method for generating an online summary of a collection of documents
05/06/10Diverse query recommendations using weighted set cover methodology
05/06/10Diverse query recommendations using clustering-based methodology
05/06/10Search results for a topic that include a list of messaging users that have previously searched on that topic
05/06/10Adaptive weighted crawling of user activity feeds
05/06/10Distributed index data structure
05/06/10Rooftop indicators for online maps
05/06/10System and method of data partitioning for parallel processing of dynamically generated application data
05/06/10Avatar environments
04/29/10Reconfiguring reality using a reality overlay device
04/29/10Content-based video detection
04/29/10Time-weighted and scaling optimization of allocation of online advertisement inventory
04/29/10Inventory allocation with tradeoff between fairness and maximal value of remaining inventory
04/29/10Automated user segment selection for delivery of online advertisements
04/29/10Cross-lingual query classification
04/29/10Method and apparatus for identifying related searches in a database search system
04/29/10Query aware processing
04/29/10Method and apparatus for estimating the size of rendered text
04/29/10Scalable firewall policy management platform
04/22/10Fantasy sports confidence scores
04/22/10Scaling optimization of allocation of online advertisement inventory
04/22/10Optimization of allocation of online advertisement inventory
04/22/10Commercial incentive presentation system and method
04/22/10Apparatus and methods for pricing guaranteed delivery contracts
04/22/10Adaptive bidding scheme for guaranteed delivery contracts
04/15/10Phishing abuse recognition in web pages
04/15/10Inventory identifiers
04/15/10Detection of undesirable web pages
04/15/10System and method for indexing sub-spaces
04/15/10System for assembling and providing problem solving frameworks
04/15/10Method and system for providing customized regional maps
04/15/10System and method for content access control
04/08/10Discovering leaders in a social network
04/08/10Interactive system for internet information retrieval and exploration
04/08/10System and method for bookmarking and auto-tagging a content item based on file type
04/08/10System and method for maintaining context sensitive user
04/01/10Retrospective spam filtering
04/01/10Classification and cluster analysis spam detection and reduction
04/01/10System for determining active copresence of users during interactions
04/01/10Multi-lingual maps
04/01/10System and method for recommending personalized career paths
04/01/10Multi-granular age range products for use in online marketing
04/01/10Age-targeted online marketing using inferred age range information
04/01/10Multi-objective optimization for allocation of advertising resources
04/01/10Display advertising contract pricing
04/01/10System for providing contextually relevant data
04/01/10Systems and methods for distributing advertisements in a network-based environment
04/01/10Forecasting for advertising inventory allocation
04/01/10Estimating on-line advertising inventory value based on contract delivery information
04/01/10System and method for utilizing date constraints in an advertisement serving system
04/01/10Dynamic advertisement management
04/01/10System and method for optimizing an advertisement plan for allocating advertisements to a contract in a network-based environment
04/01/10Click through rate prediction system and method
04/01/10System for optimizing ad performance at campaign running time
04/01/10Offline optimization of online processes
04/01/10System for allocating advertising inventory in a unified marketplace
04/01/10Site activation and deactivation
04/01/10System and method for context enhanced ad creation
04/01/10Display advertising inventory estimation
04/01/10Systems and methods for providing constraint-based advertising
04/01/10Personalized search results to multiple people
04/01/10Customizable ad marker
04/01/10Search results for local versus traveler
04/01/10Decompilation used to generate dynamic data driven advertisements
04/01/10Demand forecasting system and method for online advertisements
04/01/10Integration of open advertisements with e-commerce activities
04/01/10Estimating on-line advertising inventory value based on contract eligibility information
04/01/10Dated metadata to support multiple versions of user profiles for targeting of personalized content
04/01/10Method and system for uploading advertisement content
04/01/10Comparison of online advertising data consistency
04/01/10System and method for ranking search results using social information
04/01/10System and method for deducing user interaction patterns based on limited activities
04/01/10System and method for aggregating a list of top ranked objects from ranked combination attribute lists using an early termination algorithm
04/01/10System, method, or apparatus relating to determining search results based at least in part on one or more context features
04/01/10System and method for blending user rankings for an output display
04/01/10Trajectory data surfacing system: surfacing useful and relevant entity annotations
04/01/10Clustered search processing
04/01/10Optimization filters for user generated content searches
04/01/10System for associating data items with context
04/01/10Parallel execution of range query
04/01/10Systems and methods for surfacing contextually relevant information
04/01/10System for detecting user input error
04/01/10Method and system for providing personalized web experience
04/01/10System and method for reporting and analysis of media consumption data
04/01/10Query log mining for detecting spam-attracting queries
04/01/10Consensus-based reliable messaging
04/01/10System for providing feeds for entities not associated with feed services
04/01/10Query log mining for detecting spam hosts
04/01/10Address quality engine
04/01/10Community caching networks
04/01/10System and method for updating the status of an asynchronous, idempotent message channel
04/01/10Methods and systems for optimizing webpage content based on a screen orientation of a device
04/01/10System and method for finding connected components in a large-scale graph
04/01/10System and method for safe code loading
04/01/10Method and system for application program management platform
04/01/10Personalized user authentication process
04/01/10Scoring clicks for click fraud prevention
04/01/10Building a topic based webpage based on algorithmic and community interactions
04/01/10Guiding user moderation by confidence levels
04/01/10Web page and web site importance estimation using aggregate browsing history
03/25/10Generating hard instances of captchas
03/25/10Captcha image generation
03/25/10Informational content presentation via backdrop images
03/25/10Progressive capture of prospect information for user profiles
03/25/10Automatic recommendation of location tracking privacy policies
03/25/10Storage optimization for updated user behavioral profile scores
03/25/10Interest manager
03/25/10System and method for acquiring and distributing advertisement impressions
03/25/10Detecting bulk fraudulent registration of email accounts
03/25/10Feed processing
03/25/10System and method for distributing media related to a location
03/25/10Detection of outbound sending of spam
03/25/10Detecting spam from a bulk registered e-mail account
03/25/10Primary-secondary caching scheme to ensure robust processing transition during migration and/or failover
03/25/10Smart content presentation
03/25/10Location tracking permissions and privacy
03/18/10Apparatus, method, and manufacture for managing scalable and traceable exchanges of content between advertisers and publishers for mobile devices
03/18/10Registering advertisements on an electronic map
03/18/10Using spam and user actions to infer advertisements
03/18/10Optimization framework for tuning ranking engine
03/18/10Presence indication configuration methodology
03/18/10Reliability for instant messaging based on end point acknowledgements
03/18/10System and method for detecting internet bots
03/18/10Delivery of synchronized metadata using multiple transactions
03/18/10Targeted instant messenger behaviors employed for optimization of a client
03/18/10Method and system for enabling access to a web service provider through login based badges embedded in a third party site
03/11/10System, method, and apparatus for video fingerprinting
03/11/10Algorithm for storyboarding in display advertising
03/11/10System and method for socially aware identity manager
03/04/10Generation of search result abstracts
03/04/10Conversion value reporting using conversion value pixel
03/04/10System and method for online advertising using user social information
03/04/10Media object metadata association and ranking
03/04/10System and method for utilizing time measurements in advertising pricing
03/04/10System and method for assisting search requests with vertical suggestions
03/04/10Embeddable web application agent
03/04/10Integrated community-based, contribution polling arrangement
03/04/10Universal pixel management
03/04/10Delivering partially processed results based on system metrics in network content delivery systems
03/04/10Multiple views for web applications across multiple endpoints
03/04/10Contextually aware web application platform
03/04/10System and method for providing a graphical user interface for prediction markets
03/04/10Interaction with desktop and online corpus
02/25/10Measuring topical coherence of keyword sets
02/25/10Method for determining an advertising slate based on an expected utility
02/25/10Advertising in an online community
02/25/10Information sharing in an online community
02/25/10System and method for context enhanced messaging
02/25/10Controlled parallel propagation of view table updates in distributed database systems
02/25/10Generating succinct titles for web urls
02/18/10Method and system for indexing information and providing results for a search including objects having predetermined attributes
02/18/10System and method for compiling a set of domain names to recover
02/18/10System and method for combating phishing
02/18/10Online batch execution
02/18/10System and method for combating phishing
02/11/10System and method for providing health enhancement services
02/11/10Modulation of geo-targeting confidence thresholds in network advertising systems
02/11/10Method and system for displaying online advertisements
02/11/10Method and system for dynamically updating online advertisements
02/11/10Operation of internet websites
02/11/10Systems and methods for finding high quality content in social media
02/11/10Real-time ad-hoc spam filtering of email
02/11/10Tracking market-share trends based on user activity
02/11/10Context based search arrangement for mobile devices
02/11/10Method for generating score-optimal r-trees
02/11/10Utility toolbar for online collaboration platform
02/11/10Notification controls for online collaboration platform
02/11/10Searching by object category for online collaboration platform
02/11/10Facilitated search for online collaboration platform
02/11/10Window overlay for online collaboration platform
02/04/10System and method for improved mapping and routing
02/04/10System for geographically contextualizing data items
02/04/10System for providing location predictive advertising
02/04/10Advertisement selection for internet search and content pages
02/04/10Research tool access based on research session detection
02/04/10System and method for context enhanced mapping
02/04/10Building a research document based on implicit/explicit actions
02/04/10Automatic generation of attribution information for research documents
02/04/10Systems and methods for determining a tag match ratio
02/04/10Classifying documents using implicit feedback and query patterns
02/04/10System and method for loading records into a partitioned database table
02/04/10Automatic updating of content included in research documents
02/04/10System, method, or apparatus relating to a data structure with a large number of entries
02/04/10System and method for applying once a transaction delivered in a message published asynchronously in a distributed database
02/04/10Region and duration uniform resource identifiers (uri) for media objects
02/04/10System and method for copying information into a target document
01/28/10Real-time inventory tracking via mobile device
01/28/10System for providing search services over mobile messaging
01/28/10Fair allocation of overlapping inventory
01/28/10Allocation and pricing of information distortion for specifying a display
01/28/10System for suggesting keywords based on mobile specific attributes
01/28/10Federated community search
01/28/10Augmenting online content with additional content relevant to user interests
01/28/10User-sensitive pagerank
01/28/10Tokenization platform
01/28/10Synchronous replication for fault tolerance
01/28/10Web page serving architecture
01/28/10Virtual notes in a reality overlay
01/21/10Predicting selection rates of a document using click-based translation dictionaries
01/21/10Dynamic content layout
01/14/10Real time detection of parking space availability
01/14/10Prediction of a degree of relevance between query rewrites and a search query
01/14/10Operations of multi-level nested data structure
01/14/10Operations on multi-level nested data structure
01/14/10Transfer learning methods and apparatuses for establishing additive models for related-task ranking
01/07/10Language translator having an automatic input/output interface and method of using same
01/07/10Forecasting association rules across user engagement levels
12/30/10Method and system for utilizing user selection data to determine relevance of a web document for a search query
12/09/10System and method for offline data generation for online system analysis
12/02/10Clustering identical or disjoint keyword sets for use with auctions for online advertising space
11/11/10System, method, or apparatus relating to categorizing or selecting potential search results
11/04/10Inventory aggregation on an electronic exchange
10/21/10System, method, or apparatus for calibrating a relevance score
10/07/10Method, system, or apparatus for joining one or more events
08/12/10Method and system for performing selective decoding of search result messages
08/05/10Method, system, or apparatus for a truthful pricing scheme for a seller
08/05/10Method, system, or appratus for implementing a budget balanced/surplus syndicated sponsored search market
08/05/10Identifying previously annotated web page information
08/05/10Updating wrapper annotations
07/01/10System, method, or apparatus for updating stored search result values
06/24/10Method and system for detecting image spam

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