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Yahoo Inc patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yahoo Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/22/11Dynamic augmentation of electronic coupons
12/22/11Targeted distribution of electronic coupons
12/15/11Method and system for drafting one or more players in a fantasy sport
12/15/11Accelerated and reproducible domain visitor targeting
12/08/11System and method for associating a geographical location with an internet protocol addresss
12/08/11System and method for disambiguating non-unique identifiers using information obtained from disparate communication channels
12/08/11Methods and apparatus for computing graph similarity via sequence similarity
12/08/11System and method for indexing food providers and use of the index in search engines
12/08/11Social namespace addressing for non-unique identifiers
12/01/11Automated message attachment labeling using feature selection in message content
12/01/11Optimized search result columns on search results pages
12/01/11Research mission identification
12/01/11System and method for online handwriting recognition in web queries
11/24/11Method and system for providing driving directions
11/24/11Search results summarized with tokens
11/17/11Understanding audience interests
11/17/11System and method for annotating and ranking reviews with inferred analytics
11/17/11Efficient lexical trending topic detection over streams of data using a modified sequitur algorithm
11/17/11Methods and apparatuses for providing a search crowd capability
11/17/11Method and apparatus for a search-enabled remote control device
11/10/11Bid landscape tool
11/10/11Expansion of term sets for use in advertisement selection
11/10/11Method for optimum placement of advertisements on a web page
11/10/11Selecting content based on interest tags that are included in an interest cloud
11/03/11Methods for web site analysis
11/03/11Efficient failure detection for long running data transfer jobs
11/03/11State transfer for instant messaging system with multiple points of presence
11/03/11Notifications for multiple points of presence
10/27/11Method for optimum placement of advertisements on a webpage
10/27/11Method for optimum placement of advertisements on a webpage
10/27/11Online serving threshold and delivery policy adjustment
10/27/11Limiting latency due to excessive demand in ad exchange
10/27/11Searching a user's online world
10/27/11Watching a user's online world
10/27/11Selectively adding social dimension to web searches
10/27/11Large scale entity-specific resource classification
10/27/11Mobile authentication framework
10/27/11Query processing for web search
10/20/11Hierarchically-structured indexing and retrieval
10/20/11Systems and methods for providing a microdocument framework for storage, retrieval, and aggregation
10/13/11System for processing large amounts of data
10/13/11System and method for selecting search results facets
10/13/11Method and system for determining relevant text in a web page
10/13/11Large scale concept discovery for webpage augmentation using search engine indexers
10/13/11Method and system for topic-based browsing
10/13/11Incorporating geographical locations in a search process
10/13/11Creating rich experiences in mail through attachments
10/13/11Method and system for topical browser history
10/13/11Method and system for socializing events
10/13/11Method and system for action suggestion using browser history
10/13/11Method and system for performing bi-directional search
10/13/11Modeling and scheduling asynchronous incremental workflows
10/06/11Click probability with missing features in sponsored search
10/06/11Fast networked based advertisement selection
10/06/11Ranking of search results based on microblog data
10/06/11Methods and systems for application rendering and management on internet television enabled displays
10/06/11Signal-driven interactive television
09/29/11Efficient ad selection in ad exchange with intermediaries
09/22/11Real-time personalization of sponsored search based on predicted click propensity
09/22/11Customer state-based targeting
09/22/11Top customer targeting
09/22/11Offline metrics in advertisement campaign tuning
09/22/11Online and offline advertising campaign optimization
09/22/11Impression-trend techniques for providing a display advertising supply forecast
09/22/11Session based click features for recency ranking
09/22/11Engaging content provision
09/22/11Session based click features for recency ranking
09/22/11Real time expert dialog service
09/15/11Method and system for determining similarity score
09/15/11Emotional web
09/15/11Emotional mapping
09/15/11System and method for efficiently evaluating complex boolean expressions
09/15/11Maximum likelihood estimation under a covariance constraint for predictive modeling
09/15/11Emotional targeting
09/15/11Generating a user profile based on self disclosed public status information
09/15/11System for maintaining a distributed database using leases
09/15/11System for maintaining a distributed database using constraints
09/15/11System and method for enhanced find-in-page functions in a web browser
09/15/11System and method for determining authority ranking for contemporaneous content
09/15/11Methods, systems, and/or apparatuses for use in searching for information using computer platforms
09/15/11Distributed publish/subscribe system
09/08/11System and method for improving personalized search results through game interaction data
09/08/11System, method and computer program product for managing caches
09/08/11System and method for automatic detection of needy queries
09/08/11Social network site including contact-based recommendation functionality
09/01/11Systems and methods for indexing and searching digital video content
09/01/11Search systems and methods with integration of user annotations
09/01/11Mechanism for supporting user content feeds
08/25/11Networked based modularized advertisements
08/25/11System and method for generating interactive advertisements
08/25/11System for generating advertisements
08/25/11System and method for enhanced find-in-page functions in a web browser
08/25/11Systems and methods for finding keyword relationships using wisdoms from multiple sources
08/25/11Identifying top content contributors in online social networks
08/25/11Composition model for cloud-hosted serving applications
08/18/11Constructing travel itineraries from tagged geo-temporal photographs
08/18/11System and method for determining an authority rank for real time searching
08/18/11System and method for presenting geolocated relevance-based content
08/18/11Navigation assistance for search engines
08/18/11System and method for using topic messages to understand media relating to an event
08/18/11Bidded marketplace for applications
08/18/11System and method for rewarding a user for sharing activity information with a third party
08/11/11Haptic search feature for touch screens
08/11/11System and method for financial analysis and brand index in brand valuation
08/11/11Marketplace for captcha developers
08/11/11Keyword bid optimization under cost per click constraints
08/11/11Online and offline integrated profile in advertisement targeting
08/11/11Method and apparatus for rating user generated content in search results
08/11/11Small table: multitenancy for lots of small tables on a cloud database
08/11/11Methods and apparatuses for identifying and monitoring information in electronic documents over a network
08/11/11Captchas that include overlapped characters, projections on virtual 3d surfaces, and/or virtual 3d objects
08/04/11Automatic super-resolution transformation for images
08/04/11System and method for exploring new sponsored search listings of uncertain quality
08/04/11Multiple cascading auctions in search advertising
08/04/11Kalman filter modeling in online advertising bid optimization
08/04/11Similarity function in online advertising bid optimization
08/04/11Search engine output-associated bidding in online advertising
08/04/11System and method for targeting users for content delivery
08/04/11Placeholder bids in online advertising
08/04/11ranking for informational and unpopular search queries by cumulating click relevance
08/04/11Method for reducing north ad impact in search advertising
08/04/11Smart widgets
08/04/11System and method for backend advertisment conversion
08/04/11Security techniques for use in malicious advertisement management
07/28/11Targeted content in print media
07/28/11System and method for detecting changes in the relevance of past search results
07/28/11System and method for finding relative score and enhancing one or more scores associated with data objects
07/28/11Personalize search results for search queries with general implicit local intent
07/28/11System and method for social networking
07/28/11Embeddable metadata in electronic mail messages
07/28/11Sensitivity categorization of web pages
07/21/11Image content based advertisement system
07/21/11System and method for finding unexpected, but relevant content in an information retrieval system
07/21/11Self-targeting local ad system
07/14/11Advertiser value-based bid management in online advertising
07/14/11Unified data burst internet advertising and em alert methods
07/14/11Apparatus and methods for classifying senders of unsolicited bulk emails
07/14/11Methods and system for associating locations with annotations
07/14/11Methods, systems and/or apparatuses for identifying and/or ranking graphical images
07/14/11Methods and apparatuses for clustering electronic documents based on structural features and static content features
07/14/11Recommendations based on relevant friend behaviors
07/14/11Locality-sensitive search suggestions
07/14/11System and method for displaying status of electronic messages
07/14/11Method and interface for displaying locations associated with annotations
07/07/11Dynamic pricing model for online advertising
06/30/11Determining mobile content for a social network based on location and time
06/30/11Search suggestion clustering and presentation
06/23/11Opinion aggregation system
06/23/11System and method for determining an event occurrence rate
06/23/11System and method for providing vector terms related to instant messaging conversations
06/23/11Time series storage for large-scale monitoring system
06/23/11Rate provisioner for web services
06/23/11System and method for a task management library to execute map-reduce applications in a map-reduce framework
06/16/11Customizable ordering of search results and predictive query generation
06/16/11System and method to determine the validity of an interaction on a network
06/02/11System and method for optimizing selection of online advertisements
06/02/11System and method for predicting context-dependent term importance of search queries
06/02/11System and method to identify context-dependent term importance of queries for predicting relevant search advertisements
06/02/11System and method for automatically building up topic-specific messaging identities
05/26/11Method and system for speed efficient and relevancy efficient advertising through a web enabled element
05/26/11Optimization of sponsored search systems with real-time user feedback
05/26/11Distributed collaborative knowledge generation system
05/26/11Automatic extraction of semantics from text information
05/26/11System and method for global load balancing of requests for content based on membership status of a user with one or more subscription services
05/26/11Algorithmically choosing when to use branded content versus aggregated content
05/19/11Policy-driven schema and system for managing data system pipelines in multi-tenant model
05/12/11Voluntary admission control for traffic yield management
05/12/11Midflight online advertisement campaign optimizer
05/12/11Image sprite optimization system and method
05/05/11Complementary user segment analysis and recommendation in online advertising
05/05/11Multimode online advertisements and online advertisement exchanges
05/05/11Sequenced video overlay advertisements
04/28/11Index-based technique friendly ctr prediction and advertisement selection
04/28/11Pairwise ranking-based classifier
04/28/11System and methods for web data transformation sourcing
04/28/11System for querying and consuming web-based data and associated methods
04/28/11Translation model and method for matching reviews to objects
04/28/11System and methods for enabling arbitrary developer code consumption of web-based data
04/28/11Mechanism for adding content from a search to a document or message
04/28/11Developer interface and associated methods for system for querying and consuming web-based data
04/21/11Replacing an audio portion
04/21/11System for separating mobile search traffic from web search traffic using keyword separation
04/21/11Automatic comparative analysis
04/21/11Incorporating recency in network search using machine learning
04/21/11Method and system for completing an edit area of a web page
04/14/11Systems and methods for identifying premium content items in a result set
04/14/11Bitrate preview for video objects
04/14/11Information exchange system
04/14/11Search ranking for time-sensitive queries by feedback control
04/14/11Tutorial systems for code creation and provenance tracking
04/07/11System and method for slow ad detection
03/31/11Method and system for comparing online advertising products
03/31/11System and method for bookmarking and tagging a content item
03/31/11Apparatus and methods for user generated translation
03/31/11Rate-based auction-format online advertisement management
03/31/11Segmentation of search topics in query logs
03/31/11Employing pixel density to detect a spam image
03/24/11System and method for updating search advertisements during search results navigation
03/24/11Expressive bidding in online advertising auctions
03/24/11Expressive bidding online advertising auction mechanisms
03/24/11System and method for cross domain learning for data augmentation
03/24/11Systems and methods for personalized search sourcing
03/24/11Semantic and text matching techniques for network search
03/24/11Detect, index, and retrieve term-group attributes for network search
03/24/11Creating vertical search engines for individual search queries
03/24/11Method and system for synchronizing software module hosts
03/24/11Employing matching of event characteristics to suggest another characteristic of an event
03/24/11Method and system for managing cookies in web communications
03/17/11System and method for customizing ads in web and mobile applications
03/17/11Query term relationship characterization for query response determination
03/17/11Social news ranking using gossip distance
03/10/11Communication platform and method for packet communication between a service provider and a radio communicaiton device
03/10/11Selecting sporting events based on event status
03/10/11Monetization of interactive network-based information objects
03/10/11System and method for generating expertise based search results
03/10/11Matching reviews to objects using a language model
03/10/11Synchronization of advertisment display updates with user revisitation rates
03/03/11Hierarchy of servers for query processing of column chunks in a distributed column chunk data store
03/03/11System and method for predicting user navigation within sponsored search advertisements
03/03/11Budget-influenced ranking and pricing in sponsored search
03/03/11Dynamic bid pricing for sponsored search
03/03/11Above the fold
03/03/11Identification and measurement of social influence and correlation
03/03/11Method for efficient storage node replacement
03/03/11System and method for generating a valuation of revenue opportunity for a keyword from a valuation of online sessions on a website from user activities following a keyword search
03/03/11Methods and systems for generating non-overlapping facets for a query
03/03/11System and method for finding top n pairs in a map-reduce setup
03/03/11System and method for transmission of dns beacons
03/03/11Method for distributed direct object access storage
03/03/11Indicating unavailability of an uploaded video file that is being bitrate encoded
03/03/11Taking action upon users in a social networking system with respect to a purpose based on compatibility of the users to the purpose
02/24/11Immediacy targeting in online advertising
02/24/11System and method for determining whether an ad is ubiquitous
02/24/11Hyperlinking web content
02/17/11Sponsored search bid adjustment based on predicted conversion rates
02/17/11Monitizing page views on an exchange using futures contracts
02/17/11System and method for verified presence marketplace
02/17/11Website including bid filtering
02/17/11System and method for precaching information on a mobile device
02/17/11Personal data platform
02/17/11System and method for adding identity to web rank
02/17/11System and method for providing recommendations
02/17/11Query-url n-gram features in web ranking
02/17/11Robust xpaths for web information extraction
02/17/11Method and system for causing a browser to preload web page components
02/17/11Web service multi-key rate limiting method and system
02/17/11Push pull caching for social network information
02/17/11Platform for delivery of heavy content to a user
02/17/11Live action icons for the internet
02/10/11User interaction layer
02/10/11Cost and participation models for exchange third-party integration in online advertising
02/10/11System and method for verified monetization of commercial campaigns
02/10/11Feature-value recommendations for advertisement campaign performance improvement
02/10/11Profile recommendations for advertisement campaign performance improvement
02/10/11Automatic classification of segmented portions of web pages
02/10/11System for personalized term expansion and recommendation
02/10/11System and a method for an online knowledge sharing community
02/10/11Segment sensitive query matching of documents
02/10/11Discovering query intent from search queries and concept networks
02/03/11System and method for generating a valuation of online users and websites from user activities
02/03/11System and method for forecasting an inventory of online advertisement impressions by sampling in a map-reduce framework
02/03/11System and method for dynamic targeting advertisement based on content-in-view
02/03/11Taxonomy-driven lumping for sequence mining
02/03/11Information similarity and related statistical techniques for use in distributed computing environments
02/03/11Apparatus and methods for managing a social media universe
02/03/11Providing link to portion of media object in real time in social networking update
02/03/11System and method for intent-driven search result presentation
01/27/11Explicit online advertising exposure terms
01/27/11Presenting search results based on user-customizable criteria
01/27/11Mixing knowledge sources with auto learning for improved entity extraction
01/27/11Mixing knowledge sources for improved entity extraction
01/27/11System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine
01/20/11Keyword set and target audience profile generalization techniques
01/20/11System and method for utilizing a lattice storage structure in an advertisement serving system
01/20/11Efficient algorithm for pairwise preference learning
01/20/11Hierarchy of servers for query processing of column chunks in a distributed column chunk data store
01/13/11Integrated building based air handler for server farm cooling system
01/13/11Model-based advertisement optimization
01/13/11Abbreviation handling in web search
01/06/11Techniques for use in sorting partially sorted lists
01/06/11Method and system for enabling a user to vote on a portion of an image and for displaying the image
08/25/11Method and system for adding anchor identifiers to search results
07/07/11Contract auctions for sponsored search
04/14/11Methods and systems relating to ranking functions for multiple domains
03/24/11Ranking entity relations using external corpus
03/03/11Dynamic web page creation

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