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Yahoo Inc patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yahoo Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yahoo Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/27/12System and method for proximity area networking for mobile gaming (as amended)
12/20/12Systems and methods for advertising and monetization in location based spatial networks
12/20/12Systems and methods for location based social network
12/20/12Restoring program information for clips of broadcast programs shared online
12/13/12System and method for mobile application search
12/13/12System and method for profile filtered advertisements
12/13/12Intelligent feature expansion of online text ads
12/06/12Tokenization platform
12/06/12System for managing advertisements and promotions
12/06/12System and method for searching a bookmark and tag database for relevant bookmarks
11/29/12Mobile imaging device as navigator
11/29/12Realtime price sytem
11/29/12Methods and systems for securely targeting advertisements on login pages
11/29/12Methods and systems for targeting advertisements on login pages
11/29/12System for incrementally clustering news stories
11/22/12Methods and systems for gamifying coupon offerings
11/22/12Unified metric in advertising campaign performance evaluation
11/22/12Method and system for personalized search suggestions
11/22/12Method to increase content relevance using insights obtained from user activity updates
11/22/12System and method for contextualizing query instructions using user's recent search history
11/15/12Fantasy sports roster management system and method
11/15/12System and method for a data driven meta-auction mechanism for sponsored search
11/15/12System and method for television search assistant
11/15/12Mining email inboxes for suggesting actions
11/08/12Processing cross-line conversions
11/08/12System and method for selecting web pages on which to place display advertisements
11/08/12Order-independent approximation for order-dependent logic in display advertising
11/08/12Dynamically determining the relatedness of web objects
11/08/12Provisioning my status information to others in my social network
11/01/12Embedding calendar knowledge in event-driven inventory forecasting
11/01/12Online social brand ambassadors
11/01/12Natural experiments in online advertising
10/25/12Integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign selection and implementation
10/25/12Integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign visualization
10/25/12Method of using gps and/or vehicle sensor data for detecting user interests and benefits, and for advertisement targeting
10/25/12Retargeting related techniques and offerings
10/25/12System and method for mining tags using social endorsement networks
10/25/12Method and system for managing playlists
10/25/12Clearinghouse for messages between disparate networks
10/25/12Collaborative electronic books
10/18/12Logo or image recognition
10/18/12Sms-initiated mobile registration
10/18/12Mobile coupon basket
10/18/12Ad basket
10/18/12Click to chat in online advertising
10/18/12System and method for providing vector terms related to instant messaging conversations
10/11/12Method and system for maximizing content spread in social network
10/11/12Determining placement of advertisements on web pages
10/11/12Real time association of related breaking news stories across different content providers
10/04/12Dynamic arrangement of e-circulars in rais (rich ads in search) advertisements based on real time and past user activity
10/04/12Adding privacy protection to photo uploading/ tagging in social networks
10/04/12Delivering ad-initiated emails to a user's visual email inbox to provide access to content
10/04/12Scalable inventory protection and optimization in display advertising
10/04/12Method and system for concept sumarization
10/04/12System to suggest and automatically organize events for social activities
09/27/12User augmented reality for camera-enabled mobile devices
09/27/12Apparatus and methods for analyzing and using short messages from commercial accounts
09/27/12Method and system for indexing information and providing results for a search including objects having predetermined attributes
09/27/12Search assistant system and method
09/20/12Targeted distribution of electronic coupons
09/20/12Systems and methods for adaptive scheduling of references to documents
09/20/12Method and system for displaying contextual advertisements with media
09/13/12Efficient processing of bulk queries to determine the availability of resources
09/13/12Search systems and methods with integration of aggregate user annotations
09/13/12Search engine with augmented relevance ranking by community participation
09/06/12Training a search query intent classifier using wiki article titles and a search click log
08/30/12System for providing incentives for referring advertisements and deals
08/30/12System for determining the geographic range of local intent in a search query
08/30/12System for processing complex queries
08/30/12Device and methods for presenting a scrollable user interface
08/16/12Non-textual security using portraits
08/16/12Technique for processing data in a network
08/16/12Hybrid search results listings
08/16/12Technique for processing data in a network
08/09/12Method and system for data provenance management in multi-layer systems
08/09/12Apparatus and methods for managing a social media universe
08/09/12Systems and methods for establishing or maintaining a personalized trusted social network
08/02/12Zero-click activation of an application
08/02/12Portable electronic device and method therefor
08/02/12Techniques including url recognition and applications
08/02/12System and method for distorting a clockface for captcha validation
08/02/12User-customizable social grouping and advertisement targeting techniques
08/02/12User-customizable social grouping techniques
07/26/12Automatic association of reference data with primary process data based on time and shared identifier
07/26/12Comparison of data signals using characteristic electronic thumbprints extracted therefrom
07/26/12Pricing and payment allocation among online advertising parties
07/26/12Selecting advertisements for placement on related web pages
07/26/12Inventory allocation for advertising with changeable supply landscape
07/26/12Dynamic value advertising
07/26/12Synthesized suggestions for web-search queries
07/19/12Application interface for global message delivery
07/19/12Dynamic in-page advertising
07/19/12Post processing video to identify interests based on clustered user interactions
07/12/12Mechanism for supporting user content feeds
07/12/12Trust based moderation
07/05/12Financial portfolio boost evaluation
07/05/12Mining global email folders for identifying auto-folder tags
07/05/12Entertainment companion content application for interacting with television content
07/05/12Entertainment content rendering application
06/28/12Serving reliable content through search
06/28/12Privacy enhancing display advertisment recommendation using tagging
06/28/12Locating a user based on aggregated tweet content associated with a location
06/28/12Super-clustering for efficient information extraction
06/28/12Method and system for improving quality of web content
06/28/12Automatically compressing e-mail forwarded to a user telephone
06/28/12Isolation tool for user assistance in solving a captcha test
06/28/12System and method for reducing mineral buildup on drift eliminators of a cooling tower
06/28/12Location-aware adaptive event reminder
06/28/12General to social advertisements
06/28/12Variation of minimum advertisement relevance quality threshold based on search query attributes
06/28/12Bid generation for sponsored search
06/28/12Systems and methods for pricing portfolio allocations of ad deliveries to online ads using a vickrey-clarke-groves mechanism
06/28/12Clustering cookies for identifying unique mobile devices
06/28/12Method and system to identify geographical locations associated with queries received at a search engine
06/28/12System and method for recommending queries related to trending topics based on a received query
06/28/12Method and system for classifying web sites using query-based web site models
06/28/12System and method for social filtering of comments
06/28/12Method and system to utilize session queries in real time to improve geo precision of sponsored listings
06/28/12Creating rich experiences in mail through attachments
06/28/12Centralized feed manager
06/28/12Method and system for communicating with multiple users via a map over the internet
06/28/12Continuous content refinement of topics of user interest
06/21/12Time-triggered advertisement replacement
06/21/12Protecting privacy in groups e-mail messages
06/21/12System for supply forecasting
06/21/12Integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign management and optimization
06/21/12Profiles, templates and matching in integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign management and optimization
06/21/12Simulations in integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign management and optimization
06/21/12Sponsored search auction mechanism for rich media advertising
06/21/12Method and system for attention based advertisement insertion
06/21/12Online advertisement inventory management system
06/21/12Selection and/or modification of an ad based on an emotional state of a user
06/21/12Use of personalized points of reference in selecting advertisements shown to users
06/21/12Mobile advertising including localized advertiser bidding
06/21/12Dynamic advertisement serving based on an avatar
06/21/12Automatic classification of display ads using ad images and landing pages
06/21/12Dynamic online communities
06/21/12Classification recommendation based on social actions
06/21/12Display entity relationship
06/21/12Method and system for generating web pages for topics unassociated with a dominant url
06/21/12On-line social search
06/21/12Caching web documents in two or more caches
06/21/12Scalable push-based architecture for web applications
06/21/12Techniques for improving relevance of social updates distributed offline
06/21/12System for creating anchors for media content
06/14/12Customizable mobile message services
06/14/12System and method for optimizing search results ranking through collaborative gaming
06/14/12Intra-ebook location detection techniques
06/14/12Non-gaming on-line achievement awards
06/14/12Cross-market model adaptation with pairwise preference data
06/14/12Time based ordering of provided mobile content
06/14/12System for ranking memes
06/14/12Ebook social integration techniques
06/14/12A scalable firewall policy management platform
06/14/12Clustering with similarity-adjusted entropy
06/07/12System and method for counting network users
06/07/12Method and system for discovering dynamic relations among entities
05/31/12Identifying reliable and authoritative sources of multimedia content
05/31/12Email system
05/24/12Tag aggregator
05/24/12Virtual notes in a reality overlay
05/24/12Secure inter-module communication mechanism
05/17/12Methods and systems for pathing analysis
05/17/12Click equivalent reporting and related technique
05/17/12Online advertising with enhanced publisher involvement
05/17/12Combination creative advertisement targeting system
05/10/12Online advertising techniques utilizing taxonomical mapping
05/10/12Social network based online advertising and advertisement branding
05/10/12Systems and methods for matching complementary risk profiles to enhance digital ad delivery
05/10/12Mobile-based real-time food-and-beverage recommendation system
05/03/12Extracting rich temporal context for business entities and events
05/03/12Consumer group buying through online ads
05/03/12Article and advertisement correlation in online advertising
05/03/12News comment related online advertising
05/03/12Profile prediction for shared computers
05/03/12Centralized registration for distributed social content services
04/26/12Clustered search processing
04/26/12Determining related keywords based on lifestream feeds
04/26/12System and method for providing topic cluster based updates
04/19/12Method and system for displaying online advertisments
04/19/12System for training classifiers in multiple categories through active learning
04/12/12System for search bid term selection
04/12/12Search container
04/12/12Mouse gesture assisted search
04/12/12Multisided audience-related hybrid measurements
04/05/12Ebook advertising, including cost-sharing techniques
04/05/12Bid landscape forecasting in online advertising
04/05/12Method and system for determining search suggestions
04/05/12Ebook advertising and related techniques
04/05/12Presentation of content based on utility
04/05/12User credibility in electronic media advertising
04/05/12Measuring or estimating user credibility
04/05/12Content quality filtering without use of content
04/05/12Network-resource-specific search assistance
04/05/12Media or content tagging determined by user credibility signals
04/05/12Method and system for web information extraction
04/05/12Providing content to a user from multiple sources based on interest tag(s) that are included in an interest cloud
04/05/12Time managed challenge-response test
04/05/12Presenting modules in a browser
04/05/12System and method for controlling a networked display
03/29/12Identifying superphrases of text strings
03/29/12System and method for context based query augmentation
03/22/12Real-time animations of emoticons using facial recognition during a video chat
03/22/12Fantasy sport auction draft application roster preview grid
03/15/12Determining whether to provide an advertisement to a user of a social network
03/15/12Search assist powered by session analysis
03/15/12Method and system for generating search urls
03/15/12User initiated invite for automatic conference participation by invitee
03/15/12System and method for obtaining user information
03/08/12Social aggregation and substructures targeting and communications
03/08/12Scoring users of network based users
03/08/12System and method for monetizing user-generated web content
03/08/12Social network based user-initiated review and purchase related information and advertising
03/08/12System and method for removing a storage server in a distributed column chunk data store
03/01/12Social aggregation communications
03/01/12Network based advertisement system
03/01/12Quick applications for search
03/01/12Multi-step challenge-response test
02/23/12Sequenced video overlay advertisements, including user-interactive puzzles
02/23/12Method and system for using email receipts for targeted advertising
02/23/12Contextual advertising with user features
02/23/12Sequenced video overlay advertisements, including guidance steps
02/23/12Sequenced video overlay advertisements, including quiz games
02/23/12Method and system for providing contents based on past queries
02/16/12Social news ranking using gossip distance
02/16/12System and method for adding identity to web rank
02/16/12User interface for navigating a keyword space
02/16/12Micro-blog message filtering
02/16/12Method of creating graph structure from time-series of attention data
02/09/12System for conducting demand-side, real-time bidding in an advertising exchange
02/09/12Contextual indexing of search results
02/09/12Socializing via search
02/02/12Online advertisement profiles
02/02/12Method and system for providing advertisements
02/02/12Social impact on advertising
02/02/12Systems and methods for estimating a conversion rate for a digital advertisement based on dwell times associated with the digital advertisement
02/02/12Selecting advertisements using same session queries
02/02/12Pay-per-action system for selling advertisements
02/02/12Ranking entity facets using user-click feedback
02/02/12Sponsored search results re-ranking based on linking associations
02/02/12Method and apparatus for reconstructing a search query
02/02/12System and method for television search assistant
02/02/12Providing social likeness within a messaging context
02/02/12Visual browsing system and method
02/02/12Method or system to predict media content preferences
01/26/12Mobile imaging device as navigator
01/26/12Advertisement brand engagement value
01/26/12Universal device identifier for globally identifying and binding disparate device identifiers to the same mobile device
01/26/12Presentation of advertisements based on user interactivity with a web page
01/19/12System and method for proximity area networking for selection of messaging
01/19/12Contextual-bandit approach to personalized news article recommendation
01/19/12Targeted distribution of electronic coupons
01/19/12Clustering of search results
01/12/12Social aggregation targeting and communications
01/12/12mobile phone based mobile customer relationship loyalty methodology and servicing system with instant analytics features thereof
01/12/12Social network based online advertising
01/12/12Email based social advertisements
01/12/12Online advertising marketplace data provider assessment and recommendation
01/12/12System and method for deriving income from url based context queries
01/12/12Ranking specialization for a search
01/12/12Faceted exploration of media collections
01/05/12Forecasting supply for advertisements according to a non-parametric supply model
01/05/12Intrastructure for bucket testing in guaranteed delivery of online advertising
01/05/12Inventory management and serving with bucket testing in guaranteed delivery of online advertising
01/05/12Advertisement and campaign evaluation with bucket testing in guaranteed delivery of online advertising
01/05/12Method and system for providing advertisements
01/05/12Selecting advertisements using user search history segmentation
01/05/12System for handling multiple priorities in ad exchange auction
01/05/12System for determining and optimizing for relevance in match-making systems
01/05/12Method and system for web extraction
01/05/12Method and system for performing a web search
01/05/12Method and system for performing a web search via a client-side module
01/19/12Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system

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