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Yamaha Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Yamaha Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Yamaha Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17System, target apparatus, terminal, program, and method
11/16/17Signal processing device
11/09/17Sleep guidance device, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
11/02/17Information provision system, information provision method, and management device
11/02/17Audio device and controlling audio device
10/26/17Sound pickup device and sound processing device
10/26/17Sound pickup device and sound processing device
10/19/17Instruction device, program, instruction system, and instruction method
10/19/17Sound output and pickup device
10/05/17Musical score display control method, device and program
10/05/17Musical score display control device and method
10/05/17Method for controlling audio signal processing device, audio signal processing device, and storage medium
09/28/17Golf club
09/28/17Data positioning method, data positioning apparatus, and computer program
09/28/17Pedal percussion instrument
09/28/17Foot pedal drum
09/28/17Drum head and drum
09/28/17Musical instrument
09/28/17Supporter for supporting sound tubes to be hung therefrom and producing the same, and musical instrument
09/28/17Input support apparatus and method therefor
09/28/17Performance information processing device and method
09/28/17Content playback apparatus, content playback system, content information program, and content playback method
09/28/17Self-oscillating class d amplifier
09/28/17Btl output self-oscillating class d amplifier
09/21/17Signal processing device and signal processing method
09/14/17Sound production control apparatus, sound production control method, and storage medium
09/14/17Conversation evaluation device and method
09/14/17Speaker device
09/14/17Speaker device
09/07/17Information transmission device, information transmission method, guide system, and communication system
09/07/17Information providing method and information providing device
09/07/17Content playback device, content playback method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
08/31/17Electronic percussion controller, instrument and method
08/24/17Fixed electrode and electroacoustic transducer
08/24/17Audio processing device and providing information
08/03/17Data glove
08/03/17Golf club
08/03/17Musical performance assistance apparatus and method
08/03/17Content control device and storage medium
08/03/17Speech synthesis device and method
08/03/17Sound signal processing apparatus, system, and method
07/27/17Information management system and information management method
07/27/17Electroacoustic transducer
07/20/17Terminal device, information providing system, information presentation method, and information providing method
07/20/17Keyboard musical instrument, adjusting method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
07/20/17Electric acoustic apparatus
07/20/17Musical instrument and acoustic transducer device
07/20/17Circuit and musical instrument
07/13/17Acoustic material and musical instrument
07/13/17Electroacoustic transducer
07/13/17Speaker device and audio signal processing method
07/13/17Position determination apparatus, audio apparatus, position determination method, and program
06/29/17Device and generating sound signal
06/22/17Voice synthesis method and voice synthesis device
06/15/17Controller and system for voice generation based on characters
05/25/17Cellulose fiber, composite material, and producing the cellulose fiber
05/18/17Stringed musical instrument
05/04/17Connection setting of tone processing module
05/04/17Installation structure for acoustic transducer and musical instrument
05/04/17Circuit substrate, and noise reduction circuit substrate
04/27/17Installation structure for acoustic transducer, musical instrument, and installation acoustic transducer
04/27/17Voice synthesizing apparatus, voice synthesizing method, and storage medium therefor
04/20/17Pedal percussion instrument
04/20/17Technology for responding to remarks using speech synthesis
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04/13/17Video synchronization based on audio
04/13/17Electroacoustic transducer
04/06/17Audio-signal processing device, and audio-signal processing method
04/06/17Content data generating device, content data generating method, sound signal generating device and sound signal generating method
04/06/17Artificial magnet conductor, antenna reflector, and calculating thickness of dielectric medium
03/30/17Drum foot pedal apparatus
03/30/17Drum beater and drum foot pedal apparatus
03/30/17Musical instrument carrier
03/30/17Musical instrument carrier
03/30/17Operator device for electronic musical instrument
03/23/17Automatic arrangement of music piece with accent positions taken into consideration
03/23/17Automatic arrangement of music piece based on characteristic of accompaniment
03/23/17Automatic arrangement of automatic accompaniment with accent position taken into consideration
03/23/17Relay device, program, and display control method
03/23/17Electroacoustic transducer
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03/16/17Connection confirmation system, connection detection apparatus, and connection confirmation method
03/16/17Cymbal washer
03/16/17Communication system, wired communication device, control method, and control program
03/09/17Thermoelectric conversion module and manufacturing method thereof
03/02/17Musical sound signal generation apparatus
02/23/17Information processing method and information processing device
02/16/17Audio device, audio system, and volume value control method
02/16/17Pitch information generation device, pitch information generation method, and computer-readable recording medium therefor
02/09/17Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
02/09/17Electric fader drive unit, fader device, audio mixer, and electric fader driving method
02/09/17Electric fader drive unit, audio mixer, and electric fader driving method
02/09/17Sound emission and collection device, and sound emission and collection method
01/26/17Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
01/26/17Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
01/26/17Up/down motion detecting hi-hat
01/26/17Method and device for editing singing voice synthesis data, and analyzing singing
01/05/17Parameter controller and controlling parameter
12/29/16Musical-performance-information transmission method and musical-performance-information transmission system
12/29/16Audio processing apparatus
12/29/16Signal processing system and signal processing method
12/22/16Acoustic structure and acoustic panel
12/01/16Signal processing apparatus and controlling method
11/24/16Actuator control in automatic performance of musical instrument
11/10/16Vibration detection mechanism and vibration sensor unit
11/10/16Recording method
10/20/16Parameter controller, storage medium and parameter controlling method
10/13/16Equalizer setting device, equalizer setting method, medium storing equalizer setting program
10/13/16Communication system, terminal apparatus and server
10/06/16Synchronized playback system, synchronized playback apparatus, and control method
10/06/16Percussion surface apparatus
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09/29/16Audio signal processing apparatus capable of signal processing for previewing purpose
09/29/16Method and setting values of parameters
09/29/16Audio signal processing device
09/29/16Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
09/29/16Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
09/29/16Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
09/29/16Allocation to channel strips in audio signal processing apparatus
09/22/16Stand structure for article
09/22/16Displaying attenuating audio signal level in delayed fashion
09/22/16Level control apparatus and storage medium
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09/22/16Drum head and drum
09/22/16Sound masking apparatus and sound masking method
09/22/16Level control apparatus and storage medium
09/22/16Sound masking apparatus and sound masking method
09/22/16Audio signal processing apparatus and storage medium
09/15/16Power amplifier and input signal adjusting method
09/15/16Level setting apparatus and storage medium
09/08/16Voice synthesis method, voice synthesis device, medium for storing voice synthesis program
09/08/16Wireless network system and wireless communication method
09/01/16Speaker array apparatus
08/25/16Musical bar for musical instrument
08/18/16Technique for reproducing waveform by switching between plurality of sets of waveform data
08/04/16Audio apparatus
08/04/16Musical instrument carrier
08/04/16Keyboard unit
08/04/16Keyboard unit
08/04/16Keyboard unit
08/04/16Speaker unit
08/04/16Speaker unit
08/04/16User interface device, sound control apparatus, sound system, sound control method, and program
07/21/16Mounting device for cymbal type percussion instrument
07/21/16Operation panel structure and control method and control mixing system
07/21/16Audio signal processing apparatus
06/30/16Voice processing method and apparatus, and recording medium therefor
06/30/16Generation of analog signal based on one-bit signal
06/23/16Speaker array setting speaker array apparatus
06/16/16Signal processor and signal processing method
06/09/16Current detection circuit and magnetic detection device provided with same
05/19/16Parameter setting apparatus, audio signal processing apparatus, parameter setting method and storage medium
05/19/16Parameter setting apparatus and method
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05/19/16Mixing console
05/19/16Audio signal processing device
05/19/16Hanger device and electronic device
05/12/16Keyboard device and key unit
05/12/16Musical performance system, musical performance method and musical performance program
05/12/16Voice synthesis device, voice synthesis method, and recording medium having a voice synthesis program recorded thereon
05/05/16Performance recording apparatus
05/05/16Performance recording system, performance recording method, and musical instrument
05/05/16Reverberant sound adding apparatus, reverberant sound adding method, and reverberant sound adding program
05/05/16Program used for terminal apparatus, sound apparatus, sound system, and method used for sound apparatus
04/28/16State detecting circuit, key-press detector, and musical instrument
04/28/16Information processor, audio processor, audio processing system and program
04/21/16Method of fabricating bow stick of stringed instrument and bow stick of stringed instrument
04/21/16Phoneme information synthesis device, voice synthesis device, and phoneme information synthesis method
04/21/16Acoustic system, output device, and acoustic system control method
04/21/16Acoustic system, acoustic system control device, and acoustic system control method
04/21/16Acoustic system, acoustic system control device, and acoustic system control method
04/14/16White key of keyboard instrument
04/14/16Keyboard device
04/14/16Musical-performance analysis method and musical-performance analysis device
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04/14/16Speaker box structure of electronic device
04/07/16Mapping estimation apparatus
03/31/16Audio signal processing device
03/24/16Parameter control device and storage medium
03/24/16Technology for responding to remarks using speech synthesis
03/10/16Speaker cover
03/03/16Audio device, audio system, and method
02/18/16Wireless network system, terminal management device, wireless relay device, and communications method
02/04/16Estimation of target character train
02/04/16Installation structure for acoustic transducer and musical instrument
02/04/16Installation structure for acoustic transducer and musical instrument
01/28/16Setting and editing tone setting information via link
01/21/16Power amplifier
01/14/16Signal processing device, headphone, and signal processing method
01/07/16Beam direction setting device and beam direction setting system
12/31/15Speaker array apparatus
12/24/15Performance information output control apparatus, keyboard instrument and control method thereof
12/24/15Sound-emitting device and sound-emitting method
12/10/15Installation structure for acoustic transducer
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11/26/15Electroacoustic transducer
11/12/15Pivotal supporting structure for fallboard of keyboard musical instrument
11/12/15Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
11/05/15Musical piece evaluation device, musical piece evaluation method, musical piece evaluation program, and information storage medium having the program stored thereon
11/05/15Communication method, sound apparatus and communication apparatus
10/29/15Audio processing apparatus and audio processing method
10/22/15Driving apparatus
10/15/15Key for keyboard musical instrument, and manufacturing the key
10/01/15Current sensor and current measuring device
10/01/15Score displaying method and storage medium
10/01/15Score displaying method and storage medium
09/24/15Signal processing device and storage medium
09/24/15Acoustic device and acoustic processing method
09/17/15Audio equipment and bracket for linear lighting device thereof
09/17/15Display control apparatus and method
09/17/15Audio system and audio signal processing device
09/17/15Method and notifying motion
09/17/15Level adjustment device and method
09/17/15Signal processing apparatus and method
09/17/15Audio signal processing device, position information acquisition device, and audio signal processing system
09/10/15Audio signal processing device, parameter recall method and storage medium
09/10/15Switch device with erroneous operation preventer and the erroneous operation preventer
09/10/15Masking sound data generating device, generating masking sound data, and masking sound data generating system
09/10/15Protection sound signal converting device
09/10/15Proximity communication system and proximity communication apparatus
08/27/15Multifunctional audio signal generation apparatus
08/20/15Multiple networking in audio processing system
08/20/15Acoustic processing device
08/20/15Speaker device and audio signal processing method
08/13/15Accompaniment data generating apparatus
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08/13/15Resonance tone generation apparatus and resonance tone generation program
08/13/15Electric device, remote control signal determining program and remote control signal processing method
08/06/15Reaction force generator
08/06/15Resonance tone generation apparatus and resonance tone generation program
07/30/15Light guide body, relay apparatus, and speaker apparatus
07/30/15Recording device, recording method, and recording medium
07/23/15Installation structure for acoustic transducer
07/16/15Method, apparatus and storage medium for sound masking
07/09/15Device, method, medium for guiding a user to a desired sleep state
07/09/15Keyboard instrument
07/09/15Temperature measurement device and protective device for audio signal converter
07/09/15Relay device and control relay device
07/09/15Audio signal processing device
07/02/15Signal processing system and storage medium
06/25/15Associating musical score image data and logical musical score data
06/25/15Temperature measurement apparatus and protection sound signal converting device
06/18/15Hinge device and housing
06/18/15Tone generation assigning apparatus and method
06/11/15Installation structure for acoustic transducer
06/11/15Installation structure for acoustic transducer
06/04/15Automated performance technology using audio waveform data
05/28/15Acoustic equipment
05/28/15Sound field supporting device and sound field supporting system
05/21/15Rotary knob
05/14/15Actuator for vibrating a sound board in a musical instrument and attaching same
05/14/15Audio signal processing device, storage medium and audio signal processing method
05/07/15Audio device and method having bypass function for effect change
04/30/15Terminal device, controlling terminal device and storage medium

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