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Zimmer Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Zimmer Inc. Zimmer Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Zimmer Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Zimmer Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Porous metal device for regenerating soft tissue-to-bone interface

The present disclosure relates, in some aspects, to orthopaedic implants for securing soft tissue to bone and methods for using the same. One particular implant comprises a first exposed porous surface region, having pores for promoting bone ingrowth, and a second exposed porous surface, having pores for promoting soft tissue... Zimmer Inc

 new patent  Shapeable porous metal implant

Shapeable porous metal implants and methods for use in various procedures are disclosed. The implants can comprise a shell according to some examples. According to one example, the method can include providing a sheet of highly porous metal material having a porosity of between 55% and 90%, and wrapping the... Zimmer Inc

 new patent  Method of estimating soft tissue balance for knee arthroplasty

A method is provided for evaluating the tension or laxity of the soft tissue surrounding a patient's knee joint. Based on this evaluation, a surgeon may determine a desired resection depth for a knee arthroplasty procedure that will achieve an appropriate spacing between adjacent, articulating components of the knee joint.... Zimmer Inc

Tibial prosthesis

A tibial, prosthesis, and, particularly, a fixed bearing tibial, prosthesis has a two-pronged securement mechanism. The securement mechanism may or may not be angled. Advantageously, the securement mechanism, working alone or in cooperation with other securement features, minimizes micromotion between the tibial tray and tibial hearing component.... Zimmer Inc

Asymmetric tibial components for a knee prosthesis

An orthopaedic tibial prosthesis includes a tibial baseplate with features designed for use with small-stature knee-replacement patients. The tibial prosthesis may include a shortened tibial keel, tibial keel fins which define a large angle with respect to a longitudinal axis of the keel, and/or tibial keel fins which extend along... Zimmer Inc

Provisional tibial prosthesis system

The present disclosure provides a provisional tibial prosthesis system for a set of prosthetic knee joints for implantation in a natural knee, the provisional tibial prosthesis system including a bearing component and a bearing support, the spacing of the bearing component from the bearing support is adjustable to allow for... Zimmer Inc

System and intraoperative surgical planning

The subject matter includes systems, methods, and prosthetic devices for joint reconstruction surgery. A computer-assisted intraoperating planning method can include accessing a first medical image providing a first view of a joint within a surgical site as well as receiving selection of a first component of a modular prosthetic device... Zimmer Inc

Soft tissue balancing in articular surgery

Systems and methods may be used to perform robot-aided surgery. A system may include a robotic controller to monitor a position and orientation of an end effector coupled to an end of a robotic arm. The robotic controller may apply a force to a bone using the end effector, such... Zimmer Inc

X-ray scaling devices, systems, and methods

Various systems, devices, and methods for facilitating efficient anatomical registration in surgical navigation are disclosed. Such systems and devices can have a data collection unit and a scaling device. The scaling device has a main body having an anatomical registration feature defined therein and at least one scaling marker pathway... Zimmer Inc

Knee prosthesis including rotatable spine

A knee joint prosthesis is disclosed. The knee joint prosthesis can include a tibial baseplate, a tibial insert, and a spine. The tibial baseplate can include a tibial plateau, having a proximal surface and an opposing distal surface, and a tibial stem extending from the distal surface of the tibial... Zimmer Inc

Shoulder arthroplasty system

An implant system for total shoulder arthroplasties, hemi shoulder arthroplasties, and “reverse” total shoulder arthroplasties including a humeral stem having an enlarged head portion with interfaces adapted to removably receive various modular interchangeable components, such as articulating liners, spacers, and adapter inserts. The humeral stem functions as a universal platform... Zimmer Inc

Femoral head press instrument for prosthetic implant

A femoral head press can comprise: a frame having first end second ends; a clamp connected to the first end to define a holding plane; a mechanical drive mechanism mounted to the second end and having a drive axis; a ram connected to the second end; and a femoral head... Zimmer Inc

Method and device for joint replacement

A method of joint replacement including forming one or more arthroscopy portals adjacent a hip joint that includes, a femur with a femoral head and a pelvis with an acetabulum socket, inserting a hemiarthroplasty cup, having a cup inner surface and a cup outer surface, between a femoral head outer... Zimmer Inc

Bone plate for elastic osteosynthesis

Embodiments provide a method and device for plate osteosynthesis of a bone fracture that allows angle-stable fixation of the bone fracture, while permitting elastic axial motion at the fracture site in a controlled, symmetric manner to stimulate fracture healing. Embodiments pertain to a bone plate having an outer surface and... Zimmer Inc

Tibial baseplate with asymmetric placement of fixation structures

An orthopaedic knee prosthesis is provided including a tibial baseplate component having a distal, bone-contacting surface with one or more fixation structures extending distally therefrom, in which the fixation structures are asymmetrically arranged within the baseplate periphery.... Zimmer Inc

Total knee implant

A knee prosthesis is provided for use in knee arthroplasty. In one exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides a tibial prosthesis having a tibial baseplate with a fixed medial bearing component and a mobile lateral bearing component. In one exemplary embodiment, the lateral bearing component is secured to the lateral... Zimmer Inc

Mass production of individualized medical devices

A plurality of individual medical devices is created that define a medical device family. Within the family of medical devices, each of the plurality of medical devices has at least one dimension that, within an acceptable tolerance, is substantially equal to the same dimension of another of the plurality of... Zimmer Inc

Patient-specific manufacturing of porous metal prostheses

A patient-specific porous metal prosthesis and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The orthopaedic prosthesis may be metallic to provide adequate strength and stability. Also, the orthopaedic prosthesis may be porous to promote bone ingrowth.... Zimmer Inc

Hip stem prosthesis

A hip stem prosthesis is provided for treating a deficient hip joint.... Zimmer Inc

Methods and techniques for tibial implant placement

Methods, techniques and apparatuses are disclosed including exemplary methods of performing a knee arthroplasty of the tibia. One exemplary method can include determining at least a depth of a distal fixation feature of a tibial implant, and forming a metaphyseal recess in a proximal portion of the tibia. The recess... Zimmer Inc

Femoral component for a knee prosthesis with improved articular characteristics

An orthopaedic knee prosthesis includes a femoral component which exhibits enhanced articular features, minimizes removal of healthy bone stock from the distal femur, and minimizes the impact of the prosthesis on adjacent soft tissues of the knee.... Zimmer Inc

Posterior-stabilized total knee prosthesis

In an orthopaedic knee joint prosthesis, an intercondylar fossa of a femoral component cooperates with a spine formed in a tibial component to reproduce the screw home mechanism of a natural knee. When the femoral component and tibial component are positioned to correspond with slight flexion of the knee, the... Zimmer Inc

Cut guide attachment for use in tibial prosthesis systems

Tibial prosthesis systems for implantation or use in a knee joint are disclosed. A tibial prosthesis system for implantation on a resected tibia can include a bearing component, a base component, and a shim component. The insertion of the shim component can provide spacing adjustment between the bearing and base... Zimmer Inc

Resistance welding a porous metal layer to a metal substrate utilizing an intermediate element

One aspect of the present disclosure provides a method of manufacturing an orthopedic prosthesis. This particular method includes providing a porous metal layer (22) positioned against a metal substrate at an interface between the porous metal layer and the metal substrate. Additional steps include providing an electrode (132) and providing... Zimmer Inc

Distal femoral knee prostheses

A set of distal femoral knee prostheses which are designed to be more narrow in medial/lateral dimensions with increasing anterior/posterior size than existing prostheses to more closely correspond to the physical anatomy of female patients. The prostheses are designed to have a substantially trapezoidal shape or profile when viewed distally... Zimmer Inc

Multi-curvature liners for reversed shoulder replacement

A reverse shoulder replacement system including a humeral liner defining a split curvature bearing surface that includes a plurality of curvature regions. The plurality of curvature regions are configured to engage a glenosphere of a glenoid implant individually or in combination to provide an improved fit between the glenosphere and... Zimmer Inc

Spacer block

A knee arthroplasty system for use in a patient's knee joint comprises a spacer block instrument including a base portion, a tibial component extending from the base portion and configured for placement against a tibia, and a femoral component configured for placement against a femur. The femoral component is rotatably... Zimmer Inc

Acl accommodating tibial design

Surgical methods and tibial implants for accommodating the anterior cruciate ligament during unicompartmental or bi-unicompartmental knee arthroplasty procedures.... Zimmer Inc

Glenoid implant

An apparatus can include a base plate. A glenosphere can be configured to be mountable to the base plate. The glenosphere can be adapted to operate with a complementary humeral component. The base plate can include a removable taper member on a side of the base plate facing the glenosphere.... Zimmer Inc

Assembly for a tibial cut guide

Systems and apparatuses including apparatuses that can be used in a knee replacement procedure are disclosed. According to one example, an assembly for a knee replacement surgery is disclosed. The assembly can comprise an adjustment member, a carrier assembly, a posterior slope housing assembly, and a boom. The carrier assembly... Zimmer Inc

Patient specific instrumentation with mems in surgery

An assembly of a patient specific instrument and tracking system comprises a patient specific instrument having a body with a patient specific contact surface negatively shaped relative to a corresponding surface of a bone for complementary contact therewith. An inertial sensor unit with a preset orientation is connected to the... Zimmer Inc

Extramedullary resection guide and methods

A bone cut positioning system and associated method are disclosed. The bone cut positioning system can include a positioning assembly, including a femoral attachment member, including a tongue with at least one fixation aperture configured to be fixed to a distal end of a femur. The positioning assembly can further... Zimmer Inc

Intelligent orthopedic apparatus, systems, and methods

A system can comprise an orthopedic sleeve, a processor, and a database. The orthopedic sleeve can be configured to be worn over a joint of a user and can comprise at least one sensor and a communicator. The at least one sensor can be operable to monitor at least one... Zimmer Inc

Patient-specific instrumentation for patellar resurfacing surgery and method

A system for creating a patient-specific jig model for patellar resurfacing surgery comprises a patellar implant positioning module for obtaining a planned position of a patellar implant on a model of the patella, the model being anatomically patient-specific. A patella resurfacing calculator module calculates a position and/or orientation of a... Zimmer Inc

Tibial prosthesis for tibia with varus resection

Methods, systems and apparatuses are disclosed including apparatuses that can be used in a total knee replacement procedure. According to one example, a tibial implant is disclosed. The tibial implant can be configured for attachment to a tibia in a knee arthroplasty and can include a baseplate having a lateral... Zimmer Inc

03/16/17 / #20170071503

Use of micro- and miniature position sensing devices for use in tka and tha

A system for assisting in a surgical process, comprising: (a) a surgical device taken from a group consisting of a surgical tool and a surgical implant; (b) a positional sensor carried by the surgical device, the positional sensor including a wireless transmitter and associated circuitry for transmitting sensor data from... Zimmer Inc

03/16/17 / #20170071649

Orthopedic tool for bone fixation

A orthopedic tool (10) for bone fixation is provided for driving a bone pin into a fractured bone to stabilize the fractured bone by maintaining the fractured bone in a reduced state. The tool may be a handheld device including a magazine (56) having a plurality of passageways (98) containing... Zimmer Inc

03/09/17 / #20170065300

Single lock external fixation clamp arrangement and method

A clamping device for an external fixation system includes a post component having a yaw axis, a first clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis, and a second clamp secured to the post component and rotatable about the yaw axis relative to the first clamp.... Zimmer Inc

03/02/17 / #20170056025

Tibial resection cruciate ligament retainment

Tibial resection systems and methods for use in a uni- or bi-cruciate retaining knee replacement procedure are disclosed. A tibial resection system can include a tibial block, an alignment guide, and a tibial implant template. The tibial block can be coupled to an anterior side of a tibia and longitudinally... Zimmer Inc

03/02/17 / #20170056134

Dental abutments and associated systems and methods

Dental abutments comprising machined apical portions and additively formed coronal portions and related methods are described herein. The abutment has a machined apical portion and additive manufactured coronal portion for supporting a dental prosthesis. The apical portion has a main body having a top surface, an opposed bottom surface, and... Zimmer Inc

03/02/17 / #20170056187

Directional locking reverse shoulder prostheses and systems

The present disclosure relates to prosthesis systems having trays and liners having an asymmetrical locking mechanism to bias the strength of the liner to resist loading forces and associated methods. The tray has a lateral groove disposed in an inner surface of a lateral circumferential portion of the tray and... Zimmer Inc

02/16/17 / #20170042595

Polyaxial locking mechanism

A bone plate system comprises a bone plate including a first surface and a second surface, the bone plate including at least one threaded aperture, the threaded aperture being tapered between the first surface and the second surface. The bone plate system further comprises at least one fastener including an... Zimmer Inc

02/16/17 / #20170042700

Tooling system and method to remove a prosthetic head from a stem

A tooling system and method is disclosed for removing a head portion of a modular implant from a stem portion of the implant. The tooling system can include first and second tools configured to releasably mate together when the upper and lower tools are in an assembled position, and a... Zimmer Inc

02/09/17 / #20170035513

Methods of predetermining the contour of a resected bone surface and assessing the fit of a prosthesis on the bone

Methods for predetermining a contour of a resected bone surface and assessing a fit of a prosthesis on the resected bone surface, for designing prostheses to fit discrete patient populations, and for designing customized prostheses.... Zimmer Inc

02/02/17 / #20170027701

Method of generating a patient-specific bone shell

The exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are described and illustrated below to encompass methods and devices for designing patient specific prosthetic cutting jigs and, more specifically, to devices and methods for segmenting bone of the knee and the resulting cutting guides themselves. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to systems... Zimmer Inc

01/26/17 / #20170020609

System and method to locate soft tissue for preoperative planning

Methods and systems for determining a patient specific soft tissue location within a joint are discussed. For example, a method can include imaging a target location for an orthopedic implant to collect image data regarding a morphology of the patient, the morphology including at least one of bone size and... Zimmer Inc

01/26/17 / #20170020675

Methods for augmenting femoral components of knee joint prostheses

A femoral augment, or set of augments, for use with a knee joint prosthesis, where the femoral augment includes a main body portion, an aperture formed within the main body portion and extending in a generally distal/proximal direction, and a pair of legs extending outwardly from said main body portion... Zimmer Inc

01/19/17 / #20170014236

Elbow prosthesis

An elbow prosthesis can include a humeral component having a yoke, an ulnar component having a head, a humeral bearing positionable in a base of the humeral component, an ulnar bearing assembly configured to engage with the head, and a pin extendable through the bearing assembly and the head. The... Zimmer Inc

01/19/17 / #20170015794

Melt-stabilized ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and making the same

Various embodiments disclosed relate to melt-stabilized materials including ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), methods of making the same, and medical implants including the same. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a method of melt-stabilizing a material including UHMWPE. The method includes obtaining or providing a solid material including... Zimmer Inc

01/12/17 / #20170007273

Femoral finishing guide

Methods and apparatuses including an apparatus for guiding a femoral bone cut during knee replacement surgery are disclosed. The apparatus can comprise a cut guide having a first side, a second side, a third side, and one or more slots. The first side can be configured to interface with a... Zimmer Inc

01/12/17 / #20170007330

Sensor-based shoulder system and method

The subject matter includes a system and method for providing graphical feedback visualizing forces within a joint through a range of motion of the joint. The method can comprise receiving position data, receiving force data, and generating a graphical representation based on the position data and the force data. The... Zimmer Inc

01/12/17 / #20170007331

Patient-specific instrumentation for implant revision surgery

A system for generating a PSI jig model for implant revision comprises a reference anchor surface identifying module configured to identify at least one reference anchor surface from at least one patient specific image of a bone and of an implanted implant, the reference anchor surface configured to receive a... Zimmer Inc

01/05/17 / #20170000569

Deformable articulating templates

A method for generating a patient-specific prosthetic implant is disclosed which includes generating, using one or more processors from a medical image of a human anatomical feature, a three dimensional electronic representation of the human anatomical feature including size and surface curvature features matching the human anatomical feature, the surface... Zimmer Inc

01/05/17 / #20170000614

Deformable articulating templates

A method of generating a patient specific prosthetic implant is described, which includes: generating a three dimensional electronic representation of a human anatomical feature of a unique patient; identifying one or more representative surface curvature features on the three dimensional electronic representation; and associating the three dimensional electronic representation with... Zimmer Inc

01/05/17 / #20170000615

Deformable articulating templates

A system for generating a patient-specific implant is described which includes a means for generating a three dimensional electronic representation of a human anatomical feature including size and curvature features matching the human anatomical feature, a means for selecting a prosthetic implant template from a database of prosthetic implant templates,... Zimmer Inc

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