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Zte Corporation Zte Plaza Keji Road South
Zte Corporation Zte Plaza
Zte Corporation china Zte Plaza
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Zte Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Zte Corporation. Zte Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Zte Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Zte Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Control display , and terminal
09/21/17 new patent  Display terminal-based data processing method
09/21/17 new patent  Method and device for realizing voice message visualization service
09/21/17 new patent  Spring-loaded waveguide coupling
09/21/17 new patent  Information processing method, smart battery, terminal and computer storage medium
09/21/17 new patent  Method and device for forming multi-cell beam
09/21/17 new patent  Method and device for quantizing and feeding back channel information and precoding data
09/21/17 new patent  Method and implementing transparent multi-user multiple-input multiple-output transmission
09/21/17 new patent  Method for implementing variable optical splitter and variable optical splitter
09/21/17 new patent  Time synchronization network devices and time synchronization server
09/21/17 new patent  Method, apparatus and system for remotely configuring ptp service of optical network unit
09/21/17 new patent  Method and sending response information and computer storage medium
09/21/17 new patent  Signaling monitoring method and system
09/21/17 new patent  Method and device for establishing performance measurement task and processing performance measurement result
09/21/17 new patent  Transmission processing methods and apparatuses of data packet
09/21/17 new patent  Automatic execution for operation of mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
09/21/17 new patent  Methods, apparatuses and system for synchronizing call media and content
09/21/17 new patent  Sending method, device, and access point for occupying an unlicensed carrier
09/21/17 new patent  Optimized processing terminal service migration
09/21/17 new patent  Method for controlling disconnection during call, and terminal
09/14/17Method and protecting heat dissipation fan of projecting device
09/14/17Hand gesture recognition method, device, system, and computer storage medium
09/14/17Memory cleaning method and apparatus
09/14/17Desktop sharing method and terminal
09/14/17Method, device and system for automatically adapting multimode data card equipment
09/14/17Database operation
09/14/17Optical signal to noise ratio detection circuit, apparatus and method
09/14/17Downlink pilot transmitting , detection , evolved node b and terminal
09/14/17Intelligent home terminal and control intelligent home terminal
09/14/17Method and device for information processing
09/14/17Method and device for rapidly synchronizing medium access control address table, and storage medium
09/14/17Security control social network user, social application device and terminal
09/14/17Terminal device and early warning method thereof
09/14/17System and implementing capability exposure, and capability exposure platform
09/14/17Method and interacting information between smart terminal and wearable device
09/14/17Method, device and system for uplink synchronization
09/14/17Access user equipment
09/14/17Method, terminal, base station, and storage medium for handling radio link failure
09/07/17Application processing method and terminal
09/07/17Method and device for configuring a pilot
09/07/17Information security realizing method and system based on digital certificate
09/07/17Sdn architecture and forwarding message based on sdn architecture
09/07/17Method and device for establishing multi-domain dual-home path
09/07/17Self-adaptive display for image of mobile terminal, and computer storage medium
09/07/173d display device and sensing 3d display device
09/07/17Method and device for joining network processing of sensor, network platform equipment and internet of things gateway
09/07/17Gps signal acquisition method and distributed base station
09/07/17Parallel multiuser data transmission method and primary node
08/31/17Usb wireless network card configuration methods, host, usb wireless network card and communication system
08/31/17Imaging cancellation in high-speed intensity modulation and direct detection system with dual single sideband modulation
08/31/17Information sharing method, system and device and computer storage medium
08/31/17Method and device for providing video of iptv service
08/31/17Identification and discovery of exposed services in a digital communication network
08/31/17Group communication with a logical group of wireless devices operating in different networks
08/31/17Warning message processing , mme, cbc and base station
08/31/17Mbms bearer-based querying node state in cluster communication and storage medium
08/31/17Mbms bearer-based reporting congestion state in cluster communication and storage medium
08/24/17Methods and devices for updating virtual desktop
08/24/17Configuration information management method, device, network element management system and storage medium
08/24/17Service orchestration method and apparatus in software-defined networking, and storage medium
08/24/17Method and device for fault detection
08/24/17Data processing method and apparatus and network device
08/24/17Notification and acquisition device for mac address of esadi
08/24/17Splicing method and splicing system for http live streaming media fragment
08/24/17Method and sending information
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08/24/17Processing dynamic channel detection, station, and access point device
08/24/17Channel quality estimation for link adaptation within interference limited systems
08/24/17Methods and device for allocating and processing sub-frame resource
08/24/17Method and device for sending random access signalling
08/24/17Fall-proof method using terminal device accessory, terminal device accessory and terminal device
08/24/17Method, device, and system for dynamically binding a machine card
08/17/17Method and device for checking validity of memory access
08/17/17Remote control mobile terminal, remote control system and remote control method
08/17/17Electronic device and wireless charging electronic device
08/17/17Distance measurement method, device and system
08/17/17Method, device and system for managing trill network using three-layer network manager
08/17/17Software-defined network-based implementing content distribution network
08/17/17Software-defined network-based implementing content distribution network
08/17/17Method and setting network rule entry
08/17/17Trigger management cse, cse and network element of bearer network
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08/17/17Method, device and system for implementing quick charging
08/17/17Method for selecting a microphone and apparatus and computer storage medium
08/17/17User equipment registration method, entity, system and computer storage medium
08/17/17Positioning method and corresponding terminal and system
08/17/17Method and device for reporting and acquiring ue capability
08/17/17Method and device for data synchronization
08/17/17Method and device for implementing flow mobility triggering, and storage medium
08/17/17Information interaction method, device and system for wireless body area network (wban)
08/17/17Application registration methods and apparatuses
08/17/17Method and transmitting random access response message
08/17/17Method, apparatus and system for managing mobile hotspot
08/17/17Hybrid networking implementation method, system and device and computer storage medium
08/17/17Device for terminal heat dissipation and mobile terminal
08/17/17Modular data center
08/10/17Circuit starting method, control circuit and voltage reference circuit
08/10/17Method and device for operating a touch screen
08/10/17Encoding method, decoding method, encoding device and decoding device for structured ldpc
08/10/17Optical fiber detection method, detection device, detection platform and element management system
08/10/17Data sending feedback method and apparatus, and data sending method and apparatus
08/10/17Method and processing cell interference
08/10/17Method and device for indicating number of bits
08/10/17Method and device for detecting signal of lte uplink system in interference condition
08/10/17Multimode network management configuration model upgrade
08/10/17Method and processing service node ability, service classifier and service controller
08/10/17Rscn method and system, related device and computer storage medium
08/10/17Method for processing prose service authorization change, first network element and second network element
08/10/17Set top box upgrade method and apparatus
08/10/17Method, device and terminal for improving sound quality of stereo sound
08/10/17Information reporting method, equipment and storage medium
08/10/17Imsi acquisition , and signalling monitoring system
Social Network Patent Pack
08/10/17Network switching processing
08/10/17Method and setting reselection priority and determining and processing reselection catergory
08/10/17D2d communication
08/10/17Device-to-device resource pool configuration method, device and system
08/10/17Method and system for realizing notification of small-cell state
08/10/17Method for selecting user service mode, sending pilot information, and apparatuses, and storage medium
08/10/17Device-to-device communication methods and apparatuses
08/10/17Method and device for processing carrier resource of unlicensed carrier and transmission node
08/10/17Communication system and communication device therefor
08/03/17Power supply control device and communication network
Patent Packs
08/03/17Power supply method, apparatus, and system
08/03/17Memory configuration
08/03/17Voice interaction method and apparatus
08/03/17Method and supporting low bit rate coding, and computer storage medium
08/03/17Encoding modulation method and transmitter
08/03/17Method for controlling sending of channel state information, evolved node b, user equipment and storage medium
08/03/17Method and device for providing network service, evaluating policy rule and selecting service assembly
08/03/17Method and device for receiving and sending message, channel unit and communication equipment
08/03/17Terminal operating mode adjustment method and apparatus and computer readable storage medium
08/03/17Device capability negotiation method and apparatus, and computer storage medium
08/03/17Authentication method, wireless router and computer storage medium
08/03/17Method and device for controlling concurrent data transmission, and terminal
08/03/17Device to device communication method, system and storage medium based on network sharing
08/03/17Method and device for processing d2d communication, d2d communication device and enodeb
07/27/17Capacitive touchscreen, terminal, intercommunication method and corresponding program and carrier
07/27/17Imaging cancellation in high-speed intensity modulation and direct detection system with dual single sideband modulation
07/27/17Method, device and storage medium for frequency offset estimate
07/27/17Method, device, and computer storage medium for eliminating inter-carrier interference
07/27/17Method, equipment and storage medium for device to device (d2d) resource pool measurement and reporting
07/27/17Method and device for establishing a bearer
07/27/17Method, device and system for power for reporting headroom report in dual connectivity
07/27/17Method and device for device-to-device communication and device for controlling device-to-device communication
07/20/17Area measurement device and method
07/20/17Intelligent control apparatus and intelligent optical distribution network device and system
07/20/17Method and device for upgrading software
07/20/17Voice activity detection method and apparatus
07/20/17Filter cover plate, filter and machining filter cover plate
07/20/17Method and device for triggering protection switching by signal degrade of link aggregation port
07/20/17Policy-based m2m terminal device monitoring and control
07/20/17Method, equipment, device and system for sending device detection signal
Patent Packs
07/20/17Terminal management method and system, server and terminal
07/20/17Communication system, access authentication method and system based on communication system
07/20/17Method, device and system for selecting a security algorithm
07/20/17Method and device for controlling silicon optical cross connection
07/20/17Terminal configuration service method, device, and system for internet of things
07/20/17Method and device for configuring and sending uplink control channel, base station and user equipment
07/20/17Method and device for sending/receiving data transmisison block
07/20/17Method for reconstructing and recovering cluster communication system based on lte and user terminal
07/13/17Method and device for facilitating operation of terminal
07/13/17Method, apparatus and system for detecting random access signal
07/13/17Video data providing method, video playback method, device, and system
07/13/17User prompting method, electronic device and computer storage medium
07/13/17Multimode set top box and mode management method therefor, and computer storage medium
07/13/17Method and device for controlling network connection
07/13/17Interference mitigation during simultaneous operation of multiple radios in a wireless device
07/13/17Optimizing processing d2d service
07/13/17Mobile communication terminal and signal transmission mobile communication terminal
07/06/17Element deleting method and apparatus based on touch screen
07/06/17View display processing method, apparatus, and projection device
07/06/17Method, system, and computer storage medium for voice control of a split-screen terminal
Social Network Patent Pack
07/06/17Player interaction method and apparatus, and storage medium
07/06/17Electronic card application method and apparatus
07/06/17Clock synchronization method and apparatus
07/06/17Service configuration data processing method and apparatus
07/06/17Isis-based routing calculation
07/06/17Information sending method, information receiving method, apparatus and system
07/06/17D2d service authorizing and home near field communication server
06/29/17Vehicular application control mobile terminal, and terminal
06/29/17Method and processing upstream data anomaly
06/29/17Method and device for detecting video conference hotspot scenario
06/29/17Sign-in , sign-in server, and storage medium
06/29/17Method, device, and system for dynamically binding a smart card
06/22/17Techniques for receiving dft spreading modulation signals
06/22/17Mbms error processing method, communication node, communication system, and storage medium
06/22/17Method, equipment, system and computer storage medium for implementing number portability announcement
06/22/17Method and network side network element for improving downlink transmit power and storage medium
06/15/17Optical transceiver module structure, passive optical network system and optical transmission system
06/15/17Data sending method and apparatus
06/15/17Training assisted joint equalization
06/15/17Modulation processing high-order coding, base station, and terminal
Social Network Patent Pack
06/15/17Cloud contact centre and cloudization contact centre
06/15/17Method for acquiring identifier of terminal in network, management network element and storage medium
06/15/17Positioning method, device, positioning center, terminal and computer storage medium
06/15/17Intelligent guiding method and system based on m2m system
06/15/17A resource allocation method, apparatus, system and computer storage medium
06/08/17Method for dynamically updating interface of application, terminal and system
06/08/17Method and device for achieving remote payment
06/08/17Iterative nonlinear compensation
06/08/17Traffic control method and apparatus
06/08/17Video media playing methods, apparatuses and systems, and computer storage medium
06/08/17File transmission method and apparatus, terminal, wearable device and storage medium
06/08/17Method, device, and system for processing policy control
06/08/17Picture processing method and electronic device
06/08/17Notification message transmission , and computer storage medium
06/08/17Ageing detection
06/08/17Load information transfer method, system, network elements and computer storage medium
06/08/17Method and system for realizing d2d communication synchronization, and base station
06/08/17Customized controlling electric appliance
06/08/17Identity identification method and apparatus and communication terminal
06/01/17Touch screen contact processing , and terminal
06/01/17Mobile terminal interface adjustment method and apparatus, and terminal
06/01/17Method, device and terminal for data processing
06/01/17Service processing method and apparatus and optical line terminal
06/01/17Method and selecting main microphone
06/01/17Data card connection management method, apparatus and system, and data card
06/01/17Housing of electronic product with non-removable battery built therein
06/01/17Information feedback method, transmission method, feedback device and transmission device
05/25/17Method and implementing interference alignment on the basis of codebook design and selection
Social Network Patent Pack
05/25/17Method, apparatus and system for configuring quality of service (qos) parameters
05/25/17Address information publishing method and apparatus
05/25/17Login processing of machine-to-machine/man communication terminal equipment
05/25/17Page push method, device and server, and centralized network management controller
05/25/17Camera auto-focusing optimization method and camera
05/25/17Method, apparatus and system for updating machine type communication device group activation information
05/25/17Unlicensed carrier scheduling method, device and system, and computer storage medium
05/25/17Device-to-device resource configuration information processing method, apparatus and system
05/25/17Method and device for cell reselection for terminal
05/25/17Method for determining transmission time, terminal, base station, system and storage medium
05/25/17Message transmission method and node device based on network selection and time arrangement
05/25/17Data sending in spectrum aggregation
05/25/17Login processing of machine-to-machine/man communication terminal equipment
05/18/17Smart watch and automatic wearing method thereof
05/18/17Data entering method and terminal
05/18/17Audio play
05/18/17Address book based picture matching method and terminal
05/18/17Switch power source and controlling switch power source
05/18/17Feedback information processing method, device and system
05/18/17Internet access traffic sharing method, device and terminal
05/18/17Method and gateway for communication between browser and telecommunication network
05/18/17Optical-electrical receiving and transmitting , and optical-electrical transceiving method and apparatus and optical-electrical transceiver
05/18/17Device-to-device broadcast communication method and user equipment
05/18/17Method and implementing virtual communication card
05/18/17Load control notification messages
05/18/17Data transmission control user equipment
05/18/17Resource preemption method, station and computer storage medium
05/18/17Liquid-cooling heat dissipation server
05/11/17Terminal control

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