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Zte Corporation Zte Plaza
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Zte Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Zte Corporation. Zte Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Zte Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Zte Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Virtual desktop processing , and virtual desktop server
03/23/17 new patent  Attraction device and connector
03/23/17 new patent  Channel information feedback method and pilot and beam transmission method, system and device
03/23/17 new patent  Information feedback method, terminal, base station, communication system and storage medium
03/23/17 new patent  Interference cancellation using non-linear filtering
03/23/17 new patent  Attribute operating method and apparatus
03/23/17 new patent  Automatic data link switching terminal, and terminal
03/16/17Full duplex operation in a wireless network
03/16/17Information push management
03/16/17Mobile network-based tenant network service implementation method, system, and network element
03/16/17Method and device for monitoring device-to-device communication and computer storage medium
03/16/17Information interaction method, system and base station
03/16/17Channel detection method, terminal and system
03/16/17Competition-based resource selection , and computer storage medium
03/16/17Communication data sending , and user equipment
03/09/17Method and device for updating multimedia broadcast multicast control channel information
03/09/17Method and device for processing gr of openflow switch, and openflow controller
03/09/17Method and system for triggering terminal group
03/09/17Selection and reselection parameter determination method, base station, terminal, system and storage medium
03/09/17Nas connection establishment method, system and radio access network node
03/02/17Multiband microline antenna
03/02/17Page push method, device, server and system
02/23/17Method and realizing human-machine interaction
02/23/17Method and device for running version file
02/23/17Registration method, device and system for third-party payment platform
02/23/17Resource creation method and apparatus
02/23/17Methods and devices for coding or decoding image
02/23/17Methods and devices for processing messages of iptv
02/23/17Method and adjusting wavelength for optical line terminal or optical network unit
02/23/17Resource notification method and system, local cse, remote cse and storage medium
02/23/17Method and determining a flexible subframe type in a lte-tdd system
02/23/17Channel access method and system, stations and computer readable storage medium
02/23/17Controlling transmissions from multiple user devices via a request-clear technique
02/23/17Local forwarding user plane data, and local gateway
02/23/17Thermal control enclosure
02/16/17Radio frequency test socket and radio frequency test cable
02/16/17Method and device for detecting current of inductor of pfc circuit
02/16/17Voice recognition method, device, and system, and computer storage medium
02/16/17Sdn application integration, management and control method, system and device
02/16/17Resource notification method, device and system
02/16/17Method and system for controlling access of csg in dual-connection architecture
02/16/17Cell swapping for radio resource management (rrm) further enhanced non ca-based icic for lte method and apparatus
02/16/17Acquisition data in wireless body area network and central device
02/16/17Methods and apparatuses for notifying or updating prose temporary identifier
02/09/17Terminal and ranging using terminal
02/09/17Multi-path transmission method and system, data transmitting device, and data receiving device
02/09/17Method, device and system for preventing network node aging
02/09/17Method and system for updating closed subscriber group identity state, and evolved node b
02/09/17Method and system for secure transmission of small data of mtc device group
02/09/17Spectrum management method, device and system, and computer storage medium
02/09/17Data transmission method and apparatus
02/09/17Method and device for controlling energy saving and compensation
02/09/17Method and sending device-to-device synchronization signal, and user equipment
02/09/17Dual layer shielding cover and terminal
02/02/17Mobile terminal and processing loadable content
02/02/17Bus planning method using mobile communication data mining
02/02/17Amplifier system and device
02/02/17Method and processing information
02/02/17Beam identification method, related device and system in mimo beamforming communication system
02/02/17Photonic vector signal generation without precoding
02/02/17Method, device and system for processing failure of network service node
02/02/17Implementation for vlan to access vf network, and fcf
02/02/17Service chain routing method and system, and equipment in system
02/02/17Method for processing nat64 prefix, network equipment and dhcpv6 server
02/02/17Method and device for switching state of terminal
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02/02/17Method and device for configuration processing of binding link and for configuring binding link
02/02/17Method and channel state information measurement
02/02/17Method and device for processing to share network resources, and method, device and system for sharing network resources
02/02/17Ultra-large bandwidth data transmission method, device and computer storage medium
01/26/17Method for mixedly indicating uplink and downlink beams, base station, terminal and system
01/26/17Cancellation pulse generator scheduling method and system
01/26/17Method and controller for network charging
01/26/17Method and device for compressing local feature descriptor, and storage medium
01/26/17Air interface synchronization method and system
01/26/17Method for processing message, network element of bearer network, m2m node, system and storage mediums
01/26/17Board mounting device
01/19/17Multi-element code modulation mapping method, device and computer storage medium
01/19/17Method and device for processing service function chaining
01/19/17Method and device for processing data message
01/19/17Method, device and system for processing ipv6 network parameter, and aaa server
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01/19/17Method and device for anchoring media in voice call continuity service
01/19/17Method and device for processing parallel transmission, and computer storage medium
01/19/17Methods and devices for sending or receiving routing information, and system for processing routing information
01/19/17Registering, deregistering and standby processing methods and systems for terminal peripheral
01/19/17Method, device and system for detecting random access signal in interference environment
01/12/17Method for constructing optical splitter and management terminal
01/12/17Antenna unit and terminal
01/12/17Data transmission method, apparatus and system, and computer storage medium
01/12/17Multicast message forwarding
01/12/17Method and device for controlling output arbitration
01/12/17Method and device for coding poc, for decoding poc, and electronic equipment
01/12/17Method and device for coding image, and for decoding image
01/12/17Network locking or card locking for a mobile terminal, terminal, sim card, storage media
01/12/17Terminal capability control method, terminal, enb and computer storage medium
01/12/17Method for selecting shunt gateway and controller
01/12/17Pucch resource allocation method, network side device and communications system
01/12/17Carrier swapping for lte-u (lte-unlicensed spectrum) method and apparatus
01/12/17State switching for small cell base station and computer stroage medium
01/05/17System resource balance adjustment
01/05/17Visual search method, system and mobile terminal
01/05/17Voice activity detection method and method used for voice activity detection and apparatus thereof
01/05/17Method and device for detecting rogue behavior
01/05/17Service chain management method, system and device
01/05/17Load balancing method and system
01/05/17Method and device for coding image and for decoding image
01/05/17Optical burst transport network, node, transmission method and computer storage medium
01/05/17Method and device for configuring cognitive radio system spectrum resources
01/05/17Imbalanced area pilot frequency transmission power enhancement method and base station
01/05/17Configuration method, node and system for implementing air interface synchronization
01/05/17Method and system for determining delay difference, base station and user equipment
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01/05/17Method and system for sending radio frame
01/05/17Mobile terminal heat dissipation mechanism and terminal having same
12/29/16Method and device for system application installation package, and terminal
12/29/16Resource management for terminal system
12/29/16Terminal stand and wireless charging device
12/29/16Method for eliminating nonlinear effects, transmitter and receiver
12/29/16Method and adding token in traffic shaping
12/29/16Method and system for processing rsvp-te signaling
12/29/16Method and device for processing ipv6 address, and dhcpv6 relay equipment
12/29/16Mobile terminal talk mode switching method, device and storage medium
Patent Packs
12/29/16Method and device for processing information
12/22/16Interface call system and method
12/22/16Downlink beam determining method, device and system, and computer storage medium
12/22/16Method and device for calling in mute mode
12/22/16Data package shunting transmission method and system, and computer stoarge medium
12/22/16Method and device for realizing data transmission
12/22/16Method and device for mode switching
12/22/16Method and processing service of wireless communications
12/15/16Method and device for responding to request, and distributed file system
12/15/16Method and frame loss concealment in transform domain
12/15/16Dynamic bandwidth scheduling , and computer storage medium
12/15/16System for retrieving external identifier of terminal
12/15/16Enabling different device triggering aspects in a machine to machine communication system
12/15/16Signal processing
12/08/16Optical coupling device and optical coupling unit
12/08/16Operation processing
12/08/16Method, system and indicating and receiving uplink beam index
12/08/16Methods and devices for determining or acquiring radio resources
12/08/16Method and system for sending transmission acknowledgement information
12/08/16Techniques for mapping machine to machine communication to different underlying networks
12/08/16Method and device for collating card holder of cellphone
12/08/16Extending connectivity in a machine to machine communication system
12/08/16Method, apparatus and system for sending device discovery signal
12/01/16Application program management method, device, terminal, and computer storage medium
12/01/16Split-screen processing , and computer storage medium
12/01/16Call forwarding
12/01/16Method for multi-picture control in video conference, related device, and storage medium
12/01/16Remote projection method, apparatus and system
12/01/16Method, terminal and server for processing information, and communication method and system
12/01/16Methods and devices for transmitting or receiving device-to-device (d2d) broadcast information, and transmission system
Patent Packs
12/01/16Method, base station, terminal and system for system information transmission
11/24/16Multi-screen combined display method and an apparatus, and computer storage medium
11/24/16Dynamic path linking method, device and mobile terminal
11/24/16Method and device for processing channel state information, user equipment and evolved node b
11/24/16Method and device for channel switching, optical network unit, and time wavelength division multiplexing system
11/24/16Method and device for redirecting between fdd and tdd of lte system
11/24/16Interference processing method, device, network control unit and terminal
11/24/16Load balancing method, device, system and computer storage medium
11/24/16Method and device for processing openflow-based group table, and group table configuration unit
11/24/16Network locking wireless terminal
11/24/16Method and device for controlling transmitting power
11/24/16Method and adjacent node registration, and cross-node registration
11/24/16D2d discovery and communication method, resource allocation method, and control node
11/24/16Information transmission and acquisition method, access method, node, system and medium
11/24/16Method and terminal to optimize network resource, and storage medium
11/17/16Route planning for navigation system and storage medium
11/17/16Display control a touchscreen interface
11/17/16Suspended input method, apparatus, and computer storage medium
11/17/16Charging method, alternating current adaptor, charging management device and terminal
11/17/16Coordinated beamforming method and apparatus based on partial interference alignment
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/16Method, system, terminal and base station for transmitting hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgement (harq-ack) feedback information
11/17/16Overhead information transmission method, base station, terminal and system
11/17/16Method and transmitting and receiving system information
11/17/16Resource management and computer storage medium
11/17/16Method for training time slot synchronization of nodes in optical burst transport network, node device and network
11/17/16Method and system for evaluating user perception
11/17/16Method and device for call playback in ringing state
11/17/16Image presentation method, terminal device and computer storage medium
11/17/16Method and device for binding information
11/17/16Method and device for reporting power headroom report
11/17/16Method, cell and system for implementing air interface synchronization
11/17/16Acquisition method, beam sending method, communication node, system and storage medium
11/17/16Method, system and terminal for realizing network access via wifi
11/10/16Data processing multiple operating systems and terminal equipment
11/10/16Method, device and system for isolating services, dpu and network adapter
11/10/16Method and base station for coordinated beamforming
11/10/16Method, device and computer storage medium for air interface synchronization signaling processing
11/10/16Dimming method, dimming device and computer storage medium
11/10/16Light dimming for alleviating inter-frame flicker
11/10/16Qam vector signal generation by external modulator
Social Network Patent Pack
11/10/16Rate dematching method, apparatus and receiving-side device
11/10/16Method and device for response information transmission, terminal, base station and storage medium
11/10/16Call control method and terminal
11/10/16Method device for image compression, having enhanced matching of fixed-width variable-length pixel samples strings
11/10/16Data transmission method and system
11/10/16Method and implementing self recovery of base station device
11/10/16Method and system for controlling signalling transmission in power-saving mode
11/10/16Method and device for allocating resource block, and storage medium
11/10/16Non-contention random access method, node, system, and computer storage medium
11/10/16Methods and devices for sending or receiving wireless parameter
11/03/16Method and device for amplifying selected region of previewing interface
11/03/16Method and device for making differential upgrade package, and for system differential upgrading
11/03/16Welding tray
11/03/16Channel information feedback method, base station and terminal
11/03/16Device, terminal, method and storage medium for improving radio frequency link receiving and transmitting performance
11/03/16Method and allocating resource to lte cell, and base station and storage medium
11/03/16Power supply protection poe
11/03/16Method and invoking content of contact list
11/03/16Photographing processing method, device and computer storage medium
11/03/16Video conference method, terminal, and system
11/03/16Bitstream generation and processing methods and devices and system
11/03/16Driving apparatus, heat dissipating speaker vibrating diaphragm coil, and mobile terminal
11/03/16Method and device for sending indication information, and user equipment
11/03/16Method and device for moving ue
11/03/16Power saving multimode terminal
11/03/16Mobile hotspot ufi device and start-up method
11/03/16Method for power processing and terminal
11/03/16Method and device for coordinating interference in lte system
11/03/16Method for conducting interaction on information in environment of small evolved node b, evolved node b, and mobility management entity
11/03/16Pcb processing method and pcb
Social Network Patent Pack
11/03/16Subrack and terminal
10/27/16Mounting device
10/27/16In-band pseudolite wireless positioning method, system and device
10/27/16Method and manufacturing file system update package, updating file system update package, and terminal
10/27/16Charging adapter and mobile terminal
10/27/16Turbo product coded modulation
10/27/16Method for measuring transmission delay of optical transport network device and source otn device
10/27/16Method and device for calculating a network path
10/27/16M2m-based information processing method and m2m service platform
10/27/16Method and device for reducing number of access times of multimode terminal
10/27/16Method and device for signaling interaction between nodes, uplink power control, and uplink transmission
10/20/16Object switching , and touchscreen terminal
10/20/16Pre-coding system and method based on interference alignment
10/20/16Obtn time slot length adjustment method, device and node
10/20/16Downlink resource indication method, apparatus and system for multiple-point-coordination network in lte system
10/20/16Inter-base station communication
10/20/16Method and implementing redundancy protection
10/20/16Method and device for switching scene mode, and mobile terminal
10/20/16Accessibility management for m2m terminal/terminal peripheral
10/20/16Method, system and connection device for implementing local gateway service
10/13/16Method and device for processing wireless body area network data
10/13/16Thermal control system for closed electronic platform
10/13/16Method for updating application program, and terminal
10/13/16Processing method, device and system for data of distributed storage system
10/13/16Method and device for processing hidden file folder, and terminal
10/13/16Method and device for correction restoration and analysis alarming of distorted image
10/13/16Device control method, server, system and computer storage medium
10/13/16Method and device for controlling start of switching rectifier, and storage medium
10/13/16Mimo visible light communication system receiving device

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