Inventors on Acer Incorporated patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Acer Incorporated for 2018.
Note: Some Acer Incorporated-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Chao-di Shen

Chao-kuang Yang

Cheng-mao Chang

Cheng-tsung Wu

Cheng-wen Hsieh

Cheng-yu Cheng

Chia-bo Chen

Chia-hsun Lee

Chia-lun Chang

Chia-mei Chen

Chia-yu Sun

Chien-chung Chen

Chien-min Lee

Chien-yu Lee

Chien-yuan Chen

Chien-yun Hsu

Chih-chiang Chen

Chih-chun Liu

Chih-hsueh Huang

Chih-kai Tu

Chi-hung Lai

Ching-chi Lin

Ching-ho Tsai

Ching-piao Kuan

Ching-ping Chen

Ching-wen Cheng

Chiung-ying Huang

Chueh-pin Ko

Chun-chi Ho

Chun-chia Chen

Chun-chih Kuo

Chun-chuan Lin

Chung-wen Yang

Chun-yuan Chiu

Fang-ying Huang

Feng- Ming Liu

Feng-ming Liu

Gu-hsin Lai

Hsuan-jui Chang

Hsu-hsiang Tseng

Huang-kai Chen

Hung-chen Chen

Hung-chi Chen

Jau-han Ke

Jian-siang Wang

Jian-wei Lee

Jia-ren Chang

Jia-yu Lin

Jin-ting Kuo

Jui-chieh Hsiang

Jung-mao Lin

Kai-lin Chang

Kai-meng Tzeng

Kin-lu Wong

Kuang-hua Lin

Kuei-ting Tai

Kun-sheng Chang

Ling-fan Tsao

Meng-chieh Tsai

Ming-cheng Wu

Ming-chun Fang

Ming-chun Yu

Ming-dao Chuang

Ming-kung Sun

Ming-yen Wu

Pao-min Huang

Po-jen Tu

Po-yi Lee

Shao-chi Chuang

Shih-hao Lin

Shih-ting Huang

Shih-wei Wang

Shu-chun Liao

Siang-sheng Jheng

Tai Ju

Tsung-han Yang

Tsung-hsun Wu

Tung-lin Tsai

Tzu-ching Chang

Wei-chen Lai

Wei-chen Pao

Wen-cheng Hsu

Wen-chieh Chen

Wen-neng Liao

Wen-ping Chang

Wu-chen Lee

Yan-lin Kuo

Yao-kai Chuang

Yen-ching Huang

Yi-hsuan Yang

Yi-jung Chiu

Yi-ta Huang

Yu-cheng Huang

Yu-chin Huang

Yu-chuan Cheng

Yu-ming Lin

Yung-chih Wang

Yu-shih Wang

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