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Aesculap Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Aesculap Ag. Aesculap Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Aesculap Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Aesculap Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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Artificial joint implant and hip joint endoprosthesis

The invention relates to an artificial joint implant, having a first implant part, a second implant part, and at least one fixing element for fixing the first and the second implant part to each other in an at least one of non-positive- and positive-locking manner in a connecting position, wherein the at least one fixing element and the first implant part are moveably coupled to each other in a non-detachable manner, in such a way that the at least one fixing element is detachable from the first implant part only by destroying the at least one fixing element or the first implant part.. . ... Aesculap Ag

Medical circulation detent device, medical instrument and medical sterilization container

The invention relates to a medical circulation detent device, comprising at least one circulation body and a latching element. The at least one circulation body comprising a restricted guide and at least one latching receptacle for the latching element. ... Aesculap Ag

Medical instrument and medical instrumentarium

The invention relates to a medical instrument for temporarily coupling to at least two instruments, comprising a first coupling device for temporarily coupling to a first shank- or sleeve-shaped instrument and a second coupling device for coupling to a second shank- or sleeve-shaped instrument, wherein the first coupling device and the second coupling device are arranged or formed so as to be pivotable relative to each other, which medical instrument comprises a main body on which the first coupling device is guided and held so as to be pivotable about a point of rotation that in particular is spatially remote from the main body, which medical instrument comprises a first guide device for guiding a movement of the first coupling device along a circular path, wherein the first guide device is arranged or formed at least partially on the main body.. . ... Aesculap Ag

Bone replacement materials, method for producing a bone replacement material and medical kits for the treatment of bone defects

A bone replacement material having reinforcing elements and a modelable mass which is curable on contact with water or an aqueous liquid as well as a process for producing a bone replacement material, to a further bone replacement material and to medical kits for treatment of bone defects.. . ... Aesculap Ag

Device for counting sterilization cycles

A device for counting sterilization cycles during the sterilization of medical instruments and devices includes a counter for recording and reproducing a number of sterilization cycles, an actuation unit for sterilization parameter-dependent actuation of the counter, and a locking unit for sterilization parameter-dependent locking the counter. The actuation unit actuates the counter upon exceeding a first threshold sterilization parameter. ... Aesculap Ag

Surgical marker element, surgical referencing unit, and surgical navigation system

The invention relates to a marker element, in particular a medical or surgical marker element, for a referencing unit of a navigation system, which marker element is configured to be reflective to electromagnetic radiation, further comprising a layer comprising a multitude of retroreflective elements. An improved referencing unit and an improved navigation system are also provided.. ... Aesculap Ag

Device and method for simultaneously identifying a plurality of surgical instruments

A device for simultaneously identifying a plurality of surgical instruments or instrument groups includes a first detecting device having a first detection technology for detecting instruments and, if applicable, related instrument-specific information. The device also includes a second detecting device having a second different detection technology for detecting instruments and instrument information. ... Aesculap Ag

Surgical tissue fusion instrument and support structure for same

Surgical tissue fusion instrument and support structure having two gripping structures which are movable relative to each other and which are designed to bring together biological tissue sections that are to be connected to each other, with heat-generating means which are assigned to the gripping structures and, during tissue fusion, cause heat to be introduced in the area of a connection site of the biological tissue sections, and also with a support structure which is held between the gripping structures and, during tissue fusion, is operatively connected to the tissue sections. The support structure has at least one additional physical functional structure for aiding or promoting the tissue fusion.. ... Aesculap Ag

Tool fitting attachment for a surgical drill with additional manual drive unit, and surgical drill

A tool fitting attachment for a surgical drill can include a drive-side coupling for mounting on a drive unit which provides a torque via a motor, and an output-side coupling for receiving a tool. A drive unit is integrated between the two couplings and can be manually operated. ... Aesculap Ag

Space-saving ratchet unit with freewheel

A medical device, and a ratchet for a medical device, include a torque-guiding element and a torque discharging element, between which a switchable toothed unit is arranged so that, in accordance with a switching position of the toothed unit, torque from the torque-guiding element is transferred to the torque discharging element, said toothed unit includes two torque transfer sleeves arranged in a nested manner and which are arranged and produced such that both can be brought into torque-transmitting contact with an intermediate sleeve.. . ... Aesculap Ag

Coating for applicators in electrosurgery

A method of applying at least one coating of at least one electrically insulating polymer to an applicator for currents, especially hf currents in surgery, the coating is produced by electrophoretic deposition from a suspension of the polymer in at least one organic solvent, wherein the applicators thus coated are especially clamps, pairs of tweezers or pairs of scissors which are used in the bipolar application technique of hf surgery. Polymers used are especially thermoplastic polymers, such as thermoplastic fluoropolymers, and more particularly polychlorotrifluoroethylene (pctfe) or ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ectfe).. ... Aesculap Ag

Laparoscopic radiofrequency surgical device

Embodiments of the disclosed technology relate to a bipolar electrosurgical device for a laparoscopic environment, as well as methods for the use of such a device. Embodiments of the device may include a set of opposing jaws comprising at least one bipolar electrode pair disposed thereon, the set of jaws configured to deliver radiofrequency energy to a target tissue. ... Aesculap Ag

Surgical grip with an internal and spring-biased rotation securing unit

A surgical grip for receiving a handpiece shaft for conjoint rotation therewith and/or for receiving a medical tool in such a way as to transmit torque, includes a carrier sleeve on which at least one coupling component provided for coupling the handpiece shaft is attached such that the at least one coupling component can be brought to a coupled position and to an uncoupled position in the operating state, wherein the at least one coupling component can be brought into contact with an activation unit which is arranged between the carrier sleeve and an outer actuation sleeve, wherein a rotation securing unit present inside the actuation sleeve acts on the activation unit in a spring-biased manner in the operating state such that the activation unit is held secure against rotation relative to the carrier sleeve.. . ... Aesculap Ag

Tft coagulation safeguard

A medical instrument includes an endoscope shaft and an electrode cap with a pin axially movable in the endoscope shaft. A first electrode is held by a first electrode carrier at a distal end piece of the endoscope shaft, and a second electrode is held by a second electrode carrier at the electrode cap. ... Aesculap Ag

06/28/18 / #20180177560

Sterile container, comprising a plurality of centrally operated locking elements

A sterile container includes a plurality of locking elements that can be operated via at least one operating strip by at least one common operating lever. This allows an active discharge of condensate and controlled pressure compensation in a reliable manner and offers more safety when storing and transporting the sterile container.. ... Aesculap Ag

06/07/18 / #20180153639

Surgical container contents detection system

A surgical or medical container content detection system includes a container content sensor device for arrangement in a sterilization container. The container content sensor device includes a carrier and at least one sensor arranged or formed on the carrier for detecting at least one identification element which is arranged or formed on an object stored in the sterilization container for the identification thereof. ... Aesculap Ag

06/07/18 / #20180153613

Electrosurgical coagulation instrument

An electrosurgical instrument for the electrocoagulation of tissue includes a jaw part which has two instrument branches. At least one instrument branch is movable in relation to the other instrument branch such that the jaw part can be brought into an open position or into a closed position. ... Aesculap Ag

03/01/18 / #20180055546

Medical instrumentation and method

The invention relates to a medical instrumentation with a navigation system which comprises an optical detection unit comprising a camera, and a data processing unit coupled to the detection unit, with a medical article and with a marking device which is held directly or indirectly on the article and is positioned in a defined spatial arrangement in relation thereto, or which marking device is comprised by or formed by the article, the location and orientation of the marking device being determinable with the navigation system, it being possible for at least one image of the marking device and the article to be taken by means of the detection unit and for the position and shape of the article to be determined by the data processing unit on the basis of an image. The invention also relates to a method for determining the shape of a medical article.. ... Aesculap Ag

02/08/18 / #20180036063

Anastomosis device with collapsible distal head element

A surgical instrument for bonding body tissue includes an instrument shank or shaft, a first tool element, a second tool element axially movable relative to the first tool element, and an annular sleeve-like cutting element. The second tool element includes a plurality of tool element members that are radially deflectable. ... Aesculap Ag

01/18/18 / #20180014938

Joint implant part, joint endoprosthesis and method for producing a joint implant part and a joint endoprosthesis

The invention relates to a joint implant part of a joint endoprosthesis. The joint implant part comprises at least one first volume region, at least one second volume region and at least one third volume region. ... Aesculap Ag

01/11/18 / #20180008289

Surgical motor

A coil former for an electric motor, in particular a high-speed surgical motor, in which a rotor is surrounded concentrically by the substantially hollow-cylindrical coil former, carries at least one stator winding. To ensure that as narrow an air gap as possible is permanently maintained between the coil former, which is preferably produced using an injection-molding method often with complex shaping, and a rotor, which runs in the coil former, the coil former is formed either by a non-conductive fully ceramic body, or is in the form of a composite body in which at least one dimension-stabilizing frame element is embedded by injection-molding with plastic in a plastic body which is preferably produced by injection molding.. ... Aesculap Ag

01/04/18 / #20180000536

Surgical instrument having point contacts in coupling area

A surgical instrument includes a female branch defining in a coupling area a hollow volume including inwardly facing inner coupling surfaces and including a male branch which can be pivoted relative to the female branch at least partly inside the hollow volume about a pivot axis, the male branch defining in the coupling area a guide portion having outwardly facing outer coupling surfaces in which outer coupling recesses are arranged, wherein on the inner coupling surfaces, inner coupling recesses are arranged which extend relative to a longitudinal axis of the surgical instrument in a direction other than that of the outer coupling recesses.. . ... Aesculap Ag

12/28/17 / #20170367721

Microsurgical holding and/or cutting instrument

A surgical instrument includes a first lever element and a second lever element interconnected by a lever element hinge. Each lever element includes a grip portion and a jaw portion. ... Aesculap Ag

12/28/17 / #20170367688

Jaw for a surgical tubular shaft instrument

A jaw assembly for a surgical tubular shaft instrument includes a supporting component, a first arm and a second arm, the first arm and/or the second arm each having one link element. The arms are held by the supporting component in the axial direction. ... Aesculap Ag

12/21/17 / #20170360976

Closure element for a medical sterile container, and sterile container with such a closure element

A closure for a medical sterile container having a trough-like first container part and a lid-type second container part includes a closure flap which can be arranged on one of the container parts so as to be able to pivot between a closed position, in which the container parts are interlocked with each other by the closure, and an open position in which the container parts are unlocked. The closure includes a latch element which in the closed position of the closure interlocks the closure flap with the other container part.. ... Aesculap Ag

12/21/17 / #20170360515

Medical instrumentation

The invention relates to a medical instrumentation, comprising a hand-held, integrated, medical navigation system which comprises an optical detection unit having a camera, a data processing unit and an optical display unit, the data processing unit being coupled to the detection unit and the display unit, it being possible for location and/or orientation data of a medical marking device which is detectable with the detection unit to be processed by the data processing unit and information relating thereto to be represented on the display unit, the instrumentation comprising an illumination unit with which light is emittable in the direction of the marking device detectable with the detection unit.. . ... Aesculap Ag

12/21/17 / #20170360500

Electrosurgical instrument having an arcuate electrode section

An electrosurgical instrument includes mutually movable instrument legs each comprising one or more electrode faces between which tissue can be clamped and treated in electrothermal manner. The movement of the instrument legs relative to each other can be delimited by at least two spacers which are spaced from each other in the longitudinal direction of the instrument legs and act on the instrument legs. ... Aesculap Ag

11/30/17 / #20170340367

Medical instrumentation and method

The invention relates to a medical instrumentation with a navigation system which comprises an optical detection unit comprising a camera, and a data processing unit coupled to the detection unit, with a stabilization element of a surgical fixation system and with a medical marking device which is held in a defined spatial arrangement on or is comprised by or formed by the stabilization element, the location and orientation of the marking device in space being determinable with the navigation system, it being possible for at least two images of the stabilization element and the marking device to be taken from a different orientation by means of the detection unit and for the shape of the stabilization element to be determined by the data processing unit on the basis of the two or more images. The invention also relates to a method for determining the shape of a surgical stabilization element.. ... Aesculap Ag

11/23/17 / #20170333115

Bipolar surgical instrument comprising a reusable handle and a single-use tool

A surgical instrument includes a hand piece having a fixed branch and a displaceable branch for actuating a first tool and/or second tool, a guide device in which a force transmission device is arranged to be displaceable longitudinally and/or rotationally, the force transmission device coupled, on the proximal side, to the fixed branch and/or displaceable branch and coupled, on the distal side, to the first tool and/or second tool, and a connection device on which the guide device can be coupled to the hand piece in an insertable and detachable manner by a coupling simultaneously providing a holding force for holding the guide device in the connection device, a bipolar electrical contact on the distal side of the hand piece for parts of the instrument requiring energy, and degrees of freedom for longitudinal and/or rotational movement of the guide device and/or force transmission device.. . ... Aesculap Ag

11/23/17 / #20170333110

Method and device for controlling a treatment process

A method and device for controlling a treatment procedure includes a treatment tool, an energy source, and a controller. The controller controls the energy source such that in a first treatment phase, power fed into the material to be treated is controlled with an increasing course. ... Aesculap Ag

10/26/17 / #20170303929

Surgical clip device

A surgical clip device is provided for closing vessels, for example in neurosurgery. The surgical clip device is provided with at least two electrically conductive clip parts that are electrically isolated from each other and are arranged at a predetermined distance opposite each other. ... Aesculap Ag

09/14/17 / #20170258599

Knee joint prosthesis and related method

The present invention provides a uni-compartmental knee joint prosthesis (1) which includes a tibial component (2) and a femoral component (3). The tibial component (2) has a fixation portion (10) adapted to be fixed to an upper end of a prepared tibia (t) in a patient, and a bearing portion (30) presenting an articulation surface (32) formed from a ceramic material, wherein the bearing portion (30) is adapted for movement relative to the fixation portion (10). ... Aesculap Ag

08/31/17 / #20170245844

Control for reliable assembly and disassembly of two functional units of a multi-part medical device

A medical device includes two device units having two functional units that can be coupled to each other to actuate the second functional unit via the first functional unit. The first functional unit has a mechanical coupling segment which can be brought into a coupling position to couple with the second functional unit. ... Aesculap Ag

08/03/17 / #20170215859

Surgical retractor

The invention relates to a surgical retractor, particularly for the retraction of a separated sternum, with a holding device and two spreader arms, wherein the spreader arms are mounted with one end on the holding device, at a distance from each other that is adjustable in a spreading plane, and at least two retaining elements for retention of bone material, for example of the separated sternum, are arranged on each of the spreader arms. To develop this retractor for sternotomy in such a way as to permit gentler opening of the separated sternum, it is proposed that at least one of the retaining elements is mounted such that its position can be modified in the retraction direction with respect to that end of the spreader arm mounted on the holding device.. ... Aesculap Ag

07/27/17 / #20170209222

Medical fastening device and referencing device and medical instrumentation

A medical fastening device for noninvasively fastening a medical marking device comprising two or more marking elements to a body part of a patient is provided. The fastening device has a support body which extends over a surface in two directions of extent aligned at an angle to each other and is adaptable in its shape to the contour of the body part, to which the marking device is fixed or fixable. ... Aesculap Ag

07/20/17 / #20170202634

Medical referencing device, medical navigation system and method

A medical referencing device for a medical navigation system is provided, with which a movement of a body part, with the referencing device attached thereto, is trackable in space. The referencing device has a fastening device for fastening the referencing device to the body part and a referencing body which extends over a surface and is elastically stretchable in at least one direction. ... Aesculap Ag

06/22/17 / #20170172627

Polyaxial pedicle screw having provisional fastening means

A polyaxial pedicle screw includes a screwed shaft section for anchoring the pedicle screw in a vertebra, on one axial end of which a shaft head is configured which is coupled in a rotating and/or pivoting manner as well as in a tensile-force transmitting manner to a receiving sleeve for a longitudinal support. The receiving sleeve has a fastening means for selective positional fastening of the receiving sleeve with respect to the shaft section, the fastening means at least consisting of an inlay/pin mounted in the receiving sleeve and acting on the shaft head, and a locking element acting on the inlay/pin. ... Aesculap Ag

06/01/17 / #20170151006

Medical cutting instrument

The invention relates to a medical instrument for severing connecting rods, in particular, of implanted spinal column stabilization systems, which comprises a first cutting element and a second cutting element which are pivotal relative to each other about a pivotal axis, a first handle element and a second handle element which are moveable relative to each other, and a force transmission device which is coupled to the first and the second handle element on the one hand and to the first and the second cutting element on the other for the purposes of transferring an actuating force from the first and second handle element to the first and second cutting element.. . ... Aesculap Ag

05/18/17 / #20170135751

Electrosurgical instrument and jaw part for same

An electrosurgical instrument includes a jaw part with instrument branches which are movable towards each other. One or more electrode surfaces are arranged on mutually facing sides of the branches. ... Aesculap Ag

05/11/17 / #20170128103

Pedicle screw with screw-in aid

A bone screw includes a receiving sleeve having a sleeve wall which forms a seat for a longitudinal support for the surgical connection of adjacent bone screws. The bone screw includes an internal thread. ... Aesculap Ag

03/16/17 / #20170071677

Medical system

The invention relates to a medical system, in particular for implanting a knee joint endoprosthesis, comprises at least one medical referencing unit whose position in space is detectable using a surgical navigation system. The referencing unit comprises at least one surgical marker element that is arranged or formed on a carrier element and is detectable using a detection device of the surgical navigation system. ... Aesculap Ag

03/16/17 / #20170071666

Surgical system for connecting body tissue

A surgical system for connecting body tissue is provided. The surgical system includes a surgical instrument having two tool elements movable relative to each other, each of which comprises a high-frequency electrode. ... Aesculap Ag

03/02/17 / #20170056073

Connection element and spine stabilization system

The present invention relates to a connection element for a spine stabilization system comprises a first end for fixing to a first bone fixation device, a second end for fixing to a second bone fixation device and an intermediate portion arranged or formed between the two ends and defining a longitudinal axis. At least one of the two ends takes the form of a coupling element for fixing the connection element to a bone fixation device in at least one defined orientation relative to the longitudinal axis. ... Aesculap Ag

03/02/17 / #20170056019

Medical shaft-type instrument with different storage position distances due to clamp entraining elements and/or retaining lugs for clamps

A medical shaft-type instrument includes an instrument head for applying clamps, the instrument head connectable via an instrument shaft to an instrument handle for actuating the instrument head. The instrument also includes a clip magazine having a housing, in which magazine a plurality of clamps are bunkered at a predetermined storage position spacing to each other according to the storage principle. ... Aesculap Ag

02/23/17 / #20170049454

Medical shaft-type instrument with a support plate/bridge on the retaining rail

A medical shaft instrument includes an instrument head with at least one jaw member for applying clamps with two jaw member branches. The instrument head is connectable over an instrument shaft having an outer tube with a handle for actuation of the jaw member. ... Aesculap Ag

02/23/17 / #20170049446

Jaw piece with a layered construction, for a surgical instrument

A jaw member for a tubular shafted surgical instrument includes a first branch having a first active region and a second branch having a second active region. The first branch and/or the second branch has a respective link member, and the branches are held in the axial direction. ... Aesculap Ag

02/16/17 / #20170042545

Surgical clip

A surgical clip for a surgical clip applicator includes at least one pair of clip arms. Each clip arm has a distal end and a proximal end. ... Aesculap Ag

02/02/17 / #20170027706

Knee joint endoprosthesis

The invention relates to a knee joint endoprosthesis has a tibia part, a femur part, a meniscus part arranged on the tibia part in mutually non-rotatable manner and a connecting device for connecting the tibia part to the femur part in articulated manner. Said femur part comprises at least one femur condyle having a femur condyle surface. ... Aesculap Ag

01/12/17 / #20170013395

Data communication device and method for data communication

A data communication device includes: a computation unit and data unit which includes a first radio communication module for wireless data exchange with an external radio device or is connected to the first radio communication module, a second radio communication module which communicates wirelessly with the external radio device, and a memory that stores identification data from the first radio communication module. The first radio communication module is operated in a receiving mode in which the first radio communication module is not detectable by the external radio device. ... Aesculap Ag

01/05/17 / #20170001770

Security seal for medical sterile container

A security seal for a medical container includes a seal foot having at least one latch structure movable relative thereto for engaging a mating latch structure formed on the container, and a seal head connected with the seal foot that includes at least one locking tab which is movably connected with the seal head through a hinge element, wherein the security seal includes a bolt element which can be positioned between a release position, in which the latch structure can be moved relative to the seal foot, and a locked position, in which the deformable latch structure is fixed in position relative to the seal foot and/or seal head.. . ... Aesculap Ag

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