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Agco International Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Agco International Gmbh. Agco International Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Agco International Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Agco International Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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System and method for determining wheel load

A system and method for determining the wheel load for a wheel of a first axle, based on the wheel load for a wheel of a second axle, and the wheel speed ratio between the first and second axle. As a result, wheel load can be calculated for axles not easily adapted to receive load sensors, e.g. ... Agco International Gmbh

Vehicle trailer brake system and method

A vehicle trailer brake system and method with a hydraulic control line and supplementary line arranged between a towing vehicle and a towed trailer, wherein the trailer braking system is actuated from the towing vehicle by controlling the hydraulic pressure in the control line and the supplementary line. The trailer brake system may be operated to actuate a trailer brake using a trailer-based hydraulic accumulator, to provide for relatively fast response time for the trailer brake.. ... Agco International Gmbh

Vehicle axle assembly

A vehicle axle assembly includes an axle shaft having a first planar portion extending from the shaft perpendicular to the axis of rotation, and an axle housing partially surrounding and rotatably supporting the axle shaft with a second planar portion extending from the axle housing adjacent and substantially parallel to the first planar portion. Two or more sensor arrangements are provided, each having a first sensor part on the first planar portion and a second sensor part on the second planar portion, with each sensor arrangement being configured to generate a signal indicative of a measured gap between the first and second planar portions. ... Agco International Gmbh

Tyre in tyre systems

A wheel provided with a tyre in tyre installation in which an outer ground engaging tyre is mounted on a rim of the wheel and an inner inflatable member is mounted on the rim inside the outer tyre. The inner surface of the outer tyre and the outer surface of the inner inflatable member are provided with respective electrically conductive members suitably in the form of induction loops. ... Agco International Gmbh

Grain cleaning system in a combine harvester

A grain cleaning system in a combine harvester including a frame, a chaffer sieve, and a lower sieve. A clean grain chute is located under the lower sieve to catch grain falling therefrom and is inclined to direct the caught grain to a clean grain trough. ... Agco International Gmbh

Method and system for determining work trajectories for a fleet of working units in a harvest operation

A method and system for determining path plans to be followed by a fleet of agricultural working units during a harvest operation includes receiving a first set of input parameters related to a crop field and receiving a second set of input parameters related to an available fleet of working units. The fleet of working units includes a harvesting machine and a crop carting unit. ... Agco International Gmbh

Vehicle chassis arrangement

A vehicle chassis arrangement, preferably for use in an agricultural tractor. The chassis has two frame elements and a differential housing, where the ends of the frame elements are connected to the side of the differential housing facing the rear of the vehicle. ... Agco International Gmbh

Tractor fender assembly

A fender assembly for an agricultural tractor including a carrier bracket which supports a wheel fender adjacent to a vehicle wheel. A steering mechanism is provided as part of the fender assembly, such that the wheel fender can be rotated relative to the carrier bracket. ... Agco International Gmbh

A system and method for treating air for a vehicle cab

A method and system for ozone treatment of air for a vehicle cab where the system monitors the level of ozone in treated air, and is arranged to perform further treatment of the treated air if the detected ozone levels exceed a threshold level. Such further treatment may include adjusting the flow rate of air in the system, recirculating the treated air through an air filter to remove ozone from the treated air; providing an ozone-reducing substance to the treated air to lower the level of ozone in the treated air, and/or ejecting at least a portion of the treated air to the environment.. ... Agco International Gmbh

User control system for a vehicle

A user control system for a vehicle, which allows for a user control element to be assigned to control different vehicle functions. In the case of vehicle functions requiring a plurality of control inputs, e.g. ... Agco International Gmbh

Automated system for coupling a harvesting header drivetrain

A header drivetrain coupling system including a harvester driveline mounted to a harvesting vehicle and a header driveshaft mounted to a detachable header. The harvester driveline is supported for rotation at an inboard end on a feederhouse and at an outboard end on a header tilt frame even when the header is detached therefrom. ... Agco International Gmbh

Switching device for an agricultural vehicle

A switching device for use on an agricultural vehicle such as an agricultural tractor. The switching device has first and second switches, wherein the second switch is mounted on or carried by the first switch. ... Agco International Gmbh

Fender assembly for a tractor

A fender assembly for a tractor, as well as a tractor having such a fender assembly. The fender assembly is constructed as first and second fender parts, connected via a rail. ... Agco International Gmbh

Control lever for a vehicle

A vehicle control lever which has a moveable control panel provided on the lever. The control panel has a plurality of operating elements to control different vehicle functions, wherein the configuration of the operating elements can be re-assigned to control different vehicle functions based on the position of the control panel on the control lever.. ... Agco International Gmbh

04/12/18 / #20180098481

Agricultural vehicle having reconfigurable controls

An agricultural tractor having an auxiliary control station located outside of the tractor cab. The auxiliary control station is used for the actuation of tractor components, e.g. ... Agco International Gmbh

03/29/18 / #20180084706

A hitch adaptor for an agricultural vehicle

A hitch adaptor for an agricultural tractor that can be mounted to a tractor rear linkage, for subsequent connection to an implement for mounting to the tractor. The hitch adaptor has two frame elements which are vertically moveable relative to each other, so that a mounted implement can be vertically displaced without movement of the tractor rear linkage, and maintain the vertical alignment of the implement.. ... Agco International Gmbh

03/29/18 / #20180084705

Agricultural implement with on-board hydraulic pump or electrical generator

An agricultural trailed implement includes a chassis with tongue for hitching to a tractor. A housing is integrated into a loadbearing section of the tongue. ... Agco International Gmbh

03/15/18 / #20180072280

Vehicle drive train braking

A drive train arrangement for a tracked or two-wheel drive utility vehicle including a transmission and differential axle. The transmission has on a first side a rotatably driven input adapted to couple to the output of a motive power unit of the vehicle, and on a second side opposed to the first, an output shaft. ... Agco International Gmbh

03/15/18 / #20180070524

A quick hitch assembly

An adjustable width quick hitch assembly for an agricultural vehicle. The quick hitch assembly is provided with spacer elements which can be incorporated into the assembly as required, where the selection and positioning of the spacer elements results in an assembled quick hitch having various hitch widths.. ... Agco International Gmbh

03/08/18 / #20180065470

Vehicle tank

A vehicle tank having an upper surface for mounting a fan and radiator to which is sloped between the fan and radiator mounting parts so that there is a difference in the relative height of the parts. The tank also has a horizontal lower surface that abuts the chassis or frame of a vehicle and the space between the upper and lower surfaces holds a fluid.. ... Agco International Gmbh

02/22/18 / #20180051933

A cooling system

A cooling package for a vehicle, such as an agricultural tractor, having a charge air cooler assembly configured such that airflow is routed through a charge air cooler multiple times in order to cool a compressed charge of air. As the temperature rise experienced by the cooling airflow is relatively minor compared to the initial temperature of the compressed charge of air, the airflow is initially routed through an outlet-side portion of the charge air cooler to cool the compressed charge of air towards the outlet side of the charge air cooler, and subsequently routed through an inlet-side portion of the charge air cooler to cool the compressed charge of air towards the inlet side of the charge air cooler.. ... Agco International Gmbh

02/01/18 / #20180029578

A braking system

A low-pressure vehicle braking system and method of operation that controls the supply of brake fluid based on the pressure differential between left and right master cylinders associated with the different wheel brakes allowing for pressure harmonization between the left and right wheel brake circuits and a brake system module suitable for installation on an existing vehicle.. . ... Agco International Gmbh

02/01/18 / #20180027737

Crop engaging element for a combine harvester separating rotor

A combine harvester with a separating rotor, rotor tube and a plurality of crop engaging finger elements. Each finger element is mounted to a respective finger support which is secured to the rotor tube. ... Agco International Gmbh

01/25/18 / #20180024252

Guidance system with navigation point correction

A system comprises a mobile machine including a first portion and a second portion, a positioning receiver coupled with the first portion of the mobile machine, a sensor for determining a position of the first portion of the mobile machine relative to the second portion of the mobile machine, and one or more computing devices. The one or more computing devices are configured to use information from the positioning receiver to determine a geographic location of the positioning receiver, use information from the sensor to determine a position of the first portion of the mobile machine relative to the second portion of the mobile machine, and adjust a navigation point offset according to the position of the first portion of the mobile machine relative to the second portion of the mobile machine, the navigation point offset being a difference in location between the positioning receiver and a navigation point.. ... Agco International Gmbh

01/18/18 / #20180017089

Hydraulic cylinder for utility vehicle

A distance ring is provided for constraining retraction of a hydraulic cylinder in applications including a steering rod in a vehicle suspension. The distance ring comprises an outer body of a rigid material lined by an inner body of flexible material, with the inner body having an opening of substantially identical dimension to that of the cross-section of the steering rod. ... Agco International Gmbh

01/11/18 / #20180010493

Utility vehicle fluid cooling

A cooling system for a utility vehicle comprises a first fluid circuit including a first fluid such as hydraulic oil and a second fluid circuit including a second fluid such as a coolant or lubricant. A heat exchanger couples the first and second fluid circuits enabling transfer of heat from one of the first and second fluids to the other. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/30/17 / #20170342988

A fan drive assembly

A fan drive assembly for a vehicle, which can provide reverse fan flow. The assembly has a fan, where separate forward and reverse clutches are coupled to the fan. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/30/17 / #20170339834

Method of manufacturing a feed beater for an axial-flow crop processor in a combine harvester

Steps to manufacturing a feed beater for a twin axial-flow crop processor in a combine harvester including cutting a flat state vane element from sheet material and bending along predetermined bend lines before being secured to a rotor core. The vane element includes a transverse vane section parallel to the rotation axis, and a directional vane section having an effective edge that extends at a non-zero angle to the rotation axis.. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/23/17 / #20170336787

Automated agriculture system

A system for performing an agricultural operation on a field, the system including a host vehicle, two or more autonomous agricultural machines configured for performing the said agricultural operation; and a control subsystem for path planning and controlling the movement of each autonomous agricultural machine relative to the host vehicle in the performance of the agricultural operation. The control subsystem is configured to dynamically re-plan the movement of one or more of the autonomous agricultural machines in response to a detected failure of an autonomous agricultural machine as indicated by its position relative to its planned path.. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/23/17 / #20170332554

Crop processing apparatus in a combine harvester

A combine harvester includes a grain pan arranged to catch a crop stream, the grain pan being driven in an oscillating manner to convey the crop stream rearwardly to a rear edge. A cleaning unit includes a fan for generating a cleaning airstream which is directed under the rear edge. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/16/17 / #20170326966

Heat exchanger system

A heat exchanger system for an agricultural vehicle. The heat exchanger system has at least two separate heat exchanger assemblies, where an adjustable baffle is used to vary the airflow between the heat exchanger assemblies, accordingly varying the cooling effect of the assemblies, based on system requirements. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/16/17 / #20170325408

Crop processing apparatus in a combine harvester

A combine harvester including a grain pan arranged to catch a crop stream from threshing or separating apparatus. The grain pan is driven in an oscillating manner to convey the crop stream rearwardly to a rear edge. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/16/17 / #20170325393

Vehicle control system

A tractor control system, which controls an operating condition of an implement attached to the tractor. The control system includes a sensing means providing a force signal which indicates the pull force necessary to pull an implement in a desired position; a control which receives the force signal; and means for measuring at least one parameter associated with the tractor mode and/or the implement mode and the implement position is adjusted to a new position when the force signal varies. ... Agco International Gmbh

11/09/17 / #20170324137

Combine harvester antenna mounting

An antenna mounting apparatus for a combine harvester where the apparatus includes a first grain tank extension panel mounted to a frame so as to be moveable between an open, extended, position and a closed, retracted, position. An antenna-supporting bracket is pivotally mounted to the grain tank extension panel around a first pivot axis. ... Agco International Gmbh

10/12/17 / #20170291650

Determining optimal ballasting

A method and system for selecting and indicating to a user one from a plurality of available ballasting options for an agricultural vehicle when coupled to an agricultural implement. The implement type defines operating ranges of discrete values for first, second and optionally third operational parameters of the vehicle, with the differing combinations defining a values subset. ... Agco International Gmbh

09/07/17 / #20170251604

Compression roll housing

A compression roll housing for an agricultural machine, having a side panel provided with at least one elongated aperture for receiving a shaft of a compression roll and allowing movement of the shaft within the aperture. The housing is provided with a cover plate which rotates about an axis parallel to the shaft and is provided with an indentation to partially surround the shaft. ... Agco International Gmbh

08/31/17 / #20170246921

Tire inflation control arrangement

A tire pressurization arrangement on a vehicle in which the pressurization of the tire is controlled by a vehicle control unit and the vehicle control unit is notified of a desired tire pressure or desired tire volume. An air flow rate in a supply line to the tire is established so that the time to pressurize the tire to the desired tire pressure/volume is calculable, or the time taken to pressurize the tire to an interval pressure/volume is calculable, said interval pressure/volume being between a current tire pressure/volume and the desired pressure/volume, and if the time to pressurize the tire to the desired pressure is exceeded, the control unit gives a warning signal and/or stops deflation or inflation.. ... Agco International Gmbh

08/24/17 / #20170241447

System and method for hydraulic flow control

An agricultural system for hydraulic flow control having an adjustable hydraulic fluid valve arranged between a hydraulic reservoir and a hydraulic consumer, pressure is measured at the reservoir-facing side and at the consumer-facing side of the valve, from which the fluid flow through the valve can be determined. The valve can then be easily controlled to provide a desired fluid flow level, regardless of the type of hydraulic circuit used.. ... Agco International Gmbh

08/24/17 / #20170238456

System and method for hitch control

A control method and system which provides for an automatic quick soil system for an agricultural vehicle. The system monitors the output of a hitch draft sensor to determine if a hitch mounted implement comes into contact with the ground surface, and if so, enables a quick soil engagement module to correctly lower the hitch-mounted implement into the ground.. ... Agco International Gmbh

08/03/17 / #20170215328

Linkage control system on a vehicle

A vehicle having a linkage for attaching an implement including a control system for controlling a draft mode of operation in which the linkage is automatically raised and lowered depending on a draft force detected by the vehicle and a lifting cylinder, and when the vehicle travels at low speeds, or is driven in reverse or is stationary, the control system automatically sets the detected draft force to zero and the draft control mode of operation is maintained.. . ... Agco International Gmbh

08/03/17 / #20170215327

Draft force detection on a vehicle having a linkage

A vehicle control system for controlling the height of a linkage on a vehicle having a continuously variable transmission (cvt) in which the linkage is automatically raised and lowered depending on a draft force detected by the vehicle including an input draft force detected by sensors in the cvt or driveline is inputted into the control system and the system further processes said input draft force to provide an output draft force upon which movement of the linkage is based and the control system processes the input draft force by compensating the input draft force detected during acceleration or deceleration and/or compensating the input draft detected whilst travelling along a slope, and/or equalising the input draft force by applying a ramp function, and/or reducing the input draft force when the linkage is at a predetermined height.. . ... Agco International Gmbh

07/27/17 / #20170210189

Axle suspension system for a tractor

An axle suspension system for a front axle of a tractor using shock absorbers and an air bellows between the front axle and a front frame portion of the tractor to control the height of the front frame portion relative to the front axle. The position of the front frame portion may be maintained at a substantially constant vertical position, providing for improved driver comfort. ... Agco International Gmbh

07/20/17 / #20170204816

Pre-filter system for a vehicle

A pre-filter assembly for a vehicle arranged with an aspiration duct extending between the pre-filter and a fan of the vehicle. A variable valve element is provided as part of the aspiration duct adjacent the fan, such that the aspiration rate through the duct can be controlled by appropriate variation of the valve element, to control the rate of airflow drawn through the aspiration duct by the fan. ... Agco International Gmbh

05/04/17 / #20170120695

Vehicle air supply system

An air supply system on a vehicle having a tire. The system includes a compressor having a supply mode for supplying air to a consumer connected to the compressor. ... Agco International Gmbh

04/27/17 / #20170114912

Valve arrangement

A pilot controlled valve including an air inlet passage, an air outlet passage and a slider. The slider is moveable within a bore between a closed position and an open position in which the connection between the passages is closed and opened respectively. ... Agco International Gmbh

02/09/17 / #20170036652

Steering brake locking system

. . A steering brake locking system for a vehicle, such as an agricultural tractor, has at least first and second adjacent steering brake pedals, and a locking pin arranged to selectively lock the pedals together. The locking pin and at least a portion of the first and second pedals are formed from a conductive material, such that an electrically conductive path is formed between the first and second pedals through the locking pin when the pin is used to lock the pedals together. ... Agco International Gmbh

02/09/17 / #20170036162

Regeneration of an air dryer on a vehicle

An air supply system on a vehicle for inflating and deflating a tire. The system includes a compressor connected to a drier having drying material to extract water from the air and a deflation line connectable between the tire and the dryer. ... Agco International Gmbh

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