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Airbus Safran Launchers Sas patents

Recent patent applications related to Airbus Safran Launchers Sas. Airbus Safran Launchers Sas is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Airbus Safran Launchers Sas may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Airbus Safran Launchers Sas, we're just tracking patents.

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Device for modulating a gas ejection section

A modulation device for modulating a gas ejection section, the device being for placing in a nozzle upstream from the throat of the nozzle, the modulation device including a plug having a downstream end forming a member for partially obstructing the nozzle throat; and a plug guide having an internal housing in which the upstream end of the plug is present. The upstream end of the plug is suitable for sliding in the internal housing of the plug guide between a first position in which the upstream end of the plug is present in an upstream portion of the internal housing, and a second position in which the upstream end is present in a downstream portion of the internal housing. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Ignition method for liquid propellant engine

A method of starting combustion of a space vehicle engine, the method comprising igniting a propellant tank heater (25); once the heater (25) has reached stable conditions, pressurizing a first tank (23) containing the first propellant and a second tank (24) containing a second propellant, and in parallel filling respectively a first igniter tank (13) with the first propellant in gaseous form and a second igniter tank (14) with the second propellant in gaseous form until ignition thresholds values of temperature (t13, t14) and of pressure (p13, p14) have been reached; and injecting the first and second propellants in gaseous form contained in the first and second igniter tanks (13 and 14) into an igniter (12) of the engine, so as to initiate combustion.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

A composite pyrotechnic product with adn and rdx charges in a gap type binder, and preparation thereof

A composite pyrotechnic product containing energetic charges in a plasticized binder includes a cured energetic polymer and at least one energetic plasticizer, wherein: the cured energetic polymer consists of a glycidyl azide polymer (gap) having a number average molecular weight (mn) lying in the range 700 g/mol to 3000 g/mol and cured via its hydroxyl terminal functions with at least one curing agent of polyisocyanate type; and the energetic charges present at a content in the range 50% to 70% by weight consisting, for at least 95% of their weight, of large crystals of ammonium dinitramide (adn) and of small crystals of hexogen (rdx): the large crystals of ammonium dinitramide (adn) being present at a content in the range 8% to 65% by weight; and the small crystals of hexogen (rdx) being present at a content in the range 5% to 55% by weight.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Spacecraft nozzle comprising an improved deployment system

A nozzle (1) for a space vehicle engine (m), the nozzle comprising a stationary portion (2) and a movable portion (3), the nozzle (1) including a pneumatic deployment system (4) comprising: a deployment actuator (5) for deploying the movable portion (3) of the nozzle (1); a high unlocking actuator (6); a low unlocking actuator (7); and an ejector (41); the deployment system (4) including a feed system (8) configured so as to, sequentially: move the deployment actuator (5) from its support position towards its deployment position; move the high and low unlocking actuators (6, 7) into their high and low unlocking positions; and actuate the ejector so as to eject the deployment system (4) from the nozzle (1).. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Device for destroying dangerous objects by detonating them and method for producing such a device

A device for destroying dangerous objects such as shells, munitions or other charges that are to be destroyed by detonating them, which device includes a packaging produced from a flat blank folded on itself along three folds, four folds or more in order to form at least three sides and two half, four sides or four sides and a flap for closing the packaging which is produced in the form of a tubular package of polygonal and notably square or rectangular cross section once the flat blank has been folded up, with explosive charges placed on the sides that are to be folded, the flat blank being of dimensions suited to being able to house, in the middle of the tubular package in contact with the explosive charges, one or more of the dangerous objects that are to be destroyed.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Pyrotechnic actuator

. . A pyrotechnic actuator includes a body, and a propelling system including a pyrotechnic igniter mounted inside the body. The pyrotechnic igniter is mounted inside the body such that a peripheral gap is formed between the body and the pyrotechnic igniter and the propelling system further includes a sealing gasket arranged inside the gap in such a manner that the pyrotechnic igniter is maintained in position with respect to the body.. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Device and locking of a fueling device

The invention relates to the field of feeding devices, in particular for feeding rockets on the ground. A feeding device (4) of the invention comprises at least two mutually complementary feeding connectors (5, 6), a breakable connection member (15) connecting these two feeding connectors (5, 6) together and presenting a breakable section (15c) between these two feeding connectors (5, 6), and a force transmission member (16) connected to said breakable section (15c) in such a manner as to transmit a breaking load thereto in order to unlock the connection between the two feeding connectors (5, 6). ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Method for monitoring a part via colorimetry

A method of fabricating and inspecting a part, the method including the following steps a) treating a substrate including aluminum by a chemical conversion method making use of a treatment solution including chromium with a degree of oxidation of +iii in order to obtain a part presenting a chemical conversion layer; and b) inspecting the presence of the chemical conversion layer obtained during step a) by using a colorimeter to measure the color of the chemical conversion layer and by comparing the measured color with a reference color.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Car face wall architecture for a car such as a train car made from sandwich composite material

A car belonging to a rolling vehicle, characterized in that it includes sidewalls in the form of a single piece made from composite material including a sandwich structure provided with a first skin on the outside of the car, a second skin on the inside of the car and a closed-cell foam or honeycomb core between the skins, the walls being provided with window openings formed by interruptions in the drapes of longitudinal fibres, transverse fibres and intersecting diagonal fibres, the openings having a polygonal shape that reduces the surface area of interrupted diagonal fibres in the corners of the openings.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Device for protecting from lightning

A device for protecting from lightning (30) is intended to form at least a portion of an external surface of a structure to be protected and comprises a ground plane (32), a dielectric substrate (34) arranged on the ground plane, and an array of first metal elements (36) arranged on the dielectric substrate (34) and extending substantially parallel to the ground plane (32) in such a way that any pair of consecutive elements from said first metal elements (36) is separated by a distance comprised between 0.01 millimetres and 10 millimetres, said first metal elements being distributed in juxtaposed similar patterns, each of said patterns including first metal elements of different dimensions corresponding respectively to different electromagnetic resonant frequencies the juxtaposition of which defines an electromagnetic absorption band of the pattern.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Containment device comprising a dry curtain

A containment device including a curtain that can be deployed from a first wound or folded position into a second unwound position, and a case for storing the curtain in the first position. The case is formed by a plurality of adjacent modules, the plurality of modules including active modules that are equipped with means for retaining and releasing the curtain and passive modules that are not equipped with means for retaining and releasing the curtain.. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Containment device comprising a dry curtain

A containment device including a dry curtain, adapted to be deployed for the containment or re-containment of a discharge area, such as an opening, e.g. A door, in response to an explosion. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Installation for fabricating a thermal protection covering of a body or of a rear assembly for a thruster, and associated methods

An installation for fabricating a thermal protection covering of a body or of a rear assembly for a thruster, includes an extruder presenting a die having an outlet orifice through which a strip of elastomer material is to be extruded, the extruder having a die control system to vary the size of the outlet orifice; a mandrel to be set into rotation about its axis; a deposition head to deposit the strip on the mandrel; a conveyor system to convey the strip from the outlet orifice of the die of the deposition head; and a thickness monitoring system to measure the thickness of the strip on the deposition head and on the mandrel and to compare each measured thickness value with a predetermined value, the thickness monitoring system to control the die control system so as to cause the size of the outlet orifice of the die to vary.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Method of regulating the pressure within a first rocket engine propellant tank

A method of regulating pressure within a first propellant tank of a rocket engine having a first propellant tank containing a first propellant and a second propellant tank containing a second propellant, and a regulator device for regulating pressure within the first tank, the regulator device comprising a gas generator and a heat exchanger co-operating with the gas generator so as to vaporize at least part of the first propellant prior to reintroducing it into the first tank (16), the gas generator and the heat exchanger both being fed with the first propellant by a single first motor-driven pump, while the gas generator is fed with the second propellant by a single second motor-driven pump, wherein the flow rate of the first motor-driven pump is controlled as a function of a first parameter, while the flow rate of the second motor-driven pump is controlled as a function of a second parameter.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

04/20/17 / #20170107945

Propulsion chamber and a method of fabricating it

. . The invention relates to the field of rocket engine propulsion chambers, and more specifically to a propulsion chamber (2) for a liquid propellant rocket engine, the propulsion chamber comprising at least an inside wall (10) made of metal, an outside covering (11) made of organic matrix composite material, and a cooling circuit (12) arranged between the outside covering and the inside wall (10). The propulsion chamber (2) further comprises at least a first axial endpiece (17, 18) secured to the metal inside wall and presenting at least one radial protrusion (19, 20) received in a concave recess in an inside face of the outside covering (11). ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

04/13/17 / #20170101963

Method and a circuit for regulating a rocket engine

The invention relates to the field of rocket engines, and in particular to a method and a circuit for regulating a rocket engine (1) comprising at least one combustion chamber (3) and a first liquid propellant feed circuit (10) with a first pump (12) for pumping a first liquid propellant and a first turbine (14) for actuating the first pump (12), a first feed valve (15), and a regulator device for regulating the first turbine (14). In the regulation method and circuit, an opening command (dvch) for opening the first feed valve (15) is calculated from an external command (cext) in application of an open loop control relationship; a command for the regulator device of the first turbine (14) is calculated on the basis of said external command (cext) and at least one feedback value, in application of a closed loop control relationship; and the first feed valve (15) and the regulator device of the first turbine (14) are controlled in application of the respective commands.. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

03/02/17 / #20170057885

Propellant load, with mechanically reinforced liner/propellant connection, and preparation thereof

. . A propellant load includes a propellant block, containing energetic charges in a crosslinked binder, arranged in a structure having a thermal protection; the crosslinked binder being an energetic binder including a polymer, more polar than hydroxytelechelic polybutadiene (htpb), which is crosslinked and an energetic plasticizer, the polymer non-crosslinked representing less than 14% of the volume of the propellant block; a bonding layer, based on crosslinked hydroxytelechelic polybutadiene (htpb), between the thermal protection and the propellant block; and a system for mechanical reinforcement of the bonding layer/propellant block bond, present on at least part of the bonding layer/propellant block interface, including grains embedded in part in the bonding layer and the complementary part thereof being embedded in the propellant block: made of a pyrotechnically inert material, and that has a surface energy greater than 34 mj/m2; and the largest dimension of which is between 0.3 and 5.2 mm.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

02/16/17 / #20170043550

Polygonal part having cavities for a panel core, in particular of a satellite antenna reflector

The polygonal part (1) has, on each side (c1 to c6), at least one of the following assembly elements: at least one lug (3), at least one recess (4), each of said lugs (3) and each of said recesses (4) of the part (1) having a trapezoidal shape, with in each case complementary shapes, the trapezium of each of said lugs (3) widening towards the outside of the part (1) and the trapezium of each of said recesses (4) widening towards the inside of the part (1), and each of said lugs (3) having a width, defined transversely with respect to a right bisector of the corresponding trapezium, which is greater than the width of each of said recesses (4).. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

02/02/17 / #20170030372

Fluid-transfer device and method for manufacturing same

A fluid transfer device including a rotor having two centrifugal wheels, and a stator incorporating a set of continuous axi symmetric return channels conveying the fluid from the first wheel to the second wheel. Each of the return channels includes in succession a diffusing portion that guides the fluid in a centrifugal direction, a bend portion that redirects the fluid stream in a centripetal direction, a return portion that guides the fluid along a centripetal path, and then an outlet portion formed in a first non-tubular part that guides the fluid towards the second wheel. ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

01/12/17 / #20170009795

Bolted connection

The subject of the invention is an assembly and clamping bolt to be employed under tension, having a shank and a head, wherein the head, situated at a first end of the shank, is provided with a clamping tensioning means with a hydraulic cylinder mounted permanently on the bolt, clamping taking place between a rear shoulder device and the hydraulic cylinder, the rear shoulder device being disposed at a second end of the shank.. . ... Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

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