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Recent patent applications related to Andritz Inc. Andritz Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Andritz Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Andritz Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Refiner plate with gradually changing geometry

A refiner plate segment with a continuous transition zone spanning from the periphery or near the periphery of the plate in a substantial spiral toward the axis of rotation of the plate adjacent the breaker bar zone.. . ... Andritz Inc

Vapor relief strainer with cleaner

A vapor relief strainer cleaning assembly comprising a turbine and dislodger assembly, wherein the turbine is configured to move a dislodger assembly disposed within a vapor screen relief vessel. Exemplary dislodger assemblies are configured to be powered by vapor or gas and to use excess vapor or gas optionally to dislodge non-condensable contaminants from the filter screen or to facilitate contaminant dislodgement from the inner wall of the filter screen.. ... Andritz Inc

Device for dewatering feedstock that is pourable or free-flowing

A device for dewatering feedstock that is pourable or free-flowing by compression and segments for use with such a device. A housing has a shell pipe in which a shaft with flights running around its circumference rotates around an axis of rotation. ... Andritz Inc

Centrifugal separator, especially disc stack separator

A centrifugal separator, especially disc stack separator for separation of a suspension or mixture, has a feeding unit with an inlet and a stationary pipe. The pipe extends longitudinally from the top of the centrifugal separator through a stack of filter discs and has an opening directed to the accelerator disc a separator bowl of the centrifugal separator. ... Andritz Inc

Accelerator disc for a disc stack separator

A disc stack separator and an accelerator disc for a disc stack separator, especially a centrifugal nozzle separator, has curved blades mounted on a cone-shaped shell. The blade configuration assists in directing flow to space for the nozzles in the centrifugal separator bowl in an optimal manner, thus reducing the power consumption of the separator.. ... Andritz Inc

Method for regenerating catalysts used for production of polysulphide cooking liquors

A method of regenerating an activated carbon catalyst which is used in the production of polysulphide liquor. In the method, the catalyst is washed with a washing liquid in order to remove the sediment accumulated in the catalyst. ... Andritz Inc

Processes and systems for the pulping of lignocellulosic materials

A system and process of producing pulp from lignocellulosic material after the lignocellulosic material has undergone compression (pressurization), maceration and removal of extractives produced during compression and maceration followed by chemical addition, fiberization, digestion (cooking) and further mechanical refining.. . ... Andritz Inc

Drum dryer

Metal drum dryer, the side surface of which is constituted of u-shaped profiles (1), each having a bottom, each profile (1) is welded to the two neighbouring profiles (1) thereof and the bottom of each profile (1) is pierced with holes (4).. . ... Andritz Inc

Bar-type screen cage

A bar-type screen cage has profiled screen bars which are spaced apart in a circumferential direction. Multiple support arrangements which are spaced apart in an axial direction of the screen cage are fastened by welding to the profile bars at the outside. ... Andritz Inc

Airfoil with perpendicular airflow

The problem of web flutter experienced by webs spanning the draw between a drying area of a fiber web manufacturing machine and winder, wherein the web is assisted by airfoils is mitigated by using at least one airfoil having multiple conduits connected to at least one air supply, at least two areas with openings in form of slots or rows of holes (or elongated openings) are oriented a direction substantially parallel to the direction of web movement, wherein the openings communicate with the multiple conduits, a coanda surface disposed adjacent to the openings, and wherein the openings are configured to direct air flowing from the air source through the multiple conduits, through the openings over the coanda surface in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of web movement.. . ... Andritz Inc

Feedwell having twisted plates

A feedwell design for a clarifier that may better dissipate the entrance energy of feed slurry liquid exiting the feedwell and entering the clarifier. Plates having a surface area twisted around a longitudinal axis may be provided at the bottom of the feedwell. ... Andritz Inc

Method and device for making wet laid non wovens

Method for producing wet-laid non-woven fabrics, with which an aqueous suspension comprising fibres is laid down on a screen and is dewatered using suction boxes under the screen to form a sheet of non-woven web which is removed from the screen and guided to at least one subsequent treatment unit before the non-woven web can be wound, and transferring of the non-woven web from the screen to the at least one subsequent treatment unit and/or transferring of the non-woven web to interfaces between treatment units on the start of production and/or after an interruption in production, using a web feed, wherein web is fed via a temporarily closed draw of a free draw between the screen and the at least one subsequent treatment unit and/or of a free draw at an interface between treatment units, and the respective temporarily closed draw is produced via air flows, which lift off an end feeding strip as part of the running non-woven web by blowing, adhere same to a transport path device by generating negative pressure and lift up same at the following treatment unit by suction.. . ... Andritz Inc

Solid bowl centrifuge

The invention relates to a solid bowl centrifuge with a horizontal elongated, hollow, rotatable, solid-wall bowl (2) with an inlet and an outlet and a rotatable screw conveyor with a shaft (6) and helical screw (7) rotatable mounted inside said bowl and extending substantially the full length thereof. It is mainly characterized in that on the shaft there are mounted a number of truncated conical discs (24), whereby the discs are directly surrounded by the helical screw. ... Andritz Inc

Water extraction facility

A water extraction facility comprising a suction box having a suction opening and a chamber (9) arranged above the suction opening by means of a connector (21) and a perforated sheet metal element (24) creating head loss is mounted in the connector (21).. . ... Andritz Inc

10/26/17 / #20170304846

Screw centrifuge for wet mechanical separation of solids

A screw centrifuge has a rotating, cylindrical drum (11) with openings (14,15) for discharge of settleable solids (16), floating solids (17), and separating liquid (18). A rotatable shaft (12) has openings (22) for infeed of the solids to be separated, and two sections of screw flights (13,13′,13″,23,23′) working in opposite directions. ... Andritz Inc

10/12/17 / #20170291851

Method and arrangement for burning lime mud

An arrangement for burning lime mud into lime in a lime kiln. The lime mud flows counter-currently to flue gases from a feed end to a firing end and the fuel used is flue gas that is produced by gasifying a fuel in the presence of combustion air in a gasifier. ... Andritz Inc

10/05/17 / #20170282136

Method of operating a batch mixer and batch mixer for performing the method

The invention provides a method of operating a batch mixer for producing first and second numbers of mixtures from first and second numbers of batches of materials to be mixed in the batch mixer, the batch mixer comprising a mixing chamber, a mixing element disposed within the mixing chamber, the mixing element and the mixing chamber being configured for providing an identical flow of the materials to be mixed within the mixing chamber and around the mixing element regardless of in which of the first and second opposite directions the mixing element is rotated, and a motor assembly coupled to the mixing element for rotating the mixing element for mixing the first and second numbers of batches of materials to be mixed for producing the first and second numbers of mixtures. The method comprises the steps of energizing said motor assembly for rotating said mixing element in said first direction, for each one of the first number of batches of the materials to be mixed: loading the one of the first number of batches of materials to be mixed into the mixing chamber, mixing the one of the first number of batches of materials for producing one of the first number of mixtures, and removing the one of the first number of mixtures from the mixing chamber, energizing the motor assembly for rotating the mixing element in the second direction, and for each one of the second number of batches of the materials to be mixed loading the one of the second number of batches of materials to be mixed into the mixing chamber, mixing the one of the second number of batches of materials for producing one of the second number of mixtures, and removing the one of the second number of mixtures from the mixing chamber.. ... Andritz Inc

09/28/17 / #20170275819

Rotor refiner plate element for counter-rotating refiner having curved bars and serrated leading edges

A refining plate segment for a mechanical refiner of lignocellulosic material including: a refining surface on a substrate, wherein the refining surface faces a refining surface of an opposing refiner plate, the refining surface including bars and grooves between the bars, wherein an angle of each bar with respect to a radial line corresponding to the bar increases at least 15 degrees along a radially outward direction, and the angle is a holdback angle in a range of 10 to 45 degrees at the periphery of the refining surface, and wherein the bars each include a leading sidewall having an irregular surface, wherein the irregular surface includes protrusions extending outwardly from the sidewall towards a sidewall on an adjacent bar and the irregular surface extends from at or near the outer periphery of the refining surface extends radially inwardly along the bars without reaching an inlet of the refining surface.. . ... Andritz Inc

09/14/17 / #20170260693

Heating of hydraulic digesters

A method and system for heating a hydraulic digester, such as a single-vessel hydraulic digester, which has a top separator, a level of chips and a liquid phase above the level of chips. The method includes: a. ... Andritz Inc

09/14/17 / #20170259276

Method for processing of electrical and electronic components to recover valuable materials

The subject of the present invention is a method for processing electrical and electronic components in order to recover valuable materials, such as the metals contained in printed circuit boards. According to this method, the electrical and electronic components are pre-shredded mechanically and then mixed with a liquid before they undergo wet milling (5).. ... Andritz Inc

08/24/17 / #20170241536

Method and system for evaluating and predicting sprocket tooth wear

An exemplary method may comprise: ascertaining an original distance between a first tooth face and a second tooth face of a sprocket tooth, wherein the sprocket tooth comprises two tooth faces extending from a sprocket core and terminating in a top of the sprocket tooth, wherein an original distance separates the two tooth faces, placing a sprocket gauge on the sprocket tooth, wherein the sprocket gauge comprises: a bottom, and two gauge faces extending from the bottom of the sprocket gauge, wherein the bottom of the sprocket gauge is disposed upon the top of the sprocket tooth and the first gauge face is disposed adjacently on the first tooth; and comparing the original distance defined by the sprocket gauge with an actual distance between the first tooth face and the second tooth face.. . ... Andritz Inc

08/24/17 / #20170241396

Pelton runner

A pelton runner with a wheel disk and separately fabricated buckets (2), which may be cast or made from a solid block of material and secured detachably to the wheel disk (1), fastened by at least one screw (5) or at least one bolt. At least one screw or at least one bolt is designed as an expansion screw (5) or expansion bolt, where the expansion screw (5) or expansion bolt is subjected to controlled pre-stressing, and each bucket (2) has at least one expansion screw (5) or expansion bolt that is arranged perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the wheel disk (1) and secured to the wheel disk (1).. ... Andritz Inc

08/10/17 / #20170227286

Installation for drying a damp non-woven web

An installation for drying a non-woven web includes a device (10, 11), a diffusion chamber (10) having an outlet fitting (21) in which there is mounted a perforated sheet (24) creating a drop in pressure.. . ... Andritz Inc

07/27/17 / #20170211539

Francis turbine with short blade and short band

A francis turbine runner including a shortened band length and a shortened blade length combined with a reversed runner blade leading edge having a junction of the leading edge with the band forerunning a junction of the leading edge with the crown in the rotational direction, and a bandless runner including a shortened periphery length and a shortened blade length combined with a reversed runner blade leading edge having a corner of the leading edge at the outer periphery of the runner that is in advance of where the leading edge joins the crown in the rotational direction. Additional feature includes an inverted trailing edge curvature design on the runner blade that further shortens the blade length.. ... Andritz Inc

07/27/17 / #20170211232

Method for handling spent wash solution of a lignin-recovery process

A method for handling spent wash solution produced in the washing of lignin that has been precipitated and then separated from spent alkaline pulping liquor. At least part of the spent wash solution is introduced into the chemical recovery cycle at a location in that part of the cycle which starts at, and includes, the smelt dissolving stage and ends at, and includes, the pulping stage. ... Andritz Inc

07/06/17 / #20170191661

Isolation chamber for removable startup burner

The present disclosure describes an assembly configured to mitigate the harmful effects of smelt fouling, airflow interference, and operator exposure to hot air from the furnace and wind box through use of an extractable startup burner and an isolation chamber engaged to a windbox. The present disclosure also describes a method for safely extracting a startup burner from an active recovery boiler as has method for inserting an extractable startup burner into a recovery boiler during operation.. ... Andritz Inc

07/06/17 / #20170191218

Set for the mechanical processing, in particular grinding of suspended fibrous material

A set for mechanical processing suspended fibrous material includes a die plate having receiving openings in a predefined arrangement for insertion of blade-shaped processing elements which jut out on a process side and are flowed onto by the fibrous material. The blade-shaped processing elements have each a plurality of foot regions in longitudinally spaced-apart relation, which pass through the die plate (2) and jut out from the die plate on a process-distal. ... Andritz Inc

06/29/17 / #20170183818

A method of feeding a sealing medium into a liquor filter and a liquor filter

A method and a liquor filter, in which liquor filter sealing medium is fed via a sealing medium channel (3) into an innermost sealing zone formed by an innermost sealing member (1), an outer seal (2) and the space between them at a causticizing plant of a chemical pulp mill. The sealing medium used is an alkaline sealing liquid and/or gas, which does not substantially dilute the liquor being filtered. ... Andritz Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175328

Method and apparatus for pumping sawdust feed in a sawdust pulping system

A method of producing chemical cellulose pulp from sawdust utilizing a static down-flow retention vessel comprising the steps of continuously pressurizing a flow of sawdust using a progressive cavity pump to produce a pressurized sawdust feed for a treatment vessel, passing the pressurized sawdust feed at super-atmospheric pressure downwardly in the treatment vessel, adding treatment white black liquor to the treatment vessel, and treating the pressurized sawdust feed in the treatment vessel with treatment white black liquor to form a treated sawdust, and discharging treated sawdust from the treatment vessel.. . ... Andritz Inc

06/08/17 / #20170159238

Method for utilizing lignin separated from black liquor as lime-kiln fuel

A method of utilizing lignin-containing material separated from spent kraft pulping liquor including: acidifying the liquor to a ph not less than seven thereby precipitating solid particles, separating precipitated solid particles from the accompanying liquid, and subjecting the separated precipitated solid particles to a washing process in which: the separated precipitated solid particles are washed with an aqueous medium or aqueous media in one or more washing steps, in each one of the washing steps, the aqueous washing medium contains, in a dissolved form, significant amounts of one or more added sodium salts, and a combined concentration of the added sodium salts in the washing medium in each of the washing step exceeds three percent by weight; and utilizing as fuel in a lime kiln at least part of the washed lignin-containing material is utilized as fuel in a lime kiln of a pulp mill.. . ... Andritz Inc

06/01/17 / #20170152630

Cast refiner plate segment with blunt edges and corners for safe handling

A cast metal plate segment for a refiner of lignocellulosic material or a disperser of comminuted paper or packaging products, the plate segment including a front side with a front surface configured to refine the lignocellulosic material or disperge the comminuted paper or packaging products, and a back side, opposite to the front side, including a corner or edge, wherein the corner or edge comprises a casted surface between machined planar surfaces adjacent the corner or edge.. . ... Andritz Inc

06/01/17 / #20170152629

Stator refiner plate element having curved bars and serrated leading edges

A refining system and process using a specially designed stator refiner plate. The specially designed stator refiner plate includes a major refining surface having a series of bars and grooves, the bars include a leading surface having an irregular surface. ... Andritz Inc

05/11/17 / #20170131240

Acoustic emission system and method for predicting explosions in dissolving tank

The present disclosure describes a system for predicting explosions in a dissolving tank. The system includes acoustic emission sensors placed in or around the dissolving tank. ... Andritz Inc

05/11/17 / #20170128958

Sand separator vessel perforated replaceable insert apparatus and method

A perforated replaceable insert for a sand separator vessel in a digester feed system where the perforations have at least a width and a length. The perforations are aligned columns and rows, with the columns being positioned to be parallel to a line formed by the tangent of the conical axis.. ... Andritz Inc

05/04/17 / #20170124532

Chipper machine wear plate, replaceable wear plate corner piece, and anvil monitoring

Method for determining chipper machine wear part replacement needs using cutting impact force, bearing temperature, and vibration information.. . ... Andritz Inc

04/06/17 / #20170096775

Process for production of a fibrous pulp web

A method for producing a fibrous pulp web, in which a fibrous pulp suspension is dewatered in a twin wire former to form a fibrous pulp web which is dried with a tad dryer. A pre-dewatering device with a hood and suction roll is provided after the twin wire former and before the tad dryer. ... Andritz Inc

03/30/17 / #20170087493

Flat-face valve for pulp rotary drum vacuum washer filter

In a rotary drum for thickening pulp, the rotary drum may include drainage channels for delivering filtrate from a pulp mat on the rotary drum to a filtrate chamber at an end of the rotary drum, and includes a flat face valve and plenum chamber assembly in the filtrate chamber. The flat face valve can be juxtaposed against drainage outlets of the drainage channels, wherein the flat face valve does not block the drainage outlets during a majority of the rotation of the rotary drum. ... Andritz Inc

03/09/17 / #20170067205

Adjustment assembly for axially adjusting a rotor in a rotary feeder

. . A mounting and support mechanism for a rotary feeder gear motor having an adjusting housing, wherein the adjusting housing includes a support flange adjacent the gear motor, a hollow adjusting housing and a support flange adjacent a stationary feeder end cover. Contained within the adjusting housing is a carrier extension wherein the carrier extension at one end encases a stationary bushing, the stationary bushing houses an adjusting shaft to provide movement of a rotor assembly axially, and at the opposite end the carrier extension connects to a bearing carrier mechanism.. ... Andritz Inc

02/23/17 / #20170052149

Acoustic emission indications of defects formed during elongated metal materials manufacturing processes

A method of detection of defects in a manufacturing process of an elongated metallic material (1) which manufacturing process is accomplished by rolls (3, 6) which rolls (3, 6) reduce the cross section of the elongated metallic material (1) thinner and/or divert or guide the path of the elongated metallic material (1). The formation and/or existence of defects of the elongated metallic material (1) is detected by sensing acoustic emission transmitted by origination or advance of the defects and the detection is accomplished by at least one acoustic emission (ae) sensor (9) having direct or indirect contact with the elongated metallic material (1) which ae sensor (9) transduces the sensed acoustic emission to electric signals and the signals are received by an analyzing unit (21) which is capable of detecting the indication and reporting time coded indication and/or the indicative amplitude of the originated or advanced defects.. ... Andritz Inc

02/23/17 / #20170050191

Hydrocyclone with fine material depletion in the cyclone underflow

A hydrocyclone with an inflow region providing tangential inflow for a feed slurry and with a separation region following the inflow region with an underflow discharge pipe to carry off heavy materials and with an overflow nozzle in the form of an immersion tube projecting axially into the interior of the hydrocyclone. Another inflow is provided in the area of the tangential inflow to supply the barrier fluid, where the barrier fluid and the feed slurry are separated from one another by a lamella in the hydrocyclone before they are brought together. ... Andritz Inc

02/16/17 / #20170044034

Method and device for dewatering sludge on a screen

The invention relates to a method for the dewatering of sludge on a screen, wherein a flocculant is admixed with sludge, whereafter the sludge is at least partially dewatered, the flow behaviour of the sludge on the screen being optically detected and the amount of flocculant to be admixed being set according to the free screen surface in a control region. The invention is primarily characterized in that the control region is arranged at a point of the cleaned screen in the inlet area of the sludge, for example at the edge. ... Andritz Inc

02/09/17 / #20170037572

Paper machine screen

A paper machine screen which is formed as a transverse thread-bound, multi-layer fabric. Binding transverse threads extend respectively both in an upper fabric layer and in a lower fabric layer and hereby bind the lower fabric layer to the upper fabric layer. ... Andritz Inc

01/26/17 / #20170023303

Non-contact strip guiding

A process and apparatus for controlling the strip run (4) of a metal strip (10) through a floating furnace (3). The strip run (4) is controlled contact-free with the aid of an electromagnetic device (1) that generates a lorentz force acting transversely to the strip run.. ... Andritz Inc

01/19/17 / #20170016180

Method and arrangement for generating steam at a digester plant of a chemical pulp mill

The present invention relates to a method of producing steam at a digester plant of a chemical pulp mill. Black liquor is discharged from the digester at a first temperature and pressure. ... Andritz Inc

01/05/17 / #20170001363

Machine for stretching films or sheets

Machine for stretching films, comprising two tracks each having a first rail (1) on which clips (3) move and close together at a point for adjusting their pitch and a second rail (2) on which articulated carriages (5) move, in a chain driven by a toothed drive wheel (6), with two consecutive clips (3) respectively, characterised by a wheel (8) for indexing the point for adjusting the pitch of the clips (3).. . ... Andritz Inc

01/05/17 / #20170001202

Decanter centrifuge

The invention relates to a decanter centrifuge with a rotating bowl (1) provided with at least one solids discharge port (11) and at least one clarified liquid discharge port (15) and a screw conveyor (2) disposed coaxially within said rotating bowl rotated in the same direction with a differential rotational speed, where a feed suspension to be separated is introduced into a ring shaped space formed between said rotating bowl (1) and said screw conveyor (2) through a central feed pipe fixed to the end of the screw conveyor and supported in at least one bearing and can be separated by centrifugal force into a solid and a liquid phase so that said solid phase is discharged from said solid discharge port and said liquid phase is discharged from said clarified liquid discharging apparatus. According to the present invention it is characterized by a liquid phase conduit (4) arranged in the hollow shaft of the rotating bowl (1) guiding the liquid phase outside of the bearings (16, 18), a liquid phase discharge valve (14) provided outside the bearing on the side facing away from the bowl (1) and screw (2) and a sealing (6) at the end of the feed pipe (10) surrounded by the liquid phase conduit. ... Andritz Inc

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