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Aq Corporation patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Aq Corporation. Aq Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Aq Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Aq Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15 / #20150381963

Systems and methods for multi-channel imaging based on multiple exposure settings

A multi-channel image capture system includes: a multi-channel image sensor including a plurality of first pixels configured to detect light in a first band and a plurality of second pixels configured to detect light in a second band different from the first band; an image signal processor coupled to the multi-channel image sensor, the image signal processor being configured to: store a first plurality of capture parameters and a second plurality of capture parameters; control the multi-channel image sensor to capture a first image frame according to the first plurality of capture parameters; control the multi-channel image sensor to capture a second image frame according to the second plurality of capture parameters; and transmit the first image frame and the second image frame to a host processor.. . ... Aq Corporation

12/31/15 / #20150381777

Adaptive rate control of nbase-t data transport system

A 10gbase-t circuit is disclosed. The circuit includes a physical (phy) integrated circuit and a media access control (mac) integrated circuit. ... Aq Corporation

12/31/15 / #20150380693

Magnesium-air fuel cell

Provided is a magnesium-air fuel cell in which a conductive state is achieved when a lid is fastened, and a nonconductive state is achieved when the lid is loosened, so that the power supply can be turned on and off based on a fastening state of the lid. A lid includes a lower end portion that comes into contact with a main body at a time of fastening, an anode body inserted in the main body, and an electrode plate made of metal coupled to an end of the anode body. ... Aq Corporation

12/31/15 / #20150377420

Leak-detecting shut-off device

A leak-detecting shut-off device has a holding mount, a valve seat and an operating set. The holding mount has a connecting segment, a mounting segment, an expansion element and a pushing rod. ... Aq Corporation

12/31/15 / #20150376874

Water leak detection, prevention and water conservation systems and methods

A water leak detection and prevention system uses sensors, wires, and wireless transmitters, to monitor all plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, hose bibs, etc.) and water-using appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, icemakers, etc.). When water is being used at a plumbing fixture or a water-using appliance, the sensor shows water that is expected to be used at that location and communicates the usage and the amount of flow for that location. ... Aq Corporation

12/31/15 / #20150374545

Intraocular shunt placement

Methods are provided for using an intraocular shunt deployment device to deploy an intraocular shunt from the device and into an eye.. . ... Aq Corporation

12/24/15 / #20150369401

Leak-resistant solar panel connector

A non-reinforced solar panel connector having a tubular shape with a central lumen, a central section of relatively high hardness in relation to terminal sections of relatively low hardness, a length which does not exceed five times its diameter, and whose central section includes a projection partially extending into the lumen, with the projection being substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the connector. The connector is preferably molded from epdm rubber. ... Aq Corporation

12/24/15 / #20150366239

Production method of fish feed enriched with polar lipids and method to enrich farmed fishes

The present disclosure relates to the production of fish feed with olive ingredients intended for farmed freshwater and saltwater fish, and the aquaculturing of freshwater and saltwater fish which are fortified or enriched through their feeding with ingredients derived from olive processing byproducts. The invention also relates to the fortified or enriched fish as such. ... Aq Corporation

12/17/15 / #20150364800

Magnesium-air fuel cell and power supply device using the same

A magnesium-air fuel cell includes, in an inner portion, a pair of cathode accommodating portions each having at least one end opened. Cathode bodies are each disposed in a corresponding cathode accommodating portion, while having a part exposed to the inner portion. ... Aq Corporation

12/17/15 / #20150360183

Biomimetic membranes and uses thereof

A liquid membrane system is disclosed in the form of a biochannel containing bulk liquid membrane (blm), biochannel containing emulsion liquid membrane (elm), and biochannel containing supported (immobilised) liquid membrane (slm), or a combination thereof, wherein said liquid membrane system is based on vesicles formed from amphiphilic compounds such as lipids forming a bilayer wherein biochannels have been incorporated and wherein said vesicles further contain a stabilising oil phase. The uses of the membrane system include water extraction from liquid aqueous media by forward osmosis, e.g. ... Aq Corporation

12/10/15 / #20150355045

Method and apparatus for detecting leaks in a pipeline network

A system for detecting leaks within a pipe network is provided. The system includes mobile sensors that can be non-permanently attached to a pipe in the pipe network. ... Aq Corporation

12/10/15 / #20150351993

Buoyancy-based cervical traction system

A buoyancy-based cervical traction system has a floatation and a head rest supported by the flotation system. The head rest is adapted to support a person's head above the neck and apply traction to the neck when the person is in a body of liquid. ... Aq Corporation

12/10/15 / #20150351333

Irrigation hose

The invention relates to an irrigation hose intended for irrigating soils and made of a material comprising a thermoplastic, the irrigation openings being produced by means of a laser. The invention likewise relates to a method and an installation for producing such an irrigation hose for this purpose.. ... Aq Corporation

12/03/15 / #20150350752

System, method, and apparatus for synchronizing sensors for signal detection

Systems and methods for taking sensor measurements is provided. The system includes a sensor configured to detect sensor inputs from a signal source and generate a sensor output signal. ... Aq Corporation

12/03/15 / #20150342881

Curcumin solubilisate

A solubilisate composed of curcumin in a quantity of less than or equal to 10% by weight, preferably less than or equal to 7.5% by weight, particularly preferably 6% by weight, and at least one emulsifier having an hlb value in the range between 13 and 18, in particular polysorbate 80 or polysorbate 20 or a mixture of polysorbate 20 and polysorbate 80, wherein the average diameter of the micelles loaded with curcumin is between 5 nm and 40 nm, preferably between 6 nm and 20 nm, particularly preferably between 7 nm and 10 nm.. . ... Aq Corporation

12/03/15 / #20150342160

Salt-composition for supplementing a mineral balance in the aquaristic area, ready for use solution of said salt-composition, use of said salt-composition, and aquaristic ornamental stone obtained by said use

A salt-composition for stabilising the carbonate balance in the aquaristic area is suggested, in which the salts stabilise with major components with at least 10 weightpercent via formates the carbonate balance. The salts contain no fatties, proteins or sugars and stabilise the carbonate balance individually, being essentially disconnected from biochemical metabolism-cycles. ... Aq Corporation

12/03/15 / #20150342132

System and method of stimulating ethanol production and growth of aquatic plants

Methods and systems for growing aquatic plants and collecting, purifying, and/or extracting ethanol produced during anaerobic metabolism by aquatic plants are provided. The system includes a cell containing water and an aquatic plant, an ethanol extraction assembly in fluid communication with the cell for removing ethanol from the water. ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150340704

Magnesium-air fuel cell

. . Provided is a highly water repellent, air permeable, and liquid leakage resistant magnesium-air fuel cell that can quickly achieve a discharge reaction peak and can discharge a predetermined amount of current for a relatively long period of time. In a magnesium-air fuel cell, a cathode body includes: a first layer including a porous body formed by mixing a conductive carbon material and fluororesin; and a second layer including a porous body formed by mixing activated carbon and fluororesin, the second layer being joined to one surface of the first layer to be in contact with reaction liquid in the outer frame.. ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150340515

Reverse stack structures for thin-film photovoltaic cells

In one embodiment, a method includes depositing a photoactive layer onto a first substrate, depositing a contact layer onto the photoactive layer, attaching a second substrate onto the contact layer, and removing the first substrate from the photoactive layer, contact layer, and second substrate.. . ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150337434

Low melting point sputter targets for chalcogenide photovoltaic applications and methods of manufacturing the same

In one example embodiment, a sputter target structure for depositing semiconducting chalcogenide films is described. The sputter target includes a target body having a target body composition that comprises cu1-x(se1-y-zsytez)x, wherein the value of x is greater than or equal to approximately 0.5, the value of y is between approximately 0 and approximately 1, the value of z is between approximately 0 and approximately 1, and the total amount of se, s, and te phases in the target body composition comprise less than 50 volume percent of the target body composition.. ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150336935

Ship1 modulators and methods related thereto

Compounds of formula (i): where, n, r1, r4a, r4b, r5, r7 and r8 are defined herein, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, are described herein. The disclosed compounds have activity as ship1 modulators, and thus may be used to treat any of a variety of diseases, disorders or conditions that would benefit from ship1 modulation. ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150336024

Compound distiller

A distiller for processing liquid influent, including a heating chamber. An evaporation arrangement can be positioned above the heating chamber and can include spaced apart evaporation surfaces forming a bottom evaporation stage, multiple intermediate evaporation stages, and an upper evaporation stage. ... Aq Corporation

11/26/15 / #20150335936

Aquatic exercise cycle

An underwater exercise cycle that improves on existing designs through the use of a compact flywheel transmission with adjustable resistance. The invention allows for smooth and continuous pedaling across a range of distinct levels of resistance, thereby enhancing comfort, low-impact, and effectiveness of aquatic exercise.. ... Aq Corporation

11/19/15 / #20150334521

Apparatus and method for near field communication

Disclosed herein is a mobile phone with the near field communication (nfc) technology and method of operating the mobile phone. The mobile phone includes a display; a baseband chip; an near field communication (nfc) module comprising an rf antenna, an nfc tag circuit and an nfc main chip; and the rf antenna configured to receive, from an external rf reader, a command rf signal in 13.56 mhz and further configured to transmit, to the external rf reader, a responsive rf signal in 13.56 mhz.. ... Aq Corporation

11/19/15 / #20150329903

Predicting resistance to disease

The invention relates to a method of predicting resistance to infectious pancreatic necrosis in salmon, the method comprising determining the alleles present at a dna polymorphism in the salmon and predicting whether or not the salmon is resistant to infectious pancreatic necrosis based on the determination of the alleles. The invention also relates to a method of selecting a salmon for use as broodstock, wherein the salmon is selected based on the prediction by the first method that the salmon will have resistance to infectious pancreatic necrosis.. ... Aq Corporation

11/19/15 / #20150328290

Cosmetic compositions from fish hatching fluid

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical or cosmetic compositions obtained or obtainable from fish hatching fluid comprising polypeptides or portions thereof and the use of said compositions in various medical and cosmetic applications to the skin, particularly for moisturizing skin and/or for exfoliation of the horny layer of the skin for treating or preventing skin disorders or conditions in an animal.. . ... Aq Corporation

11/19/15 / #20150328140

A cosmetic composition from fish hatching fluid, methods for its production and uses thereof for improving the cosmetic appearance of skin

The present invention relates to cosmetic compositions obtained or obtainable from fish hatching fluid, methods of producing said compositions and their use in various cosmetic applications to the skin, particularly for reducing or preventing the cosmetic appearance or prevalence of wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dry skin, scaling and/or transepidermal water loss in skin of a mammalian animal.. . ... Aq Corporation

11/12/15 / #20150323282

Liquid dispensing toy

A liquid dispensing toy is disclosed. The liquid dispensing toy contains a first piston, a first piston housing surrounding the first piston, a first shaft associated with the first piston, a first liquid housing surrounding at least a portion of the first piston housing, wherein the first liquid housing is configured to retain liquid, a first input valve coupled with the first piston housing, and a first output valve coupled with the first piston housing.. ... Aq Corporation

11/12/15 / #20150322685

Pool cleaning vehicle with mechanism for skewing an axle

A self directed pool cleaning vehicle comprising a body carrying water inlet and outlet ports with the inlet port being located on the bottom of the body with the body containing a filter is described. A drive mechanism propels the vehicle in two generally opposed directions. ... Aq Corporation

11/12/15 / #20150321739

Marine subsurface data center vessel

The present invention provides a submersible data center vessel that is towed to its operating site, moored to anchors on the ocean floor and connected to an appropriate power generating system. The vessel is then submerged to its recommended operating depth while preferably still allowing air exchange and service crew access to the vessel interior. ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150316996

Systems and methods for remapping three-dimensional gestures onto a finite-size two-dimensional surface

A method for operating a real-time gesture based interactive system includes: obtaining a sequence of frames of data from an acquisition system; comparing successive frames of the data for portions that change between frames; determining whether any of the portions that changed are part of an interaction medium detected in the sequence of frames of data; defining a 3d interaction zone relative to an initial position of the part of the interaction medium detected in the sequence of frames of data; tracking a movement of the interaction medium to generate a plurality of 3d positions of the interaction medium; detecting movement of the interaction medium from inside to outside the 3d interaction zone at a boundary 3d position; shifting the 3d interaction zone relative to the boundary 3d position; computing a plurality of 2d positions based on the 3d positions; and supplying the 2d positions to control an application.. . ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150316945

Configurable web-based metering of building energy using wireless sensors

Embodiments relate to providing a configurable energy management service to remote users of computing devices over a computer network. A computer-implemented method is provided for enabling a user to configure energy management of at least one building or project from a remote computing device through an energy management service hosted on a computer network. ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150316521

Controlled environment shipping containers

Systems and apparatus are provided for maintaining an ultra low oxygen concentration in a shipping container for the purpose of preventing spoilage of perishable food products. The system and apparatus may contain a composition of a mixture of gases including one or more of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and another inert gas, wherein the mixture of gases positively pressurizes the shipping container with an ultra low oxygen concentration. ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150316182

Conversion fitting

A conversion fitting configured to matingly engage with a conduit coupler having conduit coupler thread configured as american standard hose coupling thread or american standard hose coupling thread for garden hose applications and a container aperture element having container aperture element internal thread configured as bunghole thread to facilitate the transfer of fluid therebetween.. . ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150315055

Water treatment process

A process for enhanced removal of impurities from water by an enhanced multi-step electrocoagulation process including electrocoagulation, solids separation, hardness removal, crystallization, and, optionally, reverse osmosis and evaporative purification. Embodiments of the invention may remove multiple impurities at substantial savings in time, energy, and chemical use. ... Aq Corporation

11/05/15 / #20150313758

C-shaped cross section tubular ophthalmic implant for reduction of intraocular pressure in glaucomatous eyes and method of use

An implant may be used for implantation into tissue of a body. The implant includes an elongated conduit and a loop. ... Aq Corporation

10/22/15 / #20150300034

Water jet pool cleaner with opposing dual propellers

A robotic pool or tank cleaner is propelled by water jets, the direction of which is controlled by the direction of rotation of a horizontally mounted pump motor within the pool cleaner housing, having a propeller attached to either end of the motor drive shaft which projects from opposing ends of the motor body, each of the propellers being positioned in a water jet discharge conduit that terminates in discharge ports in opposing ends of the housing. Each discharge conduit has a pressure-sensitive flap valve downstream of the respective propellers. ... Aq Corporation

10/22/15 / #20150297986

Systems and methods for interactive video games with motion dependent gesture inputs

A method for providing a user interface for a computing device includes receiving, by a processor, video data from a camera system; detecting, by the processor, a first gesture from the video data; receiving, by the processor, motion data from a motion sensor, the motion data corresponding to the motion of the camera system; determining, by the processor, whether the motion data exceeds a threshold; ceasing detection of the first gesture when the motion data exceeds the threshold; and supplying, by the processor, the detected first gesture to an application as first input data when the motion data does not exceed the threshold.. . ... Aq Corporation

10/22/15 / #20150297725

Cochleates made with soy phosphatidylserine

Unpurified or low pure soy phosphatidylserine is used to make cochleates. The cochleates contain about 40-74% soy phosphatidylserine, a multivalent cation and a biological active. ... Aq Corporation

10/22/15 / #20150296726

Aquaponics system

Embodiments of the invention are directed to aquaponics system. The aquaponics system may be comprised of a pole assembly comprising a pole having one or more pole cups affixed to the pole in a vertical orientation; an aquaculture assembly comprising a tank having a pole anchor centered therein, wherein the pole anchor is configured to receive a bottom portion of the pole, a plurality of struts configured to stabilize the pole within the tank, and at least one tank cover positioned at an opening of the tank; and a hydroponic assembly comprising one or more grow pans, wherein the one or more grow pans are removably coupled with the pole assembly, and at least one tray positioned within at least one grow pan.. ... Aq Corporation

10/01/15 / #20150274702

Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and methods for the treatment of pain and other diseases

The present invention relates generally to bis-amide containing mmp inhibiting compounds, and more particularly to selectively deuterated bis-amide mmp-13 inhibiting compounds that exhibit increased stability or potency in relation to currently known mmp-13 inhibitors. Additionally, the present invention relates to methods for treating pain and inflammation in a patient comprising administering to the patient a pain-reducing effective amount of a present compound.. ... Aq Corporation

10/01/15 / #20150274389

Waterproof closure system

A waterproof closure system 1 including a plate 20 having a periphery 21 and at least one closure member 30 which can be fitted around the periphery of the plate so that when they are joined the closure member forms a border around the periphery of the plate. The closure member has at least two elements 30a,30b separated by a split 41 with there being a locking means, for example having a male part 42 provided on a first element on one side of said split and a female part 44 provided on a second element on the other side of said split that can lock the two elements together o closing the split and tightening the closure member around the periphery of the plate thereby locking a mouth of a bag placed around the plate between the plate periphery and closure member.. ... Aq Corporation

09/24/15 / #20150267432

Directional control for dual brush robotic pool cleaners

A self-propelled robotic pool cleaner (100) has a first pair of driven brushes (12, 14) and second pair of free brushes co-axially mounted for rotation on axles (16) at the opposite ends of the pool cleaner. The first pair of brushes are mounted on one side and are driven by a drive motor (110); the second pair of brushes are mounted on the opposite side of the cleaner. ... Aq Corporation

09/24/15 / #20150264899

Aquaponics system and methods of use

An aquaponics system comprises an aquarium module configured to hold a water, a garden module that sits above the aquarium, a contiguous growth media bed within the garden module configured to physically support the growth of plants, a pump and piping for drawing water from the aquarium module to the garden module, a siphon tube for reoxygenating and delivering water from the garden module back to the aquarium module, and a light source molded bodies form the base (bottom) and dome (top) of each module, and are connected at the corners by connectors that slidably fit into hollow stabilizing pillars, which permit internal passage of wires, cables and piping on the interior of the system, creating an easily assembled, modular, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient way to house fish and grow plants.. . ... Aq Corporation

09/17/15 / #20150260152

Floating tower frame for ocean current turbine system

The present invention provides a floating tower frame for an ocean current turbine system comprising multiple rotors, which is designed to generate electrical power or high pressure seawater for reverse osmosis or fresh water production from steady (gyre) or tidal currents. Turbines are mounted near the base of a plurality of floating towers held in parallel between a horizontal truss structure above water and a horizontal wing at the base of the towers, below the surface. ... Aq Corporation

09/17/15 / #20150260148

Floating, yawing spar current/tidal turbine

The present invention describes a floating yawing spar buoy current/tidal turbine. The spar includes a spreader above the rotor(s) with the spreader tips connected to fore and aft cable yokes that transition to opposing mooring lines connected to anchors on the seabed. ... Aq Corporation

09/17/15 / #20150259218

Filtration units, filtration systems, and filtration methods

The present invention relates generally to fluid filtration, such as, for example, filtration systems and units (and components thereof) and filtration methods.. . ... Aq Corporation

09/10/15 / #20150256813

System and method for 3d reconstruction using multiple multi-channel cameras

A method for three-dimensional reconstruction of a scene includes: controlling a projection source to emit invisible light toward the scene; while the projection source is emitting light: controlling a first multi-channel image sensor to capture a first image, the first multi-channel image sensor including visible light detecting pixels and invisible light detecting pixels, the first image including a first invisible light channel and a first visible light channel; controlling a second multi-channel image sensor to capture a second image substantially simultaneously as the capture of the first image, the second multi-channel image sensor including visible light detecting pixels and invisible light detecting pixels, the second image including a second invisible light channel and a second visible light channel; performing stereo analysis of the first image and the second image in accordance with the invisible light channels and the visible light channels to generate a depth map.. . ... Aq Corporation

09/10/15 / #20150254722

Nfc-enabled apparatus for providing contents

An nfc-enabled apparatus for providing contents is disclosed. The apparatus includes a display, a near field communication (nfc) module and a data module control for supplying contents to the display and for supplying data corresponding to the display to the nfc module for making them available for nfc transmission to an nfc-enabled mobile terminal.. ... Aq Corporation

09/03/15 / #20150246829

System for reducing contaminants from a photoelectrocatalytic oxidization apparatus through polarity reversal and method of operation

A new and distinct cultivar of nymphaea water lily plant characterized by its purple flowers, growth habit, rhizome, and cold hardiness.. . Systems, apparatus and methods for facilitating identification and/or acquisition of an access point are provided. Methods can include transmitting or receiving access point information (“api”) indicative of an identification of the access point (“ap”). Embodiments of the present disclosure relate devices, systems, methods, and for displaying information about the direction and magnitude of position, movement, and/or resistive force experienced for an object. The present disclosure also provides a shear display device that can generate skin shear with one or more tactors, each moving in a two- or three-dimensional space. A new and distinct cultivar of schlumbergera truncata (haworth) moran hybr. Plant named ‘pkmsch105’, characterized by its dense growth habit and white colored flowers. A new and distinct cultivar of schlumbergera truncata (haworth) moran hybr. Plant named ‘pkmsch104’, characterized by its dense growth habit and white colored flowers. A new and distinct cultivar of schlumbergera truncata (haworth) moran hybr. Plant named ‘pkmschl03’, characterized by its dense growth habit and intense orange-colored flowers.. This invention relates to a new and distinct everbearing variety of raspberry plant named ‘ps-3218’. The new variety is primarily adapted to the growing conditions of the central coast of california and is characterized by the following: medium to small sized fruit of light red coloration. A power supply device according to one embodiment is configured to control a lighting of semiconductor light-emitting elements, wherein a dimming signal is canceled during a predetermined time period (t) from a timing immediately after power-on, so as to light on light-emitting diodes to have a predetermined light amount, for example, a minimum light amount. After an elapse of the predetermined time period (t), cancellation of the dimming signal is released to light on the light-emitting diodes to have a light amount instructed by the dimming signal.. A dry powder inhaler may include a powder storage, an inlet channel, a dispersion chamber, and an outlet channel. A geometry of the inhaler may be such that a flow profile is generated within the dispersion chamber that causes an actuator to oscillate, enabling the actuator when oscillating to deaggregate powdered medicament within the dispersion chamber to be aerosolized and entrained by the air and delivered to a patient through the outlet channel.. The invention relates to novel polyalkylene glycol compounds and methods of using them. In particular, compounds comprising a novel polyethylene glycol conjugate are used alone, or in combination with antiviral agents to treat a viral infection, such as chronic hepatitis c.. Dithiol compounds and derivatives thereof are disclosed. The agents are useful for treating ocular disease, especially presbyopia and cataract.. A method for classifying articles comprising magnetocalorically active material according to magnetic transition temperature comprises providing a source of articles to be classified, the source comprising articles comprising magnetocalorically active materials having differing magnetic transition temperatures, sequentially applying a magnetic field at differing temperatures to the source, the magnetic field being sufficient to exert a magnetic force on the source that is greater than the inertia of a fraction of the articles causing the fraction of the articles to move and produce an article fraction, and collecting the article fraction at each temperature to provide a plurality of separate article fractions of differing magnetic transition temperature, thus classifying the articles comprising magnetocalorically active material according to magnetic transition temperature.. . The present disclosure is directed at a method and apparatus for generating a metric for use in any one or more of lock detection, snr estimation, and modulation classification. To generate the metric, an input angle in the form of a symbol phase or a difference in symbol phases is used to evaluate a base function. A method of fabricating a one crystalline phase lithium silicate glass ceramic and the manufacture of machinable blocks for dental appliances using a cad/cam device. The resulting glass ceramic contains a thermodynamically stable lithium silicate crystal through each of the steps of the process due to its specific material formulation.. A device and method for interacting with a display using an accelerometer sensitive to tilt about two perpendicular axes and a third signal having a magnitude responsive to user input. The device and method allow a user to change a characteristic of an object on the display by converting pitch information, roll information, and a linear dimension into cartesian coordinates for use by the display.. A transmission assembly for an agricultural vehicle comprises a first transmission unit, a second transmission unit coupled to the first and a third transmission unit coupled to the second. The second transmission unit comprises an input shaft, an output shaft and two countershafts, the input shaft drives the countershafts and the countershafts drive the output shaft. A combustion chamber is provided within an internal combustion engine, the chamber bounded by a cylinder bore, a primary end, and a secondary end. The secondary end reciprocates between a tdc position nearest the primary end and a bdc position. A foot support structure for an article of footwear or other foot-receiving device may include a first foot support portion disposed in a first orientation and a second foot support portion disposed in a second orientation different than the first orientation. A twist portion may extend continuously from the first foot support portion to the second foot support portion and twist from the first orientation to the second orientation a common face of the foot support member may extend over at least part of the first foot support portion, at least part of the second foot support portion and the twist portion.. User interface for external power source, recharger, for an implantable medical device. At least some of patient controls and display icons of an energy transfer unit are common with at least some of the patient controls and the display icons of a patient control unit. The present invention relates to methods and compounds for regulating or enhancing erythropoiesis and iron metabolism, and for treating or preventing iron deficiency and anemia of chronic disease.. . The present invention relates to a dispersible nonwoven fabric comprising pulp and solvent spun cellulosic fibers, characterized in that the solvent spun cellulosic fibers are fibrillated. Furthermore the invention concerns the use of the fabric in dry wipes and wet wipes.. A wireless apparatus including a machine-to-machine (m2m) device. The m2m device has an applications processing element, rf transceive elements, and a deep sleep controller. Acid concentrates, and dialysate compositions prepared therefrom, contain citric acid and an effective amount of a buffering agent selected from acetate and/or lactate. The buffering agent allows a physiologically acceptable amount of citrate to maintain the desired ph of the dialysate.. A new and distinct apricot variety is described. The variety results from selection among a population of seedlings derived from controlled crossing of the varieties ‘bhart’ (not patented), marketed as orangered™ and ‘late moorpark’ (not patented). Compositions having antimicrobial activity contain surface functionalized particles comprising a copper salt which has low water solubility. The compositions may be added to the articles of manufacture to provide antimicrobial properties. A system and method for operating a photoelectrocatalytic oxidation assembly for removing fouling from components is provided. The method includes the steps of resetting a first counter, increasing the first counter by a first channel increment value, and determining if the value in the first counter exceeds a value corresponding to the number of channels provided in the photoelectrocatalytic oxidation assembly. ... Aq Corporation

08/27/15 / #20150244186

Power supply device

A power supply device comprises: a fuel cell configured to generate electric power by causing an oxidation reaction between a fuel and an oxidant; a rechargeable battery that is chargeable and dischargeable; a temperature detection unit configured to detect a temperature of the rechargeable battery; an output unit configured to externally output electric power; and a control unit configured to be capable of controlling at least one electric power of an input power to be inputted to the rechargeable battery from the fuel cell and an output power to be outputted from the rechargeable battery, based on a detected temperature detected by the temperature detection unit.. . ... Aq Corporation

08/27/15 / #20150240195

Ethanol production, use, and waste recovery using aquatic plants

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for ethanol production, use, and waste recovery using aquatic plants. In certain embodiments, systems and methods are disclosed for reuse and further processing of waste alcohols, sugars, organic acids and/or byproducts produced by conversion of corn, other grains, or other biomass materials of use in biofuel production methods.. ... Aq Corporation

08/27/15 / #20150238858

Web-based game platform with mobile device motion sensor input

A distributed gaming platform is provided wherein mobile devices (e.g., a smartphone) with motion sensors are used as input controllers of a game. A cloud-based gaming rules engine manages multiple players and the content for display in the game. ... Aq Corporation

08/27/15 / #20150238527

Vitamin supplement compositions for injection

The embodiments relate to improved vitamin supplement compositions formulated for administration to patients, particularly improved vitamin compositions formulated for use in cosmetic or therapeutic applications. The compositions may be used to slow aging process and promote wellness including treating a vitamin deficiency, skin conditions, improving skin appearance, wound healing and scar prevention and hair loss.. ... Aq Corporation

08/27/15 / #20150237836

Cleaning device

A cleaning device for cleaning the back side of a panel with a control member and a cleaning member, which is separate from the control member and which has a base member and two blades disposed thereon. The control member and the cleaning member interact magnetically through the panel, so that the cleaning member disposed on the back side of the panel can be guided along the panel while pressing the cleaning edges of both blades on the back side of the panel by means of the control member disposed in a manner corresponding to it on the front side of the panel. ... Aq Corporation

08/20/15 / #20150232348

Water desalination and brine volume reduction process

The present invention is an improved thermal evaporation process capable of economically producing fresh water from a high saline water. The process employs the use of a multiphase pump with a compressor for injection of hot air into a brine stream. ... Aq Corporation

08/20/15 / #20150231477

Method and system to analyze sports motions using motion sensors of a mobile device

A method and system to analyze sports motions using the motion sensors of a mobile device, such as a smart phone, is provided. This method uses the mobile device motion sensor output to define the impact point with a virtual object, such as a golf ball, baseball or tennis ball. ... Aq Corporation

08/13/15 / #20150224502

Flow-through cartridge-based system for collecting and processing samples from water

A compact flow-through water collection and processing device includes a configurable fluidic path through multiple flow-through sampling cartridges connected to a distribution valve ring. Simultaneous parallel and/or serial flow paths may be controllably selected, allowing the cartridges in the flow paths to collect material suspended or dissolved in the water flowing through the flow path.. ... Aq Corporation

07/23/15 / #20150202667

Cleansing system and method for drinking containers

A cleaner inserts into an unsanitary drinking container to clean the container. The cleaner comprises a cleaning at least one abrasive exterior surface or brush on said cleaner. ... Aq Corporation

07/16/15 / #20150197952

Automated swimming pool cleaner having and angled jet drive propulsion system

A self-propelled cleaning apparatus for cleaning a submerged surface of a pool or tank includes a housing having a front portion as defined by the direction of movement of the apparatus when propelled by a water jet, an opposing rear portion and adjoining side portions defining the periphery of the apparatus, and a baseplate with at least one water inlet. Rotationally-mounted supports are coupled proximate the front and rear portions of the housing to enable movement of the apparatus over the submerged surface. ... Aq Corporation

07/16/15 / #20150197951

Automated swimming pool cleaner having and angled jet drive propulsion system

A self-propelled cleaning apparatus for cleaning a submerged surface of a pool or tank includes a housing having a front portion as defined by the direction of movement of the apparatus when propelled by a water jet, an opposing rear portion and adjoining side portions defining the periphery of the apparatus, and a baseplate with at least one water inlet. Rotationally-mounted supports are coupled proximate the front and rear portions of the housing to enable movement of the apparatus over the submerged surface. ... Aq Corporation

07/16/15 / #20150197320

Collapsible carrying case for surfboards

A collapsible case for carrying one or more surfboards is provided. The collapsible carrying case includes a first panel and a second panel, each of the panels having foldable edges. ... Aq Corporation

07/16/15 / #20150196880

Low energy vortex liquid treatment systems and methods

A method comprises steps for (a) providing a liquid in a container; (b) flowing a gas to a volume within the liquid, wherein the volume is at least partially submerged in the liquid; and (c) repeatedly increasing and decreasing the volume, wherein the cycles of increasing and decreasing generates a pulsed aerated flow, wherein at least one of the pulsed aerated flow is released within the container and the pulsed aerated flow is released outside the container.. . ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150195443

Systems and methods for real-time view-synthesis in a multi-camera setup

A video transmitting system includes: a display configured to display an image in a first direction; cameras including: a first camera adjacent a first edge of the display; and a second camera adjacent a second edge of the display, at least a portion of the display being proximal a convex hull that includes the first camera and the second camera, the first camera and the second camera having substantially overlapping fields of view encompassing the first direction; and an image processor to: receive a position of a virtual camera relative to the cameras substantially within the convex hull and substantially on the display, the virtual camera having a field of view encompassing the first direction; receive raw images captured by the cameras at substantially the same time; and generate processed image data from the raw images for synthesizing a view in accordance with the position of the virtual camera.. . ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150194031

Digital swimmer safety system

A digital swimmer safety system has a programmable radio communications device, such as a smart phone, in communication with a personal radio transmitter on a swimmer. The communications device established a digital connection with the radio transmitter and starts a timer if the signal is lost. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150192991

Systems and methods for implementing head tracking based graphical user interfaces (gui) that incorporate gesture reactive interface objects

Embodiments in accordance with this invention disclose systems and methods for implementing head tracking based graphical user interfaces that incorporate gesture reactive interface objects. The disclosed embodiments perform a method in which a gui includes interface objects is rendered and displayed. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150191927

Swimming pool cleaner with dirt detection system

A swimming pool cleaner comprising a housing (1, 2), drive means (4, 41), a water inlet (11), a water outlet (12), a filter (20) and a pump (3), arranged so that, in a first operation mode of the swimming pool cleaner, the pump (3) displaces water from said inlet (11) to said outlet (12) through said filter (20), so that debris entering with the water is retained in a first part of said filter (20). A dirt sensor (6) is provided to trigger switching between at least two cleaning programs.. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150191926

Swimming pool cleaner with backwash system

A swimming pool cleaner comprising a housing (1, 2), drive means (4, 41), a water inlet (11), a water outlet (12), a filter (20) and a pump (3), arranged so that, in a first operation mode of the swimming pool cleaner, the pump (3) displaces water from said inlet (11) to said outlet (12) through said filter (20), so that debris entering with the water is retained in a first part of said filter (20). The swimming pool cleaner is configured so that in a second operation mode, debris is displaced from said first part to a second part of the filter. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150191661

Systems and methods for removing sulfer and halogens

Provided herein are systems and methods for removing halogens and sulfur from used oil. The used oil is heated and aerated, followed by rapid vaporization and cooling. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150191382

Systems and methods for waste treatment

Systems and methods for aerobically processing waste, in which an aerobic bioreactor is in selective fluid communication with a source of oxygen-rich liquid medium. The aerobic bioreactor is configured for aerobically processing waste via bacteria fixed on media to provide processed effluent from the waste. ... Aq Corporation

07/09/15 / #20150191228

Unitary security accessory for a surfboard

Provided herein are improvements in surfboard security.. . ... Aq Corporation

07/02/15 / #20150187572

Interlayer design for epitaxial growth of semiconductor layers

An interlayer structure that, in one implementation, includes a combination of an amorphous or nano-crystalline seed-layer, and one or more metallic layers, deposited on the seed layer, with the fcc, hcp or bcc crystal structure is used to epitaxially orient a semiconductor layer on top of non-single-crystal substrates. In some implementations, this interlayer structure is used to establish epitaxial growth of multiple semiconductor layers, combinations of semiconductor and oxide layers, combinations of semiconductor and metal layers and combination of semiconductor, oxide and metal layers. ... Aq Corporation

07/02/15 / #20150185728

Methods and approaches for fabricating low-cost rotating biological aquarium water filter systems

Methods and processes for manufacturing components for a biological aquarium water filter system include using dxf files through cad/cam technology to quickly and inexpensively machine planer parts components for a biological aquarium water filter system, said dxf files including x-dimension and y-dimension geometries and geometries selected from the group consisting of slots, holes, and countersunk holes.. . ... Aq Corporation

06/25/15 / #20150179868

Chalcogenide-based photovoltaic devices and methods of manufacturing the same

In one example embodiment, a method includes sputtering one or more absorber layers over a substrate. In a particular embodiment, the substrate is pre-heated to a substrate temperature of at least approximately 300 degrees celsius prior to the sputtering and during the sputtering of each of one or more of the absorber layers, and the sputtering of at least one of the absorber layers is performed in a sputtering atmosphere having a pressure of at least 0.5 pascals. ... Aq Corporation

06/25/15 / #20150176142

Dual diaphragm electrolysis cell assembly and method for generating a cleaning solution without any salt residues and simultaneously generating a sanitizing solution having a predetermined level of available free chlorine and ph

An electrolysis cell assembly to produce diluted sodium hydroxide solutions naoh and diluted hypochlorous acid hocl solutions having cleaning and sanitizing properties. The electrolysis cell consists of two insulating end pieces for a cylindrical electrolysis cell comprising at least two cylindrical electrodes with two cylindrical ion selective membranes arranged co-axially between them. ... Aq Corporation

06/25/15 / #20150175494

Persistent, targeted, optimized, soil amendment composition and method

A material for optimizing and maintaining at least one of water, nutrients, biocides, and other protectant or growth supporting chemicals in natural soils by decreasing leaching, evaporation, and volatility through application of agglomerated granules (prills) formed of engineered hydrating particles, a binder, nutrients, and protectants to the soil. Typical application is by applying prills simultaneously with seeds when drilled, broadcast, or otherwise distributed.. ... Aq Corporation

06/25/15 / #20150175445

Method and appliance for treating water

A process of treating water includes a membrane separation stage and a deionization stage separating raw water into a first concentrate stream and permeate stream, the first concentrate stream is separated at least in part into a second concentrate stream and permeate stream, the first permeate stream is fed into a diluate chamber from which it exits again as a product stream, the second permeate stream is fed into a downstream electrodeionization appliance from which it exits as a third concentrate stream, and the second and the third concentrate streams are degassed and added to the raw water stream before the stream is fed into the membrane separation stage.. . ... Aq Corporation

06/18/15 / #20150171991

Flexible data transmission scheme adaptive to communication channel quality

Methods and apparatus for transferring data along a link with a 10 gbase-t transceiver at a variable data rate are disclosed. One exemplary method includes detecting a link quality metric; and selecting a symbol transmission rate and a data modulation scheme based on the detected link quality metric. ... Aq Corporation

06/18/15 / #20150165871

Vehicle heating apparatus and system and method of doing the same

An auxiliary or supplemental vehicle heating system that operates on natural gas or propane is provided for use with a vehicle engine having a liquid cooling/heating circuit. A propane- or natural gas-fired burner supplies heat during the operation or non-operation of the engine and the heat produced is used to supply heat to the engine, passenger compartment(s), mobile work areas, cargo containers and in the case of natural gas vehicles, provide heat to the on-board fuel system regulator. ... Aq Corporation

06/11/15 / #20150160076

Temperature measuring apparatus

The present invention discloses an improved temperature measuring apparatus, which at least comprises a temperature measurement device and a mobile electronic part. The temperature measurement device is provided with a temperature sensing unit, a signal processing unit and a first transmission unit. ... Aq Corporation

06/11/15 / #20150159765

Sanitary fitting having a fitting housing and a control unit

There is proposed a water fitting having a fitting housing, having a water outlet commonly assigned to at least two water inlets, wherein at least two parallelly guided water lines are provided between one or more water inlets and the common water outlet, and wherein, in the parallelly guided water lines, there is provided in each case one control element for opening and closing the water flow path, which water fitting can be used in a flexible manner for the greatest possible number of sanitary applications, for example in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming facilities, sauna facilities, toilet facilities, abattoirs or the like, both in (semi-) public and also private areas. This is achieved according to the invention in that, when a control element in one of the parallel water lines is open, the one or more further control elements in the one or more further parallel water lines are closed.. ... Aq Corporation

06/11/15 / #20150158662

Method and apparatus for flushing eyes and skin

An apparatus and method for flushing or rinsing the skin and eyes by which an aqueous fluid consisting essentially of water is sprayed onto the skin and/or eyes for a time sufficient to remove contaminants on or in the skin or eyes.. . ... Aq Corporation

06/04/15 / #20150155551

Composite anode structure for aqueous electrolyte energy storage and device containing same

An anode electrode for an energy storage device includes both an ion intercalation material and a pseudocapacitive material. The ion intercalation material may be a nasicon material, such as nati2(po4)3 and the pseudocapacitive material may be an activated carbon material. ... Aq Corporation

06/04/15 / #20150152621

Mounting system and method

A mounting system comprises a base and a mounting structure for mounting to the base, wherein one of the base and the mounting structure comprises a bearing comprising a resiliently deformable member and having a bearing surface, the other of the base and the mounting structure comprises a further bearing surface for engagement with the bearing surface of the bearing, and the bearing is configured so that shear stress of the deformable member when the mounting structure is mounted to the base biases the bearing surface towards the further bearing surface.. . ... Aq Corporation

06/04/15 / #20150150412

Cleaning capsule

The invention relates to a container, in particular a capsule, for insertion into the receiving space for disposable containers or into the capsule receiving receptacle of a beverage machine, in particular of a coffee machine, in which disposable containers or disposable packages, in particular in the form of a capsule containing coffee, tea, chocolate, milk or milk powder, flavors, concentrates or other beverage base materials, are used. It is characterized in that the container includes a cleaning agent for cleaning at least part of the beverage machine.. ... Aq Corporation

05/28/15 / #20150150151

Method of growing shellfish

A method of growing shellfish is disclosed. The method comprises obtaining a support tray (i) with recesses (7) where at least some of the recesses (7) incorporate means adapted to create a deliberately formed alphanumeric, written or pictorial mark on the shellfish as it grows. ... Aq Corporation

05/28/15 / #20150147628

Aqueous electrolyte energy storage device

An electrochemical device including a housing and a stack of electrochemical cells in the housing. Each electrochemical cell includes an anode electrode, a cathode electrode, a separator located between the anode electrode and the cathode electrode and an electrolyte. ... Aq Corporation

05/28/15 / #20150144553

Hollow fiber module having tfc-aquaporin modified membranes

The present invention relates to a hollow fiber (hf) module having fibers modified with a thin film composite (tfc) layer comprising aquaporin water channels.. . ... Aq Corporation

05/28/15 / #20150143746

Hydration maintenance apparatus and method

A material may include a substrate, such as sand, treated with a binder, for securing a layer of hydrating particles thereto. Typical binders may include lignicite, or other naturally occurring materials such as sugars, molasses, corn syrup, gelatin, water, a combination, or the like. ... Aq Corporation

05/21/15 / #20150140724

Deposition of photovoltaic thin films by plasma spray deposition

In particular embodiments, a method is described for depositing thin films, such as those used in forming a photovoltaic cell or device. In a particular embodiment, the method includes providing a substrate suitable for use in a photovoltaic device and plasma spraying one or more layers over the substrate, the grain size of the grains in each of the one or more layers being at least approximately two times greater than the thickness of the respective layer.. ... Aq Corporation

05/21/15 / #20150139964

Body fluid expanders comprising n-substituted aminosulfonic acid buffers

A buffered body fluid expander solution, in which the buffer is a physiologically acceptable buffer that is not an inorganic phosphate buffer, comprises calcium ions and magnesium ions at a concentration ratio of 5:1 to 1:1. The solutions are useful for the manufacture of medicaments and blood volume expanders, for treating hypovolemia or for treating the loss of extracellular and interstitial fluid in subjects suffering with burns, for treating respiratory and/or metabolic acidosis in a subject, for perfusion of the abdominal cavity during peritoneal dialysis of a subject with acute renal failure or an acute toxicity condition, for preventing and/or ameliorating reperfusion injury, and for delivering a therapeutic, test and/or synergistic agent to a subject, including a biological agent, such as at least one stem cell, peptide or genomic derived protein.. ... Aq Corporation

05/21/15 / #20150136629

Smart temperature conservation container

A smart temperature conservation container comprises a container main body, a cover body, at least a display unit, a temperature sensor, a controller and a power supply module. A containing space of the container main body is provided for containing liquid. ... Aq Corporation

05/21/15 / #20150136267

Single stream discharge drain hose assembly

A drain hose assembly comprises an articulated extendable flexible hose having a plurality of articulating sections, the flexible hose further includes a first end configured to couple to a sink drain, a u-bend pipe integrally coupled to a second end of the articulated extendable flexible hose configured to couple to a drain pipe, and a first slip nut fastener operable to securely fasten the first end to the sink drain, and a second slip nut fastener operable to securely fasten the second end to the drain pipe.. . ... Aq Corporation

05/07/15 / #20150127463

System for providing advertisement information

A system for providing advertisement information is disclosed. The system includes a display device, at least one near field communication (nfc) antenna and a control for controlling the display device for displaying advertisement contents and nfc antenna for providing data related to the advertisement contents displayed on the display device. ... Aq Corporation

05/07/15 / #20150126114

Apparatus and method for controlling functions of a mobile phone using near field communication (nfc) technology

Disclosed herein is an apparatus for controlling certain functions of a mobile terminal using near field communication (nfc) technology. The apparatus includes an nfc chip module, a base band chip, and a usim card. ... Aq Corporation

05/07/15 / #20150121751

Seed-delivered, soil-amendment method and composition

A material for assisting in at least one of germination, protection, hydration, and thriving of seeds and the plants originating therefrom treats a seed with a tackifier or binder, such as corn syrup or the like, which secures a layer of hydrating polymer particles thereto. Nutrients, protectants, and the like may be absorbed in the polymer before or after coating of a seed thereby. ... Aq Corporation

04/23/15 / #20150113185

Multi-tag operating system and operating method thereof

Disclosed are a multi-tag operation system and an multi-tag operation method. The present invention can transmit a format of ndef data through one tagging operation and thereby can be utilized as an efficient transmission method compared with the transmission of tag data through several tagging operations by providing a multi-tag terminal including: an input/output unit for outputting a plurality of tag data lists and receiving selection commands of tag data to be transmitted; a memory unit for storing the plurality of tag-data lists; a multi-tag operation control unit for securing a plurality of divided data sections in a data section of ndef data, and recording the tag data selected from the input/output unit in the divided data areas; and an nfc antenna unit for transmitting/receiving the ndef data to/from the outside.. ... Aq Corporation

04/23/15 / #20150111447

Weed-trimmer outboard motor

Weed-trimmer outboard motor attachment has a lower shaft housing with a proximal coupling to correspondingly mate and engage a distal mid-shaft coupling of an upper part of a motorized weed-trimming device having a motor and a shaft that rotate a number of rotations per minute when operating; a distal termination thereto, which includes a propeller; and a rotation speed reduction unit to reduce a number of rotations of the propeller in relation to the number of rotations of the motor of the motorized weed-trimming device. The attachment can be assembled with the weed-trimming device to provide an outboard motor. ... Aq Corporation

04/16/15 / #20150101988

Water remediation and biosolids collection system and associated methods

A system and method for remediating a body of water and collecting suspended and dissolved solids therefrom are provided. The system includes a water-impervious lining positionable in a depression in or adjacent a body of water. ... Aq Corporation

04/09/15 / #20150099035

Omega-3 fatty acid enhanced ddgs for aquaculture feeds

The present invention describes fermentation methods for producing animal feeds enriched with omega-3 fatty acids from cellulosic feedstock.. . ... Aq Corporation

04/02/15 / #20150094234

Method for characterizing and/or determining samples

This invention relates to a method for characterizing and/or determining a samples, particularly in the aid of lanthanide(iii) ions and ligands including an aromatic structure and 2-5 chelating heteroatoms. The invention relates also to an array for characterizing and/or determining a samples utilizing the properties of lanthanide(iii) chelates.. ... Aq Corporation

04/02/15 / #20150093486

Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration and methods for using the same

Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration as well as methods for using the same. The present invention relates to a nozzle and nozzle device for atomisation, in particular a micro-machined reinforced nozzle plate, that may produce small liquid droplets in air (spray) or into a liquid (emulsion) with a narrow droplet size distribution and to make small air bubbles into a liquid (foam) and to methods of making the same. ... Aq Corporation

03/26/15 / #20150089453

Systems and methods for interacting with a projected user interface

. . A system and method for providing a 3d gesture based interaction system for a projected 3d user interface is disclosed. A user interface display is projected onto a user surface. ... Aq Corporation

03/26/15 / #20150086843

High voltage battery composed of anode limited electrochemical cells

An electrochemical storage device including a plurality of electrochemical cells connected electrically in series. Each cell includes an anode electrode, a cathode electrode and an aqueous electrolyte. ... Aq Corporation

03/26/15 / #20150083166

Accumulated residue removal from carriers used in a water treatment system

A water treatment system including an enclosure for water to be treated, a multiplicity of biomass carriers located within the enclosure, at least one airlift in the enclosure for raising the water and the biomass carriers and at least one mechanical biomass carrier accumulated residue removal apparatus operative to remove accumulated residue from the biomass carriers.. . ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150081038

Femoral prosthesis usable in water environment and method for manufacturing such prosthesis

A prosthetic device for a lower limb of a user is provided which includes a femoral leg component, a foot component and a cover component which are water compatible. The cover component includes one or more hollow sleeves defining one or more cavities in communication with a cavity provided in the foot component. ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150076072

High-capacity anion exchange materials

The present disclosure is directed to polymeric beads, methods of making the beads, and methods of using the beads as high-capacity anion exchange materials. In particular, the disclosure provides polymeric beads comprising a cross-linked polyamine and having a crush strength of about 250 g/bead or more. ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150076002

Apparatus and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein

The present disclosure is generally directed to devices and methods of treating aqueous solutions to help remove or otherwise reduce levels, concentrations or amounts of one or more contaminants. The present disclosure relates to a method of which includes the application of a constant current or a pulse width modulation duty cycle to at least one counterelectrode (e.g. ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150075967

System for processing water and generating electricity, rankine

A distilling device having a vapor compression distiller. The vapor compression distiller can include a reservoir for receiving liquid for distillation. ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150075024

Multiple product belt drier for drying pasty and/or powdery materials, particularly for drying sludges from treatment plants or biomass

A multiple product belt drier having a first air permeable conveyor belt on which the materials to be dried are poured to form a first drying path; at least a second air permeable conveyor belt to assure at least a second drying path for drying the materials after the first one; an air blowing mechanism; an air heating mechanism for heating the blown air to dry the materials, and a drying air distribution circuit for distributing the drying air towards the materials and the belts; the drying air circuit being provided so that the drying air circulates downwards through the materials to be dried and the belts, and an air reheating mechanism is provided between the two paths to reheat the air which has passed through the layer of materials on the first belt, before it passes through the layer of materials on the second belt.. . ... Aq Corporation

03/19/15 / #20150074894

Toilet controls

Controls for use in association with the main tank of a toilet include a container which is disposed in the main tank and holds a body of water. A float is movable in the container to expel water from the container and effect operation of an inlet valve from a closed condition to an open condition. ... Aq Corporation

03/05/15 / #20150062004

Method and system enabling natural user interface gestures with an electronic system

An electronic device coupleable to a display screen includes a camera system that acquires optical data of a user comfortably gesturing in a user-customizable interaction zone having a z0 plane, while controlling operation of the device. Subtle gestures include hand movements commenced in a dynamically resizable and relocatable interaction zone. ... Aq Corporation

03/05/15 / #20150062003

Method and system enabling natural user interface gestures with user wearable glasses

User wearable eye glasses include a pair of two-dimensional cameras that optically acquire information for user gestures made with an unadorned user object in an interaction zone responsive to viewing displayed imagery, with which the user can interact. Glasses systems intelligently signal process and map acquired optical information to rapidly ascertain a sparse (x,y,z) set of locations adequate to identify user gestures. ... Aq Corporation

03/05/15 / #20150060569

Spray gun

A spray gun includes a handle and a spray head mounted to each other for forming a hollow main body. A switching assembly is mounted in the main body between the handle and the spray head for controlling the operating type of the spray gun. ... Aq Corporation

03/05/15 / #20150060340

Aquarium filtration system

A filtration system and filtration unit are disclosed herein. The filtration system can include an aquarium and the filtration unit. ... Aq Corporation

03/05/15 / #20150059074

Overflow warning device dye clip

The present invention relates to a device for housing a dye tablet that is capable of acting as a visual warning device to liquid overflow in liquid containers, particularly toilet cisterns. The device may be affixed to the overflow pipe by means of a clip attachment or through integration with the overflow pipe upon creation. ... Aq Corporation

02/26/15 / #20150057591

Methods for intraocular shunt placement

Intraocular pressure can be reduced by insertion of an intraocular shunt in the eye such that it forms a drainage pathway between the anterior chamber and a region of lower pressure. A hollow shaft can be advanced through the anterior chamber with the hollow shaft (a) having a beveled tip at a distal end of the hollow shaft and (b) holding an intraocular shunt with a proximal end of the shunt within the hollow shaft. ... Aq Corporation

02/26/15 / #20150057153

Methods and compositions for treating pollution

This invention relates to compositions and methods for improving water quality by enhancing natural bacterial processes and altering environmental conditions in situ. This is achieved by the manufacture and use of granules or tables composed of the inventive formulations.. ... Aq Corporation

02/26/15 / #20150057082

Method and system to create three-dimensional mapping in a two-dimensional game

Natural three-dimensional (xw,yw,zw,tw) gesture player interaction with a two-dimensional game application rendered on a two or three dimensional display includes mapping acquired (xw,yw,zw,tw) gesture data to virtual game-world (xv,yv,zv,tv) coordinates or vice versa, and scaling if needed. The game application is caused to render at least one image on the display responsive to the mapped and scaled (xw,yw,zw) data, where the display and game interaction is rendered from the player's perception viewpoint. ... Aq Corporation

02/19/15 / #20150051169

Water-based personal moisturizers and lubricants, in particular vaginal lubricants, and uses thereof

There is a need for water-based sperm- and egg-friendly vaginal lubricant. We describe novel water-based nature-friendly personal moisturizers and lubricants that relive vaginal dryness. ... Aq Corporation

02/19/15 / #20150051135

Fluid based on water which is electrolytically treated in at least one electrolysis cell and use of the same as a cleaning and/or disinfection agent

A method for producing a cleaning and/or disinfecting water-based fluid, containing at least one cleaning and/or disinfecting substance with oxidative effect, characterized in that at least one fat-dissolving and/or lime-dissolving substance is added to the water in a dosing of, in total, at least 0.1 g/l of water, at least one salt from the group of citrates, acetates, tartrates or formates is used as lime-dissolving substance, at least one c14-c18 carboxylic acid or a sulfonate or a hydroxide is used as fat-dissolving substance, wherein the water is electrolyzed in an electrolysis cell having at least one diamond electrode.. . ... Aq Corporation

02/12/15 / #20150045777

Tissue ablation and cautery with optical energy carried in fluid stream

Methods and systems for modifying tissue use a pressurized fluid stream carrying coherent light energy. The methods and systems may be used for resecting and debulking soft and hard biological tissues. ... Aq Corporation

02/12/15 / #20150045714

Intrascleral shunt placement

Glaucoma can be treated by implanting an intraocular shunt into an eye. The eye has an anterior chamber and sclera. ... Aq Corporation

02/12/15 / #20150044356

Solid state fermentation systems and process for producing high-quality protein concentrate and lipids

The present invention describes a bio-based process to produce high quality protein concentrate (hqpc) and lipids by converting plant derived materials into bioavailable protein and lipids via solid state fermentation (ssf) and hybrid-ssf, including the use of such hqpc and lipids so produced as nutrients, including use as a fish meal replacement in aquaculture diets. Also disclosed is a ssf reactor and method of using the reactor.. ... Aq Corporation

02/12/15 / #20150041409

Reactive treatment cell and systems for environmental remediation

Reactive treatment cells (rtcs) are described in combination with sediment capping systems as a means for environmental remediation. Rtcs include an impermeable housing defining an interior, a permeable ceiling and floor typically including filtration materials such as geotextiles, and at least one interior compartment for treatment reagents. ... Aq Corporation

02/05/15 / #20150035717

Folded near field communication antenna

. . Provided is an antenna structure which is capable of having sufficient antenna performance even in an antenna having a small cross-sectional area. The antenna of the present invention comprises: a ferrite sheet; and an antenna sheet (flexible printed circuit board) which has a spiral loop antenna pattern. ... Aq Corporation

02/05/15 / #20150034098

Air filtration mask with opening front cover

Disclosed is an air filtration mask formed from individual connectable components namely a base member, a filter holder member, a filter member, and an optional decorative mask cover member. The base member employs studs which allow the filter holding member to securely attach to the base member by means of holes in latches located around the rim of the filter holder member. ... Aq Corporation

01/29/15 / #20150027960

Apparatus and methods for sequential treatments of process flows

A purification apparatus comprising a filtration unit comprising filtration screens, a disinfection unit comprising a source of disinfecting light and a passage for filtrate from the filtration unit to the disinfection unit. The filtration unit may be selected from at least one static drum, at least one rotating drum, and at least one filter pack. ... Aq Corporation

01/29/15 / #20150027879

System and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein

The present disclosure is generally directed to point of service devices and methods of treating aqueous solutions to help remove or otherwise reduce levels, concentrations or amounts of one or more contaminants. The present disclosure relates to a system including an apparatus including a substantially self-contained housing or container which is adapted to receive components including at least one counterelectrode (e.g. ... Aq Corporation

01/22/15 / #20150021919

Multi-megawatt ocean current energy extraction device

An underwater apparatus for generating electric power from ocean currents and deep water tides. A submersible platform including two or more power pods, each having a rotor with fixed-pitch blades, with drivetrains housed in pressure vessels that are connected by a transverse structure providing buoyancy, which can be a wing depressor, hydrofoil, truss, or faired tube. ... Aq Corporation

01/15/15 / #20150019307

Mobile advertising

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for mobile advertising. One of the methods includes receiving from a user of a mobile device an indication of a response of the user to a presentation of content on the mobile device. ... Aq Corporation

01/15/15 / #20150013725

Tube lancing machine

A pair of parallel metal lances is driven by a transversal drive into and out of heat exchanger tubes. The lances are supported by a plurality of spaced apart, retractable door supports so that the transversal drive mechanism can approach the tube sheet of the heat exchanger tubes as closely as possible. ... Aq Corporation

01/08/15 / #20150012580

Waiting ticket operation system and method

Provided is a waiting ticket operating system, comprising a user nfc terminal for storing and displaying waiting ticket information; a waiting ticket server for generating the waiting ticket information depending on the user nfc terminal's request and transmitting a waiting status to the user nfc terminal at regular intervals as the numerical order is updated; and a smart branch installed at a predetermined position and linked with the waiting ticket server to supply updated waiting ticket information, whereby it is advantageous that the number of a waiting ticket and the information about a waiting status are received and displayed in the user's mobile terminal, using a wireless communication network, so that the availability of the mobile terminal can be improved, and when a waiting time increases, other simple necessary affairs can be conducted, thereby enabling the user to conveniently use the mobile terminal.. . ... Aq Corporation

01/08/15 / #20150011926

Intraocular devices

Glaucoma can be treated by implanting an intraocular shunt into the eye. Such procedures can employ various deployment devices, shunts, and implantation techniques.. ... Aq Corporation

01/01/15 / #20150005689

Intraocular shunt implantation

Implanting an intraocular shunt into an eye can involve creating an opening in the cornea and positioning a shunt in the anterior chamber of the eye such that the shunt terminates between layers of tenon's capsule, thereby facilitating fluid flow out of the anterior chamber into a space between the layers of tenon's capsule.. . ... Aq Corporation

01/01/15 / #20150004206

Microparticles comprising pcl and uses thereof

The invention relates to a process for preparing pcl-comprising microparticles, to microparticles obtainable by said process, to gel hence obtained and to several uses of the gel such as for the preparation of a medicament for treating a skin abnormality or disfigurement, and/or for controlling bladder function and/or controlling gastric reflux and/or for treating erectile dysfunction and/or for treating vocal cords. The gel may also be used for cosmetic applications.. ... Aq Corporation

01/01/15 / #20150000914

Method and apparatus for recycling water

We provide an evaporation based zero-liquid discharge method for generation of steam for enhanced oil recovery (eor) processes utilizing once-through steam generators (otsgs). The method includes feeding the otsg(s) with produced water, vaporizing a fraction of this water for steam injection and blowing down the balance of the water. ... Aq Corporation

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