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Recent patent applications related to Aro Inc. Aro Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Aro Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Aro Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Wickless fragrance delivery methods and systems

Systems and methods herein provide wickless fragrance delivery. In embodiments, fragrance aroma chemicals are delivered from a fragrance oil containing pod or cartridge by applying direct heat to said pod. ... Aro Inc

Distillation apparatus for extraction of essential oils and hydrosols from plant matter within a capsule

The present invention is directed to a modular distillation system incorporating a removable capsule for containing source material for extraction. Through the action of the invention, the steam distillation process described herein produces a substantially larger amount of volatile oil than a distillation system that does not use an enclosed, modular system. ... Aro Inc

Dc bus ripple reduction

An electrical motor system and a method for operating the electrical motor system are disclosed. The electrical motor system comprises a direct current (dc) source, a filter connected in parallel with the dc source and an electric motor with at least two sets of windings. ... Aro Inc

Process for the reinforcement of blocks of stone material

A process for reinforcing blocks of stone material, in particular extracted from a quarry, comprises the following operative steps: preparing a block of stone material to be treated on a mobile carriage; spreading on said block a layer or film of suitable resin by means of spraying; stretching over the entire surface of the said resin block a reinforcing fabric or fibre layer; and removing the so reinforced block from said carriage after a preset time.. . ... Aro Inc

Novel composition of nigella sativaseeds to treat anxiety, stress and sleep disorders with significant memory enhancement properties and a process for producing the same

. . The present invention relates to novel black cumin extract compositions and a green process for making the composition. The black cumin extract composition of the invention can be used to treat anxiety, sleep and stress disorders along with significant effect on memory enhancement. ... Aro Inc

Methods, systems and apparatuses for torsional stabilization

Methods, systems and apparatuses are provided for torsionally stabilizing a spinal motion segment. One or more implants are placed between two vertebrae to provide torsional stabilization. ... Aro Inc

Crenolanib for treating flt3 mutated proliferative disorders associated mutations

The present invention includes methods for treating a flt3 mutated proliferative disorder comprising: measuring expression of a mutated flt3 and one or more genetic abnormalities in a sample obtained from a tumor sample obtained from the patient, wherein the presence of the one or more genetic abnormalities indicates that the patient has a poor prognosis; and administering to the patient a therapeutically effective amount of crenolanib or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the crenolanib increases a chance of survival of the patient having both the mutated flt3 and the one or more genetic abnormalities, wherein the crenolanib, as shown below, is administered to a subject suffering from said disorder:. . ... Aro Inc

Chamber for pulsed electric field generation

The present invention describes a pef (pulsed electric field) chamber, said pef chamber 1 comprising a tube 2 with two open ends 3, 4 having attachment means 5, 6 enabling the pef chamber 1 to be a plug-in device, wherein the tube 2 has a length l from one open end 3 to the other open end 4 and an inner width iw from one side of the tube to the other side of the tube in a cross section being perpendicular to the length l thereof, wherein the tube 2 has a geometrical narrowing of the inner width iw somewhere along the length l of the tube 2, and wherein the pef chamber 1 comprises a grid 9 of an insulating material being arranged at the geometrical narrowing or electrode units 7, 8 being arranged opposite each other at the geometrical narrowing of the inner width iw along the length l of the tube 2. The plug-in feature of the present invention renders the pef chamber to function as an 1 attachable and disposable pef chamber.. ... Aro Inc

Calendaring location-based events and associated travel

A user interface for an electronic calendar represents different locations or different users or different user calendars in different portions of the display. Calendar entries can be associated with one or more locations, one or more users, and with one or more user calendars. ... Aro Inc

Spray quantity adjustable foam/liquid dual-purpose distribution device

A spray quantity adjustable foam/liquid dual-purpose distribution device includes a gas compressor, a first control valve, a liquid accumulator, a second control valve, and a foam generation device that are connected to each other. The gas compressor compresses gas to generate the pressurized gas that is fed into the first control valve to be further supplied into the liquid accumulator or the foam generation device. ... Aro Inc

Nose pad for medicinal application

Disclosed herein are aromatherapy delivery systems, methods of their use and preparation as well as aromatherapy delivery system kits. The aromatherapy delivery systems depicted herein are suitable for medicinal applications, such as the treatment of common human ailments.. ... Aro Inc

Disposable gas diffusion device

A disposable gas diffusion device includes a gas supply device, which includes therein a gas inlet device, which includes a coupling section, and a compression element. The coupling section includes therein a gas conveyance hole. ... Aro Inc

An efficient process for the synthesis of cyclic amides

Disclosed herein is an efficient, economical, industrially advantageous, straight-through process for the preparation of cyclic amides, also referred as lactams, in substantially pure form and high yield, from the corresponding cyclic ketones and a hydroxylammonium salt, using a combination of amphoteric metal oxide or amphoteric masked metal oxide and a base.. . ... Aro Inc

Composition for amelioration of peri- and post- menopausal symptoms and a process for producing the same

The present invention provides a nutraceutical composition, a process for the preparation of the nutraceutical composition useful for amelioration of pen- and post-menopausal symptoms in women. The nutraceutical composition is stable, directly compressible, water soluble, free flowing form having particle size not more than 2.0 μm comprising extract of trigonella foenum-graecum, at least one bioavailable form of magnesium and vitamin e. ... Aro Inc

03/15/18 / #20180071880

Tool for polishing and/or lapping stone material surfaces

A tool (u) for polishing and/or lapping stone material surfaces, comprising a member (1) made of abrasive material, a support member (2) for handling said tool (u), a cushioning layer (3) arranged between said abrasive member (1) and said support member (2); also provided are attachment and fixing means (f) to firmly and removably secure said abrasive member (1), support member (2) and cushioning layer (3) to each other.. . ... Aro Inc

03/08/18 / #20180064294

Foam soap dispenser

A foam soap dispenser includes a motor, stirring unit, pump and container, where the motor is combined with and linked to the stirring unit and pump; an output tube is configured on the front end of the stirring unit; the pump has an elastic sleeve body, first and second tubes, where the second tube is in communication with the container inside which soap liquid is filled. The motor drives the stirring unit and pump to operate simultaneously after the motor is started, an elastic sleeve body of the pump is operated by the motor to contract and expand, allowing the second tube to extract the soap liquid from the container to the pump, and the soap liquid is then delivered to the stirring unit through the first tube. ... Aro Inc

02/15/18 / #20180042858

Non-bleeding bioactive natural pigments which prevent color and dust explosions, method of preparation thereof

. . A non-bleeding curcumin (nbc) which eliminate the problems of color bleeding, color leaching, color staining and dusting during the industrial processing of curcumin and its methods of preparation is disclosed in the invention. The invention also provides a water based process of preparation of food grade non-bleeding curcumin which is free of synthetic excipients.. ... Aro Inc

02/01/18 / #20180029406

Process for the production of stone material manufactured articles

Process for the realization of manufactured articles in stone material, characterized by comprising the following steps of: providing a block or flat sheet of said stone material, and gluing a support in a flexible material on a surface of said sheet, carrying out the cutting or sectioning of said sheet to obtain a laminated panel with a determined minimum thickness, carrying out the winding of the mentioned laminated panel on a roll or similar curved surface to obtain the crushing of said panel into irregular chunks or parts; carrying out the impregnation or spreading on said crushed panel with polymeric materials or thermosetting resins; recomposing the planarity of said impregnated panel thus obtained.. . ... Aro Inc

01/25/18 / #20180022012

Machine for thermoforming and method for thermoforming

A thermoforming machine and a thermoforming method are provided, in particular for producing capsules for obtaining beverages. The capsules (c) are produced from a film (f) of thermoformable material by thermoforming one or more predefined portions (x) of the film. ... Aro Inc

01/18/18 / #20180016520

Grass scent formulations and uses thereof

A scenting concentrate and a formulation containing same, which imparts a long-lasting grass scent, is disclosed. Methods and systems utilizing the formulation for imparting a grass scent to a substrate such as artificial grass are also disclosed.. ... Aro Inc

01/18/18 / #20180015081

Crenolanib for treating flt3 mutated proliferative disorders

The present invention relates to the use of crenolanib, in a pharmaceutically acceptable salt form for the treatment of flt3 mutated proliferative disorders driven by constitutively activated mutant flt3, and to a method of treatment of warm-blooded animals, preferably humans, in which a therapeutically effective dose of crenolanib is administered to an animal suffering from said disease or condition:. . ... Aro Inc

12/21/17 / #20170360981

System and method for releasing flavor

A system for releasing flavor is disclosed. The system comprises: a plurality of compartments adapted to receive a respective plurality of capsules, each capsule containing therein a flavor material; a dispenser system configured for dispensing into an environment a fluid obtained from at least one flavor material; and a controller configured for receiving data pertaining to a selection of at least two of the compartments and for signaling the dispenser system to dispense fluids obtained from flavor materials contained in capsules of the selected compartments.. ... Aro Inc

12/21/17 / #20170360979

System and method for releasing edible material

A system for releasing edible material is disclosed. The system comprises: a plurality of compartments adapted to receive a respective plurality of capsules, each capsule containing therein an edible material; a dispenser system configured for dispensing into an environment a fluid obtained from at least one edible material; and a controller configured for receiving data pertaining to a selection of at least two of the compartments and for signaling the dispenser system to dispense fluids obtained from edible materials contained in capsules of the selected compartments.. ... Aro Inc

12/21/17 / #20170360544

Laminated tissue graft product

A tissue graft comprising two or more layers of material wherein each layer comprises extracellular matrix (ecm) or polymeric material and wherein the layers are laminated together by interlocking portions of one layer with portions of another layer. In one embodiment, a tissue graft comprises a first layer of material having multiple lugs and a second layer of material having multiple holes, each lug of the first layer being located through a hole in the second layer, the holes and the lugs having dimensions so that the lugs engage with a surface of the second layer and interlock the first layer with the second layer. ... Aro Inc

12/07/17 / #20170351168

Spontaneous pop-up display device

The present invention provides an improved collapsible display device. The improved collapsible display device has a housing member having a moveable member on the exterior of said housing and said moveable member is moveable between two positions, a collapsible screen capable of displaying an image when in an extended position, and multiple extendible members connected to said screen and rotatably connected to both said moveable member and said housing, and said moveable member moves said screen between the collapsed and extended operating positions as said moveable member moves between a first position and a second position.. ... Aro Inc

12/07/17 / #20170349566

An efficient process for the synthesis of alkoxy substituted benzaldehydes

The present invention relates to the synthesis of alkoxy substituted benzaldehydes obtained from the corresponding alkoxy substituted benzenes. Alkoxy substituted benzaldehydes are products of broad commercial interest and are used as end products and intermediates in flavor and fragrance applications and pharmaceutical ingredients. ... Aro Inc

11/23/17 / #20170337456

Display device

A display device includes a screen. The screen is arranged to display a modifying barcode having a plurality of modifying parallel bars. ... Aro Inc

11/23/17 / #20170337407

Method for displaying barcode on active barcode display and electronic device of the same

The disclosure provides a method for displaying a barcode. The method includes: utilizing an electronic device to obtain information; and displaying a barcode on an active barcode display according to the information; wherein when displaying the barcode on the active barcode display of the electronic device, a contrast ratio of black and white bar codes in the barcode is greater than about 30%. ... Aro Inc

09/28/17 / #20170275085

System for obtaining beverages and method for producing same

A system for producing beverages comprising a capsule fixed to a reinforcement element, for example a reinforcement ring or a container that encloses the capsule, and a method for producing such a system for obtaining beverages. The reinforcement element comprises an upper annular edge to which the lid of the capsule is fixed. ... Aro Inc

08/24/17 / #20170242004

Biosensor for detecting smell, scent, and taste

The invention relates to biosensors for detecting odorants, especially a biosensor that mimics odorant detection by a mammal, for example, humans, dogs or cats. The field of the invention also related to the standardization of odors for scent, smell and taste using the biosensor of the invention, and the discovery of agonists, antagonists, and mixtures of odorants for creating new odors, masking odors, enhancing odors, and designing odors.. ... Aro Inc

08/17/17 / #20170233181

Underwater energy storage system and power station powered therewith

An underwater energy storage system includes a tank for storing a compressed gas that is adapted to be stored underwater. The tank includes at least one water opening through which water from surrounding environment can flow into and out of the tank, and at least one gas opening through which the compressed gas is received. ... Aro Inc

08/17/17 / #20170231335

Adjustable bracelet

A bracelet having an adjustable clasp portion. The bracelet includes a clasp portion defining a first end, a hook portion having a hook defining a second end, and a band portion between the clasp portion and the hook portion. ... Aro Inc

07/13/17 / #20170199159

Odor detection system, odor identification device, and odor identification method

Embodiments provide an odor identification system including an operation array unit including at least two or more sensors which interact with odor causative substances included in an odor factor of a gas sample, a sensor data processing unit processing data obtained by interaction with the odor factor in the operation array unit, an odor factor information storing unit storing information of the odor factor and the interaction pattern information of the odor factor in advance, and a pattern identification unit identifying the odor factor on the basis of an interaction pattern while referring to the pattern processed by the sensor data processing unit and the information of the odor factor information storing unit, and collating the interaction pattern with the known odor information, wherein the odor of the object to be measured is contained.. . ... Aro Inc

05/11/17 / #20170128612

Atomiser system

An atomiser system (2) comprising a fragrance cartridge (4) and a docking housing (6) in which the fragrance cartridge (4) is installed. The fragrance cartridge (4) comprising a bottle (8) for holding a liquid fragrance (10) therein; a wick (48) extending down into the bottle (8); a piezo disc (76) for atomising the liquid fragrance 10 received from the wick (48); and an adjustable cap (98) by which a user activates the cartridge (4), bringing the liquid fragrance (10) into contact with a certain portion of the wick (48).. ... Aro Inc

05/04/17 / #20170124995

Foldable floor stand for guitar

A foldable floor stand for guitar, comprises supporting rods, whose top ends are intermeshed, and aluminum tubes connecting with bottom ends of the supporting rods to support a guitar; two plastic engagers are set on top of the supporting rods, a rotatable pad apparatus contacting with guitar surface is arranged on side of the plastic engager supporting the guitar. Due to adopting a pad apparatus to make the plastic supporting panel and back face of the guitar contact in surface, frictions are increased and placements of a guitar or other music instruments onto the stand are more stable, more secure, harder to slide and fall. ... Aro Inc

05/04/17 / #20170122492

Modular decoration hanging system

Adjustable, modular systems for suspending objects from multiple points distributed along a span include a track and a plurality of hangers that can be coupled to the track, loaded with an object, and driven along the track, the coupling, loading and driving all accomplished from a limited portion of the full span.. . ... Aro Inc

03/23/17 / #20170082252

T-bar lighting assembly

A lighting assembly is provided which comprises a light fixture in combination with a support grid such as a drop ceiling t-bar. The light fixture can be configured to use a t-bar as the main form of support. ... Aro Inc

03/09/17 / #20170067900

Predicting cancer progression

Method of determining a likelihood of cancer relapse in a subject who has completed cancer tumor surgery, radiotherapy treatment and/or chemotherapy treatment comprises contacting an antibody that binds specifically to a serum form of thymidine kinase 1 (stk1) protein with a blood serum sample one to six months after completing the surgery and/or treatment, and before any cancer relapse has been detected; determining an amount of antibody binding to stk1 protein in the sample; correlating the amount of antibody binding to stk1 protein to a concentration of stk1 protein in the sample; and based on the concentration of stk1 protein in the sample, generating decision support information representative of a likelihood of cancer relapse in the subject one to ten years after completion of the surgery and/or treatment, the decision support information comprising a likelihood value defining one of a high or low likelihood of cancer relapse.. . ... Aro Inc

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