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Autoliv Development Ab patents

Recent patent applications related to Autoliv Development Ab. Autoliv Development Ab is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Autoliv Development Ab may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Autoliv Development Ab, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Side airbag device for rear seat

A side airbag device for a rear seat relating to the technique of the present disclosure includes: an airbag module that is provided at an interior of a side garnish that is disposed between a vehicle body side portion and a vehicle transverse direction outer side of a seatback of a rear seat; a tubular flow regulating cloth that is provided at an interior of a side airbag of the airbag module, at a periphery of an inflator; and an airbag door that is provided at the side garnish, and that has a hinge portion and a tear portion at a periphery thereof, and that is pushed by the tubular flow regulating cloth when gas is generated from the inflator, wherein the tubular flow regulating cloth has openings at both ends thereof, and has exhaust holes in a peripheral wall thereof.. . ... Autoliv Development Ab

 new patent  Illuminated safety belt buckle for a safety belt device of a motor vehicle

An illuminated belt buckle for a seat belt device of a motor vehicle including a housing (1), a push button (2) displaceable in the housing (1), an insertion slot (12) delimited by an edge section (23) of the housing (1) and the push button (2) for insertion of a belt tongue that can be locked in the belt buckle, and at least one light-emitting surface (13,14). The light-emitting surface (13,14) having a linear contour, the shape of which matches the shaping of a laterally positioned edge side (24) of the push button (2) when viewed toward the insertion slot (12).. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Vehicle occupant protection device

A side air bag device restraining an occupant at the early stage of the deployment. A seat back has a side support part bulging in a vehicle forward direction at a side part in a vehicle width direction. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Seatbelt retractor

A power transmission mechanism (19) for transmitting power from a motor (34) to a spindle (12) having a clutch housing (50), a pawl (41) engageable with the clutch housing (50), a gear wheel (57) which holds the pawl (41) and rotates with the rotation of the motor (34), an outer gear cover (26), and a friction ring (42) engaging with the pawl (41) and held on the outer gear cover (26) by frictional force. The friction ring (42) is provided with a protruding portion (42a) which engages with an engagement groove (41b) of the pawl (41), and a plurality of contact pieces (42b) in contact with an outer peripheral surface of a small diameter ring portion (26c) of the outer gear cover (26) and press radially against the outer peripheral surface towards an inner side the friction ring can be easily coupled to the outer gear cover.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Airbag assembly and vehicle seat provided with airbag assembly

The present disclosure relates to an airbag assembly and a vehicle seat comprising the airbag assembly. The airbag assembly is adapted to be mounted at a side of a vehicle front seat away from its neighboring vehicle door, and includes a folded airbag adapted to be inflated with gas and to be connected to a backrest frame of the vehicle front seat; and a tether for controlling deployment of the airbag. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Igniter case

A method of manufacturing a metallic case of a pyrotechnical igniter having a wall with at least one weak zone and an inner surface in the case with at least one part facing this at least one weak zone includes positioning the case on a matrix having a plane zone. The method further includes striking the wall with at least one punch so as to, in a single movement of striking, deform at least the part of the inner surface facing this at least one weak zone and having at least one initially curved-in zone in order to bring it on the plane zone and to form in this manner a plane inner surface, and to form the at least one weak zone.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Front airbag for vehicles

A front airbag for vehicles including an airbag cushion may include a rear panel located at the side of a steering wheel and a front panel located at the side of a passenger and having a shape corresponding to the shape of the rear panel, the rear panel and the front panel provided with protruding supports formed at both sides of the lower end portions thereof, a first tether connecting the central part of the front panel, corresponding to a loading position of the passenger's head, to an airbag housing, and second tethers connecting the lower end portion of the front panel, corresponding to a loading position of the passenger's chest, to the airbag housing and having a shorter length than that of the first tether.. . ... Autoliv Development Ab

An airbag unit for a motor vehicle safety device and a related method of packaging an airbag

An airbag unit for a motor vehicle safety device includes an inflatable airbag formed of flexible material and provided in a rolled and/or folded package. The inflatable airbag is held under compression by a cover extending around at least part of the package. ... Autoliv Development Ab

An fmcw vehicle radar system

A vehicle radar system having a signal generator (13) that generates a fmcw chirp signal (4) with a plurality of frequency ramps (r) running between a first frequency (fstart) and a second frequency (fstop). At the second frequency (fstop), the signal generator (13) is controlled to output an output signal (4) with an output frequency (fout) for initializing a further frequency ramp (r′) using a frequency control signal (31) corresponding to a desired frequency (39) with an initial desired frequency part (39a) and at least one further desired frequency part (39b). ... Autoliv Development Ab

A vehicle radar system

A vehicle radar system including at least one transceiver arrangement (52) that is arranged to generate and transmit a least one fmcw chirp signal (4a, 4b). Each chirp signal (4a, 4b) includes a corresponding plurality of frequency ramps (r1, r2). ... Autoliv Development Ab

Steering wheel unit, airbag module, and steering wheel body

A steering wheel unit (10) for a motor vehicle having, a steering wheel body (12), an airbag module (20) accommodated in a hub region of the steering wheel body (12), which includes a housing (22), an inflator connected to the housing (22), and an airbag (29) folded into the housing (22), and at least three axial positioning units which define the axial position of the housing (22) when not pressed down with respect to the steering wheel body (12). Each of the three axial positioning units include an axial positioning element (40) connected on the module side to the housing (22), or an axial positioning element connected to the steering wheel body on the steering wheel body side, wherein the positioning element features a metal support unit (42). ... Autoliv Development Ab

Buckle for seatbelt device

A buckle in a seatbelt apparatus includes a buckle stay 20, a buckle base 10 coupled to the buckle stay so as to be able to tilt in a first direction x and to pivot in a second direction y, with respect to the buckle stay 20, and an elastic member that returns the buckle base 10 tilted in the first direction x and the buckle base 10 pivoted in the second direction y to an original position. A support shaft 30 has a pair of arm portions 32 provided at an upper portion 31 of the support shaft 30 and extending in a lateral direction. ... Autoliv Development Ab

Air bag device

A side airbag apparatus which allows a reduced amount of base fabric and, enables gas to flow efficiently inside the cushion. An inflator (110) supplies gas, a cushion (104) in which base fabrics are formed into a bag shape and inflates and deploys to protect an occupant (118) during a vehicle emergency, a base fabric joint portion (120) which is provided to join main panels 108a and 108b of the cushion (104) in a linear manner and partitions the cushion (104) into a rear chamber (114), a front chamber (116), and an opening (123) provided midway along the base fabric joint portion (120). ... Autoliv Development Ab

Air-bag device

An airbag device capable of restraining an occupant in a stable position even upon an oblique collision and lowering an injury value related to the occupant. The airbag device (100) includes a main bag (112) inflated and deployed in front of a passenger seat (104) in the vehicle, a center bag (114) inflated and deployed on the inner side of the main bag (112) in the vehicle width direction, and upper side joining means (120) that is provided above a valley (128) formed between the main bag (112) and the center bag (114) and that joins the center bag (114) to the main bag (112) for a prescribed range in the vehicle front-back direction.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/08/18 / #20180065583

Air bag device

An airbag apparatus which is capable of restraining an occupant in a stable position even during an oblique collision, and which is capable of suppressing an injury value of the occupant. An airbag apparatus 100 restrains an occupant 132 of a vehicle. ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/01/18 / #20180056918

Airbag module and vehicle

A knee airbag module for a motor vehicle. The airbag module has a housing which is preferably composed of plastic and has a housing base (12) and a wall extending from the housing base (12), forming an outlet opening. ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/01/18 / #20180056914

Wheel of vehicle

A vehicle steering wheel includes a base part such as a frame, at least one added part such as a safety module, at least one centring part, and a regulating device for regulating a position of the added part on the base part. The regulating device includes at least one stud, and at least one impression. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/22/18 / #20180050653

Curtain airbag device

A cover member (18) is formed of a pliable fabric material having a plurality of polymer fibers, and is configured to maintain the shape of the airbag by mutual fusion of at least part of the polymer fibers. The cover member (18) is configured to have a high stiffness portion (25) of higher stiffness than other portions of the cover member, as a result of partial overlaying of the pliable fabric material in more folds than at other portions.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/22/18 / #20180050652

Curtain airbag for vehicle

A curtain airbag apparatus includes a series of main chambers formed to flatways cover an inner side structure of the vehicle upon inflation; and a head receiving region formed at a front portion of the curtain airbag concavely upwardly in a length direction of the vehicle to receive a head of an occupant when the head of the occupant comes into contact with a driver seat airbag and slide in front and lateral directions of the vehicle in an inflated state of the driver seat airbag.. . ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/15/18 / #20180043858

Belt retractor for a seatbelt device

A seat belt retractor for a seat belt device for a vehicle with a belt shaft that is rotatably supported in a belt retractor frame, and a blocking device with a locking catch. A sensor device (2) is provided with a first blocking lever (5) which actuates the locking device based on vehicle deceleration via movement of a first blocking lever (5). ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/15/18 / #20180043853

Airbag apparatus

An airbag apparatus capable of protecting an occupant by restraining movement of the occupant in an obliquely forward direction and towards a far side during a collision. A far side airbag apparatus (102), which is an airbag apparatus, deploys between a driver seat (106) and a front passenger seat (108) arranged side by side in a vehicle width direction of a vehicle cabin (100). ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/25/18 / #20180022307

Frontal airbag, frontal airbag module and motor vehicle

A frontal airbag (10) having an outer skin (12) enclosing a gas space (g). The outer skin (12) forming an impact area (14) in front a vehicle occupant (p) and extends horizontally in a first direction (y) and in a second perpendicular direction (z′) when the airbag (10) is fully deployed. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/18/18 / #20180015902

Air bag device

An airbag device capable of avoiding interference between a cushion and a structure at an upper part of a vehicle interior. An airbag device (100) provided in a vehicle having a prescribed structure (152) such as a rearview mirror suspended from an upper part of a vehicle interior includes a cushion (108) inflated and deployed into a bag shape to restrain an occupant of a seat from a front side, and an avoidance-shaped part (154) provided at an upper part of the cushion (108) to avoid contact between the inflated and deployed cushion (108) and the structure (152), and the avoidance-shaped part (154) is recessed downward over a range between positions at prescribed distances from the structure (152) in vehicle forward and backward directions, respectively.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/11/18 / #20180014413

An electronic control unit

An electronic control unit (1) having a housing (2) containing a circuit board (5). The housing (2) includes a base (3) and a cover (4) between which the circuit board (5) is located, and the unit being characterised in that the base (3) and the cover (4) are connected to one another via interference fit interengagement around at least a major part of a peripheral edge (20) of the cover (4).. ... Autoliv Development Ab

11/30/17 / #20170341621

Belt webbing for safety belt device and safety belt device

. . A belt webbing for a safety belt device of a motor vehicle, the belt webbing being wider in a first section than in a second section relative to its longitudinal direction.. . ... Autoliv Development Ab

11/30/17 / #20170341574

Method for generating a horn actuation signal using a load cell for a steering wheel and related apparatus

A method and an apparatus for generating a horn actuation signal. A load cell is placed inside a steering wheel, which changes its resistance when being stressed or deformed by a force transmitting part of the steering wheel. ... Autoliv Development Ab

11/16/17 / #20170327073

Curtain air-bag device

A curtain airbag device capable of preventing a cushion from damaging a front pillar trim or being caught by the front pillar trim upon deployed. A cushion 102 of a curtain airbag device 100 is inflated and deployed at a side wall of a vehicle interior to restrain an occupant. ... Autoliv Development Ab

11/09/17 / #20170320459

Airbag housing for an airbag module

An airbag housing with a receiving space for a gas generator and an airbag, wherein the receiving space is confined at least by a bottom, side walls, and end walls connecting the side walls, and wherein a fastening section projects from at least one of the walls enabling the airbag housing to be fastened to a vehicle. The bottom, the side walls, the end walls, and the fastening section are formed from a single sheet metal blank.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

10/26/17 / #20170305375

Sensor handover

A vehicle safety system including a detection system and a related method. The detection system is arranged to detect objects and includes at least two detectors. ... Autoliv Development Ab

09/14/17 / #20170259779

Seat belt retractor

A switching mechanism (100) in a force limiter mechanism of a seat belt retractor including: a locking mechanism including a locking element (68) that locks a torque tube (64) with respect to a spindle (61) so that the torque tube (64) rotates together with the spindle (61) and a spindle ring (70); a switch ring (120) rotatable to unlock the locking mechanism; and a switch housing (101) that stores the switch ring (120), a switch piston (115) adapted to activate the switch ring (120). A switching gas generator (116) generates gas for pushing out the switch piston (115) upon activation of the switching mechanism. ... Autoliv Development Ab

09/14/17 / #20170259778

Height adjusting device

A height adjustment device for a belt deflector having a guide rail (10) which has a c-shaped cross section with a base (11) and two side limbs (13) which project in the same direction from the base (11), a carriage (20) which is guided in the guide rail (10) such that it can be displaced and fixed, and a return spring (70) which is fastened to the carriage (20) and is guided within the guide rail (10). At least one of the side limbs (13) having at least one spacer element (15) for spacing the return spring (70) away from the side limb (13).. ... Autoliv Development Ab

09/14/17 / #20170259774

Vehicle occupant restraint device

An occupant restraining device capable of coping with a plurality of collision directions without additional airbags is provided. An occupant restraining device (100) is adapted to restrain an occupant p sitting in a vehicle seat (110), and the device includes a seatbelt (120) fixed to left and right sides of a seat cushion (116) of the seat to restrain the occupant's hips (p2), airbags (130a) and (130b) stored inside a seat back of the seat on the left and right sides thereof and inflated and deployed on the left and right sides of the occupant. ... Autoliv Development Ab

09/14/17 / #20170259773

Cover element for an airbag module, and airbag module having such a cover element

A cover element (10) for an airbag unit having a stationary section, a first flap (14), and a second flap (20), wherein the first flap (14) is connected to the stationary section by at least one first hinge (31), and the second flap (20) by at least one second hinge (32). The two flaps (14, 20) are connected to each other by a tear connection (35). ... Autoliv Development Ab

08/03/17 / #20170217397

Airbag apparatus

An airbag device capable of restraining a motor vehicle occupant in a stable position even in an oblique collision. The airbag device includes a bag-shaped main bag inflated and deployed on a vehicle front side of the passenger seat, a bag-shaped center bag inflated and deployed on the inner side of the main bag in the vehicle widthwise direction, and a slit that provides a separation between the main bag and the center bag on the vehicle rear side. ... Autoliv Development Ab

07/27/17 / #20170210328

Knee protection apparatus in a motor vehicle and knee air bag module for use in such a knee protection apparatus

A knee air bag apparatus having a housing (10) disposed in or adjoining a lower region of an instrument panel (i) extending from front to rear having an outlet opening (16). An inflator and a knee air bag (30) are mounted in the housing (10) in the initial state, and in an expanded state deploys in front of the instrument panel (i). ... Autoliv Development Ab

07/13/17 / #20170197579

Side airbag device

A side airbag device having a plurality of chambers. The side airbag 100 includes: an inflator 110; a rear chamber 114 which deploys at a side part 108 of a seat back 106 and a middle restraining part 122 that protrudes toward the front of a vehicle and a main part 120 at a rear side. ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/29/17 / #20170182973

Seat belt retractor with a velocity-controlled load limiting device

A seat belt retractor includes a belt shaft pivot-mounted in a retractor frame, wherein the belt shaft shows an at least two-part design with a first and a second part. A load limiting device includes at least two parts, which can be moved relative to each other and have teeth, with which they alternately engage and disengage. ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/29/17 / #20170182972

Belt buckle for a safety belt system

A belt buckle (1) for a seatbelt system including a spring-loaded lock mechanism (3) having a securing pin (2) for locking a belt tongue (5) inserted into a buckle housing (4), a pushbutton (7), a frame (6) which is displaceably guided on the buckle housing (4) under spring effect to impact upon the lock mechanism (3) for unlocking of the belt buckle (1). In the frame (6) a recess (9) including at least one contact region (8) is formed for guiding and/or retaining the securing pin (2) contacting the contact region (8) upon an actuation of the belt buckle (1). ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/15/17 / #20170167515

Connecting element for securing two half-shells of a belt buckle

A connecting element (30) for fixation of two half-shells (10, 20) of a buckle cover (5) for a seat belt buckle. The connecting element (30) includes two externally profiled end-sections, an anchoring section (21) that is mounted to a first half-shell (20), with a fastening section (11) adjoining a separation section (15), the connecting element (30) is connected to the half-shell (20) in a material-bonded or interference-fit manner and the fastening section (11) is connected in a friction- and interference-fit manner to the additional half-shell (10). ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/15/17 / #20170166156

Automobile steering wheel

A steering wheel of a vehicle includes a steering wheel armature made of metal, a steering wheel rear cover made of plastic, and an airbag module. The steering wheel rear cover is located on a bottom of the steering wheel armature and the airbag module is mounted above the steering wheel armature. ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/08/17 / #20170158156

Airbag device

An airbag device configured such that, inflator gas is less likely to leak outside from an insertion hole formed on a cushion and into which the inflator is inserted during assembly of the airbag device. The airbag device 100 includes: a bag-shaped cushion 108 which deploys using gas supplied from inflator 110; an insertion hole 112 formed on the cushion and through which the inflator is inserted; and a covering part 120 provided on an inner side of the cushion and covers the insertion hole. ... Autoliv Development Ab

06/01/17 / #20170151925

Side curtain airbag for vehicle

A side curtain airbag for a vehicle includes a serial main chamber that inflates and deploys along an interior side surface of the vehicle; a protruding chamber disposed at a front side of the main chamber to further protrude toward an interior of the vehicle relative to the main chamber; and a cutting line arranged between the main chamber and the protruding chamber to partially separate the protruding chamber from the main chamber such that the protruding chamber overlaps with a portion of the main chamber upon non-inflation of the airbag. In this configuration, upon a vehicle collision, the head portion of the occupant is prevented early from being ejected toward the front of the vehicle.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

05/18/17 / #20170136984

Filter for a gas generator

A filter for a pyrotechnical gas generator includes a filtering material and a protection screen. The protection screen forms at least one sealed loop arranged so as to surround at least a part of a charge of propergol of the pyrotechnical gas generator in such a manner as to protect this at least one part of the filtering material from a pressure wave from the ignition of the propergol charge.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

05/11/17 / #20170129446

Side airbag device

A side airbag device 1 having a tensioned tether 5 is attached to an outer surface of the airbag 2 on a side facing an occupant. The tether 5 has a shape with a front edge 5a vertical length a longer than a rear edge 5b vertical length. ... Autoliv Development Ab

05/11/17 / #20170129439

Airbag device

An airbag device for restraining an occupant even during an oblique collision and suppressing head injury values. An airbag device 100 includes: a passenger bag 112 which deploys on a front side of a passenger seat 104; a center bag 114 which deploys on an inner side in a vehicle width direction; a slit 128 which separates the passenger bag 112 and the center bag 114 from each other on a vehicle rearward side; and a tether belt 122 which which is connected to a first connecting part 124 on the center bag 114 and a second connecting part 126 on the passenger bag 112. ... Autoliv Development Ab

05/04/17 / #20170120857

Improvements in or relating to air-bags

An air-bag for a motor vehicle is formed from first and second superposed layers of fabric, each woven from a plurality of yarns. The layers of fabric are connected to each other at least partially through interweaving of the yarns of the two layers with each other. ... Autoliv Development Ab

05/04/17 / #20170120856

Air bag device

An airbag device capable of restraining an obliquely forward movement of an occupant. The airbag device includes: an inflator which is operated by a signal from a sensor that detects a collision and which discharges expansion gas; to deploy and expand the airbags. ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/23/17 / #20170080895

Belt buckle having a fastening device for a cable

Belt buckle (1) for a seat belt system. A cable (6) fastens the belt buckle (1) to a vehicle by a fastening device (7) riveted to the buckle housing (3). ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/23/17 / #20170080890

Airbag module with an airbag envelope assembly opening

An airbag module having an airbag casing and at least one installation opening (1) formed in the airbag casing for guiding in at least one part of a gas generator. The airbag casing has at least two layers (2) regionally lying one another, in which differently-oriented incisions are provided that together form the installation opening (1). ... Autoliv Development Ab

03/16/17 / #20170072901

Gas generator

A gas generator includes at least two functional subassemblies and at least two retention parts. The functional subassemblies each have an axis defining an axial direction and at least one outer dimension in a plane normal to the axial direction. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/16/17 / #20170043741

Side airbag apparatus for vehicle

A side airbag (2), for mounting to a seat frame (7) having a support surface (7a) facing a vehicle door. An inflator (6) is stored inside the side airbag near a rear end in a deployment and inflation direction. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/09/17 / #20170036651

A vehicle low pressure brake arrangement

A vehicle braking arrangement includes a braking plate connected to a vehicle by a link arm. The braking plate is movable from a rest position to a braking position where contact is made with the ground, and includes a sealing rim arranged to at least partially contact the ground such that an at least partly enclosed volume is formed. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/09/17 / #20170036639

Airbag device

An airbag device capable of preventing an occupant from contacting a center console and restraining rotation of the occupant head. The airbag includes a first airbag deployed in front of an occupant of a seat to restrain the occupant from moving forward, and a second airbag coupled to a side of the first airbag on a center side of a vehicle interior to restrain the occupant from moving laterally during deployment. ... Autoliv Development Ab

02/02/17 / #20170028954

Airbag device

An airbag device 100 restrains an occupant of a front passenger seat 104 from a front side of the vehicle. The airbag device 100 includes a housing 120 having an opening 132, and a cushion 108 including a main bag 112 inflated and deployed from the housing 120 toward a front side of the front passenger seat 104 and a support bag 114 inflated and deployed from the housing 120 toward a rear side of a center console 116. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/26/17 / #20170021797

Seat belt device

A seat belt device includes a spindle (11) for retracting a seat belt (13), an electric actuator (55), a pre-tensioner (14) and a power transmission mechanism (20), wherein the power transmission mechanism (20) can reversibly switch the connection and disconnection between the electric actuator (55) and the spindle (11) before the pre-tensioner (14) is activated, while when the pre-tensioner (14) is activated. The power transmission mechanism (20) non-reversibly interrupts the connection between the electric actuator (55) and the spindle (11) via an elastic piece (60) when a torque difference between an actuator-side gear (80) and a spindle-side gear (82) becomes larger than a predetermined value.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/26/17 / #20170021794

Vehicular airbag device

A vehicular airbag device capable of improving reduction of an occupant obstruction value during a diagonal collision. A vehicular airbag device opens an airbag door on an instrument panel 2 the outer shape of the airbag when fully deployed and expanded is line-symmetrical with respect to a center line (a line x-x) of the opening in a vehicle left-right width direction, and a width dimension wb in the vehicle width direction at a position of a rear edge 2b of the instrument panel in the vehicle longitudinal direction is greater than a width dimension wc in the vehicle width direction at a position of a center z1 of the opening in the vehicle longitudinal direction which is more forward in the vehicle longitudinal direction than the rear edge position of the instrument panel.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/19/17 / #20170015311

A vehicle control system

A vehicle control system includes: a non-inertial sensor arrangement configured to detect a parameter indicative of a radius of turn for the vehicle that is desired by a driver of the vehicle; a speed detection arrangement operable to detect the forward speed of the vehicle; a friction estimation arrangement, configured to provide an estimated value for the coefficient of friction between at least one tire of the vehicle and a surface over which the vehicle is driven; and a processor connected to receive signals from the non-inertial sensor arrangement, the speed detection arrangement and the friction estimation arrangement.. . ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/19/17 / #20170015287

A vehicle braking arrangement

The present invention relates to a vehicle braking arrangement for a vehicle with wheels contacting the ground during normal running. The vehicle braking arrangement includes an emergency brake control unit, a first emergency braking system including non-reversible braking means arranged to operate independently of the vehicle wheels, at least one acceleration detector, and a wheel brake anti-locking system. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/19/17 / #20170014078

Vehicular airbag device

An occupant information sensing device 100 includes a plurality of heater electrodes that are provided at a vehicle steering wheel 104 and insulated and separated from one another and that generate heat by conduction. Power sources provide electrical current for heater electrodes. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/12/17 / #20170011865

Switch for a seat belt buckle

A switch for a belt buckle of a seatbelt device including at least two contact elements (4, 5) abutting on each other or reaching into abutment on each other in a cavity of the switch, wherein at least one of the contact elements (4, 5) is configured as a movable contact spring. An insertion channel (8) is provided into which a belt tongue, a locking part, an ejector (7) or a part movably coupled with one of these parts is insertable and removable at least with a section during the locking and unlocking movement of the belt tongue. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/12/17 / #20170008497

Vehicle low pressure brake arrangement

A vehicle braking arrangement includes a braking plate and a link arm arranged to connect the braking plate to a vehicle. The braking plate is movable from a rest position to a braking position where contact is made with the ground. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/12/17 / #20170008478

Side curtain airbag for vehicle

A side curtain airbag for a vehicle includes an inner panel facing an interior of the vehicle, an outer panel facing the inner panel, a stopper chamber configured to prevent a head of an occupant seated on the vehicle from being moved toward a front side of the vehicle, a forward chamber arranged at a front side of the stopper chamber, and a rearward chamber arranged at a rear side of the stopper chamber. The forward chamber and the rearward chamber are arranged to be adjacent to each other such that in a non-inflation state of the airbag, a portion in which the stopper chamber is located is folded at least one time to form an overlapped portion.. ... Autoliv Development Ab

01/05/17 / #20170001592

Airbag covering and method for producing same

An airbag covering with a covering element (20) with an upper side and a lower side and at least two axially extending openings (22) from an upper end to a lower end, and with an emblem or design element on the covering element (20). The design element has at least two fastening pins (34) extending in the axial direction from the emblem section (32) through one opening (22). ... Autoliv Development Ab

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