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Systems and methods for controlling, monitoring and automating electronic devices, and systems and methods for generating user interfaces to control, monitor, and automate electronic devices

A system for controlling, monitoring and automating electronic devices comprises a control server that includes a hardware processor configured to centrally control the electronic devices. One of the electronic devices is located at a first location among several locations, and another one of the electronic devices is located at a second location that is separate from the first location. ... Barco Inc

Apparatus and methods for detection and evaluation of failures in a display system

A method and system for carrying out the following steps: in a first step of a method a first image or picture of a display system is captured when the system is operating nominally. In a second step, a second image or picture of the display system is taken. ... Barco Inc

Remote 6p laser projection of 3d cinema content

A 3d laser projection systems and methods are disclosed herein. A laser projection system includes a left projector head and a right projector head, wherein a first video projected onto a movie screen by the left projector head has a first polarization and a second video projected onto the movie screen by the right projector head has a second polarization different from the first polarization. ... Barco Inc

System and technique for tensioned wall of individual led tiles

Support wires can be used to hold up light tiles to provide a lightweight display system or technique.. . ... Barco Inc

Apparatus and method for matching barcodes

A smartphone and its camera are programmed to function as a barcode scanner, and analyzing the data encoded in a barcode, which also is programmed to “learn” a master barcode and then scan product barcodes to determine if a product is being loaded onto the correct shipment. A can choose one of the following modes of operation to start a code match operation: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-some, or box mode.. ... Barco Inc

Systems and methods for an immersion theater environment with dynamic screens

Provided herein are systems and methods to configure an immersive theater environment by moving one or more screens. A movie screen can be provided with one or more actuators coupled to the movie screen, wherein the one or more actuators are configured to move the movie screen in a plurality of directions including, for example, up, down, left, right, back, forward, pitch, roll, and yaw. ... Barco Inc

Theatre light apparatus and method incorporating a plurality of light sources with anti-collision

A theatrical apparatus including a first light source, a second light source and a third light source, a computer memory, and a computer processor. Each of the first, second, and third light sources may have current positions; and each may be configured to be remotely operated by the computer processor executing computer operating software to have its current position changed, independent of the other light sources. ... Barco Inc

Steady color presentation manager

A system and method for separately processing content provided by different applications that is rendered on an attached display. The content is processed based upon the desired display settings that are appropriate for the particular application delivering content to a particular region of the display. ... Barco Inc

Perceptually optimised color calibration method and system

Methods, devices, controllers and systems for color calibration of displays, non-volatile (non-transient) memory, controllers, display devices or display systems including a color calibration transform, operation of such controllers, display devices or systems and software for color calibration of a display are described are described that make use of a color transform having a distribution of color points across a full display gamut (hence optionally preserving full contrast and color saturation in the calibrated display) in an at least substantially perceptually uniform manner suitable for use as a color display calibration adapted for medical applications. A perceptually uniform spread of color points can be in terms of a distance metric such as deltae2000 for color or jnd for gray.. ... Barco Inc

Load leveling apparatus for tiled displays and related methods

An array of display tiles and a load levelling mechanism is described that can be used with the array of display tiles including at least one truss, the at least one truss having at least one first and one second suspension point, from which display tiles can be suspended, further including first and second actuators adapted to modify the vertical position of the at least one first or the at least one second suspension point in a vertical direction, in function of a force applied to the at least one first suspension point and a force applied to the at least one second suspension point.. . ... Barco Inc

Image colour calibration with multiple colour scales

Methods of image calibration and in particular of image calibration having a multiple of colour scales as well as to quantitative imaging such as quantitative medical imaging, or to a display device or to a system for displaying an image, or to a controller of a display, or to software to enable the image calibration, or to a visualization application and a display. The method for processing an image, includes the steps of: —selecting at least one trajectory in a colour space; —defining a transformation which primarily increases perceptual linearity of consecutive points belonging to the at least one trajectory; —applying the transformation to the image. ... Barco Inc

Display panel attachment mechanism

A light-emitting display system has interlocking tiles. In an implementation, each tile has a portion of a clamp that joins with another portion of the clamp on another tile. ... Barco Inc

Presentation system, receiver device, methods thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable medium thereof

A presentation method comprises: a sender device capturing screen frames and transmitting the screen frames to a receiver device; the receiver device receiving the screen frames transmitted by the sender device and outputting the screen frames to a display device for displaying the screen frames; establishing a webpage server in the receiver device; and the receiver device storing the screen frames as web pages. Thereby, the audiences can use the browsers of mobile internet devices to link with the webpage server and browse the web pages containing the presentation contents.. ... Barco Inc

Using gpu for network packetization

Information to be sent over a network, such as the ethernet, is packetized by using a graphics processing unit (gpu). The gpu performs packetization of data with much higher throughput than a typical central processing unit (cpu). ... Barco Inc

12/28/17 / #20170370390

Connecting device for improved alignment

A device, system and method to connect a receiving member and a connecting device with a pin such that an asymmetrical configuration after the alignment of the connecting member and the receiving member does not give rise to asymmetrical glue distribution, nor asymmetrical shrinking nor curing drift. The receiving member has a receiving planar surface with at least one opening, and the connecting device has a main body with a contact plane, the main body having at least one opening where the connecting device is placed with the contact plane towards the receiving planar surface so that the at least one opening of the connecting device overlaps the at least one opening of the receiving surface, and the pin is inserted into the overlap. ... Barco Inc

12/07/17 / #20170352062

Method and apparatus for chroma reconstruction

A method and apparatus for predicting chroma values including the steps of having a decoder provide an image frame to an up-sample filter, the image frame having luma and chroma components, and applying an analysing algorithm on a subset of said image frame to obtain the subset content type, and, depending on the content type, select a reconstruction algorithm to reconstruct the chroma components.. . ... Barco Inc

12/07/17 / #20170351475

Tiled display, and display tile and carrier substrate for use in same

A tiled display including discrete luminous sources distributed over at least two adjacent flexible display tiles, each of the flexible display tiles being configured to drive the discrete luminous sources on it when connected to a power supply and when receiving data and control signals. The power, data and control signals are provided to the tiles through conducting tracks formed on a carrier substrate, where an electrical connection between a first conductor on the carrier substrate and a second conductor on a tile is established by using a connecting element having a resilient means keeping it pressed and in contact with a surface of the first conductor or second conductor. ... Barco Inc

10/26/17 / #20170307922

Display tile with increased display area

A display tile having a frame whose compliance is increased in a well determined region to accommodate the different thermal expansions of the frame and one or more substrates to which the frame is fastened. The display tile has also regions of increased compliance that will deform to allow different parts of the frame to be brought into contact and glued to the lateral sides of two superimposed substrates when at least one lateral side of one of the substrates is not coplanar with the corresponding lateral side of the other substrate.. ... Barco Inc

10/12/17 / #20170292685

Angle and alignment adjusting method for a display

A light-emitting display system has an alignment mechanism to align or angle light-emitting tiles of the display. A first tile connects to a second tile by joining a first clamp portion on the first tile with a second clamp portion on the second tile. ... Barco Inc

09/21/17 / #20170272888

Method for controlling a three-dimensional multi-layer speaker arrangement and apparatus for playing back three-dimensinal sound in an audience area

A method for controlling a three-dimensional multi-layer speaker arrangement having a plurality of speakers arranged in spaced layers. The method includes: providing information for a sound to be played back from a 3d source position assigned to the sound, wherein the source position is defined with respect to a reference point (rp) within the multi-layer speaker arrangement, extracting a 3d source position (spxy) from the source position and calculating layer specific speaker coefficients using a 2d calculator to position the sound two dimensional source position, and feeding a vertical pan or 3d source position into a multilayer calculator for obtaining a layer gain factor for each layer for obtaining speaker coefficients used as individual gains enabling the speakers to play back the sound.. ... Barco Inc

09/14/17 / #20170261846

Projection system with safety detection

A projection system including a safety detection system for a protected space, said projection system including a projection light source, a projection imaging system, a projection lens system, a detection source comprising at least of a detection light source and a detection camera comprising at least of a detection sensor, characterized by the fact that the optical axis of the projection source is identical to the optical axis of the detection source and the detection camera at least in the protected space.. . ... Barco Inc

06/22/17 / #20170177511

Electronic tool and methods for meetings

An electronic meeting tool for communicating arbitrary media content from users at a meeting includes a node configuration operating a display node of a communications network that is coupled to a display. The node configuration receives user selected arbitrary media content and controls display of the user selected arbitrary media content on the display. ... Barco Inc

06/22/17 / #20170176847

Curved back-projection screen

A curved back-projection screen having an angle of curvature greater than 180°, such as a wrap-around cylindrical or dome screen. The screen includes a first layer and a second synthetic resin diffusing layer on the first layer, the second synthetic resin diffusing layer containing a light absorbing material and light diffusing particles embedded in a resin material, with the second synthetic resin diffusing layer having a value of the product of the absorption coefficient and thickness of between 0.1 and 2. ... Barco Inc

05/18/17 / #20170139538

Touchscreen display with monitoring functions

A touchscreen display system that has a touchscreen display having an active area and an user-input area, a touchscreen controller and an auxiliary controller. The active area and the user-input area are connected to the touchscreen controller and to the auxiliary controller, where a part of the active area has at least one test area allocated for test operations. ... Barco Inc

05/11/17 / #20170131780

Smart pixel addressing

A display unit has modular groups of light emitting elements or pixels. A light emitting element in the display unit can be used as a light receptor for accepting control information without needing to connect the display unit to a network or a controller.. ... Barco Inc

05/04/17 / #20170127014

Upgraded image streaming to legacy and upgraded displays

A display system and method including (a) at least one input source encoding images to be displayed in a first format with a first resolution and in a second format with a second resolution higher than the first; (b) a first and second display for displaying images with the first and second resolution, respectively; and (c) a shared resource network linking the at least one input source with the first and second displays. The images encoded in the first format with the first resolution are sent over the shard resource network through a first cable. ... Barco Inc

04/27/17 / #20170116895

Adjustable display tile for tiled display

A display tile including a display board and a carrier board fastened together by the intermediary of a spacer and an adjusting means positioned between the spacer and the carrier board. The adjusting means engage in an opening in the carrier board. ... Barco Inc

04/27/17 / #20170115554

Laser projection illumination system

A light beam projecting arrangement including a first cluster of light sources arranged to provide a first cluster of light beams having a first etendue and a second cluster of light sources arranged to provide a second cluster of light beams having a second etendue, and means for changing the direction of the first cluster and/or the second cluster of light beams. The light sources are arranged so that the total etendue of the first cluster of light beams is substantially equal to the etendue of the second cluster of light beams; and where the means for changing the direction are arranged so that the clusters of light beams are brought into a combined cluster light beam having substantially the same etendue as the larger one of the first etendue and the second etendue.. ... Barco Inc

03/23/17 / #20170084246

Energy efficient power sequencer control circuit

An electronic system having an assembly of a plurality of electronic devices each driven by a local power unit and a power sequencer control circuit for controlling the power on or off operation of the local power units. The electronic devices can be for example display units of a display wall. ... Barco Inc

03/16/17 / #20170078341

Method and system for connecting electronic devices

A method and system for conducting meetings, e.g. Making it easy for the user to connect his device to the meeting or come to a common shared view of the meeting content, where all devices participating in the meeting are located within one physical meeting room. ... Barco Inc

02/23/17 / #20170052754

Display panel attachment mechanism

A light-emitting display system has interlocking tiles. In an implementation, each tile has a portion of a clamp that joins with another portion of the clamp on another tile. ... Barco Inc

02/23/17 / #20170052438

Curved projection screen

A curved projection screen having a one-piece seamless substrate having a three-dimensional curvature. The screen is arranged for being bent to a certain degree around one of its axes so that the smallest deformation of the screen is elastic, where the edge of the screen has been shaped so that its deformation during the above mentioned degree of bending is also elastic.. ... Barco Inc

02/02/17 / #20170034160

Ad hoc one-time pairing of remote devices using online audio fingerprinting

A system and method for sharing electronic data between participants of a phone conference, such as an online presentation, without a need to exchange passwords to link two devices together for data transfer nor go through a login procedure to access the data resource. To achieve this, the participants use a device or software application that samples the audio of the phone conversation and creates a stream of audio fingerprints. ... Barco Inc

01/12/17 / #20170011669

Positioning and alignment device for tiled displays

A positioning device and a fastening device to fix the relative position of two or more adjacent tiles on a tiled display and to provide alignment. Fixing the relative position of two adjacent display tiles will facilitate the alignment of tiles in tiled displays where the seam between tiles will be as regular as possible, thereby avoiding the introduction of misalignments and their associated visual artefacts. ... Barco Inc

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