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Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh. Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Expansion system

In order to improve an expansion system for a working medium that is used in particular in a circulating process of a system that utilises waste heat, in particular in a system operating in a rankine cycle, comprising an expansion device coupled to an electricity generator, for the working medium, an inlet for supplying the pressurised working medium, and an outlet for the working medium that has been expanded by the expansion device, it is proposed that an aerosol generator unit that generates a lubricant aerosol should be associated with the inlet, wherein the working medium guided to the expansion device flows through this aerosol generator unit, which has a flow guide for the working medium having a concentration section that concentrates lubricant entrained in the total mass flow of working medium supplied to the expansion device to give aerosol particles, and these aerosol particles leave the concentration section together with a partial mass flow of the working medium, branching off from the total mass flow of working medium, as a lubricant aerosol mass flow, and that a line system should be provided that guides the lubricant aerosol mass flow to lubrication points of an expansion arrangement of the expansion device, for the purpose of aerosol lubrication.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh


The invention relates to a compressor for refrigerant having a compressor housing, said compressor housing being provided with a suction inlet and a pressure outlet, said compressor comprising a compression unit, arranged in a compression housing section of said compressor housing and an electric motor arranged in a motor housing section of said compressor housing, said electric motor comprising a stator arranged within a stator receiving sleeve of said motor housing section and a rotor surrounded by said stator and arranged on a drive shaft of said electric motor for rotation about an axis of rotation together with said drive shaft, said stator comprising a stator core having a stack of laminations and extending parallel to said axis of rotation from a first front side to a second front side, said stator having windings extending through said stator core and forming end windings arranged in front of said front surfaces, and a channel for guiding at least a portion of said refrigerant entering through said suction inlet along an outer side of said stator before entering said compression unit.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Refrigeration system

In a refrigeration system comprising a refrigerant circuit, a heat exchanger, an expansion element which, in the active state, cools the entire mass flow of the refrigerant by expansion and thereby produces a main mass flow consisting of liquid refrigerant and an auxiliary mass flow consisting of gaseous refrigerant which enter an intermediate pressure accumulator, at least one normal refrigerating stage which expands a normal refrigerating mass flow in at least one normal refrigerating expansion unit to a low pressure and thereby makes refrigerating capacity available for normal refrigerating purposes, a refrigerant compressor unit which compresses the normal refrigerating mass flow from low pressure to high pressure, and a parallel compressor which, in a parallel compression mode of operation of the refrigerant circuit, sucks in refrigerant from the intermediate pressure accumulator and compresses it to high pressure, it is proposed that, in order to increase the efficiency, the power of the parallel compressor be controlled by a control system, that the control system determine at least one reference variable representing a load state of the refrigerant circuit, that the control system determine a set intermediate pressure value on the basis of the at least one reference variable at least in a parallel compression mode of operation, and that the control system regulate the intermediate pressure in accordance with the set intermediate pressure value at least in the parallel compression mode of operation.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Apparatus and method for carrying out a vapour refrigeration process

The present invention relates to an apparatus and to a method for carrying out a vapour refrigeration process. The apparatus has a motor-operated main compressor which is equipped to suck-in a mass flow of a fluid serving as a refrigerant which is at evaporating pressure level and to compress this mass flow to a high pressure level, and also a high-pressure heat exchanger which is equipped to cool the mass flow of the fluid at a high pressure level, to increase a density and to reduce a temperature of the fluid. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Scroll compressors with different volume indexes and systems and methods for same

A plurality of scroll compressors with different fixed volume indexes are connected in fluid parallel circuit and configured to selectively operate to maximize isentropic efficiency at different condensing temperatures. Different quantities of scroll compressors of different volume indexes may be selected based upon typical climate or geographic location environmental conditions to attempt to maximize efficiency. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Control unit

In order to improve a control unit for operating a refrigerant compressor system, wherein the refrigerant compressor system has a first refrigerant line system for expanded refrigerant, a second refrigerant line system for compressed refrigerant, and at least one refrigerant compressor, which operates between the first refrigerant line system and the second refrigerant line system and is driven by its own motor, and wherein the control unit has an operating unit, such that it is operable in a user-friendly manner, it is proposed that the operating unit should have a memory for image element data, for representing at least one component of the refrigerant compressor system, that the operating unit should have a display unit which, using the image element data of the at least one component of the refrigerant compressor system, displays this at least one component on the display unit, as a component image element.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Insulating sleeve

An insulating sleeve for a compressor discharge pipe is provided. The insulating sleeve includes a first half-sleeve having a first curved body portion and a first extended portion. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Method of making a two-piece counterweight for a scroll compressor

A method of manufacturing a two-piece counterweight for a scroll compressor is provided. The method includes molding an outer plate, and molding a base having a first opening configured to receive a scroll compressor drive shaft having a longitudinal axis, and configuring the base for assembly and attachment to the drive shaft. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Storage unit and tempering system for a storage unit

For creating a storage unit comprising a container housing enclosing a storage volume for receiving freight and a gaseous medium surrounding said freight, said storage unit further comprising a tempering system provided with a tempering unit associated with said storage volume for maintaining a flow of said gaseous medium circulating in said storage volume and passing through said tempering unit in order to be maintained at a defined or set temperature, said tempering unit comprising an internal heat exchanger arranged in said flow of gaseous medium passing through said tempering unit, said tempering system being provided with a refrigerant circuit comprising said internal heat exchanger, an external heat exchanger exposed to ambient air surrounding said container housing which operates reliably and cost efficient under the aforementioned condition, as well as a compressor unit for compressing refrigerant, and said tempering system being further provided with an engine for driving said compressor unit in an independent power source mode and said tempering system being further provided with an electric motor/generator unit mechanically coupled to said compressor unit, and said compressor unit and said motor/generator unit being commonly driven by said engine in said independent power source mode.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh


In a compressor for refrigerant having a suction inlet for refrigerant and a pressure outlet for compressed refrigerant, said compressor comprising a compression unit and an electric motor driving said compression unit, said electric motor being a synchronous reluctance motor having a stator and a rotor, said rotor comprising a plurality of stacked disc elements, each disc element having a plurality of flux barriers configured to give the rotor core an anisotropic magnetic structure and formed as apertures in said disc element, it is provided that said flux barriers are arranged in said rotor core to define channels enabling a flow of refrigerant through said rotor core, said rotor is provided with a first support element acting on a first front side of said rotor core and a second support element acting on a second front side of said rotor core, said support elements being provided with cut-out sections and said cut-out sections being designed to uncover at least 70% of the cross section of apertures defined by said flux barriers in the respective disc element forming the respective front side of said rotor core.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Refrigerant compressor

In order to improve a refrigerant compressor, including a compressor unit having a compressor housing and at least one compressor element that is arranged in the compressor housing, for compressing refrigerant, and further including a drive unit having a drive housing and an electric motor that is arranged in the drive housing and connector terminals that are arranged on the drive housing, for the electric motor, and further including an electronic functional unit, such that the connection between the refrigerant compressor and the electronic functional unit is achievable as simply as possible, it is proposed that the connector terminals should be provided in a housing that is arranged on the drive housing, and that an electronic functional unit which performs at least one compressor function should be provided in the housing.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Oil distribution in multiple-compressor systems utilizing variable speed

A method of operating a multiple-compressor refrigeration system is provided. This method includes the steps of supplying, via a common supply line, refrigerant gas and oil to a plurality of compressors coupled in series, and attaching an oil flow conduit between adjacent compressors of the plurality of compressors. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

Screw compressor

A screw compressor, including a compressor housing having a screw rotor chamber arranged therein, two control sliders that are arranged in the screw rotor chamber and on the compressor housing and whereof at least one is arranged in a slider channel of the compressor housing and that are adjacent to both screw rotors by means of slider compression wall surfaces, which is movable in a direction of displacement parallel to the screw rotor axes, a position determining device for the at least one control slider, wherein the position determining device has a position indicator element that is coupled to the at least one control slider, wherein the at least one position indicator element cooperates with a detector element that extends parallel to the direction of displacement of the at least one control slider and along which the position indicator element is movable, and in that the detector element is coupled to an evaluation device that determines the positions of the position indicator element along the detector element.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh


In order to construct to be as lightweight and compact as possible, so that it can be used for example in automotive technology, the compressor including a compressor housing, a scroll compressor unit that is arranged in the compressor housing and has a first, stationary compressor body and a second compressor body that is movable in relation to the stationary compressor body, whereof first and second scroll vanes, in the shape of a circle involute, engage in one another to form compressor chambers when the second compressor body is moved in relation to the first compressor body on an orbital path, an axial guide that supports the movable compressor body to prevent movements in the direction parallel to a centre axis of the stationary compressor body and, in the event of movements, guides it in the direction transverse to the centre axis, a drive motor that drives an eccentric drive for the scroll compressor unit, wherein the eccentric drive has an entrainer that is driven by the drive motor, that revolves on a path about a centre axis of a drive shaft and that cooperates with an entrainer receptacle in the second compressor body, and a coupling that prevents the second compressor body from rotating freely, it is proposed that the axial guide should support a compressor body base, which carries the scroll vane, of the second compressor body against an axial support face, in that the axial support face abuts a sliding body such that it is slidable transversely to the centre axis, the sliding body for its part being supported, such that it is slidable transversely to the centre axis, on a carrier element that is arranged in the compressor housing.. . ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

06/15/17 / #20170167489

Oil return with non-circular tube

A scroll compressor includes a housing and scroll compressor bodies disposed in the housing. The scroll bodies include first and second scroll bodies. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

06/08/17 / #20170159976

Cascading oil distribution system

A refrigeration system includes a plurality of compressors connected in series with each other. Each compressor has an oil sump located in a gravitational bottom of the compressor. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

01/26/17 / #20170022989

Unfastened thrust plate

A scroll compressor with unfastened thrust plate includes a compressor housing and scroll compressor bodies disposed in the compressor housing. The scroll bodies include a fixed scroll body and a moveable scroll body. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170002812

Two-piece suction fitting

A suction fitting coupled to a scroll compressor that has an outer housing with an inside diameter and a suction port defined in a wall of the outer housing. A suction duct is disposed inside the outer housing at a spaced distance from the wall of the outer housing. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170002811

Cast-in offset fixed scroll intake opening

A fixed scroll compressor body includes a scroll compressor body casting. The casting has a central body portion having a plate-like base with a spiral scroll rib projecting from the base at a right angle thereto. ... Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

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