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Mechanism for monitoring and alerts of computer systems applications

A system including at least one computer and code executable thereby for implementing a mechanism for monitoring performances of applications of an application chain. The system includes an arrangement forming a measuring repository on the one hand for measuring levels of use of resources of applications during periods of degradation of performances of the applications, and by application and by period of the application chain, in a memory storing these levels of use. ... Bull Sas

System for managing data of user devices

Some embodiments are directed to a system for managing data relating to devices, including a central data platform for the interconnection of a plurality of devices disposed locally in a predefined physical environment; and being configured so as to upload to the central data platform data associated with the plurality of devices; a mega-data analytic module configured to analyze the data recorded in the central data platform so as to generate correlations, tendencies, or predictions; an interface according to a service architecture oriented mode for the making the analysis results available.. . ... Bull Sas

Dispositif et procÉdÉ de surveillance et d'allocation de ressources des infrastructures informatiques

The present invention relates to a device and a method for monitoring and allocating resources of the it infrastructures for an application chain, as a function of an estimation of the consumption of resources of users who are distributed between different profiles in turn determined as a function of business actions taken by users and their control over the application chain.. . ... Bull Sas

System and method for the creation and management of decentralized authorizations for connected objects

Computing systems and methods for the creation and management of authorizations of blockchain objects. Systems and methods managed by a controlled number of governing entities allow the management of access authorizations for an object connected to a varying group of services. ... Bull Sas

Method for storing data in a virtualized storage system

The invention relates to a method for storing data of an application running on a virtual machine, in a virtualized storage system corresponding to the emulation of at least one magnetic tape and at least one associated magnetic tape drive, via a data exchange protocol which is tcp/ip.. . ... Bull Sas

Traceability of a multi-actor job string by block chain, allowing at least two levels of confidence in the information stored

Some embodiments are directed to a system for the traceability of a job string performed by multiple actors, including a database for storing the information generated for each job of the string, wherein each actor can, after having obtained a right of access to the database, add a first information element signed by a certificate obtained from a secured hardware device associated with the actor; and a second information element signed by a temporary certificate supplied by a security server, the first and second elements being associated with a timestamp in the database.. . ... Bull Sas

Interconnection box for user devices

Some embodiments are directed to a communication box, connected to a first device and to a second device, the first device communicating with the box via a first protocol, the second device communicating with the box via a second protocol, the communication box hosting for each device respectively at least one first service and one second service, the communication box comprising an osgi software platform, this platform being configured to isolate each service of each device in a leaktight container and to implement a structure for unified access allowing access to the devices.. . ... Bull Sas

Box for communication and management of devices

Some embodiments are directed to a communication box for the management of a plurality of user devices including sensors and actuators installed in a predefined environment, this box including a first communication interface for recovering at least one measurement measured by at least one sensor of the plurality of user devices; a second communication interface for communicating at least one command to at least one actuator of the plurality of user devices; and an isolator for isolating the resources for the recovery of the first data item and for the communication of the command.. . ... Bull Sas

Network of equipment interconnected by switches incorporating routing tables

The invention relates to a network of equipment interconnected by switches incorporating routing tables, comprising a routing table manager implementing two modes of operation, an off-line mode of operation in which all the routing tables are calculated initially, then loaded subsequently into the switches, at least when booting up the network, an on-line mode of operation in which, in case of an event rendering an element of the network not usable or operational, only the routing tables impacted by said event are recomputed and loaded into the switches, said routing tables being recomputed by a computer of the routing table manager, said recomputed routing tables being loaded by several loaders of routing tables of the routing table manager into their groups of respective switches.. . ... Bull Sas

Message exchange during parallel execution of processes in a high-performance computer

Processes pending execution in respective compute nodes (n1-nn) of a cluster of a distributed hpc computer can communicate with one another by message exchange through an interconnected fabric. To exchange messages between the processes a method is proposed to identify the physical cards associated with the compute nodes directly from the hostname of the compute nodes as they are used in the user program. ... Bull Sas

Method for organizing tasks in the nodes of a computer cluster, associated task organizer and cluster

The invention relates to a method for organizing tasks, in at least some nodes of a computer cluster, comprising: first, launching two containers on each of said nodes, a standard container and a priority container, next, for all or part of said nodes with two containers, at each node, while a priority task does not occur, assigning one or more available resources of the node to the standard container thereof in order to execute a standard task, the priority container thereof not executing any task, when a priority task occurs, dynamically switching only a portion of the resources from the standard container thereof to the priority container thereof, such that, the priority task is executed in the priority container with the switched portion of the resources, and the standard task continues to be executed, without being halted, in the standard container with the non-switched portion of the resources.. . ... Bull Sas

Method of managing a network of calculation nodes

A method of managing a network of calculation nodes interconnected by a plurality of interconnection devices, includes organizing the calculation nodes into groups of calculation nodes, for each group of calculation nodes, connecting the interconnection devices interconnecting the nodes of the group to a group management node, the management node being dedicated to the group of calculation nodes on each management node execution of an administration function by the implementation of independent management modules, each management module of a management node being able to communicate with the other management modules of the same management node.. . ... Bull Sas

Screen copying method

A screen copying method including the copying, in the form of an image file, of a portion of an image displayed on a screen where a user graphically selects the image portion, the copying of the selected image portion automatically resulting in: the copying of the pointer or pointers associated with the image portion along with the coordinates of the pointers in the image portion, the pointers respectively pointing to objects; and the maintaining of the respective links between the pointers and the coordinates so that, during a subsequent redisplay of the image portion on a screen, the graphical selection of a point corresponding to one of the coordinates by a user automatically activates the pointer corresponding to the coordinate of the selected point and brings up the object corresponding to the activated pointer.. . ... Bull Sas

Method of monitoring and warning for configuring routing in a cluster comprising static communication links and computer program implementing that method

The method relates to the monitoring of at least one routing parameter for a cluster including nodes and switches, static communication links connecting nodes and switches. Each switch includes several output ports. ... Bull Sas

09/14/17 / #20170262316

Allocation of resources

A method for allocating, in order to carry out a calculation, at least one first resource of a plurality of interconnected resources, the first resource being connected to a first port of a switch, the method including acquiring a first weight of the first resource, the weight corresponding to the number of resources of the plurality of resources connected to the first port of the switch.. . ... Bull Sas

09/07/17 / #20170255540

High-performance mechanism for generating logging information in respect of a computer process

Some embodiments are directed to a logging within a software application executed over an assembly of information processing devices. More particularly, some embodiments relate to a method allowing process logging in the case of a software application operating with several processes and/or threads.. ... Bull Sas

06/29/17 / #20170185487

Method of obtaining information stored in processing module registers of a computer just after the occurrence of a fatal error

A method of obtaining information stored in registers of at least one processing module of a computer, each processing module including a management controller to read the information stored in the associated registers, and a programmable logic circuit to trigger a requested reset following a fatal error, the method including in the event of reception of a reset request by a programmable logic circuit of a processing module, suspending by the programmable logic circuit the triggering of the reset and alerting the associated management controller of the occurrence of a fatal error, and, if the associated management controller is capable thereof, reading by the associated management controller the information stored in associated and chosen registers then storing by the associated management controller the read information in a file, and authorizing said associated programmable logic circuit to trigger said requested reset.. . ... Bull Sas

06/22/17 / #20170177506

Method for fast initialization of a tactical data processing device

A method for fast initialization of a tactical data processing device, includes producing a bootable installation medium suitable for a small set of data processing devices; unlocking a read interface of a medium to allow applications to be executed through the interface from a medium connected to the interface; connecting the installation medium to the unlocked read interface; boot-up of the tactical data processing device; selecting a profile from a list of possible profiles; executing an installation by the execution of a plurality of commands, wherein the plurality of commands depends on the selected profile; locking of a read interface of a medium to prohibit applications being executed through the interface.. . ... Bull Sas

06/08/17 / #20170163386

Method and system for flow control

Managing the end-to-end reliability in the delivery with acknowledgment of data from a source node (10) to a group of destination nodes (21-23), including the steps of marking messages (1) transmitted from the source node (10); upon transmission of a message, incrementation of an overall sequence number; identification of the overall sequence number of a message transmitted by which the source node has not received an acknowledgment; and calculation of the difference between the overall sequence number of the next message to be transmitted and the identified overall sequence number. If the calculated difference is equal to a predefined threshold, suspend the transmission of messages from the source node (10) to the group of destination nodes (21-23) and conclude the presence of an error in the delivery of data.. ... Bull Sas

05/18/17 / #20170142037

Method for generating a dataset defining a message for a constrained application

The method for generating a dataset defining a message includes a definition of a first descriptor of a set of messages, wherein each message includes a set of attributes each including a reduced type, wherein the descriptor also describes the set of reduced types, and wherein each reduced type is encoded from an original type; a transformation of the first descriptor into a library of preconfigured messages defining a given repository; an instantiation of a message of the repository to generate a dataset in a memory.. . ... Bull Sas

05/18/17 / #20170141866

Method for monitoring data exchange over a network of the h link type implementing a tdma technology

A method for monitoring data exchange over a network of the h link type implementing a technology of the tdma type includes transmitting a monitoring agent from a remote server to a communication server, installing the monitoring agent on the communication server, launching the monitoring agent on the communication server, the monitoring agent implementing an interface for receiving and for transmitting data designed and arranged to receive the data received by the communication server and transmit the data received by the monitoring agent to the remote server, transmitting the data received by the monitoring agent to the remote server, the transmission of the data received being carried out by the monitoring agent.. . ... Bull Sas

05/18/17 / #20170139970

Method for updating a record in a database by a data- processing device

A method to update a record in a database by a data-processing device configured to implement a record-processing application, wherein the record has a structure containing a plurality of fields predetermined in the database, wherein the record is accessed by the application via a model using an object language in which the structure of a record is modelled by a class, and where each record field corresponds to a class method, the method including the following steps for each method: analysis of the method declaration as known when the application starts, in order to find at least one predetermined annotation; if the predetermined annotation is found this is followed by analysis of the annotation's parameters to produce an input control; use of the produced control to create a man-machine interface allowing entry or display of data, via the data-processing device, to update the record.. . ... Bull Sas

05/18/17 / #20170139876

Communication authentication device

A communication authentication device includes a data storage system; a first communication interface; a display screen; a processor connected to the data storage system, to the first communication interface and to the display screen, the processor being configured to acquire a first message in a binary format via the first communication interface; decode the first message in the binary format in accordance with a h standard, to obtain a first decoded message in a text format; transmit the first decoded message in the text format to the display screen.. . ... Bull Sas

05/18/17 / #20170138741

Method for assisting the movement of an agent in an interior environment

A method for assisting the movement of an agent in an interior environment is presented. The method allows one to calculate an itinerary on a dynamics graph. ... Bull Sas

05/04/17 / #20170126544

Method of routing data and switch in a network

Method of routing data in a network, this data originating from a first node and being destined for a second node, this method comprising the following steps:—pre-recording in each of the switches of a list of switches directly interfaced with one or more nodes;—reception of the data by a first switch and determination of its destination; when the first switch is directly interfaced with the second node via an output port-selection then in routing of the data by said output port; otherwise—identification of the switch to which the second node is directly interfaced;—routing of the data to the identified switch via an output port of the first switch, so that the data can be forwarded to said identified switch.. . ... Bull Sas

05/04/17 / #20170126530

Mechanism for analysing correlation during performance degradation of an application chain

The present invention relates to a device comprising at least one computer machine and a software for executing a correlation analysis mechanism during performance degradation of an application chain comprising a hardware and software arrangement for storing a measuring repository, said measuring repository comprising a hardware and software arrangement for measuring, by consumption probes, the level of use of each resource on the set of servers constituting the application chain during periods of performance degradation, then storage in a memory of these levels in the measuring repository, in association with the period, said device being characterized in that it further comprises an editing hardware and software arrangement of a configuration repository, a categorisation module of the performance problems as a function of the measuring and configuration repositories.. . ... Bull Sas

05/04/17 / #20170124222

Item match searching in a list

A device for searching for element correspondence in a list, the device including: a plurality of content-addressable memory modules configured so as to be able to compare in parallel an input element with the content thereof, the list being represented by the concatenation of the valid content of the memories in an order defined by a list of priority, a module for the determination, in the list of priority, of the first module wherein the input element corresponds to an element stored in the module, and a module for reading the first element of the determined module corresponding to the input element,. . ... Bull Sas

04/20/17 / #20170111320

Method of processing a message in an interconnection device

A method of processing a message by a first interconnection device, the method including: recording a first database of processing rules in the first interconnection device, recording an identifier of a second interconnection device in the first interconnection device, and processing a communication in accordance with local processing rules of the first local database of rules and with remote processing rules obtained from a second interconnection device which is identified by the identifier of the second interconnection device.. . ... Bull Sas

04/20/17 / #20170109180

Procedure and control device for changing the operating system in the service nodes of a supercomputer

A method controls the change in operating system in selected service nodes of a high- performance computer (chp). The method includes: a step (i) of defining, for the selected service nodes, a reduced version of a new operating system to be installed, a boot kernel, a so-called “reference” tree node software image suitable for the new operating system and including a definition of an instantiation to be established in the service nodes, and an activation module capable of locally installing the reference image in each service node; a step (ii) wherein the defined reference image, boot kernel, activation module, and reduced operating system version are transferred into the service nodes; and a step (iii) wherein the transferred activation module is used in each service node in order to locally install the transferred reference image.. ... Bull Sas

04/20/17 / #20170109138

Dynamic creation of object classes

An object class (class1) in a computer system is dynamically created by creating a global generic class (genericclass) having two possible members, wherein at least one member is an instance of a generic class (genericattribute, genericmethod), and by instantiating the global generic class.. . ... Bull Sas

04/13/17 / #20170103290

Method for managing the devices of a data centre

A method for managing a data center that includes racks arranged in aisles, includes guiding an operator, by a mobile terminal, to a desired device of a rack. The guiding step includes: indicating, on a screen of the mobile terminal, a route to follow to arrive near the device; once the operator is near the device, reading, by a reading application of the mobile terminal, an electronic marker pattern placed on a first rack facing the operator to determine if the operator is facing the rack including the desired device; if not, repeating the reading operation on the rack directly adjacent to the first rack; once the rack is identified, reading, by the reading application of the mobile terminal, an optical marker pattern placed on the rack so as to obtain a height reference and thus locate the desired device; and acting upon the desired device using the mobile terminal.. ... Bull Sas

03/23/17 / #20170085435

Client/server architecture for administering a supercomputer

The invention relates in particular to an administration server (s) of a supercomputer suitable for first loading information on the environment of said supercomputer; receiving an administration task transmitted by an administration client (c1, c2); executing said administration task in collaboration with said information, previously loaded; and transmitting the results of the execution of said administration task to said administration client.. . ... Bull Sas

03/02/17 / #20170063636

Method for automated determination of optimal interconnection topologies of systems including service nodes, and associated processing device

A method allows the determination of an optimal interconnection topology of a system including service nodes which are interconnected using links, and some of which are routers with ports, and belonging to at least one level. This method includes a first step in which a structure is chosen for an optimal interconnection topology to be determined from among a set of structures each defined by at least one structural constraint, and at least one topology parameter is then chosen, and a second step in which one determines using a solver the optimal interconnection topology defined by at least each corresponding structural constraint and each chosen topology parameter and at least one chosen optimisation criterion.. ... Bull Sas

02/09/17 / #20170039235

Air quality metrology system

Metrology system (2) for the management of observation data, this system being configured to collect at least one observation datum and to associate with this observation datum a quality code reflecting the usability of the observation datum with respect to a predefined quality criterion. The system includes a data acquisition module (21); a centralized data management module (22); a data presentation and dissemination module (23); and transverse functional bricks (24) for data processing and production; for end-to-end data quality control; and for intermediation so as to urbanize the architecture and allow the exposure of services.. ... Bull Sas

01/26/17 / #20170024289

Method of checkpointing the working environment of a session of a user on a server

The invention relates to a method of checkpointing the working environment of a user (7) session on a server (1) comprising a first step (11) of checkpointing the working environment of a first application of said session, characterized in that it comprises at least one second step (12) of checkpointing the working environment of a second application of said session different from said first application, and in that said first checkpointing step (11) and said second checkpointing step (12) are synchronized with each other such that the checkpointed working environment of the first application and the checkpointed working environment of the second application are coherent with each other.. . ... Bull Sas

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