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Calsonic Kansei Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Calsonic Kansei Corporation. Calsonic Kansei Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Calsonic Kansei Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Calsonic Kansei Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Vehicle interior component and method for producing same

A vehicle interior component includes a base member, a cover member, and an adhesive layer applied to the base member or the cover member. The cover member and the base member are attached via the adhesive layer. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Vehicle head-up display device

A vehicle head-up display device includes a display device and a display control device. The display device is configured to perform reflective display of driving support information on a windshield of a vehicle. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Fluid-heating device and manufacturing method thereof

A fluid-heating device for heating fluid with a heater includes: a heating portion that is molded so as to cover the surrounding of the heater; and a support body integrally cast into the heating portion, the heating portion being molded in a state in which the heater is supported by the support body in a die for molding the heating portion.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Vehicle cup holder assembly

A retainer assembly for a cup holder includes an arm defining an first axis and a second axis, the arm configured to pivot about an first axis, and a finger pivotally coupled to the arm about the second axis. The finger is configured to be received in the cup holder.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Vehicular defroster duct structure

Achieving a high fogging-removal performance with a defroster duct having a small width in the vehicle width direction. A vehicular defroster duct structure includes a defroster duct unit which includes a left defroster duct and a right defroster duct. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Battery pack and power supply device

. . A battery pack and a power supply device readily and appropriately hold batteries. A battery pack (200) according to the present disclosure includes an insulating first case (241) and an insulating second case (243), and a metal restraining plate (220) that, by being fixed to the second case (243), causes a plurality of batteries (250) to be sandwiched by the first case (241) and the second case (243) and supports the plurality of batteries (250).. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Fluid-heating device

A fluid-heating device for heating fluid includes a heater unit configured to have a heater and a heating portion, the heating portion being formed as to cover surrounding of the heater, wherein the heating portion has an inner heat exchange surface formed on an inner surface of a through hole penetrating through an inner side of the heater and an outer heat exchange surface formed on an outer-wall portion of an outer side of the heater, the inner heat exchange surface being configured to perform heat exchange with the fluid, and the outer heat exchange surface being configured to perform the heat exchange with the fluid.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Retention clips for vehicle console assembly

A vehicle console assembly includes a console and a clip. A wall of the console defines an aperture extending between the front side and the back side of the wall. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Fluid-heating device

A fluid-heating device for heating fluid includes: a heater having a heat generating part, the heat generating part being configured to generate heat upon application of current; an electric component configured to control the application of the current to the heater; a tank having an opening portion, the tank being configured to accommodate the heat generating part; a top-plate portion configured to close the opening portion of the tank, the top-plate portion being configured to form a fluid chamber through which the fluid flows; and a first communication port and a second communication port configured to allow the fluid to flow through the fluid chamber; wherein the electric component is provided on an outer side of the fluid chamber along the top-plate portion.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Battery pack and power supply device

A battery pack and power supply device can be assembled stably. A battery pack (200) according to this disclosure includes a body (240), which includes batteries (250), and a bus bar plate (210) mounted onto the body (240) at fastening points so as to cover electrodes (251) of the batteries (250). ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Vehicle passenger detection apparatus

A vehicle passenger detection apparatus is configured to monitor an occurrence of a passenger entering into a vehicle from a vacant seat state or an occurrence of the vacant seat state due to the passenger exiting from the vehicle, and to determine by calculations whether a detection value of a load sensor is stable before the passenger entered the vehicle or after the passenger exited the vehicle. Updating of a passenger determination result is executed even in a state in which a determination result from a vibration change amount judgment section indicates a disturbance has occurred, when the vehicle entry and exit determination section determines that the detection value of the load sensor is stable before the passenger entered the vehicle or after the passenger exited the vehicle.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Power converter

A power converter includes: a power module that converts direct-current electric power from a power storage apparatus and alternating-current electrical power to be supplied to a load; a charger that converts alternating-current electrical power supplied via an external connector to direct-current electric power and charges the power storage apparatus therewith; a case that accommodates the power module and the charger; a cooling-medium flow channel that is provided in the case and through which cooling medium flows, wherein the power module and the charger are arranged on the cooling-medium flow channel.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Vehicle hvac system

An hvac system for a vehicle includes a housing, an evaporator disposed in the housing, and a heater disposed in the housing. The hvac system further includes a bypass opening defined between an upper end of the evaporator and an upper end of the heater and an intermediate chamber defined by the evaporator, the heater, the housing, and the bypass opening. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

Capacitor module

Provided is a capacitor module for smoothing voltage including: a substantially rectangular capacitor case; a pair of bus bars forming a plurality of positive electrodes and negative electrodes provided so as to project out towards surrounding of the capacitor case; and a pair of high-voltage wires forming a positive electrode and a negative electrode having flexibility, the pair of high-voltage wires being configured to be drawn from the capacitor case, wherein the bus bars are connected to a power module and a dc/dc converter, the power module being configured to convert direct-current electric power from a driving power supply and alternating-current electric power to be supplied to a load, and the dc/dc converter being configured to convert voltage of the direct-current electric power, and the high-voltage wires are connected to a charger configured to convert external electrical power to direct-current electric power and charge the driving power supply therewith, the external electrical power being supplied via an external connector, and the external electrical power being of lower voltage relative to the driving power supply.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180105130

Bumper fascia adjustment mechanism

An adjustment mechanism for a fascia of a vehicle includes a riser having an upper end defining a hole and a fascia retainer defining a first threaded bore in a center portion thereof. The adjustment mechanism further includes an externally threaded sleeve received in the first threaded bore, the sleeve defining a lower end configured to engage the upper end of the riser, and a bolt extending through a sleeve bore defined in the sleeve and into the hole in the upper end of the riser. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180099617

Vehicle storage compartment with reinforced mounting structure

A vehicle storage compartment includes a housing having a forward end, a rear end, upper and lower surfaces, and side walls, the rear end defining an opening. The compartment further includes a flange extending away from and substantially perpendicular to a side wall, and a plurality of ribs extending away from and substantially perpendicular to the side wall and the flange. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066541

Turbine housing

. . A turbine housing includes an inner pipe that forms an exhaust air flow path in which a turbine wheel accommodating a turbine shaft is arranged; and an outer pipe that is spaced from the inner pipe at a predetermined distance and covers the inner pipe. At least one reinforcing plate is secured to an inner surface of the outer pipe.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180056811

Drive power control device for electric vehicle

A drive power control device includes: a modeling error reduction unit configured to calculate a correction torque by performing high-pass filter processing on a correction amount calculated by a correction amount calculation unit; a control motor torque command value calculation unit configured to calculate a control motor torque command value by adding the correction torque to a motor torque command value; and a slip reduction control unit configured to perform, when the vehicle starts traveling or slip is detected, control to reduce slip by switching the cutoff frequency of a high-pass filter hpf to be low as compared with normal traveling.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/22/18 / #20180050730

Steering support member structure

The steering support member is disposed in a front portion of a vehicle cabin to support the steering column. The steering support member includes a steering support member body that extends in a vehicle width direction, and side brackets that fix both ends of the steering support member body to a vehicle body. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/22/18 / #20180050650

Vehicle airbag device

The vehicle airbag device includes an airbag module, an airbag lid member, and a reinforcing member. The reinforcing member includes at least an attachment flange part having a fixing part such as a welding part and a module accommodation part. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031325

Heat exchanger, heat exchanger assembling apparatus, and heat exchanger assembling method

The present invention provides a heat exchanger, a heat exchanger assembling apparatus, and a heat exchanger assembling method, according to which assembling each of the laminated tubes with a tank can be accurately performed. A heat exchanger (10) including a plurality of laminated tubes (11) having an opening end (11d) to which a tank (13,14) is connected. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180030972

Electric compressor

When a power switching element brought into contact with a contact part formed at a back side of a suction refrigerant passage is cooled by refrigerant that has been sucked in through a suction port and that is passing through the suction refrigerant passage, high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant flowing in from a compression chamber to a suction chamber is prevented from flowing back by a check valve. Therefore, there is always low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant in the suction refrigerant passage, and the power switching element can be efficiently cooled by the refrigerant in the suction refrigerant passage.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180030833

Gas compressor

A gas compressor is configured such that a suction-side area that is in sliding contact with the inner circumferential surface of a cylinder chamber when a compression chamber is in the suction stroke has a larger radius of curvature than that of a compression-side area that is in sliding contact with the inner circumferential surface of the cylinder chamber when the compression chamber is in the compression stroke.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022218

Vehicle ground fault detection apparatus

A vehicle ground fault detection apparatus (1) detects a ground fault of a high-voltage system electrically insulated from a vehicle body connected to a low-voltage system and includes a transformer (2) blocking a dc component between the low- and high-voltage systems, an oscillation circuit (3), in the low-voltage system, connected to a primary coil (21) of the transformer (2), and a voltage dividing resistor (4), in the high-voltage system, connected to a secondary coil (22) of the transformer (2). The vehicle ground fault detection apparatus (1) measures a positive peak of voltage generated in the voltage dividing resistor (4) by voltage induced in the secondary coil (22) through ac voltage generated by the oscillation circuit (3) and detects the ground fault using the peak voltage. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022215

Vehicle instrument device

A vehicle instrument device includes a housing for attaching a dial plate, a light guide plate housing recess formed in the housing, a light guide plate that is housed in the light guide plate housing recess, and guides illumination light to the dial plate, a claw that fixes the light guide plate to the housing, and a press-fitting rib that is provided in a side surface of the light guide plate, and extends toward a side wall of the light guide plate housing recess. The press-fitting rib includes a tapered portion for increasing a height from a back side to a front side of the light guide plate housing recess and a tapered portion for decreasing a width from the back side to the front side of the light guide plate housing recess.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/11/18 / #20180011315

Head-up display apparatus

The present invention relates to a head-up display apparatus that projects an image of a displaying device forward. The displaying device includes a plurality of display surfaces. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/04/18 / #20180001856

Airbag mounting structure and airbag mounting method

Side portions of a guide member mounting portion of the instrument panel include a panel side welding guide surface integrally formed therewith. The panel side welding guide surface is spaced apart from the back surface of the instrument panel. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/04/18 / #20180001768

Head-up display apparatus

The head-up display apparatus includes a displaying device installed inside an instrument panel, an opening portion formed in the instrument panel, and a combiner disposed above the opening portion. An image of the displaying device is projected to the combiner through the opening portion. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

12/21/17 / #20170361679

Vehicle air-conditioning device

A vehicle air-conditioning device is a heat pump type vehicle air-conditioning device including an external heat exchanger that performs heat exchange between refrigerant flowing the inside thereof and outside air. With the vehicle air-conditioning device, a controller functions as a temperature-difference calculation unit that calculates the temperature difference Δt between the refrigerant in a refrigerant flow path on the exit side of the external heat exchanger and the outside air, and in addition, the controller functions as a frost formation determination unit that determines that frost formation is caused on the external heat exchanger on the basis of the elapsed time to of a state in which the temperature difference Δt is equal to or larger than a frost-formation temperature difference at which the frost formation may be caused on the external heat exchanger.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170350391

Gas compressor

A back pressure space of a vane groove having completed communication with an intermediate-pressure supply groove communicates with a first supply section until refrigerant pressure in each of compression chambers having been partitioned by vanes of the vane grooves reach the highest pressure, and then high pressure is supplied from the first supply section. At a time point when the back pressure space having completed communication with an intermediate-pressure supply groove communicates with the first supply section of a high-pressure supply groove, the preceding back pressure space adjacent to that back pressure space on the downstream side of the rotation direction completes communication with the first supply section.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

11/30/17 / #20170347491

Electronic unit

Air in a thermally insulated space, which has been expanded by heat resulting from heating treatment for curing a thermosetting potting material, is prevented from entering the potting material. A casing has a partition wall that partitions an opening into a heat-generating-electronic-component placement section, where a heat generating electronic component is placed, and an adjacent section that is adjacent to the heat-generating-electronic-component placement section, when a heat releasing member is fixed to the opening. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

11/30/17 / #20170344200

Character input assist device

Principally, character input operation can be carried out surely in a simplified manner and in a short time. A character input assist device includes one or more side edge parts provided at a panel surface of a touch panel to have a step serving as a finger hold, and a character icon display controller that is configured to display, along the side edge parts at the panel surface, a plurality of first character icons and second character icons associated with a selected first character icon, and an icon identifiers provided at the side edge parts to allow the position of each of the first character icons or the second character icons to be individually identified.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

11/30/17 / #20170343445

Torque estimating device of gas compressor

A torque estimating device of a gas compressor includes a reference torque characteristic storage unit that stores a reference torque characteristic of the gas compressor as a torque characteristic of the gas compressor in a specific operation state, a torque setting unit that sets a torque corresponding to an input speed of rotation of the gas compressor and pressure of a refrigerant discharged from the gas compressor, on the basis of the reference torque characteristic stored in the reference torque characteristic storage unit, and a torque correcting unit that sets a torque at startup of the gas compressor among the torques set by the torque setting unit, by correcting the torque set by the torque setting unit, in accordance with the speed of rotation and an elapsed time from startup.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170326945

Vehicle air-conditioning device

A vehicle air-conditioning device includes: a first coolant-water circulation path in which coolant water passes through an engine ; a second coolant-water circulation path that is communicated with the first coolant-water circulation path and in which the coolant water passes through a vehicle-cabin radiator; a shutting off mechanism that shuts off, when switched to a shut-off state, the communication between the first coolant-water circulation path and the second coolant-water circulation path; and a refrigeration cycle. The refrigeration cycle has: a compressor for compressing cooling medium; a secondary evaporator in which the cooling medium absorbs heat from the coolant water in the first coolant-water circulation path; a secondary condenser that releases heat of the cooling medium that has absorbed the heat at the secondary evaporator to the coolant water in the second coolant-water circulation path; and a secondary expander that decompresses the cooling medium that has passed through the secondary condenser.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

10/26/17 / #20170307883

Vehicular head-up display device

To provide a head-up display apparatus capable of displaying an easily visible image. The apparatus projects a display image displayed on the image displaying part installed in an instrument panel of a vehicle toward a windshield glass (translucent member) through an opening of the instrument panel, reflects the image on the windshield glass, and displays character information and symbol information as a virtual image, which is visible from a predetermined eye-position range. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

09/21/17 / #20170269362

Head-up display apparatus

To downsize a head-up display apparatus, a recess is provided by cutting a part of the reflection mirror having a quadrilateral shape as a basic shape. A head-up display apparatus includes, in a casing thereof, an image display and an optical path forming member. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

08/24/17 / #20170243801

Electronic component mounting structure

An electronic component mounting structure includes a terminal of an electronic component package and a chip heat radiating member. The terminal is soldered on a land of an electronic substrate and the chip heat radiating member is soldered on a back surface of the package. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/27/17 / #20170214313

Drive circuit for semiconductor switching element

A drive circuit for a semiconductor switching element includes an overcurrent protection circuit, a short-circuit protection circuit, and a determination time changing circuit. The overcurrent protection circuit judges that a principal current become an overcurrent when a sense voltage proportional to magnitude of the principal current excesses over a first threshold value, and then reduces the principal current. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170199381

Head-up display apparatus for vehicle

A dustproof cover having a reduced size in a depth direction is formed. In displaying a virtual image (53) visible to a driver by reflecting projection light projected in front of a driver on a windshield (light-transmitting member), a dustproof cover provided in a path of the projection light to close an opening (29) includes a recessed surface provided throughout a front and rear direction of a vehicle (10) and a cylindrical surface provided such that the recessed surface is continuous throughout a right and left direction of the vehicle (10). ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170197508

Vehicle ground fault detection apparatus

This vehicle ground fault detection apparatus maintains a high level of insulation in an aluminum electrolytic capacitor to improve long-term reliability. This vehicle ground fault detection apparatus (10) detects a ground fault of a dc power supply by connecting the positive terminal or the negative terminal of a high-voltage power supply to one terminal of a coupling capacitor (15) provided with aluminum electrolytic capacitors (c1, c2, c3), applying a square-wave pulse signal to a measurement point at the other terminal of the coupling capacitor, and detecting a voltage signal generated at the measurement point. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170191401

Exhaust gas heat recovery device and manufacturing method thereof

An exhaust gas heat recovery device includes an inner cylinder, a first fluid passage that is formed in the inner cylinder and in which first fluid flows, an outer cylinder that is formed by at least two divided bodies to surround the inner cylinder, and a second fluid passage that is formed between the inner cylinder and the cuter cylinder and in which second fluid flows.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170190295

Console box

A console box includes a console body including a pair of right and left side-walls, a storage container accommodated in the console body, a lid part openably placed in contact with upper edge parts of the console body, and an inwardly-bent part formed on the upper edge part of each side-wall of the console body, the inwardly-bent part being overlapped with the corresponding side-wall in an inside-and-outside direction so as to form a space part between the inwardly-bent part and the corresponding side-wall. The console box further includes an outwardly-bent part and a space-inserted part that are formed near an upper edge part of the storage container, and a rupture expected part provided at the outwardly-bent part, the rupture expected part being configured to be broken when an emergency load is applied to the lid part from above.. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170190250

Center console

A center console includes a console body which has a pair of side wall parts, and an at finisher which is provided between upper ends of the pair of side wall parts. An electric at device is mounted on a lower surface side of the at finisher directly or through a mounting bracket. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170182937

Cup holder

A cup holder includes a cup holder body which has a bottomed container shape and is capable of accommodating a beverage container; a decorative finisher member which is installed in an upper edge portion of the cup holder body; a light guide member which is interposed between a lower portion of the finisher member and an upper edge portion of the cup holder body. A light-guide-member installation part and a finisher-member fixing part are provided in the cup holder body. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170120752

Driving force controller for electric vehicle

A driving force controller for an electric vehicle includes a feed-forward compensator for computing a second target driving force so as to suppress overshooting of an actual driving force that is actually outputted, with respect to a first target driving force requested by a driver, the feed-forward compensator includes a first transfer function expressing a characteristic that the actual driving force becomes a predetermined response with respect to the first target driving force; and an inverse of a second transfer function approximately expressing a transmission characteristic between a input target driving force and the actual driving force in a control system except the feed-forward compensator.. . ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082856

Mounting structure for head up display

A large-sized head up display unit can be reasonably provided in an inner portion of an instrument panel. A column bracket to mount a steering column (5) is provided at a lower portion of a vehicle body strength member (4) extending in a vehicle width direction disposed in a vehicle rear side of a front wall panel (1) of a vehicle interior. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170072845

Illumination structure for decoration

It is an object of the disclosure to improve light-emitting brightness of lighting parts. The disclosure is related to an illumination structure for decoration including a light-guiding member and a decorative member provided on a surface of the light-guiding member and having a plurality of lighting parts that light in a dot form. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170043648

Air-conditioning grill installation structure and air-conditioning grill installation method

To provide a grill installation structure that is capable of firmly supporting an air outlet of a grill body of an air-conditioning grill to a grill installation part of an installation member even when the grill installation part of the installation member is designed to have a notched shape. A finisher of the grill installation part is formed in a notched shape such that an air-conditioning grill unit is insertable in a direction (grill insertion direction ig) orthogonal to an opening direction of the air outlet, and the finisher includes a grill fixing part on the back. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038790

Microcomputer and method for correcting clock thereof

A sub clock 20 counts oscillating pulses of a cr oscillating circuit 21 by a loop counter 22, and outputs a clock signal each time the oscillating pulses reach a target count pm. A cpu 11 counts oscillating pulses of the cr oscillating circuit 21 in a predetermined time measured by a time counter 25 in response to a dock signal of a main clock 13 by a crystal oscillator, and corrects the target count pm according to a pulse count p thereof. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170021698

Vehicle-mounted temperature adjustment device, vehicle air-conditioning device, and battery temperature adjustment device

A vehicle-mounted temperature adjustment device included in a vehicle air-conditioning device includes a low-water-temperature circuit through which low-water-temperature cooling water circulates. In addition, the vehicle-mounted temperature adjustment device has a compressor, a condenser, a subcooling condenser, an expansion valve, which is one example of a first expansion unit, an expansion valve, which is one example of a second expansion unit, and an evaporator and refrigerant-water heat exchanger, and includes a refrigeration circuit that performs temperature adjustment of a temperature-adjustment target. ... Calsonic Kansei Corporation

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