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Carl Freudenberg Kg patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Carl Freudenberg Kg. Carl Freudenberg Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carl Freudenberg Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carl Freudenberg Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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12/24/15 / #20150368858

Coating system

A use of a nonwoven with a specific surface area, measured as specified by din iso 9277, of at least 0.15 m2, having fibers with a denier of less than 5 dtex in a quantity of at least 30 percent by weight, with reference to the total weight of the nonwoven, wherein the nonwoven contains at least one of the following hydrophilic components: (i) fibers with a surface energy, measured in accordance with din 55660, of >35 mn/m; (ii) at least one binder with a surface energy, measured in accordance with din 55660, of >35 mn/m; and/or (iii) at least one filler with a surface energy, measured in accordance with din 55660, of >35 mn/m, as a carrier material for the coating with an overlay, in particular a layer of lacquer, varnish or paint and/or a film.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

12/10/15 / #20150354705

Arrangement with a radial shaft seal having a sinusoidally curved sealing edge

An arrangement includes a radial shaft seal (2) that surrounds a shaft (1), wherein an elastomer body (4) forms a sealing lip (5) for bearing against the shaft (1), wherein the sealing lip (5) has a sinusoidally curved sealing edge (6) on its side which faces the shaft (1), which sealing edge runs around along the inner circumference of the sealing lip (5), and wherein the sealing edge (6) bears against the circumferential face (7) of the shaft (1). The radial shaft seal as a single component is able to produce high dynamic seal tightness in a plurality of different applications.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

11/26/15 / #20150337961

Cassette seal

A cassette seal having an internal ring with a cylindrical portion; a cover portion radially projecting from the cylindrical portion, and a covering portion axially projecting from the cover portion, wherein the covering portion is radially spaced from the cylindrical portion, and an external ring with axial flange, and a radial flange projecting in the internal ring direction, with a sealing body of an elastomeric material associated with the axial flange, wherein from the sealing body sealing lips are formed, wherein a first sealing lip with radial preload sealingly rests against the cylindrical portion's outer circumference, wherein a second sealing lip axially projects from the radial flange and extends in the direction of the covering portion's side facing the cylindrical portion, wherein a third sealing lip axially projects beyond the radial flange and on the outer circumference at least partly projects beyond the covering portion.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

11/19/15 / #20150328962

Use of a filter element for the adsorption of hydrocarbons

The use of a filter element with a body which has material which is suitable for adsorption of gases and vapors, the body being in the form of a honeycomb body, is, with regard to the object of supplying a substantially closed chamber with filtered inlet air in trouble-free fashion, the inlet air being virtually completely freed from pollutants which are present in the form of aerosols, gases, liquid droplets or solid particles, and a filter element of simple construction being used, wherein the filter element is used for supplying filtered inlet air to an at least partially closed-off chamber, the inlet air being freed from pollutants which are present in the form of aerosols, gases, liquid droplets or solid particles.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

11/05/15 / #20150316152

Seal, method for producing same and sealing arrangement therewith

A seal having a substantially h-shaped sealing profile.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

11/05/15 / #20150316120


A bearing with a first cover plate and a second cover plate, an elastomer layer being arranged between the first cover plate and the second cover plate. The bearing can exhibit a long service life after an inexpensive manufacturing process. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

11/05/15 / #20150313440

Wiping device

The invention relates to a wiping device, comprising a substantially rectangular support member (1) having a longitudinal axis (71) and two long sides (2, 3), and a transverse axis (72) and two transverse sides (4, 5), on which a wiping cloth (6) can be releasably fastened, wherein on the support member (1) on at least one transverse side a pivotable fastening clamp (7, 8) is disposed so as to be pivotable about an articulation joint (11, 12), for fastening of a fastening tab (13, 14) disposed correspondingly on at least one transverse side on the wiping cloth (6). The at least one fastening clamp (7, 8) is movable in a pivot plane (73, 74) which is disposed substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis (71) of the support member (1).. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

10/29/15 / #20150305588

Cleaning apparatus with a fluid container

A cleaning apparatus for cleaning floors and/or surfaces, having a container for holding a cleaning fluid, a discharge device for discharging the cleaning fluid onto a floor and/or surface to be cleaned, and a heating device for heating and/or tempering and/or evaporating the cleaning fluid. The cleaning apparatus can easily be supplied with energy for heating and/or tempering and/or evaporating the cleaning fluid, and the apparatus can be operated cordlessly.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

09/17/15 / #20150260291

Double sealing device

A double sealing device for a rotating shaft comprising a first and a second seal of annular form mounted side by side in a peripheral groove formed in a wall of a circular cylindrical housing through which the shaft to be sealed passes. At least one of a discharge or vent channel opens into the peripheral groove between the two seals. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

08/20/15 / #20150230685

Flat mop cover with two cleaning surfaces

A flat mop cover for mop-cover holder, where the flat mop cover comprises an elongate basic body. The basic body has a first elongate surface and a second elongate surface, which lie opposite one another. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

08/13/15 / #20150226332

Gasket, in particular for a pressurised liquid

A gasket, in particular for a pressurized liquid, includes: a support ring (2) having an axial flange (3) and a radial flange (4); and a ptfe washer (5) arranged on the ring (2), the washer at least partially covering the outer face (3′) of the axial flange (3) and forming a flexible inner sealing lip (6) intended to be applied against an element to be sealed, such as a shaft. The sealing lip (6) includes an annular portion bearing mostly on the element to be sealed and a curved annular connecting portion. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

08/13/15 / #20150224435

Filter element

A filter element includes a first bellows which is produced from a first filter medium, in view of the object of providing a filter element which after some service life can be readily modified in such a manner that said filter element again achieves an adequate filtration effect, is characterized in that a second bellows which is produced from a second filter medium is provided, wherein the second bellows is inserted into a recess of the first bellows and the periphery of the second bellows is partly or completely surrounded by the first bellows or wherein the second bellows is placed onto the first bellows in such a manner that the recess is covered by the second bellows and the fold tips of the bellows are aligned with one another.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

07/30/15 / #20150209709

Filter element

In respect of the object of specifying a filter element which can be used as an inertial separator and, while being of compact construction, can be used in small installation spaces, said filter element displaying a low level of flow resistance, the highest possible dust-holding capacity and the best possible separating-off action, a filter element which is configured in the form of an inertial separator, that is to say has means which separate off particles by deflection of a flow medium, is characterized in that the means comprise, or have, nonwoven fabric.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

07/16/15 / #20150200405

Electrically conductive sheet material

An electrically conductive sheet material having a base body with fibers, at least part of the fibers having carbon fibers, optionally having channels extending through the base body, capable of providing an electrically conductive and flexible sheet material which has a low electrical resistance and which can be produced on a large scale in the most simple, cost-effective and reproducible manner possible.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/25/15 / #20150174518

Filter element with filter pockets

The invention relates to a filter element comprising a frame and bag-type filter pockets which are connected to said frame. The filter pockets have openings on the inflow side for the inlet of a fluid to be filtered into the interiors of said pockets, and the interiors taper in the direction of an outflow side. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/18/15 / #20150164297

Flat wiping cloth with cleaning lip

A flat wiping cloth for a wiping cloth holder includes an elongated base. The elongated base includes a main cleaning surface and a sheetlike textile material. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/04/15 / #20150152754


A seal including a sealing ring (1) made from an elastomeric material, an intermediate ring (2) made from a polymeric material, and a supporting ring (3), the sealing ring (1), the intermediate ring (2) and the supporting ring (3) being arranged concentrically with respect to one another, and the sealing ring (1) and the supporting ring (3) being arranged in each case on the sides of the intermediate ring (2) which face away axially from one another. The sealing ring (1), the intermediate ring (2), and the supporting ring (3) form a pre-assembled unit (4).. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

05/28/15 / #20150144216

Piston accumulator

A piston accumulator in which good sealing and guidance of a piston is ensured, even if the diameter of the housing undergoes expansion, the strength, weight and costs of the piston accumulator being optimised as far as possible, a piston accumulator, which has a housing defining a pressure chamber and receiving a movable piston, a compressible fluid being held in the pressure chamber, the piston having a housing side facing the pressure chamber and the piston having a working side which can face a working fluid that can move the piston with a bushing provided, within which the piston can move.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

04/30/15 / #20150114228

Use of a filter element having a fine porous coating

A filter element for the filtration of the incoming cabin air of vehicles is disclosed. The filter element can be readily regenerated and reused in a dust-loaded environment. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

04/16/15 / #20150102534

Sealing bellows, method for the production thereof and sealing bellows arrangement

A method for producing a sealing bellows, involving (1) vulcanizing a sealing bellows having clamping elements integrated into the sealing region and into the attachment region (2) and having a substantially cylindrical casing, thereby forming the sealing bellow; (2) interrupting the vulcanizing after the mold cavity has been filled and after attaining dimensional stability of the sealing bellows and then releasing the sealing bellows from the mold; (3) introducing the sealing bellows having a substantially cylindrical casing into a heated blowing mold having a substantially spherical cavity and sealing the blowing mold in an airtight manner; (4) subjecting the interior of the sealing bellows to a relative excess pressure such that the casing is applied against a wall delimiting the cavity of the blowing mold; and (5) completely curing the sealing bellows, then opening the blowing mold to release the sealing bellows from the mold.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

04/09/15 / #20150096139

Cleaning implement for holding a cleaning means

A cleaning implement such that it is usable universally for differently configured cleaning means, and also for fastening a glove that is known per se, includes a handle and a holder. The holder is configured for releasably fastening a cleaning means, wherein the cleaning means is fastened to the holder by means of a clamping connection. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/05/15 / #20150059111

Cleaning device made of foam having an abrasive surface

A cleaning device (4, 4a, 4b, 4′b, 4c, 4′c, 4d, 4′d) for cleaning surfaces, comprising a main body (5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d) made of foam, is characterized, in regard to the task of designing and improving a cleaning device of the type mentioned above such that it has an abrasive surface with which liquid, but at the same time hair and dirt particles, can be reliably collected, in that flock material (2, 2d) is assigned to the main body (5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d) and the flock material (2, 2d) is arranged on a surface (6, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d) of the main body (5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d) which can face a floor surface to be cleaned.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

01/22/15 / #20150023764

Seal, screw connection having the seal, and use thereof

. . A seal of a fastening element, having the fastening element and a washer, wherein the fastening element and the washer are arranged coaxially and axially adjacent to one another, wherein the washer has a sealing bead of a rubber-elastic sealing material on the outer circumference, and wherein the sealing bead contacts the fastening element underside in a sealing manner during the correct use of the seal. The fastening element has a flange on the underside, which axially faces the washer, wherein the a washer top side axially faces the flange, wherein the flange underside and the washer top side abut in a sealing manner during the correct use of the seal, wherein the flange underside and the washer top side are substantially congruent, and wherein the sealing bead abuts the outer circumferential boundary of the flange underside in a sealing manner.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

01/15/15 / #20150017401

Textile light-protection material

A textile light-protection material having a micro-filament non-woven fabric with a surface weight of 20 to 300 g/m2, wherein the non-woven fabric has composite filaments that are melt-spun and plaited as a non-woven fabric having a titer of 1.5 to 5 decitex and the composite filaments are split into at least 80% of elementary filaments having a titer of 0.05 to 2.0 and are solidified, and wherein the elementary filaments have at least one crystallization auxiliary means selected from titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, magnesium silicate hydrate, in particular in the form of talcum and/or aluminum silicate, in particular in the form of kaolin, in each case in an amount of 0.2 to 5 wt %.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

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