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Carl Freudenberg Kg patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Carl Freudenberg Kg. Carl Freudenberg Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carl Freudenberg Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carl Freudenberg Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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Volume nonwoven fabric

A nonwoven fabric has a volume-giving material, in particular fiber balls, down and/or fine feathers, and has a maximum tensile strength, measured according to din en 29 073 at a mass per unit area of 50 g/m2 in at least one direction, of at least 0.3 n/5 cm, in particular of 0.3 n/5 cm to 100 n/5 cm.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Thermoplastic polyurethane for seal applications

A thermoplastic polyurethane is obtained via reaction of isocyanates (a) with a polyol component (b) having at least one polyesterdiol (b1), at least one polyetherdiol (b2) and at least one polycarbonatediol (b3), in each case with a molar mass of from 500 to 5000 g/mol, and also with at least one diol with a molar mass of from 62 to 500 g/mol. The thermoplastic polyurethane can be used for producing moldings, more particularly seals, coupling stars, valves, and profiles. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Sealing assembly and protector ring

A sealing assembly for sealing a surface of a machine element from a medium on one side and surroundings on the other side includes a sealing ring and a protector ring. The sealing ring has at least one dynamically stressed sealing lip configured to contact, in a sealing manner, the surface to be sealed. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Arrangement for detecting counterfeit products

An arrangement has a device which has at least one individualizing feature, detecting unit for detecting the individualizing feature, and a data storage unit in which the individualizing feature is stored and uniquely assigned to the device. The arrangement can reliably ascertain the authenticity of a product. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg


A wiper for the sealing arrangement of a cylinder arrangement having a cylinder and a piston rod, having a support lip facing in the direction of the space that is to be sealed off, and a wiper lip facing towards the surroundings, as well as a holding element from which the support lip and the wiper lip protrude, wherein the free end of the wiper lip is bent in the direction of the piston rod.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Suction nozzle with at least two intermediate walls

A suction nozzle intended for a hard-surface suction apparatus has a specifically adjustable and/or uniform flow-speed profile over the entire width of the suction mouth, may, as a result of the specifically adjusted flow resistance, use a suction subassembly with the lowest level of power possible, a suction nozzle intended for a hard-surface suction apparatus, having a basic body with an intake surface, which is adjoined by a suction channel, wherein, in order to form a suction flow, a suction subassembly can be connected to a side of the basic body, the side being directed away from the intake surface, wherein the basic body has a base wall, a top wall and side walls, wherein the basic body is subdivided into suction chambers by at least two intermediate walls.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Arrangement with a flow rectifier

An arrangement having a line and a flow rectifier, whereby the flow rectifier is installed in the line in order to impart a homogenized flow profile to a flowing gas after it has passed through the flow rectifier on an outflow side inside the line, whereby, with an eye towards the objective of putting forward an arrangement which has a structure that is compact and comprises few parts and which, on the one hand, allows a flowing gas to be homogenized in terms of its flow profile and, on the other hand, allows components of a gas to be adsorbed, is characterized in that the flow rectifier is configured as a honeycomb element which has a plurality of channels that are separated from each other by channel walls, whereby the honeycomb element is made of activated carbon, or else it contains activated carbon.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Elastomeric body for vibration damping

An elastomeric body for vibration damping and/or suspension, has a base body and a flame-retarding coating which covers at least one section of the base body, wherein the flame-retarding coating has at least two intumescent fire protection systems and the first fire protection system contains expandable graphite which comprises at least a first fraction with an average grain size of more than 180 μm and at least a second fraction with an average grain size of less than 180 μm, and the second fire protection system forms a support structure in the expanded state, which structure at least partially fixes the expanded graphite in the expanded state.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Flexible filter element with a plastic frame formed thereon by injection molding

A filter element to be inserted into a filter housing, has a filter medium with a rim, wherein the rim is connected to an injection-molded frame or at least one injection-molded frame element, providing a flexibly bendable filter element using a frame made of plastic attached by injection molding, wherein the frame or at least one frame element is made of plastics of different hardnesses in alternation in at least one extension direction, such that the filter element can be bent flexibly at least in part by deforming the filter medium and the frame or frame element.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg


A bearing having at least two rubber bushings, each having a vertical axis of rotation, the rubber bushings being functionally connected in parallel.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Method of light-protection textile material

A method of protecting a textile material from light involves combining at least one crystallization auxiliary with a micro-filament non-woven fabric having a surface weight of 20 to 300 g/m2, wherein the non-woven fabric comprises composite filaments that are melt-spun and plaited as a non-woven fabric having a titer of 1.5 to 5 decitex and the composite filaments are split into at least 80% of elementary filaments having a titer of 0.05 to 2.0 and are solidified, and wherein the elementary filaments have the at least one crystallization auxiliary including titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, magnesium silicate hydrate, in particular in the form of talcum and/or aluminum silicate, in particular in the form of kaolin, in each case in an amount of 0.2 to 5 wt %.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Cleaning head comprising a foam body

A cleaning head of a cleaning device for cleaning a surface. The cleaning head comprises a bracket, in which a foam body is held, an upper region of the foam body being held in the bracket and a lower region of the foam body having a wiping surface which is configured to be turned to face the surface to be cleaned. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Cleaning head for a mopping device

A cleaning head for a mop comprising a clamping strip and a cleaning body. The cleaning body fits in the clamping strip. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

Adapter for attaching a cleaning head to a mop handle of a mop

An adapter for attaching a cleaning head to a mop handle of a mop. The adapter is substantially channel-shaped and includes two side webs and one connecting web interconnecting the side webs. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

08/18/16 / #20160237380

Set, comprising a cloth and a liquid, and composition for the hydrophilization of surfaces

A set for surface treatment purposes, has a textile fabric and a container which holds a liquid, such that a surface can be hydrophilized, wherein the liquid contains at least one hydrophilizing polymer and has a ph value of less than 7. A related composition has: a) 0.05 to 1% by weight of at least one hydrophilizing copolymer with, in the form of polymerized units, at least one amino-functional monomer which has a permanent cationic charge or which is capable of forming a cationic charge through protonation, and at least one acidic monomer which has a permanent anionic charge or which is capable of forming an anionic charge; b) 0.5 to 1.4% by weight of at least one non-ionic surfactant; c) 1 to 10% by weight of at least one solvent; d) with the remainder being water.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

08/04/16 / #20160222557

Fabric sheet with hig thermal stability

A fabric sheet, with low-cost production, has high thermal and light stability, is recyclable, has a high mechanical load-bearing capacity, and is elastically compliant, wherein the fabric sheet has a main body composed of at least one ply, wherein the at least one ply contains first fibers comprising a first polymer and second fibers with a second polymer or wherein the at least one ply has one and the same fibers that contain a first and a second polymer, wherein a cold crystallization temperature of the first polymer lies at the softening temperature of the second polymer or below the softening temperature of the second polymer.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

07/14/16 / #20160199530

Bioresorbable wound dressing

The present invention is directed to novel non-woven fabrics containing growth and differentiation factor proteins. Said fabrics are specifically designed to accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing processes of mammalian tissues. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/16/16 / #20160169391

Gasket, and method of production and usage thereof

A gasket, which is configured as a single block (1), includes a guide ring (2) made of a tough material, at least one dynamically loaded sealing lip (3, 4) and at least one statically loaded sealing lip (5), wherein the dynamically loaded sealing lip (3, 4) and the statically loaded sealing lip (5) are formed of a rubber elastic material and are connected with the guide ring (2), wherein at least one first (3) and one second dynamically loaded sealing lip (4) are connected with the guide ring (2), wherein the first dynamically loaded sealing lip (3) is configured for sealing a medium (6) from a space (7) to be sealed and the second dynamically loaded sealing lip (4) is configured for sealing out contaminants (8) from the surrounding environment (9), and wherein the first sealing lip (3) is placed behind the second sealing lip (4), viewed from the surrounding environment (9) in the direction of the space (7) to be sealed off.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/09/16 / #20160159382

Cleaning cart

A cleaning cart has a basic body, wherein the lateral extent of the basic body is bounded by an outer circumferential boundary surface or boundary line, and wherein the basic body bears at least one module which is coupleable to the basic body, is configured such that cleaning cart can bear a multiplicity of modules of different size while having a very compact and space-saving design, in that the module is assigned to the basic body in such a positive, frictional and/or non-positive manner preventing tilting that the base region of the module projects at least on one side beyond the boundary surface or boundary line of the basic body.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/02/16 / #20160151896

Mounting device for a sealing ring

A mounting device for a sealing ring, having a transport/mounting protective sleeve for the sealing ring and a sleeve-shaped punch with which the transport/mounting protective sleeve is movable on both sides in axial direction and automatically removable, wherein the protective sleeve has an inner step, extending axially, and an outside diameter corresponding to the outside diameter of a machine element to be sealed, and an axial length substantially corresponding to the axial length of the sealing ring, wherein the inner step is bounded axially counter to mounting direction by at least one end-side stop for the sealing ring, which stop forms part of an outer step likewise extending in the axial direction, wherein the outer step has a first driver surface with which at least one latching-lug-shaped driver of the punch can be engaged for automatic removal of the protective sleeve when the punch moves counter to the mounting direction.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

06/02/16 / #20160150939

Mop cover

A mop cover for cleaning surfaces, having a main body, configured and modified in such a way that the mop cover has an abrasive surface by which hairs and particles of dirt can be reliably picked up, wherein flock material is assigned to the main body, the flock material being disposed on a surface which can face a floor surface to be cleaned.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

05/05/16 / #20160121698

Assembly with a filter element

An assembly having an intake connector with an air entrance for an air-conditioning system and a filter element having a concertina bellows having peripheral troughs and peripheral peaks, wherein the filter element has a water-repellent filter medium and wherein the filter element at least partially covers the air entrance, suitable for discharging snow and water, in particular snowmelt, to avoid flow into the air-conditioning system of a motor vehicle and to minimize damage to a filter element, wherein the concertina bellows is disposed so as to be inclined at an angle of 5° to 90°, preferably at an angle of 15° to 85°, in relation to the horizontal, wherein the filter element has an outflow unit for a water outflow from the peripheral troughs.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/24/16 / #20160084383

Slide ring seal

A slide ring seal has a slide ring, supported such that the slide ring is axially movable, and a counter ring. The slide ring and the counter ring have respective sealing surfaces contacting one another. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/24/16 / #20160082998

Cleaning cart

A cleaning cart having a base plate and a working plate arranged at a vertical distance above the base plate, the base plate and the working plate being connected to each other by a rod system arranged within the vertical distance. The rod system is formed by at least two struts extending in a non-parallel manner relative to each other, and the struts are connected to each other by a bridge-like holder, the holder being arranged in a self-retaining manner between the struts.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/17/16 / #20160074796

Filter element

A filter element has an, as far as possible, long-term connection between a seal and the frame of the filter element, a filter element having a frame which is assigned a seal is wherein the frame is assigned a mount , in which the seal is accommodated, and fixed, in a form-fitting manner.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/10/16 / #20160069457

Slide ring seal

A slide ring seal has a slide ring, mounted in an axially movable manner, and a counterpart ring, wherein the slide ring and the counterpart ring each have sealing surfaces which bear against one another, wherein the sealing surface of the slide ring is situated opposite the sealing surface of the counterpart ring, and wherein the slide ring is pressed against the counterpart ring by a spring, wherein, with regard to refining and developing a slide ring seal of this type such that, while being inexpensive and easy to manufacture and having a construction involving a particularly small number of components, it seals off two chambers in a reliable and permanent manner, and the counterpart ring is formed in one piece with an axial projection which can be assigned to a shaft in order to fix the counterpart ring on the shaft.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/10/16 / #20160068178

Cleaning cart

A cleaning cart has a base plate and a working plate arranged at a vertical distance above the base plate, wherein the base plate and the working plate are connected to each other by a linkage arranged in the vertical distance. The linkage is formed by at least two struts extending non-parallel to each other.. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

03/03/16 / #20160064707

Sealing frame for cells in a battery with a thermally active compensating element

Sealing frame (1) for utilization in a battery, encompassing a base body (2) whereby the base body (2) encompasses an opening (3), whereby the base body (2) features a first sealing surface (4) and a facing second sealing surface (5) and whereby the first sealing surface (4) and/or the second sealing surface (5) are implemented elastically compressible. During normal operation, the frame provides an optimal operating temperature and a reliable leak tightness, in the event of failure however the frame permits the electrolyte to escape, effortlessly and directed, characterized by cooling passages (22) that are integrated in the base body (2) and/or a heating device (23) which interfuse the base body (2) at least partially along the lengthwise expansion of the sealing surfaces (4, 5). ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

02/25/16 / #20160053894

Sealing ring and use thereof

A sealing ring with a dynamically loaded sealing lip having a sealing edge and a tension element for stabilizing the sealing lip in the radial direction, wherein: the tension element is arranged in a mounting groove; the mounting groove is arranged in the sealing lip on the side facing radially away from the sealing edge and has a mounting opening on the side facing radially away from the sealing edge, which opening is delimited by two guide webs arranged so as to be adjacent to each other at a spacing in the axial direction; the sealing lip is articulated, on its side facing axially away from the sealing edge, to a support member with a joint; and the sealing lip and the support member delimit, with their sides which radially face each other, a substantially c-shaped joint space which is open on one side in the axial direction.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

01/14/16 / #20160010750

Preliminary seal, preliminary seal arrangement and sealing ring comprising the preliminary seal

Preliminary seal, comprising an essentially circular disc (1) of an electrically conductive material (2) permeable to air and a carrier body (3), wherein the disc (1) is configured as a separately produced individual part—in relation to the carrier body (3)—is joined to the carrier body (3).. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

01/14/16 / #20160010686


A bearing with a core and a sheath which surrounds the core, wherein the core is supported against the sheath by at least one elastomer or a plurality of elastomers, wherein at least two functional chambers which contain a working fluid are formed between the core (2) and the sheath, and wherein the functional chambers are bounded at least partially by the elastomer or elastomers, characterized, with respect to the problem of configuring a bearing in such a way that a drop in rigidity of the bearing is as small as possible at low temperatures, in that at least one equalizing chamber is provided for an equalizing fluid, from which the equalizing fluid can be diverted into the functional chambers, wherein the equalizing fluid in the equalizing chamber is separated from a gas-filled space or a plurality of gas-filled spaces by a movable or elastic separating element.. . ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

01/14/16 / #20160010274

Ventilation insert

A ventilation insert for textiles, with at least one layer, covered at least partially by an absorption material and having ventilation openings, the openings being at least partially closeable via a liquid by swelling of the absorption material, obtainable by: a) treating a layer having ventilation openings with a mixture, containing a wetting agent, initiator, polymerizable monomer or oligomers, and a cross-linking agent, as a preliminary stage for the absorption material; and b) polymerizing the monomer or oligomer to form the absorption material while forming a bonded connection between the absorption material and the layer. The ventilation insert has a relatively low thickness, a low weight per unit area, and high flexibility permanently and independently of moisture after economical production, via one layer, self-sealingly closing ventilation openings, and containing the absorption material. ... Carl Freudenberg Kg

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