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Recent patent applications related to Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carnegie Mellon University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15 / #20150381685

System and method for capturing, editing, searching, and delivering multi-media content with local and global time

Various acquisition streams are delivered, synchronously or asynchronously, to a server. Those streams having local time indicia are synchronized with the global timeline and the various acquisition streams are then stored. ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/31/15 / #20150376465

Methods of forming dry adhesive structures

Methods of forming dry adhesives including a method of making a dry adhesive including applying a liquid polymer to the second end of the stem, molding the liquid polymer on the stem in a mold, wherein the mold includes a recess having a cross-sectional area that is less than a cross-sectional area of the second end of the stem, curing the liquid polymer in the mold to form a tip at the second end of the stem, wherein the tip includes a second layer stem; corresponding to the recess in the mold, and removing the tip from the mold after the liquid polymer cures.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/24/15 / #20150368546

Lignin-containing polymers and compositions including lignin-containing polymers

A composition includes an agent formed by grafting at least a first polymer with lignin and a component other than the agent, lignin or the at least a first polymer, wherein lignin has an affinity for the component. A method of dispersing a component in a matrix includes adding an agent to the matrix. ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/17/15 / #20150365733

Dynamic real-time tv white space awareness

This invention describes a cloud-based architecture that orchestrates the detection and dissemination of highly-dynamic, real-time, and fine-grained tv white space information to improve spectrum information used for white space devices (wsds). Wasted spectrum opportunities were first identified, both temporal and spatial, due to the current approach of white spaces detection. ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/10/15 / #20150353082

Unified motion planning algorithm for autonomous driving vehicle in obstacle avoidance maneuver

A method for automated lane centering and/or lane changing purposes for a vehicle traveling on a roadway that employs roadway points from a map database to determine a reference vehicle path and sensors on the vehicle for detecting static and moving objects to adjust the reference path. The method includes reducing the curvature of the reference path to generate a reduced curvature reference path that reduces the turning requirements of the vehicle and setting the speed of the vehicle from posted roadway speeds from the map database. ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/03/15 / #20150348433

Systems, methods, and software for enabling automated, interactive assessment

Methods, system, and software that enables students to create high quality, automatically gradable questions without requiring any manual rating of questions, while at the same time aiding the learning of the students in each of their interactions with the system. The problem of determining the quality of student-submitted questions may be solved by automatically assigning discrimination scores to questions that indicate the extent to which successfully answering a question corresponds to overall learning achievement, e.g., total score on a set of questions. ... Carnegie Mellon University

12/03/15 / #20150342688

Deployable polygonal manipulator for minimally invasive surgical interventions

A polygonal manipulator device for surgical interventions of the heart and other smooth organs is provided. A system implementing the device also is provided along with methods of use of the device and system. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/26/15 / #20150339217

Methods and systems for automatically testing software

An automatic software testing machine may be configured to provide an advanced symbolic execution approach to software testing that combines dynamic symbolic execution and static symbolic execution, leveraging the strengths of each and avoiding the vulnerabilities of each. One or more software testing machines within a software testing system may be configured to automatically and dynamically alternate between dynamic symbolic execution and static symbolic execution, based on partial control flow graphs of portions of the software code to be tested. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/26/15 / #20150335664

Methods and materials for reducing organ transplant rejection or ischemic/reperfusion injury in a subject

Methods and materials for reducing organ transplant rejection or minimizing ischemia or ischemia/reperfusion injury in a subject are described. The methods include administering a fat emulsion before or after the organ transplant or before, at the onset of, or after the ischemic event.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/19/15 / #20150332151

Methods and software for determining an optimal combination of therapeutic agents for inhibiting pathogenesis or growth of a cell colony, and methods of treating one or more cell colonies

Methods of determining a therapy for inhibiting growth or pathogenesis of one or more cell colonies based on modeling intracellular and/or intercellular communication mechanisms utilized by the cell type(s) in question, selective pressures on the one or more cell colonies within a cell population, and therapies or therapeutic agents available to a user. A dynamic molecular-level model of a cell population representing one or more cell colonies models differing aspects of one or more resistance forming mechanisms and the effects that the available treatment agents or therapies may have on the differing aspects. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/12/15 / #20150321348

Systems and methods for modular units in electro-mechanical systems

Systems and methods are provided for an electro-mechanical system. A system includes a plurality of connected modules. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/05/15 / #20150318472

Deterministic seeding of switching filament in oxide-based memristive devices

A method for manufacturing an rram cell includes providing a metal-insulator-metal stack and exposing a subsection of a mim stack to particle bombardment and/or radiation. Exposing a subsection of the mim stack to particle bombardment and/or radiation forms localized defects in the functional layer of the mim stack, thereby reducing the required forming voltage of the rram cell and further providing precise control over the location of a conductive filament created in the mim stack during forming of the device.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

11/05/15 / #20150314059

Extracorporeal ambulator assist lung

A extracorporeal system for lung assist includes a housing, a blood flow inlet in fluid connection with the housing; a blood flow outlet in fluid connection with the housing; a plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers adapted to permit diffusion of gas between blood and an interior of the hollow gas permeable fibers, the plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers being positioned between the blood flow inlet and the blood flow outlet such that blood flows around the plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers when flowing from the blood flow inlet to the blood flow outlet; a gas inlet in fluid connection with the housing and in fluid connection with inlets of the plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers; a gas outlet in fluid connection with the housing and in fluid connection with outlets of the plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers; and at least one moving element to create velocity fields in blood flow contacting the plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers. The plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers may extend generally perpendicular to the direction of bulk flow of blood through the housing.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

10/29/15 / #20150311901

A nonvolatile magnetic logic device

In one aspect, a nonvolatile magnetic logic device comprises an electrically insulating layer, a write path, and a read path. The write path comprises a plurality of write path terminals and a magnetic layer having a uniform magnetization direction that is indicative of a direction of magnetization of the magnetic layer in a steady state. ... Carnegie Mellon University

10/29/15 / #20150310643

Methods and software for visualizing data by applying physics-based tools to data objectifications

Methods and corresponding software for allowing a user to manipulate and interactively explore data intuitively by objectifying the data and allowing the user to apply any one or more simulated physical tools to the objectified data. The data can be any suitable type of data, including multivariate data and graph (network) data. ... Carnegie Mellon University

10/22/15 / #20150302428

Automated thumbnail selection for online video

Access is provided to optimal thumbnails that are extracted from a stream of video. Using a processing device configured with a model that incorporates preferences generated by the brain and behavior from the perception of visual images, the optimal thumbnail(s) for a given video is/are selected, stored and/or displayed.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

10/01/15 / #20150275206

Polymer conjugates for delivery of biologically active agents

A delivery system for delivering oligonucleotides includes a conjugate includes a complexing agent including an oligonucleotide, a peptide nucleic acid or chimera thereof and a polymer covalently attached to the complexing agent. The complexing agent of the conjugate is adapted to complex a biologically active agent thereto after formation of the conjugate.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

09/10/15 / #20150255588

Hot-electron transistor having metal terminals

In one aspect, a transistor comprises a metal emitter, a first semiconductor barrier, a metal base, a second semiconductor barrier, and a metal collector. The first semiconductor barrier separates the metal emitter and the metal base and has an average thickness based on a first mean free path of a charge carrier in the first semiconductor barrier emitted from the metal emitter. ... Carnegie Mellon University

09/10/15 / #20150254594

System for interactively visualizing and evaluating user behavior and output

The present invention discloses crowdscape, a system that supports the human evaluation of complex crowd work through interactive visualization and mixed initiative machine learning. The system combines information about worker behavior with worker outputs and aggregate worker behavioral traces to allow the isolation of target worker clusters. ... Carnegie Mellon University

09/10/15 / #20150252322

Methods, apparatus, and systems for fabrication of polymeric nano-and micro-fibers in aligned configurations

Provided herein are apparatus and systems for fabricating highly aligned arrays of polymeric fibers having isodiameters ranging from sub 50 nm to microns with lengths of several millimeters. The approach disclosed herein uses (e.g.) a micropipette to deliver polymeric solution which is collected in the form of aligned fibers on a rotating and linearly translating substrate. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/27/15 / #20150243285

Methods for hybrid gpu/cpu data processing

The present invention describes methods for performing large-scale graph traversal calculations on parallel processor platforms. The invention describes methods for on-the-fly hypothesis rescoring that utilizes graphic processing units (gpus) in combination with utilizing central processing units (cpus) of computing devices. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/27/15 / #20150239132

Articulated device with visualization system

An articulated device may include a first steerable multi-linked mechanism and a second steerable multi-linked mechanism. The second steerable multi-linked mechanism may include a first link, a plurality of intermediate links and a second link movably coupled to a second one of the intermediate links. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/30/15 / #20150213392

System and method of using task fingerprinting to predict task performance

A novel method of using task fingerprinting to predict outcome measures such quality, errors, and the likelihood of cheating, particularly as applied to crowd sourced tasks. The technique focuses on the way workers work rather than the products they produce. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/30/15 / #20150209397

Methods and materials for reducing reticuloendothelial system clearance of particles from a subject

Methods and materials for reducing clearance of particles such as nanoparticles or micron-sized particles from a subject are described. The methods include preadministering a fat emulsion before administering the particles.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/23/15 / #20150203955

Apparatus and method for making composition spread alloy films

The present invention describes the design, operation and performance of a new composition spread alloy film (csaf) deposition having a rotatable shadow mask and capable of depositing csafs of at least two elemental components. The individual components can be deposited simultaneously from physical vapor deposition sources, such as, electron beams, effusion cells, and sputter sources, thus allowing preparation of csafs that can contain most metallic elements of the periodic table and other materials amenable to sputtering and physical vapor deposition techniques. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/16/15 / #20150199266

3dic memory chips including computational logic-in-memory for performing accelerated data processing

This disclosure relates to a three-dimensional (3d) integrated circuit (3dic) memory chip including computational logic-in-memory (lim) for performing accelerated data processing. Related memory systems and methods are also disclosed. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/25/15 / #20150174759

Methods and computer-program products for evaluating grasp patterns, and robots incorporating the same

Methods and computer-program products for evaluating grasp patterns for use by a robot are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of evaluating grasp patterns includes selecting an individual grasp pattern from a grasp pattern set, establishing a thumb-up vector, and simulating the motion of the manipulator and the end effector according to the selected individual grasp pattern, wherein each individual grasp pattern of the grasp pattern set corresponds to motion for manipulating a target object. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/18/15 / #20150165110

Cannula tip for an arterial cannula

A novel arterial cannula tip includes an elongated body having an expanded four-lobe swirl inducer and a diverging diffuser. The swirl inducer presents micro-scale blood-wetting features that help to enhance the jet or core of the flow of blood sufficiently to delay the onset of turbulence and facilitate a strongly coherent blood outflow jet as it enters the cannulated artery, while the diverging diffuser reduces exit force and promotes and laminar flow which mitigates intimal vascular damage owing to high wall shear stresses at regions of jet impingement. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/11/15 / #20150163720

Density-aware zone-based packet forwarding in vehicular networks

A method for multi-hop forwarding of data packets in vehicular ad-hoc networks is disclosed. Each node knows both its own and the destination's geographical coordinates. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/11/15 / #20150158206

Dry adhesives and methods for making dry adhesives

Dry adhesives and methods for forming dry adhesives. A method of forming a dry adhesive structure on a backing material, comprises: forming a template backing layer of energy sensitive material on the backing material; forming a template layer of energy sensitive material on the template backing layer; exposing the template layer to a predetermined pattern of energy; removing a portion of the template layer related to the predetermined pattern of energy, and leaving a template structure formed from energy sensitive material and connected to the substrate via the template backing layer.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/21/15 / #20150142225

Railroad interlocking system with distributed control

A system includes a transceiver for receiving one or more communications from a communication device in a railway vehicle; a microcontroller that is configured for communication with the transceiver and that is configured to control a position of a switch in the railway; and an electronic subsystem for interfacing with the microcontroller and with the switch; wherein the trans transceiver is configured to transmit to the microcontroller at least one of the one or more communications received from the railway vehicle; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to extract a command from the parsed contents; wherein the microcontroller is further configured to transmit the command to the electronic subsystem to cause the electronic subsystem to transition the switch to a position specified by the command; and wherein transitioning of the switch to the specified position enables the railway vehicle to cross the switch.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/21/15 / #20150137178

Metal-semiconductor-metal (msm) heterojunction diode

In one aspect, a diode comprises: a semiconductor layer having a first side and a second side opposite the first side, the semiconductor layer having a thickness between the first side and the second side, the thickness of the semiconductor layer being based on a mean free path of a charge carrier emitted into the semiconductor layer; a first metal layer deposited on the first side of the semiconductor layer; and a second metal layer deposited on the second side of the semiconductor layer.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/07/15 / #20150124054

Yield measurement and base cutter height control systems for a harvester

A system is provided that can include a 3d sensor. The 3d sensor can be configured to detect an area of an elevator on a harvester. ... Carnegie Mellon University

04/30/15 / #20150118526

A water-activated, ingestible battery

In one aspect, a water-activated, ingestible battery, comprises a cathode comprising a metal oxide with a decreased amount of toxicity, relative to an amount of toxicity of other metal oxides; an anode comprising a biocompatible, water stable compound, the anode infused with benign cations; a separator between the cathode and the anode; a cathodic lead comprising a first conducting material, the cathodic lead in contact with the cathode; an anodic lead comprising a second conducting material, the anodic lead in contact with the anode; and a cell casing comprising a water-permeable biocompatible polymer, the cathodic lead, and the anodic lead, with the cell casing enclosing the cathode, the anode, and the separator.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/26/15 / #20150088222

Ingestible, electrical device for stimulating tissues in a gastrointestinal tract of an organism

In one aspect, an ingestible, electrical device, comprises one or more electrodes comprising a biocompatible conducting material and a biocompatible insulating material; a generator connected to the one or more electrodes; and an outer casing enclosing the one or more electrodes and the generator, the outer casing configured to dissolve in an aqueous environment of the organism; wherein the one or more electrodes have a first form factor when enclosed in the outer casing and a second form factor following a dissolution of the outer casing, the first form factor is a form factor that is collapsed an increased amount relative to an amount that the second form factor is collapsed, and the second form factor is a form factor that is collapsed a decreased amount relative to an amount that the first form factor is collapsed.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/26/15 / #20150087795

Ligands designed to provide highly active catalyst complexes

A series of ligands with site specific electron donating substituents that form a catalyst complex with a transition metal and are suitable for catalysis of atom transfer radical reactions, including atrp are described. Faster catalysis rates were observed allowing for low catalyst concentrations and linear increases in molecular weight with monomer conversion, and narrow molecular weight distributions. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/19/15 / #20150077417

Methods and software for volume-centric shape abstraction and simplification of a 3d digital model

Methods of generating one or more abstractions of a three-dimensional (3d) input model by performing volumetric manipulations on one or more volumetric abstractions of the 3d input model. In some embodiments, volumetric manipulations are made to a volumetric shell abstraction of a 3d input model in a successive and iterative manner to generate an abstraction hierarchy composed of a set of volumetric abstractions having differing levels of abstraction based on containing differing amounts of geometric detail from the 3d input model. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/05/15 / #20150066156

Robust swing leg controller under large disturbances

Local swing leg control was developed that takes advantage of segment interactions to achieve robust leg placement under large disturbances while generating trajectories and joint torque patterns similar to those observed in human walking and running. The results suggest the identified control as a powerful alternative to existing swing leg controls in humanoid and rehabilitation robotics. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/22/15 / #20150025696

Distributed methods and software for balancing supply and demand in an electric power network

Methods and software for managing electric power networks in a distributed manner. A supply and demand balancing scheme is used across a network of agents to facilitate agreement on the optimal incremental price for energy provision in an electric power network subject to the constraint that the total generation in the electric power network matches the total network demand. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/01/15 / #20150005452

Processable self-organizing nanoparticle

A method of forming a composition includes adding together a plurality of particle brush systems wherein each of the particle brush systems includes a particle and a polymer brush including a plurality of polymer chains attached to the particle. The plurality of polymer chains of the polymer brush exhibit two chain conformations as the degree of polymerization of the polymer chains increases so that the polymer brush includes a concentrated polymer brush region with stretched polymer chains and a semi-dilute polymer brush region with relaxed chains that is radially outside of the concentrated polymer brush region. ... Carnegie Mellon University

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