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Recent patent applications related to Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Carnegie Mellon University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, we're just tracking patents.

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Magnetic disk of a data storage device with tempered growth of magnetic recording layer

In one aspect, a magnetic data storage device comprises a template layer, an underlayer, and a magnetic recording layer. The template layer includes a patterned array of protruding features. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Systems and methods for data driven malware task identification

Embodiments of a system and method for identifying malware tasks using a controlled environment to run malicious software to generate analysis reports, a parser to extract features from the analysis reports and a cognitively inspired learning algorithm to predict tasks associated with the malware are disclosed.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

Multi-linked endoscopic device with spherical distal assembly

A device for performing a procedure may include an elongate tube having a proximal end and a distal end and an adapted link having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end may include a first mating surface, where the proximal end may be configured to attach to the distal end of the elongate tube. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Testing integrated circuits during split fabrication

In one aspect, a method comprises providing at least two identical front-end-of-line (feol) portions of an integrated circuit (ic) in a single wafer, with at least some of each feol portion comprising a plurality of circuit elements; building a design back-end-of-line (beol) portion of the ic on at least one of the feol portions to form a product chip, with the design beol portion configuring design-type interconnections of the same plurality of circuit elements for a first instantiation; building a test-only beol structure on at least one of the feol portions to form a sacrificial test device, with the test-only beol structure configuring test-type interconections of the same plurality of circuit elements for a second instantiation; and testing the sacrificial test device for at least one of functionality or reliability.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

Device and method for clinical data sampling and specimen banking

A system and method are described that allow the autonomous collection of relevant data and samples from a patient during a clinical trial or during routine care. Sampling is accomplished by drawing multiple samples into tubing, such as microfluidic tubing, and using a pump to move the samples through the tubing. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Method and apparatus for classifying touch events on a touch sensitive surface

An apparatus classifies touch events. The apparatus includes a touch sensitive surface configured to generate a touch event when an object touches the touch sensitive surface. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Tunable anisotropy of co-based nanocomposites for magnetic field sensing and inductor applications

A method includes producing an amorphous precursor to a nanocomposite, performing devitrification of the amorphous precursor, forming, based on the devitrification, the nanocomposite comprising an induced magnetic anisotropy, and for a first portion of the nanocomposite, determining a desired value of a magnetic permeability of the first portion, tuning, based on the desired value, the induced magnetic anisotropy for the first portion, and adjusting, based on the tuning of the induced magnetic anisotropy of the first portion, a first magnetic permeability value of the first portion of the nanocomposite, wherein the first magnetic permeability value is different from a second magnetic permeability value for a second portion of the nanocomposite.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

Recovery of rare earth elements by liquid-liquid extraction from fresh water to hypersaline solutions

The disclosure describes a method of extraction for optimal recovery of rare earth elements (ree). This includes the optimization of a liquid-liquid extraction technique for economic extraction of ree from chemically complex brines. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Remotely addressable magnetic composite micro-actuators

The present invention describes methods to fabricate actuators that can be remotely controlled in an addressable manner, and methods to provide remote control such micro-actuators. The actuators are composites of two permanent magnet materials, one of which is has high coercivity, and the other of which switches magnetization direction by applied fields. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Magnetic shift register

In one aspect, a magnetic data storage device comprises a template layer, an underlayer, and a magnetic recording layer. The template layer includes a patterned array of protruding features. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Steerable multi-linked device having multiple working ports

A steerable multi-linked device. The device includes a first multi-linked mechanism and a second multi-linked mechanism. ... Carnegie Mellon University

System and method for detecting and tracking facial features in images

The present invention relates to a system for detecting and tracking facial features in images and can be used in conjunction with a camera. Given a camera, the system will detect facial landmarks in images. ... Carnegie Mellon University

Ingestible, electrical device for oral delivery of a substance

In one aspect, an ingestible, electrical device, comprises a substrate comprising a reservoir that is configured to hold one or more substances; a first film covering the reservoir, wherein the first film is at least partially metallic; a charge storage system connected to the first film, the charge storage system configured to deliver a transient electrochemical potential to the first film; wherein the first film is configured to prevent exposure of the substance to an aqueous environment in an organism, while the charge storage system delivers the transient electrochemical potential to the first film; and wherein the first film is configured for dissolution to expose the one or more substances to the aqueous environment in the organism, after the charge storage system stops delivering the transient electrochemical potential to the first film.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

Methods of forming dry adhesive structures

Methods of forming dry adhesives including a method of making a dry adhesive including applying a liquid polymer to the second end of the stem, molding the liquid polymer on the stem in a mold, wherein the mold includes a recess having a cross-sectional area that is less than a cross-sectional area of the second end of the stem, curing the liquid polymer in the mold to form a tip at the second end of the stem, wherein the tip includes a second layer stem; corresponding to the recess in the mold, and removing the tip from the mold after the liquid polymer cures.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

09/08/16 / #20160256131

Sensor guided catheter navigation system

A method and a system for producing images of a subject, such as the heart of a human being. The method may comprise acquiring ultrasound images of the subject with a catheter comprising a position sensor. ... Carnegie Mellon University

09/01/16 / #20160253437

Verified runtime validation of verified cyber-physical system models

A method for ensuring that verification results about models apply to cyber-physical systems (cps) implementations is presented. The invention provides correctness guarantees for cps executions at runtime. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/25/16 / #20160244741

Polymer engineered regenerating bioscavengers

Embodiments of the invention provide at least one polymer covalently conjugated to an esterase. The at least one polymer includes a plurality of oxime functional groups.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/18/16 / #20160237535

High toughness secondary hardening steels with nickel as a primary strength and toughening agent

Steel alloys having high yield and ultimate tensile strengths in combination with high toughness based on medium carbon secondary hardening steel compositions having low cobalt content. Nickel is added to the medium carbon secondary hardening steel compositions to increase the yield and tensile strengths and fracture toughness. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/11/16 / #20160234931

High-density soft-matter electronics

The disclosure describes a soft-matter electronic device having micron-scale features, and methods to fabricate the electronic device. In some embodiments, the device comprises an elastomer mold having microchannels, which are filled with an eutectic alloy to create an electrically conductive element. ... Carnegie Mellon University

08/04/16 / #20160224852

Vehicle operator monitoring system and method

A method for monitoring a vehicle operator can be executed by a controller and includes the following steps: (a) receiving image data of a vehicle operator's head; (b) tracking facial feature points of the vehicle operator based on the image data; (c) creating a 3d model of the vehicle operator's head based on the facial feature points in order to determine a 3d position of the vehicle operator's head; (d) determining a gaze direction of the vehicle operator based on a position of the facial feature points and the 3d model of the vehicle operator's head; (e) determining a gaze vector based on the gaze direction and the 3d position of the vehicle operator's head; and (f) commanding an indicator to activate when the gaze vector is outside a predetermined parameter.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/28/16 / #20160218728

Dual-side spin transfer spin torque oscillator

An oscillation mechanism comprises a first spin-polarization layer having a first magnetic moment; a second spin-polarization layer having a second magnetic moment, wherein an orientation of the second magnetic moment is configured to oppose an orientation of the first magnetic moment; and a field-generating layer disposed between the first spin-polarization layer and the second spin-polarization layer for generating a magnetic field that oscillates around one or more of the first and second magnetic moment orientations.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/14/16 / #20160202289

Nanofiber grid and related methods

Methods and systems are provided for measuring single and multi-cell inside-out and/or outside-in forces on a nanofiber grid. Single and multi-cells are deposited on, or migrate onto the nanofiber grid where the cell or cells are in contact with at least one fiber of the nanofiber grid and forces generated by the cells are observed and measured using deflection sensing methods. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/14/16 / #20160200840

Aqueous atrp in the presence of an activator regenerator

A process for polymerizing radically (co)polymerizable monomers at a temperature between −10° c. And 110° c. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/14/16 / #20160199201

Microminiature chainmail interface between skin and a transcutaneous prosthetic device and a method of manufacture

The disclosure describes a direct skeletal attachment (dsa) device including a micro-miniature chainmail skin-to-dsa interface. The interface comprises various porous architectures for skin ingrowth and integration as barriers against pathogens. ... Carnegie Mellon University

07/07/16 / #20160196433

Detecting exploitable bugs in binary code

Systems and methods for performing hybrid symbolic execution to detect exploitable bugs in binary code are described. In some example embodiments, the systems and methods determine that resources associated with an execution client performing symbolic execution of a target program are below, at, or above a threshold performance level, generate checkpoints for active executing paths of the online symbolic execution, and cause the execution client to perform symbolic execution in response to the determination that the resources are at or above the threshold performance level.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/16/16 / #20160167312

Additive manufacturing of embedded materials

In one aspect, a method includes providing support material within which the structure is fabricated, depositing, into the support material, structure material to form the fabricated structure, and removing the support material to release the fabricated structure from the support material. The provided support material is stationary at an applied stress level below a threshold stress level and flows at an applied stress level at or above the threshold stress level during fabrication of the structure. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/16/16 / #20160167223

Extendable articulated probe device

An articulate probe device includes a first mechanism, a second mechanism, and an overtube mechanism. The first mechanism includes a proximal link which is movable coupled to a first intermediate link, a plurality of intermediate links, and a distal link which is moveably coupled to a second one of the intermediate links. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/09/16 / #20160162807

Emotion recognition system and method for modulating the behavior of intelligent systems

The disclosure describes an audio-based emotion recognition system that is able to classify emotions in real-time. The emotion recognition system, according to some embodiments, adjusts the behavior of intelligent systems, such as a virtual coach, depending on the user's emotion, thereby providing an improved user experience. ... Carnegie Mellon University

06/09/16 / #20160160165

Methods, apparatuses, and systems for cell and tissue culture

This invention provides an apparatus and method for culturing cells to probe the influence that the properties of a surface onto which the cells are bonded has on the properties of the cell.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/19/16 / #20160136407

Microneedle arrays for cancer therapy applications

A method of forming a microneedle array can include forming a microneedle array having one or more chemotherapeutic agents. The microneedle array can include a base portion and plurality of microneedles extending from the base portion, and the one or more chemotherapeutic agents can be present in a higher concentration in the plurality of microneedles than in the base portion.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/12/16 / #20160128636

Fabrication, methods, apparatuses, and systems for ultra-compliant probes for neural and other tissues

Methods, systems and apparatuses of ultra-miniature, ultra-compliant probe arrays that allows for design flexibility to match the stiffness of the tissue it is being applied to, such as the brain tissue, in all three axes (x, y and z), with interconnect cross section smaller than cell dimensions. Stiffness matching requires specific geometric and fabrication approaches, commonly leading to ultra-thin probe wires. ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/05/16 / #20160125928

Bitcell wth magnetic switching elements

A method includes receiving a data bit value at a buffer in a bitcell based on a first state of a write bitline connected to the buffer, and transferring the data bit value from the buffer to a first magnetic switching cell in the bitcell for a later read operation at least by holding the write bitline to a reference value different from the first state, and asserting first and second predetermined voltage levels on respective first and second write wordlines connected to the buffer.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/05/16 / #20160125288

Physically unclonable functions using neuromorphic networks

The disclosure describes the use of a neural network circuit, such as an oscillatory neural network or cellular neural network, to serve as a physically unclonable function on an integrated circuit or within an electronic system. The manufacturing process variations that impact the initial state of the neural network parameters are used to provide the unique identification for the physically unclonable function. ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/05/16 / #20160125272

Object recognizer and detector for two-dimensional images using bayesian network based classifier

System and method for determining a classifier to discriminate between two classes—object or non-object. The classifier may be used by an object detection program to detect presence of a 3d object in a 2d image. ... Carnegie Mellon University

05/05/16 / #20160122701

Methods, devices and systems for algae lysis and content extraction

Described herein are devices, systems and methods for lysing algae cells, for production of a lysate product such as a biofuel. The systems and methods use a passive device that lyses the cells through flow configurations, geometries, and surfaces that would induce different stresses and negative pressure on the microalgae cells. ... Carnegie Mellon University

04/07/16 / #20160096867

Conformationally-preorganized, minipeg-containing gamma-peptide nucleic acids

The present invention relates to γ-pna monomers according to formula i where substituent groups r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, b and p are defined as set forth in the specification. The invention also provides methodology for synthesizing compounds according to formula i and methodology for synthesizing pna oligomers that incorporate one or more formula i monomers.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/24/16 / #20160083434

Divalent nucleobase compounds and uses therefor

Described herein are novel divalent nucleobases that each bind two nucleic acid strands, matched or mismatched when incorporated into a nucleic acid or nucleic acid analog backbone (a genetic recognition reagent, or genetic recognition reagent). In one embodiment, the genetic recognition reagent is a peptide nucleic acid (pna) or gamma pna (?pna) oligomer. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/24/16 / #20160083433

Template-directed gammapna synthesis process and gammapna targeting compounds

Described herein are recognition modules that bind specifically to a template nucleic acid and which ligate together in a reducing environment to produce a gamma peptide nucleic acid (γpna) oligomer. Also provided are methods of synthesizing a γpna oligomer on a template using the recognition modules.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/17/16 / #20160075810

Functionalized polymer hybrids

A method of synthesizing a polynucleotide composition includes attaching a compound including at least one initiator or at least one transfer agent for a reversible deactivation radical polymerization to an end of a nucleotide chain assembly immobilized upon a solid phase support during a solid phase synthesis of a polynucleotide so that the initiator or the transfer agent is attacked to the end of a nucleotide chain assembly in a manner which is stable under conditions of deprotection of the polynucleotide, and growing a polymer from the initiator of from a site of the chain transfer agent via the reversible deactivation radical polymerization to form the polynucleotide composition.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/10/16 / #20160072632

Methods and systems for achieving system-level counterfeit protection in integrated chips

According to embodiments of the present invention are systems and methods for using scan chains for the creation of unique physically uncloneable function (puf). In particular, the present invention uses existing circuitry on an integrated circuit and the internal-scan or boundary-scan register to create a unique identifier for each integrated chip. ... Carnegie Mellon University

03/10/16 / #20160072472

Method and device for bi-state control of nonlinear resonators

A bi-state bifurcation-based control system and method for nonlinear resonators, which utilizes a control loop to servo on the edge of the bifurcation jump, either at the maximum “on” point prior to the duffing bifurcation jump or along the rising edge of the parametric bifurcation.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/25/16 / #20160051733

Coated vaso-occlusive device for treatment of aneurysms

A method is described herein for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. The method comprises inserting into an aneurysm an embolism coil coated with a polymeric coating comprising a genipin, such as genipin or a derivative thereof, thereby increasing the stability of clots within the aneurysm. ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/18/16 / #20160049262

Melanins as active components in energy storage materials

In one aspect, an energy storage device comprises one or more organic electrodes comprising one or more melanin-based energy storage materials and cations, with the one or more melanin-based energy storage materials reversibly binding the cations while the biocompatible energy storage device is in an inactive state, and the one or more melanin-based energy storage materials releasing the cations to provide energy while the energy storage device is in an active state.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/18/16 / #20160049095

Apparatus and methods for tangible collaborative learning

The present invention relates generally to a system and method that bring together the advantages of computer games and the physical world to increase engagement, collaboration and learning. The system and method can be used with a myriad of physical setups and can be used for many different content areas in education. ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/11/16 / #20160042641

Smart and scalable urban signal networks: methods and systems for adaptive traffic signal control

Scalable urban traffic control system has been developed to address current challenges and offers a new approach to real-time, adaptive control of traffic signal networks. The methods and system described herein exploit a novel conceptualization of the signal network control problem as a decentralized process, where each intersection in the network independently and asynchronously solves a single-machine scheduling problem in a rolling horizon fashion to allocate green time to its local traffic, and intersections communicate planned outflows to their downstream neighbors to increase visibility of future incoming traffic and achieve coordinated behavior. ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/11/16 / #20160041111

Process mapping of transient thermal response due to value changes in a process variable

A method includes conducting a plurality of tests on process variables of a manufacturing process, with a test of the plurality of tests being associated with two combinations of process variables, the test having first values for a first combination of process variables at a first time and second values for a second combination of process variables at a second time, the test comprising: locally heating a region of a structure, wherein the local heating results in formation of a thermal field in the structure; assessing one or more thermal characteristics of the thermal field during a transition between the first combination of process variables and the second combination of process variables; and based on results of the plurality of tests, generating a process map of a transient response of the one or more thermal characteristics of the thermal field.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/04/16 / #20160033490

Linked peptide fluorogenic biosensors

Biosensors, compositions comprising biosensors, methods of producing biosensors, and methods of using biosensors are disclosed. The biosensors comprise a fluorogen-activating peptide and a blocking peptide. ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/04/16 / #20160033434

Process mapping of average temperatures and process sensitivity

In one aspect, a method includes conducting a plurality of tests on process variables of a thermal process, with a test of the plurality of tests being conducted on two or more process variables, the test comprising: locally heating a region of a structure, wherein the local heating results in formation of a thermal field in the structure; assessing one or more temperature integrals of the thermal field; and based on results of the plurality of tests, generating a process map of the one or more temperature integrals of the thermal field, with the one or more temperature integrals based on a function of the two or more process variables.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/04/16 / #20160033376

Apparatus and process for producing patterned, micron and nanometer size reaction and mixing zones for fluids deposited on smooth, rough and porous surfaces and applications of that process

Process for producing patterned, micron and nanometer scale features by reacting or mixing in the small volumes at the intersections of coalescing drops, at the fronts of colliding thin films in front of spreading drops, or in the pore space of a porous medium under the drop. The process can be implemented on smooth, rough or porous surfaces and embodiments include multiplexed, single drop chemical or biochemical sensors and encryption of information of a printed page.. ... Carnegie Mellon University

02/04/16 / #20160030240

Micromanipulation systems and methods

A micromanipulation system includes a micromanipulator that includes a handpiece, and a micromanipulation tool that includes a tool shaft and is operatively connected to the handpiece. The micromanipulator further includes an actuator assembly connected to the micromanipulation tool to provide manual control of the micromanipulation tool, and a force sensing system comprising a force sensor attached to the tool shaft. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/28/16 / #20160026932

Intelligent system with integrated representation learning and skill learning

A computer-implemented method includes, in one aspect, obtaining data specifying one or more expressions for a problem to be solved and an action that changes a state of the problem when applied to the one or more expressions, identifying one or more features of the one or more expressions, identifying a precondition for applying the action that changes the state of the problem, identifying a sequence of operator functions, and generating a production rule based on the identified one or more features, the identified precondition, and the identified operator function.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/21/16 / #20160016312

A supervised autonomous robotic system for complex surface inspection and processing

The invention disclosed herein describes a supervised autonomy system designed to precisely model, inspect and process the surfaces of complex three-dimensional objects. The current application context for this system is laser coating removal of aircraft, but this invention is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications that require close, precise positioning and maneuvering of an inspection or processing tool over the entire surface of a physical object. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/21/16 / #20160015516

Expandable implantable conduit

An expandable valved conduit for pediatric right ventricular outflow tract (rvot) reconstruction is disclosed. The valved conduit may provide long-term patency and resistance to thrombosis and stenosis. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/14/16 / #20160012296

System and method for processing a video stream to extract highlights

With the widespread availability of video cameras, we are facing an ever-growing enormous collection of unedited and unstructured video data. Due to lack of an automatic way to generate highlights from this large collection of video streams, these videos can be tedious and time consuming to index or search. ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/14/16 / #20160008430

Method to increase bioavailability of the delta-opioid receptor for management of pain and neuropsychiatric disorders

Described herein is a method to induce surface trafficking of the delta-opioid receptor (dor) and its applications, including, leveraging the antinociceptive potential of dor agonists to treaty neurologic disorders and to be analgesics without the adverse consequences normally associated with chronic treatment by mor agonists by inducing surface trafficking of the delta-opioid receptor (dor) and screening compounds to identify additional targets for stimulated dor delivery.. . ... Carnegie Mellon University

01/07/16 / #20160004261

Fluid-pressure regulation systems and software

A fluid-pressure regulator for regulating the pressure of a fluid. The regulator includes a variable-resistance fluid element and a variable-volume fluid element located downstream of the variable-resistance element. ... Carnegie Mellon University

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