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Address space management with respect to a coherent accelerator processor interface architecture

Disclosed aspects relate to address space management with respect to a coherent accelerator processor interface (capi) architecture. A shared capi component may be established to access a plurality of address spaces of a plurality of assets. ... Coherent Inc

Address space management with respect to a coherent accelerator processor interface architecture

Disclosed aspects relate to address space management with respect to a coherent accelerator processor interface (capi) architecture. A shared capi component may be established to access a plurality of address spaces of a plurality of assets. ... Coherent Inc

Image demosaicing for hybrid optical sensor arrays

An imaging device comprises a hybrid optical sensor array including a first and second set of pixels that comprise different numbers of pixels. The first set of pixels is sensitive to infrared light, while the second set of pixels comprises three subsets of pixels sensitive to rgb light. ... Coherent Inc

Image demosaicing for hybrid optical sensor arrays

A hybrid optical sensor array includes a first and second set of pixels having differing spectral sensitivities. A first set of data for a scene is captured by the first set of pixels at a first resolution, and a second set of data for the scene is captured by a second set of pixels at a second resolution. ... Coherent Inc

System for processing multi-level condition data to achieve standardized prioritization

A method for adjusting a complex index with inherent anomalies due to the presence of multiple quality levels of the same indexed characteristic in a single sample. Select embodiments of the present invention provide for adjusting the complex index where at least two or three quality levels of the same characteristic are present in the inspection sample. ... Coherent Inc

Global time server for high accuracy musical tempo and event synchronization

Systems, methods and apparatus directed to a global metronome configured at each of one or more locations to receive a high accuracy timing signal and responsively update a local clock thereto, to determine a phase of a virtual metronome using the updated local clock, a predetermined epoch start time and a predetermined virtual metronome period, to phase synchronize a local metronome to the virtual metronome, and to control local devices providing audio playback and/or a sequence of nonmusical events in accordance with start/stop/tempo messages configured in accordance with the local metronome. By using the global metronome at each of a plurality of locations to synchronize/control devices at those locations, the local devices that each of the plurality of locations are inherently synchronized with each other.. ... Coherent Inc

Optoelectronic device for generation of a coherent frequency comb

At least one waveguide (30) optically coupled to the resonant ring (20), having an effective index associated with a fundamental optical mode supported by the filtering guide (30) equal to an effective index associated with an optical higher order mode supported by the resonant ring (20).. . ... Coherent Inc

Environmentally friendly non-bleed polyester fabric and method of manufacturing the same

A method of manufacturing a polyester fabric with inherent color, the method including: providing a polyester fiber with inherent color; spinning polyester yarn from the fiber with inherent color; knitting the colored polyester yarn into knitted fabric which can combine with other yarn according to a requirement; washing the colored polyester fabric and heat-setting the fabrics with add-on functional finish to the fabric. The providing of polyester fiber with inherent color may include: cleaning and drying polyester bottles; recycling polyester chips from clean bottles; mixing chips with pigment evenly and melting the chips with pigment; extruding the filament fiber with color; and drawing and cutting filament fiber into staple fiber. ... Coherent Inc

Therapeutic laser treatment and transdermal stimulation of stem cell differentiation

A method for transdermally treating selected tissue and/or for facilitating the release and/or differentiation of stem cells, including exposing the selected tissue to laser light having a wavelength between approximately 600 and 1400 nm, and maintaining such exposure of the selected tissue or bone to the laser light for a period of time sufficient to deliver a laser light dosage of at least 3 joules/cm2 per treatment and maintaining such exposure for a period of time sufficient to deliver a laser light dosage of at least 1000 joules per treatment within a 24 hour period of time. The method also includes upcollimating the laser light such that the laser delivers to the selected tissue a substantially coherent beam of laser light having a cross-sectional area of at least 5 cm2, and, further, delivering the laser light to a depth of at least 5 mm in the selected tissue.. ... Coherent Inc

Milled bone graft materials and methods of use

A bone material for hydration with a liquid is provided, the bone material comprising a coherent mass of milled and demineralized bone fibers, the coherent mass having no binder disposed in or on the coherent mass. In some embodiments, a bone material for hydration with a liquid is provided, the bone material comprising a coherent mass of cartridge milled, lyophilized and demineralized bone fibers, the coherent mass having no binder on the coherent mass. ... Coherent Inc

Scrambling sequence design for embedding ue id into frozen bits for dci blind detection

Methods and devices are described for encoding and decoding control information that has been modulated based on one or more identifiers of the transmitter and/or receiver. Some embodiments describe scrambling sequence design for multi-mode block discrimination on downlink control information (dci) blind detection. ... Coherent Inc

Scrambling sequence design for multi-mode block discrimination on dci blind detection

Methods and devices are described for encoding and decoding control information that has been modulated based on one or more identifiers of the transmitter and/or receiver. Some embodiments describe scrambling sequence design for multi-mode block discrimination on downlink control information (dci) blind detection. ... Coherent Inc

Method, device and installation for composing a video signal

Method for composing an output video signal (so) from input video signals (si1, si2, si3 . . ... Coherent Inc

Energy efficient highway addressable remote transducer coherent 8-ary phase shift keying modem

A method and a highway addressable remote transducer (hart) modem for modulating and demodulating an analog signal including a hart message are provided. With low power consumption, the less computationally intensive hart modem modulates the analog signal using a coherent 8-ary phase shift keying (c8psk) technique with a predefined gray code lookup table and a pre-generated sample lookup table having phase modulated digital signals indexed by index vectors, and transmits a hart c8psk analog signal to sensor devices. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191447

Optical signal processing method and coherent receiver

An optical signal processing method and a coherent receiver, wherein an in-phase signal xi in a first polarization direction and an in-phase signal yi in a second polarization direction are added up to obtain a signal i; a quadrature signal xq in the first polarization direction and a quadrature signal yq in the second polarization direction are added up to obtain a signal q; and quantization, combination, and digital signal processing are performed on the i and the q. After summation, two signals need to be quantized. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191254

Sense resistor short detection for synchronous rectifier

Systems, devices, and methods are provided to enable power converters to use two or more sensing elements to reliably detect a short circuit (or soft-short circuit) existing in the power converter and distinguish these conditions from other operating conditions, such as low voltage conditions or normal operating conditions. The disclosed embodiments enable the accurate detection of fault conditions, such as short circuits or soft short conditions, using a number of sensing elements, such as sense resistors and the inherent resistance of switching devices, while preventing the detection of false positives due to other factors such as low input voltage.. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180189668

System and method for measuring and predicting content dissemination in social networks

Methods and systems for measuring and predicting content dissemination in social networks includes computing a “virality score” for popularity of social media content, a “pattern” of diffusion of the content, and a “hype” parameter of such content without requiring a “friendship graph” or “information diffusion” structured data. It also includes an iterative, predictive model, which predicts future performance (or future rate of dissemination) of the content while mitigating a class imbalance problem inherent in predicting viral posts, and which provides updates to the model based on actual performance results.. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188690

Rolling holographic lithography

Holograms are generated using a rotatable transparent cylinder and a coherent light source placed inside or outside of such cylinder to record a hologram in a photosensitive film having a reflective film on one side. Recording is done in continuous mode while cylinder is rotating and photosensitive film is translating underneath in contact with cylinder due to friction forces provided by a layer of sticky polymer.. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188689

Techniques for processing holographic recording media

Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for processing holographic recording media. Some embodiments are particularly directed to processing a raw holographic recording medium into an apodized holographic recording medium. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188525

Illumination device

Provided is an illumination device capable of illuminating a partial range in an illumination range at higher or lower brightness than the other ranges without the need of a complicated processing configuration. The illumination device includes a coherent light source that emits a coherent beam, an optical element 3 including a plurality of diffusion subelements 15-1 to 15-9 each of which guides the coherent beam incident thereon, such that the coherent beam illuminates a corresponding one of illumination object subregions 19-1 to 19-9, and an optical scan unit that guides the coherent beam emitted from the coherent light source and thereby scans the coherent beam on the plurality of diffusion subelements 15-1 to 15-9. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188522

Laser array sidelobe suppression

A laser apparatus comprising an aperture module array including two or more aperture modules, each aperture module of the array being optically couple-able to a source of coherent electromagnetic radiation and configured to emit a beam of radiation received from the source. The apparatus emits a composite beam comprising beams emitted by the respective aperture modules and modulates at least one of the beams in power and phase relative to at least one other of the beams such that a desired non-uniform composite beam profile is provided.. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188369

Chirped coherent laser radar system and method

A laser radar system using collocated laser beams to unambiguously detects a range of a target and a range rate at which the target is moving relative to the laser radar system. Another aspect of various embodiments of the invention may relate to a laser radar system that uses multiple laser radar sections to obtain multiple simultaneous measurements (or substantially so), whereby both range and range rate can be determined without various temporal effects introduced by systems employing single laser sections taking sequential measurements. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180186635

Chlorine dioxide generation

Devices and methods for safely using acid/chlorite clo2 generator chemistry for water treatment, whereby a valve prevents chemical draw unless there is both vacuum within the reaction chamber as well as suitable water volume in the flow chamber for dilution, are described. The float-dependent valve can also allow for direct venting from the reaction chamber to the flow chamber in the event of elevated pressure in the reaction chamber. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180185275

Membrane-adherent self-assembled systems for treatment of ocular disorders

A liquid crystalline drug delivery system for ocular administration. The drug delivery system, which is mucoadhesive, biocompatible, non-irritating, and tissue permeable, contains nanoparticles stably dispersed in an aqueous solution and can be formulated for sustained release. ... Coherent Inc

07/05/18 / #20180184606

Method of inducing genetic recombination, and use therefor

A method of inducing genetic recombination, including: allowing a protein having dna double-stranded cleavage activity to act in cells of a eukaryotic organism which is a polyploidy inherently possessed by a eukaryotic organism. In eukaryotic organisms, various genetic recombination generates new genome set composition. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180184197

Loudspeaker cabinets, systems, and methods of construction

A loudspeaker cabinet comprised of interlocking panels which may be assembled using external compressive forces and internal tensile forces is described. The panels may include corresponding tongue and groove elements that aid in the interconnection of the panels, and which may be at least partially swaged together. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180184016

Active real-time characterization system using fiber optic-based transmission media

A system for providing active real-time characterization of an article under test is disclosed. An infrared light source, a first visible light source and a second visible light source each outputs and directs a beam of coherent light at a particular area on the article under test via respective optical fibers. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180802

Supercontinuum light source comprising microstructured optical fiber

The invention relates to a microstructured optical fiber for generating supercontinuum light upon feeding of pump light. The light can be incoherent light. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180739

Hybrid direct detection & coherent light detection and ranging system

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for determining a range and relative speed of objects in an environment. An example method includes causing a laser light source to emit a plurality of light pulses, both incoherent and coherent. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180537

Method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging

A method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging to provide a medical diagnosis includes obtaining spectral and visual images of biological specimens and registering the images to detect cell abnormalities, pre-cancerous cells, and cancerous cells. This method eliminates the bias and unreliability of diagnoses that is inherent in standard histopathological and other spectral methods. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180527

Method and system for determining features of objects in a suspension

A method of directing a wavefront of coherent radiation through a sample of objects in a suspension, capturing an interference pattern between the wavefront of coherent radiation and a wavefront of the diffracted by the object with an image sensor, numerically determining the focal plane of at least one object, and numerically reconstructing a de-focused image of the at least one object from the interference pattern in an image plane which is substantially parallel to the image sensor and in a plane with a predetermined offset from the focal plane. The method further includes identifying at least one portion in the defocused image corresponding to the at least one object in the sample, and calculating from each of said portions at least one feature of the corresponding object.. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180451

Calibrating a distributed fibre optic sensing system

A system and method for dynamically calibrating a distributed fibre optic sensing system is disclosed. The calibration system includes a light source for generating pulses of coherent light, an optical fibre arranged at least partly in a ground soil region to guide the light and a photo detector for detecting scattered light returning from the optical fibre in dependence of time. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180179894

Impeller-type liquid ring compressor

An impeller-type liquid ring compressor having a particular bearing configuration. Such a bearing arrangement may completely support the impeller as it rotates, eliminating many of the problems inherent in the prior art designs without changing the general overhung impeller design. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180179013

Method and apparatus for preparing release paper rolls of adhesive insulation material and release paper rolls of adhesive insulation material which are stackable and non-adherent to each other

A method and apparatus is disclosed for preparing release paper rolls of adhesive duct insulation material which are stackable and non-adherent to each other. The adhesive insulation material contemplated is the type used for sealing crevices and spaces in air cooling and leaking systems generally referred to as “heating, ventilation and cooling” systems, or “hvac”. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180178755

Engine starting device

An engine starting device includes: a portable unit including a transmitting unit capable of transmitting an id code inherent to a vehicle; a control unit having a substrate on which a receiving unit receiving the id code, and a determination unit configured to determine whether the received id code is a pre-registered legitimate id are formed; a main body part including an operation knob rotationally operated between an off position and an on position, and fixed between a bar-shaped handle and a speed meter of the vehicle; and a regulation unit configured to regulate a rotational operation of the operation knob, and to release a rotation-regulated state of the operation knob on condition that the received id code is determined as a legitimate id. The main body part, the control unit and the regulation unit are integrally formed to configure an integral unit.. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180178731

Luggage compartment cover for a motor vehicle

A luggage compartment cover including a flexible cover sheet held on a winding shaft so that it can be wound and unwound between an extended functional position and a wound-up resting position, and substantially dimensionally stable contour section attached to a front end region of the cover sheet in the direction of extension and assigned to a holding element for securing the contour section in the extended functional position at holding areas fixed to the luggage compartment. The contour section is configured such that, starting from a planar orientation, it can be bent toward one side relative to an axis of curvature oriented parallel or coaxially to an axis of rotation of the winding shaft, and is supported toward the opposite side in the planar orientation in an inherently stable manner.. ... Coherent Inc

06/28/18 / #20180177980

Echogenic catheter member

The present invention is directed to an echogenic member assembly for use with a catheter assembly. The echogenic member assembly includes at least one echogenic member having a cylindrical body extending between a first end and a second end. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180175941

System and methods for cable fiber node splitting using coherent optics

A coherent optical transmitter is in operable communication with an optical fiber an includes a plurality of analog-to-digital converters (adcs) configured to (i) receive a plurality of radio frequency analog input signals, respectively, and (ii) convert the received plurality of rf analog input signals into a plurality of respective digital data streams. The transmitter further includes a source laser configured to output at least two orthogonal polarization component signals, and at least two polarization modulators configured to modulate (i) an in-phase portion output from a first adc, (ii) an in-quadrature portion output from a second adc, and (iii) one polarization component signal of the at least two orthogonal polarization component signals. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180175581

Laser transmitter for generating a coherent laser output signal with reduced self-phase modulation and method

A laser transmitter is provided that includes a seed signal generator, an amplitude modulator and a power amplifier. The seed signal generator is configured to generate a seed signal that has a continuous waveform. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180175241

Quantum dot channel (qdc) quantum dot gate transistors, memories and other devices

This cip application builds on ge quantum dot superlattice (qdsl) based field effect transistors where ge quantum dot arrays are used as a high carrier mobility channel. The qdsl diodes claims that were withdrawn are included. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180173628

Memory sequencing with coherent and non-coherent sub-systems

Operations associated with a memory and operations associated with one or more functional units may be received. A dependency between the operations associated with the memory and the operations associated with one or more of the functional units may be determined. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180173597

Redundancy for cache coherence systems

A distributed system implementation for cache coherence comprises distinct agent interface units, coherency controllers, and memory interface units. The agents send requests in the form of read and write transactions. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180173087

Illumination system, projection apparatus and method for driving illumination system

An illumination system includes a coherent light source, a first light-combining device, an optical wavelength conversion module, and a first auxiliary light source. The coherent light source emits a coherent light beam. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172876

Constrained backscatter gamma ray casing and cement inspection tool

Methods, systems, devices, and products for estimating at least one parameter of interest of a volume of interest of an earth formation using nuclear radiation based measurements. Logging tools include a limited aperture collimated radiation beam source, detectors, and at least one processor configured to take measurements. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172806

Coherent ladar using intra-pixel quadrature detection

A frequency modulated (coherent) laser detection and ranging system includes a read-out integrated circuit formed with a two-dimensional array of detector elements each including a photosensitive region receiving both return light reflected from a target and light from a local oscillator, and local processing circuitry sampling the output of the photosensitive region four times during each sample period clock cycle to obtain quadrature components. A data bus coupled to one or more outputs of each of the detector elements receives the quadrature components from each of the detector elements for each sample period and serializes the received quadrature components. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180171280

Cell culture exposure system (cces)

An vitro air-liquid interface (ali) exposure of cultured cells makes it possible to examine the toxicological properties of the tested air. A method for evaluating effect of a polluting air stream comprises the steps of exposing cells to a membrane until adhesion of the cells has occurred, feeding cells periodically until there is a confluent monolayer of cells on said membranes, aspirating off non-adherent cells, applying fresh media, exposing the cells to over-head stream containing pollutants, removing the cells from the membranes that have been exposed to the over-head stream, then measuring the cells' response to toxins in the over-head stream.. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180170581

Magnetic levitation reaction sphere

A magnetic levitation reaction sphere includes a spherical-housing-shaped rotor and three groups of stators. Each group includes two stators using the sphere center of the rotor as a symcenter. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180169876

Four bar knife

A folding knife that uses a four bar linkage mechanism to open and close. The knife can include a means of one hand opening and closing as well as a means to become latched in, and released from, a fixed position. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180168498

Computer automated method and system for measurement of user energy, attitude, and interpersonal skills

A person's suitability for many activities is manifest and made evident more in a sample of the person's spontaneous verbal and other voluntary behavior than in any traditional written document such as a resume or a certificate of educational or vocational qualification. For many social and commercial roles, a spontaneous positive outlook, an appropriate level of energy, and coherent, considerate spoken communication are key behavior elements that interviewers look for. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180168453

System and method for determining audio characteristics from within a body

A system for simultaneously detecting audio-characteristics within a body over multiple body surface locations comprising a coherent light source directing at least one coherent light beam toward the body surface locations, an imager acquiring a plurality of defocused images, each is of reflections of the coherent light beam from the body surface locations. Each image includes at least one speckle pattern, each corresponding to a respective coherent light beam and further associated with a time-tag. ... Coherent Inc

06/21/18 / #20180168187

Reduced fluorine crustacean polar phospholipid compositions

Fluorine being present in the exoskeleton of crustaceans, and especially krill represents a problem for using krill as a source for food, feed, food additives and/or feed additives. There has been developed a process for removing such fluorine from krill material by subjecting the krill to disintegration and to an enzymatic hydrolysis process prior to or simultaneously with a removal of the exoskeleton particles producing a fluorine-reduced product. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165536

Quantifying computer vision algorithm performance in the presence of system uncertainty

A method of quantifying computer vision algorithm performance. The method includes receiving a first image and a second image from an imaging system. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165199

Apparatuses and methods for a processor architecture

Embodiments of an invention a processor architecture are disclosed. In an embodiment, a processor includes a decoder, an execution unit, a coherent cache, and an interconnect. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165107

Network semantics integrated into central processing unit (cpu) chipset

Disclosed are mechanisms to support integrating network semantics into communications between processor cores operating on the same server hardware. A network communications unit is implemented in a coherent domain with the processor cores. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164602

Moveably-coupled screen actuators

A speckle damping system for dampening speckle on a projection screen for a projection display system employing coherent or partially coherent light sources (e.g., lasers, leds) are disclosed. In one embodiment, a rotatably coupled system is disclosed, comprising: a set of actuators; a set of rotatably coupled mounts, each of said set of rotatably coupled mount capable of mounting at least one said actuator; and wherein said at least one actuator mounted on said rotatably coupled mount is in moveable mechanical communication with said projection screen. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164565

Low-noise spectroscopic imaging system using substantially coherent illumination

A spectral imaging device (12) includes an image sensor (28), a tunable light source (14), an optical assembly (17), and a control system (30). The optical assembly (17) includes a first refractive element (24a) and a second refractive element (24b) that are spaced apart from one another by a first separation distance. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164521

Datacenter interconnection system

An optical line card includes a plurality of coherent receivers and a plurality of optical modulators. The coherent receivers are each configured to receive a corresponding channel of a received optical superchannel. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164455

Device and method for model-based deblending

Computing device, computer instructions and method for removing cross-talk noise from seismic data and generating an image of a surveyed subsurface. The method includes receiving input seismic data d generated by firing one or more seismic sources so that source energy is overlapping, and the input seismic data d is recorded with seismic sensors over the subsurface; generating a cross-talk noise model n by replacing at least one original shot gather with a reconstructed shot gather; subtracting the cross-talk noise model n from the input seismic data d to attenuate coherent cross-talk noise to obtain processed seismic data dp; deblending the processed seismic data dp with a deblending algorithm to attenuate a residual noise to obtain deblended seismic data dd; and generating the image of the subsurface based on the deblended seismic data dd.. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164429

Millimeter-wave sensor system for parking assistance

The present invention relates to a parking support apparatus and method of operation comprising of an mm-wave radar sensor, having an integrated mm-wave ic front end. The proposed apparatus is capable of detecting the parking obstacle object distance and angle, having inherently low cost system topology, suitable as a replacement in functionality for the commonly used ultrasound sensors. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164406

Probabilistic signal, detection, and track processing architecture and system

A radar system and method is provided for increasing the search volume, detection range, and/or update rate of a search radar without requiring an increase of the radar transmit power or antenna aperture size. This is accomplished by using a target response calculation that uses signal energy that is thrown away by conventional systems. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164238

Biopolar [sic] electrode for the impedimetric examination and manipulation of living cells in vitro

The present disclosure relates to a measuring device with a bipolar electrode array for the impedimetric analysis of adherent cells according to the ecis principle (electric cells substrate impedance sensing). The measuring device comprises an electrode array which is adapted for being wetted with an electrolyte solution and adherently growing cells in order to perform impedimetric cell analyzes, characterized in that the electrode array comprises a bipolar electrode on a substrate, where the bipolar electrode is formed as a conductive path on the transparent substrate and has an inherent resistance between two connection points of the conductive path that is a multiple of the ac impedance of the electrolyte solution at 1 mhz, measured at the two connection points.. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164089

Distance measuring device and method for measuring distances

A distance measuring device for measuring a distance to an object to be measured comprises a beam splitter for splitting broadband coherent light emitted by a light source in measuring light which is guided through an object arm to the object to be measured and in reference light which is guided to a reference arm. A focusing optics with a focus being movable along an optical axis of the object arm is provided in the object arm, wherein the focusing optics comprises a movable optical element and is configured such that a movement of the movable optical element along the optical axis causes a higher movement of the focus of the focusing optics along the optical axis and wherein the movable optical element of the focusing optics is coupled to the reference arm such that the optical path length of the reference arm can be tracked synchronously with and dependent on the movement of the focus of the focusing optics.. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180163945

Lighting means arrangement and method for producing same

The invention relates to a lighting means arrangement (28) and to a method for producing same. The lighting means arrangement (28) comprises at least one lighting means (20), for example a light-emitting diode chip (21) comprising at least one light emission surface (22). ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180162782

Efficiency of man-made and/or natural organic based animal manure fertilizers by liberating the bound nutrients (macro and micro) through the use of organic, non-aqueous liquid delivery formulations containing organic poly (organicacids) and/or their salts

The present invention relates to improving the efficacy of man-made and/or natural organic-based animal manure fertilizers by administration of an organic solvent formula containing polyorganic acids and/or their salts. The formulation liberates nutrient(s) that are normally bound in the soil as insoluble salts and complexes. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180161918

Shaping of brittle materials with controlled surface and bulk properties

Methods of and devices for forming edge chamfers and through holes and slots on a material that is machined using a laser, such as an ultrafast laser. The shaped material has predetermined and highly controllable geometric shape and/or surface morphology. ... Coherent Inc

06/14/18 / #20180160913

System and method for in vivo measurement of biological parameters

A system, method and medical tool are presented for use in non-invasive in vivo determination of at least one desired parameter or condition of a subject having a scattering medium in a target region. The measurement system comprises an illuminating system, a detection system, and a control system. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180160322

Parameterized radio waveform techniques for operating in multiple wireless environments

Techniques for operating a wireless network in a plurality of radio operating environments are disclosed. In some embodiments, an apparatus receives a first parameter value set that is selected from a group of multiple parameter value sets, wherein the first parameter value set is appropriate for a first target radio operating environment that corresponds to one or more of: a first level of mobility of user devices or a first range of wireless transmission. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180159723

Network visibility appliances for cloud computing architectures

With exponential growth in virtualized traffic within physical data centers, many end users (e.g., individuals and enterprises) have begun moving work processes and data to cloud computing platforms. However, accessing virtualized traffic traversing the cloud computing platforms for application, network, and security analysis is a challenge. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180159705

Method and system using ternary sequences for simultaneous transmission to coherent and non-coherent receivers

The present invention describes a method and system for simultaneous transmission of data to coherent and non-coherent receivers. The method at the transmitter includes retrieving a base ternary sequence having a pre-defined length, obtaining one or more ternary sequences corresponding to data to be transmitted and transmitting the obtained one or more ternary sequences by the transmitter. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180159652

Signal processing in an optical receiver

The present invention relates to signal processing in an optical receiver, in particular to equalization performed in coherent optical receivers. A multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) equalizer receives and equalizes a plurality of real value signals, for example four sampled electrical baseband tributaries (hi, hq, vi, vq). ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180157734

Business intelligence system dataset navigation based on user interests clustering

The current subject matter provides systems, methods, computer program products (including graphical user interfaces) in which user interests can be identified by characterizing the intent of the interaction with a data source such as a business intelligence (bi) system. A set of features can be identified for an adequate description of intents, and a similarity measure for grouping intents into coherent interests. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180157545

Functional interconnect redundancy in cache coherent systems

A distributed system implementation for cache coherence comprises distinct agent interface units, coherency controllers, and memory interface units. The agents send requests in the form of read and write transactions. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180157243

Implicit method and an algorithm for flexible functionally tailorable slicing for additive manufacturing

A method for flexible functionally tailorable slicing for additive manufacturing includes the steps of receiving and parsing an input model of an object to be additively manufactured; reconstructing a domain boundary of the object; computing individual layer boundaries of the object; constructing, for each layer, layer domains from respective enclosing boundaries; computing, for each layer, a perimeter shell and a volumetric infill by finding level sets of a field function selected by a user; collecting and arranging into a coherent sequence each perimeter shell and volumetric infill; and formatting the coherent sequence as motion commands for an additive manufacturing system.. . ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180157065

Temporary corrective optical lenses

An optical device that includes at least one temporary corrective optical lens adapted to be attachable to and detachable from a non-corrective optical lens, wherein the at least one corrective lens further comprises at least one thermoplastic polymer having vision correcting or magnifying properties; and at least one non-phthalate plasticizer blended with the at least one thermoplastic polymer, wherein the corrective optical lens is attachable to the non-corrective optical lens by utilizing inherent van der waals forces of attraction occurring between the corrective optical lens and the non-corrective optical lens, and wherein the inherent van der waals forces of attraction are enhanced by blending the at least one non-phthalate plasticizer with the at least one thermoplastic polymer.. . ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180156922

A method of processing offset carrier modulated ranging signals

A method of processing offset carrier modulated, ocm, ranging signals in a radionavigation system including a plurality of satellite-borne transmitters and at least one ground-based receiver includes receiving a first radionavigation signal from at least one of the plurality of satellite-borne transmitters and down-converting and digitizing the first radionavigation signal to derive therefrom a first ocm signal sa, receiving a second signal sb synchronously broadcast with the first ocm signal sa, the second signal sb having the same or substantially the same center frequency as the first ocm signal sa, coherently combining the first ocm signal sa with the second signal sb at the receiver to generate a combined signal sc, generating a combined correlation value yc corresponding to a correlation of the combined signal sc with a local replica of the first ocm signal sc, and deriving ranging information based on the combined correlation value yc.. . ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180156860

Light source device and inspection device

A light source device includes a light source that generates incoherent light, and an optical amplifier having gain characteristics indicating a gain at each wavelength, which receives the incoherent light output by the light source as input light, and outputs amplified light obtained by amplifying the input light, and a central wavelength of an intensity distribution indicating an intensity at each wavelength of the input light is a wavelength longer than a central wavelength of the gain characteristics indicating a gain at each wavelength of the optical amplifier.. . ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180155942

Unique arrangement of architectural elements

A planning and construction system that embodies methods for uniquely arranging modular architectural elements to construct affordable repetitive buildings based on a cluster-pod-stem configuration is provided. The clusters of prefabricated and/or stick-built modules inherently define a collaborative space share by the cluster as well as a portion of a stem space fluidly communicating to the collaborative space, enabling affordable construction that facilitates a design filled with natural light and less crowded hallways.. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180155666

Low surface energy coatings for mammalian cell culture

A cultureware system is directed to maintaining viability of mammalian cells, and includes a disposable holding container having a cell receiver with a cell-receiving surface. The cell receiver consists of a cell-adhesion inducement material including a polystyrene material and a glass material. ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153936

Compositions and methods of using lamellar bodies for modifying linear biological macromolecules

Compositions comprising therapeutically effective amounts of lamellar bodies to restore lubricity and non-stick properties to mucous surfaces for conditions characterised by dry adherent surfaces, particularly those surfaces close to the body openings and conditions of the eye.. . ... Coherent Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153518

Spread spectrum coded waveforms in ultrasound diagnostics

Techniques, systems, and devices are disclosed for ultrasound diagnostics using spread spectrum, coherent, frequency- and/or phase-coded waveforms. In one aspect, a method includes synthesizing individual orthogonal coded waveforms to form a composite waveform for transmission toward a biological material of interest, in which the synthesized individual orthogonal coded waveforms correspond to distinct frequency bands and include one or both of frequency-coded or phase-coded waveforms; transmitting a composite acoustic waveform toward the biological material of interest, where the transmitting includes transducing the individual orthogonal coded waveforms into corresponding acoustic waveforms to form the composite acoustic waveform; receiving acoustic waveforms returned from at least part of the biological material of interest corresponding to at least some of the transmitted acoustic waveforms that form the composite acoustic waveform; and processing the received returned acoustic waveforms to produce an image of at least part of the biological material of interest.. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180151166

Low frequency acoustics and negative stiffness

. . This application relates to improvements in low-frequency sound energy absorption, and low-frequency sound energy reflection, utilizing something termed “negative stiffness” which can be used to counteract—positive-stiffness in a body of air, making said body of air more compliant, and thus more responsive to the changing pressures inherent in sound waves. This application also includes a stiff, yet light, structure/mechanism, including a diaphragm held taut by an air pressure difference, for gathering low frequency sound energy from a large area and directing it into a much smaller area, thus allowing a tiny damper to do all the work of a very large one, and thus allowing for very affective inflatable bass traps and resonators, it also allows for a small mechanism, that may comprise springs, weights, dampers, and levers, to be used to easily, manually, or automatically, adjust the impedance, e.g. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180150771

Multi-dimensional visualization of temporal information

Various kinds of business and other information are tracked in real time. A coherent information visualization, for example as a time line, automatically, simultaneously presents relevant information to a user across multiple dimensions. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180150322

Data processing

Data processing apparatus comprises one or more interconnected processing elements each configured to execute processing instructions of a program task; coherent memory circuitry storing one or more copies of data accessible by each of the processing elements, so that data written to a memory address in the coherent memory circuitry by one processing element is consistent with data read from that memory address in the coherent memory circuitry by another of the processing elements; the coherent memory circuitry comprising a memory region to store data, accessible by the processing elements, defining one or more attributes of a program task and context data associated with a most recent instance of execution of that program task; the apparatus comprising scheduling circuitry to schedule execution of a task by a processing element in response to the one or more attributes defined by data stored in the memory region corresponding to that task; and each processing element which executes a program task is configured to modify one or more of the attributes corresponding to that program task in response to execution of that program task.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180149734

Adaptive post beamformation synthetic aperture for ultrasound imaging

Coherent combination of ultrasound data for collinear receive beams adapts to the ultrasound data. Beam-to-beam coherence metrics, such as correlation coefficient and/or phase change or functions of these parameters, are used to adapt weighting of the ultrasound data for the receive beams prior to combination or to adapt the results of the combination.. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180149584

Circular birefringence identification of materials

An optical system uses a sample medium disposed within an optical cavity, receives an input beam that may be non-coherent or coherent, and produces an optical energy from the input beam, by creating birefringent-induced beam components each cavity traversal, forming a mixed quantum state beam for the input beam. The mixed quantum state beam exits the cavity, and the energy distribution of the exiting beam is analyzed over a range of tuned input beam frequencies to uniquely identify circularly birefringent the materials within the sample medium, e.g., amino acids, proteins, or other circular birefringent molecules, biological or otherwise.. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180149476

Method and apparauts for quantum measurement via mode matched photon conversion

The present disclosure relates to a generally-applicable measurement technique based on coherent quantum enhancement effects and provides embodiments with nonlinear optics. The technique utilizes parametric nonlinear processes where the information-carrying electromagnetic quanta in a number of electromagnetic modes are converted phase coherently to signature quanta in a single mode or a few modes. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180148684

Microcarrier perfusion culturing methods and uses thereof

Provided herein are methods of perfusion culturing an adherent mammalian cell using a shake flask and a plurality of microcarriers, and various methods that utilize these culturing methods.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180147823

Method of packaging product in container with blush and chemical resistant polyester film

A composite includes a multilayer polyethylene terephthalate (pet) film having a base layer and an adjacent skin layer. The pet of the skin layer has inherent viscosity of about 0.70-0.90 and carboxyl endgroup concentration of less than 25 eq/t. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180147807

Interchangeable die-cutting creasing system

A cutting-die creasing apparatus includes anchors that together with crease members allow for the quick exchange or replacement of crease members on a die-cutting board. The creasing apparatus does not require fasteners such as nails or staples, nor does it require adhesives or other adherents to attach the crease members to the board and to maintain the structural integrity of the overall system. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180147416

Method and system for appetite suppression by laser stimulation of acupuncture points

The invention provides a method and system for suppressing appetite. An illumination device such as a lamp or helmet is placed over the patient's head, the illumination device having a plurality of light sources in a fixed configuration selected to illuminate the patient's head with blue light having a wavelength in the range of 400 nm-495 nm. ... Coherent Inc

05/31/18 / #20180146614

Methods of sowing seeds

A method of sowing watermelon seeds includes seeding triploid watermelon seeds and watermelon pollinizer seeds in separate cells within a seedling tray. The triploid watermelon seeds produce seedless watermelons and the pollinizer seeds produce seeded watermelons. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180146383

Parameterized radio waveform techniques for operating in multiple wireless environments

A valve actuator including an electric motor is disclosed that includes a solid-state motor controller capable of operating a motor at variable speeds and a gear set that provides inherent braking. The speed and torque of the valve actuator may be selected. . . Techniques for operating a wireless network in a plurality of radio operating environments are disclosed. In some embodiments, an apparatus receives a first parameter value set that is selected from a group of multiple parameter value sets, wherein the first parameter value set is appropriate for a first target radio operating environment that corresponds to one or more of: a first level of mobility of user devices or a first range of wireless transmission. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180146329

Lte-based wireless communication system for the m-lms band

A receiver capable of receiving and a transmitter capable of transmitting lte (long-term evolution) signals. The receiver is capable of executing firmware to determine position location from a received lte-like position waveform over signals modulated on a carrier in a positioning frequency band. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180146270

Optical interconnecting network architecture

Aspects of the present application provide an optical interconnecting network architecture. The architecture involves a central node coupled to multiple access nodes (ans), in which the central node includes a pair of optical couplers used to combine optical signals received from the ans and broadcast the combined optical signals to all destination ans. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180145760

Methods and systems for reducing noise in optoelectronic oscillators

Optoelectronic oscillator systems and an optoelectronic oscillator noise reduction method. One example of an optoelectronic oscillator system includes an optical source positioned at a first end of a fiber-optic path, the optical source being configured to transmit an optical signal along the fiber-optic path, an optical modulator positioned to receive and modulate the optical signal based on at least a reference signal, a retro-reflector positioned at a second end of the fiber-optic path, the retro-reflector being configured to receive and retro-reflect the optical signal, the retro-reflected optical signal having at least a frequency range of inherent fiber noise canceled, and an optical circulator positioned along the fiber-optic path between the optical modulator and the retro-reflector, the optical circulator being configured to direct the optical signal to the retro-reflector and direct the retro-reflected optical signal along a feedback path to a first photodetector to generate the reference signal.. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180145321

Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and process for producing same, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the positive electrode active material

A positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery with improved cycle characteristics and high temperature storage characteristics, without impairing an advantage of high capacity which lithium nickel composite oxide inherently possesses. The positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes lithium nickel composite oxide represented by a general formula (1): li1+uni1−x−y−zcoxmnymgzo2 (however, u, x, y and z in the formula satisfies 0.015≤u≤0.030, 0.05≤x≤0.20, 0.01≤y≤0.10, 0.01≤z≤0.05, 0.10≤x+y+z≤0.25.), and wherein crystallite diameter is 100 nm to 130 nm. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180144853

Cup-magnet module of composite structure

The present invention relates to a novel cup-magnet composite structure by using the cup-magnets to generate both vertical lift and horizontal shift. This module functions uniquely due to its coherent magnetic force and the innovative design. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180144064

Closed-loop natural language query pre-processor and response synthesizer architecture

A closed-loop natural language query pre-processor and response synthesizer architecture accepts natural language queries and dynamically synthesizes query results. The query results may be in the form of data stories. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180143824

Multiprocessor programming toolkit for design reuse

Techniques for specifying and implementing a software application targeted for execution on a multiprocessor array (mpa). The mpa may include a plurality of processing elements, supporting memory, and a high bandwidth interconnection network (in), communicatively coupling the plurality of processing elements and supporting memory. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180143587

Incoherent fluorescence digital holographic microscopy using transmission liquid crystal lens

A new optical arrangement that creates high efficiency, high quality fresnel incoherent correlation holography (finch) holograms using transmission liquid crystal grin (tlcgrin) diffractive lenses has been invented. This is in contrast to the universal practice in the field of using a reflective spatial light modulator (slm) to separate sample and reference beams. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180143380

Optical connections system and methods for positioning an optical fiber within an alignment device

A method for positioning an optical fiber having an end portion within an alignment groove of an alignment device includes orienting the optical fiber in the alignment groove of the alignment device; causing the optical fiber to elastically flex; using an interference point to assist in forming a curved profile of the flexed fiber, and using inherent elasticity of the flexed optical fiber to assist in retaining the end portion of the optical fiber in contact with the alignment groove. A connection system includes a connector, alignment device, and adapter, with an interference point on at least one of the connector, alignment device, or adapter.. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180143376

Coherent optical mixer circuit

A coherent optical mixer circuit is provided that can measure a phase error without requiring a step of cutting away a delay circuit. Odd-numbered or even-numbered two of four inputs of an 4-input-and-4-output multimode interference circuit are connected to an input mechanism. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142981

Ar based autoloading shotgun with a detachable magazine

Disclosed is an autoloading shotgun firearm which shares interchangeable fully compatible modular sub-assemblies, ergonomics, parts commonality, and exterior appearance with the ar rifle platform. Rapidly reversible tool less conversion from rifle to shotgun and vice versa is accomplished by substitution of the ar rifle upper receiver and ammunition detachable magazine with fully compatible shotgun upper receiver and ammunition detachable magazine. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142840

Illumination device

An illumination device (10) includes: a light diffusion device (50) including element diffusion devices (55) that diffuse incident light; a coherent light source (15) that emits coherent light; a shaping optical system (20) that shapes the coherent light; a scanner (30) that adjusts a traveling direction of the coherent light so as to allow the coherent light to scan the light diffusion device; and a light condensing optical system located on a light path of the coherent light from the shaping optical system up to the light diffusion device. The light condensing optical system condenses the coherent light such that a spot area on the light diffusion device is smaller than the element diffusion device. ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180140636

Extracellular matrix from pluripotent cells

Isolated extracellular matrix from marrow adherent stromal cells and their descendents, which stimulates the growth and survival of a number of different neural cell types, is provided, along with methods for preparation and uses.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180140029

Cut-resistant fabric, articles

Provided among other things is a cut-resistant article comprising: a cut-resistant synthetic fabric; and adherent to the fabric a layer of polyurethane polymer in which is dispersed mineral fibers of hardness about 4 mohs or higher and having l/d ratio between about 8 and about 16, wherein the article has a cut resistance by iso 13997:1999 of 2 or higher.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/24/18 / #20180139911

Growth substrate product

The invention relates to a coherent growth substrate product formed of man-made vitreous fibres bonded with a cured binder composition and a wetting agent, wherein the wetting agent is an alkyl ether sulphate. The invention further relates to methods of using or producing such a coherent growth substrate.. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180139007

Polarization multiplexing optical transmission circuit and polarization multiplexing optical transmission and reception circuit

A one chip-integrated digital coherent polarization multiplexing optical transmission and reception circuit with optimal optical power distribution between sending and receiving is provided by using an optical power splitter having a branching ratio of a lower asymmetry property so that the unbalanced loss depending on the polarization path can be compensated. A polarization multiplexing optical transmission and reception circuit includes a polarization multiplexing optical transmission circuit, including: the first optical power splitter for branching the optical power of continuous light outputted from a light source; one polarization optical modulation circuit at the side of a path having a higher loss connected to one output of the first optical power splitter; the second optical power splitter connected to the other output of the first optical power splitter; and the other polarization optical modulation circuit connected to one output of the second optical power splitter.. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180138661

Light source and method for controlling the same

Embodiments provide a light source having a coherent light generator arrangement configured to generate at least one output light, and a waveguide arrangement optically coupled to the coherent light generator arrangement, the waveguide arrangement including at least one first resonator element and at least one second resonator element arranged in different orientations, wherein the waveguide arrangement is configured to interact with the at least one output light to cause the at least one first resonator element and the at least one second resonator element to emit respective first and second optical signals to co-operatively interact with each other to generate an output optical signal, and wherein the light source is configured to change a polarization characteristic of the output optical signal in response to at least one electrical signal applied to the light source to vary at least one of respective magnitudes of the first and second optical signals relative to each other.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180137647

Object detection method and apparatus based on dynamic vision sensor

The disclosure provides an object detection method and apparatus based on a dynamic vision sensor (dvs). The method includes the following operations of: acquiring a plurality of image frames by a dvs; and, detecting the image frames by a recurrent coherent network to acquire a candidate box for objects to be detected, wherein the recurrent coherent network comprising a frame detection network model and a candidate graph model. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180137352

Image processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image processing apparatus includes a common region determination unit, an inherent region extraction unit, and an inherent region connection unit. The common region determination unit determines page common regions which are in common among plural pages of document data. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180137080

Virtualizing coherent hardware accelerators

An approach to virtualizing a coherent memory hardware accelerator is provided comprising creating a segment table for a client logical partition (lpar), wherein a virtual address space is reserved in the segment table, receiving an input/output (i/o) request to use the coherent memory hardware accelerator, generating an i/o operation associated with the i/o request, wherein the i/o operation is passed to the coherent memory hardware accelerator, receiving a map request from the coherent memory hardware accelerator, creating an entry in the reserved virtual address space in the segment table, creating a hardware page table map request for mapping a memory address associated with the client lpar and returning the reserved virtual address space to the coherent memory hardware accelerator, wherein the coherent memory hardware accelerator has remote direct memory access to memory associated with the client lpar for performing an acceleration of one or more processes.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180136606

Incoherent light treatment

A system and method of performing incoherent light treatment is disclosed. The method may include securing a recording medium to a securing structure within an internal cavity and delivering light at least partially toward a baffle disposed within the internal cavity. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180135031

Microorganism having l-lysine producing ability and l-lysine producing method using same

The present invention relates to a microorganism having improved l-lysine-producing ability and an l-lysine-producing method using the same. More specifically, the present invention relates to a microorganism of the genus of corynebacterium, in which acetate kinase activity is further enhanced over inherent activity, and an l-lysine-producing method using the same.. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180135002

Liquid injection method

A liquid injection method for injecting a liquid into a culture vessel includes tilting the culture vessel around a horizontal axis at a tilt angle (x°) of greater than 0° and 50° or less, wherein adherent cells are adhered to the culture vessel; and injecting the liquid into the culture vessel at a predetermined linear velocity (y mm/s) via a wall surface of the culture vessel tilted at the tilt angle (x°), wherein the tilt angle (x) and the linear velocity (y) satisfy the following (formula 1): y≤5.075x+123 (formula 1).. . ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180134977

Coal-derived solid hydrocarbon particles

The coal-derived solid hydrocarbon particles are discrete particles of coal-derived carbonaceous matter having a particle size less than about 10 μm that are substantially free of inherent or entrained mineral matter. The particles of have an average particle size in the range from 1 μm to 8 μm. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180134973

Method for on-line imaging of mesophase particles

On-line detection of mesophase particles employs a laser diode light source to illuminate a target area with a pulsed laser linearly or circularly polarized probe beam. Analysis of images determines extent of presence the birefringent mesophase particles, which are precursors to coking in catalytic hydrocracking processes. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180134435

Fluid dispenser for the foodstuff supply sector

A fluid dispenser for the foodstuff supply sector has a dimensionally rigid housing (1) with viscous contents, wherein the fluid dispenser is designed to receive tubular bags which have a dispensing device (7) that is fitted or can be fitted on the tubular bag (2) itself and that permits metered dispensing of the contents. Moreover, the tubular bag (2) can be inserted and secured in a predetermined position in the fluid dispenser, and an auxiliary device is present with which the viscous contents located in the tubular bag can be continuously pushed in the direction of the dispensing device (7) on the tubular bag, by mechanical application of pressure to the tubular bag (2) in the position of use of the fluid dispenser. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133868

Abrasive belt grinding product

An abrasive belt is provided which comprises a textile fabric being formed of interconnected yarns, and a coherent abrasive area formed on one side of the textile fabric, wherein the abrasive belt further comprises a plurality of regularly distributed openings in the form of through holes. The abrasive belt allows for a homogenous distribution of the abrasive material and thus an even sanding finish as well as for an appropriate dust removal and appropriate mechanical properties.. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133837

Laser apparatus for cutting brittle material

An apparatus for cutting brittle material comprises an aspheric focusing lens, an aperture, and a laser-source generating a beam of pulsed laser-radiation. The aspheric lens and the aperture form the beam of pulsed laser-radiation into an elongated focus having a uniform intensity distribution along the optical axis of the aspheric focusing lens. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133612

Transformable toy

The present invention provides a transforming toy which enables a toy in a first form to transform into a second form by means of a random lock releasing means and thus discharge an item which is inherently provided, and enables easy restoration from the transformed second form into the first form.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133268

Compositions for a medical device comprising exopolysaccharide-producing bacterial strains in association with gums and/or gelatines

A composition for a medical device is described. The composition comprises a specific mucoadherent gelling complex composed of eps, exopolysaccharides of bacterial origin produced in situ in the gastrointestinal tract by specific selected bacterial strains, in association with vegetable gums and/or animal and/or vegetable gelatines. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133261

Treatment of pain using placental stem cells

Provided herein are methods of treatment of an individual having pain, e.g., neuropathic pain, comprising administering to the individual a therapeutically effective amount of tissue culture plastic adherent placental stem cells (pdac™).. . ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180132979

A dental material dispensing device and a method of dispensing a dental material

A dental material dispensing device has a plunger means which for dispensing the dental material is movable for urging at least one component of a dental material toward a dispensing area. The device further has cure control means with an energy source and a flow path on which the dental composition and/or the dental material flows past the energy source during dispensation. ... Coherent Inc

05/17/18 / #20180132489

Comestible product sheeter and sheeter roller, and method of using the same

To address the problems inherent in creating very thin sheets of dough in a sheeting machine at high speed and with efficient recycling and re-sheeting of the re-work cut out from the sheet, a new sheeting machine with a new front roller is provided, wherein the roller includes non-stick and non-release areas and a plurality of grooves in the non-release area.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180131851

Methods and apparatus for optical fiber imaging

Disclosed herein is a process suitable for constructing the multiple stage air shock. The multiple stage air shock is unique among shocks in that the multiple stage design possesses qualities not available to other shock absorbers. An open-ended, incoherent bundle of optical fibers transmits light from a nearby scene. A camera captures images of the back end of the fiber bundle. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180131741

Adaptive media streaming method and apparatus according to decoding performance

A method and apparatus for streaming media without installing a plug-in in a web browser are provided. When a javascript decoder is used to stream media without installing a plug-in, it is difficult to support decoding of high framerate and high resolution video due to the limitations of javascript. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180131445

Comb-assisted cyclostationary analysis

A photonically-assisted cyclostationary analyzer eliminates the need for high-bandwidth digitization and real-time fourier processors by using mutually-coherent frequency combs to generate a fourier representation of the received signal in a computation-free manner.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180131202

Power storage device

Such a power storage device is structured to have a secondary battery and a charging device; the secondary battery is structured to have a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolyte disposed between the positive and negative electrodes; in the secondary battery, metal ions are movable between the positive and negative electrodes through the nonaqueous electrolyte, and the positive and negative electrodes are charged/discharged when insertion/extraction reactions of the metal ions are carried out through the nonaqueous electrolyte; the positive and negative electrodes each contain an active-material layer with an average thickness of 0.3 mm or greater, the charging device is electrically connected to the secondary battery, and charges the secondary battery only at a constant current; and when the secondary battery is charged to its end-of-charge voltage by the charging device, its capacity is set to be 80% to 97% of the design capacity calculated from the inherent capacity per unit weight of the positive and negative electrodes.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129875

Gesture identification with natural images

A method for gesture identification with natural images includes generating a series of variant images by using each two or more successive ones of the natural images, extracting an image feature from each of the variant images, and comparing the varying pattern of the image feature with a gesture definition to identify a gesture. The method is inherently insensitive to indistinctness of images, and supports the motion estimation in axes x, y, and z without requiring the detected object to maintain a fixed gesture.. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129864

Culture imaging system

A system for the characterization of a colony of microorganisms includes a coherent light source configured to provide coherent light of one or more wavelengths along a common optical path. A holder is configured to operationally arrange a substrate so that the colony of microorganisms on a surface of the substrate is positioned to receive the coherent light. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129610

Method to share a coherent accelerator context inside the kernel

Embodiments disclose techniques for sharing a context for a coherent accelerator in a kernel of a computer system. A request is received from a first application to perform an i/o operation within a kernel context. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129609

Method to share a coherent accelerator context inside the kernel

Embodiments disclose techniques for sharing a context for a coherent accelerator in a kernel of a computer system. A request is received from a first application to perform an i/o operation within a kernel context. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129129

Self-orienting stroboscopic animation system

A rotatable stroboscopic animation device with a rotatable base portion and at least one light source. An angular-velocity-dependent flashing system flashes the at least one light source according to a predetermined flash mode dependent on the angular velocity of the base portion to produce coherent, automatic stroboscopic animation of images retained by the base portion. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129116

Coherent upconversion of light

An embodiment simultaneously receives light waves emanating from an object and having first frequency components f1.1 and f1.2, and pumped monochromatic coherent light waves having a second frequency f2. The method non-linearly combines the light waves having the first frequency component f1.1 and the pumped monochromatic coherent light waves, and generates coherent light waves having a third frequency component f3.1 that is a sum of the first frequency f1.1 and the second frequency f2. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129115

Coherent upconversion of light

Embodiments include an apparatus and method. An apparatus includes a metasurface that coherently upconverts light waves having a first frequency f1. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180127899

Flame resistant fabrics and garments made from same

Unique blends of fibers that incorporate synthetic cellulosic fibers to render fabrics made with such blends more durable than fabrics made with natural cellulosic fibers such as cotton. While more durable than cotton, the synthetic cellulosic fibers used in the blends are still inexpensive and comfortable to the wearer. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180127390

Epoxycyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diester, plasticizer, stabilizer and resin composition

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a novel compound which is useful as a plasticizer that has improved heat resistance and cold resistance, while having good inherent plasticization performance as a plasticizer, or which is useful as a stabilizer for chlorine-containing resins. The inventors have found that a novel epoxycyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diester having a specific structure, which has an epoxy group in the molecular structure and has improved cold resistance and heat resistance, enables the achievement of the above-described purpose, and have been able to achieve a novel compound that is useful as a plasticizer and as a stabilizer.. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180125894

Closed system separation of adherent bone marrow stem cells for regenerative medicine applications

A method for isolating and processing bone marrow derived stem cells, including the steps of: (a) collecting a biological sample containing adherent bone marrow stem cells in a receptacle with interior walls coated with a cell-adherent substrate; (b) incubating the bone marrow cells on the adherent substrate so that a layer of adherent bone marrow stem cells adheres to the substrate; (c) washing any non-adherent cells from the substrate; and (d) collecting the bone marrow stem cell layer. Isolation kits and use of bone marrow cells harvested for cell therapies are also described.. ... Coherent Inc

05/10/18 / #20180125344

Method and apparatus for fiberscope employing single fiber bundle for co-propagation of image and illumination

An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes an endoscope which utilizes a single coherent fiber bundle for simultaneously carrying imaging and illumination light.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180123807

Method for generating a value inherent to an electronic circuit, electronic circuit generating this value and method for using such a value

A method for generating a value inherent to an electronic circuit by measuring a physical quantity carried out on components of the electronic circuit, comprising calculating and associating to each component at least one value derived from a series of measurements carried out on said component, the calculating of the at least one value comprising: determining a statistical value from said series of measurements, defining said value derived from the series of measures as being said statistical value or an uncertainty range calculated from said statistical value, forming a collection of invariable pairs of components, selecting, in said collection, pairs so that said values associated to the components of each one of these pairs are spaced from each other by at least a setpoint value, generating said value inherent to the electronic circuit by concatenating the results of comparisons based on at least one of the values associated to the components of each selected pair, and data among which at least one is derived from these values, said results being processed in an invariable order like said values or data relative to these pairs during said comparisons.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180123702

Polarization insensitive self-homodyne detection receiver

The receiver 11 for self-homodyne detection comprises a coherent detection system and a direct detection system. The receiver comprises a polarization splitter 13, a first splitter 15, a 90 degree polarization rotor 17, a hybrid detector 19, a first balanced detector 21, and a processor 23.. ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180123701

Amplitude adjustment circuit, digital coherent receiver, and amplitude adjustment method

An amplitude adjustment circuit includes a memory that stores correspondence information between frequency distributions of an amplitude and adjustment coefficients, a processor configured to generate a frequency distribution of amplitude of data for which adaptive equalization processing has been executed, acquire the correspondence information between frequency distributions of the amplitude and adjustment coefficients from the memory, select the adjustment coefficient based on a result of comparison between the frequency distributions included in the correspondence information acquired by the acquiring unit and the frequency distribution generated by the generating unit, and adjust a gain of the data based on the adjustment coefficient selected by the selecting unit.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180123311

Light source for raman amplification, light source system for raman amplification, raman amplifier, and raman amplifying system

A light source for raman amplification to raman-amplify signal light includes: plural incoherent light sources that output incoherent light; plural pumping light sources that output second-order pumping light; an optical fiber for raman amplification to raman-amplify the incoherent light with the second-order pumping light, and outputs the amplified incoherent light; and an output unit connected to the optical transmission fiber, receiving the amplified incoherent light, and outputting the amplified incoherent light as first-order pumping light having a wavelength that raman-amplifies the signal light to the optical transmission fiber.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180121357

Accelerator sharing

Disclosed aspects relate to accelerator sharing among a plurality of processors through a plurality of coherent proxies. The cache lines in a cache associated with the accelerator are allocated to one of the plurality of coherent proxies. ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180121193

Replacing an accelerator firmware image without operating system reboot

The present disclosure relates to updating a firmware image on a coherent hardware accelerator concurrently with executing operations on the coherent hardware accelerator. According to one embodiment, while executing accelerator-enabled operations on the coherent hardware accelerator, a system stores a firmware update package in a local memory on the coherent hardware accelerator. ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180120709

Simulation of lithography using multiple-sampling of angular distribution of source radiation

A method including: determining a first simulated partial image formed, by a lithographic projection apparatus, from a first radiation portion propagating along a first group of one or more directions; determining a second simulated partial image formed, by the lithographic projection apparatus, from a second radiation portion propagating along a second group of one or more directions; and determining an image by incoherently adding the first partial image and the second partial image, wherein the first group of one or more directions and the second group of one or more directions are different.. . ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180120238

Monitoring method and apparatus for excimer-laser annealing process

A method of evaluating a crystallized silicon layer on a substrate includes injecting light into the substrate in such a way that it is wave-guided by the substrate. Wave-guided injected light is diffracted out of the substrate by periodic features of the silicon layer. ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180120097

Method for determining depth

The present disclosure relates to measuring depth of a feature or an object. Teachings thereof may be embodied in a method for optically determining the depth of an object. ... Coherent Inc

05/03/18 / #20180119313

Carbonaceous metal/ceramic nanofibers

Provided herein are nanofibers and processes of preparing carbonaceous nanofibers. In some embodiments, the nanofibers are high quality, high performance nanofibers, highly coherent nanofibers, highly continuous nanofibers, or the like. ... Coherent Inc

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