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Conair Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Conair Corporation. Conair Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Conair Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Conair Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Augmented reality device for visualizing luminaire fixtures

An automated luminaire with dual over-sized graphic wheels that can be inserted and positioned into or out of the light path of the luminaire together as a unit and each graphic wheel can be rotated independent of the other wheel.. . The invention provides an augmented reality device and method for assisting a user in choosing appropriate luminaire fixtures to install within their home. A user may point the camera of a mobile device toward the region or location in a room where a new luminaire is desired, and based upon data generated by an orientation determination means included within the device, an appropriate luminaire or luminaire category is selected automatically for the user from a stored catalogue or database. ... Conair Corporation

 new patent  Visual choice selection concealment computing device and method of operation

The present application intends to solve the problem of concealing a choice selection from third-party vision using optical effects. Disclosed are methods designed so that the user making the selection can easily tell the difference between the two types of option, correct choice versus confounder, but that difference is blurred rapidly with distance—up to one meter distance becomes indistinguishable. ... Conair Corporation

 new patent  Led luminaire

The technical result of the invention is the creation of a moisture-proof led luminaire, with improved cooling of optical assemblies with leds and of a power source as a result of the optical assemblies with leds being fastened to a body so as to be in thermal contact therewith, and the power source being fastened in the cavity of a cover so as to be in thermal contact with the cover. The body and the cover are interconnected so that air gaps are formed therein by end caps having through ventilation openings. ... Conair Corporation

 new patent  Tray bracket for mounting electrical components

The present invention provides an assembly for securely mounting and housing electrical power components. The assembly includes a tray-type mounting bracket for mounting and holding electrical equipments, specifically for an led driver to a luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

 new patent  Optics for chip-on-board lighting having a protrusion

A cover for a light source for use in a lamp or luminaire. An outer surface of the cover, opposite the light source, comprises a rounded shape and includes a protrusion extending from the cover. ... Conair Corporation

Subject assessment using localization, activity recognition and a smart questionnaire

A method for subject assessment in an environment includes receiving subject sensor data from a sensor positioned adjacent to a subject, receiving beacon signals from a beacons placed at different positions within the environment, processing the beacon signals to determine a location of the subject within the environment based on relative power levels of the received beacon signals, and processing the subject sensor data to determine an activity of the subject.. . ... Conair Corporation

System and method for measuring and monitoring innovation intelligence

The embodiments herein provide a system and method for measuring and monitoring innovation intelligence of an enterprise/organization. The system provides a meta-model of innovation classifications that allows organizations to measure and monitor their innovation intelligence in qualitative and quantitative manner. ... Conair Corporation

Improved coordinated effects system for an automated luminaire

Described is dynamic and coordinated control of the insertion and positioning of multiple prism effects systems installed in an automated luminaire. Positioning sensors allow the precise control of the relative orientation of two or more prism rotation systems.. ... Conair Corporation

Lighting device and luminaire

A first control circuit is configured to detect a value of a load current flowing through a solid-state light source in a lighting time period, and control a control element at a first response speed so as to make the value of the load current agree with a first target value. A second control circuit is configured to detect the value of the load current in the lighting time period, and control the control element at a second response speed so that the value of the load current does not exceed an upper limit that is larger than a first target value. ... Conair Corporation

Predicting suicidality using a combined genomic and clinical risk assessment

Biomarkers and methods for screening expression levels of the biomarkers for predicting suicidality (referred herein to suicidal ideation and actions, future hospitalizations and suicide completion) are disclosed. Also disclosed are quantitative questionnaires and mobile applications for assessing affective state and for assessing socio-demographic and psychological suicide risk factors, and their use to compute scores that can predict suicidality. ... Conair Corporation

An automated scrim system for a luminaire

Described are an improved automated luminaire 12 and luminaire systems 10 employing an automated scrim mechanism for an automated luminaire which provides adjustable and selective intensity control across a light beam.. . ... Conair Corporation

Concealed connection system for luminaires

A connection system accommodates small aperture fixtures and provides ample room for electrical connections and a cosmetically superior seam. The connection system may consist of two mating brackets for the concealed joining of segments of light fixtures. ... Conair Corporation

Electrowetting cellular array and luminaire incorporating the array

A cellular electrowetting array, e.g. For a luminaire, includes a liquid container having opposing transparent windows. ... Conair Corporation

A lighting assembly emitting a portion of uv light

A lighting assembly (100), a lamp, a retrofit light bulb, a retrofit light tube, a luminaire and a method of illuminating a space are provided. The lighting assembly (100) comprises a first light emitting element (110), a second light source (108) and a reflection element (216). ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180177035

Lighting system fault diagnostic apparatus

A diagnostic apparatus (101) for diagnosing faults within a lighting system comprising at least one luminaire (121), and at least one presence sensor (123, 151) configured to control the operation of at least one luminaire (121) when an object is within the presence sensor (123, 151) sensing range, the diagnostic apparatus (101) comprising: a user input (103) configured to receive at least one input to control the at least one luminaire (121); and a fault determiner (221) configured to determine at least one lighting system fault based on the at least one input and wherein an object is within the sensing range of a presence sensor (123, 151) expected to be associated with the at least one luminaire (121); and a fault reporter (223) configured to generate at least one fault report based on the determined at least one lighting system fault.. . ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180177006

Adaptive luminous intensity distribution of led luminaires

A luminaire that adjusts a certain set of light sources according to the installation location of said luminaire with respect to an external structure. A luminaire with a light emitting surface comprising a led driver (30); an array of light sources, the luminaire further comprising: a light output tuning unit, connected to a certain set of light sources within the array and being able to tune an light output of said certain set of light sources; an interface adapted to be operated during an installation/commissioning of the luminaire, adapted for receiving configuration information which is dimming information; and a control unit, for controlling the tuning unit according to the received configuration information; wherein the light emitting surface is a planar surface and said certain set of light sources is on at least one edge of the planar surface and wherein said array of light sources is connected to the led driver (30) and the light output tuning unit comprises a dimming circuit including at least one shunt switch adapted to shunt said certain set of light sources off from or on to the led driver (30).. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172898

Edgelit recessed luminaire

An edgelit recessed luminaire includes a housing that defines an inner cavity and has a pair of side panels. Each side panel includes one or more torsion spring receivers. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172260

Luminaire housing assembly

A luminaire housing assembly includes an outer side wall extending between a lower end and an opposite upper end. The side wall is shaped to extend around a perimeter of one or more light generating devices of a luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172259

Led lamps and luminaires

Lighting modules and systems including a heat sink are generally disclosed. The exemplary embodiments include a lighting module having a light emitting diode (led) board including at least one led, a heat sink in thermal communication with the led board for dissipating heat generated by at least the led board, and a separate component board that is thermally insulated from the led board and may include, for example, an led driver, a power management component, a power conversion component, an led control component, and a dimming component. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172256

Adaptor for fluorescent luminaire

The present invention relates to an adaptor (1) for arrangement in a fluorescent lamp luminaire, comprising a connector member (10) shaped to fit into an electrical connector of a fluorescent lamp luminaire, wherein the connector member is electrically insulated, and an interface member (20) arranged to support a replacement light source to replace a fluorescent lamp in the luminaire. The invention further relates to a system comprising at least two such adaptors (1) and a bridge member (30) for supporting a replacement light source.. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172249

Retainer apparatus for luminaire assembly

The inventive subject matter disclosed herein provides a retainer apparatus for a luminaire assembly. The retainer apparatus includes a spring clamp unit including a clamp element and one or more first springs. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172246

A luminaire and connection mechanism for connecting multiple luminaires

A luminaire has a light emitting portion extending between first second end caps to define a length between the first end cap and the second end cap. The first end cap comprises a receptacle and the second end cap comprises a post both of which extend in an insertion direction. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180172227

Luminaires, systems and methods for providing spectrally and spatialy modulated illumination

Luminaries, fixtures, systems and methods of providing both spectrally and spatially targeted illumination are disclosed. Lighting fixtures including troffer type fixtures comprising led packages with high melanopic flux and secondary optics for spatially directing or modulating illumination to facilitate or optimize biological effects of lighting are described. ... Conair Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180170320

Apparatus and systems for air-borne cleaning of surfaces

There is provided a system and method of cleaning surfaces of an interior cabin space of a contamination comprising a microbial and viral load. The method includes the steps of sealing the interior cabin space and placing water, and a solid or gel pack, into a container and generating a vortex the container by rotating an impeller. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180168016

Area illumination system and method

Described are an improved automated luminaire and luminaire systems employing an improved articulated output lens focus system.. . Disclosed is an illumination system (100) and method (600) for generating a predefmed illumination pattern on an area (10). The system comprises a plurality of luminaires (110), each luminaire having an orientation adjustment mechanism and being arranged to generate a contribution (210, 210′) to said illumination pattern on a part of said area; a plurality of cameras (120), each camera associated with one of said luminaires for capturing an image of an illuminated part of said area including the contribution generated by said as sociated luminaire; and a control unit (130) adapted to facilitate the generation of the predefmed illumination pattern by evaluating one of said images to determine a deviation from the predefmed illumination pattern for the illuminated part of said area captured in said image; selecting a luminaire from said plurality of luminaires from information contained in a light plan and generating an orientation adjustment signal for the selected luminaire based on the determined deviation.. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180167505

System for real time dialing analysis

A system and method for providing quality calls and predictive and real-time dialing analysis. The system may provide easy calling for an agent and simple feedback for a client. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180166026

Configurable lighting system

A luminaire can include a housing having at least one outer surface that forms a cavity. The luminaire can also include an aperture that traverses the at least one outer surface of the housing. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180165697

Determining usage data of mobile applications for a population

A utility application for a mobile device inspects data packets from other mobile applications running on the device to gather and record usage data about those applications. Since users of the utility application may not reflect the true population for which the usage data is desired, a system de-biases the data reported from the utility applications using a machine learning model to predict demographics of the users of the utility application. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180163946

Light emitting panel assemblies with bottom-mounted light source and light guides therefor

A light emitting panel assembly is provided. The light emitting panel assembly includes: a housing; a light guide within the housing, the light guide having a first major surface with a plurality of extraction elements, a second major surface, a lower surface, an upper surface, a light source adjacent to the lower surface of the light guide; and an upper guide reflector having a diffuse reflective surface adjacent to and facing the upper surface of the light guide, whereby light from the light source traveling through the light guide toward the upper guide reflector spreads within the light guide, and whereby the upper guide reflector homogenizes the light before the light is redirected to the light guide. ... Conair Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180162260

Connector with integrated lighting

Embodiments of a connector with integrated lighting are provided. The connector may be used with an awning assembly of an rv, for non-limiting example. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180160511

Lighting control module, a lighting system using the same and a method of setting a dimming level

A lighting control module comprises an interface for receiving a dimming setting and a memory for storing the dimming setting. Based on the dimming setting, an output circuit generates a dimming control signal for application to a conventional dimming interface of a lighting driver circuit. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180160501

Color picker

A color picker controls a lighting system comprising one or more luminaries. A user interface comprises a display for displaying images when selected by a user via the user interface. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180160495

Lighting device, luminaire, and control method for the lighting device

A lighting device includes: a variable voltage source; a transistor which controls a current flowing through a light-emitting element; and a control circuit which causes the transistor to pass a current corresponding to a received instruction for a dimming level through the light-emitting element. When the received instruction instructs at least a predetermined dimming level, the control circuit causes a voltage drop in the transistor to become a first voltage by controlling the variable voltage source, and when the received instruction instructs a dimming level less than the predetermined dimming level, the control circuit causes the voltage drop to become a second voltage higher than the first voltage, by controlling the variable voltage source.. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180158115

E-commerce contractor price quoting system and method

An improved interactive e-commerce system for a mobile phone or computer of a user that modifies at least one of labor and materials prices through a combination price quote (cpq) request from at least one of one or more service providers and one or more goods providers. In this system, a cpq module icon on the screen display is configured to connect to a cpq module. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180158083

System and operating method of a questionnaire sticker applying to various communication software programs

A system and an operating method of a questionnaire sticker applying to various communication software programs are described. The system includes a server, a user platform, a user end and a sending end. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180156436

Leadframe, luminaire, group of luminaires and method for producing a luminaire

In various embodiments, a leadframe is provided. The leadframe may include connection strips arranged alongside one another, said connection strips being connected via one or a plurality of holding webs. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180156425

Luminaire mounting system

A luminaire mounting system can accommodate mounting a luminaire to different structures. The luminaire can comprise an adapter, which may be formed into or otherwise associated with a frame of the luminaire, for example. ... Conair Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180156397

Pcb electroplating and electrical connection box structure and modular luminaire

The present invention relates to an electrical connection structure for a pcb and an electroplating frame, and a modular lamp. The modular lamp comprises a plurality of light-emitting modules. ... Conair Corporation

05/31/18 / #20180149347

Improved lamp color temperature stability in an automated luminaire

Described is dynamic control of the temperature of the envelope of an hid lamp in order to stabilize the output color temperature of the lamp. As the lamp power is changed, or environmental factors alter the lamp envelope temperature, the system senses these changes and adjusts the lamp cooling systems so as to move the lamp envelope temperature back to the desired point.. ... Conair Corporation

05/31/18 / #20180149319

Troffer retrofit kit

There is provided a retrofit kit for a luminaire. The retrofit kit includes a door configured to sit below a ceiling plane of the luminaire.. ... Conair Corporation

05/31/18 / #20180148299

An elevator system and a method of adapting an elevator system

The present application relates to an elevator system and a method of adapting an elevator system, the system being adapted to warn elevator users of the existence of a vertical misalignment between a floor of a lift car and a landing surface adjacent to which the lift car stops. The elevator system comprises facing parallel walls that depend vertically downwards from a leading edge of the lift car floor and a leading edge of the landing surface respectively. ... Conair Corporation

05/31/18 / #20180147417

Led structure and luminaire for continuous disinfection

A led structure, a lighting fixture and a method of providing white light illumination. The led structure comprises a substrate; a light emitting area defined on the substrate as a cavity; a first type of light emitting semiconductor source with bactericidal characteristics mounted in the cavity; a second type of light emitting semiconductor source mounted in the cavity with ability to excite the wavelength conversion material to generate white light; and a wavelength conversion material layer formed on top of the light emitting semiconductor sources. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180146533

Interlaced data architecture for a software configurable luminaire

. . . . The examples relate to various representations of data utilized for control of a software configurable lighting device. The software configurable lighting device includes an image display device and a general illumination device. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180146531

Modular luminaire, related module, system and lighting apparatus

“a luminaire incorporating a plurality of lighting module units, each module comprising a plurality of preferably independently controllable light sources, optionally leds and/or laser lamps, each light source having preferably dedicated lens structure associated therewith, wherein the modules are individually configurable and further wherein the light output characteristics of each module of said plurality are individually controllable to yield a target overall distribution of output light from the luminaire. Yet, it is presented a lighting apparatus comprising a single point-like light source, preferably a led, and a transmissive lens structure optically connected to said light source defining a plurality of optically functional, mutually different segments dedicated for controlling the light, e.g. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180142964


A heatsink that is sized and shaped to permit positioning multiple adjustable luminaires in close proximity to one another without the heatsinks on the adjustable luminaires contacting one another or otherwise impeding luminaire adjustment. The size and shape of the heatsink of the adjustable luminaire can be determined based on the center-to-center distance desired between the adjustable luminaires and the angle of tilt desired for the adjustable luminaires.. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180142869

Hidden lighting under a shelf

A lit shelf system comprising a shelf having a front face, a lighting face extending horizontally, a dark face opposite the lighting face and a groove. The groove has a front wall extending to a front edge about the lighting face and a rear wall extending to a rear edge about the lighting face. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180142848

Wall-mounted luminaire

The predominantly longitudinally extended part being provided with a space for the passage of an electric power supply cable. The passage space extends from the first end to a region proximate to the second opposite end of the predominantly longitudinally extended part.. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180142843

Solid state lighting device and luminaire

A lamp (10) for replacement of a hps or hid lamp, is disclosed that comprises a support element (13) including a mounting shaft (15) extending therefrom, said mounting shaft being substantially parallel and having lateral displacement relative to a central axis of the lamp and a plurality of modules (20) each comprising a heat spreading element (23) wherein at least one module is mounted on the mounting shaft and is rotatable about the mounting shaft such that said at least one module can be pivoted between a first orientation in which the modules cooperate to define a closed structure; and a second orientation in which the at least one module is pivoted away from at least one neighboring module to define an opened structure. The lamp further comprises a plurality of sets of solid state lighting elements (30) wherein each set is mounted on an outer surface (21) of one of said modules, and a holder (11) for holding the support element (13), wherein the holder comprises a lamp cap (12) to connect the lamp (10) to a power source, wherein the lamp cap is compatible with a socket for the hps or hid lamp to be replaced. ... Conair Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180140241

Method and device for estimating a risk of relapse of addictive behaviour

A method for estimating a risk of relapse of addictive behavior related to exposure to an addictive stimulus, the method including the steps of, at multiple points in time, requesting the individual to measure exposure to the stimulus or answering a questionnaire, measuring the individual's exposure to the stimulus and collecting the individual's questionnaire answers, transmitting a result from the measurement device to a central server unit, storing the result in the central server unit, estimating a risk of relapse based on a combination of the received result and historic results, determining a next point in time for requesting the individual to do at least one of conducting a measurement of the individual's exposure to the stimulus and answering a questionnaire, based on the estimated risk, and if the estimated risk is greater than a predefined level, transmitting a message to a third party informing about the estimated risk.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180139818

Devices, systems, and methods for maintaining light intensity in a gateway based lighting system

The disclosure relates to devices, systems, and methods to set, adjust, and/or maintain lumen levels of luminaires in a lighting system, for example. The lights may be a plurality of light emitting diode (led)-based luminaires, which are part of a smart illumination system. ... Conair Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180138647

Travel voltage converter and adapter

A portable power converter includes a housing having a front surface and a rear surface, a socket disposed on the front surface and configured to conduct an input waveform, and a plug disposed on the rear surface and configured to conduct an output waveform. The power converter also includes a power conversion circuit disposed within the housing and coupled to the socket and the plug. ... Conair Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180135848

Systems and methods for high bay light fixtures

A light fixture includes an enclosure having a top side and an opposing underside, and a luminaire module. The luminaire module includes a panel, a plurality of leds, a first reflector, and a second reflector. ... Conair Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180135835

Apparatus and method to self-align led modules in a luminaire and secure with a single fixation point

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for connecting a light-emitting diode (led) module and a mounting structure such as a luminaire. The configuration enables the led module to self-align while securing the module and luminaire with a single fixation point.. ... Conair Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180135820

Dual graphic wheel for an automated luminaire

An automated luminaire with dual over-sized graphic wheels that can be inserted and positioned into or out of the light path of the luminaire together as a unit and each graphic wheel can be rotated independent of the other wheel.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180132337

Radio wave sensor and luminaire

A radio wave sensor includes a transmitting antenna configured to radiate radio waves, a receiving antenna configured to receive incoming radio waves, and a housing that is composed of dielectric material and faces the transmitting and receiving antennas. The housing has a first part that faces the transmitting antenna, a second part that faces the receiving antenna, and a third part between the first and second parts. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180132335

Assigning controllable luminaire devices to control groups

The present invention relates to methods and devices for automatically assigning a controllable luminaire device to a control group for commonly controlling controllable luminaire devices assigned to the control group.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180132333

Monitoring system for an automated luminaire

A monitoring system for automated luminaires for automated monitoring of the luminaire when connected and disconnected to mains power.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180132331

Led lamp arrangement

An led lamp arrangement for replacing a fluorescent lamp in a luminaire having a ballast. The led lamp arrangement has at least a first group of leds and a second group of leds, a first circuit adapted to generate an output indicating whether the ballast is a magnetic ballast or a non-magnetic ballast, and a second circuit adapted to change a connection of the first and second groups of leds on the basis of the output of the first circuit. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180131090

Radio wave sensor and luminaire

A radio wave sensor includes a transmitting antenna configured to radiate radio waves, and a housing that is composed of dielectric material and faces the transmitting antenna. The housing has a first protrusion that protrudes from a region facing the transmitting antenna towards the transmitting antenna. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180129493

Upgrading a light source

A method comprising: providing a light source in the form of a luminaire or lamp operable to emit light into an environment, the light source being activated from a time at which the light source is first deployed into said environment to enable the light to be controlled via a first communication channel, but having a capability for the light to be controlled via a second communication channel being electronically deactivated at the time of deployment; then after the time of deployment of the light source into the environment, receiving a request to upgrade the light source; and in response to this request, sending activation data to the light source or a user of the light source, thereby enabling the capability for the light to be controlled via the second communication channel to be electronically activated.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180129027

Collimation and homogenization system for an led luminaire

Disclosed is an led light source automated luminaire with a multi sided elongated light collimator/mixer/integrator with receiving lens and output lens both with spill shields and where the receiving spill shield is nesting in the output spill shield. The elongated integrator has a square input cross-section and a hexagon or octagon output cross section and is tapered so that the input cross section is smaller than the output cross section.. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180128476

Led luminaire

The technical result of the invention is the creation of a moisture-proof led luminaire with improved reliability and efficiency resulting from the provision of non-temperature dependent operating conditions for a power supply and leds by mounting same on different bodies (a first body and a third body) which are heat-insulated from each other by an end connector and an end cap made of a heat-insulating material; the claimed led luminaire also exhibits more efficient heat removal from the leds as a result of the presence of an additional second body having thermal contact with the first body, and improved usability, particularly a faster and less labor-intensive procedure for replacing the power supply because said power supply is mounted on the third body, which can be easily flipped open.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180128450

Suspended luminaire with elongated lens

Suspended lighting fixtures are described that include one or more light sources and a lens component that minimizes and/or eliminates unwanted shadows caused by debris such as dust and/or insects. In some embodiments, the suspended light fixture includes a housing, at least one light source operably connected to the housing, and a lens element operably connected to the housing. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180128436

Led luminaire with integrated battery backup

An led luminaire with an integrated battery backup is divided into a hidden infrastructure portion and a decorative body portion. The luminaire body has a main lighting deck with two separate led arrays mounted thereon and a decorative skirt extending from the main lighting deck. ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180126762

Questionnaire stamp

A questionnaire stamp is disclosed which has: a question item indicating section that indicates at least one question item concerning a predetermined symptom that a patient may have; a check result entry section in which a check result as to whether the question item is applicable to the patient can be recorded; and an applicable item counting section in which the total number of applicable question items is entered, wherein the questionnaire stamp is affixed to a given location of the patient's medical record or an auxiliary record form of the medical record.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180125052

Luminaire disease vector attenuator and surveillance device

Provided is an insect monitoring device including a tube. An attractor is positioned at an entrance to the tube, and an imaging device is configured for producing data associated with a monitored insect, wherein the data being usable in machine learning.. ... Conair Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180124900

Precipitation sensing luminaire

A luminaire comprising: at least one light source arranged to emit light to illuminate an outdoor environment of the luminaire; at least one sensor, each of the at least one sensor arranged to provide a sensor output signal; a control module arranged to receive the sensor output signal from each of the at least one sensor and configured to communicate with a component of the luminaire based on the at least one sensor output signal; and a precipitation detection module arranged to receive the at least one sensor output signal and configured to detect occurrence of precipitation in the outdoor environment based on the at least one sensor output signal and control the light emitted from the at least one light source based on said detection.. . ... Conair Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180123375

Plug-in energy storage batteries and networked plug-in energy storage batteries

In an example embodiment, a battery unit comprises a battery unit housing; and a battery unit circuit. In this example embodiment, the battery unit housing contains at least a portion of the battery unit circuit, and the battery unit circuit further comprises: a battery cell, an inverter to control the charging and discharging of the battery cell, a processor to provide control signals to the inverter for controlling the charging and discharging of the battery cell, and one of: a power plug for coupling to and uncoupling from a power outlet assembly, and a luminaire base for coupling to and uncoupling from a luminaire socket in a light fixture. ... Conair Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180119941

Plastic heat sink for luminaires

Luminaires are disclosed that are configured to emit led illumination. Certain components of the luminaire can be assembled without the use of fasteners. ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180110109

Sensor board for luminaire/lighting system

According to some embodiments, a sensor board may be used with a luminaire. The sensor board may include an environment sensor disposed on a first side of the sensor board to function in a first direction and a color sensor disposed on a second side of the sensor board to function in a second direction. ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180110105

System for distributing low-voltage dc power to led luminaires

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems for powering and controlling lighting fixtures in office buildings, homes, industrial facilities, and similar structures using low-voltage direct-current (“dc”) electricity. Some embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems for distributing dc power from a lighting controller to various led luminaires. ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180108441

System for searching data structures stored in a database

A computer-implemented method includes transmitting information indicative of an outcome questionnaire; receiving, from the first client device, answers to the series of questions; generating, based on the answers, an outcome score that is indicative of the severity of the functional limitation; determining a modifier that is indicative of a range of impairment, limitation or restriction of the portion of the user's anatomy; receiving a request to generate an insurance report, with the request comprising a selected type of functional limitation and a visit type; identifying a code that is indicative of the functional limitation that is being treated by the service provider and that is indicative of a point in time in a course of treatment of the user; generating, based on the identified code and the modifier, the insurance report; and submitting the insurance report to an insurance provider.. . ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180108433

System and computer program for analyzing and managing health, fitness and nutritional wellness

A system and computer program product for serving web pages offering fitness and nutritional wellness information. The system includes a plurality of remote computers in communication with a respective plurality of remote users, a central server having a computer program stored in non-transient memory and one or more microprocessors, a network interface in communication with the central server and the plurality of remote computers over a network, and a shared database in communication with the central server. ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180107457

Systems and methods for dynamic generation of questionnaires on programming concepts

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for dynamically generating subjective questionnaires on programming concepts in a natural language with desired number of unique questions and having a desired level of difficulty. Conventionally known systems and methods are based on pre-defined templates without any emphasis on logic building for various business scenarios and mostly cater to objective type multiple choice questions. ... Conair Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180106441

Improvements in or relating to luminaires

A a system for a luminaire comprising a lighting and a non-lighting module. A controller is provided for controlling the operation of a communication unit and a signalling unit in accordance with environmental parameters sensed by a sensor unit, the sensor unit generating an event signal when the environmental parameters exceed a predetermined threshold and the signalling unit providing an alarm.. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180103020

Multi-level authentication using phone application level data

Embodiments of the present invention provide a multi-level authentication system to provide an additional level of authentication using phone application level data. The system extracts application level data and generates a questionnaire based on the extracted application level data. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180101826

Luminaire-based monitoring

A signal is received at a monitoring device from a photodetector. The signal conveys a characteristic of radiation received by the photodetector from an exit piece of a luminaire, through which exit piece light emitted by the luminaire exits the luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180101186

Automated dynamic luminaire identification using barcodes

Automated dynamic devices, systems, and methods for identifying and commissioning lighting systems are disclosed. In particular, sensor systems are configured to read barcodes for identifying luminaires in a lighting system, and lumen levels of the luminaires are adjustable to provide appropriate lighting for the sensors to read the barcodes. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100961

Luminaire module having a light guide with redirecting interfaces

A solid-state luminaire module includes one or more light-emitting elements (lees) and a light guide. The light guide includes a receiving end and an opposing end, the receiving end being arranged to receive the light provided by the lees; a pair of opposing side surfaces, extending along a length of the light guide between the receiving end and the opposing end, to guide the received light in a forward direction; and a plurality of redirecting interfaces spaced apart from each other and distributed along a portion of the length of the light guide adjacent the opposing end. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100766

Sensor clip and method of using

The present system provides a sensor clip system that can be clipped to luminaires of a plurality of shapes and sizes and method of using the sensor clip. Some of the sensors are upward looking (into the luminaire) while others are downward looking (away from the luminaire); and thus face in substantially opposite directions. ... Conair Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100763

Three-dimensional vlc/dlc sensor clip

Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for attaching a sensor system to luminaires of a variety of shapes and sizes. Specifically, a 3d sensor clip is disclosed with adjustable components configured to attached the 3d sensor clip to a luminaire such as to adjust the position of a color sensor in the 3d sensor clip relative to a luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180098408

Lighting control

A method of controlling luminaires of a lighting system based on a current mode of an entertainment device, the method comprising: whilst the entertainment device is in an active mode: controlling one or more of the luminaires associated with the entertainment device to render an entertainment effect, receiving a lighting instruction identifying a plurality of the luminaires and a lighting effect to be rendered by them, determining that at least a first of the plurality of luminaires is one of the luminaires currently rendering the entertainment effect, controlling at least a second of the plurality of luminaries, which is not currently rendering the entertainment effect, to render the lighting effect whilst the first luminaire continues to render the entertainment effect, and electronically storing an indication of the lighting effect; and in response to the entertainment device switching to an inactive mode, controlling the first luminaire to render the lighting effect using the electronically stored indication.. . ... Conair Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180098403

Devices, systems, and methods for maintaining luminaire color temperature levels in a gateway based system

The disclosure relates to devices, systems, and methods for adjusting and/or maintaining color temperature levels of luminaires. The luminaires may be light emitting diode (led)-based luminaires which are part of a smart illumination system. ... Conair Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180098393

Solid-state light source lighting device, luminaire, vehicle lamp, and two-wheeled vehicle

A solid-state light source lighting device includes an adjuster configured to adjust an output current to be output through an output port, and a first switch to be electrically connected in parallel with a second led of a plurality of solid-state light sources, and a controller configured to turn on and off the first switch. The controller is configured to keep the first switch off while the dc voltage (input voltage) received through the input port is higher than a threshold voltage, and keep the first switch on while the input voltage is lower than or equal to the threshold voltage. ... Conair Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180096111

Predictive telerehabilitation technology and user interface

Embodiments of a system and method for evaluating or predicting therapy adherence are generally described herein. A system may include a display and a processor connected to the display to provide a user interface, including a calendar with a plurality of activities of a protocol. ... Conair Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180092571

System for in-home self-assessment of risk for abnormal airflow during sleep

A self-assessment system for assessing risk for experiencing abnormal airflow during sleep. A preferred embodiment of the system includes a cannula for sampling nasal airflow of a user. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092193

Luminaire grouping method, controller, and lighting system

Provided is a lighting system which includes: luminaires; a controller which manages the luminaires; and interfaces which relay communication between the luminaires and the controller, and groups the luminaires into groups. The interface has one or more ports to each of which corresponding one or more of the luminaires are connected. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092192


A luminaire includes: a main body having a placement surface on which a light-emitting module is placed to emit light forward; and a wireless communication module which receives, by wireless communication, a control signal for controlling the light-emitting module. The wireless communication module: includes a substrate, and a transceiver which is provided on the substrate and receives the control signal. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092191

Power over ethernet lighting system with emergency mode

A power over ethernet lighting system includes a plurality of nodes electrically connected to a power/communication bus. Each of the nodes includes a poe interface, a micro-controller and a poe driver electrically connected to a poe luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092187

Lighting setting apparatus and lighting system

A lighting setting apparatus which is used to set lighting modes in a plurality of luminaires installed in a space includes: a storage which stores a lighting setting image indicating the entirety of an illumination area of the luminaires in the predetermined space and luminaire position information indicating the positions of the luminaires in the space; an input receiver which receives a user input regarding use of the lighting setting image; and a lighting setter which obtains the target pixel values of target pixels that are of the lighting setting image for which the input regarding the use has been received and that are located correspondingly to the positions of the luminaires indicated by the luminaire position information, determines, based on the obtained target pixel values, a lighting setting value for at least one of dimming or toning of the luminaires, and outputs the lighting setting value.. . ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180092182

Led structure with a dynamic spectrum and a method

An integrated led structure and a method of adjusting the emission spectrum of an integrated led structure, for photobiological process. The structure comprises a substrate; a plurality of optically isolated and electrically non-independent light emission areas integrated on the substrate; a light emitting semiconductor source of a first type mounted in the emission area(s);a light emitting semiconductor source of a second type mounted in the emission area(s); an electrical circuit layer for connecting the said light emitting semiconductor sources in serial fashion for each emission area; and wavelength conversion materials. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091222


A luminaire includes: a main body to which an illumination unit is attached to emit light downward; a projecting portion that projects laterally from the main body when seen from below; and a wireless communication module that receives, by wireless communication, a control signal for controlling operation of the luminaire. The wireless communication module is located lower than a top surface of the projecting portion, and is secured to the projecting portion.. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087760

Expanding sensing capabilities of a luminaire

The specification and drawings present methodology for modularly expanding sensing capabilities of a luminaire or a luminaire mounted sensing system by adding replaceable exterior sensor module(s) in a desired position in a vicinity of an existing (legacy) luminaire or a luminaire system for both inside and outside applications. For outside applications, this modular expansion may be performed while maintaining weathertight sealing integrity, e.g., waterproofing of the luminaire-sensor system/apparatus including exterior housing, exterior electrical connections, cables and any other exposed components. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087750

Lighting arrangement

A lighting arrangement can include a luminaire and a first plurality of spring arms. The luminaire can include a housing assembly and a light emitter portion at least partially enclosing the light emitter portion. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087748

Adjustable-beam luminaires

A luminaire for providing configurable static lighting or dynamically-adjustable lighting. The luminaire uses an array of focusing elements that act on light provided via a corresponding array of sources or via an edge-lit lightguide. ... Conair Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087743

Luminaire and arrangement with a plurality of luminaires

A luminaire includes a surface light source that emits light with a plane, effective emission surface e, from which the light generated in the surface light source is radiated, a reflector configured to suppress glare of the surface light source for emission angles above a glare angle a, with 40°≦a≦80°, and a plane, effective radiation surface f, from which light emitted by the surface light source emerges from the luminaire, wherein the emission surface is surrounded on all sides by the reflector and the reflector, starting from the emission surface, extends towards the radiation surface, the reflector, in a cross-sectional view perpendicular to the emission surface, is formed concave on average so that a width b of the reflector in a direction away from the emission surface is described by a function f (b) and the first derivative f′ (b) thereof increases either strictly monotonically or as an alternative monotonically as well as strictly monotonically in some places in the direction away from the emission surface, it applies with a tolerance of 5% at most: f=e/sin2(a) with e≧1 cm2, on at least one intersection line parallel to and in the emission surface, it applies for a height h of the reflector in the direction perpendicular to the emission surface with a tolerance of 10% at most: h=tan(90°−a) l, and l is a length of the intersection line from an edge of the emission surface facing away from the reflector to the edge of the facing radiation surface, in a plan view.. . ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180083869

Method and system for transmitting control commands for units in a distributed arrangement

A method for transmitting control commands in a system (100) of units (l1-l18) in a distributed arrangement, for example in a lighting system having luminaires in a distributed arrangement, involves at least some of the units (l1-l18) sending a received control command again in order to ensure that the control command is forwarded to all units (l1-l18). The control command contains a piece of information regarding an already past command transmission time, wherein each unit (l1-l18) takes the command transmission time that a received command contains as a basis for determining an individual waiting time (ttlind), after the expiry of which the command is executed by the unit (l1-l18).. ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081185

Homogenization system for an led luminaire

A remotely directable luminaire with an improved color led homogenization system for led luminaires employing a plurality of led arrays where an array employs a plurality of discrete peak led groups and dichroic mirrors maximized for transmission/reflection of around the groups of led's discrete peaks to generate a directional homogenized color light beam with additive color mixing.. . ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080814

Light pipe sensor system

A system and a method for transporting high luminous intensity light from at least one luminaire to a destination area are disclosed. The system may include a light guide that carries light from the luminaire to a plurality of sensors located on a printed circuit board (pcb). ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080639

Elongated roadway luminaire structure

A roadway luminaire includes a base unit having opposing bent edges parallel to a longitudinal axis of the base unit and an aperture through the base unit configured to accept a mounting pole, a driver housing attached to the base unit, and a cover door hingedly attached to the driver housing. The base unit, driver housing, and cover door defining an interior volume of the roadway luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080623

Light bulb reflector

Technical field: lighting. This object is an accessory. ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080622

Led luminaire

A luminaire includes an elongate supporting post including an upper head section that flares outwardly, and a cap positioned on top of the head of the supporting post, the cap including a plurality of led lighting units arranged circumferentially, and a shield adapted to block a substantial amount of outwardly directed light emitted from the plurality of led lighting units, such that the light emitted from the led lighting units is directed substantially onto the supporting post. A method of fabrication is provided.. ... Conair Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180077949

Ice cream roll maker

An ice cream roll maker includes a housing, a freezer wheel mounted within the housing and configured for rotation about a horizontal axis, and a reservoir within the housing for holding a liquid ingredient. An outer peripheral surface of the freezer wheel is configured to receive the liquid ingredient from the reservoir and transform the liquid ingredient into a frozen coating layer on the outer peripheral surface.. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077781

Led luminaire assemblies with bluetooth capability

A bluetooth beacon for a luminaire assembly includes a module and an antenna associated with the module. The bluetooth beacon is monted such that the antenna is communicatively visible from a light emitting side of the luminaire assembly. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077779

Control modules having integral antenna components for luminaires and wireless intelligent lighting systems containing the same

A sensor and control module is provided that includes an antenna formed as an integral component of a lens fastener or a housing of the module. A lens may be attached to the housing by the lens fastener. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077774

Compatible inductor-type circuit structure with direct input from commercial power

A compatible inductor-type circuit structure with direct input from commercial power includes a substrate and a light-source control-loop device. The light-source control-loop device is disposed on the substrate and includes a constant current circuit, plural light source modules, a switch, a commercial power simulation circuit, a high voltage protection circuit, plural bridge rectifier circuits and a limited current protection circuit. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180075626

Color picker

A method of controlling a lighting system comprising one or more luminaires for illuminating an environment. The method comprises: outputting a displayed image to a user on a screen of a user interface; allowing the user to select a region from amongst a plurality of regions in the displayed image each having a respective color; and controlling one or more of the luminaires of the lighting system to emit illumination rendering the color of the region selected by the user from the displayed image. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180075464

Method and arrangement for assisting in decision making by utilizing personal profiling

The invention relates to a pre-meeting survey method configured to assist a customer in a decision making situation. The invention relates also to a data network arrangement, a server, and a computer program product, by means of which a pre-meeting survey is accomplished in a communications network before a booked customer meeting. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074946

Using customer profiling and analytics to create a relative, targeted, and impactful customer profiling environment/workload questionnaire

Aspects of the present invention include a method, system and computer program product. The method includes a processor collecting data relating to a specific customer, the data relating to testing of at least one discipline of a specific customer; collecting data relating to the specific customer, the data being segmented by one or more functional areas or focal areas; collecting data relating to the specific customer, the data being segmented by an industry to which the specific customer belongs; collecting data relating to the specific customer, the data being segmented by geography, country and/or culture to which the specific customer belongs; determining that one or more additional issues exist relating to the data relating to the specific customer, and collecting data relating to the one or more additional issues; and creating a customer profiling environment and workload data questionnaire profiled to the specific customer.. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074255

Luminaire having an asymmetrical light distribution pattern

An apparatus is disclosed including a light guide and a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds). The light guide includes a rear portion including a first edge, a second edge, and a rear edge. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074151

Led luminaire assemblies with bluetooth capability

A bluetooth beacon for a luminaire assembly includes a module and an antenna associated with the module. The bluetooth beacon is monted such that the antenna is communicatively visible from a light emitting side of the luminaire assembly. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073711

Device carrier for a strip-lighting luminaire

The present invention relates to a device carrier (10) for a strip-lighting luminaire, comprising: first lines (14) for forming a first power supply circuit; second lines (14) for forming a second power supply circuit; and at least one converter unit (12) for electrically coupling the first to the second power supply circuit, said converter unit being mounted on the device carrier (10). The first lines (14) are arranged on a rear face of the device carrier (10) so that the first lines (14) are concealed by the device carrier (10) in the mounted state of the strip-lighting luminaire. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073710

Interlock arrangement for a luminaire

There is proposed a lamp support and corresponding connectable swivel assembly for a luminaire. The lamp support comprises a locking arrangement adapted to engage with the interlock element of the swivel assembly. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073690

Luminaire including light emitting diodes and an anti-glare material

A luminaire. The luminaire includes a geometric solid. ... Conair Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180071479

Temperature controlled laminair air flow device

The present invention provides a practical method for treating atopic dermatitis. By subjecting patients suffering from atopic dermatitis to filtered temperature controlled laminar air flow disease symptoms have been significantly reduced and even removed. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070422

End of life prediction system for luminaire drivers

Devices, systems, and methods to predict a half-life or end of life for luminaire drivers are described. The drivers may include electronic drivers for light fixtures such as dimming controls that utilize electrolytic capacitors in the output circuit to smooth the output current and reduce changes in current amplitude. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070416

Lighting device, luminaire, vehicle with same, and control method

In a lighting device, when determining that both of a first measuring value and a second measuring value are not an abnormal value, a controller is configured to control an output of a power converter based on the first and second measuring values. The first measuring value is a temperature inside a main body of the lighting device, sensed by a first temperature sensor. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066830

Track lighting system

A system comprising track-mounted luminaires and track. In some embodiments, electrical power for illumination is accessed by a luminaire through electrified railing recessed within a relatively narrow slot of the track. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066817

Track head and track lamp

The present application relates to the technical field of luminaire, and provides a track head for mounting a lamp body on a track strip, the lamp body comprises a mounting rack, the track head comprises a cassette body fixed to the mounting rack and a cover body movably mounted on the track strip, the cover body is detachably mounted on the cassette body, a plurality of first resilient sheets which are electrically connected to the lamp body are provided in the inner part of the cassette body, a plurality of second resilient sheets which are electrically connected to the first resilient sheets respectively are provided in the inner side of the cover body, a conductive structure is provided between the cover body and the track strip for electrical interconnection with each other. The track head of the present application has a cassette body fixed and electrically connected to the lamp body, the cover body adapted to the track strip which can be selected and mounted to the cassette body, and the second resilient sheets are abutting against and electrically connected to the first resilient sheets, and the cover body is mounted in the track strip so as to fix the lamp body to the track strip, so that the selection of the lamp body is not restricted by the structure of the track strip and the installation and maintenance costs are reduced.. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066816

Light emitting diode luminaire device and system with color temperature tunning

A lighting system is disclosed that includes lighting zones. Each of the lighting zones include led light fixtures with different sets of led arrays mounted to modular light boards that emit different output spectra. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066808

Luminaires using waveguide bodies and optical elements

According to one aspect, a waveguide comprises a waveguide body having a coupling cavity defined by a coupling feature disposed within the waveguide body. A plug member comprises a first portion disposed in the coupling cavity and an outer surface substantially conforming to the coupling feature and a second portion extending from the first portion into the coupling cavity. ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066429

Panel and panel structure for ventilation and both reactive and dissipative sound dampening

A passive ventilation panel and system, in particular for use in doors, ceilings, walls and partitions enables an exchange of supply and return air for at least one room or a room, without the need for additional ventilation equipment, such as ducts, and without the needs to install wall openings or grills for the supply and exhaust air in the space.. . ... Conair Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065032

Training systems and methods

A field of play may include linearly arranged locations in which a game piece, e.g., representative of a letter, may be played, in an attempt to form words. An example field of play includes a 5×5 grid formed of squares. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180063929

Zigbee operated phase control lighting controller with sensors

A wireless operated led lighting controller has both analog and phase control outputs which operate a dimming luminaire, and sensors for lighting and motion which operate autonomously as needed. In addition it is locally operated by a handheld infra-red controller. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180063910

Switching regulator for operating luminaires, featuring peak current value controlling and mean current value detection

The invention relates to a switching regulator for operating luminaires, comprising a control circuit (4). The control circuit (4) is designed to operate, by triggering the switch (5) that is coupled to a coil, the switching regulator (3) in a limit mode of operation when the load generated by the luminaire (2) is so high that the resulting switching-off threshold exceeds a predefined minimum switching-off value, and operate the switching regulator in a discontinuous mode of operation at the minimum switching-off value when the load generated by the luminaire (2) is so low that the switching-off threshold in a limit mode of operation would lie below the predefined minimum switching-off value. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180063907

Lighting device, luminaire, vehicle with same, and lighting method

A lighting device includes a current outputter, a load characteristic obtainer and a controller. The current outputter is configured to supply a current to a light source of at least one light source unit. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180062057

Light emitting device cooling

A light emitting device such as luminaire includes one or more light emitting device chips mounted on a board. The light emitting device chips have electrical contacts and are flip chip mounted to board with the electrical contacts connected to contact pads. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180060782

Recommending personalized jobs from automated review of writing samples and resumes

A computer system, method, and computer-readable product for providing data for career advice, such as job or education recommendations, from automated review and analysis of career-related data for an individual, which is at least initially obtained from documents, such as resumes and writing samples. For a designated individual, career-related data is obtained from the documents and an initial personality estimate is created for the designated individual based upon, at least, the obtained career-related data. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180058658

Shade and wavelength converter for solid state luminaires

Shades and/or reflectors for luminaires. The luminaires may be retrofitted with the shades and/or reflectors to selectively control the direction and/or spectrum of light emitted by the luminaires. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180058643

Luminaire and method of manufacturing luminaire

A luminaire including a wavelength converter and a method of manufacturing the luminaire are provided. The wavelength converter radiates, based on a laser light beam, a light beam having a wavelength different from the laser light beam the method of measuring the luminaire includes measuring wavelengths of laser light beams oscillated by a plurality of laser elements to identify main wavelengths of the plurality of laser elements, storing association information between main wavelength information items indicating the main wavelengths identified and element information items identifying the plurality of laser elements corresponding to the main wavelengths identified, selecting a combination of laser elements having a composite wavelength falling within a predetermined range, from the plurality of laser elements, based on the association information, and arranging optical paths to irradiate a same area of the wavelength converter with the laser light beams of the combination of laser elements selected.. ... Conair Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180054978

Luminaire including a heat dissipation structure

There are provided luminaire assemblies and methods of assemblies thereof. For example, there is provided a luminaire assembly including a hollow core and an overmolded thermal dissipation structure molded over the hollow core.. ... Conair Corporation

02/22/18 / #20180054706

System for auto-commissioning of luminaires and asset tracking

A system includes luminaires at a premises, where each luminaire has a light source, processor and radio frequency (rf) transceiver. The processor is configured to control the rf transceiver of the respective luminaire to transmit ranging signals to neighboring luminaires and receive response signals from neighboring luminaires. ... Conair Corporation

02/22/18 / #20180054014

Advanced panel mount connector and method

A panel mount connector and method involve a connector shell assembly that is configured to be received in an opening that is defined by a panel with the connector shell defining a through passage. A flexible circuit board is supported within the through passage and defines a first external connection interface at one end for external electrical access from one side of the panel when the connector shell assembly is installed in the panel and at least the first external connection interface is supported for independent movement relative to the connector shell.. ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180049294

Identification of luminaire parts

A luminaire for identifying a lamp shade is disclosed. The luminaire comprises a light source (102), a lamp shade (104) and a second luminaire component (108). ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180045933

Optical system for an led wash luminaire

An optical system for an led wash luminaire employing an lens with a first fresnel functional surface and a second functional surface comprised of a plurality of out of focus microlenses in bands of different focal lengths in combination with specially shaped reflector(s) to achieve a more even light distribution on a surface area with a wide range of distances from the luminaire.. . ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180045875

Luminaire utilizing waveguide

An optical waveguide comprising orthogonal x- and y-dimensions and developing an illumination distribution pattern comprising orthogonal x- and y-extents, comprising at least one coupling feature for directing light into the waveguide, at least one light redirection feature for redirecting light in an x-y plane within the waveguide, and at least one light extraction feature for extracting light out of the waveguide in an illumination pattern comprising at least one of the x- and y-extents that is offset with respect to the x- and y-dimensions, respectively. Additionally, the optical waveguide comprises optical features on at least first, second, and third sides thereof.. ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180045385

Luminaires with transition zones for glare control

A luminaire includes a housing, a luminous zone coupled with the housing, and one or more transition zones coupled with the housing and disposed adjacent to the luminous zone. The luminous zone provides a first light to an illuminated area, and the one or more transition zones provide a second light to the illuminated area. ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180043862

Heatable luminaire cover

A method for producing a heatable luminaire cover is described. The heatable luminaire cover has: a polymeric main body, a first busbar, a second busbar and at least two conductor tracks on the inside of the polymeric main body.. ... Conair Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180043564

Sliding disc assembly for food processor

A slicing disc assembly includes a work bowl, a driving shaft standing upwardly from the bottom of the work bowl, a gearbox base removably locked onto the work bowl, a gearbox cover affixed onto the gearbox base and thereby forms a housing, a gear rotatably disposed in the housing, and a spiral blade operatively disposed onto the gear. The gear is planetarily rotated via the engagement between gear teeth and the driving shaft, while the spiral blade rotates simultaneously and maintains relative same position with the gear during its operation.. ... Conair Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180038579

Systems and methods for improved lighting systems

Embodiments are provided for a lighting system and a method of installing a lighting system. According to certain aspects, a driver box is configured with a plurality of drivers secured therein. ... Conair Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180038564

Led exterior and street lamps

An led exterior and street lamp (luminaire) is provided with an led operating chamber and a functional chamber each hermetically sealed and interconnected to each other in a thermally-isolated manner at their narrow end faces, the chambers being surrounded by a cooling surface which can be replaced externally on the housing of the chambers and can be adapted in terms of surface area. . ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035516

Wirelessly-controllable portable luminaire

The present disclosure is directed to methods and apparatus for wireless control of a portable luminaire (100, 200, 300). For example, an nfc-enabled luminaire may obtain light settings from one or more nfc components to display one or more light behaviors.. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035515

Systems and methods for managing lighting settings in a lighting system

Embodiments are provided for systems and methods of managing a lighting system. According to certain aspects, the lighting system includes a low voltage controller (lvc) connected to multiple switches and to multiple drivers. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035514

Accent lights with junction box controller

A system and method for an accent lighting system is provided. The system includes a plurality of underwater luminaires each having a plurality of light emitting diodes, and a junction box controller housing a plurality of electrical components for generating electrical signals for controlling the plurality of underwater luminaries. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035510

Configurable lighting system

A luminaire can include a power supply that receives ac mains power from a power source and delivers intermediate power, and can also include a lumen control module coupled to the power supply, where the lumen control module receives the intermediate power from the power source. The lumen control module can include at least one first switch that has multiple positions, and multiple resistors coupled to the at least one first switch, where each position of the at least one first switch corresponds to a resistance of the resistors, where the intermediate power received by the resistors is translated to a current level of a plurality of current levels based on the resistance. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035507

Lighting device, and luminaire

A constant current is configured to control an fet to adjust a drain current so that a detection voltage is equal to a reference voltage. A reference setter is configured to set the reference voltage to a sum of a first voltage and a second voltage. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035506

Led luminaire

An outdoor luminaire comprises a housing adapted to be mounted on an outdoor structure, an input disposed in the housing that receives ac power, and at least one rectification element coupled to the input and which produces rectified ac electrical power comprising a plurality of cycles. At least one led driver circuit is coupled to the at least one rectification element and a plurality of leds is coupled to the at least one led driver circuit. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034223

Luminaire adaptor

The present disclosure relates to a g24 plug adaptor for use in retrofitting a traditional plug-in energy-saving luminaire, the traditional plug-in energy-saving luminaire initially adapted to receive a traditional energy-saving lamp, to be compatible with a non-traditional panel lamp such as, but not limited to, an energy-saving led panel lamp. The g24 plug adaptor comprises a g24 plug base comprising a plurality of contact pins, an electrical connector adapted to couple to the non-traditional lamp, and an electrical supply line connecting the g24 plug base to the electrical connector. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180032883

Socioeconomic group classification based on user features

An online system uses classifiers to predict the socioeconomic group of users of the online system. The classifiers use models that are trained using features based on global information about a population of users such as demographic information, device ownership, internet usage, household data, and socioeconomic status. ... Conair Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031217

Power contact assembly for a track lighting system

A power contact assembly for use with a system comprising track-mounted luminaires and track is disclosed. In some embodiments, electrical power for illumination is accessed by a luminaire through a power contact assembly in contact with an electrified railing recessed within a relatively narrow slot of the track. ... Conair Corporation

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