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Method and apparatus for noise cancellation in a wireless mobile device using an external headset

A method, system, and apparatus for noise cancelation is disclosed herein, which may be used in a wireless unit (wu) and a headset wirelessly connected to the wu. The wu may include a processor, a memory, a user interface, internal microphones and internal speakers. ... Converse Inc

Bias minimization for successive image reconstruction based on embedded codec circuitry

An embedded decoder circuitry for bias minimization in successively reconstructed images from a decoded image obtained from an encoded input image, includes an on-chip memory and a bias control circuit communicatively coupled to the on-chip memory. The on-chip memory stores transform-domain compressed data that includes a plurality of transform blocks of an input image. ... Converse Inc

Image processing device, image processing method, and recording medium storing image processing program

An image processing device includes circuitry. The circuitry reads yuv image data for each block of a predetermined size; performs discrete wavelet transform on a y value of a pixel included in a block to obtain a first transformed y value; multiplies the first transformed y value by a coefficient used for inversely transforming the first transformed y value, to calculate a second transformed y value; and quantizes a u value and a v value included in the block and the second transformed y value to generate fixed length encoded data.. ... Converse Inc

Cyber-attack detection and neutralization

The example embodiments are directed to a system and method for neutralizing abnormal signals in a cyber-physical system. In one example, the method includes receiving input signals comprising time series data associated with an asset and transforming the input signals into feature values in a feature space, detecting one or more abnormal feature values in the feature space based on a predetermined normalcy boundary associated with the asset, and determining an estimated true value for each abnormal feature value, and performing an inverse transform of each estimated true value to generate neutralized signals comprising time series data and outputting the neutralized signals.. ... Converse Inc

Wireless communication system

Provided is a wireless communication system which enables wireless communication in which crosstalk due to multiple access is canceled while using a large number of inexpensive wireless terminals. In order to generate an interference component, an analysis data sequence is generated by applying a hilbert transform, by a hilbert transform, to a subcarrier data sequence obtained by extracting a target subcarrier wave component from a finite length data sequence, while a carrier phase difference Ψ is estimated by using the regression analysis by a carrier wave phase estimation unit. ... Converse Inc

Spur cancelation using inverse spur injection

A spur cancelation system includes error circuitry, inverse spur circuitry, and injection circuitry. The error circuitry is configured to generate an error signal based at least on a first transceiver signal in a transceiver signal processing chain. ... Converse Inc

Acoustic wave module

A communication module includes a serial resonator of a transmission filter and an auxiliary resonator of a reception filter. Each of the serial resonator and the auxiliary resonator includes a piezoelectric substrate and a positive-side comb-shaped electrode and negative-side comb-shaped electrode meshing with each other. ... Converse Inc

Automated real time interpreter service

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods that aid users with hearing and/or speech impediments to have a conversation with a remote phone number without human assistance. In one aspect, an application residing on a user's device, such as a smartphone, tablet computer, laptop, etc., may be used to initiate a phone call to a recipient. ... Converse Inc

Focus stacking of captured images

A digital image processing, in particular to the method of producing the output image with extended depth of field from a group of source images of the same scene, captured with a shift of depth of field. The method of producing the output image with extended depth of field form a group of at least two source images of substantially the same scene captured with a shift of depth of field, comprises determining focus measures of source image pixels; generation of a depth map with elements comprising source image indices; smoothing of the depth map in a way that the degree of smoothing of source image indices it contains is inversely proportional to the corresponding focus measure values; producing an output image using the smoothed depth map. ... Converse Inc

Method and system for marking content on the surface of an object using laser

Disclosed subject matter relates to image processing that includes a method for marking content on a surface of an object using laser. A transformation identification computing device receives an input image of the object and extracts data corresponding to region of interest in the input image. ... Converse Inc

Method and apparatus for inverse tone mapping

A method for inverse tone mapping is provided. The method comprising obtaining a digital image in a color space wherein the luminance is separate from the chrominance, determining a base luminance of pixels in the digital image, determining a detail enhancement map, determining a pixel expansion exponent map, determining an edge map of the image, inverse tone mapping luminance of image based on edge map, pixel expansion map and base luminance, and providing an expanded dynamic range image based on the inverse tone mapped luminance.. ... Converse Inc

Method for determining a distance between a vehicle and an identifier

The invention concerns a method (meth) for measuring a distance (r) separating a vehicle (v) and an identifier (i) for accessing and starting the vehicle (v), the vehicle (v) and the identifier (i) being synchronised, the method (meth) comprising: transmission (em_tsvp), from the vehicle (v) to the identifier (i), of a first stream (tsvp) of n first sinusoidal signals (svp) of identical amplitudes and of regularly spaced pe[1;n] respective frequencies fp—measurement (mes_dat) of phases (p) and amplitudes (ap), by the identifier (i), of signals of a first received image stream (tsvp′) corresponding to the first stream (tsvp) altered by the transmission—transmission (tr_dat) of the measured phases (p) and amplitudes (ap), from the identifier (i) to the vehicle (v)—transmission (em_tsip), from the identifier (i) to the vehicle (v), of a second stream (tsip) identical to the first stream (tsvp)—construction (cons_sp) of a frequency spectrum (sp) of the first image stream (tsvp′) and of a second image stream (tsip′) corresponding to the second stream (ts) altered by the transmission—an inverse fourier transform (tfi_sp), making it possible to obtain a time signature (sg)—determination (det_td) of an intermediate time (td) associated with a maximum of the time signature (sg)—calculation (cal_r) of the distance (r) from the intermediate time (td).. . ... Converse Inc

Increasing the usable dynamic range in photometry

An optical device for determining the presence and/or concentration of analytes in a sample is presented. The optical device comprises a detector and a detection unit comprising optical path components. ... Converse Inc

Powered roll-in cots having wheel alignment mechanisms

Roll-in cots having wheel alignment mechanisms. According to one embodiment, a roll-in cot includes a support frame, a pair of legs pivotably and slidably coupled to the support frame, and a pair of hinge members that are pivotably coupled to the support frame and to one of the legs. ... Converse Inc

09/06/18 / #20180249678

Inverse animal feeder

An inverse animal feeder comprises a feeding device, a power controlling device and a tray. The feeding device comprises a cover plate and a feeding opening inside the cover plate. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180242269

System and method for iq mismatch calibration and compensation

A method for providing iq mismatch (iqmm) compensation includes: sending a single tone signal at an original frequency; determining a first response of an impaired signal at the original frequency and a second response of the impaired signal at a corresponding image frequency; determining an estimate of a frequency response of the compensation filter at the original frequency based on the first response and the second response; repeating the steps of sending the single tone signal, determining the first response and the second response, and determining the estimate of the frequency response of the compensation filter by sweeping the single tone signal at a plurality of steps to determine a snapshot of the frequency response of the compensation filter; converting the frequency response of the compensation filter to a plurality of time-domain filter taps of the compensation filter by performing a pseudo-inverse of a time-to-frequency conversion matrix; and determining a time delay that provides a minimal lse for the corresponding time domain taps.. . ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180242112

Velocity-weighted analysis of user equipment location data

Velocity-weighted analysis of ue location data is disclosed. Ue velocity can be determined from the change in position and time. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180242019

Image decoding apparatus, image encoding apparatus, and method and program for image decoding and encoding

An encoded bit stream is processed by a lossless decoding unit, an inverse quantization unit, and an inverse orthogonal transform unit in this order, to obtain orthogonally transformed coefficient data and encoding parameter information. The inverse orthogonal transform unit performs an inverse orthogonal transform on the coefficient data by using bases that are set beforehand in accordance with the locations of transform blocks in a macroblock indicated by the encoding parameter information. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180241590

Method and apparatus for equalizing signals

Pa a system and apparatus are disclosed for a method and apparatus for equalizing signals. An apparatus that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an equalizer having a channel estimation calculator for calculating a time domain channel estimation from a baseband signal, a fast fourier transform processor for translating the time domain channel estimation to a frequency domain channel estimation, a tap weight calculator for calculating a frequency domain tap weight according to the frequency domain channel estimation, an inverse fast fourier transform processor for translating the frequency domain tap weight calculation to a time domain tap weight calculation, and a filter for equalizing the baseband signal according to the time domain tap weight calculation.. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180241417

Apparatus and method for creating an asymmetric checksum

A device for the computer-aided creation of an asymmetric checksum by a first communication partner, in which a processor calculates a mapped checksum by means of bijective mapping from a first checksum, wherein the first checksum from the set of all possible checksums is assigned by means of a first function to respectively one message from a set of all possible messages, the first checksum is prepared in particular by mapping the set of all possible checksums onto a first set by a second function. Information is distributed which defines an inverse function relative to the bijective mapping to at least one second communication partner, wherein the first checksum is calculated from the mapped checksum by means of the inverse function. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180240035

Modeling superconducting quantum circuit systems

In a general aspect, a superconducting quantum circuit system is modeled. In some aspects, a graph representing a quantum circuit system is generated. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180239724

Automated host selection

A method of configuring an electronic device capable of acting as a host or slave device to other electronic devices, and a corresponding electronic device are disclosed. The method includes determining a metric representative of the electronic device's readiness to assume the host mode among at least two electronic devices; initiating a timer that times an amount of time inversely proportional to the device's readiness to assume the host mode among the at least two electronic devices; prior to expiry of the amount of time, determining if another of the electronic devices has assumed its host mode, and in response thereto assuming the slave mode; and upon expiry of the amount of time, assuming the host mode.. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180238880

Cd127 expression inversely correlates with foxp3 and suppressive function of cd4+ tregs

The invention provides methods of isolating cd127lo/− immunosuppressive regulatory t cells which can be greatly enriched for foxp3, methods of expanding the isolated cells, pharmaceutical compositions of such cells, and methods of their use in the treatment of autoimmune and other immune system mediated disorders.. . ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180238696

Route generator, route generation method, and route generation program

A route generator includes: a conversion unit configured to generate virtual road information in which a shape of a road has been converted into a rectilinear shape on the basis of map information including information indicating the shape of the road; a traveling path generating unit configured to generate a traveling path of a host vehicle on the road having the rectilinear shape in the virtual road information generated by the conversion unit; and an inverse conversion unit configured to generate a traveling path of the host vehicle in the shape of the road which has not been converted into the rectilinear shape by the conversion unit by performing inverse conversion of the conversion performed by the conversion unit on the traveling path of the host vehicle generated on the road having the rectilinear shape by the traveling path generating unit.. . ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180238091

Hinge of the 3d adjustable hidden type

A hinge comprising a primary symmetricbody fixed to a frame, with a central coupling opening; a second symmetric body fixed to a door, with a coupling opening, united in between through an opening and closing mechanism, wherein a top arm, a lower arm, united in between through a central regulation screw, the top arm is articulated by a part to the second symmetric body and displacable through a channel located in the first symmetric body and the lower arm in an inverse way, with the particularity that both arms are shaped by arched pieces, being both arms articulated in between themselves in correspondence with a crossing-zone among themselves; a regulation of tm inclination of the door's top part's screw; a regulation of inclination of the door's lower part's screw; a door's height top part regulation screw, a door's height lower part regulation screw, a lateral regulation screw, top prisoner screw, lower prisoner screw and a displacement channel.. . ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180237957

Method for preparing inverse opal colloidal crystal fibers

The present invention discloses a method for preparing inverse opal photonic crystal fibers. In this method, by means of vertical deposition of colloidal spheres (micron scale or nanoscale), of polystyrene shell-core structured spheres and silica particles, the inverse opal colloidal crystal fiber stripes having a length of about 3.5 cm as well as an adjustable width and thickness is obtained. ... Converse Inc

08/23/18 / #20180237927

Method for producing three-dimensional ordered porous microstructures

The invention relates to methods for producing three-dimensional ordered porous microstructures. Particularly, the invention involves facilitating the self-assembling of particles, thereby forming a three-dimensional ordered microstructure composed of a close-packing of the particles. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180234680

Image processing device and image processing method

An image processing device including an acquiring section configured to acquire quantization matrix parameters from an encoded stream in which the quantization matrix parameters defining a quantization matrix are set within a parameter set which is different from a sequence parameter set and a picture parameter set, a setting section configured to set, based on the quantization matrix parameters acquired by the acquiring section, a quantization matrix which is used when inversely quantizing data decoded from the encoded stream, and an inverse quantization section configured to inversely quantize the data decoded from the encoded stream using the quantization matrix set by the setting section.. . ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180234233

Masking storage transfer to protect against attacks

A secure computing device, including: a processor configured to carry out a secure operation; a memory in communication with the processer configured to store secure data; and a memory controller configured control storage of data in the memory and reading data from the memory, wherein the secure data is split into shares before being stored in the memory and wherein the memory controller is configured to: apply a masking storage transform (mst) to one of the shares to produce a masked share before storing the shares in the memory, wherein the mst is a permutation without a fixed point; apply an inverse mst to the masked share when reading the shares from the memory; and combine the read shares to reconstruct the secure data.. . ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180234080

Self-matching phase shifter/attenuator

A self-matching phase shifter/attenuator including several incremental impedance matched phase shifter/attenuator elements is disclosed. Each incremental impedance matched phase shifter element comprises a reactive component (such as either a capacitor or inductor) that can be coupled in shunt to the signal path. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180233269

Impedance transformer

A transmission line impedance transformer including at least two different dielectric media having different dielectric properties, each of the dielectric media being configured to taper in thickness along the length of the impedance transformer in an inverse relationship with respect to each other so as to form a combined dielectric medium having an effective dielectric property that is graded along the transmission path. The two or more dielectric media may be disposed between two conductors to provide an impedance transformer in which a characteristic impedance of the transmission line varies along its length in response to the gradation of the effective dielectric property of the combined dielectric medium.. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180233157

Device and method for processing internal channel for low complexity format conversion

A method of processing an audio signal, according to an embodiment of the present invention for solving the technical problem, further includes: receiving a signal for one channel pair element (cpe) to which internal channel gains (icgs) have been pre-applied; when a reproduction channel configuration is not stereo, acquiring inverse icgs for the one cpe based on motion picture experts group surround 212 (mps212) parameters and on rendering parameters corresponding to mps212 output channels defined in a format converter; and generating output signals based on the received signal for the one cpe and the acquired inverse icgs.. . ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180232690

Dangerous goods shipping management systems

As deliveries of items containing dangerous goods are made from a vehicle/container, systems update stored information to reflect the reduced number of points of dangerous goods currently on the vehicle/container. Conversely, when the vehicle/container picks up dangerous goods, the systems update the information to reflect the increased number of points of dangerous goods currently on the vehicle/container. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180231650

Method and system for contextualized perception of physical bodies

A method for perceiving physical bodies comprises the following steps: a) acquisition of a plurality of distance measurements of the physical bodies arising from one or more sensors; b) acquisition or computation of a value of a priori probability of occupancy of the cells of an occupancy grid; and c) application of an inverse sensor model on the occupancy grid to determine a probability of occupancy of a set of cells of the grid; d) construction of a consolidated occupancy grid by fusing the occupancy probabilities estimated during step c); wherein each the inverse sensor model is a discrete model, associating with each cell of the corresponding occupancy grid, and for each distance measurement, a probability class chosen inside one and the same set of finite cardinality and identified by an integer index; and wherein step d) is implemented by means of integer computations performed on the indices of the probability classes determined during step c), and as a function of the value of a priori occupancy probability. A system for perceiving physical bodies, adapted to implement the method is provided.. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230282

Green chemistry method of synthesizing polymer structures that can function as a built-in antioxidant

A method of making a solid composition by reacting a tetrazine component and a polymer component through an inverse electron demand diels-alder reaction (iedda). The solid composition formed by the diels-alder reaction is in the form of either a foam or a powder depending on the functional groups of the tetrazine component. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230098

Compounds useful as ccr9 modulators

The present invention relates to compounds useful as ccr9 modulators, to compositions containing them, to methods of making them, and to methods of using them. In particular, the present invention relates to compounds capable of modulating the function of the ccr9 receptor by acting as partial agonists, antagonists or inverse agonists. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229369

Robot off-line programming method and apparatus using the same

A robot off-line programming method. The method includes: respectively obtaining a first data representing positions and orientations of the plurality of targets on at least one work piece, a second data representing position of the at least one work piece, a third data representing geometry of a tool, and a fourth data representing the tool position and orientation with respect to an end of the robot; obtaining the robot path for which the tool tip passes through the plurality of the targets on the at least one work piece; using a function of an inverse kinematics for the robot model in consideration of the first data, the second data, the third data and the fourth data, calculating how many of the targets on the obtained robot path are reachable to the tool in relation to various rotation angle of the tool around the tool axis within a predetermined range so as to comply with optimization criteria. ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229361

Material-handling robot trajectory control

A method including, based upon a desired path of a reference point from a start position to an end position, where the reference point is on an end effector on a robot arm, determine an included angle that corresponds to the start position and the end position, calculating a trajectory in radial coordinates of the reference point on the end effector at least partially based upon the included angles; calculating corresponding angular coordinates of the reference point on the end effector, based on the calculated radial coordinates, so that the reference point follows the desired path; using a modified formulation of inverse kinematics, converting the radial and angular coordinates supplemented with the included angles of the trajectory and corresponding angular velocity and acceleration of the end effector to form motion setpoints for the robot arm; and controlling the motors of the robot drive.. . ... Converse Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229122

Relative inverse kinematics graphical user interface tool

A method of relative inverse kinematics graphical user interface may include providing, a first view of a graphical user interface (gui) to be displayed, wherein the first view is associated with relative inverse kinematics (rik) of a game character of a video game and receiving a selection of a first gui element comprised by the first view of the gui, the selection indicating that a rik target is to be added to an animation associated with the game character of the video game. The method may further include, in response to the receiving the selection, providing a second view of the gui to be displayed, wherein the second view comprises an inverse kinematic (ik) joint option, a relative actor option, and a relative joint option, the options associated with the animation, receiving selections corresponding to the options, and configuring the animation according to the selections corresponding to the options.. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180227631

Methods and apparatus to correct misattributions of media impressions

Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to correct misattributions of media impressions are disclosed. An example method includes obtaining first demographic-based impressions via a beacon transmitted in response to access to content by a first set of panelists, obtaining, from a database proprietor, second demographic-based impressions of the content on a second set of persons, forming a pseudo-inverse matrix determined based in part on the first impressions, and having a truncated value and a damped value to form third demographic-based impressions of the content on the second set of persons based on the second impressions, and computing at least partially corrected demographic-based impressions values by multiplying a vector of database proprietor impression data by the pseudo-inverse matrix.. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180227157

Peak-to-average power reduction using guard tone filtering

The disclosure provides a circuit. The circuit includes an ifft (inverse fast fourier transform) block. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180227037

Method and network node for calculating transmitter precoding weights and receiver combining weights for a mimo antenna system

The present disclosure relates to a method and a network node for calculating transmitter precoding weights and receiver combining weights for a multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna system. Channel responses are estimated at the network node for user terminals accessing the network node on a carrier. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180226982

Broadband digital beam forming system including wavefront multiplexers and narrowband digital beam forming modules

A broadband linear processing system includes a pre-processing module and a set of m linear processors coupled to the pre-processing module, m being an integer greater than 1. The pre-processing module includes a wavefront multiplexer having m input ports and m output ports. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180225823

Adversarial and dual inverse deep learning networks for medical image analysis

Methods and apparatus for automated medical image analysis using deep learning networks are disclosed. In a method of automatically performing a medical image analysis task on a medical image of a patient, a medical image of a patient is received. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180225779

System and method for determining power production in an electrical power grid

Systems and methods of determining power production in an electrical power grid, with receiving of weather data for a geographical area, wherein the weather data includes values corresponding to prospective production of power from a renewable energy source, collecting power consumption data for consumers of an electrical power grid in the geographical area, identifying at least one consumer having an inverse relationship between the collected power consumption data and received weather data, assigning a power production value to the identified consumers, based on a comparison between the collected power consumption data and received weather data, determining total power production in the electrical power grid for all identified consumers, comparing power consumption data to the received weather data, and determining type of renewable energy source based on a correlation between power consumption and weather data for the same time period.. . ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180225496

Capacitive fingerprint sensor

On the basis of the physical principle that a capacitance value is inversely proportional to the distance between capacitive electrodes, the spatial structure of the surface of an object can be imaged by measuring a coupling capacitance between the surface of measured object and the electrode arrays on a surface of a sensor; for example, imaging may be performed to uneven spaces between ridge lines and valley lines of fingerprints. The present application provides a c-q-t type capacitive fingerprint sensor. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180224753

Methods and apparatus for predicting performance of a measurement method, measurement method and apparatus

Target structures such as overlay gratings (ta and tb) are formed on a substrate (w) by a lithographic process. The first target is illuminated with a spot of first radiation (456a, sa) and simultaneously the second target is illuminated with a spot of second radiation (456b, sb). ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180224483

Current detection device and correction factor calculation method

A current detection device includes plural bus bars, plural magnetic detection elements that are arranged respectively corresponding to the bus bars, a magnetic shield arranged to surround parts of the bus bars and the magnetic detection elements, a correction factor calculation unit that, on the basis of voltages output from the magnetic detection elements when any two or more of the bus bars are supplied with inversely phased currents, calculates correction factors for correcting mutual interference between the magnetic detection elements, a recording medium that holds the correction factors calculated by the correction factor calculation unit, and a current calculation unit that, using the correction factors held in the recording medium, calculates the currents flowing through the bus bars on the basis of the voltages output from the magnetic detection elements.. . ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180223787

Process for managing the re-start of an internal combustion engine in a start and stop system

A process for managing the re-start of an internal combustion engine in a start and stop system using an electric motor managed by an electric motor control unit (emu), a first step of direct evaluation of the rotation regime of the crankshaft being provided by an internal combustion engine control unit (ecu) through a sensor put on the crankshaft: if the rotation regime is above a threshold corresponding to the sensor accuracy loss, in case of re-opening of the throttle valve said control unit of the combustion engine (ecu) continues to provide fuel and ignition; otherwise a crankshaft positioning step is provided by the electric motor control unit (emu) comprising: a forward crankshaft rotation by a predetermined forward rotation angle; a detection of a possible piston stall state followed, in negative case, by an additional forward crankshaft rotation until reaching a maximum predetermined forward rotation angle; an inverse crankshaft rotation by a predetermined angle; and a detection of a possible piston stall state followed, in negative case, by an additional inverse crankshaft rotation until reaching a maximum predetermined inverse rotation angle.. . ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180223420

Frictionless forged aluminum alloy sputtering target with improved properties

A sputtering target comprising a forged aluminum material having an average grain size between about 15 and 55 microns. The aluminum material has at least one of the following: a homogeneous texture with minimal texture banding as measured by banding factor b below about 0.01; a texture gradient h of less than 0.2; or either weak (200) texture or near random texture characterized by maximum intensity of inverse pole figure less than 3 times random in multiple directions.. ... Converse Inc

08/09/18 / #20180223307

Copy number variant leading to virus resistance

The present invention relates to a genetic determinant which may comprise at least two copies of a combination of two closely linked rdr1 genes, which two closely linked rdr1 genes are inversely oriented, and which genetic determinant leads to virus resistance when present in a plant. In one embodiment, of the rdr1 genes in the combination is represented by seq id no. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220518

Metrology methods, radiation source, metrology apparatus and device manufacturing method

A target structure (t) made by lithography or used in lithography is inspected by irradiating the structure at least a first time with euv radiation (304) generated by inverse compton scattering. Radiation (308) scattered by the target structure in reflection or transmission is detected (312) and properties of the target structure are calculated by a processor (340) based on the detected scattered radiation. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220248

Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing a higher order ambisonics signal representation

A method and apparatus for decompressing a higher order ambisonics (hoa) signal representation is disclosed. The apparatus includes an input interface that receives an encoded directional signal and an encoded ambient signal and an audio decoder that perceptually decodes the encoded directional signal and encoded ambient signal to produce a decoded directional signal and a decoded ambient signal, respectively. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220180

Incentivizing insertion forecast validation in intelligent insertion of secondary content in live streaming

A non-climactic period is forecasted during a live streaming of a main content, where a likelihood of an occurrence of any climactic event in the non-climactic period is below a threshold likelihood, and where a second content is inserted during the non-climactic period. A validation is requested from a first user of the live streaming, of the forecasted non-climactic period and a first response to the request is received from the first user. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220159

Encoding device, decoding device, and encoding method and decoding method thereof

An encoding apparatus encoding a bitstream including an image frame is disclosed. The encoding apparatus comprises a selection unit for selecting a plurality of pixels including non-zero transform coefficients in a transform coefficient block constituting an image frame, an inverse transform unit for generating a plurality of groups of code candidates including combinations of codes assignable to the non-zero transform coefficients of the selected plurality of pixels and generating candidate reconstruction blocks by performing an inverse transform on each of the transform coefficient blocks in which the sign is assigned to the non-zero transform coefficients according to the generated plurality of groups of code candidates, a cost calculation unit for calculating a cost on the basis of a pixel value difference between pixel values of a plurality of pixels selected from among the generated candidate reconstruction blocks and pixel values of other pixels adjacent to the selected plurality of pixels and an encoding unit for assigning different predetermined codewords to a plurality of groups of code candidates on the basis of the calculated cost and encoding one codeword of the codewords into encoding information of non-zero transform coefficients of the selected plurality of pixels.. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220158

Method and device for processing video signal using graph-based transform

A method for decoding a video signal using a graph-based transform, the method being characterized by including the steps of: parsing a transform index from the video signal; obtaining context information for a target unit, where the context information includes a prediction mode for a current block or peripheral blocks; obtaining an inverse-transform kernel on the basis of at least one of the transform index and the context information; and performing an inverse transform for the current block using the inverse transform kernel.. . ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180220128

Entropy coding transform partitioning information

Entropy coding of transform partitioning information may include decoding a current block by determining a probability for entropy decoding a transform partitioning flag based on a transform block size of an adjacent block that is available for decoding, entropy decoding the transform partitioning flag for the current block using the probability, generating a reconstructed block based on the current block by, on a condition that the transform partitioning flag indicates that transform partitioning is omitted for the current block, inverse transforming the current block using a current block size inverse transform, and, on a condition that the transform partitioning flag indicates transform partitioning for the current block, identifying sub-blocks from the current block, wherein each sub-block from the sub-blocks has a sub-block size smaller than the current block size, inverse transforming the sub-blocks using sub-block size inverse transforms, and generating the reconstructed block based on the residual block.. . ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180219709

Apparatuses for dmrs design or processing for guard interval or zero tail dft spread ofdm systems

Disclosed are apparatuses for communication devices. An apparatus for a communication device includes control circuitry configured to determine a discrete fourier transform (dft) of a constant amplitude zero autocorrelation waveform (cazac) sequence appended with zeros in the time domain to generate a frequency domain interpolated cazac sequence. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180218741

Method and apparatus for generating from an hoa signal representation a mezzanine hoa signal representation

From an hoa signal representation (c(t)) of a sound field having an order of n and a number 0=(n+1)2 of coefficient sequences a mezzanine hoa signal representation (wmezz(t)) is generated that consists of an arbitrary number i<0 of virtual loudspeaker signals wmezz1(t), wmezz,2(t), . . ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180217164

Method for monitoring post-translational modification of protein

According to a method for monitoring post-translational modifications of protein is provided, a first microbead by binding a protein antibody to a base bead is provided. A second microbead by binding a target protein having a first post-translational modification or a second post-translational modification, which are inversely proportional to each other, to the protein antibody of the first microbead, is provided. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180216970

Active mirroring capacitance monitoring system for furniture

A system, method, and apparatus for active-mirroring, capacitive monitoring of furniture are provided. More particularly, the invention relates to an active mirroring system for a furniture item that monitors a first sensor type over a first frequency, while applying an inverse first frequency to at least one other sensor type coupled to the same furniture item. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180216563

Method to determine reference airflow actuator positions for a gasoline engine

A method to determine reference actuator positions for a gasoline engine, includes entering a base torque request, a known spark advance, a known cam position and a known exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve position into an inverse torque model to generate a first iteration desired air per cylinder (apc) value. The first iteration desired apc value is passed through a deadband filter to produce a filtered first iteration desired apc signal. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180215852

Inverse ugelstad particles

This invention relates to monodisperse cross-linked hydrogel polymer particles comprising a polymer formed from (a) a hydrophilic vinylic monomer; and (b) a crosslinker comprising at least two vinyl groups. The invention also relates to monodisperse seed particles with a z-average diameter of from 100 nm to 1500 nm that comprise a plurality of non-crosslinked oligomers of poly n,n-dimethylacrylamide. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180214771

Haptic braille output for a game controller

A game controller with haptic braille chording capability. While a conventional game controller are geared to sighted players, the disclosed controller configurations include various adaptations that provide alternative input and outputs to facilitate game play by sight-impaired or blind users, as well as other users knowledgeable of braille. ... Converse Inc

08/02/18 / #20180213867

Inverse water resistant garment

This is a new take on water resistant materials and garment assembly. This invention will prevent liquid from permeating from the inside to the outside of a garment. ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180213233

Method and device for processing video signal by using separable graph-based transform

. . The present invention provides a method for decoding a video signal by using a graph-based transform, comprising the steps of: parsing a transform index from the video signal; generating a line graph on the basis of edge information on a target unit; aligning transform vectors for each of segments of the line graph on the basis of a transform type corresponding to the transform index; acquiring a transform kernel by realigning the transform vectors for each of segments of the line graph according to a predetermined condition; and performing an inverse transform for the target unit on the basis of the transform kernel.. . ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180212750

Homomorphic encryption

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices storing instructions for homomorphic encryption via finite ring isomorphisms are provided. An example method includes selecting a polynomial f(x) of exact degree n with small coefficients in a ring fq[x] and selecting a polynomial h(y) of exact degree n in a ring fq[y]. ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180211360

Registration of histopathology images

An image processing component (ipc) and related method for image registration of at least two sets of image objects. The image objects may be previously derived from a segmentation of imagery of biological material. ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180211070

Embedding data on objects using surface modulation

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for embedding static information (such as serial numbers, etc.) on objects by modifying their exterior shape slightly, dubbed surface modulation. Data is embedded when the object is created and can then be read using readers with the appropriate resolution. ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180210055

System and method for magnetic resonance imaging

The disclosure relates to a system and method for correcting inhomogeneity in an mri image. The method may include the steps of: acquiring a first set of k-space data, acquiring a second set of k-space data, generating the convolution kernel of the first set of k-space data based on the first set of k-space data and the second set of k-space data, performing inverse fourier transform on the convolution kernel of the first set of k-space data to obtain an inversely transformed convolution kernel of the first set of k-space data, and generating a corrector based on the inversely transformed convolution kernel of the first set of k-space data. ... Converse Inc

07/26/18 / #20180207768

Work polishing method and work polishing apparatus

The polishing apparatus comprises: a dressing section for dressing a polishing pad; a measuring section for measuring a surface property of the polishing pad; a polishing result measuring section for measuring a polishing result of a work; a storing section for storing correlation data between dressing condition data for dressing the polishing pad, surface property of the polishing pad and polishing results, which are learned by an artificial intelligence; and an input section for inputting an object polishing result. The artificial intelligence performs a first arithmetic process, in which the surface property of the polishing pad corresponding to the object polishing result is inversely estimated on the basis of the correlation data, and a second arithmetic process, in which the corresponding dressing condition is derived on the basis of the surface property of the polishing pad inversely estimated.. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180206058

Out-of-head localization processing apparatus and out-of-head localization processing method

An out-of-head localization processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes headphones, left and right microphones, a measurement unit configured to measure left and right headphone transfer characteristics, respectively, an inverse-filter calculation unit configured to calculate inverse filters of the headphone transfer characteristics, a correction unit configured to calculate correction filters by correcting the inverse filters, and an input unit configured to receive a user input. The correction unit corrects the inverse filters by using a predefined correction function in a first frequency band. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180206005

Method, system, and website server for playing website video

The present disclosure discloses a method, a system, and a website server for playing a website video. The method includes: receiving a video playback request that includes a client identification and a video identification, and querying a playback record corresponding to the client identification; accumulating video playback times in the playback record to obtain current video playback times; determining advertisement information duration corresponding to the current video playback times, where the playback times are inversely proportional to the advertisement information duration; and extracting, from an advertisement information library according to the determined advertisement information duration, advertisement information that meets the duration, acquiring video data corresponding to the video identification, inserting the extracted advertisement information ahead of the video data, and transmitting the extracted advertisement information and the video data to a client for playing. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205957

Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding-decoding apparatus

An image coding method includes: generating a predicted block; calculating a residual block; calculating quantized coefficients by performing transform and quantization on the residual block; calculating a coded residual block by performing inverse quantization and inverse transform on the quantized coefficients; generating a temporary coded block; determining whether or not an offset process is required, to generate first flag information indicating a result of the determination; executing the offset process on the temporary coded block when it is determined that the offset process is required; and performing variable-length coding on the quantized coefficients and the first flag information.. . ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205894

High dynamic range radiometric thermal video over low bitrate interface

Various embodiments of the present disclosure may include an imaging system that allows for the transfer of high dynamic range (hdr) radiometric thermal images over a low bitrate interface. The image system may capture hdr images and output the hdr images over a communications interface to be processed. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205490

Systems and methods for multi-carrier signal echo management using pseudo-extensions

A receiver is configured to capture a plurality of linearly distorted ofdm symbols transmitted over a signal path. The receiver forms the captured ofdm symbols into an overlapped compound data block that includes payload data and at least one pseudo-extension, processes the overlapped compound block with circular convolution in the time domain using an inverse channel response, or frequency domain equalization, to produce an equalized compound block, and discards end portions of the equalized block to produce a narrow equalized block. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205481

Orthogonal time frequency space modulation over a plurality of narrow band subcarriers

An orthogonal time frequency space modulation (otfs) modulation scheme that maps data symbols, along with optional pilot symbols, using a symplectic-like transformation such as a 2d fourier transform and optional scrambling operation, into a complex wave aggregate and be backward compatible with legacy ofdm systems, is described. This wave aggregate may be processed for transmission by selecting portions of the aggregate according to various time and frequency intervals. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205425

Multi-user mimo-ofdm system

The present invention discloses various improvements to multi-user multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (mu-mimo-ofdm) wireless communication systems. In one aspect there is disclosed an efficient and accurate channel estimation method and system using locally consecutive pilot sub-carriers. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180205398

Bm-based fast chase decoding of binary bch codes through degenerate list decoding

An application specific integrated circuit (asic) tangibly encodes a method for fast polynomial updates in fast chase decoding of binary bose-chaudhuri-hocquenghem (bch) codes. The method includes the steps of using outputs of a syndrome-based hard-decision (hd) algorithm to find a groebner basis for a solution module of a modified key equation, upon failure of hd decoding of a bch codeword received by the asic from a communication channel; evaluating polynomials obtained from said groebner basis at inverses of specified weak-bit locations; and transforming a groebner basis for a set of flipped weak-bit locations (α1, . ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180203147

3d tau-p coherency filtering

Systems and methods of performing a seismic survey are described. The system can receive seismic data in a first domain, and transform the seismic data into a tau-p domain. ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180203059

Sensor with self diagnostic function

A sensor system for providing a main signal and an error signal, comprising: a sensor unit providing a sensor signal; a first signal processor downstream of the sensor unit, adapted for receiving a second signal equal to or derived from a sensor signal, and for performing a first operations on the second signal so as to provide a first processed signal; a second signal processor for receiving the first processed signal and for performing second operations inverse of the first operations, so as to provide a second processed signal; and an evaluation unit for receiving the second signal and the second processed signal, and for evaluating whether the second signal matches the second processed signal within a predefined tolerance margin, and for providing the error signal.. . ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180202595

Device comprising a liquid lipstick composition in the form of an inverse emulsion, and a porous application member

C) at least 10% by weight of water relative to the total weight of the composition;. . ... Converse Inc

07/19/18 / #20180201695

Continuous adiabatic inverse emulsion polymerization process

The present invention provides methods and systems for continuous polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers in a water-in-oil inverse emulsion under adiabatic conditions without the need for external cooling during the polymerization. The method comprises neutralizing a monomer composition comprising at least one acidic vinyl monomer with a base in an aqueous medium comprising water and water ice to form an aqueous monomer solution therefrom; homogenizing and degassing to form an inverse monomer emulsion; initiating polymerization; passing the inverse emulsion through a tube reactor without cooling, and flash evaporating a portion of the water from inverse emulsion to cool and concentrate the resulting polymer-containing inverse emulsion. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180199072

Multi-type-tree framework for video coding

A method of decoding video comprising: receiving an encoded block of video data, determining a transform for the encoded block of video data, wherein the transform has a size s that is not a power of two, rounding s to a power of two creating a transform with a modified size s′, applying an inverse transform with the modified size s′ to the encoded block of video data to create residual video data, and decoding the residual video data to create decoded block of video data.. . ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180199048

Binary arithmetic coding with small tables or short-operand multiplications for video coding

A method of decoding video data including receiving video data including coded representations of syntax elements performing inverse binary arithmetic coding on the coded representations of the syntax elements to obtain bins of the syntax elements, inverse binarizing the bins of the syntax elements to obtain the syntax elements, and decoding the video data based on the syntax elements. Performing the inverse binary arithmetic coding includes determining a probability for a particular coded representation of the coded representations, normalizing the probability for the particular coded representation using right bit shifts to create a normalized probability, determining a product of the normalized probability and a range for the particular coded representation, and updating a range of a least probable symbol for the particular coded representation using the determined product.. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180199032

Method and apparatus for determining prediction of current block of enhancement layer

A method comprises, building (s715) a first intermediate patch of a low dynamic range; building (s725) a second intermediate patch of a high dynamic range; building (s735) a patch by applying a transfer function to a transformed initial patch of the base layer in a transform domain and then applying an inverse transform to the resulting patch so as to return in a pixel domain; predicting (s740) a prediction of the current block of the enhancement layer by extracting a block from the patch; and encoding a residual error between the current block of the enhancement layer and the prediction of the current block of the enhancement layer.. . ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180198611

Method for encrypting or decrypting a n-tuple of data with a n-tuple of predetermined secret keys

Defined as the combination of a second single bijective internal encoding (glj), a linear multiplexing function (l), and the inverses of said first bijective internal encodings (gij).. . ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180198386

Control device of ac motor

Provided is a control device of an ac motor, including: an inverter including a switching element; switching control means for controlling the switching element; and phase detection means for detecting a rotor phase of an ac motor, wherein the switching control means controls the switching element so that a voltage waveform of the inverter has half-wave symmetry in an interval of a width centering on a fundamental voltage phase of 180 deg±180 deg, the switching control means controls the switching element so that a harmonic voltage phase of the inverter becomes variable on the basis of a fundamental voltage-rotor phase difference which is a difference between a fundamental voltage phase and the rotor phase of the ac motor, and the switching control means controls the switching element so that a harmonic voltage amplitude of each order of the inverter is inversely proportional to the order.. . ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180197569

Hysteresis compensation in a disc drive

Systems and methods for compensating for hysteresis in a disc drive are described. In one embodiment, a method may use an inverse hysteresis model to linearize effects of hysteresis of a microactuator in the disc drive. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180197562

Companding system and method to reduce quantization noise using advanced spectral extension

Embodiments are directed to a companding method and system for reducing coding noise in an audio codec. A compression process reduces an original dynamic range of an initial audio signal through a compression process that divides the initial audio signal into a plurality of segments using a defined window shape, calculates a wideband gain in the frequency domain using a non-energy based average of frequency domain samples of the initial audio signal, and applies individual gain values to amplify segments of relatively low intensity and attenuate segments of relatively high intensity. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180197561

Companding system and method to reduce quantization noise using advanced spectral extension

Embodiments are directed to a companding method and system for reducing coding noise in an audio codec. A compression process reduces an original dynamic range of an initial audio signal through a compression process that divides the initial audio signal into a plurality of segments using a defined window shape, calculates a wideband gain in the frequency domain using a non-energy based average of frequency domain samples of the initial audio signal, and applies individual gain values to amplify segments of relatively low intensity and attenuate segments of relatively high intensity. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180197551

Spatial audio warp compensator

Methods and devices for correcting warping in spatial audio may include identifying a geometric transform that defines a geometric warping between a first spatial geometric model that represents how sound is produced in a first volumetric space and a second spatial geometric model that represents how sound is produced in a second volumetric space different from the first volumetric space. The methods and devices may include determining an inverse of the geometric transform that compensates for the geometric transform. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180197314

Hierarchical tomographic reconstruction

The present disclosure relates to the use of a hierarchical tomographic reconstruction approach that employs data representations in intermediate steps are between a full line integral and a voxel (e.g., an intermediate line integral). Each of the steps is progressively more local in nature and therefore has computational advantages and is also amenable to a deep learning solution using trained neural networks. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180196450

Thermostatic cartridge for controlling hot and cold fluids to be mixed

A cartridge has first and second separate base portions axially vertically adjacent in a stationary manner relative to one another. The first and second base portions have first and second opposing axial surfaces, such that the second surface of the first base portion and the first surface of the second base portion are applied axially against one another and include respective portions in axial contact with one another, which form a sealed joining interface between the first and second base portions. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180196449

Valve control device

A valve control device configured such that a pressure measurement value of a chamber, a target pressure value of the chamber, and an opening degree measurement value of the vacuum valve are input to the valve control device and configured to control an opening degree of the vacuum valve based on a deviation between the pressure measurement value and the target pressure value, comprises: a storage storing a correlation between the opening degree of the vacuum valve and a conductance of a system including the vacuum valve; and a correction gain setting section obtaining, based on the correlation, a change rate of the conductance in association with an opening degree change at the input opening degree measurement value, thereby setting an inverse of the change rate as a correction gain. The opening degree of the vacuum valve is controlled based on the deviation and the correction gain.. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180196363

Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method

A lithographic apparatus is described, the apparatus comprising: an illumination system configured to condition a radiation beam; a support constructed to support a patterning device, the patterning device being capable of imparting the radiation beam with a pattern in its cross-section to form a patterned radiation beam; a substrate table constructed to hold a substrate; and a projection system configured to project the patterned radiation beam onto a target portion of the substrate, wherein the apparatus further comprises an alignment system configured to perform, for one or more alignment marks that are present on the substrate: —a plurality of alignment mark position measurements for the alignment mark by applying a respective plurality of different alignment measurement parameters, thereby obtaining a plurality of measured alignment mark positions for the alignment mark; the apparatus further comprising a processing unit, the processing unit being configured to: —determine, for each of the plurality of alignment mark position measurements, a positional deviation as a difference between an expected alignment mark position and a measured alignment mark position, the measured alignment mark position being determined based on the respective alignment mark position measurement; —define a set of functions as possible causes for the positional deviations, the set of functions including a substrate deformation function representing a deformation of the substrate, and at least one mark deformation function representing a deformation of the one or more alignment marks; —generating a matrix equation pd=m*f whereby a vector pd comprising the positional deviations is set equal to a weighted combination, represented by a weight coefficient matrix m, of a vector f comprising the substrate deformation function and the at least one mark deformation function, whereby weight coefficients associated with the at least one mark deformation function vary depending on applied alignment measurement; —determining a value for the weight coefficients of the matrix m; —determining an inverse or pseudo-inverse matrix of the matrix m, thereby obtaining a value for the substrate deformation function as a weighted combination of the positional deviations. —applying the value of the substrate deformation function to perform an alignment of the target portion with the patterned radiation beam.. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180196132

Buoy-type high frequency ground-wave radar system

A buoy-type high-frequency ground wave radar system. A buoy platform is used as an offshore carrier of a ground wave radar. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180193907

Method for a pouring control and a storage medium for storing programs for causing a computer to work as a pouring control means

[problem to be solved] a pouring control method for controlling an automatic pouring device with a tilting-type ladle is provided. By the method, a lip of a pouring ladle approaches a sprue of a mold without striking any object located within the range of its movement. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180193118

High translucent colored dental zirconia blank

A dental block for producing a dental prosthesis comprises a green body including zirconia and having a chemical composition including containing between 6.0 wt % or 7.5 wt % to 20 wt % of yttria (y2o3). The green body has multiple different layers having a different chemical composition between adjacent layers. ... Converse Inc

07/12/18 / #20180192968

X-ray device for inverse computer tomography

An x-ray device for an inverse computer tomography configuration, includes a plurality of x-ray emitters and a detector arranged opposite the x-ray emitters. The x-rays emitted by the x-ray emitters can be detected by the detector after at least partly passing through an examination region located in the intermediate region between the x-ray emitters and the detector. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180192127

System and method for digital television operation and control - conversense

A digital television including: a display; a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and the display, the processor configured to: track operation of the television by: identifying content and applications accessed using the television and a time of access that content is accessed for a user profile; store information corresponding to the identified content and time in connection with the user profile; receive a wake-up command; identify the user profile; analyze the stored information to identify recommended content sources of the television; display a collection of selectable elements corresponding to at least one of content and content source based on the recommended content sources, the selectable elements being presented within a control interface during initial operation of the display device; receive an indication of a selection of a selectable element from the collection of selectable elements; and control operation corresponding to the selected selectable element.. . ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180192065

Moving picture coding apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus

A video encoder (70) for coding moving pictures comprising a buffer (16c) with a plurality of memory areas capable of storing frames composed of top fields and bottom fields, a motion estimation unit (19) operable to code, field by field, inputted pictures performing moving estimation and moving compensation by referring, field by field, to the picture data stored in a memory area, a motion compensation unit (16d), a subtractor (11), a transformation unit (13) and a quantization unit (14), a memory management unit (71) operable to manage, frame by frame, a plurality of memory areas, an inverse quantization unit (16a) and inverse discrete cosine transform unit (16b) operable to decode picture data in coded fields and store the picture data in the decoded field in any of the plurality of memory areas under the management by the memory management unit (71).. . ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180192056

Video decoder with reduced dynamic range transform with inverse transform shifting memory

A method for decoding video includes receiving quantized coefficients representative of a block of video representative of a plurality of pixels. The quantized coefficients are dequantized based upon a function of a remainder. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191531

A single carrier equalizer and a receiver system comprising the single carrier equalizer

The invention relates to the field of the equalizer, more specifically, to a single carrier equalizer and a receiver system comprises the single carrier equalizer. It is used to gradually improve the performance of the frequency domain equalizer by the way of iterations. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191244

Driving circuit of a power circuit and a regulator

A regulator converting an input voltage into a supply voltage includes a first differential amplifier, a second differential amplifier, a pass element, and a feedback voltage divider. The first differential amplifier includes a reference voltage with a feedback voltage to generate a first output voltage and a first inverse output voltage. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191111

Television commercial silencer electrical wall outlet receptacle tap

I rewired a standard one gang electrical outlet receptacle with an 110/120 volt three position toggle switch (on, off, on). The rewiring allowed for the top outlet to be hot when the toggle was up (on) and the bottom outlet would be off. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180190337

Ground reference scheme for a memory cell

Methods, systems, and devices for operating a ferroelectric memory cell or cells are described. A ground reference scheme may be employed in a digit line voltage sensing operation. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180190119

Detection of extra-platoon vehicle intermediate or adjacent to platoon member vehicles

A platoon management control system and method for local detection and determination of a non-platooning vehicle inserted or otherwise disposed between and/or adjacent to one or more platooning vehicle(s). A platooning vehicle determines a forward physical distance between itself and a vehicle physically ahead, and compares the determined physical distance with a value of a rearward distance to the platooning vehicle received from a next ahead platooning vehicle. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180190114

Traffic diversion signalling system and method

The present invention provides a traffic diversion system at a traffic intersection which comprises a traffic signal arrangement including a straight-through signal, a stop signal, a ‘c’ signal or an inverse ‘c’ signal. The traffic diversion system at a traffic intersection further provides a provision for two opposite lanes to open at a time and direct right turn is prohibited. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180189293

Content recommendation system

Disclosed are systems and methods for determining similarities in content preferences among a plurality of users and generating content recommendations based on a requesting user's content consumption history. A requesting user may access the recommendation system to request content items for consumption. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180189136

Method for performing data management in memory device, associated memory device and controller thereof

A method for performing data management in a memory device includes: receiving a set of data from a host device positioned outside the memory device; encoding the set of data according to a first sub-matrix of a predetermined parity-check matrix to generate a partial parity-check code; performing post-processing upon the partial parity-check code according to a predetermined post-processing matrix to generate a parity-check code of the set of data, where the predetermined post-processing matrix is not equivalent to any inverse matrix of a transpose matrix of a second sub-matrix of the predetermined parity-check matrix; and writing/programming a codeword of the set of data into a non-volatile memory of the memory device to allow the memory device to perform error correction when reading the set of data from the non-volatile memory. An associated memory device and a controller thereof are also provided.. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180188377

Method for optimally adjusting give error bounds or for optimally computing the variances of residuals of igp points of an ionospheric grid for correcting an sbas system and sbas system for implementing said method

A method for optimally fitting give ionospheric correction error bounds and/or a method for computing variances of residuals of igp points of an ionospheric grid for correcting an sbas system each comprise a step of inverse interpolation implemented on a set of observation pierce points ippi. In the method for optimally fitting the gives, the step of inverse interpolation scatters for each observation pierce point ippi concerned a variance increment Δuivei2 over the igp points of the mesh cell of the said ippi by using a least squares scheme. ... Converse Inc

07/05/18 / #20180187615

Variable geometry turbocharger feed forward control system and method

A variable geometry turbocharger control method and system for an engine air system with a variable geometry turbocharger having adjustable vanes. The method includes monitoring engine parameters; generating engine state estimates using an engine observer model; generating measured engine states based on the monitored engine parameters; computing observer error based on the differences between the measured and modeled engine states; generating model correction factors; and generating commands for adjusting the vane positions of the variable geometry turbocharger. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180184510

Optical waveguide forming method and apparatus

A steel sheet has a microstructure that contains ferrite in an area ratio of 20% or more, martensite in an area ratio of 5% or more, and tempered martensite in an area ratio of 5% or more. The ferrite has a mean grain size of 20.0 μm or less. . . An optical waveguide is formed using a gas-enclosed vessel that has an internal space in which a polyvalent ionizable gas is enclosed, a laser beam irradiation unit, and a discharge circuit that causes a pulse current to flow in the gas-enclosed vessel at an initial current value. The pulse current is increased from the initial current value to a subsequent current value greater than the initial current value, and a polyvalent ionization channel is formed in the internal space, while increasing the pulse current, by irradiating the internal space in the plasma state with a trigger laser beam generated by the pulse laser beam irradiation device. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180184131

Method for encoding/decoding image and device therefor

The present invention provides a method for encoding/decoding an image and a device therefor. Particularly, a method for encoding an image by an encoding device may comprise the steps of: dividing a quantized coefficient block into coefficient groups having a predetermined size; searching a first coefficient group which is a last coefficient group including a non-zero coefficient within the quantized coefficient block according to a predetermined inverse-scanning order; searching the first coefficient group for the last non-zero coefficient according to the inverse-scanning order; relocating the non-zero coefficient of the first coefficient group to a second coefficient group which is a preceding coefficient group of the last coefficient group according to the inverse-scanning order; and entropy-encoding by an encoder according to a predetermined scanning order.. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180183850

Real-time web communication transmission profile adaptation

Embodiments described herein relate to the adaptation of a real-time web communication transmission profile, particularly the adaptation of throughput such as the video throughput of the real-time web communication. A method is described for adapting a real-time web communication transmission profile, including changing a transmission profile parameter of a real-time web communication device on the basis of bandwidth-related data recovered during a real-time web communication time period. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180183648

Transmission device, reception device, and transmission method

According to one embodiment, a transmission device includes an insertion unit, an allocation unit, a division unit, an ifft unit, a phase rotation unit, and a transmission unit. The phase rotation unit performs a phase rotation to reduce a papr characteristic for each block on which inverse fast fourier transform has been performed. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180183427

Semiconductor device and overcurrent protection device

A semiconductor device includes a first main mos transistor and a second main mos transistor of a vertical structure that are inversely coupled to each other in series by sharing a drain electrode and a first sense mos transistor and a second sense mos transistor of a vertical structure that are inversely coupled to each other in series by sharing a drain electrode. The first sense mos transistor is used for detecting the main current of the first main mos transistor, and the second sense mos transistor is used for detecting the main current of the second main mos transistor.. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180183253

Switching-type charging circuit

Disclosed is a switching-type charging circuit including a first switch, a current detection unit, a switching circuit and a control circuit. The current detection unit is connected to the first switch and detects a current flowing through the first switch. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180182074

Low-illumination image processing method and device

A low-illumination image processing method and device address the problem of noise amplification in existing contrast enhancement techniques when applied to original low-illumination image. A noise suppression filter is additionally arranged before an operation of contrast enhancement, and smoothing processing is performed on an inverse color image of a low-illumination image by adopting a first filtering coefficient and a second filtering coefficient, so that image contrast is enhanced while random noise is suppressed. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180181988

Method and apparatus for pushing information

The present disclosure discloses a method and apparatus for pushing information. A specific embodiment of the searching method comprises: dividing words in a target text to generate a set of phrases; calculating a term frequency inverse document frequency for each of the phrases in the set in the target text; acquiring similarities between preset candidate keywords and the each of the phrases; calculating relevance of the candidate keywords to the target text, based on the term frequency inverse document frequency for the each of the phrases in the target text and the similarities between the candidate keywords and the each of the phrases; and selecting a to-be-pushed candidate keyword from the candidate keywords, and pushing the to-be-pushed candidate keyword to a first user terminal based on a preset relevance threshold, or based on the relevance and a preset pushing quantity.. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180179895

Combination of two interconnected shafts for high-speed rotors

A shaft joint has an inverse conical stopper. The joint is a combination of interconnected shafts, with one shaft being inserted into the other. ... Converse Inc

06/28/18 / #20180179433

Drilling fluid composition containing a diester-based oil phase

The present patent application discloses a low toxicity and high biodegradability drilling fluid composition in the form of an inverse emulsion containing an oil phase and an aqueous phase, wherein said oil phase comprises a mixture of at least two diesters obtained from the esterification of a carboxylic acid and an alcohol. The selected diesters are suitable for use in drilling of crude oil or natural gas deposits, exhibiting good stability in the formulations assessed under conditions of high pressure and high temperature and in the presence of divalent salt brines.. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180176562

Image encoding device, image decoding device, and program thereof

An image encoding device 1 of the present disclosure includes: a neighboring pixel non-reference predictor 11 for generating a predicted image by predetermined neighboring pixel non-reference prediction with respect to each pixel signal of an original image of a block unit; a filter processor 12 for performing a low-pass filter process to a prediction signal located at a boundary of a block of the predicted image by using the decoded neighboring signal neighboring to the block of the predicted image; a prediction residual signal generator 55 for generating a prediction residual signal of a block unit using an predicted image of a block unit; an orthogonal transformer 14 for dividing the prediction residual signal of the block unit into block shapes designated in advance. An image decoding device 5 of the present disclosure includes a neighboring pixel non-reference predictor 53, a filter processor 54, and an inverse orthogonal transformer 52, that are corresponding to the image encoding device 1.. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180176044

Computing transmit and receive filters for a network device

The embodiments herein use a factorization based technique for determining filter coefficients for a subset of the subcarriers in a wireless frequency band. Once the filter coefficients for the subset of the subcarriers are calculated, the network device uses these filter coefficients to identify the filter coefficients in a neighboring subcarrier. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180175950

Device and method for testing mimo scheme system

A window function arithmetic operation unit performs a convolution arithmetic operation of the frequency characteristics of a window function with the input of modulation signals which are output by a layer frequency domain signal generation unit. A beam forming equivalence arithmetic operation unit performs an arithmetic operation process equivalent to the beam forming process with the input of propagation channel characteristics of each path which are output by a fading setting unit, and a fourier transform unit performs fourier transform with the input of the arithmetic operation results. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180175855

Switch device and method

Devices and methods related to switches are discussed. An inverse current condition may be detected, and a voltage at a node associated with a switch driver may be driven to a predetermined voltage in case of detection of an inverse current condition.. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180174024

Solving matrix inverse problems using neuromorphic computing

A spiking neural network (snn) is defined that includes artificial neurons interconnected by artificial synapses, the snn defined to correspond to one or more numerical matrices in an equation such that weight values of the synapses correspond to values in the numerical matrices. An input vector is provided to the snn to correspond to a numerical vector in the equation. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172845

Sensors with virtual spatial sensitivity for monitoring a radiation generating device

Various embodiments are described herein for sensors that may be used to measure radiation from radiation generating device. The sensors may use a collector plate electrode with first and second collection regions having shapes that are inversely related with one another to provide ion chambers with varying sample volumes along a substantial portion of the first and second collection regions which provides virtual spatial sensitivity during use.. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172091

Clutch control method for vehicle

A clutch control method for a vehicle includes steps of: calculating, by a controller, an estimated clutch torque by substituting a plurality of parameters, and a sensed stroke of a clutch actuator into a predetermined characteristic function; updating, by the controller, the parameters as new values by a prediction error method using a torque error, which is a difference between a reference clutch torque and the estimated clutch torque; calculating a desired stroke by substituting a desired clutch torque and the updated parameters into a predetermined characteristic inverse function; and driving the clutch actuator based on the calculated desired stroke to control the clutch by the controller. The plurality parameters represent physical properties of a clutch, and the predetermined characteristic function represents characteristics of a clutch transmission torque to a clutch actuator stroke. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180170869

Benzenesulfonamide derivatives as inverse agonists of retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (ror gamma (t))

Benzenesulfonamide derivatives of formula (i), the pharmaceutically acceptable addition salts thereof, the hydrates and/or solvates thereof, and the use of same as inverse agonist of retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (rorγt) are described. A pharmaceutical composition including such compounds, as well as the use thereof for the topical and/or oral treatment of rorγt receptor-medicated inflammatory diseases, in particular acne, psoriasis and/or atopic dermatitis are also described.. ... Converse Inc

06/21/18 / #20180170641

Package integrity indicating closure

A resealable closure for a container or package in which package integrity is indicated by a structure which breaks and/or produces an audible sound when the resealable closure is opened for a first time. The package integrity feature, in one form includes at least one strip or frangible structure that is initially affixed to two portions which comprise the resealable closure so that upon opening the resealable closure for a first time, at least one of the strips breaks. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167720

High-fidelity electrodynamic line-source loudspeaker

A loudspeaker system including a pair of elongated arrays of electrodynamic drivers, each array being composed of a plurality of drivers of the same type and size. The drivers are driven by electrical signals from an audio signal converter that receives an electrical audio signal representative of sound waves to be reproduced by the loudspeaker system and converts the electrical audio signal to a modified electrical audio signal by applying an inverse of the composite electromechanical bandpass transfer function and an inverse of the composite acoustical impedance high-pass transfer function to the electrical audio signal. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167625

Image processing device and image processing method

Provided is an image processing device including a control section configured to set, based on a first quantization parameter offset set for a chroma component of a first layer, a second quantization parameter offset for a chroma component of a second layer decoded with reference to the first layer, and an inverse quantization section configured to inversely quantize transform coefficient data of the chroma component of the second layer using a quantization parameter computed using the second quantization parameter offset set by the control section.. . ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167328

Equation-based rate control using network delay for variable bitrate scenarios

Technologies are described for performing equation-based rate control using delay. For example, an observed network data rate and a network delay can be obtained for a network communication. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167237

Data detection in mimo systems with demodulation and tracking reference signals

What is disclosed is a method for wireless communication comprising receiving a wireless communication via a receiver of the mobile communication device, deriving a demodulation reference signal from a first plurality of symbols of the wireless communication; creating a channel estimation matrix using the demodulation reference signal; inverting the channel estimation matrix to obtain a channel pseudo-inverse matrix; deriving a tracking reference signal from a second plurality of symbols of the wireless communication; calculating a phase shift for one or more additional symbols based on the tracking reference signal; determining a corrected channel pseudo-inverse matrix for the one or more additional symbols by adjusting the channel pseudo-inverse matrix according to the calculated phase shift; and controlling the receiver to accomplish data detection using the corrected channel pseudo-inverse matrix on one or more orthogonal frequency division multiplexing subcarriers.. . ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167146

Temperature insensitive delay line interferometer

A silicon photonics based temperature-insensitive delay line interferometer (dli). The dli includes a first arm comprising a first length of a first material characterized by a first group index corresponding to a first phase delay to transfer a first light wave with a first peak frequency and a second arm comprising a second length of a second material characterized by a second group index corresponding to a second phase to transfer a second light wave with a second peak frequency with a time-delay difference relative to the first light wave. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180167081

Digital to analogue conversion

Devices and methods for digital to analogue conversion (dac) are provided, in which the analogue outputs of an even number of digital to analogue converters are combined. The individual converters operate on the same data but there is a relative time delay between the input digital signal received by one or more of the converters and the input digital signal received by other of the converters, wherein the delay is a fraction of the data sample period. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180166525

Display device

A display is provided. The display device includes a display area and a non-display area located around the display area; a base layer; an organic light-emitting diode (oled) that is located on the base layer in the display area; and a first crack detection line that is located on the base layer in the non-display area; wherein the first crack detection line comprises a first line that extends substantially in a first direction along a first edge of the display area, a second line that is separated from the first line and extends substantially in the first direction, and a third line that is connected to an end of the first line and an end of the second line, wherein a cross-sectional shape of the first line in a second direction crossing the first direction is inversely tapered.. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165864

Virtual reality system using multiple force arrays for a solver

An interactive avatar display system provides a computer-generated view of a virtual space including an avatar that moves in the virtual space in response to movements of the user that are sensed by sensors. The number of sensed movements is less than the number of degrees of freedom of avatar movement. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165543

Methods and systems for analyzing images in convolutional neural networks

A method for analyzing images to generate a plurality of output features includes receiving input features of the image and performing fourier transforms on each input feature. Kernels having coefficients of a plurality of trained features are received and on-the-fly fourier transforms (otf-fts) are performed on the coefficients in the kernels. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165335

Parallel processing of queries with inverse distribution function

Techniques are described for parallel processing of database queries with an inverse distribution function by a database management system (dbms). To improve the execution time of a query with an inverse distribution function, the data set referenced in the inverse distribution function is range distributed among parallel processes that are spawned and managed by a query execution coordinator process (qc), in an embodiment. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180165248

Systems and methods for performing linear algebra operations using multi-mode optics

Under one aspect, a method for performing a linear algebra operation includes imposing matrix elements onto a chirped optical carrier; inputting into a multi-mode optic the matrix elements imposed on the chirped optical carrier; outputting by the multi-mode optic a speckle pattern based on the matrix elements imposed on the optical carrier; and performing a linear algebra operation on the matrix elements based on the speckle pattern. The matrix elements can be from matrix a and a vector b, and the multi-mode optic can optically transform each of matrix a and vector b by a speckle transformation s, so as to output a speckle pattern including elements of a matrix sa of dimension p,n and matrix elements of a vector sb of dimension p. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164450

Cross-line source separation based on cross-line streamer separation

A method for a marine seismic survey can include towing streamers that are spaced apart in a cross-line direction by a streamer separation (l) and towing seismic source elements that are spaced apart in the cross-line direction by a source separation based on an integer (k), an inverse of a quantity of the seismic source elements (1/s), and the streamer separation as represented by (k+1/s)l. The seismic source elements can be actuated and seismic signals can be detected at each of a plurality of receivers on the streamers.. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164229

Methods and apparatus for calculating electromagnetic scattering properties of a structure and for reconstruction of approximate structures

Disclosed is a method for reconstructing a parameter of a lithographic process. The method comprises the step of designing a preconditioner suitable for an input system comprising the difference of a first matrix and a second matrix, the first matrix being arranged to have a multi-level structure of at least three levels whereby at least two of said levels comprise a toeplitz structure. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164170

Robot collision detection method

Collision of a robot is detected by the following method. The robot includes a motor, a gear reducer connected to the motor, an encoder detecting a rotation of the motor, a temperature sensor installed to the encoder, and an object which is driven by the motor via the gear reducer. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180164146

Lim-driven roller checkweigher

A weighing conveyor system, a checkweigher, and a method for weighing conveyed objects with a checkweigher comprising lim-driven rollers positioned in a conveying line and position sensors for determining the objects' weights from the motion of the objects across the rollers. The lim drives the rollers with a constant torque. ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180163878

Safety valve for a hydraulic or pneumatic tool

Provided is a safety valve (10) comprising a body (12) which defines an incoming fluid passage (14) and a return fluid passage (20). The incoming fluid passage (14) generally enables a fluid to pass from a fluid reservoir (18) through the body (12) to the tool head (16). ... Converse Inc

06/14/18 / #20180161247

Tablet cassette rotor and tablet cassette

It is an object of the present invention to provide a tablet cassette rotor whose number of components is small and which can treat tablets having more various shapes and sizes and is adaptable to an automatic adjustment for a depth, a width and a partitioning position of a tablet guide path. As solving means for achieving this object, a rotor (4) which is rotatably contained in a cassette main body (3) for containing tablets and has a plurality of tablet guide paths (4b) for guiding the tablets to a tablet discharging hole. ... Converse Inc

06/07/18 / #20180160152

Method and device for deblocking-filtering, and method and device for encoding and decoding using same

An encoding apparatus for encoding a video signal includes: a prediction unit for generating a prediction block of a current block by using intra prediction or inter prediction; a residual data encoding unit for generating a residual block by using the current block and the prediction block, and transforming and quantizing the residual block; a residual data decoding unit for decoding a transformed and quantized residual block by inversely quantizing and inversely transforming the transformed and quantized residual block; and a deblocking filter unit for generating a reconstructed block by using a decoded residual block and the prediction block, and performing deblocking filtering, based on inter prediction information and intra prediction information of the reconstructed block and blocks neighboring the reconstructed block. The intra prediction information includes at least one of an intra prediction mode and an intra prediction block size.. ... Converse Inc

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