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Convida Wireless Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Convida Wireless Llc. Convida Wireless Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Convida Wireless Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Convida Wireless Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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M2m clustering management

Methods, systems, and apparatuses associated with the service layer may provide clustering management capabilities for sensor nodes in m2m/iot sl platforms, via conventional clustering algorithm reselection and performance optimization, which may be based on service layer analytics. Clustering functionality may be adapted not only within the individual network model and optimization goals employed by each conventional clustering algorithm, but the conventional clustering algorithms themselves may be changed or reconfigured using service layer functionality. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Location-based context delivery

An enhanced 3gpp network architecture can enables a scef to interact with scs/as via apis that provide location based context; gmlc to get the ue's location, available rats, and congestion levels; hss to get the ue's location, available rats, and congestion levels; pcef (via pcrf) to obtain the congestion level at the p-gw; rcaf (via pcrf) to obtain the user plane congestion levels at the e-utran, utran, and wlan; and serving nodes (mme, sgsn, 3gpp aaa server) to get the available rats and congestion levels.. . ... Convida Wireless Llc

Wide area service discovery for internet of things

A cloud-based dns-sd architecture may link together separate lans to form a virtual discovery zone from a service discovery perspective that includes a cloud based dns-sd server separate from regular internet dns, and asleep node handling, among other things. In an example, a cloud based dns-sd server is separate from the regular internet dns servers. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Unified authentication for integrated small cell and wi-fi networks

Multi-rat ues currently have 2 independent paths to authenticate with hss (either via the mme or the 3gpp aaa server causing repeated authentication messages to hss. The use of one unified authentication path between the ue and hss for small cell and wi-fi authentication is described. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Method and apparatus of interworking m2m and iot devices and applications with different service layers

Methods and procedures allow devices interwork with various types of service layers by updating the device to support the protocol of the m2m/iot service layer that is being communicated with. Devices can coordinate/initiate download of a service layer api that is compatible with the service layer the device is attempting to use. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Resource-driven dynamic authorization framework

Embodiments concern a dynamic authorization framework. Security classification process (scp) is the process of classifying raw data, information extracted from raw data, content or code from security-value perspective. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Methods and aparatus for analyzing and grouping service layer subscriptions and notifcations for enhanced efficiency

A subscription analyzing and grouping mechanism can group similar subscription requests from different subscribers and generates an aggregated notification for them. The subscription analyzing and grouping mechanism reduces the number of subscription request messages and notification messages and in turn improves subscription efficiency and makes m2m/iot service layer more efficient and scalable.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Network and application management using service layer capabilities

Described herein is a network and application management service (nams), which is a new service for the service layer (sl). In accordance with an example embodiment, the nams collects, consolidates, and processes information from applications, underlying networks, and other services.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Network node availability prediction based on past history data

A node availability estimation service can be used at a service layer of an m2m/iot network. Value-added services can leverage this node availability information to improve the operation intelligence, quality of service, communication overhead as well as energy efficiency for m2m/iot systems. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Small data usage enablement in 3gpp networks

The standards organization 3gpp is exploring new small data delivery techniques for machine-type communications (mtc). It is recognized herein that existing approaches leave the “small data” decision to the service capability server (scs) for downlink data and to the user equipment (ue) for uplink data. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Enabling multicast for service layer group operation

Service layer multicast communications management may be achieved via indication by entities of multicast capabilities during service layer registration and self-subscription by the entities to the service layer. The service layer, or a managing application in communication with the service layer, may then maintain resources for multicast configurations, dynamically create multicast groups, and notify members via their self-subscription of the entities in the groups. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Methods to support message routing at service layer

A service layer message routing service at the service layer entity is capable of routing the service layer messages to reach the target with optimal performance, e.g. Shortest service layer distance, shortest network layer distance, least end-to-end delay, highest reliability etc. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Service layer mobility management of applications

Some services offered by m2m service layers will have contact information that will be used in order to interact with applications. For example, a service layer may need to send notification messages to an application. ... Convida Wireless Llc

Service layer resource management for generic interworking and extensibility

Lightweight, dynamic mechanisms are provided to support service layer interworking and resource extensibility. For example, one mechanism disclosed herein comprises defining a new service layer (sl) resource definition registration procedure that allows for specifying custom attributes of service layer resources to represent third party technology resources. ... Convida Wireless Llc

04/05/18 / #20180098265

Mobile network operator control of wlan qos via andsf

Access network discovery and selection function (andsf) policies are extended to include a wireless local area network quality of service (qos) parameter in order to create a andsf based qos. This may be used by user equipment to set the uplink 802.11e user priority (up) for offloaded or evolved packet core-routed wifi traffic.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/29/18 / #20180092133

Managing mbms membership at the service capability exposure function

The present application is directed to an apparatus on a network including a non-transitory memory having executable instructions for configuring membership of a group, and a processor that is operably coupled to the non-transitory memory. The processor is configured to receive a request from a server to add a device to the group. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/29/18 / #20180089281

Semantic query over distributed semantic descriptors

Currently there is no existing solution for semantic query processing directly over distributed semantic descriptors (e.g., onem2m <semanticdescriptor> resources). Discussed herein are multiple applications for semantic query over distributed semantic descriptors. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/22/18 / #20180084064

Registration management in the service layer

The present application is directed to a method for registering with a service layer. The method includes the step of forming a registration group of one or more applications. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/22/18 / #20180054799

Keeping the ue awake

When mobile terminated devices sleep, the devices might not be reachable when needed, for instance when the device is a recipient of data from a third party server. As described herein, a third party application server may inform the network that it has data to send to a particular ue or group of ues. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/01/18 / #20180034864

Device triggering

Service layer and application triggering may be used in a machine-to-machine environment. In an embodiment, an existing service layer procedure, such as registration, may allow a device or gateway service layer or application to indicate to a machine-to-machine server what port is listened to for triggers. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/01/18 / #20180032572

Mechanisms for semantics publishing and discovery

Methods, devices, and systems may be used for semantics publishing and discovery. In an embodiment, a method for publishing semantics related resource identifiers may include adding a key word to an identifier of a semantics related resource and publishing the identifier to at least one of a sibling node and a child node. ... Convida Wireless Llc

01/11/18 / #20180014144

Message retargeting in machine-to-machine service layer communications

Two methods are described to enable the communication between two service layer entities that do not have registration relations. In the first method, service layer entities employ a retargeting table that stores the service layer entity to retarget the message in order to deliver the message to the destination. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/28/17 / #20170373919

Resource link management at service layer

. . A link management service may dynamically configure one or more link-enabling attributes based on a link profile. There may be multiple types of architectures that support the link management service, such as an independent link management and integrated link management.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/28/17 / #20170373804

Methods for enabling delay-awareness in the constrained application protocol (coap)

A delay indicator parameter is contained in coap messages to reflect delay tolerance information. The delay indicator is leveraged by coap clients and coap servers to improve their behavior such as entering sleep mode to save energy while not violating delay requirements. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/21/17 / #20170367120

Random access procedures in next gen networks

. . The application describes an apparatus including a non-transitory memory including instructions to perform random access in a beam sweeping network having a cell. The network includes a downlink sweeping subframe, an uplink sweeping subframe and a regular sweeping subframe. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/21/17 / #20170367116

Grant-less operations

Current approaches to transmitting uplink data in a network often require resources to be granted. In an example, a node or apparatus may configure a plurality of devices to operate in a grant-less mode in accordance with a respective grant-less access allocation. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/21/17 / #20170367110

Grant-less uplink transmission for new radio

Current approaches to transmitting uplink data in a network often require resources to be granted. In an example, a node or apparatus may configure a plurality of devices to operate in a grant-less mode in accordance with a respective grant-less access allocation, such that, when the plurality of devices transmit messages uplink in the network, the messages are transmitted using frequency resources defined by the respective grant-less access allocation, and the plurality of devices transmit the messages without being granted access to transmit the messages, so as to operate in the grant-less mode.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/21/17 / #20170367036

Network slice discovery and selection

An nr network slicing architecture may be used to facilitate network slice discovery and selection. Mechanisms to discover and select network slices may differ depending on whether a user equipment is in an idle mode or a connected mode. ... Convida Wireless Llc

12/21/17 / #20170366679

Charging in the integrated small cell/wi-fi networks (iswn)

A policy and charging enforcement function (pcef) can be aware of whether a ue connects through a cellular or wifi connection through a gateway. Management messages can be modified to allow the pcef volume based online charging functionality to remain in the core network (i.e. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/23/17 / #20170339512

Cross-layer context management

In peer-to-peer (p2p) communications, it has been recognized herein that various context information needs to be exchanged between peer devices (pds) or between different layers/protocols within a peer device (pd). Various embodiments described herein address how to design effective management functions, services, and primitives for context management across and/or within different protocol layers to enable context-aware peer-to-peer communications in proximity. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/23/17 / #20170339282

Methods and apparatuses for service layer charging correlation with underlying networks

Mechanisms for service layer charging correlation are disclosed. Embodiments can include a service domain charging correlation function (sd-ccf), which is responsible for interacting with underlying network and correlating charging information at service layer. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/23/17 / #20170339280

Service domain charging systems and methods

The application is at least directed to a charging system for a service domain residing on a network node. The charging system includes a service domain charging management function on the node storing charging policies for the service domain. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/23/17 / #20170337088

Managing application relationships in machine-to-machine systems

Application relationships may be categorized and managed at a service layer, such as creating application relationship, updating application relationship, retrieving application relationship, deleting application relationship, or discovering application relationship. Services may be based on application relationship awareness.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/16/17 / #20170332421

Connecting to virtualized mobile core networks

A 5g network architecture uses virtualization and network slicing. The user equipment (ue) interacts with an underlay network that interacts with virtual network slices. ... Convida Wireless Llc

11/16/17 / #20170332359

Radio download control channel

New radio download numerology allocation information may be obtained through master information block data, system information block data, radio resource control signals, or signals or a physical downlink numerology indication channel, and used along with a reference signal detected in a search space to obtain resource element positions in an antenna port reference signal in a resource block that belongs to a particular band slice according to a reference signal allocation scheme for a band slice numerology. A physical download control may then be decoded based upon one or more resource elements of the reference signal, allowing the connection of, e.g., an enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine type communication, or ultra-reliable/low-latency application to a communications network thereby. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/26/17 / #20170311290

System information provisioning and light weight connection signaling

System information can include a basic set of system information and additional system information. A ue can receive the basic set of system information and then later request or receive the additional system information. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/26/17 / #20170311278

Mobility signaling load reduction

Methods, systems, and devices may assist in reducing signaling load that occur based on paging and handover. Methods, systems, and devices may be based on ue states, a radio access network registration area (rra) or tracking/paging area with different architectural approaches (e.g., hierarchical or distributed), dynamic rra management, radio access network based paging, and radio access network based user equipment (ue) mobility management.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/26/17 / #20170311276

Downlink synchronization

The present application is at least directed to an apparatus on a 5g network. The apparatus includes a non-transitory memory including instructions stored thereon for performing configuration of an initial access signal in the 5g network. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/26/17 / #20170310767

Systems and methods for enabling access to third party services via a service layer

An m2m service layer is expanded to access the services of third parties and exchange data with these third parties. The m2m service layer is then able to act as a proxy between m2m devices and the third party services. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/26/17 / #20170310431

Physical channels in new radio

Hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) processes, indicators, and similar methods may be used improve new radio performance in a number of ways. For example harq processes may be retransmitted, even before a response is expected, a number of times. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/12/17 / #20170295103

Dynamic policy control

Systems, methods, and apparatus embodiments are described herein for controlling policy in integrated small cell and wi-fi networks (iswns). It is recognized herein that multiple actors within an iswn may have needs or preferences that conflict with each other, and that the best way of reconciling those conflicting needs is not always to simply give one actor preference over another. ... Convida Wireless Llc

10/05/17 / #20170289271

Service layer session migration and sharing

Methods, devices, and systems for migration or sharing of existing m2m service layer sessions are disclosed. In one embodiment, a session migration and sharing function (smsf) performs the migration or sharing of a m2m service layer session. ... Convida Wireless Llc

09/21/17 / #20170273002

Efficient hybrid resource and schedule management in time slotted channel hopping networks

The present application is directed to a computer-implemented device for reserving a path in a network. The device includes a non-transitory memory operably coupled to a processor. ... Convida Wireless Llc

09/21/17 / #20170272894

Method for supporting negotiation service at a service layer

The present application is directed to a computer-implemented apparatus for negotiating service layer attributes. The apparatus includes a non-transitory memory including instructions stored thereon for a negotiation service layer for negotiating a service attributes. ... Convida Wireless Llc

08/10/17 / #20170231020

Serving gateway extensions for inter-system mobility

Methods, devices, and systems related to serving gateway extensions for inter-system mobility in integrated small cell and wifi networks. An sgw may be extended into a common intermediate gateway for both lte and wifi access. ... Convida Wireless Llc

08/03/17 / #20170223479

Enhanced operations between service layer and management layer in an m2m system by allowing the execution of a plurality of commands on a plurality of devices

The present application is directed to a computer-implemented device and method for performing group-on-group operations over the m2m interface. The device and method includes the step of receiving a request to initiate the group-on-group operation from a device owner including commands of a group resource defined in a uniform resource indicator. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/27/17 / #20170215023

Interworking light weight machine-to-machine protocol with device management protocol

Interworking lwm2m and oma dm protocols is disclosed. A new ddf mo enables adding lwm2m object definitions to dm servers and gateways. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/20/17 / #20170208139

Publication and discovery of m2m-iot services

A system is disclosed for publication and discovery of m2m/iot services. An m2m gateway system receives resource descriptions from m2m/iot devices. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/20/17 / #20170208066

Machine-to-machine network assisted bootstrapping

The service layer may leverage the access network infrastructure so that applications on a device may bootstrap with a machine-to-machine server without requiring provisioning beyond what is already required by the access network.. . ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/13/17 / #20170201596

Achieving balanced in-network content caching freshness

The present application describes a method for caching content at a router. The method includes a step of receiving a content request from a requester along a path in a network. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/13/17 / #20170201411

Layered management server delegation

Authority to manage a client can be transferred between device management servers in the service layer and in a management layer. These device management servers can include legacy device management servers in the management layer and dmgs in the service layer. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/06/17 / #20170195930

Inter-system mobility in integrated wireless networks

A system is disclosed for providing inter-system mobility in integrated lte and wifi systems. A control plane interface referred to as the s1a-c interface, is defined between a trusted wlan access network (twan) and a mobility management entity (mme) comprised in an lte wireless access network. ... Convida Wireless Llc

07/06/17 / #20170195239

Service layer southbound interface and quality of service

Existing resource reservation techniques are inefficient for m2m communications. In an example embodiment described herein, a system comprises a service layer server that resides on a service layer and a control plane node that resides on an access network, wherein the service layer server communicates with the control plane node via a control plane interface. ... Convida Wireless Llc

06/15/17 / #20170171782

Network-initiated handover in integrated small cell and wifi networks

Applicants disclose an inter-system mobility anchor control point that is adapted to initiate handover of an existing communication connection in an integrated small cell and wifi (isw) network. The inter-system mobility anchor control point is communicatively coupled to both an henb/lte network and trusted wlan access network (twan) and adapted to operate as a common control plane entity for both henb/lte and twan access. ... Convida Wireless Llc

06/01/17 / #20170156086

Inter-system handover and multi-connectivity via an integrated small cell and wifi gateway

A system comprises an integrated small cell and wifi (isw) gateway (gw). The isw gw is integrated with a mobility management entity (mme) and serving gateway (sgw) and has interfaces with both a 3 gpp access network and a twan. ... Convida Wireless Llc

05/04/17 / #20170127370

Context aware neighbor discovery

The present application describes a computer-implemented method for discovering a router on a network. The method includes a step of determining whether to discover the router. ... Convida Wireless Llc

05/04/17 / #20170126569

Enhanced neighbor discovery to support load balancing

The present application is direct to a method and apparatus for creating a load-balancing group. The method includes a step of determining to create a load balancing group on a router. ... Convida Wireless Llc

05/04/17 / #20170126512

Automated service profiling and orchestration

A system is disclosed for orchestrating services. Service orchestration profiles specify attributes defining desired services. ... Convida Wireless Llc

05/04/17 / #20170124193

Restful operations for semantic iot

Access control for restful operations may be provided to a centralized semantic graph store. In addition, operations may be provided over semantic triples distributed in a resource tree database. ... Convida Wireless Llc

04/27/17 / #20170118117

Context-aware content publication and resolution

The present application is directed to a computer-implemented method of updating context information of content in a router. The method includes the step of receiving a pseudo-content publication (pcp) message from a server including updated content and a bloom filter. ... Convida Wireless Llc

04/13/17 / #20170104839

Mapping service for local content redirection

A mapping service in the mobile core network located after a packet data network gateway examines content requests from user equipment across a first pdn connection to determine if content associated with the content request is cached at an edge server outside of the packet data network. If the content from the packet data network is cached at the edge server, the mapping service redirects the user equipment to request the content from the edge server across a second pdn connection. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/30/17 / #20170094592

Scalable data discovery in an internet of things (iot) system

Data discovery for sensor data in an m2m network uses probabilistic models, such as gaussian mixing models (gmms) to represent attributes of the sensor data. The parameters of the probabilistic models can be provided to a discovery server (ds) that respond to queries concerning the sensor data. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/09/17 / #20170070923

Handover in integrated small cell and wifi networks

Systems and methods are disclosed for inter-system mobility in integrated lte and trusted wlan access networks (twan). An x2′ interface, adapted for both control plane and user plane communications, exists between an enb and wlan access point. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/02/17 / #20170063931

Service layer dynamic authorization

An extensible policy-based service layer dynamic authorization framework can allow a service layer to determine whether or not to grant or deny a registrant access to a resource or service hosted by the service layer for which the registrant currently lacks the proper privileges to access. This method can also enable a service layer to dynamically update its statically configured authorization privileges (by leveraging its dynamic authorization results) such that future requests from the same registrant and to the same resource and service do not require dynamic authorization to be performed.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

03/02/17 / #20170063499

Cross-layer and cross-application acknowledgment for data transmission

Systems and methods may integrate acknowledgments, such as application-level acknowledgments and medium access control layer acknowledgments. In an embodiment of a cross-layer acknowledgment method, a medium access control layer acknowledgment and application-layer acknowledgment may be integrated as a single medium access control layer acknowledgment. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/16/17 / #20170046366

Search engine optimization for resource directory

An evolved resource directory may provide filtered and prioritized search results to a client's search query for resources. For example, in a network comprising servers and a resource directory, the resource directory registers a plurality of uris received from the servers. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/09/17 / #20170041231

Internet of things end-to-end service layer quality of service management

Methods, system, and apparatuses may support end-to-end (e2e) quality of service (qos) through the use of service layer (sl) sessions. For example, an application can communicate with a targeted device based on application specified schedule, latency, jitter, error rate, throughput, level of security, and cost requirements.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

02/02/17 / #20170034015

Service enabler function

The present application describes a method and apparatus for updating a service in a service layer function of a network. In particular, a method for adding a service is disclosed. ... Convida Wireless Llc

01/19/17 / #20170019750

Overload control and coordination between m2m service layer and 3gpp networks

Various issues with existing congestion and overload control mechanisms are recognized and described herein. Described herein, in accordance with various embodiments, are various mechanisms in which core networks, such as 3 gpp networks for example, and an m2m service layer can coordinate and share information to efficiently and intelligently manage each other's congestion and overload states.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

01/12/17 / #20170012857

Service layer anycast and somecast

Somecast/anycast service may function at the service layer and include service nodes/groups selection and post-selection processing. Somecast/anycast information may be used for identifying different scenarios of anycast/somecast, facilitating service nodes selection, and handling retransmission.. ... Convida Wireless Llc

01/12/17 / #20170012778

End-to-end service layer authentication

A variety of mechanisms to perform end-to-end authentication between entities having diverse capabilities (e.g. Processing, memory, etc.) and with no prior security associations are used. ... Convida Wireless Llc

01/05/17 / #20170005999

Content security at service layer

Existing approaches to security within network, for instance onem2m networks, are limited. For example, content might only be protected while the content is in transit between entities that trust each other. ... Convida Wireless Llc

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