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Recent patent applications related to Cook Incorporated. Cook Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cook Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cook Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Mounting aid and method for mounting electrical components on a printed circuit board

Methods and compositions containing a phorbol ester or a derivative of a phorbol ester are provided for the treatment of chronic and acute conditions. Such conditions may be caused by disease, be symptoms or sequelae of disease. Compositions and methods for reducing the level of nornicotine and n′-nitrosonornicotine (nnn) in tobacco plants and plant parts thereof are provided. The compositions comprise isolated polynucleotides and polypeptides for a root-specific nicotine demethylases, cyp82e10, and variants thereof, that are involved in the metabolic conversion of nicotine to nornicotine in these plants. . . What is described is a mounting aid for mounting electrical components, in particular electrolytic capacitors or chokes, on a printed circuit board, said mounting aid comprising a body, which has compartments for receiving the electrical components, wherein the compartments have a base with openings for the insertion of connection wires of the electrical components, and metal parts fastened to the body, which metal parts each form at least one contact pin on the underside of the body and each from a busbar for connection to electrical components in a plurality of compartments of the body.. . ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Heating cooker system, inductive heating cooker, and electric apparatus

A heating cooker system includes a first coil configured to produce a first high-frequency magnetic field by receiving supply of a first high-frequency current, a first inverter circuit configured to supply the first high-frequency current to the first coil, a first heating element positioned in reach of the first high-frequency magnetic field produced by the first coil to be inductively heated by the first coil, a second coil configured to produce a second high-frequency magnetic field by receiving supply of a second high-frequency current, a second inverter circuit configured to supply the second high-frequency current to the second coil, a power receiving coil positioned in reach of the second high-frequency magnetic field produced by the second coil to receive electric power from the second coil, and a second heating element configured to generate heat by the electric power received by the power receiving coil.. . ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Method for managing available communication resource in a communication network via node-to-node resource-trading and node for a communication network

A method is described for managing available communication resource in a communication network comprising nodes (100, 200). Each node comprises a resource management (rm100, rm200) exclusively authorized for managing a part of the communication resource. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  System and method for contacting occupants of a remote vehicle using dsrc

A system for a vehicle includes a controller programmed to, in response to discovering, without an already established connection with a remote vehicle, a service broadcasted by the remote vehicle indicating that cellular communication with the remote vehicle is available, confirm that the service is a subscribed-to service, and upon receiving input to invoke the subscribed-to service, contact the remote vehicle using the subscribed-to service.. . ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Storing data retrieved from different sensors for generating a 3-d image

A method is provided for use in a stereoscopic image generating system comprising two cameras, a plurality of memory buffers, and at least one processor. The method comprises: identifying at least one common region of interest (roi) at images obtained from the two cameras; generating a look up table (lut), for holding displacement values of pixels that belong to the at least one common roi; forwarding data associated with images obtained from the two cameras that relates to the at least one common roi, to the plurality of memory buffers; processing output lines retrieved from the plurality of memory buffers and propagating data that relates to a yuv image and associated luts, wherein the propagating of the data is carried out at a rate associated with a respective memory buffer from which that data is retrieved; and generating a stereoscopic image based on the propagated data.. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Method for processing ordered broadcast and electronic device

A method for processing ordered broadcast and an electronic device are provided. The method includes operations as follows. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Coordinating and mixing audiovisual content captured from geographically distributed performers

Audiovisual performances, including vocal music, are captured and coordinated with those of other users in ways that create compelling user experiences. In some cases, the vocal performances of individual users are captured (together with performance synchronized video) on mobile devices, television-type display and/or set-top box equipment in the context of karaoke-style presentations of lyrics in correspondence with audible renderings of a backing track. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Signal splitter/combiner with an electro-magnetic interference filter

A splitter/combiner configured to split and combine plain old telephone service (pots) signals and data service signals. The splitter/combiner comprises a line terminal configured to receive wires of a local loop connection to a central office of a communications network; a phone terminal configured to connect to telephone equipment at a customer premise; a data terminal configured to connect to a modem at a customer premise; a pots line low pass filter connected between the line terminal and the phone terminal, the pots line low pass filter configured to attenuate frequencies above 25 khz and including a pots line side transformer; a surge arrestor connected between the pots line side transformer and the phone terminal; and a data line transformer configured as a differential mode choke connected between the line terminal and the data terminal.. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Method and apparatus for managing conference calls

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a communication device having a controller to retrieve from an address book a communication identifier for each of a plurality of participants, determine from the address book a conferencing type for each of the plurality of participants, and initiate according to the conference type and the communication identifier of each participant a voice over internet protocol conference call directed to communication devices of the plurality of participants. Other embodiments are disclosed.. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  System for providing remote expertise

Expertise, such as foreign language interpretation, is delivered to requestors by an expertise-provisioning system that brokers requests between the requestors and experts affiliated with virtual call centers.. . ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Method and apparatus for storing telephone numbers in a portable terminal

A method and apparatus for storing a telephone number in a portable terminal. The method includes the steps of providing a user with a name input request message; determining whether or not the inputted name exists in a phone book list of the portable terminal; and generating a new entry including the inputted name and its associated telephone number and adding the new entry to the phone book list when the inputted name does not exist in the phone book list.. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Categorized authorization models for graphical datasets

In non-limiting examples of the present disclosure, systems, methods and devices for providing access to one or more nodes associated with a shared graphical dataset are provided. In one example, a request to access a resource associated with a shared graphical dataset may be received. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Application delivery controller

An application delivery controller for improving remote healthcare services is disclosed. The application delivery controller may be configured to provide improved service routing and security. ... Cook Incorporated

 new patent  Image forming system

This image forming system includes an information processing device, a server, and a multifunction peripheral. The server stores in advance fingerprint information of authorized users of information processing devices. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262483

 new patent  Controlling access to personal data

Disclosed are various embodiments for controlling access to personal data of a user. Content can be requested from a network site using an authentication token. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262478

 new patent  Systems and methods of sharing information through a tag-based consortium

The invention provides one or more consortia of networks that identify and share information about users and/or user devices interacting with the consortia. User devices may be identified, at least in part, by tag-based computer information. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262476

 new patent  Automated identity assessment method and system

A method, system and software for assessing an entity (15) at a first user terminal (13) connected to a data network (10). A control system (11) is used to receive an access request (101) from the entity (15) or an assessing user (16) at a second user terminal (14). ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262359

 new patent  System and method for a managed network with quality-of-service management

Systems and methods for establishing parameterized qos flows in a managed network can include a designated network node (like a network controller or any network node) discovering a plurality of network nodes. The designated network node discovering one or more of the plurality of network nodes; classifying the discovered network node or nodes based on node type; determining from the classification which node or nodes are designated for supporting parameterized qos flows; and invoking a request to a moca layer to create parameterized qos flows between the network node or nodes classified as designated for parameterized qos flows and the source nodes (like bhr and dvrs); wherein the bandwidth designated for the individual parameterized qos flows is either a nominal value or actual value specified by the designated network node such that the actual aggregate bandwidth for the parameterized qos flows does not exceed the network bandwidth available for actual parameterized qos flows; wherein when actual bandwidth is specified for each flow, the designated network node can preempt some pqos flows in order to release pqos bandwidth for a new pqos flow; wherein the designated network node is provisioned with a trusted device list designating nodes for supporting pqos flows, and preemption rules that can be used for preemption.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262334

 new patent  Integration of verification tokens with mobile communication devices

Apparatuses, methods, and systems pertaining to the verification of portable consumer devices are disclosed. In one implementation, a verification token is communicatively coupled to a computer by a usb connection so as to use the computer's networking facilities. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262246

 new patent  Multi-beam codebooks with further optimized overhead

A method, wireless device and network node for determining an indication of a precoder are provided. According to one aspect, a method in a wireless device includes determining and the indication of the precoder from a codebook, the indication comprising a first beam phase parameter and a second beam phase parameter corresponding to a first beam and a second beam respectively. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262081

 new patent  Electric motor including stator assembly and method of assembly thereof

An electric motor assembly includes a rotor assembly configured to rotate about a central axis and a stator assembly configured to extend about the rotor assembly. The rotor assembly includes at least one of the following: a plurality of spokes and at least one neodymium iron boron magnet. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262068

 new patent  Rotary electric machine

A rotary electric machine includes: a stator core including an annular yoke, a plurality of teeth, and a plurality of slots; a resin member; an annular cuff support having a plurality of ribs and a plurality of openings; and a coil including an annular coil end. A cylindrical outer-peripheral flange is provided such that the outer-peripheral flange is apart from the coil end, and the outer-peripheral flange is opposed to the coil end, the resin member is provided such that the resin member is apart from the cuff support, and the resin member covers a part of the outer-peripheral flange and the coil end, and the outer-peripheral flange, the coil end, the resin member, and the cuff support define a first gap among the outer-peripheral flange, the coil end, the resin member, and the cuff support.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180262029

 new patent  Portable power charger with customizable aesthetic feature

A portable charger is provided for charging one or more electronic devices from a rechargeable internal battery and includes a customizable aesthetic feature that can be secured within an indented cavity provided on a face of the charger housing. The aesthetic feature can comprise a sheet of a decorative fabric or material, or a sheet of jewels or textured material, or a sheet with lettering, a name, an image or a logo printed or embossed thereon, that can be attached to the interior surface of the indented cavity. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261848

 new patent  Graphitic carbon-based cathode for aluminum secondary battery and manufacturing method

Provided is aluminum secondary battery comprising an anode, a cathode, a porous separator electronically separating the anode and the cathode, and an electrolyte in ionic contact with the anode and the cathode to support reversible deposition and dissolution of aluminum at the anode, wherein the anode contains aluminum metal or an aluminum metal alloy as an anode active material and the cathode comprises a layer of graphitic carbon particles or fibers, preferably selected from meso-phase carbon particles, meso carbon micro-beads (mcmb), coke particles or needles, soft carbon particles, hard carbon particles, amorphous graphite containing graphite micro-crystallites, multi-walled carbon nanotubes, carbon nano-fibers, carbon fibers, graphite nano-fibers, graphite fibers, or a combination thereof.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261418

 new patent  Cut-off element and overvoltage protection arrangement

A cut-off element for electrical isolation of an electrical component or for opening of a circuit in overload has two terminal contacts, an insulating housing and a fuse element which is located within the insulating housing. In the normal state of the cut-off element, the two terminal contacts (2,3) are connected to one another in an electrically conductive manner via the fuse element. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261416

 new patent  Switching device for medium voltage electric power distribution installations

A switching device including: one or more fixed contacts and one or more movable contacts, each movable contact being reversibly movable between an opening position, at which the movable contact is decoupled from a corresponding fixed contact, and a closing position, at which the movable contact is coupled with the corresponding fixed contact; an electromagnetic actuator adapted to actuate the movable contacts between the opening and closing positions, the electromagnetic actuator including a fixed yoke and a movable armature operatively associated with the fixed yoke to form a magnetic circuit, the movable armature being reversibly movable between a first position, which corresponds to the opening position of the movable contacts, and a second position, which corresponds to the closing position of the movable contacts; and a kinematic chain to operatively connect the movable armature with the movable contacts, wherein the electromagnetic actuator includes a first excitation coil and a second excitation coil wound around the fixed yoke. The switching device further include a first power drive circuit adapted to provide a first excitation current to the first excitation coil and a second power drive circuit adapted to provide a second excitation current to the second excitation coil; the first and second power drive circuits are galvanically separated one from another and capable of operating independently one from another.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261381

 new patent  Common-mode choke coil

A common-mode choke coil comprises a ferrite core including a winding core portion and first and second flange portions. The common-mode choke coil also comprises first and second wires, each of which is helically wound around the winding core portion. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261242

 new patent  Magnetic writer having convex trailing surface pole and conformal write gap

A magnetic write apparatus has a media-facing surface (mfs), a pole, a write gap, a top shield and coil(s). The pole includes a yoke and a pole tip. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261216

 new patent  Speech-enabled system with domain disambiguation

Systems perform methods of interpreting spoken utterances from a user and responding to the utterances by providing requested information or performing a requested action. The utterances are interpreted in the context of multiple domains. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261215

 new patent  Isolation and enhancement of short duration speech prompts in an automotive system

In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for enhancing speech prompts in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus includes an audio processor that is electrically coupled to a plurality of loudspeakers in a vehicle. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261209

 new patent  System and method for data-driven socially customized models for language generation

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices for generating speech using a presentation style specific to a user, and in particular the user's social group. Systems configured according to this disclosure can then use the resulting, personalized, text and/or speech in a spoken dialogue or presentation system to communicate with the user. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261207

 new patent  Speech recognition using an operating system hooking component for context-aware recognition models

Inputs provided into user interface elements of an application are observed. Records are made of the inputs and the state(s) the application was in while the inputs were provided. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261206

 new patent  System and method for dialog modeling

Disclosed herein are systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable media for dialog modeling. The method includes receiving spoken dialogs annotated to indicate dialog acts and task/subtask information, parsing the spoken dialogs with a hierarchical, parse-based dialog model which operates incrementally from left to right and which only analyzes a preceding dialog context to generate parsed spoken dialogs, and constructing a functional task structure of the parsed spoken dialogs. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261122

 new patent  Chinese stroke toys

Herein i provide different methods for learning chinese characters. Traditionally, children have learned chinese characters through the repeated reading and copying of words from generic word-cards. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261113

 new patent  Kit for educational structures

A kit for creating educational structures includes a plurality of barbell-shaped pieces formed of a hook-and-loop tape material. The barbell-shaped pieces include a first end, a second end, and an elongated middle section extending the first and second end. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180261049

 new patent  Gaming device and system and method for providing card games

A method of playing a card game with players and dealer in a computing system is provided. In the method, a first player card can be dealt face up and applied to first, second, and third player hands. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260984

 new patent  Vector graphics based live sketching methods and systems

Vector format based computer graphics tools have become very powerful tools allowing artists, designers etc. To mimic many artistic styles, exploit automated techniques, etc. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260971

 new patent  Method for controlling image appearance features in mri systems, image appearance feature control user interface operating according to the said method and mri system comprising said user interface

Method for controlling image appearance features in mri systems, image appearance feature control user interface operating according to the method and mri system including the user interface. There is provided an automatic scan planning module including a memory in which a look up table or a database of examination kind specific settings of the mri system is stored univocally associating a specific kind of examination with a factory pre-defined experimentally and empirically determined optimum combination of settings of the mri system, the automatic scan planning module controlling a user interface displaying a list of alternative specific kinds of examinations and providing a selection organ for the user, for selecting one of the specific kinds of examinations. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260963

 new patent  Apparatus, method and image processing device for smoke detection in image

Smoke detection based on video images includes performing background image modeling on a current image, to acquire a foreground image and a background image of the current image; acquiring one or more candidate areas in the current image used for detecting a moving object, based on the foreground image; calculating attribute information of a candidate area corresponding to the current image and/or the background image; and determining whether there exists smoke in the candidate area according to the attribute information. The smoke can be detected quickly and accurately through video images, but also the detection accuracy of video-based smoke detection when light changes and at complex environments can be provided.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260902

 new patent  System and method for determining an optimal stopping time

A system is disclosed. The system has an optimal stopping time determination module, comprising computer-executable code stored in non-volatile memory, a processor, and a user interface. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260896

 new patent  Order depth view visualization tool

An example computer system is configured to access broker order data and executed trade information in a memory, and to correlate the executed trade information and broker order data. The computer system is further configured to generate a view arranged to simultaneously display order spread, trade price for executed trades, and order book depth over a time period, based upon the correlated data. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260889

 new patent  Sourcing mortgage documents via blockchains

Retrieval of mortgage documents is faster and simpler for auditing purposes. Network addresses and other sourcing data may be hashed and integrated into a blockchain. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260819

 new patent  Systems and methods for real time message processing using an event driven framework

A system includes one or more memory devices storing instructions, and one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to perform steps of a method for providing real time message processing using an event driven framework. The system may generate an event associated with a particular topic by a producer component and place the event into an event queue associated with the topic that is maintained by a broker device. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260812

 new patent  Method and system for secure key rotation

This invention discloses a novel system for securing and using payment token data in a system for processing electronic payment transactions that does not require down-time for rekeying encryption keys when the keys are rotated.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260804

 new patent  Method, system, and apparatus for application loading

Method and device for processing a payment are disclosed. The method is performed at a user device and includes: receiving a user instruction for starting a payment through a pre-set payment platform; selecting a respective loading process from a plurality of loading processes for invoking a payment application, wherein: the plurality of loading processes include: a first loading process for invoking the payment application immediately in a foreground process and a second loading process for simulating at least one payment interface of the payment application in the purchase application before loading the payment application in the user device; and presenting a first payment interface at the mobile terminal in response to the user instruction and the selection of the respective loading process.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260772

 new patent  Out-of-stock detection based on images

An out-of-stock detection system notifies store management that a product is out of stock. The out-of-stock detection system collects image data from shopper client devices that are attached to an in-store vehicle. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260577

 new patent  Data messaging with privacy tokens

A system and method for protecting presented content text from unauthorized perception. A message comprising presentable data defining presentable content is received. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260566

 new patent  Security domains for aware placement of workloads within converged infrastructure information handling systems

Disclosed methods and systems discover trust and security information indicative of trust and security capabilities of information handling resources. Based on the trust and security information and a corresponding algorithm, a trust index may be calculated for a particular system. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260551

 new patent  Unlocking method and mobile terminal

An unlocking method and a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes the following. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260544

 new patent  Enabling single finger tap user authentication and application launch and login using fingerprint scanning on a display screen

Single tap launch and login to a secure application is provided. User authentication information is verified based on fingerprint data in response to the data processing system receiving an input via a finger of a user on a display screen to execute the secure application. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260534

 new patent  Maintaining privacy for multiple users when serving media to a group

An apparatus for maintaining privacy when providing media content to a group includes at least one sensor coupled to a processor that is configured to observe, based on sensor data from the sensor(s), that more than one user is engaged with the apparatus, and to obtain user identities for at least a first user and a second user engaged with the apparatus. The processor looks-up a first privacy preference for the first user and a second privacy preference for the second user based on the user identities of both users. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260492

 new patent  Digital multimedia pinpoint bookmark device, method, and system

Embodiments of the inventive concept enable a user to define exactly what and/or where they would like to set a digital pinpoint bookmark within digital content, and at a later time, engage the use of the digital pinpoint bookmark so that they can jump back to the very spot within the digital content where they left off. The pinpoint bookmark is a visual mark that overlays the digital content and that points directly to the spot (i.e., directly to a punctuation mark, letter, word, paragraph, image, video clip, audio clip, or the like) so that it is easy and quick for the user to get back to the exact position within the digital content. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260486

 new patent  System and method for enhanced search

Embodiments of the present systems and methods may provide a fundamentally different approach to process the ‘search key words’ from users. For example, the process may progress through a series of steps that will understand ‘why’ a user is looking for the information instead of just ‘what’ the user is searching. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260481

 new patent  Displaying search result associated identified or extracted unique identity associated structured contents or structured website

Various embodiments of a system, methods, platform, database, search engine & device for identifying search result associate unique identity or extracting unique identity based on parsing search result associated uniform resource locator (url) or web address or metadata, automatically determining or preparing or generating query based on said identified unique identity and automatically executing said query to automatically search, identify, invoke or retrieve or generate said identified unique identity associated one or more types of structured contents, structured data or structured website. In an embodiment enable to create and manage standardized, compact, searchable and search result compatible structured site or website including pages or webpages or guis or categories or categories of posts, and associated one or more types of contents including posts, structured contents, user actions and reaction controls or guis and presenting said structured contents with corresponding search result item based on search result item associated domain name of website associated user or account or source.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260479

 new patent  Method, apparatus, system and electronic device for picture book recognition

The present invention discloses a picture book recognition method applied to an apparatus with a camera, comprising: acquiring an image of the picture book with the camera at a preset acquisition frequency; uploading the image to a server; receiving a first audio link corresponding to the image returned from the server and, if the image is an image of a cover of the picture book, receiving a picture book id corresponding to the cover image; and connecting to a first audio stream in the server and playing the audio according to the first audio link. The present invention further provides a picture book recognition apparatus, system and electronic device. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260469

 new patent  Fast indexing and searching of encoded documents

Embodiments are directed to a searchable encryption model for fast indexing and searching of encoded documents. The encoded documents may have multiple encryption and/or compression layers applied. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260462

 new patent  Techniques and architectures for providing functionality to undo a metadata change

Techniques and mechanisms for providing a functionality which is selectable to undo one or more changes to metadata in a computing environment. In an embodiment, one or more source objects, stored by a version control system (vcs), represent one or more previous metadata changes. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260461

 new patent  Multi-platform data mining software

The present invention is a data mining solution for scientists, engineers, and technical professionals that can operate across multiple platforms and assimilate multiple formats to create a single data presentation that can be readily used by the user. The invention also offers a standardized format that can be used throughout industries for data transfer and storage that can greatly simplify exchange of information in the future among companies, universities, and the like. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260446

 new patent  System and method for building statistical predictive models using automated insights

A system and method are described to improve computer performance of statistical predictive models through the creation of automated insights. The method involves apportioning some of the modeling data to create an insights dictionary. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260427

 new patent  Persistent data structures on a dispersed storage network memory

Systems and methods for dispersed data structures (dds) in a distributed storage network are disclosed. A dispersed storage processing unit handling a request to insert a key value pair into a dds could lookup what the most up to date dds is, which could be held by a single source with a pointer to the current dds root. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260416

 new patent  Unit retrieval and related processes

Media unit retrieval methods, systems and computer program products are provided that allow a user to search for an item by iteratively presenting media units such as images representing items to the user and receiving user input consisting of user selections of the presented media units (including possibly the empty selection). Features, or attributes, a user is interested in, for example semantic features, are inferred from the user interaction and media units are retrieved for presentation based on similarity with user-selected media units, through sampling of a probability distribution describing the user's intent or interests, or a combination of these approaches. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260361

 new patent  Distributed random binning featurization with hybrid two-level parallelism

A random binning featurization process method, system, and computer program product for a distributed random binning featurization process on one or more multicore systems with a hybrid two-level parallelism, the method including in a training phase, receiving a first data matrix dividing the random binning featurization process into two orthogonal levels, in a high-level generating a randomized number of high-dimension grids and evenly partitioning the grids into nodes in a parallel system, and in a low-level, evenly partitioning dimensions in each grid to construct look-up tables of index vectors and compute a local feature matrix for each node.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260334

 new patent  Namespace - resizing

A data storage device capable of namespace re-sizing comprises a nonvolatile semiconductor storage device containing data accessed via a logical address that includes a namespace identifier and a logical block address, and a controller. The storage device can convert the namespace identifier to a base address using a first look up table. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260264

 new patent  System and method of collecting serviceability data in containers based cloud infrastructure

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method, system, and computer program product for collecting serviceability data for analyzing a customer's issue. An analysis agent is launched upon initiation of a trace as a result of an error. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260201

 new patent  Intelligent software deployment on an iaas platform

A method obtains a task tree for a deployment job to deploy application(s) to a compute infrastructure, the task tree indicating tasks to execute the deployment job. The method also obtains script(s) and configuration information for executing the script(s). ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260129

 new patent  Congestion mitigation in a distributed storage system

A system comprises a plurality of computing devices that are communicatively coupled via a network and have a file system distributed among them, and comprises one or more file system request buffers residing on one or more of the plurality of computing devices. File system choking management circuitry that resides on one or more of the plurality of computing devices is operable to separately control: a first rate at which a first type of file system requests (e.g., one of data requests, data read requests, data write requests, metadata requests, metadata read requests, and metadata write requests) are fetched from the one or more buffers, and a second rate at which a second type of file system requests (e.g., another of data requests, data read requests, data write requests, metadata requests, metadata read requests, and metadata write requests) are fetched from the one or more buffers.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180260036

 new patent  Information distribution methods, computer readable media, and information distribution servers

According to various embodiments, an information distribution method may be provided. The information distribution method may include: receiving computer program execution information related to an execution of a computer program from a first computing device; receiving keystroke information related to input to the computer program from the first computing device; and transmitting the computer program execution information and the keystroke information to at least one further computing device.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259905

 new patent  Method for generating a head up display for an aircraft using video holograms in real time with the help of sub- holograms

A method for generating video holograms in real time for a holographic playback device comprising at least one light modulator means, into which a scene divided into object points is encoded as an entire hologram and can be seen as a reconstruction from a visibility region, which is located within a periodicity interval of the reconstruction of the video hologram, the visibility region defining a subhologram together with each object point of the scene to be reconstructed, and the entire hologram being generated from a superposition of contributions of subholograms, is characterized in that for each object point the contributions of the subholograms in the entire reconstruction of the scene can be determined from at least one look-up table.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259738

 new patent  Anchoring cables to rack with cable clamp arrangements

Securing a cable to a panel includes assembling a cable clamp arrangement to a cable and mounting the cable clamp arrangement to the panel. Assembling the cable clamp arrangement includes disposing a grommet around an exterior surface of the cable; disposing a yoke around the grommet so that the yoke at least partially surrounds the grommet; and compressing the yoke and grommet between a bracket and a backing plate using a fastener so that the cable is compressed. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259736

 new patent  Optical fiber cassette with corresponding rail structures

An optical fiber cassette with corresponding rail structures includes a plurality of rail structures and an optical fiber cassette. Each rail structure includes a front flexible buckling arm and a rear buckling hook. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259617

 new patent  Sky polarization and sun sensor system and method

In a method for determining orientation of an object, raw image data of the sky is recorded using a sky polarimeter. One or more of stokes parameters (s0, s1, s2), degree of linear polarization (dolp), and angle of polarization (aop) are calculated from the image data to produce a set of processed images. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259582

 new patent  Household appliance

A household appliance includes a mechanical relay, and a switch detection device which is configured to detect a switch of the relay. The switch detection device includes a measuring apparatus to measure an electrical coil current, which flows through the relay when the relay is switched, and an evaluation device to detect the switch of the relay on the basis of the measured coil current. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259567

 new patent  Broken conductor detection method and apparatus

A broken conductor detection method and apparatus are disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a measurement module to measure, at a node of a distribution system, a voltage value of each distribution feeder of the distribution system; a check module to check whether the measured voltage value of each distribution feeder is less than a voltage threshold used for the distribution feeder, the voltage threshold used for the distribution feeder being calculated based on a mean value of measured voltage values of other distribution feeders in the distribution system; a generating module to, upon a checking result indicating that a measured voltage value of a distribution feeder of the distribution system is less than the voltage threshold used for the distribution feeder, generate a signal indicating that the distribution feeder of the distribution system has a broken conductor; and a sending module to send the generated signal.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259355

 new patent  Navigation lane guidance

A navigation system provides lane guidance for a navigation route. The navigation route specifies actions for a user to navigate a route from an originating point to a destination along a set of road segments. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259301

 new patent  Smoke screen generator

Openings at both ends of a cylindrical housing are closed by a first closure 20 including an igniter and a second closure 30 having a smoke screen source discharge port 38 respectively. A porous cylindrical body 50 is arranged between the first closure 20 and the second closure 30. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259289

 new patent  Trigger labor-saving structure of crossbow

A trigger labor-saving structure of a crossbow, the crossbow includes a body, an arcuate limb, and a trigger assembly. The limb is mounted adjacent to a front end of the body and intersects with the body, and the limb includes a bowstring. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259288

 new patent  Trigger labor-saving structure of crossbow

A trigger labor-saving structure of a crossbow, the crossbow includes a body, an arcuate limb, and a trigger assembly. The limb is mounted adjacent to a front end of the body and intersects with the body, and the limb includes a bowstring. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259286

 new patent  Universal adapter end cap for a firearm

A device enabling a shotgun operator to carry an additional choke tube on the body of a shotgun is disclosed. Embodiments include a universal adapter end cap configured to be threaded onto the end of a shotgun magazine, the universal adapter end cap including an opposite end adapted to secure an accessory (e.g., shotgun choke tube). ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259244

 new patent  Refrigerator

Disclosed herein is a refrigerator having a gasket having an improved structure. The refrigerator includes a cabinet provided with an outer case and an inner case, a storage compartment provided inside of the cabinet, a door rotatably coupled to the cabinet to open or close the storage compartment and provided with a coupling groove disposed on a rear surface of the door, and a gasket mounted to the coupling groove to close the storage compartment. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259194

 new patent  Cooking apparatus and method for controlling cooking apparatus

Provided is a cooking apparatus and method of controlling the cooking apparatus. The cooking apparatus includes cooking apparatus includes a cooking chamber; a heating portion installed in the cooking chamber; and a smoking agent accommodation portion separably mounted on the heating portion and capable of accommodating a smoking agent.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259193

 new patent  Lighting device and cooking appliance including lighting device

A lighting device and a cooking appliance including a lighting device are disclosed herein. The lighting device may include a light source installed outside a cavity where a through hole is formed, the light source including a light emitting diode (led), a light tube installed outside the cavity to be connected to the light source and receiving light emitted from the led via a light incidence surface that diffuses the light in an area where the through hole is formed, a transmissive cover installed on the cavity to cover the through hole to transmit the light diffused in the light tube toward inside of the cavity, and a supporter installed outside the cavity to support the light source such that it is spaced apart from the cavity.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259192

 new patent  Forced convection steam assembly

A convection oven includes a convection fan assembly and a trough assembly that surrounds a portion of the heating element(s) of the convection fan assembly. Fluid in the trough assembly is heated and turned into steam by the heating element(s) and blown into the cooking cavity of the convection oven by the convection fan of the convection fan assembly. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259190

 new patent  Lighted signals to provide direction to user

A cooktop, having at least one burner and at least one control. Each burner may be associated with a particular control. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259189

 new patent  Cooktop appliance and temperature switch

A cooktop appliance having a temperature switch is generally provided herein. The cooktop appliance may include a panel, an electric heating element, an infinite switch, and the temperature switch. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259180

 new patent  A gas burner with multiple rings of flames for cooking hobs

A multi flame-ring gas burner for cooktops includes a lower burner body configured to receive at least two injectors facing venturi ducts; a first burner base with a first cap and with openings for a central flame ring; and a second burner base with a second annular cap and openings for an outer annular flame ring. The lower burner body has a seat for a spark plug interacting with the first burner base; two cylindrical seats having substantially horizontal and parallel axes accommodating two tubular elements internally shaped like linear venturi ducts; and a substantially tubular portion projecting upward, the first burner base being integral with the projecting tubular portion. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259165

 new patent  Downligtht apparatus

A downlight apparatus has a major housing, multiple hook slots, and multiple hooks. The major housing has a surface ring and a main cup. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259155

 new patent  Artificial illumination device comprising light-emitter/collimator pair array

An artificial illumination device for generating natural light similar to that from the sun and the sky comprises a direct-light source comprising a first emitting surface and configured to produce, from primary light, direct light exiting the first emitting surface into a direct-light direction at low divergence, the direct-light source comprising a plurality of pairs of a first light-emitting device positioned upstream the first emitting surface and configured to emit the primary light and a collimator configured to collimate the primary light emitted by the first light-emitting device along the direct-light direction; and a diffused-light generator configured to cause diffused light at a second emitting surface. Both co-operate to form outer light at the outer emitting surface comprising a first light component propagating within a low divergence cone along the direct light direction and a second light component propagating along directions outside the low divergence cone wherein the first light component has a correlated color temperature lower than a cct of the second light component so that an observer sees, when looking towards the first emitting surface, a bright spot surrounded by a bluish background which mimics the sky.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259051

 new patent  Axle assembly having a drive pinion and a bearing preload element

An axle assembly having a drive pinion that may be rotatably supported by first and second sets of roller bearing elements. A preload element may exert a preload force on at least one of the first and second sets of roller bearing elements. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180259028

 new patent  Shock absorber

A shock absorber includes a cylinder in which a working fluid is sealed, a piston rod movable into and out of the cylinder, the piston rod extending from the cylinder, a piston disposed inside the cylinder, the piston being configured to partition a first fluid chamber and a second fluid chamber, and a choke portion formed by penetration of a seamless choke passage, the seamless choke passage being configured to allow the first fluid chamber to communicate with the second fluid chamber.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258977

 new patent  Fastener with loop or hook

A fastener formed of an eyelet loop, forming a loop shaped section. The eyelet loop having a first hole at a first section, said first hole holding a threaded fastener therein, where the fastener has a fastener head that holds against an inside surface of the first hole, and an outside surface of the first hole adapted and sized for abutting against an attachment surface to which the eyelet loop will be fastened. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258964

 new patent  Locking clamp

A locking clamp for use in a cable system for stretching a sheet across a surface and maintaining it under tension, the locking clamp having a base member defining a first grasping surface; an elongate tongue member rotatively coupled to a first portion of the base member and defining a second grasping surface, and a locking member that is rotatively coupled to a second portion of the base member and that is configured to selectively rotate the tongue member to urge at least a portion of the second grasping surface of the tongue member into engageable contact with the first grasping surface of the base member. The base member of the locking clamp also has a hook configured to removably engage a cable of a tensioning system.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258922

 new patent  Reciprocating compressor for a cooling device

A reciprocating compressor for a cooling device provided with a closed circuit (c) having a main branch (m), in which a first flow rate (x) of circulating coolant enters in the compressor, and a first economizer branch, or secondary branch (e), in which a second flow rate (x1) of coolant circulates under a pressure different from the pressure of the first flow rate (x) of coolant, the compressor being provided with a cylinder and a piston reciprocatingly moving in the cylinder, between a top dead center (s) and a bottom dead center (i), and having a suction duct for the entrance of the first flow rate of coolant, and a port obtained in the wall of the cylinder for the entrance of the second flow rate of coolant, in such a way that the piston exposes at least in part the first inlet port, at least during its inlet stroke, and covers the port at least during its compression stroke, wherein the first inlet port has a slit shape with the main dimension substantially transverse to the axis (a) of the cylinder.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258903

 new patent  In-bank vertical axis hydropower system

A hydropower system for generating electrical energy from water flowing along a bank includes a shaft configured to rotate about a vertical axis, an electrical generator configured to generate electrical energy in response to rotation of the shaft, and a first hydrokinetic device including a plurality of blades attached to the shaft and angularly displaced from each other around the axis. A portion of the first hydrokinetic device is submerged in the water within a cavity formed in the bank, and a portion of the first hydrokinetic device extends outside the cavity and is submerged within the flowing water. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258884

 new patent  Engine

An engine includes: a piston including a cavity; a cylinder head configured so as to form a combustion chamber having a pent roof shape; a fuel injection valve configured to inject fuel in a period from a second half of a compression stroke until a first half of an expansion stroke; and a spark plug arranged at a position corresponding to an upper side of the cavity. Injection openings which are arranged in a circumferential direction surrounding a longitudinal axis of the valve and through each of which the fuel is injected in a direction inclined relative to the longitudinal axis by a predetermined angle is formed such that when a height of a ceiling of the combustion chamber at a position corresponding to an edge end portion of the cavity in an injection direction of the injection opening is large, the injection angle of the injection opening is large.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258847

 new patent  Ecological sequestration of carbon dioxide/increase of bio-energy obtainable through biomass

According to known methods, biomass is broken down under the action of water vapour via a carbon monoxide-hydrogen mixture (called synthesis gas) as an intermediate stage into hydrogen and carbon dioxide instead of being combusted directly to generate energy. Carbon dioxide is stored/sequestered and the hydrogen is used to generate energy. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258672

 new patent  Automotive door having interior door handle for preventing accident

Provided is an automotive door having an interior door handle for preventing an accident. The door handle is connected to a rod to control operation of a door lock assembly inside a vehicle and is disposed on a door of the vehicle at a position corresponding to the shoulder of an adult sitting in the vehicle. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258578

 new patent  Flexible apparatus including moveable attachment points and related devices

An apparatus can include a non-rigid member including a top end and a bottom end. A plurality of movable attachment points can be configured to be variably space apart along the non-rigid member between the top end and the bottom end. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258417

 new patent  Rapid characterization of cas endonuclease systems, pam sequences and guide rna elements

Compositions and methods are provided for rapid characterization of cas endonuclease systems and the elements comprising such systems, including, but not limiting to, rapid characterization of pam sequences, guide rna elements and cas endonucleases. Type ii cas9 endonuclease systems originating from brevibacillus laterosporus, lactobacillus reuteri mic3, lactobacillus rossiae dsm 15814, pediococcus pentosaceus sl4, lactobacillus nodensis jcm 14932, sulfurospirillum sp. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180258254

 new patent  Nanomaterial-biomass fiber composite and preparation method thereof

A nanomaterial-biomass fiber composite and preparation method thereof. The biomass fibers are cut or sliced, and then dried. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257970

 new patent  Hot bending molding mold for automotive glass

A bending mold capable of thermally bending an automotive windscreen comprises a fixed frame and two movable frames. A curvature adjusting apparatus is additionally provided corresponding to the bottom of each movable frame. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257915

 new patent  Hydraulic controller for a hydraulically actuated liftable and lowerable hook of a crane

A hydraulically actuated liftable and lowerable hook of a crane has a hydraulic system comprises at least one working machine with a hydraulic motor driving a winch. At least one drive machine comprising a pump is connected directly or indirectly to at least one of the working machines by means of two connections via corresponding working lines, which serve as a feed or return depending on the operating state of the working machine. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257906

 new patent  Control method for an elevator control system

An elevator control method for an elevator system including cars movable in an elevator shaft of a building the building being dividable into serving sectors each serving sector including at least one floor to be served by a car, and a recording device for recording car usage data, the recording device being dedicated to the cars, wherein the recording device forwards the car usage data to an elevator controller receiving the car usage data for creating car-logbook-data. The method of division of the serving sectors is decided on evaluation-analysis of the car-logbook-data by gathering and storing the car usage data over a period of time into a memory of the elevator controller and allocating a serving sector in dependency of the evaluation-analysis of the car usage data respectively.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257883

 new patent  Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a first casing, a pivotable second casing, a pivotable document cover, and a lock mechanism including a movable hook and a fixed hook. The second casing has a document support surface. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257852

 new patent  Packaging device for a windscreen wiper comprising a curved blade and an integrated flexible structure

A packaging device for a windscreen wiper blade has a housing configured to receive the blade, having a first support surface configured to contact a portion of an upper part of the blade, a second support surface configured to contact a first portion of a lower part of the blade, a third support surface configured to contact a second portion of the lower part of the blade, a centering means, and a hooking means for hanging the packaging device vertically. The centering means blocks the blade at the center of the housing when the packaging device is hung. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257764

 new patent  Suspension for landing condition

An aerocar with a dual mode suspension system configured to operate in a roadable mode and a flight mode. The aerocar may include a front suspension assembly having a front axle, and a rear suspension assembly having a rear axle. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257757

 new patent  System for manufacture of foam sheets rigidized with polymer infiltration

An eco-wood formulation finds new uses as construction materials. A rigid polymer material sheet for use in building construction comprises a polymer mixture of ultrafine particles of polyvinylchloride (pvc) impact modifier, plant fiber, coupling agent, smoke suppressant, activated clay, lubricant, an activator, environmentally friendly flame retardant, heat stabilizers, odorless crosslinking agent, foaming agent, desmopressin agent. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257721

 new patent  Foldable utility trailer

A foldable utility trailer has a frame, a trailer bed, at least one axle, a coupler and a locking mechanism. The frame has a front end, a back end, a first segment adjacent the front end and a second segment adjacent the back end. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257697

 new patent  Rack bar supporting device of steering apparatus for vehicle

The present embodiments relate to a rack bar supporting device of a vehicle steering apparatus, which may include: a support yoke configured to be inserted into a cylinder of a gear box and configured to have a support recess famed on a front surface thereof to support a rack bar positioned in the lateral direction therein and a yoke hollow formed on a rear surface thereof so as to receive an elastic member; a yoke plug configured to have a plug hollow famed on a front surface thereof to receive the elastic member for supporting the support yoke toward the rack bar and configured to be connected to the cylinder of the gear box; and damping members configured to protrude from a rear surface of the support yoke so as to be supported by a front surface of the yoke plug when an impact load is reversely transferred from the road surface through the rack bar.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257672

 new patent  Impact detection device for a system for locking the kingpin of a semitrailer on a railway unit

An impact detection device for a system for locking the kingpin of a semitrailer on a railway unit includes a rigid connecting piece connected to a kingpin receiving structure and a connecting shaft connecting the rigid connecting piece to the railway unit, mounted on the railway unit, received with the ability to pivot in an oblong provided in the rigid connecting piece and capable of moving in the oblong. The device also includes a shear pin that prevents the connecting shaft from moving in the oblong and which breaks in the event of an impact so as to allow the connecting shaft to move in the oblong, a bypass pipe mounted as a bypass on the general pipe of the railway unit, and a cutoff tool secured to the railway unit, which cuts off the bypass pipe when the shear pin is broken and a connecting shaft is moving in the oblong.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257576

 new patent  Adjustable receptacle holder for a vehicle

An adjustable retainer for attaching a receptacle, such as a thermal cooler, to a vehicle includes a frame for securing to a vehicle, such as a truck bed. Opposing jaws are movable in guide slots in the fame. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257575

 new patent  Headrest hook hanger apparatus

A headrest hook hanger that clamps and mounts to the side of the headrest and over the shoulder of the car seat. The headrest hook hanger has hooks that can hang hats, caps, and garments inside any vehicle.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257564

 new patent  Method and system for artificial intelligence based advanced driver assistance

The present invention provides a method and system of historical reaction based driver advanced assistance. In this method, a combination of external environment to a vehicle on which the advanced driver assistance system (adas) is mounted fetched by forward looking cameras is combined with rear looking camera for internal environment or driver state, is generated. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257561

 new patent  Method and system for historical state based advanced driver assistance

The present invention provides a method and system of historical emotion based driver advanced assistance. In this method, a combination of external environment to a vehicle on which the advanced driver assistance system (adas) is mounted fetched by forward looking cameras is combined with rear looking camera for internal environment or driver state, is generated. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257560

 new patent  Method and system for vehicle status based advanced driver assistance

The present invention provides a method and system of historical reaction based driver advanced assistance. In this method, a combination of external environment to a vehicle on which the advanced driver assistance system (adas) is mounted fetched by forward looking cameras is combined with rear looking camera for internal environment or driver state, is generated. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257541

 new patent  Auxiliary spare tire brake light

An auxiliary spare tire brake light is provided for a vehicle having a spare tire with a rim that has spokes and openings and that is secured on lugs at the back of the vehicle. The auxiliary spare tire brake light includes a support disc having a central portion and a peripheral portion. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257527

 new patent  Articulating locking mechanism for a seatback

An articulating locking mechanism includes a support bracket having a receiving slot and a retaining flange. A pivot member is received in the receiving slot. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257472

 new patent  Motor vehicle having reduced engine movement caused by collision

A motor vehicle includes an engine assembly housed in a bay, a subframe adjacent a bottom of the bay, a bulkhead adjacent a rear of the bay, and a catch structure extending laterally across the bay above the subframe and adjacent an upper end of the bulkhead. A lower catch hook is coupled to the engine assembly and configured to engage the subframe and transfer load from the engine assembly to the subframe when the engine assembly moves toward the bulkhead during a collision. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257445

 new patent  Deployable tow hook assembly and method

A tow hook assembly includes a bracket and a tow loop carried on the bracket. The bracket includes a guide track. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257444

 new patent  Chain holder

A chain holder includes a first portion, a second portion, a third portion connecting the first portion with the third portion, a first hook portion extending from the first portion, and a second hook portion extending from the second portion. The first portion and the second portion may be disposed substantially in parallel with each other. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257426

 new patent  Escape device for self-rescue in case of auto tyre being trapped in pit

Disclosed is an escape device for self-rescue in the case of an auto tyre being trapped in a pit, comprising a central positioning device, at least one tyre claw and a jacking device. The central positioning device is positioned and mounted at a central position of spokes of a tyre. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257319

 new patent  Cutting mechanism

There is disclosed a cutting mechanism for severing elongate fibre reinforcement material in composite material lay-up equipment, the cutting mechanism comprising a cutting element and a counteracting element which cooperate to sever fibre reinforcement material extending through the nip between them, the cutting element being mounted on an elongate arm which is pivotable about a pivot axis a spaced from the nip, to displace the cutting element relatively to the counteracting element to perform a cutting stroke, the mechanism further comprising guide means arranged to guide the fibre reinforcement material through the nip in a feed direction transverse to the pivot axis a, and an actuation device for driving the elongate arm in a cutting stroke, the actuation device acting on the elongate arm at a position away from the cutting element. There is also provided composite material lay-up equipment comprising the cutting mechanism.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257247

 new patent  Switch structure for pliers

A switch structure for pliers contains: a first operation part, a second operation part, a first spring, a fastener, and a limitation member. The first operation part is rotatably connected with the second operation part so as to form a first grip, a second grip, a first cutting plier, and a second cutting plier. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257219

 new patent  Methods and systems for food preparation in a robotic cooking kitchen

The present disclosure is directed to methods, computer program products, and computer systems for instructing a robot to prepare a food dish by replacing the human chef's movements and actions. Monitoring a human chef is carried out in an instrumented application-specific setting, a standardized robotic kitchen in this instance, and involves using sensors and computers to watch, monitor, record and interpret the motions and actions of the human chef, in order to develop a robot-executable set of commands robust to variations and changes in the environment, capable of allowing a robotic or automated system in a robotic kitchen to prepare the same dish to the standards and quality as the dish prepared by the human chef.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257118

 new patent  Cleaning device for barrel of paintball gun

A swab device for cleaning the barrel of a paintball gun has a shaft and a sleeve is slidably mounted over the shaft. An absorbent material is wrapped about the sleeve. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257097

 new patent  Swivel shower having a fluid pressure driven swivel body

Swivel shower including a base body, a swivel body including a shower outlet and held on the base body for swivel movement about a swivel axis between a first swivel body end position, constituting a rest position, and a second swivel body end position, constituting an operating position, a shower fluid inlet for supplying a shower fluid, and a swivel drive for driven swiveling of the swivel body, wherein the swivel drive includes a slide piston capable of being pressurized by a fluid pressure of the supplied shower fluid, which piston is arranged for translational movement between a first piston end position, corresponding with the first swivel body end position, and a second piston end position, corresponding with the second swivel body end position. Illustratively, the slide piston is arranged with a translation directional component in parallel to the swivel axis, and/or the swivel drive includes a transmission element in the form of a slotted guide mechanism between the slide piston and the swivel body, wherein the transmission element transmits the translational movement of the slide piston into a swivel movement of the swivel body, and/or the shower outlet in the rest position of the swivel body is swiveled away from a visible face of the swivel shower, and a swivel angle stroke from the first to the second swivel body end position is at most 90°.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257094

 new patent  Spray apparatus

An improved spray apparatus designed to optimize the pattern of the texture material and the performance of the spray apparatus to look and perform similar to a hopper texture gun or texture spray rig used by professionals. The spray apparatus, has a housing defining a cavity. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257073

 new patent  In vitro biosimulator to induce pattern formation in non-adherent cells

Conventional dishes and plates do not induce adhesion of non-adherent eukaryotic cells and microorganisms. When animal/human cells are cultured in a petri dish the adherent cells attach to the bottom of the dish, whereas the non-adherent cells float in the growing medium. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180257063

 new patent  Catalyst for dehydration of glycerin, preparation method thereof, and production method of acrolein using the catalyst (as amended)

Particularly, the catalyst according to an embodiment of the present disclosure is used in a dehydration reaction of glycerin to exhibit high catalytic activity, a high yield, and high selectivity to acrolein and acrylic acid, and has a longer lifetime compared to the conventional catalysts due to a characteristic that coke carbon cannot be easily deposited on the surface of the catalyst.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256835

 new patent  Disposable tank and mod assembly

A disposable medical grade tank and mod assembly for dose controlled smokeless administration of a plurality of vaporized chemicals, and method of use thereof.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256825

 new patent  Safety needle device with snap feature and method of making same

The present invention safety device is a one-piece needle assembly that has a base and a housing pivotally connected to the base. The base has a distal portion to which a needle is fitted. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256814

 new patent  Apparatus and method for temporarily securing a movable accessory device relative to a movable patient

This disclosure includes apparatuses and methods for temporarily securing a movable accessory structure relative to a movable patient-support structure. Some of the present apparatuses include an s-shaped body having a front, a back, a top, a bottom, a first side, a second side, and a longitudinal axis extending through the first and second sides, the body defining a first hook on the first side, and a second hook on the second side, the first hook opening toward the front of the body to define a first opening, and the second hook opening toward the back of the body to define a second opening. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256712

 new patent  Toxicity management for anti-tumor activity of cars

The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a patient. In one embodiment, the method comprises a first-line therapy comprising administering to a patient in need thereof a genetically modified t cell expressing a car wherein the car comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a cd3 zeta signaling domain and monitoring the levels of cytokines in the patient post t cell infusion to determine the type of second-line of therapy appropriate for treating the patient as a consequence of the presence of the car t cell in the patient.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256664

 new patent  Composition for preventing or treating stroke or degenerative brain disease

The present invention relates to a composition for preventing and/or treating a stroke or a degenerative brain disease comprising: at least two substances selected from the group consisting of egg yolk lecithin, glycerol, sodium oleate, medium chain triglyceride and refined fish oil; olive oil; and soybean oil. The composition of the present invention has an excellent neuroprotective effect but no toxicity or side effects, and thus can be effectively and safely used for preventing, treating or ameliorating a stroke or a degenerative brain disease.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256651

 new patent  Composition having lactobacillus paracasei strain gmnl-653 for treating psoriasis

A composition having the lactobacillus paracasei strain gmnl-653 for treating psoriasis is provided. The lactobacillus paracasei strain gmnl-653 has anti-inflammation properties, and inhibits the secretion of cytokine il-6 and il-17, so that the psoriasis symptoms caused by over-inflammation are improved/relieved.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256628

 new patent  Methods for therapeutic administration of messenger ribonucleic acid drugs

The disclosure features methods of reducing or inhibiting an anti-drug antibody response in a subject, as well as methods of reducing or inhibiting unwanted immune cell activation in a subject to be treated with a messenger rna (mrna), comprising administering to the subject a mrna, e.g., a chemically modified messenger rna (mmrna), encoding a polypeptide of interest, wherein the mrna comprises at least one microrna (mir) binding site for a mir expressed in immune cells, such as mir-126 binding site and/or mir-142 binding site, such that an anti-drug antibody response to the polypeptide or interest, or unwanted immune cell activation (e.g., b cell activation, cytokine secretion), is reduced or inhibited in the subject. The disclosure further provides therapeutic treatment regimens designed to reduce or inhibit ad a or unwanted immune cell activation (e.g., b cell activation, cytokine secretion) in a subject being treated with mrna-based therapeutics.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256623

 new patent  Compositions and method for regulating adipose tissue lipolysis, insulin-resistance, and hyperglycemia

The present application discloses compositions and methods useful for controlling blood glucose and insulin resistance during the acute stress response. It is shown that atglistatin can attenuate glucose excursions and insulin resistance arising from surgical procedures. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256603

 new patent  Compositions comprising triterpenoids

The invention relates to compositions and formulations comprising at least one triterpenoic acid and at least one neutral triterpenoid and uses thereof for treating stroke or trauma and side effects related thereto.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256593

 new patent  Pharmaceutical compositions comprising meloxicam

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising a drug such as a triptan (e.g. Rizatriptan) and/or an nsaid (e.g. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256514

 new patent  Methods for the treatment of tinnitus induced by cochlear excitotoxicity

The invention relates to methods for the prevention and/or treatment of tinnitus induced by cochlear excitotoxicity. In these methods, a pharmaceutical composition comprising an nmda receptor antagonist is administered to an individual in need of such treatment by appropriate devices and/or formulations for local administration to the inner ear. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256509

 new patent  Nanoparticle compositions and methods thereof to restore vascular integrity

The present invention relates to methods for treating systemic inflammation. In certain embodiments, the method comprises administering a therapeutically effective amount of curcumin-selenium loaded nanoparticles. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256302

 new patent  Apex locator

The present invention provides a root canal length measuring device including: a measuring module configured to include a file hook electrically connected to an endodontic file, and a lip hook to be connected to a lip or a gum; a control module configured to measure the value of impedance which varies as the file moves from the surface of a tooth toward the apex of the root of the tooth, and provide an image signal or a sound signal representing information on the position of the apex of the root and information on the length of the apex of the root; and a communication module configured to receive the image signal or the sound signal from the control module, and wirelessly transmit the received signal to a smart device in real time.. . ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256221

 new patent  Proximal femur hook plate

A bone plate for treating periprosthetic fractures includes a head portion to be positioned along a greater trochanter of a bone. The head portion includes pairs of bone fixation element receiving openings extending therethrough from a first surface of the plate which, when the plate is in an operative position, faces away from the bone, and a second surface which, when the plate is in the operative position, faces toward the bone. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256097

 new patent  Paralysis monitoring system

A paralysis monitoring system can be utilized during various medical procedures. Generally, the system is used during procedures involving anesthesia, when general paralysis is necessary, e.g., during surgery that requires cutting through or mobilizing muscle tissue. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180256052

 new patent  Method and apparatus for estimating neural recruitment

An implantable device for estimating neural recruitment arising from a stimulus, has a plurality of electrodes. A stimulus source provides stimuli to be delivered from the electrodes to neural tissue. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255973

 new patent  Movable cooking surface

Disclosed is a cooking device having cooking surfaces that move with respect to the device or one another. The cooking surfaces can slide or otherwise move on, for example, rails to allow access to portions of the cooking device that would otherwise be obstructed by the cooking surfaces.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255972

 new patent  Grease and debris capturing system

A grease and debris capturing system for inhibiting grease and debris from collection on a cooking appliance includes a range that has an oven and a stove top. The oven has a first heating element and the stove top has a plurality of second heating elements. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255971

 new patent  Air fryer

An air fryer system is disclosed which comprises a base having a heating source and an air source located therein, both sources being supplied power for operation by an ac power cord. A cooking chamber is defined within the base and a cooking drawer fits securely within the cooking chamber to substantially seal the chamber against heat loss during use. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255970

 new patent  Modular griddle with searing device

A collection of cooking devices are modularly attachable to a common base frame. For example, a searing device can be selectively attached to a pivotable handle assembly, such that the handle and searing device are moveable between a sear position and a raised position relative to the griddle. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255969

 new patent  Continuous cooking surface with individually controllable heating zones

Examples are disclosed herein that relate to a grill with a continuous cooking surface having individually controllable heating zones separated by one or more isolation zones. One example provides a grill, comprising a grill plate defining a continuous cooking surface comprising a plurality of individually controllable heating zones separated by one or more isolation zones, each heating zone comprising one or more heating elements positioned beneath the grill plate, and each isolation zone comprising a cooling fluid channel, and a cooling fluid circulation system configured to control a flow of a cooling fluid through the cooling fluid channel for each isolation zone.. ... Cook Incorporated

09/13/18 / #20180255968

 new patent  Continuous grill and cooking method

A continuous grill with at least two grill rollers forming at least one grilling gap, in one aspect, includes an assembly capable of rotating relative to and projecting out of or into at least one roller. An inner rotary bearing is disposed between this roller and assembly and/or this assembly is mounted on a housing of the grill or on a carrier group mounted immovably relative to the housing. ... Cook Incorporated

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