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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Mobile communication system and onboard terminal

A mobile communication system is provided. A service provider terminal distributes service initiation information by using a control channel. ... Denso Corporation

Voltage detection apparatus

A voltage detection apparatus includes a supervisory unit that detects terminal voltage of battery cells that constitute a battery module, a high potential path, a low potential path, a differential amplifier that detects terminal voltage of the battery module. First and third switches are provided on the high potential path and second and fourth switches are provided on the low potential line. ... Denso Corporation

Ignition device

An ignition coil includes a first winding, a second winding, and a third winding. A first switch is electrically connected to the first winding. ... Denso Corporation

Wireless tag passing determination apparatus

A wireless tag passing determination apparatus includes: an antenna that provides multiple communicable regions and a communication disabled region, the communicable regions being arranged alternately with the communication disabled region, such that the communicable regions includes both sides of a passing determination point in a longitudinal direction of a passage in which passing of a wireless tag is determined; a tag reader that determines whether to read a signal transmitted by the wireless tag, based on a signal representing electric wave transmitted by the wireless tag existing in the communicable regions and received by the antenna; and a passing determination section that determines whether the wireless tag passes by the passing determination point, based on a pattern of presence or absence of reading in association with a lapse of time.. . ... Denso Corporation

Sensor failure diagnostic apparatus

A sensor failure diagnostic apparatus includes a first estimation unit to estimate a mixing ratio of each type of a molecular structure included in a fuel, based on combustion parameters when a combustion of an internal combustion engine is executed in different combustion conditions, among the combustion parameters sensed by a combustion sensor, a second estimation unit to estimate the mixing ratio, based on characteristic parameters sensed by a characteristic sensor, a combustion sensor diagnostic unit to determine whether a failure of the combustion sensor exists, based on a sensed value of the combustion sensor when the combustion is not executed, and a characteristic sensor diagnostic unit to determine whether a failure of the characteristic sensor exists, by comparing the mixing ratio estimated by the first estimation unit with the mixing ratio estimated by the second estimation unit when the combustion sensor diagnostic unit determines the combustion sensor is normal.. . ... Denso Corporation

Water leakage detector

A water leakage detector includes: an electrostatic capacity sensor that is arranged at a bottom portion of a housing; and a leg portion that provides a space between the bottom portion and a floor of the housing including the electrostatic capacity sensor. With this configuration, it may be possible to detect quickly in an earlier stage of water leakage and achieve resistance to deterioration caused by an environment.. ... Denso Corporation

Operating-status diagnostic apparatus

An operating-status diagnostic apparatus includes a sensor unit and a control unit. The sensor unit detects heat fluxes flowing outward from a component of a facility. ... Denso Corporation

Physical quantity sensor subassembly and physical quantity measuring device

The physical quantity sensor subassembly has a preformed part, a wiring member, and an outer resin portion. The preformed part includes a physical quantity sensing element configured to detect a physical quantity other than a flow rate of the gas to be measured, a wiring terminal electrically connected to the physical quantity sensing element, a concave portion in which the gas to be measured is introduced, and an inner resin portion is molded around the physical quantity sensing element and the wiring terminal to be integral with the physical quantity sensing element and the wiring terminal. ... Denso Corporation

Fuel tank and fuel supply system

A holder unit is movably provided in a tank body in such a manner that one end of the holder unit is movably connected to a rotation supporting portion formed on a bottom wall of the tank body. A manual lever is connected to the other end of the holder unit. ... Denso Corporation

Fuel vapor treatment apparatus

A fuel vapor treatment apparatus is provided with an air-fuel-ratio obtaining portion and a clogging determining portion. The air-fuel-ratio obtaining portion obtains the air-fuel ratio. ... Denso Corporation

Intake air control device

A fixing shaft portion of a valve shaft is fixed to a throttle valve at first and second locations by first and second fixing members. A first bearing includes an inner race fixed to a first rotatable shaft portion of the valve shaft, and an outer race fixed to a valve body. ... Denso Corporation

P-type 4h-sic single crystal and method for producing p-type 4h-sic single crystal

The present invention provides a p-type 4h—sic single crystal, which is doped with both aluminum and nitrogen, and has a nitrogen concentration of 2.0×1019/cm3 or more.. . ... Denso Corporation

Advanced driver assistance system

The present disclosure provides an advanced driver assistance system that includes a trailer detecting unit detecting whether a trailer is connected with a vehicle, a trailer type detecting unit detecting a type of the trailer, and a driving area recognition unit recognizing a driving area where the vehicle is driving. The trailer type detecting unit outputs a trailer type signal. ... Denso Corporation

Controller for vehicle

A controller is applied to a vehicle including an engine (11) and a motor generator (12 and 13) as power sources of the vehicle and a battery (20) that transfers power with the motor generator. The controller charges the battery with a regeneration power that is a power regenerated by the motor generator when the vehicle is decelerated. ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272992

Systems and methods for surveillance of a vehicle using camera images

System, methods, and other embodiments described herein relate to surveillance of a vehicle. In one embodiment, a method includes, in response to detecting a surveillance event associated with the vehicle, collecting information from one or more sensors of the vehicle about the surveillance event. ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272861

Fuel tank system

A tank passage is connected at its one end to a fuel tank, which stores fuel. A canister is connected to the other end of the tank passage and adsorbs evaporated fuel generated by evaporation of fuel in the fuel tank. ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272840

Vehicle-mounted heat utilization device

A vehicle-mounted heat utilization device (10) includes: an engine fluid circuit (12) in which fluid circulates to cool an engine (18); a heater fluid circuit (14) that passes through an exhaust heat recovery apparatus (26) that recovers a heat of exhaust gas (28) and a vehicle-interior heat exchanger (24) for radiating a heat of the fluid into a vehicle interior; a cooling-heating fluid circuit (16) that passes through a radiating heat exchanger (34), the radiating heat exchanger being included in a refrigeration cycle (30) in which refrigerant is compressed by a compressor (32) and the compressed refrigerant is expanded; a first switching unit (52) that is configured to selectively switch a state of the engine fluid circuit (12) and the heater fluid circuit (14) between a connected and a disconnected state; a second switching unit (54) that is configured to selectively switch a state of the heater fluid circuit (14) and the cooling-heating fluid circuit (16) between a connected state and a disconnected state.. . ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272835

Vehicular air conditioning device

A vehicular air conditioning device includes a cabin air conditioning unit having a cabin side ventilator and a temperature adjusting unit, and a seat air conditioning unit having a seat side ventilator a ventilation duct that guides at least a portion of the air temperature adjusted by the temperature adjusting unit toward the seat side ventilator. A plurality of seat side blowout portions in a seat. ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272563

Method of producing spark plug insulator

Provided are a molding step (a) of preparing an alumina molded body 11 from a molding raw material which contains an alumina raw material powder having an average particle size of 2 μm to 5 μm and a molding additive, and a sintering step (b) of preparing an alumina molded body 12, which becomes a spark plug insulator 1, by sintering the alumina molded body 11. At the sintering step (b), the alumina molded body 11 is conveyed to a continuous furnace 100 provided with a heating zone z1 which is heated to 700° c. ... Denso Corporation

09/27/18 / #20180272531

Center-of-gravity-of-load position calculator for robot and method thereof

A center-of-gravity-of-load position calculator is provided which determines the position of the center of gravity of a physical load held by a horizontal four-axis robot arm. The center-of-gravity-of-load position calculator moves horizontally move the physical load a plurality of times in conditions where positions of a fourth axis are different from each other and measures degrees of torque acting on the fourth axis during such movement to calculate given first and second parameters. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180270633

Communication device

. . A communication device is used in a mobile communication system switching alternately two communication time zones of a control channel (cch) time zone in which communication using a control channel (cch) is performed and a service channel time zone in which communication using a service channel is performed. A cch transmission processor section transmits data using the control channel. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269799

Power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus is provided in which an upper arm semiconductor device, a lower arm semiconductor device and a capacitor. At least either upper arm semiconductor device or lower arm semiconductor device constitutes a parallel-connected body. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269600

Pump device and terminal member

In a noise suppression device of a washer pump, a first capacitor and a second capacitor are disposed with their height directions along a first direction orthogonal to an axial direction of the washer pump. This thereby enables installation space for the first capacitor and the second capacitor to be suppressed from becoming larger in the axial direction. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269581

Antenna device

An antenna device includes a ground and a folded antenna element. The ground has a side which has a length gx smaller than or equal to λ/2 when a signal wavelength is defined as a. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269571

Antenna device and ground connection structure

An antenna device includes first and second folded antenna elements connected to first and second perpendicular sides of a ground at first and second connection points, respectively. The first and second sides have lengths gx and gy shorter than or equal to half the signal wavelength λ. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269166

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a metal member (15), a first semiconductor chip (13), a second semiconductor chip (14), a first solder (24) and a second solder (25). A quantity of heat generated in the first semiconductor chip is greater than the second semiconductor chip. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180269122

Printed substrate and electronic device

A printed substrate having a first surface to which an electronic component is to be fixed through an underfill material includes a groove that is recessed from the first surface. The first surface includes a pair of lands that is to be electrically connected to the electronic component. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180268703

Vehicle system and vehicle controller for controlling vehicle

A vehicle system includes a vehicle size sensor mounted in a subject vehicle, the vehicle size sensor configured to detect whether a leading vehicle in front of the subject vehicle is oversized, and a processor coupled to the subject vehicle and the vehicle size sensor. The subject vehicle is configured to perform an assisted passing of the leading vehicle based on a passing parameter that defines a characteristic of the assisted passing, and the processor is programmed to, during the assisted passing: communicate with the vehicle size sensor to determined whether the leading vehicle is oversized, and modify the passing parameter when the leading vehicle is determined to be oversized.. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180268228

Obstacle detection device

An obstacle detection device includes a detector, a generator, and an estimator. The detector detects a person region where a shape of a person is present, from a captured image. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180268218

Information display system

In an information display system, a wearable display displays information within a field of view of the user. Monitoring target information related to a monitoring target is acquired. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180267557

Vehicle system and vehicle controller for controlling vehicle

A processor is coupled to a vehicle, the processor being configured to store a lane change parameter. A feature sensor detects a feature of a passenger in the vehicle. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180267304

Head-up display device

A head-up display device includes an optical unit that includes a drivable reflecting mirror and adjusts a virtual image display position by driving the mirror, a reduction gear mechanism rotatably including transmission gears, a resilient member that generates restoring force in a direction to engage the gears, and a control unit controlling a rotational position of the stepping motor based on an adjustment command by a vehicle occupant. At least one gear predicted to incur a creep deformation is a specific gear. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180267138

Radar device

A radar device is equipped with a radar emitting section, a radar input section, a detector, and a cover. The radar emitting section radiates an electromagnetic wave. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180267106

Battery state estimating device

A battery state estimating device periodically estimates a battery state of a secondary battery. The battery state estimating device has a current amount acquiring section, a threshold amount memory, a current amount comparing section, a cycle setting section, and a battery state estimating section. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180266936

Particulate matter detection sensor

A sensor element which has a pair of positive and negative detection electrodes disposed on a surface of an insulation body as a detecting portion and a cover body configured to cover an opening of a cylindrical housing. The cover body is provided with gas inlet and outlet holes via which the measuring gas is introduced and discharged. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180266934

Particulate matter detection sensor

A particulate matter detection sensor has an element part for detecting an amount of pm contained in exhaust gas emitted from an internal combustion engine. A deposition part and at least a pair of detection electrodes are formed on an end surface of the element part. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180266775

Reinforcing clip and heat exchanger

The present disclosure provides a reinforcing clip for a heat exchanger. The reinforcing clip includes a first supporter, a second supporter, and a connecting member. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180266518

Eccentric oscillating reduction gear device

A second rotor and a third rotor are accommodated in a first rotor. A fitting portion of the third rotor is located in an engagement hole of the second rotor to engage the third rotor with the second rotor. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180266375

Clip for fuel injection valve and fuel injection valve unit

A clip for a fuel injection valve is formed by one wire member bent at a plurality of parts, and includes a contact part that contacts with a contacted surface formed on a fuel injection valve; a pressed part pressed in a downward direction by a pressing surface formed on a fuel supply pipe; a spring part formed between one end of the contact part and the pressed part and deformed by load in the downward direction received by the pressed part and transmitting the load in the downward direction to the contact part; and a rotation stopping part extended in an upward direction from an end part of the contact part opposite to the spring part and fitting with a rotation stopping fitting part of the fuel supply pipe. Since the spring part, the pressed part, and the rotation stopping part are connected to the respective end parts of the contact part opposite to each other, a stress is hardly transmitted to the rotation stopping part when the pressed part is pressed.. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180265084

Traveling path generation apparatus and traveling path generation method

A traveling path generation apparatus includes an information acquisition section, a target recognition section, and a path generation section. The path generation section generates, on the basis of road line shape information acquired by the information acquisition section, an expected traveling path on which an object vehicle is expected to travel along an object lane by correcting a lane traveling path such that a spacing in a lane width direction with respect to a close target recognized by the target recognition section becomes equal to or larger than a safe spacing.. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180264932

Air guiding unit and cooling module

An air guiding unit has a shroud having a vent hole, an air guiding duct, and a valve housed in the air guiding duct. A radiator, an engine cooling heat exchanger, and a blower are fixed to the shroud. ... Denso Corporation

09/20/18 / #20180264913

Thermal management system for vehicle

A thermal management system for a vehicle includes an engine cooling circuit that causes a heat medium to circulate through an engine, and an engine radiator that exchanges heat between the heat medium in the engine cooling circuit and outside air. The thermal management system for a vehicle further includes a switching device that switches between an independent mode in which the heat medium circulates respectively independently through a cooler cooling circuit and the engine cooling circuit, and a communication mode in which the cooler cooling circuit and the engine cooling circuit communicate with each other to cause the heat medium to flow between a chiller and the engine radiator; and a controller that controls an operation of the switching device to switch to the communication mode when a temperature of the heat medium in the engine cooling circuit is lower than a first heat-medium temperature.. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180255466

Mobile communication apparatus, map generating apparatus, resource management apparatus and wireless station management apparatus, for use in wireless access system

. . In a wireless communication system, a mobile communication apparatus judges the reception quality available at its current position for direct reception of information transmitted from a fixed wireless station, with the judgement based upon the current position and upon a reception quality map expressing a relationship between reception positions and corresponding reception quality values. If the reception quality at the current position is judged to be sufficient, direct reception is executed, while otherwise, a limitation is placed upon such direct reception, for example by postponing the direct reception until reaching a icy position at which the reception quality will be sufficient.. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180255165

In-vehicle handsfree apparatus and data transfer method

An in-vehicle navigation apparatus with a handsfree function establishes a bluetooth communication link with a cellular phone. When receiving from the cellular phone outgoing call history data and incoming call history data, which were stored in the cellular phone before establishing the bluetooth communication link, the in-vehicle navigation apparatus stores, in a work memory, the received outgoing call history data and the received incoming call history data, equally to, of the navigation apparatus itself, outgoing call history data and incoming call history data. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180254734

Rotary electric machine controller and electric power steering device using the same

A capacitor current estimating unit estimates a capacitor current based on phase currents. A capacitor temperature estimating unit estimates a capacitor temperature based on the capacitor current. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180254144

Ignition coil for internal combustion engine

An ignition coil for an internal combustion engine according to the present embodiment includes a primary coil, a secondary coil, a center core, an outer circumferential core, an igniter, a case, a connector unit, and a relay member. The relay member electrically connects the outer circumferential core and a grounding terminal member. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180253853

Boundary line recognition apparatus and branch road determination apparatus

In a boundary line recognition apparatus, based on luminance levels of an image captured by a camera, candidate edge points of a boundary line sectioning a travel road are extracted, and a candidate line of the boundary line is extracted. An apparent width of the candidate line on an image is calculated, from a width of the candidate line in a horizontal direction of the image and an angle of the candidate line relative to a vertical direction of the image. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180253630

Surrounding view camera blockage detection

A camera monitoring system for a vehicle includes a plurality of cameras disposed around an exterior of a vehicle. An image processing module communicates with the plurality of cameras, generating overhead view images from raw images taken by at least one of the plurality of cameras. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180253356

Vehicle communication apparatus, program product and communication system

A vehicle communication apparatus includes a reset object portion, a reset portion, a power source determination portion, and a reset execution portion. The reset object portion executes a software in both an on state and an off state of a vehicle power source. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180253178

Display unit for vehicle and display control unit

A display unit for a vehicle includes: a display; a touch panel; a substrate mounting a main cpu that generates image data, a sub cpu that controls electric power supply, a display controller, and multiple external connectors for one external device; a plate that supports the substrate; and a housing that accommodates the display, the plate, and the substrate. The plate is arranged to face the display. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180252671

Gas sensor

A gas sensor is equipped with a sensor element which detects a specific gas concentration within a gas that is being measured, a housing having the sensor element disposed in the interior thereof and retained therein, and an element cover disposed at an axial-direction tip end of the housing. The tip of the sensor element is provided with a gas introduction part. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180252595

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor includes a thermistor element, signal lines 3 and a cover. The thermistor element includes a resistor whose resistance changes with the change of temperature, and electrode wires 22 drawn from the resistor. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180252481

Heat exchanger

The present disclosure provides a heat exchanger that includes a plurality of tubes and a side plate arranged most outside of the plurality of tubes. The side plate extends in a longitudinal direction of the plurality of tubes. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180252151


An engine includes: a piston including a cavity; a cylinder head configured to form a combustion chamber having a pent roof shape; a fuel injection valve configured to inject fuel from a second half of a compression stroke until a first half of an expansion stroke; and a spark plug arranged at a position corresponding to an upper side of the cavity. Injection openings are arranged in a circumferential direction surrounding a longitudinal axis of the valve. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180252145

Exhaust gas recirculation system

The exhaust gas recirculation system comprises an exhaust recirculation pipe configured to recirculate an exhaust gas from an engine into an intake pipe of the engine, an exhaust gas heat exchanger connected to the exhaust recirculation pipe and configured to perform an heat exchange between the exhaust gas and an engine cooling water used for cooling the engine, a cooling water pipe configured to circulate the engine cooling water to the exhaust gas heat exchanger, and a heat insulating member forming a heat insulating layer on a heat transfer path from the exhaust gas heat exchanger to the outside.. . ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180251867

Feni ordered alloy and method for manufacturing feni ordered alloy

A method for manufacturing feni ordered alloy having a l10 type order structure is provided. After a nitrification process for nitriding a powder sample of a feni disordered alloy arranged in a tube furnace is performed using a nh3 gas, a de-nitrification process for removing a nitrogen from the feni disordered alloy which is processed by the nitrification process is performed using a h2 gas. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180251374

Ozone supply device

An ozone supply device includes an ozonizer, a blower and a housing while the housing serves as an intake duct member. The ozonizer includes electrodes that generate ozone through electric discharge. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180251011

Air conditioning system

An air conditioning system has a heat pump, a first-liquid-medium circuit in which a first liquid medium circulates, a second-liquid-medium circuit in which a second liquid medium circulates, a heat source, a connection switching device, and a controller. The connection switching device switches between a connection state in which the heat source is connected to the second-liquid-medium circuit and a disconnection state in which the heat source is disconnected from the second-liquid-medium circuit. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180251009

Engine controller, air conditioning system, and program for air-conditioning controller

An engine controller includes a reading section and a ratio-setting control section. The reading section is included in an air conditioner. ... Denso Corporation

09/06/18 / #20180250819

Robot motion program generating apparatus

A robot motion program generating apparatus generates a motion program for moving a robot, avoiding an obstacle. The apparatus comprises a section inputting a taught trajectory of the robot, a section setting a tolerance region around the trajectory inputted by the trajectory inputting section, a section setting a motion-point group that is a collection of the motion points, by determining motion points of the robot in the tolerance region set by the region setting section, and iterating a task of connecting a source motion point to a subsequent motion point through a line segment, avoiding the obstacle, starting from one end and ending at the other end of the trajectory, and a section generating the motion program, based on the motion-point group set by the point-group setting section.. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180242464

Multilayer substrate and method for manufacturing the same

Before a laminated body is subjected to hot pressing, at least two or more land electrodes are displaced from each other as viewed in the lamination direction, whereby at least two or more gaps disposed in the lamination direction are displaced from each other as viewed in the lamination direction. The hot pressing on the laminated body causes resin materials that compose resin films to flow and fill the gaps in the laminated body. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180242105

Motor vehicle key location system using wireless signal

Systems and methods are provided that include a transceiver system. The transceiver system is configured to (i) transmit a location request signal to a user identification device (uid), (ii) receive, in response to the uid receiving the location request signal, a position signal transmitted from the uid, and (iii) measure angles of arrival of the position signal for each transceiver of the transceiver system. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180241770

Communication system and repeater

A repeater serving as a relay device determines, when receiving a frame by a port, whether the received frame is a session request or not. When the received frame is a session request, the repeater then determines whether the repeater is in a prohibition state or not. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180241339

Motor control apparatus

A motor control apparatus that estimates a temperature of a temperature estimation target element at a time of energizing the motor and drives a motor by controlling an electric power is provided. The motor control apparatus includes a primary delay arithmetic unit that outputs a primary delay response as an amount of temperature change, a sensor value adder that adds a sensor value of a temperature sensor to the amount of temperature change, an offset adder that adds an offset temperature to an output of the sensor value adder, a response constant determination portion that determines the gain and the time constant, and an offset temperature determination portion. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180241333

Electric motor control device

An electric motor control device includes a control unit that controls operation of a drive circuit supplying electric power to an electric motor and a current sensor that detects current generated in the electric motor. The control unit detects fundamental high frequency current generated when the electric motor is applied with fundamental high frequency voltage for estimating the magnetic pole position, selects first electric angle and second electric angle corresponding to a d-axis direction of the magnetic pole position, detects first specific high frequency current generated when a position of the first electric angle is applied with specific high frequency voltage and second specific high frequency current generated when a position of the second electric angle is applied with the specific high frequency voltage, and compares the first and the second specific high frequency currents to estimate a positive d-axis direction of the magnetic pole position.. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180241106

Battery pack

A battery pack includes a plurality of battery cells, case (housing), circulation path, and blower. The circulation path includes battery paths, inflow side space, outflow side space, and a path along the housing. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180241104

Battery pack

A battery pack includes a plurality of batteries, a housing, a circulation path, and a blower. The circulation path includes a bottom wall side path formed between lower faces of the batteries and a bottom wall which is the bottom side of the housing. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180239974

Method and apparatus for detecting light source of vehicle

In a light control system, a captured image of a cruising direction of a vehicle is acquired, and a light source is extracted from the captured image. A probability for estimating a light source to be a vehicle light source originating from a vehicle is calculated based on light source parameters for differentiating the light source. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180239441

Operation system

An operation system includes: an operation device manually operated by a user; a control device that controls actions of a plurality of apparatuses according to a visual line direction of the user detected by a visual line detection sensor and an operation content of the operation device; and a contact detection device that detects that the user touches the operation device. The control device enables the visual line direction detected by the visual line detection sensor and reflects the visual line direction in a control of the control device when the contact detection device detects that the user touches the operation device.. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180239424

Operation system

An operation system includes: an operation device that is manually operated by a user and inputs a command of an action content to a command target apparatus selected from a plurality of apparatuses; a plurality of display units that are individually arranged on the plurality of apparatuses and display information corresponding to the action content; and a selection device that selects one of the plurality of apparatuses as the command target apparatus according to a visual line direction of a user detected by a visual line detection sensor, the one of the plurality of apparatuses corresponding to one of the display units disposed in the visual line direction.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238935

Abnormality diagnosis apparatus

An abnormality diagnosis apparatus performs: a first step of diagnosing a shortage of precharge voltage or a short-circuit failure between electrodes of a capacitor based on a detection value of a precharge voltage detection circuit in a state where a first relay and a second relay are turned off, and a precharge circuit is operated;, a second step of diagnosing, after a normal determination in the first step, a disconnection failure of a precharge path based on the detection value of the precharge voltage detection circuit or a detection value of an inter-relay voltage detection circuit in a state where the first relay and the second relay are turned off, and the precharge circuit is not operated; and a relay failure diagnosis step of diagnosing, after a normal determination in the second step, a short-circuit failure and an open failure of the first relay or the second relay.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238847

Method for evaluating exhaust gas simulation

Evaluation method of exhaust gas simulation capable of simply and appropriately evaluating the validity of the simulation is provided. In analysis data, an analysis amplitude curve is calculated in which a change in the concentration of virtual exhaust gas at the observation point in the converged pipe portion is plotted, and an analysis time interval between the zero point and the reference point in the analysis amplitude curve is plotted. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238826

A/f sensor and method of manufacturing the same

An a/f sensor includes a solid electrolyte body and a heater. The a/f sensor is disposed downstream of a purification device in a flow of exhaust gas g. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238409

Torsion spring

A torsion spring that is used in a throttle valve device increasing and decreasing an opening degree of an intake passage or an exhaust passage of an internal-combustion engine includes: two coil springs connected with each other so that torsion directions are opposite from each other; and a hook disposed between the two coil springs. Of the two coil springs, one side spring arranged at one side in an axial direction biases a valve object to a closing side, and the other side spring arranged at the other side in the axial direction biases the valve object to an opening side. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238282

Fuel injection device

A movable core is movable relative to a needle main body of a needle. A stationary core is placed on an opposite side of the movable core, which is opposite from a valve seat. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238275

Egr system for internal-combustion engine

In an engine, an intake duct is provided with an intercooler disposed downstream of an intake air compressor. An egr pipe is provided with an egr valve and an egr cooler. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180238273

Abnormality detection device for internal combustion engine

An abnormality detection device of an internal combustion engine includes an ecu that is an abnormality detection unit detecting a leakage occurrence of a second pure pipe. When the internal combustion engine is in a supercharging operation state that a supercharger operates and the second purge pipe is closed by a second purge valve, the ecu detects the leakage occurrence of the second purge pipe based on a differential pressure between a pressure in the second purge pipe and an atmospheric pressure. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180236976

Rain sensor

A lens receives light from an emitting element and guides the light reflected on an outer surface of a windshield toward a receiving element. Arithmetic processing is to acquire, as a sensor output signal, a difference between a light receiving value of the receiving element before or after an emission timing of pulsed light and a light receiving value at the emission timing. ... Denso Corporation

08/23/18 / #20180236846

System and method for minimizing air leak in an hvac unit

A heating, ventilation, and air condition (hvac) unit may include a casing, an evaporator, a heater core, and a first damper. The casing may define a front airflow passageway, a rear airflow passageway having an inlet, and first and second outlets in fluid communication with the rear airflow passageway. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180234209

Control device, monitoring system and method of checking success or failure of communication

There is provided a control device configured to be periodically monitored by a monitoring device, which is connected in communication with the control device, through the communication, the control device. An acquisition unit configured to acquire a monitoring result of the monitoring device corresponding to the period. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180232893

Calibration device, calibration method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for the same

A calibration device acquires an image of an imaging target located ahead of a vehicle. Images of the imaging targets behind the vehicle are acquired, which are different from the acquired images captured in the forward direction. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180232246

Data communication system for vehicle

When a verification result by a verifier is a success, an electronic control unit activates a rewriting target program stored in a second storage, and transmits a verification result reply signal that indicates that the verification result is a success to a relay apparatus. When a verification result by the verifier is a failure, the electronic control unit activates a communication control program stored in a first storage, and transmits a verification result reply signal that indicates that the verification result is a failure to the relay apparatus. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180232053

Control device

A control device controls a display having a touch screen. The control device includes a detector that detects touch on the touch screen, and a vibration controller that generates vibration of the touch screen according to the detected touch. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180231948

Controller and control program updating method

A controller according to an embodiment includes a main processing unit and a monitoring unit. The main processing unit executes a control program. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180231420

Radiant heat sensor

In a radiant heat sensor, first and second thermoelectric members are alternately arrayed one by one in a direction along a first surface of a plate-shaped member so as to be separated from each other, and each of the first and second thermoelectric members configure a portion of the first surface. First conductor patterns extend the first surface, disposed on the first surface so as to span a single first thermoelectric member and a single second thermoelectric member that are adjacent to each other, and configure hot contact portions between the first and second thermoelectric members. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180230924

Injection control device

An injection control device controls a fuel injection valve driven by an electric power. The injection control device includes a current detection unit to detect a driving current supplied to a solenoid of the fuel injection valve, an identification unit to identify a theoretical model of the driving current in a state where a movable core moved by an electromagnetic force generated by the solenoid is at rest, and a state detection unit to detect a state of the movable core. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180230891

Valve control device

A valve control device includes a valve unit disposed in a cooling water circuit, and a control part which controls operation of the valve unit. The control part has a rotation angle instruction part, a duty ratio calculator and a determiner. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229770

Driving supporter

A driving supporter includes a support inhibitor that inhibits support of driving when a steering-operation value is greater than a threshold value. The support inhibitor includes a threshold-value determiner that determines the threshold value to a value greater when a first object and a second object are present than when the first object is present, and the second object is absent. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229761

Rotation detecting apparatus

In a rotation detecting apparatus, while a switch is in an on state so that electrical power is supplied from a power source to a controller via the switch, the controller receives, as a first output signal, an output signal output from an output unit of a first rotation sensor, and receives, as a second output signal, an output signal output from an output unit of the second rotation sensor. The first output signal includes at least the first rotational information and the second rotational information based on the first rotation sensor, and the second output signal includes at least the first rotational information and the second rotational information based on the second rotation sensor. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229741

Information transfer device, electronic control device, information transmission device, and electronic control system

In an information transfer device (5) installed in a vehicle (3), the vehicle carrying the information transfer device (5) is referred to as a subject vehicle, and an information acquisition unit (9) acquires through communications with another vehicle (a) information indicating whether the other vehicle is being automatically driven, (b) information indicating functions of the other vehicle related to automatic driving, and (c) information indicating a schedule of the other vehicle related to automatic driving. An information processing unit (11) provides the information acquired by the information acquisition unit to the driver of the subject vehicle (3) or outputs the same to a driving control device (7) of the subject vehicle (3).. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229736

Evacuation driving assistance system

An evacuation driving assistance apparatus capable of evacuation driving toward an appropriate evacuation location is provided. In the evacuation driving assistance apparatus, a driver determination unit determines whether or not a driver of an own vehicle is in a normal-driving enabled state. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229733

Vehicle system and vehicle controller for controlling vehicle

A vehicle system includes a driving condition sensor mounted in a subject vehicle, the driving condition sensor detecting a driving condition related to the subject vehicle, a human-machine interface mounted in the subject vehicle, the human-machine interface configured to receive, from a user, a user preference input indicating a lane change parameter corresponding to the driving condition, and a processor coupled to the driving condition sensor and the human-machine interface. The processor is programmed to receive the user preference input from the human-machine interface, determine the driving condition from the driving condition sensor, and determine whether the assisted lane change should be performed based on the driving condition and the lane change parameter.. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229719

Parking controller, parking control system, and parking control method

A parking controller according to one aspect of an embodiment includes a specific-parking-frame acquiring unit, a target-parking-frame setting unit, and a vacant-parking-frame detecting unit. The specific-parking-frame acquiring unit acquires information indicating a specific parking frame. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229656

Apparatus for presenting support images to a driver and method thereof

A display control apparatus mounted in a vehicle is provided with a viewpoint conversion unit, an image enhancement unit and an image outputting unit. The image recognition unit recognizes an object in images captured by a plurality of imaging devices, mounted on a vehicle to captures images surrounding the vehicle. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229633

Passive seat ventilation system

A seat including an exterior seat surface. The exterior seat surface is movable inward and outward relative to an interior of the seat. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229605

Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes multiple display portions each of which displays a content different from one another, a decoration member which decorates one of the multiple display portions, an actuator which moves the decoration member, and a control portion which controls the actuator to move the decoration member to a position at which the decoration member decorates one display portion selected among the multiple display portions.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229322

Forced-feed pressure control device and forced-feed pressure control method

A forced-feed pressure control device according to an embodiment includes a pressure detection nozzle, a pressure detector, and a controller. One end of the pressure detection nozzle is inserted into a casing member from which molten solder is forcibly fed to a solder jet nozzle of a jet-flow soldering device. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180229183

Exhaust gas purifying catalyst

An exhaust gas purifying catalyst provided with a honeycomb structured porous material, a first catalyst consisting of pd, a coating layer which is formed on a surface of the porous material and a second catalyst consisting of rh which is loaded onto the coating layer. The porous material contains a catalyst support consisting of a ceria-zirconia solid solution, a composite consisting of alumina and an inorganic binder. ... Denso Corporation

08/16/18 / #20180228388

Breathing function examining instrument

A main body portion is shaped in a cylinder and formed with an intake port which is a hole through which air from an outside flows into the cylinder. The main body portion has one end, which is provided with one-way valve to impede inflow of air from the outside, and the other end, which is not provided with the one-way valve and through which the subject breathes. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180227704

Portable communication terminal, position information sharing system, on-board apparatus, and program

A portable communication terminal includes: in a portable body, a communication device that communicates with an external portion and a display device that displays information. The portable communication terminal includes: a host device position detector; a position information acquirer acquiring member position information, which is position information of a portable communication terminal owned by another member configuring a group with the owner; and a display controller that performs a shared-position-information display process in which the position of each of the portable communication terminals owned by group members is displayed together with a map, on a screen of the display device, based on the host device position information and the member position information. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180227284

Communication apparatus, communication method, and communication program product

A communication apparatus includes a counter, a reception portion, an update portion, a code generation portion, a determination portion, and a transmission portion. The reception portion receives a communication data from a different one of the communication apparatus. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180226383

Semiconductor module

A semiconductor module includes: a substrate having an insulating layer and a connecting portion connecting front and rear surfaces of the insulating layer; a first pattern on a front surface of the substrate; a second pattern on a rear surface of the substrate; a first semiconductor device disposed adjacent to the front surface of the substrate and including a first switching device having a lateral structure; a second semiconductor device disposed adjacent to the rear surface of the substrate and including a second switching device having the lateral structure; and a capacitor. A path formed by the first pattern and the first semiconductor device and a path formed by the second pattern and the second semiconductor device are opposed to each other across the substrate, and in the paths, currents flow in directions opposite to each other.. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180225813

Apparatus for presenting support images to a driver and method thereof

An image recognition unit recognizes an object in each image captured by a plurality of imaging devices each imaging a partial overlapped imaging region surrounding a vehicle. An image synthesis unit generates a synthesized image by partially overlapping and joining converted images viewed from preset virtual viewpoints, when an imaging region including the recognized object is an overlapping region of which any one of two imaging devices performs imaging. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224998

Control device, input system, and control method

There is provided a control device. An operation detecting unit configured to detect an operation of a user on an operation surface of a panel. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224940

Control device, input system and control method

There is provided a control device. An operation detection unit configured to detect an operation of a user on an operation surface of a panel. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224939

Control device, input system, and control method

There is provided a control device. An operation detecting unit configured to detect an operation of a user on an operation surface of a panel. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224852

Auto-drive apparatus

An auto-drive apparatus includes a condition determiner for determining whether an auto-drive start condition of a vehicle is satisfied based on a detection of a boarding action by a user. When no destination has been set at a time when the auto-drive start condition is satisfied, a temporary destination setter sets a temporary destination, which is a position on a nearby road that is reachable in a minimum travel time or via a shortest travel distance from a current vehicle position. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224659

Head-up display device and illumination unit for head-up display device

An illumination unit includes a plurality of sets of illumination modules each having a light source placed at a conjugate position and a plurality of stages of condenser lenses that collect light from the light source toward a display device, a magnifying optical system being between the conjugate position and a viewing area. Each illumination module set includes an initial stage lens as a condenser lens closest to the light source and a final stage lens as a condenser lens farthest from the light source. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224542

Radar apparatus

An antenna apparatus has an antenna unit. The antenna unit transmits or receives a probe wave made of an electromagnetic wave. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224396

Gas concentration measuring apparatus

A gas concentration measuring apparatus is provided which works to calculate the concentration of a given gas component with enhanced accuracy. The gas concentration measuring apparatus 1 includes, a gas sensor 10 and a calculating portion 11. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224013

Drain valve and connecting structure

The present disclosure provides a drain valve for a heat exchanger. The drain valve includes a plug body and a locking member. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223790

Ignition device

The return circuit of the ignition device returns to the battery the current supplied to the primary coil by the operation of the second circuit, and the voltage detection unit detects the voltage vb. The operation stopping unit monitors the voltage vb and when it is determined that the voltage vb is excessive, that is, when the voltage vb exceeds the threshold voltage vbc, it stops the supply of energy by the second circuit. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223781

Clip for fuel injection valve and fuel injection valve unit

A clip-for a fuel injection valve includes a load transmitting member-and a fitting member. The load transmitting member is formed from a single wire material and includes a contacting portion, which contacts a contactable surface formed in the fuel injection valve, a depressible portion, which is depressible in a downward direction by a pressing surface formed in a fuel supply conduit, and a spring portion, which is formed between one end of the contacting portion and the depressible portion and is resiliently deformable by a load. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222458

Road surface condition estimation device

A road surface condition estimation device extracts a detection signal of a vibration power generation element during a ground contact section to detect a road surface condition. A threshold used for determination of the ground contact section is variable according to a traveling speed of a vehicle. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222289

Refrigeration cycle device

A refrigeration cycle device includes a pre-evaporator decompression unit that decompresses refrigerant which flowed out from an exterior heat exchanger, and an evaporator passage that guides the refrigerant which flowed out from the exterior heat exchanger to a suction port of a compressor while passing through a pre-evaporator decompression unit and an evaporator. Further, the refrigeration cycle device includes a bypass passage that guides the refrigerant which flowed out from the exterior heat exchanger to the suction port of the compressor while bypassing the pre-evaporator decompression unit and the evaporator, a pre-exterior device switching unit, and a passage switching unit that opens and closes the bypass passage. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222287

Heat pump system

A heat pump system includes a compressor that compresses and discharges a refrigerant, a decompressor that decompresses the refrigerant, an outdoor unit that exchanges heat between the refrigerant and an outside air, an evaporator that evaporates the refrigerant, a condenser that condenses the refrigerant, an internal heat exchanger, an accumulator that separates the refrigerant into a gas refrigerant and a liquid refrigerant, and a flow pathway changing portion. The internal heat exchanger includes a high-pressure passage through which a high-pressure refrigerant flows, and a low-pressure passage through which a low-pressure refrigerant flows, the internal heat exchanger exchanging heat between the refrigerant flowing through the high-pressure passage and the refrigerant flowing through the low-pressure passage. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222280

Hvac case fastener

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) case for an hvac assembly. The hvac case includes a fastener for coupling a first portion of the hvac case to a second portion of the hvac case. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222278

Refrigeration device and container refrigeration system

The refrigeration device has an inverter device, an electric compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a condenser fan, an evaporator fan, and a controller. An ac output from a power generator is supplied to the inverter device. ... Denso Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222096

Terminal insert article

A terminal insert article includes a metal terminal, and a resin molded article in which the terminal is inserted. The molded article is formed by injection molding. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180220229

Speaker apparatus, speaker system, and control method of speaker apparatus

. . . . . . A speaker apparatus according to an embodiment includes a panel, one or more vibration elements, an acquisition unit, and an application unit. The one or more vibration elements are arranged the panel so as to vibrate the panel. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180220049

Image recording apparatus

An image recording apparatus includes: a camera unit that includes an image capturing lens, an image sensor, and a plurality of antenna modules each of which has a communication antenna; and a main unit that rotatably supports the camera unit so that an image capturing direction of the camera unit is (i) directed toward an outside of a vehicle and (ii) rotatable in an up-down direction. The main unit is configured to be installed on a window glass of the vehicle inside a cabin of the vehicle.. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219873

Communication system, count value synchronization method, and count value synchronization program product

A communication system includes multiple nodes connected with each other. Each of the multiple nodes generates a message authentication code using a count value of a counter. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219872

Communication system, management node, normal node, counter synchronization method, and storage medium

In a communication system, a management node includes: a high-order count value holding unit holding a high-order count value; and a high-order count value distribution unit updating the high-order count value under a high-order update condition and distributing the updated high-order count value to normal nodes. In the communication system, a normal node includes: a count value holding unit holding a count value; a low-order update unit updating a low-order count value held in the count value holding unit under a low-order update condition; and a high-order update unit updating a high-order count value held in the count value holding unit to the high-order count value distributed from the management node together with a reset of the low-order count value.. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219503

Control apparatus for rotary electric machines

A control apparatus for a rotary electric machine includes at least one of a first corrector and a second corrector. The first corrector corrects a first command voltage as a function of a deviation between a command value for a field current and an actual value of the field current. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219499

Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same

In a rotary electrical machine control apparatus, a selection section selects a relay current limiting value or a coil current limiting value depending on whether a plurality of systems are operated or one or more but not all of the plurality of systems are operated. The system is a combination of a winding set, an inverter, and a power supply relay, which correspond to each other. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219450

Drive apparatus

A drive apparatus is provided which includes a motor and a control unit. The control unit has a heat sink secured to a cover. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219449

Drive apparatus

A drive apparatus is provided which includes a motor and a control unit equipped with a cover, a heat sink, a substrate on which electronic devices are mounted. The heat sink is secured to the cover. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219244

Fuel cell stack

A fuel cell stack includes a fuel cell, a first gas flow path, a second gas flow path, a pressing member, and a cell supporting member. The first gas flow path is provided on a first cell surface side of the fuel cell. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180219086

Nitride semiconductor device

A nitride semiconductor device includes a horizontal switching device that includes a substrate, a channel forming layer, a source region, a drain region and a gate region. The source region and the drain region are arranged apart from each other in one direction along a plane of the substrate. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180218758

Driving information recording apparatus

A driving information recording apparatus that records driving information of a vehicle, the apparatus includes: a processor that: (i) associates, as a data file, information related to a driving condition of the vehicle with a driving mode of the vehicle at a time at which the driving condition occurred, and (ii) records the data file in a recording medium having a recording area. Thus, it is possible to provide a preferred technology for recording the driving information of the vehicle that has a switching function of driving modes.. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180218611

In-vehicle lighting apparatus

An in-vehicle lighting apparatus includes a lighting device attached to an instrument panel at a lower part of a vehicle a-pillar in an interior compartment of a subject vehicle. The in-vehicle lighting apparatus has a vehicle information obtainer for obtaining information about a state of the vehicle, and a light controller for controlling the lighting device based on the vehicle information obtained by the vehicle information obtainer. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180218230

Automatic driving assistance device and automatic driving assistance method

An automatic driving assistance device includes an information acquirer configured to acquire information on a state of a cabin of a vehicle capable of automatic driving and a modifier configured to modify traveling characteristics in automatic driving according to the state of the cabin of the vehicle.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180218228

Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle

In an apparatus for controlling a vehicle equipped with a radar device and an imaging device to detect an object around the vehicle. In the apparatus, an identity determiner is configured to, based on a first predicted time to collision with a first target and a second predicted time to collision with a second target, perform an identity determination as to whether or not the first target and the second target correspond to the same object. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180218227

Vehicle control method and apparatus

In an apparatus, an attention region defining unit defines an attention region near a blocking obstacle upon the blocking object being determined to be located between the own vehicle and the target object based on the results of the detection operations. The blocking object at least partly blocks a view from the own vehicle. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180217232

Radar apparatus

A radar apparatus includes; a detection unit that performs a detection processing of detecting a target iteratively at a predetermined cycle; a speed deriving unit that derives a speed of the target detected in a current iteration of the detection processing; a region setting unit that sets a prediction region where the target having temporal continuity with and being identical to the target detected in the current iteration of the detection processing is expected to be detected in a next iteration of the detection processing, while changing at least one of a size and a shape of the prediction region according to the speed derived by the speed deriving unit; and a determination unit that determines whether the target detected in the next iteration of the detection processing in the prediction region set by the region setting unit has the temporal continuity with and is identical to the target detected in the current iteration of the detection processing.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180216614

Screw pump

A screw pump pumps a fluid from an inlet port to a discharge port by rotating one drive screw and at least one driven screw which mesh with each other and includes the drive screw being rotatable about a drive rotation shaft, the driven screw to be driven by the drive screw and being rotatable about a driven rotation shaft, a drive journal provided coaxially with the drive screw and to rotate integrally with the drive screw, a driven journal provided coaxially with the driven screw and to rotate integrally with the driven screw while making contact with the drive journal along a contact line between the drive rotation shaft and the driven rotation shaft, a case including a cylinder that receives the drive screw and the driven screw, and a bearing member to rotatably support the drive journal and the driven journal.. . ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180216564

Valve timing control device

A determining unit determines whether the deactivated cylinder is in the activated condition or the deactivated condition. A computing unit computes a synchronize correction amount for synchronizing an activated-side change speed of the activated-side rotational phase and a deactivated-side change speed of the deactivated-side rotational phase with each other, during a deactivated period in which the determining unit determines that the deactivated cylinder is in the deactivated condition. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180215392

Vehicle control device and vehicle control method

A vehicle control device has a plurality of driving modes with different allowable operation ranges for operating a vehicle. The plurality of driving modes include at least an automatic driving mode. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180215336

Vehicle collision sensor and vehicle collision detection device using the same

A second-time collision position estimator section estimates a second-time collision position that is a position at which an occupant on a two-wheel mobile object has a second-time collision, based on a relative vector estimated by a relative vector estimator section and a first-time collision position identified by a first-time collision position identifier section. An operation instructor section operates an external protection device, which is determined to be able to protect the occupant on the two-wheel mobile object based on the second-time collision position estimated by the second-time collision position estimator section.. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180215265

Panel apparatus

The panel includes a claw having (i) a base end that protrudes from a back surface of the panel in a different direction from an installation direction of the panel to the base, and (ii) an insertion member that protrudes from the base end in the installation direction. The installation direction is a direction in which the panel is moved when the panel is installed to the base. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180215248

Device for driving vehicle

A device for driving a vehicle including an engine that serves as a power source of the vehicle, and a transmission that is connected to the engine, the engine and the transmission being arranged transversely such that an axial direction of an output shaft of the engine accords with a right-left direction of the vehicle includes a motor generator (mg) that serves as a power source of the vehicle, and a speed reducer that is connected to the mg. The mg and at least a part of the speed reducer are arranged outside of an engine compartment that accommodates the engine and the transmission. ... Denso Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180214963

Heat exchanger and method for producing same

A heat exchanger includes multiple aluminum heat transfer tubes through which a heat medium flows, and multiple aluminum connection pipes brazed to end portions of the heat transfer tubes. A heat equalizing member formed of a heat conductor is disposed to be in contact with at least two of the connection pipes and be capable of transferring heat therebetween. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180213497

Communication device

A communication device includes: a time zone determiner section that identifies a switching point of time of communication time zones based on a clock time and determines whether the communication time zones are switched based on the clock time and the switching point of time; a channel switch section that designates a communication-target channel by switching the communication time zones at the identified switching point of time; a transmission processor section that performs a data transmission using the communication-target channel designated, and prohibits data transmission from being performed for a predetermined transmission prohibition duration time before and after the switching point of time; an error assessor section that assesses an error amount that is a degree of an error of the clock time against the reference clock time; and a transmission prohibition-time adjuster section that increases the transmission prohibition duration time as the error amount increases.. . ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180213355

Method and system for establishing microlocation zones

A method and system of creating microlocation zones by defining virtual boundaries using a system of one or more transmitters and receivers with one or more spatially-correlated antennas.. . ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212977

In-vehicle network system

An in-vehicle network system includes one first node and a plurality of second nodes. The first node is configured to transmit predetermined data to the respective second nodes, and transmit verification data for verifying whether the predetermined data has been normally received by the second nodes to the second nodes when the predetermined data has been transmitted to the second node. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212616

A/d converter

An a/d converter is provided with: an integrator that includes an operational amplifier provided with a first input terminal and an output terminal, and an integration capacitor; a quantizer that outputs a quantization result obtained by quantizing an output signal from the operational amplifier; and a dac that is connected to the first input terminal and determines dac voltage. The integrator has a feedback switch between the integration capacitor and the output terminal of the operational amplifier. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212510

Power conversion device

A power conversion device has a main switch connected to a positive electrode side line of a battery, at least one semiconductor power element connected between the main switch and a negative electrode voltage line, and an auxiliary circuit having an auxiliary switch, a resonance reactor and an auxiliary diode connected parallel to the main switch. The device further has a voltage detection part which detects an external side voltage of the main switch and a control circuit part performing a switching control of the main switch and the auxiliary switch based on the detection result of the voltage detection part. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212476

Foreign object detection in a wireless power transfer system

A wireless power transfer system includes a transmitter with a transmitting coil, a first detection coil, and a second detection coil. The transmitting coil receives and wirelessly radiates power from a power supply to a receiver of a vehicle. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212290

Storage battery system

A storage battery system includes a rechargeable storage battery and a solid heat storage portion. The solid heat storage portion is made of a heat storage material that reversibly undergoes a phase transition with absorption and release of a latent heat between a solid phase and a solid phase at a certain phase transition temperature. ... Denso Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180212028

Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device may include: a semiconductor substrate; a surface electrode covering a surface of the semiconductor substrate; an insulating protection film covering a part of a surface of the surface electrode; and a solder-bonding metal film, the solder-bonding metal film covering a range spreading from a surface of the insulating protection film to the surface of the surface electrode, wherein the surface electrode may include: a first metal film provided on the semiconductor substrate; a second metal film being in contact with a surface of the first metal film, and having tensile strength higher than tensile strength of the first metal film; and a third metal film being in contact with a surface of the second metal film, and having tensile strength which is lower than the tensile strength of the second metal film and is higher than the tensile strength of the first metal film.. . ... Denso Corporation

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